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RED LASER DAY story & artwork by olov redmalm Edited by Christer Larsson

Detective Andrew Id’s apartment, Uppsala, Old City, October 7, 2O54. I awaken to the morning light trickling through the blinds. The clock never rang and I’ve overslept.

Curious. I try to recall what happened last night. I have to ask my roommate.


but No answer. robyn should have woken me up by now.

My favourite bowl is on the table. Lukewarm milk and cereal that has since long lost its crispness.

Robyn knows I don’t like my cereal slushy. And what is that?

An action figure?

I’ll think better with my trench coat on.

Wearing my fedora usually speeds things up.

The Devil is in the details.

That’s strange. Robyn’s not the religious type. neither am I, for that matter.

Well, I guess I believe in something. maybe a force, aliens or gnomes. But that’s another mystery. This is more of an investigation, really.

That’s robyn’s jacket.


Sorry, oldster. I thought you were a friend. I can be your friend.

How did you get hold of robyn’s jacket? where is robyn?

Who are you talking about? Stop yelling!

I know these types of people.

They’ll play you until you bring out some hard currency.

is this a clue, or am I still drowsy?

C’mon, Robyn, why have you left behind a business card from a bike shop? You don’t even believe in biking!

And why did you give away your jacket? You hate charity!


Billy, chilly, silly, Biking …

My investigation takes me to the Old Old Uppsala burial mounds...

... By bicycle.

this may be a long shot.

No regrets. A life may be in danger.

My own, unless I get the hell out of here.

hey, oldster. you know the fyris river is poisonous, right?

Or should I call you... Vikester? I dropped me rudder in the beck!

cut the crazy act, I know your deal.

You’re a descendant of the ancient vikings buried underneath the Old Old Uppsala mounds, long before man watched TV. So here’s your heirloom. That’s what you’re really after, right? Your secret is safe with me.

But your information better be more water proof than my trench coat.



It’s over! I don’t exactly know what’s over, but over it is, you scoundrel!

you silly goose!

I stand there, silly as a goose, thinking the trail’s gone cold and wet. Slushy.

investigate this!

When, suddenly, something slaps me like a dead fish.

The old wretch had slipped me a clue, but I was too cocksure to notice.

I dropped me rudder in the beck!

Thanks. And I’m sorry… wherever you are.

don’t mention it!

I dropped me rudder in the beck. Rudder‌ beck‌ Rudbeck. Olaus Rudbeck, the creator of the Gustavianum theatrum anatomicum.

Here goes...


Don’t touch that, andrew id.

Yeah? How do you know my name?

I get a creeping sensation that all of today’s mysteries are converging in this room and I’m at the centre of a vortex of predictability.

it is I. your roommate...

doctor robyn clue!

I’ve been looking all over for you! Quick! We need to leave this place!

oh, you know...

what do you have there?


nice trench coat. where did you get it? I love it.

dr. swag’s. you probably haven’t heard of... run!

That was close. But you did well today.

Um, okay. What were you doing in there? What was that all about?

Let’s talk about it tomorrow, alright? Unless you get some rest, this might be our final exercise.

What exercise? I don’t understand. and i’m not tired. That’s disturbing. You’re not supposed to do that. just go home and rest, and we can talk tomorrow.

You know how the rain doesn’t agree with you. you get all slushy...

... like cereal in milk.

Cereal? serial. Milk, ilk. kill. robyn’s right. I need some rest. I’ll resume the investigation tomorrow. and this time, Hopefully, someone will wake me up.

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Red Laser Day  

A Cyberpunk Detective comic set in a futuristic Sweden.

Red Laser Day  

A Cyberpunk Detective comic set in a futuristic Sweden.

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