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‘08. Pivoting Souls Berlin. o ad lor Co . iew erv Int s ola Nic rgi Se Take it Easy. Simon Johns

FREE June 2008

PILLOW TALK 2008 is set to be a big year for streetboarding. Most probably you’ll be reading this at or shortly after the 2008 world championships, this year being held at Relentless NASS in the UK on the 13th to 15th June, and set to be a huge competition. See Shortly after this is another high profile streetboard event in Mallorca on the 27th to 29th June. See for more info. Another confirmed contest later in the summer is the Xbeach contest on the 16th and 17th August in Belgium. Contact for details. Following the success of their first video release, Geeks on Wheels, the HPT team are back at it filming for their next as yet untitled release. We at RED PEN have been lucky enough to see some of the latest Ismael Calvo footage in roughly edited form, and can say that he is taking technical riding and tricks to the next level. No date yet set for release, but we will keep you informed of any new developments. If its new videos your after have a look at “Streetboarding – Enough Said”. This is a new promotional video, for now just on the web, but should be available on DVD in the coming months. Its made up mostly of older footage, but there is some newer stuff in there too. A decent 10 minute pre session hype video, with a good soundtrack too. On the product front, Highland Streetboards are releasing their new binding system, which should be available in shops from June. The True Skool, Radius and Day One all have new clothing coming out this summer. Check your local stockists for info. Expect issue 2 in September, but in the mean time enjoy this issue, and check out these websites for up to the minute news: - - -

RED PEN ARE: Jay Nowman Communications Stefan Tribe Colour correction Layout Graphics Sam Cooke Proofs Seedi and Ginja Martin Inspiration Pete Dunsby Website Contact Additional contributors Jack Johnson Brinton Gundersen Sergi Nicolas Chris Reiche Cover Shot Brinton Gundersen bs bluntslide. Colorado. Photo Jack Johnson

Sergi Nicolas b/s melon

Take It Easy Simmern. Germany. February 2008 Words Sam Cooke. Photos Stefan Tribe.

I’ve found it tough sometimes being a Streetboarder... I’ve seen boom and bust, felt hope and disillusion. Not least when I reached that point in life as everyone does when rent, bills and all manner of other bullshit began to insidiously encroach upon our endless summers. Streetboarding’s rewards are not as great as they can be in similar sports right now. To maintain the riding life of your equivalent in the skateboarding game would be very hard. I’m not saying that it’s easy for the average sponsored skateboarder, especially in London, that they don’t have it hard too. But when you compare the two industries there’s no contest in which one can potentially provide more support in dealing with those annoying grown-up necessities. People’s comparisons between the two sports have also made things harder. Our trick names are borrowed and whilst the feeling is very different to skateboarding, the boards look similar so people will occasionally at first glance see it as the lesser of the two... which of course it is not; The fundamental difference of being attached to the board allows us to reach into a separate sphere of possibilities with these tricks. Though I feel it’s only in recent years that we’ve progressed to the levels that can set us apart as a rolling discipline. Yes I’ve found it tough sometimes... There have been some hassles. I keep riding when there was nothing, no boards being made or sold, no comps, no videos and I’m still here like a lot of

people because we love streetboarding, and want to gain it the recognition it deserves. I even thought I knew in some small way what it was to suffer for what you do. But when I found myself one frosty morning in Simmern fingering a baggy of still gory surgicalscrews in the shaft of dawn light from an attic window, seeing scars, hearing a story, and flinching at the grisly extra on Team Addicted’s ‘Take it Easy’ ...I realised I knew nothing... Kai Hammen very nearly lost the use of his arm. He had a total of four operations to insert and remove varying sized bolts around his elbow joint. I can’t imagine the pain or what it must have been like to live weeks on end with six-inch screws stuck in your bone, protruding out of the skin and connecting a metal hinge that was basically all that stopped your fore-arm hanging limp on tendons. The physiotherapy must have seemed endless and before each session he had to loosen his external metal joint with hex keys before it would allow any movement. Nevertheless eighteen months later Kai was back on his board pushing himself and the scene once more. His tale embodies a furious spirit that I see throughout streetboarding. That combined with tricks such as Christian Schneider’s misty 7 down the MACBA four and the rail mastery of people like Gotthard Pilsner will, I believe, start to bring us out of the shadows. Team Addicted belong to our solid core, a driving force hewn by a bitter struggle against the tide...Lifers...True soldiers to the cause. I’d advise anyone who’s ever finding it tough, losing the love somehow or slipping a bit as can happen to anyone, to put ‘Take it Easy’ in, press play, stay up all night then get on your board and jump off a fucking building.

Gothard Pilsner bs noseblunt slide

Sam Cooke drop to wedge

Kai Hammen

Sergi Nicolas Barcelona resident Sergi Nicolas has been one of the most influential streetboarders of the last 5 years. Always one to watch wherever and whatever he skates, and after winning vert, bowl and best trick at last years worlds, we decided to catch up with him.

Interview: Jay Nowman. Photos: Stefan Tribe

Switch bs 5-0 - Barcelona 2005

Hey man how’s it going? Not bad man, super busy. Ok first up who are your sponsors? BK, New Era, Drop-Inn, Flymasters, and Dimension Streetboards. That’s an impressive list. How did you get into streetboarding? I saw a guy riding at the airport and I borrowed one for an hour sometimes and then I bought one for my birthday when I was 12. You’ve been riding at the top of the sport for years. You have also ridden everything at the top level - street, park, vert. How have you managed to do this? Well since I started I just was riding miniramp for a few years and some street, but just basic stuff. Then we got the 1st indoor park in Barcelona and we had a vert there. I just was riding vert for not even 1 full year then the park closed and all the parks in Barca were gone and I started to skate street. Just street and a few ramps. Still I was searching for vert, but with the time I forgot with the vert and I just was riding street. Rails ledges gaps, everything, especially my love, my flat rail. Right after that I moved to America for 7 months and there is where I filmed my section for Dimension’s Left For Dead. Right after that when I went back to Barca I met an old friend, Nel Martin , who owns a vert ramp. He invited me to come one day and then I started just to ride vert vert vert. I’ve been doing shows with him for about 3 -4 years. So what are you concentrating on right now? I love to ride everything. I like to be able to skate properly wherever I go. You have travelled a lot with streetboarding, what’s your favourite trip? Well is alot of places that I like to go and skate. That’s the good point of streetboarding, anywhere you go you can have fun. Trips.... I will have to say America where I lived at the Dimension house for 7 months and also last year in Australia where I was staying with the Dimension distributor Etienne for 3 months was an amazing trip also. Gabi Muñoz was there too. Do you see yourself living in Barcelona forever? Well you never can say no. You always can get new opportunities and new offers to go and live somewhere else, but I love Barcelona it’s my city. I love to leave for a while and then come back is a great thing to do. You have been running Onlystreet (streetboard distribution and online store) for a while now. There are a lot of up-and-coming guys from Spain. Who has been impressing you the most? I have been running streetboarding here in Spain since I was 17 and every year is bigger and more people know about streetboarding. There are a few riders who are impressing me a lot! Bernat, our new rider for Erik Brun also is one of the riders. I have no clue how to introduce you this guy, he is amazing. Be careful with this kid, he is coming to worlds this year with us, he’s only 15. yeah man totally- Erik killed it at last years UK Nationals. He has so much style. Actually reminds me of a young Sergi Nicolas. Ha ha ha. He is really clean in all he does. So clean the other day he hit a 15 stair rail with a fs smith, pfff the most sketchy rail ever, you have no idea. He didn’t think about it for more than 2 mins. I freaked out when he went

2007 World Championships vert final.

5050 out of the bowl. 2007 World Championships. Hamburg, Germany.

down. Damn!!!! We’ve just put him on the Drop-Inn team also. That’s called being young, you don’t think as much. Ha ha ha I guess is that. You’ve got your own pro model shoe coming out on BK. How did that happen? I’m really excited because I’m going to be the 1st streetboarder to get a promodel shoe. Now I can really say that I’m a pro rider! I got a business card from the owner of the company. I send a email wondering if they wanted to sponsor me and that was the beginning. Is a nice shoe, comfortable and I think is the kind of shoe that everyone can ride. Apart from that you have been busy on another project. Tell us about that bro. Well I can say that I’m really busy with the new business. I opened the first streetboard shop. Drop-Inn is the name I give to the shop after knowing that I like to do drops ha ha ha. It’s near Park Guell, up north of the town. Is alot of guys passing by, is a school next to the store and they are just building a really nice ledge next to it. Inside you can find all the streetboard products are around the world. Also old school skateboards, long boards, BK shoes, and my new babe, a small miniramp. Man that is every streetboarders dream, a mini ramp inside! Is a nice dream that came true. I opened on Friday, we had a opening party and was amazing. A lot of good skaters, streeteboarders were skating, a lot of people. You really are pushing the sport at every level; from grassroots selling boards, your shop, to promoting yourself to companies and getting a shoe. You must be 24/7 streetboard, but I heard you’ve got into surfing a lot. How’s that? Ha ha ha well I push what I love and I will never stop. Surfing changes my kind of view of a lot of things. Before when I was seeing surf I was like pffff that must be so easy. Once I tried I was like fuck that so hard, it took me long time to stand up but right after I took my first wave, I’m in love with it. I already did two surf trips. Yeah? Where have you been? I was in Tenerife for 1 week and also at the Basc country for 2 weeks. Then been surfing in the Mediterranian. Is not always waves you have to wait for them, but when they are I hang my phone and I just ride and be in the water all day. I think streetboard help me to get it really quick. I can ride left and right waves. I did my 1st tube 1 week ago. Man that must have been awesome. I remember my first tube- its such an amazing feeling. Exactly, I cannot explain when I talk about it. I just feel that I’m full. You know what I mean? When I try to explain the gap to rail of the last worlds is quite the same. (Ed-check the sequence next page). Yeah man totally. You have to try it to feel it. The feeling of riding a wave is amazing. I’m looking out of my window to see if is going to be waves tomorrow. Seems that the sea is moving a bit. My girlfriend Inga is helping me and I hope I can ride here soon. Worlds this year is finally at a big event. Are you looking forward to it? I’m always look forward to any coming up streetboard event to see my friends from all over the world and have a good time and for sure good riding. Who do you think will be going big? Tancred Leca in mini for sure. Gotthard in street. The thing is this year is all the best riders. So is going to be a lot of level, so I think is going to be hard to judge. Sergi- you are really an example to all riders out there, a true inspiration for the sport. Nearly 10 years and we are still here working at it. Yep that’s right. 10 years. Damn. My first trip to London with Richard and Neo I still remember. We are lucky to have this. This is the best part of it. The memories of the past of the years and they keep coming. They never stop. Any last words? Vale! Thanks to everyone who supports me on what I love my family, friends, Inga who helped to create my new project Drop-inn and also to my sponsors, BK shoes, New Era , Dimension, Onlystreet, Flymasters to support me and also want to say something to the riders.....ride and enjoy every ride!!! Keep skating!

SERGI NICOLAS Sergis 25ft disater to 5050 at the 2007 Streetboard World Champs in Hamburg clinched him first place in the best trick contest. Photo: Tribe



COLORADO ROADTRIP 2008 When Stosh and his girlfriend Rachel picked me up mid-evening to get to Brinton’s, I could tell that they were smart and capable, mostly because they didn’t flaunt it, like people who are unsure of their abilities. We talked about Stosh’s ideas for opening a skate shop (watch out North Ogden) until we were sufficiently lost outside of Brinton’s twelve bedroom mansion. He came out and got us, and instead of leaving, we went inside and placed big money bets on which of his japanese fighting fish would win against the mutated fiddler crabs stalking the bottom of his new 10,000 gallon aquarium. He swears he has swam among these car-sized beasts without fear of injury, and he’s maybe the only person I would believe about that. Blue-collar cross training, he calls it. That just means lifting huge aquarium rocks and battling sea beasts all day to keep in shape. Brinton is weird, but he swears it keeps him on edge. By the time we got B out of the tank and onto the road, it was dark. We thought we might camp somewhere on the way to Colorado, but it turned out that the new Dimension Photo-static Generators Brinton had implanted in our circulatory systems were fully operational, and we were buzzing. We drove all night, arriving in Denver at four a.m. We ate breakfast (which is only served by tweakers at this hour) among the party monsters of this strange land, who were still giggly with booze, everybody but us was fucked up. Then we couldn’t find a decent skate spot at 5 a.m., so it was time to wake Mike up and make him start being hospitable. Side note: Mike is awesome. He just seems to understand having fun. He’s the guy who will hit that big transfer with you, AND he has a freezer full of steaks, just in case you wanted to barbeque. We decided to celebrate the no sleep we’d had by eating breakfast at a place that sells one pound hamburgers with

all the free toppings you want, right before going indoor skydiving. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try either of these things, you haven’t lived. However, if you want to try both, you must be a professional, or you will feel sad. Thanks to the New Fabulous DPsG’s now powering our hearts, we were able to simultaneously digest and fly, a trick foreign to most every mammal on the planet except bats. We launched from the iFly, landing several miles away in the Trails Recreation Center skate park. In Utah, the Trails Recreation Center used to be called Golden Trails (like a blonde girl’s belly hair), and is still a strip club. In Colorado, Trails are handrails and ledges, I guess, ‘cause this park had a lot of nice variations on these two themes. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is more fun. After Trails it was time to pull out the big guns and stick up the Woodward park. Camp Woodward has an appropriate name, as this park session was in-tents. Wood parks are always a welcome change from concrete bowls and ledges, and Woodward had some beautiful ramps to offer. The mini-ramp was maybe the best I’ve ever ridden, and the vert was built just as smoothly. The large kidney pool had a nice shape, but the corners had too many creases, and the wood needed to be cleaned (too slippery). I didn’t see anyone drop into it more than a couple of times. Fun roll-in to a vert wall with QP’s on the sides and a bank in the middle ended up being the most interesting obstacle, but the snowboard like roller in the middle was hard to keep speed over. Stosh was locking huge frontside 5-0’s on the long box, Mike was rocking the launch and mini ramps (way to 360 both ways, btw), and Jordan was just ripping all over the pipes. I expect to see all three of these guys at worlds in the next few years. Jordan is gonna be one to watch, if

he manages to stay off drugs, he’s just that kind of risktaker. Brinton was just messing around. B always says that he is the most boring skater to watch. When it comes to his pipe runs, I think we all agree. Who wouldn’t get bored watching every blunt variation on one run, every 360 variation on the next, and every rodeo variation except switch rodeo 7’s on his warm-up runs? Ho-hum. After skating all day on no sleep, the DPsG’s needed to be recharged with a fuel-efficient mix of spaghetti and alcohol, and our cybernetic bodies finally faltered into their rest-cycles. The next day we met up with Nick and Zach from texas to session the Denver park. The Denver skate scene is sick, and this park was promising, but we got hailed out. I think everyone still tried to ride, as long as we were there, but everyone ended up with soaking wet asses and bearings, so we just went and had some Goodtimes with Uncle Diddles. If you ever see a creepy white haired man gumming a bambino while he stares at your crotch, and it makes you want to kill him to do the world a favor, you may be in the presence of the notorious Uncle Diddles. This man wants to touch your pee-pee, and he doesn’t feel bad about it. I guess if I was a geriatric tumor-ridden nearsighted nightmare, I might look at your kids like they are fresh meat, too. Nah, that’s what makes Tio Diddles so damn special. No one like him anywhere is allowed to live. We hit another Woodward session, meeting up with Justin and Chris. We payed $2 more for an hour less riding time. WTF?? But, that just meant that we were supposed to go back to Mike’s and drag Nick around behind the scooter for a while, and see how fast B could pull him. The answer was: too fast. Fortunately, Nick is a tough kid. Nick’s girlfriend didn’t want to come riding with us, so she just fell down the stairs at her aunt’s house and called it good. In all my years of Streetboarding, I have never been bored among fellow skaters. Between Mike’s barbecue, bonfire, trampoline, and black pool of despair there was plenty to keep us occupied and drinking until the wee hour straightlegged races we had to the liquor store. Not only were they closed, but there were bars on the windows and snipers on the roof, so we only got really drunk instead of really really really drunk, and went to bed. We slowly awoke to Mike making peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes for his wife on mother’s day. Good move, big guy. We ate all of her pancakes, and used the instructions Uncle Diddles had given us to find Uncle Diddles’ Skittle Ranch/ gnar-gnar ghetto metal ramp skate park in Cheyenne. I’m amazed that the kids in that town have developed such a tolerance for tetanus and underage babes, the two things the park had to offer. But, as I always say: “if Uncle Diddles offers you Skittles, run away.” Jack Johnson

Simon Johns First up, for whom do you ride? I ride for Day One and Streetboard UK. How’d you get into Streetboarding? I just picked it up off a friend when he brought a snakeboard down to the park. I skateboarded until my skateboard got stolen. I thought “Fuck it I’ll take the Snakeboard out.” Cool, how long ago was that? 6 years ago. You’re hooked up with Day One, how did that come about? Well I was talking to Colin Horan one day and I sent him some clips of me street skating and he said “Glad you got our attention because you’re perfect for the team” and that was it. You got a Wildcard for Worlds later this year. You excited? Yeah I’m really happy man, I can help show what streetboarding is about. Have you been, as you say and I hate, “Secret Training”? Ha ha, I know you don’t like that so I won’t call it that anymore... ha ha ....yeah we’ve been skating a lot riding things I don’t normally skate like launch box to get more comfortable with it. I’m guessing the course is going to be pretty big and geared towards BMX. Yeah. Who inspires you in the scene? You True Skool guys, you’re the original UK guys. Also Brinton Gundersen, Sergi Nicolas and Gotthard, they’re crazy motherfuckers. Also Max Anderson who I skate with quite a bit. Max skates like no one else I’ve ever seen. I heard you guys are making a video called Peace Out, tell us a bit about that? We just decided to do it when we all moved to Bristol and wanted to do a scene video. We saw [Dimensions] Eudaimania was coming out and thought why not do the same sort of thing. How did you find the rail in the picture on this here page? Did you enjoy the session? Yeah I enjoyed the session, it’s a shame the rail doesn’t have more ride off, I would have done a few more tricks on it, but I took my ribs out on the stairs after the rail, I’m still feeling that now. What can we expect from Simon Johns in the future? Hopefully 5.0 will not be my only trick on rails. I need a new safety trick. Some new stuff in parks too. What like flips? Yeah I’ve been working on one, I don’t really know what flip it is. Yeah I’ve seen that. It’s like some crazy backside shifty frontflip. Are you gonna coin it the ICE FLIP yeah? Ha Ha maybe yeah. Any thanks yous? Yeah – You guys, all my sponsors and my friends. Any last words? SJ – Don’t pussy out of things. Ha ha ,Wickla man that’s it, nice chatting to you.

Photo: Todd Keith

Chris Rieche bank to blunt. Nosegrind. Nose bluntslide.

Berlin - a city of souls Block 102 10249 East-Berlin

Okay. This is fact! Berlin is the most interesting city for the young generation in germany! Maybe this was the reason that I thought about the pivoting souls headquater there. So much skatespots, nightclubs and sweet girls. What do you need more? Since that decision was felt, we started working on our new label. Okay, i want to tell some words about pivoting-souls first. We are a european foundation with riders from England, Austria, Hungary and Germany. We are glad that we film for a dvd project which is called „strangelife“, a lifestyle documentary about us and the sport. There is also a south-american connection with Pipo Grosso and his crew. The last 8 months was so good for pivoting-souls! We had a lot of good sessions in Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Hungary and other hotspots in Europe, and for sure, the camera was everytime with us! The network works really good! The new line of clothing and grossoproducts are available in our shop! For that stuff just check Our man for pictures is robert j. Thanks to! Every couple of months we have trips to famous spots. Its everytime fun to see new things and learn new tricks with other good riders. Last visitor here in our headquater was Thomas Kienle. That was so crazy. The camera was feeding with sw 360 bs k reverts and a lot of technical and moshing stuff like 180° sw fs feeble bs 3 out. Kienle and me had a good session here in the main city of Germany. See you soon homie! Just check our pictures and see what we are doing! We just want to push our sport with unique style! Take care Chris Rieche

Chris fs feeble.

Istvan krooks. bs nose slide. Istvan

Red Pen Streetboard Magazine Issue 1  

Issue 1 of Red Pen Streetboard Magazine Online Version

Red Pen Streetboard Magazine Issue 1  

Issue 1 of Red Pen Streetboard Magazine Online Version