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With the continued high failure rate of affiliate marketers today I do feel there are things that can be done better when it comes to running an affiliate home business. One of these is to quit promoting your affiliate sales page directly. In my opinion there is a better way to do this and one way is having a website of your own to send traffic to. There are four reasons that this is a better way to run your affiliate home business. 1. First of all you can pre sell your product or even create a review page. Today I see successful affiliate marketers approaching their business from either one of these angles. If you purchase the product personally, this will allow you to do either one of these effectively. You can pre sell a product based on your personal experiences, or you can write an unbiased review and create a review page out of that. By doing this before you send your visitors through to your affiliate sales page, you will increase your effectiveness and your conversion rate with that specific program or product. 2. Another thing you can do is send traffic to a landing page and build your list for future follow. Many successful affiliate marketers understand that customers do not buy on the first visit, therefore they need to follow up to make sales over a period of time. This may take as many as 12 exposures or more to your offer. 3. You do see people setting up free blogs and using those to create their pre sell pages or landing pages. This is okay but better yet it is to actually open a hosting account and keep control over everything you do with your affiliate business. 4. If you do any type of free advertising with article marketing or discussion forums, you know they will not allow you to promote affiliate links in any way. By hosting your own webpage this not only gives you control, but will allow you to link back directly to them in any forum post that you make, or any articles that you write. The bottom line on all this is you will make more sales and earn more commissions if you host your own website and put your emphasis on building a mailing list. By not sending traffic directly to your affiliate sales page first you will run your affiliate home business better and be more profitable in the long run.

Hello my name is Jerry, I have been a business owner for 20 years. I am reaching out to the

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==== ==== Interested in running a successful Online Home Business? You MUST see this video: ==== ====

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