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people, to the close of the decade. The last ten years e seen our sport struggle, shift and morph into what have today, and boy have we had fun doing it.

ks have been stomped, bones broken, beers drank, s' hearts smashed, countries travelled, but above all, ime friendships forged.

is is for the heads that have been riding the roller ster we know as streetboarding. Every one of you I d as part of the Familia;

Bretheren of the swing stick of doom.

those newbies, this is a taste of what is to come. stand on the dawn of the new decade in much better ad than ten long years ago. So join me, raise your let and make a toast to those who made it happen the memories we share.

n in the coming weeks, months and years let's do it again, stand together and elevate this thing.

name is

Jay Nowman

ve been your host. Good night and Godspeed.

So 7 years, a whole heap of flights, stupid amount of arrest later, and I’m sitting in a house, in a city, liv people, all thanks to streetboarding. If I hadn’t seen Holdstock riding a skinner back at my old local park, I have travelled across Europe and America, I wouldn’t university, and I’d be a right billy no mates. To pick favourite memory from so many would be impossible, bu my favourite trip so far was Denver for 2009’s World hundreds of our Great British pounds and flew out t and spent a week with a bunch of people I’d never m stayed with one of the kindest people I’ve ever had t with (Thanks Mike!). There’s nothing like skating in th so many times, under a blue, blue sky with a bright su drinks stretches over two whole fridges in every gas more to be had...

Alex Wheeler

I remember Erik Brun

my first contest w It was a national contest in Birmingham. That day I was so I didn’t speak english and I remember that Simon Johns w something but I answered: “I don’t speak english” or “I don’t Those were my two words of that trip. I felt embarrased, beca were talking in english and I was the one who didn’t speak was funny too! Since that trip I proposed myself learn more english.

That’s my history!!

f money and one ving with these n James I wouldn’t t be at this my one ut I can say ds Away. I spent thousands of miles met in my life, and the pleasure of skating he states, hitting the parks you’ve seen in videos un, and when you get thirsty the variety of energy station or supermrket you go to. Amazing times, and

when I was 14. o lost because was asking me understand”... ause everyone english... That

“ 3 things stick out in my mind. In third place, Ismael Calvo’s web edit. He took control to another level. Blood red pivots comes in at number 2. They explai n themselves. Finally the Dayone trip to Barca. Seeing Sam’s face on camera when Jay appeared from a crowd of confused Spaniards was more priceless than Mastercard. It was also one of the most productive things I’ve ever been a part of. Lots of Tapas and Piratitude”

Simon Johns

Pipo Grosso

Sorry i havent had much time to sit and write something really worth posting/... There are soo many good memories of friendship, trips, sessions, parties, that is all a bigg blob of streetboard love... the passion for it unites. but its hard for me to write about an specific day in time... anyway, the best times are Worlds anytime !!!

Gotthard Pilsner

Im in the scene since w ...ufff ah fucking long t so many trips and mem in my life . Ingo was he ning to get all you guys moments and time was guys . i guess you know one of the best times in One of the biggest events I experienced in my life of crete was amazing so m streetboarding was the 2007 world championships in Hamburg, Big Germany. I spent a week sharing a room aload of other british up to Schneider and Br friends, in a hostel we allmost got kicked out of on the second most proud of me was night staying there. Fortunatly happy hour lasted all night, and out . That was all the b once that was done with we took the inticing atmosphere of the know but i would fucke reepabahn. Amongst all the holidaying and partying, there was hah. This year was pret a world championship, and what a world championship it was. made it . Double Backfl Brinton Couldnt make it that year, which may be the reason all . I really liked the day in the other riders killed it at hard as they did. The contest consisted where we freezed our a of a bowl battle, a vert championship, street final and best trick hahaha.Super funny ni contest. All events were spectacular to witness. Sergi looked over the decades a real set to win everything, claiming bowl and vert gold. The street future that people go m contest saw max anderson having difficulty making the run he Streetskating and not o had perfected before the finals, but the true winner was gotthard who supported me . im with a perfectly dialled run of grinds, flips, airs and all that raw german power he is famous for. The best trick contest was on another level, all participants bought something amazing for the crowd. Max anderson front flipped off the launch box in brinton style, istvan did a frontside blunt down the huge rail, christian kamm did a transfer over his own stall he had setup. Everything trick was so sick there isnt even time for me to discribe them all, but when all was said and done sergi thought he would take one more title and do a 20ft gap to disaster grind, landing and crashing into neil thomson and through the ositos stall. So when the contest was over we all congregated on a club on the reepabahn, where the prize given was announced. Sergi took bowl, vert and best trick, gotthard too street championship, and istvan won a prize for best newcomer. After that the three recieved their prize and I must say it was orriginal and very befitting of the reepabahn. So all in all, the best world championship I attended, hats off to the ositos crew and all the organisers. Lets hope they come up with another excuse for us to visit Hamburg.

Jon White

Spot Jon White for 10 extra points!

Urs Thomas Ok, we all had always a great time wile our happenings. The cab 720, they called it mctwist 720. I went down to France with some crazy streetboarders from the north of Switzerland. We drunk the whole night. When we arrived in Nantes, we went to the park. We placed the care in front of the skate park and went in to say hello to everybody. When we went out, the car was broken and almost everything stolen. Niiiiiiicce france! After that i did my first cap 720. Ok, and the stories about the ladies in the after and especially after the after parties i will not tell, it’s like a gentleman, he just enjoys;) Last pic is from Peterborough. There i had my serious injury which forced me to stop skating.

Paul Nash One of my favourite trips and best memories I have of streetboarding over the past decade has to be the clinic trip to LA in 2001.

After a little vaugue planning over the internet with people I vaugley knew I found myself in LAX airport waiting to meet Broadie, Jay Nowman and Thomas K. The four of us had turned up a day early for the Dimension streetboard clinic. The idea behind the clinic was simple, a chance for anyone who wanted to get involved to go to LA, meet other riders, all skate together and try and learn a thing it two. As the worlds in Argentina four of us had arrived so early we were left with some time time man. there are to kill we did what any young dudes looking for a party would do; head for the city of mories i will never forgett sin.....Vegas! elping me alot in the begins known. one of my favorite Trying to leave LA was proving harder than expected. I pretty sure we started driving through Compton at one point looking like a car full of tourist bait just waiting to get s the trip to USA with all you jacked. After driving round in what seemed like never ending circles gave in for the w that trip Jay :-) That was night.

n my life. Also Blood on Conmany crazy shit was going on Woken the next morning by a tramps chorus in the alley we headed to Vegas found the

rinton . they moment i was when my Promodell camed blood and pain worth you ed up my body anyway hatty crazy too. Finally gabi flip . He is the machine man n London with you and Kai ass off to get a Bus or a taxi ight. In this sport i found l femelie . i would wish in the more into the streets and go only Skatepark. Thanks for all m out :-)

cheapest motel room we could and got straight out onto the famous las vegas strip.

The details of the time in Vegas are hazy at best from here on in. On leaving the last casino we found it was daylight once again so topped the night off by chasing joggers down las Vegas strip before returning to the hotel for ten mintutes sleep before checking out. I’d love to put the whole trip down in writing but I don’t think I could come close to doing it justice. So many random things went on, I remember people throwing pizza at each others cars on the highway, breakdance bowling to chin split, super glueing my face back together ( thanks B ), Gotthard skating the rail from inside the bar we were drinking at on veneice beach, Broadie getting me to the airport barely in time for me to catch my flight home, I’m talking minutes to spare. Amazing driving dude. Obviously these are just a few of the memories from the trip. It was the first time I had skated with some of the international pro riders of the time and was a real eye opener for me. I got to meet people who I still skate with today and will be friends for some time. This kind of trip is what streetboarding is about for me. Not competing just doing what you want because it’s fun! Anyone of you clinic guys wanna go again?

Thomas K

One of the most crazy moments in Streetboard History was the Price giving at the worlds 1998 in Limone Lago di Garda in Italy. The Vert and the Air&Style ramps were next to the lake and after Max Maier got his World Champ trophy he jumped with all the cloth from the lakeside promenade into the water. Suddenly many followed him and jumped to with clothing, wallets...whatever?! Some turned crazy and started to through people in the Lake one of the victims was Phil Sutter one of the top Dudes that time. He had a quilted jacket and yeah guess what ^^ He just sink to the bottom like a rock...haha

Sergi Nicolas

1st worlds championships utha i was 15 i meet all the pros !! amazing partys at the houses... first fake tits i touch ahhahahaha......amazing jacuzzy!!! argentina...lear a lesson not sleeping before a contest can be really dangerous... belgium x beach !!! really good times with you guys old woman .. ;-)

Brinton Gunderson in all the 12 years i been skating almost 13 the best memorys has been with all the

2005 we were in Lyon, France for Worlds. I had won the Street contest hommies and the great sessions we had!!! best times ever.. will never change anyand had my trophy from awards with thing for that !!! me. As we walked from the bar to the hotel we (Jay, Sam, Dan, Zig and mmmhhhh .... One of my strongest memories is from 2001 I think. I) kept running into the same Taxi cab playing some funky Holding the ‘one’ premiere at my local pub in Nantwich turkish hip hop and we were jamming in the street! And it following the Boneyard contest as part of the uk tour. was like 10 degree’s outside and I’m pretty sure no one had Alongside the uk old timers we had brinton, Diego and coats on. I know I was freezing. Well, jack Johnson. ‘one’ is legendary, it’s really sums of the in the mehem, I thought it would be a start of the decade which coinsides with the start of the good idea to have something to rememnew era. Watching it now makes me realise how far we ber the fun night by. So I start rocking have come since. my trophy on some metal poles lining the sidewalk. Sam thought it looked Another memory from the same tour was brinton hitting like a rad time and asked me why, and I the huuuuuge double kink in derby, which is in shadow explained. And of course he wanted in monkeys. Brinton was testing out prototypes for boards so he asked if he could have a go. Well, (pre dimension) and everyone was still riding snakeboads. the beefly man, took a swing like he was Seeing him comfortably smith a rail that size left you with an all-star. Well, he hit a home run, and vision of where streetboarding was heading, brinton was a trophy parts went EVERYWHERE. He felt so bad, but I was true pioneer. laughing so hard! Man, good times. Well, we found all the parts, he didn’t really break it, it just came apart. and now it’s back together happily in my house with nice dents to remember Lyon by. Also another good one is windmills in Peterbourough after Street in 2004. That was sick.. the floor was sick. White party jacket! I wore that jacket on new years unwashed... :) Still have it, hanging in my closet. It’s been to many more parties and good times.

Colin Horan

Gabi Munoz

My best moment streetboarding was 2003. Was my introduction to the american Streetboard scene, my first worlds, INGO there, Brinton, dan coleman, diego romero, christian kamm, max maier, sergi nicolas. Highland didn’t even exist. I met josh and victor. To me everything was very serious, i gave all I had and tried to go early to sleep...even though i had no motel room. That year I discovered what was the professional streetboard scene about. Something inexplicable and unbelievable. The Pros having beers and going late to sleep the night before the finals. Some of us didn’t have motel room...I slept in the trunk of Brian Betty’s car. Since then I would learn that the key to highlight your performance at worlds was sleeping in the most uncomfortable place before finals. It doesn’t matter if it’s all night of a knapp. 2003 --> Night at Brian Betty’s car trunk: Backflip to 5050 2006 --> Night at Highland’s Van: First World’s Tittle 2008 --> Something went wrong this the exception that confirms the rule. Won my second tittle. 2009 --> Knap at Highland’s Commercial Stand before Double Backflip I think 2000 - 2010 has been the Silver Decade for Streetboarding, not brightest enough to overcome Snakeboard at X-Games’ previous shows but important enough to consolidate Streetboarding’s standard on all the professional riding boards.

Victor Murstig

In the last 10 years so many things have happened and so many things in the sport have changed. With so many great memories its hard to pick. One of my greatest memories the time spent in barcelona for blood on concrete. The weather was great so many riders showed up everything went smooth and the riding was awesome! My next choice would be Berlin for the release of the first dimension pro models. Again good rider turn out nice pictures awesome time with the hommies!

Kyle Orndorff

Greetings from Corvallis, OR! It is a bit ironic that Jay Noman and Red Pen mag called on streetboarders worldwide to reflect on and write down some of their most memorable ‘streetboard moments/experiences’ of the past decade given that it has been nearly ten years since I began skating. Since then, I have had many amazing ‘streetboard experiences’, from falling flat on my face in my first attempt at riding a friend’s Snakeboard (Skinner) down a driveway, to meeting and becoming good friends with riders all over the world. One experience worth elaborating on was my first trip to Europe (Worlds 2005 in Lyon, France.). Everything about that trip was awesome, from seeing Paris (merci Vianney), to the killer skate sessions we had in Lyon. Also, I finally got to meet and skate with riders I had idolized for nearly 6 years (those featured in videos like ONE and Shadow Monkeys). For those of you who didn’t notice, I was ‘star-struck’ haha. For now, the needs of school a

Hadrien Rafaelli

Damn i don’t know man, there are so many! Maybe one of my best streetboard memories was my first experience of a foam pit with the Ductil crew in Belgium, i can’t remember what summer. Especially the first sensations of bs rodeo 540 and 720 ( u can see one in caution 2 ). Now i have to try it for real...

I pulled into Paddington station and waited at the ta rank in the cold wondering if I’d be able to recognis this dude from the grainy picture I had. Finally forty minutes later a black polo swerved up and the windo buzzed down releasing some garage beats along with yell of -Easy! You Sam!?- I slid into the passenger sid and touched fists with the grinning goateed man in th drivers seat.

Sam Cooke

The filming of One was the beginning of the eternal unfulfilled promise that you know as the True Skool. Relentlessly overcast, concrete filled filming binges finally gave way to 4am silicon driven editing sessions. The result was a glimpse into our world. A world where grey has always been our new black. A world where collectively we inhale debauchery and exhale it as the creative process you have born witness to over the last ten years. I Thank you Stef, Sam and Brodie; you are my essential oils. I thank you London for you forgive and forget, love and inspire. Let’s do it again soon.

n a m w o Jay N

axi se

ow a de he

“Last week one night me and jamie drank expensive tequila and expensive russian Whiskey. The last thing i remember was the opening few bars to INSUBORDINATION, which is also probably one of the earliest streetboard related influences i can recall. Nothing changes”.

Stefan T ribe

Wazzo! Errm not sure you can show these pics, even if we had pics! So i think it was the year of Blood & Concrete, not sure if it was actually the around the week or event though. it must have been between 4am & 6am, & we had just gotten out of a bar or club. Me & Stef were walking a little ahead of every one else, & we were both busting for a slash, so we decided to piss swordfight in the middle of the high street... Then you -Jay- showed up about 10 seconds later & see that Stef & i are swordfighting, & you’re like “hey, let me join in!” Me & Stef look at you or something & then i’m accidently pissing on Stef, he then goes “woah man, you’re pissing on me!” So he pisses back on me, then i piss more so on him. By this time you had finaly whipped your dick out & started to piss, i was just standing there pissing on Stef’s leg as people walked by in discussed... Waking up the next day was funny as until i got a flash back, i was confused as why i stank of piss.

Rich Brodie

Neil Thomson The end of a Decade: a series of Curious Events

especially designed to fuse the world air together, something we had all w For many years myself and others had imagined a big event to make we all hangout, ate food, partied and the sport of streetboarding explode and at the start of 2006 plans were of a streetboard event that no amoun buzzing for the first Streetboard Big Air World Championships to take place in the Highlands of Scotland. My vision for the event was to show By the end of summer 2006 nobody the fusion of Streetboard and Snowboard Big Air tricks to the world. World Streetboard Championships an From the time I got the chance of a large venue (as part of a film festival) looked set to be the first year ever wi to host the event, things had moved fast with sponsors and support the Big Air event and even though it h flooding in and construction of the biggest ramp of its kind in Europe was the previous event’s failure had been set in motion. Support from the streetboard world came in fast as Jay and the chance to organise another Wo I started planning our first major event together and the riders put their closely on the Scotland event with m faith behind the event with both entrees and spectators from all over the and I set out to put the event togethe world booking flights to Scotland for the event. getting the riders and competition stru sorted leaving me to organise thing The Big Air Ramp was constructed the location, sponsors, marketing, 30 miles away from the venue and etc. And everything came together fo when the day came to move into of the most notorious and for me o the venue Scotland was hit by one my favourite World Championships of the largest snowfalls for many Putting all the riders into one hotel a winters turning the landscape makes for a great social event and into a winter wonderland and the large group of up to 100 at a time roads into an ice rink - not the best over the corridors of the hotel for p conditions for moving two huge and drinking through the night fol lorries piled high with the pieces by some even more outrageous ridin for the 50 meter long 8 meter high ramp... After spending 10 hours more next day. A night spent drinking w than planned to actually get the lorries into the building the Streetboarders from the world championship trophy started arriving and the ramp was slowly put into place. Literally filling next day pretty much sums up the a the venue from end to end it truly was a sight to see and caught the of the many memorable stories to c imagination of everyone there. Not least of all catching the imagination Peterborough. of the venue managers who were becoming nervous about the sheer scale of this wooden monster and the assembled crew of guys on weird The greatest thing about this even skateboards who were planning to throw themselves over it. disappointment of the Big Air World C everyone put their faith and dedicatio Soon the lawyers raised their ugly heads and it was discovered that the Streetboarding is a family and throug festival we were a part of did not have insurance to host an event of this feels possible. kind and failing finding an insurance policy at 3pm on a Friday afternoon to cover a serious extreme sports event we would be shut down. A frantic It was another 14 months before 24 hours followed trying to keep the event going, searching through the competition like this but when we w night, even calling overseas insurance brokers to find someone who could a trade stall at their festival the p give us a policy. When all failed the call finally had to be made that the 5 minutes later we were event would not go ahead and the news was broken to the streetboarders planning the Streetboard World and spectators who had all travelled, some as far as from California, to Championships for the 2008 the event. Months of planning, many thousands of pounds and all of our festival. This would be the hopes were gone in an instant. A crushing defeat. biggest World Championships to date and in front of 20,000 It is moments like these that define our sport - thanks to the attitudes people. Our chance to show of the riders and our supporters. I had expected at least some of the our sport alongside the big guys riders to flip out or for some backlash and was not looking forward to of extreme sports. Again the breaking the news. However, all I was given was support, sympathy and streetboard family assembled understanding. from around the world, We were all crushed that the event would not happen, not only for the gathering at the Bath and West spectacle but just to see the top riders in the world hitting a ramp like this, Showground and opening the eyes o

ds of streetboard and snowboard big waited so long to see... So in the end d the usual antics - enjoying the side nt of lawyers could prevent.

had stepped forward to organise the nd with no venue and no organisers it ith no competition. Having worked on had failed to go ahead, I decided that outside of my control and I would take orld Championships. Having worked me, Jay er, Jay ucture gs like media or one one of s ever. always d with a taking parties llowed ng the whisky before throwing double backflips the attitude of this event and is just one come of that December weekend in

nt was the riders. After the terrible Championships everyone came again, on to the sport and their friends first. gh the strength of this group anything

I even thought about another big were approached by NASS to have potential opportunity was clear and

of the public, the other sports and the

NASS organisers to the world of Streetboarding. We made many friends and showed that our riders could push the limits in the skatepark in a fresh and new direction compared to the traditional sports going a long way towards our inclusion in future events of this type and our invite back for 2009. In 2009 it was announced that NASS were going to build a Big Air ramp called the Goliath for the festival - almost as big as what had been constructed for the Scotland event over 3 years earlier. Finally it seemed that my hopes would be answered and my vision of a Streetboard Big Air world championships would become a reality. Again the call went out to the riders and again they answered with the same faith and dedication as ever all ready to come and do battle, to show streetboarding to the world in a way that had not been done before. This time the rain tried to stop us and it seemed like the Big Air World Championships was doomed yet again with the skateboard event before us struggling to take place through the rain. However the sheer will of all those there to ride and witness the streetboard event must have melted the clouds giving us the only clear window of sunshine that day! And as the sun came out so did the riders who killed the ramp. Max Maier throwing huge 1080s, Chris Kamm with his massive floating rodeos, Thomas Kline riding the roll in switch for switch rodeos and most famously Gabi Munoz also completing a journey he started in 2006 to land the first double back flip in streetboard competition followed by a huge rodeo on the vert wall. It was an awesome hour that took years to make - the training, dedication and faith from the riders combined with the stubborn will to make it happen from those organising and of course the shared vision of what streetboarding can achieve. So this is the end of a decade for Streetboarding and as streetboarders we can look back with pride. These 10 years have been the count of 10 for our sport and as if it was a boxer knocked down from a haymaker punch: the referee started his count in 2000 but the world of streetboarders got together and started to climb back up the ropes... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.... and its 2009 streetboarding is firmly back on its feet and ready to go into the next round fighting. Maybe it took a few years and longer than anyone imagined but this is an achievement not made by money or a corporate fat cat chewing the profit line - this has been achieved by YOU, the riders. A group from around the world sharing one connection and one vision, forged into a family, proving that anything is possible.

Finally I just want to thank you all for your help and can’t wait to see you all again soon!

First Comp. I began snakeboarding in 1993, and shortly after that I found myself on the ferry to Guernsey for the first official Snakeboard World Championships,” what have I let myself in for?” I was feeling nervous about the Ozzie team as I saw pictures of them doing airs of a launch ramp, not over it that would be too crazy, but off the sides. They were doing Indy grabs, looking rad with their Pepsi team uniforms, and shades. I didn’t need to be nervous as only one guy turned up and he didn’t even have straps on his board. Little did I know of a snakeboard video called Snake Attack, if I had seen that I wouldn’t of have been intimidated by the Ozzie team but by Ashley and Ingo doing airs over a Porsche. Walking around the ferry trying to catch a glimpse of other teams, I spotted the Norwegians. Trying not to be stereotypical, but they all had blond hair and Norwegian snakeboard team t-shirts with a big fat Durex logo across the front. The last I heard, the team manager got a load of sponsorship money for the guys and did a fast one with all the cash after the worlds. I later found out that one of the guys bleached his hair just to fit in. As I got off the ferry, I noticed my face plastered across a shit load of posters on the street, I knew I’d be the face of the world’s poster, but never expected the volume of reproduction to be that high, all of a sudden I felt I was representing the whole country. With the salty French air on our faces, we checked out the ramps for the first time, on the team list (as far as I can remember, due to a little partying as some of you may know me for) we had Ben Crawshaw (ride backwards master smooth), Ian Calvert (spin more than one turn) Thomas Olanya (do anything first go) my sister (not bad for a girl) and of course Andrew Jennings and Guy Burnell. We anticipated what the weekend had in store for us! During the first day of our arrival, we met riders whose names will resonate for years to come; Jay Beatty (first world champ), Ingo (the old guy that still rides), Ashley Morgan, well what can I tell you about him... He had all his schooling fees paid for by snakeboard, he was so good, he represented the sport with such respect, this was such an amazing honour, even in today’s terms! Imagine Streetboarding paying all your UNI fees, and funding your travels around the world. He had it sweet. D Cooper (erm...), Tom Budding (dude), Matt Law (the older guy), The Nye brothers (stayed on top for a bit) and last but not least Gilbert. Gilbert was one of Ashley’s entourage; this guy was so cool, he always had a smile on his face, come rain or rain. A mellow guy who just chilled but if you got the chance to see him ride, he would truly surprise you with how skilful he was. He could ride better that most guys at the comp, he could out blaze most riders entering the comp too and all whilst wearing his beanie all the way down to his nose. One evening, looking cool, Gilbert asked if he could have a go on some kid’s moped outside the hotel, the owner asked “do you know how to use one of these?” At this point Gilbert revved the engine with legs akimbo, going from 0 to 25 in 1.35 seconds towards the hotel’s carefully trimmed hedge, and disappearing into it. When I say disappear I mean disappear, bike and all. The funniest sound came from behind the bush, which was quoted all the way through the weekend and beyond. With a mellow South African accent “I’m OK”. I think pissed myself, along with everyone else around me. He was left there for a good few seconds whilst we recovered our composure, needless to say he was the topic of conversation for a long time. _____________________________________________________________________________________ During this comp I experienced my first “I just landed a trick first go, during a comp run” it might not seem like much now, but it was my first air to disaster. I saw other tricks which at the time where amazing, like riding two boards at a time, we even had a freestyle comp that year. The first day of practice was cool because you got to meet people from all the world with a common passion, it was such an awesome buzz because not too long ago it was just you and your 5 mates riding in the whole of London but now here you are with people that know what the “A” means in a wheel. The first day of the comp got rained off, so no surprises there then, so... the event organisers moved the entire street course into a marquee over night. This was so cool of the locals to help out as we could not chance the second day to be rained off. The next day was sunny. All the ramps got a coat of varnish, why? I have no idea, all it did was make the course slippery and people like Ingo had trouble keeping his wheels from going under him. I won’t bore you with who won etc as you probably already know or can find out from our new emerging forums. This was my first taste of an international comp, what’s yours? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Well here is my first ever type-up so feel free to let me know if I missed out something you would have liked to have known. Merry Christmas/ Feliz Navidad To all of you.



Red Pen Streetboard Magazine - Decade  
Red Pen Streetboard Magazine - Decade  

Reflection of the last ten years of Streetboarding.