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December 2013

Oh, Baby!

Couple helping new moms through faith-based consignment shop

Behind the lens An architect finds new calling in photography




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8 C harity Girls on the Run is encouraging girls to get active, while also teaching leadership

10 S potlight Local nursing student turned wedding entrepreneur

12 F ood and drink

Baked Brie pastries are decadently delicious and pair well with this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau

14 Leader

Behind the lens with photographer Becca Bell Becca Bell

16 I nspiration

Wife-husband duo open a charitable consignment shop

18 A rtist

Pell-City native and retired art teacher still influencing students’ lives

20 Spotted The PaSH Crew celebrates the first issue with a launch party

22 LOL

Live Out Loud


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Warren Hudson Staff Writers

Letter from the Editor

The holidays are a very special time. We have the opportunity to spend time with family and give back to the community. Inside this issue you will find inspiring people such as the Harvells on page 16. This couple has combined their will and faith to make a difference to start a successful business. Girls on the Run, a charity promoting self esteem while using exercise, is another great organization covered in this issue! Kaneshia Sims

PaSH photographer Becca Bell with 2b Photography tells us how she followed her dreams, while artist John Lonergan mentors our city’s talent one brush stroke at a time. We hope you go and like our Facebook page and continue to support Red PaSH Magazine. Enjoy,





Young females making strides with Girls on the Run by KIRSTEN EBERT

Girls on the Run Birmingham Metro, a local nonprofit, is inspiring young females in the community to do much more than just exercise. While running and exercise does play a role in their programs, the organization’s primary goal is to instill confidence in young females and help girls feel comfortable making good decisions as they grow up. The girls meet after school twice a week for three months to train for a 5K run

while learning how to make positive lifestyle choices. “I see the pressures women and girls face to be perfect and the way they feel that they are not quite good enough, which causes them to make themselves smaller than they really are,” says Executive Director Catherine Gregory. The programs are designed to allow young women to be themselves and embrace their potential.

“Women and girls who are not afraid to speak up, to lead, to laugh, and to serve make the whole community a better place,� adds Gregory. Girls on the Run was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Gregory was a volunteer coach for two years. After a four-year stint at the Delaware chapter of Girls on the Run, Gregory moved to Birmingham in 2009. She worked with the community to bring Girls on the Run to Jefferson County. Girls on the Run is a volunteer-based organization and the organization is currently looking for enthusiastic people to help coach, mentor, and lead the girls through the

program. Get involved in the community and help girls exercise their bodies and their spirits to grow into confident young women! For more information, visit the organization online at girlsontherunbham. org. You can sign up to volunteer at






Purely Elegant Wedding Statements

Rebecca Hassee, a nursing student starved for creativity, longed for a career to utilize her talent in a profession that would help others as well as grant her entrepreneurship. Rebecca grabbed her opportunity in the wedding industry. Rebecca and husband Scott became familiar with the wedding process during their sevenmonth engagement. Within that time the couple came to a realization that Birmingham’s brides could benefit from a church pew rental service. Hence, the birth of P.E.W.S. (Purely Elegant Wedding Statements). “I take pride in knowing that I am helping brides to be during a time that can be overwhelming. I know from experience that weddings can be stressful, our services help the couple focus on their future marriage and not on the confusing details.” With husband Scott as her support system, Rebecca made her mark as the first pew rental company in the entire country.


Of course, with an idea like this, “copycat” companies are sure to pop up. However, P.E.W.S. still has the most pews and the widest variety in selection. Seating up to 500 people per event P.E.W.S defiantly has a leg up on the competition. Born and raised in Birmingham, Rebecca’s love for her city runs deep. She says that the wonderful personalities and familiar faces make it a very special place to live, and she won’t be leaving any time soon. That’s a relief to us, because Rebecca is a resident that we don’t want to see go. Her success is an inspiration to anyone struggling with desires to start a business of their own. To see more of Rebecca’s work or rent pews for your wedding, visit www. or visit their Facebook page by searching Rent Pews.


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue‌ Nursing student turned wedding entrepreneur

Food and Wine

Baked Brie and beaujolais Nouveau This dish is simultaneously easy and impressive. It's also perfect for Christmas lunch, brunch or dinner. The baked brie wrapped in bread is such a decadent treat for everyone. This is what you’ll need: Baking pan, aluminum foil, cooking spray Package of crescent rolls An egg wash A brush to spred the egg wash A round block of Brie cheese

Wrap other crescent roll sheet encompassing block of cheese.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Cooking time: 20-25 minutes

Apply an egg wash all around the wrapped Brie.

Take 1 package of crescent rolls and roll into two seperate “sheets.” Place 1 sheet on a baking sheet greased with spray olive oil/pam.

Place on baking pan. Cook at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Serve hot out of the oven. Add some toppings such as jam or honey for a sweet twist.

Take a round block of Brie cheese and place on baking sheet.

It’s a perfect time to share in the French tradition of popping the bottle corks off the 2013 vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau. Beaujolais Nouveau is a young wine, bottled only 6-8 weeks after harvest, so it has very delicate fruity flavors and almost no tannins. It pleases everyone’s palate as it’s easily drinkable.


Traditionally, this wine is released on November 15 and reaches the states just in time for the holidays. It goes well with turkey because of it’s lightbodiness and ham because of it’s fruitiness. A perfect wine to accompany a slice of baked brie or to share with friends!


Whats happenign ad



Behind the lens The recent economic downturn displaced a large number of professionals. In 2010, architectect Becca Bell experienced a lay off during the height of the Great Recession. She saw the writing on the wall, as her field continued to bleed employees. Bell turned her career sights on a passion she never quite had enough time to pursue--photography. "It was a sad time for the industry and unsettling for the firms that were trying to hold on long enough to see a brighter day. Knowing that I likely would not find a position in another firm for quite a while, I began exploring my long time love of photography," she said. As any new business owner, Bell experienced obstacles while growing her young business. Thanks to two years of constant tenacity and her passion to stay afloat through photography, it is now her business. "Go after your passion

Fun t Fac

no matter what. Don't let time, money and obstacles keep you from fulfilling your purpose. There is a way--you just have to be determined enough to find it,” she said. But as one of her favorite speakers and leadership gurus Orrin Woodward said, "It's not easy to follow your dreams, but it's worth it!" To stay focused on promoting her business, she sets limits everyday. She recently realized that she humanly can not finish all the things in 24 hours so she has accepted this and now sets schedules. “Set limits, because if you're stressed and burned out you will make unhealthy decisions,” she said. While Bell is out capturing photos in Birmingham she experiences the city where she and her husband Bryan met seven years ago. “It's a creative's dream,” she said, what with all the

events like Art Walk and the Film Festival. She also describes Birmingham as a great place to raise a family and venture into entrepreneurship. "No matter your interests, there's always something to do, from downtown to the suburbs. If you ever visit, find someone who knows the city. There are so many hidden gems that one us natives know about," said Bell. When not chasing her passion, her favorite thing to do is enjoy a nice dinner with her family at the table. “It's one of those great moments in life you cherish always, because it's so fleeting,” said Bell. “We go around the table and talk about what was great about our day and one thing we want to improve on tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't happen every day by any means, but when it does it's my most favorite thing," she said.

“After following our family tree on my mom’s side we discovered a direct blood line from U.S. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams to my great grandmother Vera Adams. It’s comforting to know that my heritage comes from the same beliefs.”



Becca Bell

“Go after your passion, no matter what.”


Floating on Faith Birmingham is a city whose history is filled with capitalized opportunities and good faith. New business owners Jake and Kristy Harvell are a couple that has embodied these traits in their personal and professional lives. In August 2013 the Harvells opened Washed by the Water, a Redeemed Children’s Boutique in Pelham. Washed by the Water is a Christian-based organization specializing in the sale of like-new children’s and maternity items. Their upscale boutique located at 140 Bowling Lane, Pelham, Alabama 35124 is full of natural light and is very warm and inviting. Jake, an accountant, and Kristy, a nurse by trade, have always dreamed of putting their faith into a business. “We have really felt like the start of our business was something that the Lord had laid

on our hearts,” said Kristy. “We just felt like we had the ability and opportunity to help many people.” When they moved to Birmingham almost eight years ago, the high-school sweethearts were impressed with Birmingham’s diversity and sense of community. “There are so many people that can be reached in a relatively small area, and there are so many things to see and do right within our city,” commented Kristy. The couple sees their store as an avenue to reach the lost and hurting people of the world by providing people with high-quality, gently used clothing and items. “We had the support of family and friends,” stated Mr. Harvell when asked how Washed by the Water became a reality. “Planning and preparation have brought us to a place where we can start this business and


prepare for the future. We sought out the support of people who could give us sound advice”, he continued. To insure the doors of Washed By The Water continue to stay open, the Harvells work parttime in their professional careers and hope to serve the Lord with their business. “Find what you're passionate about and let that lead you to find your purpose in life,” said Kristy. “Where your passion is, there your purpose will be also.” Whatever your passion may be, our city is a great place to marry it with purpose. There are small-business opportunities popping up everywhere in Birmingham, and Washed by the Water is an ideal example of pairing an opportunity with passion.

Home is where the art is

John Lonergan

Artist. Painter. Mentor. Pell City Native John Lonergan, is a local artist whose southern charm glows. Having traveled the world and capturing its beauty in unique light, Lonergan is a treasure in Birmingham. Teaching classes at his art studio on South Side, Lonergan has touched many of his pupils’ lives. As a retired art teacher, Lonergan has found a way to do what he loves while



helping others prefect their talent. Lonergan not only has a unique capability of manipulating oil paints with a brush and he has a green thumb! Lonergan enjoys painting landscapes and still life so he planted an orchard in his very own back yard. To purchase your very own Lonergan original visit Little House galleries in Homewood.

Spotted We at Red PaSH Magazine celebrated our new project with a launch party Nov. 14. Guests dined on hors d’ouevres at one of Birmingham’s newest wine bars, Krewe on First Avenue. Check out a profile of Krewe in the premiere issue by visiting



Girl Talk

Live out loud

As a mother, wife, daughter and all the other hats a woman wears, life can be a big ball of craziness. From the time we wake up to the time we lay down, our hours, minutes and seconds are already accounted for in advance. It is hard to take a break from the day-to-day shuffle we call life and sprinkle in some good ol' fashion fun. As humans we often forget the most important aspect of life... living. Life is an experience. Life is more than the “routines” we have created for ourselves. Life is meant to be

enjoyed and treasured. Sure there are “adult duties” such as paying bills, doing laundry and so on, that have to be performed to insure necessities are taken care of. But when do we live? I find it easier to enjoy life when a person is slow to panic and quick to laugh. When is the last time you turned on the radio and danced in the kitchen? How often do you take the long way home from work just to enjoy the ride? Why is laundry done on Saturday instead of one load a night before bed?


As the busy creatures we are, it is important to take a moment and just Laugh Out Loud. Every day we let special moments pass us by due to the stresses of life. We get so wrapped up in our routines we forget to schedule fun. So cheers to leaving the dishes in the sink and joining the kids for a late-night movie, on a school night. Cheers to trading the laundry for a walk in the park. Cheers to building a fort simply for fun. Please don’t let life slip you by... We only have one life to live so live it NOW.

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