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ORTHODONTIC PARTIALS An anterior bite plate is an appliance that has no posterior occlusion. The concept of this Orthodontic accessory is to separate the posterior teeth to help decrease muscle activity during grinding and clenching.


As there is no posterior occlusion, the pterygoid is capable to release and allows the condyle to seat. Choosing an appropriate appliance for patients with tooth wear from attrition is done primarily to protect teeth and dental work from excessive frictional forces.

TMJ issues or muscle pain If the patient has TMJ issues or muscle pain in addition to the wear, the orthodontic appliance choice will need to consider those conditions as well. Although it is a popular choice in patients with wear, but there are some contradictions and risks. If the patient experiences joint pain on loading or if their symptoms seem to worsen after wearing the bite plate, then it should be taken out as soon as possible.

Different kinds of anterior bite plates All the appliances are conceptually the same relative to the lack of posterior occlusion. Hawley bite plate is one of the older types. This particular appliance consists of a wire that extends around the labial bow and fits into the patient’s palate.

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Orthodontic partials  

An anterior bite plate is an appliance that has no posterior occlusion. The concept of this Orthodontic accessory is to separate the posteri...

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