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FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL. 01 | ISSUE 09

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68 | FEBRUARY 2012 | VOL. 01 | ISSUE 09




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CONTENTS Red Calendar


Red Sport

Apart from Feb 14th, if you thought there’s nothing else to celebrate this month, go through the calendar and see what’s in store. Everyday is a celebration! Red Alert

F1 frenzy in India! Here’s the curtain-raiser of Formula One racing (We couldn’t rope in Michael Schumacher to talk about the race).


A real marriage and a relationship that resembles a marriage are very different. Do live-in relationships and cohabitation destroy the family system in India? Time to retrospect!

Red Race


How super are the superbikes? Find it yourself!

Red Trade 30 Old may be gold but the youth shine here.


Red Haute No, she’s not the sister of Bhumika Chawla. Yes! She’s a Salman fanatic. She is Isha Chawla.


Red Gadgets 58 A camera, an exercise wrist band, a scanner and a USB. Great things come in small packages. Red Entertainment


Entertainment consists of any activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time, says Wikipedia. We surely live up to it. Read and be amused!

Red Life


The Kanakatala man and his best half talk their heart out this Valentine season.

Red Couture


Valentine hunters, arm yourself

Red Wellness


Rock ‘n’ roll, shake and burn! Dance your way to fitness.

Red Cuisine 84

Red Decor

Red Rage


Done with carrying heavy jewellery? Welcome the latest trinket trends. Time to change your jewellery collection!


Walls are of course a part of your beautiful home! How about decorating them?

Red Retreat


You go to the Tahiti islands because they are romantic. Or are the islands romantic because you go there? The best place for honeymooners, to do everything or nothing at all.

Give a break to the routine and skip native khaana for a change and try the Lebanese cuisine. Easy to make and they surely taste great.

Red Glitz


post Editor Tippala Divya Reddy Deputy Editor V Sarada Asst. Editor Avinash CK Gembali Sub-Editor Kalyani Rajashekar

Bheema Honey Jan edition was simply awesome. Sandeep Nimmala It’s a New Year gift to all Ram Charan fans. Superb cover story! Can’t wait for the next issue. Great job! Vinay Tellisetti Cherry was awesome… Thanks to red magazine team.

Feature Writer Raja Ram

Agassi Joel Vadala red Magazine is amazing. Thank you for all nice info and articles and the quality of magazine :)

Chief Photographers YSN Murthy Birender Lal

Njv Prasad Magazine was fabulous.

Sr. Feature Writer Ranita Ray

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red | february 2012 | 08

Rajesh Dolai Hey I got the red magazine....cherry rockzzzzzzzzz....thanks to red magazine! Akhil Malli love red......Just love itttttt.....!!!!! Kireeti Varma I don't know why I can't continue my other works when the new issue of red is around. I keep on searching what’s there in the next page! GLAD with red :D Prasad Reddy Gandham Superb cover pic and awesome Cherry. Thank you red for giving us Cherry’s best! Ashu Honey wow..! o'sum cover page...!! Hats off..! Sujatha Cover is too gud, stories are fantastic. Good job red. Nothing less than an international magazine! Preetham With each passing month, the magazine just gets better. We love u red! Lakshmi Raju Ram Charan on the cover. We can’t ask for more. Try including city oriented topics.

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Publisher Tippala Chandra Mouli


We have set our best foot forward into the New Year with a sizzling issue. The special efforts, both content wise and technically, that went into our January issue appeared to have gone down well with our readers. The overwhelming response says it all. This, in a way, raised the bar further up, goading us to perform better. We shall leave no stone unturned to see that the following issues will be equally good. The year seems to have begun well not only for us, but also for our district itself that had sent its worthy son Mr. Ganta Srinivasa Rao to the Assembly. He made us proud by assuming charge as the Minister for Infrastructure and Investments and Ports. The rousing reception, he received at the city airport on his maiden visit as a minister, goes to prove that he richly deserves the office he holds. He promised us, locals, that he would remain the same ‘old (friend) Srinivasa Rao’ and live upto our expectations. My hearty congratulations to him and I am sure Vizag’s interests will be taken care of. There is no doubt that red has been Vizagcentric. Yet, there has been a growing demand to include a section focusing on civic problems and the opinions of a cross section of local people. We are convinced that we have to return the favours the city has been extending to us in terms of acceptance, appreciation and encouragement. Henceforth, we will be focusing on the civic amenities. There are twin benefits in this endeavour. One, we can throw light on the facilities available. Secondly, we can pinpoint lacunae, if any, to gently nudge the administration into action. Remember, this is your magazine and any suggestion about it is more than welcome.

Chandra Mouli Tippala, Publisher

red | february 2012 | 09

E D I T O R ’ S S AY

The first month of the year seemed to have gone in a blink with us caught in a whirlpool of activities, besides putting together this edition. The wedding bells in our family, that too after several years, kept us all elated, excited and understandably, on our toes. I wish my beloved sister Anusha and of course, my baava Harsha a very, very happy married life. When marriage is mentioned, can love be left behind, that too in this month of hearts? “Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but some how feeling warm inside because you're close in heart,” says Kay Knudsen. Said to be just a feeling in heart yet millions of hearts would be too few to carry it. Love is in the air, so is our issue. This time around, the sizzling hot Isha Chawla sets the cover aflame. Entering the film world with Prema Kavali, this cute naughty girl next door left the fans shouting Isha Kavali. This lassie loves red, besides many other things. Quickly turn the pages to find out what they are!!! Want to be in a place, where nothing can be seen or heard except the ocean of love between you and your loved one? Then your destination ought to be Tahiti. It is not just the place for the honeymooners or couples in love. Even if you want to propose to anyone try this place as there are no chances to escape but to say ‘yes.’ Intelligence, smartness and compatibility are a rare combination in couples. But yes, we have one such pair in our very own city. Business is what he is into and with his woman being the strongest pillar of support, he turns into The Businessman and of course, a loving husband ever. They are Mr. Mallik and Mrs. Silpa. Our photographer had a tough time capturing their love in small frames. Does love just mean a flower, chocolate, gift and uttering those three magic words? Does relation only mean living together? Does time change love? If no, then why does it happen with some couples? Gone are the days when problems are said to be solved by leaving them to time. Now procrastination seems to aggravate the situations further. Wake up and check the changing phases of relations for a better tomorrow. May love be divine and eternal always!!!

Divya Reddy Tippala, Editor

red | february 2012 | 10


We share some interesting facts about this shortest month though it is just one day longer, being a Leap year. This also appears to be a month of jagaranas. While youth keep nightlong vigil on the eve of V- day, the devout, transcending the age barriers, observe Sivarathri.

February 1 Bubblegum Day Chewing gum, particularly the sugarless kind, enhances oral health by washing away food debris and reducing plaque formation and the risk of developing cavities.

Wear Red Day Red also means beautiful in Russian. The word ruby comes from the Latin word Rubens, meaning “Red”. Colour Red makes your heart beat faster.

Carrot Day Make fresh carrot juice. Tip: Grind carrots and beetroot in 3:1 ratio; add some crushed mint leaves for a lip smacking juice.

Barbie Day Barbie Doll was invented by Ruth Handler in 1959. Ruth was one of the founders of the Mattel Company and her creation Barbie was named after her daughter.

February 6 Monopoly Board Game goes on sale in stores in 1935 Fact: More Monopoly money is printed in a year than real money printed throughout the world. What’s more: Get Up Stand Up! Stand Up For Your Right! In 1945 Bob Marley, the Jamaican reggae music machine and singer - songwriter (Whalers No Woman No Cry) was born on this day.

February 7

Hershey's Chocolate founded Fun fact: An astounding 80 million Hershey's Kisses are made each day.

February 10

In 1931, New Delhi became the capital of India On Sunday the 10 Feb, 1952, the Congress Party of India led by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, won with an astounding majority in the country’s first general elections.


February 11 Satisfied Staying Single Day If staying single is the best, today is a day to celebrate. Toast yourself along with your ‘singleton’ friend’s toast, share and be merry. What’s more: Thomas Alva Edison was born on this day in 1847. He said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbour Day If you haven’t done this yet, this is probably the best day to begin. What’s more: Charles Dickens, the writer of ‘Oliver Twist’ was born on this day in 1812. “A boy’s story is the best that is ever told,” says the author, who also penned A Tale of Two Cities and The Great Expectations.

February 8

What’s more: Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on this day in 2004.

red | February 2012 | 12

Peter Pan Movie Day (1953) A mischievous boy who can fly and never ages, Peter Pan, spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small islands of Neverland. The leader of the gang ‘lost boys’, interacts with mermaids, natives and fairies and occasionally ordinary children from the world outside of Neverland.

February 3

February 4 February 2

February 9

February 5


Laugh and Grow Rich Day Need more reasons? Laughter increases your artery diameter, rushes blood to brain and keeps you fit by releasing healing hormones throughout the body. You just have to learn how to laugh more.

February 12

Pinocchio Day In a small Italian village woodcarver named Geppeto carves a long nosed wooden puppet named Pinocchio. In his dream the toy turns into a real boy. Pinocchio is often a term used to describe an individual who is prone to telling lies and fabricating stories for various reasons.


February 13

Get a Different Name Day Name is not of our choice and is thrust on us by our parents. You have to update your stationery and notify family and friends about your new name.

February 14 Valentine’s Day It’s all about fluttering hearts and flaunting feelings! The day is named after Saint Valentine who was martyred in Africa. Time to send greeting cards and special gifts for your loved ones! If you are married, take your partner for a romantic dinner and make it memorable! What’s more: Deeksha Seth’s birthday.

February 15 National Gumdrop Day Gumdrops are the bright coloured gelatin based chewy goodies, shaped like a shortened cone and coated with granulated sugar. This makes them sweet, soft and sugary.

February 16 Pancake Day Bake a pancake today! Add a few blueberries and bananas and top it with maple syrup. A relishing way to start a day! What’s more: Birthday of the Post Office. Mark the day by sending a postcard to long lost friends or pen pals.

February 18 Pluto, the planet was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 and was named after the Roman god of the underworld. Initially, the planet was called Planet X. The name Pluto was suggested by Venetia Burney, an 11-year-old schoolgirl from Oxford. Local prominence: Rama Krishna Paramahamsa was born on this day in 1836. Visit the RK library on Beach road which houses memorabilia of the saint. Take part in the various activities the RK Mission is organizing on that day. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL) also known as Visakhapatnam Steel Plant was formed on 18 Feb1982.

February 19 Chocolate Mint Day Chocolate and mint is one yummy combo. Eat some extra ‘After 8’s or try the mint-chocó chip at a confectionery today!

February 22 Pebbles Flintstone’s Birthday Yabba-Dabba-Doo!! Everyone’s a Flintstone fanatic for sure, your favourite comic character created by Hanna Barbara! What is Flintstone’s address? 301, Cobblestone Lane on 345 Stone Cave Road.

February 23 Tennis Day A bow to tennis stars in the city. Stretch and slide as you volley or return at your favourite club.

February 24 Nylon Toothbrush Birthday (1938) A bristle toothbrush similar to the type used today was not invented until 1498 in China. A toothbrush had bristles made of hairs taken from hog's neck and attached to handles made of bone or bamboo. Boar bristles were used until nylon bristles were introduced by DuPont de Nemours in 1939. The first nylon toothbrush was called Doctor West's Miracle Toothbrush.

February 20 February 25

February 17 World Human Spirit Day It happens to be the birthday of the world renowned philosopher writer and orator Jiddu Krishnamurti. His subjects pertain to psychological revolution, nature of the mind, meditation, human relationships and bringing about positive changes in society.

Sivaratri This day, Lord Siva and his better half ‘Shakti’ were married. Devotees throng temples and after day-long prayers, they observe jagarana, keeping awake whole night. What’s more: Singers Rihanna (Pop), Kurt Cobain (Grunge) and Charles Barkley (Jazz) were born on this day.

February 21 Love Your Pet Day Show some love to your pet, even if it is a menacing cur.

Quiet Day Leave the city, drive to a farm, away from the traffic snarls and AC vents. Hear the cowbells ring as distant birds tweet on the ‘Quiet Day’. What’s more: Actor Danny Denzongpa was born at Sikkim in 1948. He is a painter, writer and a sculptor.

February 26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day A perfect day to share some fairy tales! Read them out loud or cook up your own too. “The gods of ancient mythology were changed into the demigods and heroes of ancient poetry and these demigods again became, at a later age, the principal characters of our nursery tales” - Max Muller

February 27 No Brainer Day Quickly slurp a whole cup of freezing cold slush using your nose and a straw. This tends to momentarily freeze your brain leaving your face numb for a few seconds. You might also lose all motor controls for a few seconds! Tip: Wear an apron, as the slush may just drool out.

February 28 Pockets Day / Public Sleeping Day In 1590 pockets were invented on this day. Do use this unofficial day to catch up with some lost zzzzzzzzzz! What’s more: It is National Science Day. Sir C.V. Raman announced the discovery of the Raman Effect on this day. Local prominence: He studied at AVN College, Vizag for a brief time.



February 29

Leap Day 2012 happens to be a Leap Year. People born on this day enjoy the unique privilege of celebrating their birthday once in four years. What’s more: The former Prime Minister, Morarji Desai, was born in 1896, on this day.



R-Day Spirit of patriotism marked R-Day celebrations at Police Barracks stadium. District Collector Luv Agarwal hoisted the tricolor. Dances performed by the children of various schools were a feast to eyes.

Yet another feat Singing of National Anthem en masse at a programme entitled ‘Manamu Mana Jatheeya Geetham - Jana Gana Mana’ was a testimony to the fact that patriotism among the Indians is still intact. The programme was organised by ACME in association with S V Placements Pvt. Ltd. at A S Raja College ground to mark the centenary of the song. A total of 6,508 students sang the song 16 times each, creating a new record of 1,04,128 times.

red | february 2012 | 14

Sankranti Sambaralu @ Sri Prakash Sri Prakshites celebrated Sankranti with pomp and gaiety well ahead on Jan 7 itself on the school premises, which was transformed into a rural setting. Dressed in traditional outfits, the students lit a bonfire and drew muggulu. Bedecked ox was the special attraction. The festivities included Bommala koluvu, Bhogi pallu, Haridas keerthana, Bhaswana Narthana and Burrakatha.

Dance fest Dances performed by classical dancers from different countries at the three-day international classical dance festival, Bharat Nrityotsav, were a feast to the eyes of many a connoisseur. Dancers from countries like Japan, Canada, Spain and France made our youngsters realize the glory of our arts. CEO of Symbiosis O. Naresh Kumar who was at the valedictory said that the festival added yet another feather to the crown of Vizag. The organiser, Nataraj Music and Dance Academy, honoured danseuse Manju Bhargavi with lifetime achievement award.

Spellbinding performances Dancers from different places held the audience spellbound with their performances at the three-day cultural festivities at R K Beach held from Jan 21 to 23. South Central Zone Cultural Centre (Nagpur) in association with the district administration organised the festival.

Tiny tots enthral An array of colourful cultural programmes marked the second anniversary of the Jain Heritage Cambridge School. Tiny tots held the audience spellbound with their dances. The dais was designed in the shape of an aircraft. Students presented a programme with a special theme - ‘Around the World in 120 Minutes’ Students of Class I - V performed Japanese, Spanish and Italian dances.


‘Puvvai Puvvai’ Ramya in the city Ramya, who has climbed the popularity charts with her sizzling number ‘Puvvai Puvvai Antadu Auto Appa Rao’ in Mahesh-starrer Dookudu, was in the city during Pongal to participate in a private programme. She endeared herself to FM Radio City 91.1 listeners rendering songs in her husky voice. She had a brief chat with listeners in phone-in-live programme.

Men from the Army and the Navy came together on one platform for Adventure Display at the Indira Priyadarshini Municipal stadium, near Port Trust on Jan 6. The event was to commemorate the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Sainik School, Korukonda. The audience were awestruck, witnessing the two-hour daredevilry feats. The feats comprised motorcycle riders display by the corps of signals, parasailing by the Army Ordance Corps, dog show by the army remount and veterinary corps, skydiving by marine commandos and beating the retreat ceremony by the naval band.


‘Bunny’ gal in the city After a long hiatus, Gowri Munjal of Bunny fame has given her ‘darshan’ to Vizagites. She along with Miss South India had the crowds jostling to have a glimpse of them at the launch of Pantaloons, a new address for fashion freaks. The duo went around all the floors of the shop along with Rajya Sabha MP T. Subbarami Reddy and other VIPs.

Bodyguard arrives Vizag seems to be the lucky turf for the people from Telugu tinsel town. Last month hero Nagarjuna visited the city as a prelude to the Rajanna film release. Prior to that Solo unit was here to celebrate the film’s success. On Jan 18, the unit of Bodyguard chose the town for the film’s triple platinum disc function at V Max theatre. The celebrities who attended the function included Victory Venkatesh, heroine Saloni, Director VV Vinayak and producer ‘Dil’ Raju. People gathered at RK beach and AU campus to have a glimpse of Venky as he was shooting for Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Soon ‘Prince’ Mahesh Babu who is also in the film will be in the city for shooting.

Smitha @ Novotel Smitha, a pioneering pop singer of Telugu music industry, who sent the youth into a frenzy with her album ‘Masaka Masaka Chikatilo…’ was at Novotel. If you think this Filmfare Awardee was here for DJing or for any other performance you are wrong. The singer who heads Bubbles, the fast growing chain of salons in AP, launched the DEW, a world class salon and spa. Bubbling with confidence, Smitha ensured that DEW, armed with experienced staff, would offer great service.

Vasuki’s eye campaign Little do women know that they are more prone to eye diseases and they have low haemoglobin levels. Miss India (universe) Vasuki pointed this at a press meet held in the city on Jan 29. The beauty with brains, flew down to Vizag to launch a month-long free eye camp that is being organised by L V Prasad Eye Institute in association with Symbiosis Technologies, CMR Group and OYE (Open Your Eyes).


Snooker Club @ CMR Central Crammed with many a shop, eatery, theatre, the fun shopping destiny of Vizag, the CMR Central, has added yet another feather to its cap with the inauguration of 6 Cues (Snookers and Mocktails) Club. Symbiosis Technologies CEO, Mr. O. Naresh Kumar, inaugurated the club. 6 Cues, part of Game Planet Family Fun Centre (formerly Party Town) is located on the 4th Floor.


UPCOMING EVENTS Dessert Festival City’s culinary expert, Mrs. Alka Kumar is organizing one-of-its kind dessert competition on Feb11 at Eleven. The contest is open to everyone and will be adjudged on the basis of innovation, presentation and taste. This event is followed by a dessert festival at Eleven from 12 to 15 Feb. For further details, contact Mrs. Alka Kumar at 98484 97948. Baajaa Gaajaa What time is it? It's Baajaa Gaajaa time! The annual music festival dedicated to the richness and diversity of Indian music and the indie music that is gradually gaining ground in the country. Organised by musicians Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan, the festival entered its fourth year. This year’s carnival is set near Yerrwada, Pune from Feb 10 to 12 and promises to showcase the evolving musical culture of the country.

Vizag unrolled a carpet of roses for Minister for Infrastructure and Investments and Ports, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, who visited the city for the first time after assuming office. His overzealous supporters literally drowned him in petals of rose, marigold and chrysanthemum.

Area 79 Area 79, a music, arts and adventure festival that caters to the ever growing need of adventurers is set on 1,800 acres of lush Himalayan forest land at the Kikar lodge. The four-day festival will be held

from March 8 to 11. The event will be held on four stages simultaneously with more than 100 artistes from across the globe performing. Some of the artistes on the line-up include: Son Kite - Live (Sweden) Siensient - Live (Australia) Annoying Ninjas - Live (Denmark) Sun Control Species (Australia) Iboga Records Electrypnose (Swiss) - 2 to 6 Records Abhradabra (Denmark) - Parvati Records Coma sector (Italy) - Parvati Records Nolm (Japan) - Mental Sauce Records Arjunna (Germany)- Magna Om Records Gulmarg Winter Festival The valley of Kashmir will glow warmer with the soul of music and rush of adrenaline. India’s first music and adventure winter festival to be held there from March 1 to 4, is a celebration of winter sports, music and food. The four-day festival promotes International winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snow-biking, winter Marathon through exhibits and competitions. World music stage with different genres, ranging from classical, sufi, jazz, rock, fusion to electronic, will showcase some of the best and upcoming talents across the country besides offering a fitting stage for the local artistes.

GEM 2012 G

ITAM Institute of Management, GITAM University, organized an inter-school talent contest for 10+2 students on Jan 25, as a part of the Republic Day celebrations. Nearly 400 students (forming 30 teams) from city’s prominent schools and colleges participated in the event. The aim was to provide a platform to the students to showcase their talents. The contest comprised five events - essay writing, elocution, snap shot, creative art and cultural performances that included solo and group performances. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Nausenabagh, bagged the event championship title. Mr. G. Subhramaniam, Vice-Chancellor of GITAM University was the chief guest. Prof. K. Siva Rama Krishna, Dean and Prof. Sheela, Vice-Principal, GITAM Institute of Management and others graced the occasion.

red | february 2012 | 18

red | february 2012 | 19

DEW - Spa and Salon REVIEW


ubbles, a reputed brand with over 15 years of experience in grooming and personal care has made its presence felt across the state. The luxury brand opened Dew, a swanky unisex salon and spa in town. It offers exquisite services and impeccable hygiene on par with global standards. Located on the C floor at Novotel Varun Beach, the rejuvenation centre houses a plush waiting lounge, exclusive salons for men and women, a funky nail-art counter, five therapy rooms and a sauna. Dew offers a range of services such as hair styling, piercings, a variety of pedicure/ manicure, waxing, bleaching, cleanup and facials. Apart from offering world class body scrubs, wraps and massages, the spa has breathtaking sea-view from each of its therapy rooms. Indulge yourself in a traditional Ayurvedic synchronized massage, given by two therapists, a delightful way to relax the body. Try the oriental acupressure foot reflexology rub or the exclusive European Vinotheraphy that unclog energy flow and help the removal of toxins. Take a prior appointment for any treatment, Dew is open from 8.00 AM - 8.00 PM. Nurse a mocktail while you get pampered.

Ambience, trained personnel

4 Lack of publicity


he old Wrangler store at Dabagardens has been revamped to make space for ‘Manyavar’, an ethnic men’s wear brand that boasts of 160 standalone stores across 61 cities world-over. Bright and spacious interiors complement the ethnic wear outlet which is spread over 1,700sft. ‘An exclusive collection especially for the groom’, Manyavar, has sherwanis, kurtas, Indian styled suits, party-wear and a range of other accessories. On display, the exclusive sherwani collection has knee-length formal coats in raw silk, brocade, Beneras and jacquard silks that are embellished with kardana, zari, tikli, thread and stone work. Intricately designed by the country’s finest designers and artisans, the sherwanis come padded with lining for extra comfort. The slick collection of Indo-western suits consisting of a matching shirt, tie or scarf and trousers are an apt ensemble for a glitzy evening. The pure cotton kurta pyjamas with chickan work and detailed craftsmanship are both affordable and elegant. The kids section replicates the similar designs appeasing cultural and ethnic sensibilities of the entire family. Moreover, an entire range of accessories such as pagdis, scarfs, jootis (shoes), malas, broaches and stoles finished in high-detail complete the look.


Location, broad price range

3.5 All accessories not available yet


red | february 2012 | 20












ocated opposite Dutt Island, Touch’s Siripuram branch is a fully-equipped multi-specialty medico aesthetic and cosmetic surgery centre. The well furnished clinic waiting lounge are hygienically maintained. The treatment centre houses two operation theatres and recovery rooms in an expansive 2,400 sft. built area. With a motive to provide economical services to all segments of the society, Touch, helps people change their appearance and build self esteem. Treatments such as hair restoration, liposuction, abdominal plasty, surgical facelifts; breast augmentation, facial reconstruction, botox etc. are done by internationally qualified doctors and well trained workforce. Bringing the latest to town, the surgery room is the first of its kind, equipped with HD digital video microscopy; power guided liposuction with US imported suction and advanced laser equipment similar to clinics at Singapore and New York. A unique patient ID makes clients avail services at any of the 30 centers across India and abroad. The local centres at Dwarkanagar, MVP and KGH along with the Siripuram clinic, offer fifty percent off on skin analysis tests and free consultation to senior citizens. Students can also avail free consultation on Sundays at any of the branches above. It is open from 9.00 AM - 9.00 PM.


Four clinics in the city and more in the pipeline, a wide range of services under one roof. Qualified and trained consultants. No adequate equipment for plastic surgeries.


eal-on-Call (MOC) is Vizag’s very own food order and delivery service and brings food from almost any restaurant in Vizag right at your doorstep. The dedicated support staff takes food orders from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM, seven days a week and all through year. The primary motive is to bring together all the eatries in the city on a single platform and provide efficacious service to clients. Delivery addresses and food preferences are saved on a database to enable faster ordering. Meal-on-Call is connected with more than 40 restaurants in the city, covering an area of 5 sq. kms. around Siripuram, extending upto Gitam College upon request. Furthermore, earn reward points on each order and avail cash discounts on future orders. Restaurant owners can also partner with Meal-on-Call to have their menu placed on the website and support centre for optimum kitchen utility and customer satisfaction.


Friendly service, a single source to all restaurant menus and tariff Not many know of it, need more customer service numbers


red | february 2012 | 22












od created Adam and Eve and man defined the tie-up, giving it a tag. Society has been accepting many surprising shades of the dynamic man-woman relationship over the ages. Ranita Ray captures the colour it assumes today and presents it along with the views of society, psychologists and relationship therapists. A

red | february 2012 | 24

TESTING WATERS ‘Cohabitation’, albeit under euphemisms like ‘Live-in’, ‘Friendswith-Benefits’ and ‘Stay-Over-Relation’ etc., is prevalent now. Transcending the metros, the trait seems to be seeping into cities like Vizag. While some call the phenomenon absurd, some dub it as the outcome of confusion that the present day youth is experiencing. Couples, who are no more bound by the laid down norms, seem to be happy experimenting.

LEGAL STAMP Legalising the Live-in in India, the three-judge bench, comprising Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, Justice Deepak Verma and Justice B.S. Chauhan, declared, “There is no offence in two adult people wanting to live together.” It’s defined as “a living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together to conduct a long-going relationship similarly as in marriage.” The basic idea is to gauge the compatibility level before going into a commitment.

“Live-in is a boon for those who are certain about the feelings for each other and want to extend their courtship period. I personally support this concept as it gives the couple an opportunity to discover the real side of each other. It enables you to find out if the emotion is only a passing thought or a lasting affiliation. This certainly strengthens the bonding,” opines Pradeep Paladugu, a student.

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (FWB) In the “Friends with Benefits” arrangement, one can go for casual sex without any romantic connotations. Neither of the party is committed to the other and can date anyone else. Its practitioners neither consider it a relationship nor a casual dating.

But it certainly differs from a ‘one night stand’.

“Such relations are detrimental to women. I know of two such cases in which the girls were left shattered. These concepts may gain legal acceptance in our country too, but the basic female sentiments don’t change overnight. Women remain vulnerable in a relationship sans commitment,” opines Sahiti Badam, a student of GITAM.

STAY OVER RELATION (SOR) It’s the latest fad which advocates shacking up without moving in together. Here the couple (generally in 20s) prefers staying over at either of the partner’s place for just three to four days to moving in full time. This looks like a suitable middle path between casual dating and more formal living together or getting married.

safeguards don’t insulate her from the emotional trauma and social stigma. In some cases, even the male partners and their offspring suffer from insecurity and emotional threats,” says Mrs. D. Sharvani, Advocate and Family Counselor. MARRIAGE V/S COHABITATION ‘Age-old marriage vs new concepts of cohabitation’- has always been a hotly debated topic. One school of thought supports the new trends that ensure more freedom to women and give ample time to the couple to build a better bond. The other points out to the flipside, citing the problems that emanate from the new kinds of cohabitation. The popular belief is that these relationships are riddled with fights and violence and die young. In the absence of legal process of separation like ‘divorce’, the rate of breakup is high here while the post-separation reconciliation is low. The missing commitment factor often leads to infidelity and short term liaisons. History stands testimony to the fact that every new concept or idea has always been greeted with resistance. It gains acceptance only after passing through the test of time. Until then let love rule the hearts and decide its destination. A

“Concepts like ‘FWB’ and ‘SOR’ are absurd and they are as good as going to a sex worker. It is a total no for me because the relationship sans emotions is beastly,” adds Pradeep.

“Cohabitation is a personal choice and mutual understanding. It is the best way to check compatibility levels. It also allows the freedom of stepping out without the encumbrance of divorce. But for our women it is always a no-win situation as our society makes it difficult for them to step out of any relationship. The legal red | february 2012 | 25



ozily nestled in the lap of nature, between the majestic Eastern Ghats and mighty Bay of Bengal is the sprawling GITAM (Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management) University that offers a serene atmosphere with close connection to the natural environment to study. With miles of beautiful coastline and the nearby national park, the area boasts of spectacular scenery. Perfectly complementing it is its Hyderabad campus which is equally picturesque. Both the campuses are well landscaped with ample greenery and spread over 100 acres each. Its imposing buildings and sprawling playgrounds serve as sources of inspiration and relaxation for the students. A

red | february 2012 | 26

It offers 106 programmes at UG, PG and Doctoral levels in - Technology, Pharmacy, Science, Management, International Business and Architecture. Shaping the destiny of innumerable students through education, research and outreach for the past 31 years, GITAM has now become a name to reckon with in the world class universities. Getting their wards admitted to this prestigious institution has become the dream of parents today and the number of students jostling to get into it is students gain employment with fabulous pays in the campus recruitments every year.

To students applying for patent rights for their inventions, achieving national level ranks at entrance tests like GATE, bagging first prizes in national technical seminars held in IITs speak volumes about the GITAM students. Catering to a diverse learning community, GITAM prepares the next generation of leaders, thinkers, innovators and scholars. Being a driving force in the region’s economy, the GITAM faculty and alumni have been instrumental in developing the technology industry in the region.

Thousands of its graduates, living around the world, not only contribute to the world economy but also keep alive the GITAM spirit of optimism and pride. Accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with ‘A’ grade, the university has also earned the recognition of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India as an ‘A’ category University among the universities of its kind. Yahoo and Google have rated it as one of the top ranking universities in the country. English journals like Outlook, Week, and Business World ranked it as the best university in South India. Guru devo namaha The university has a certain edge over other institutions as it has the total freedom to choose and appoint the faculty as and when the need arises without having to go through

Aerial view of GITAM Shoot by: D. Vijay Story by: V. Sarada

red | february 2012 | 27

the bureaucratic red tape and hassles. The success of any educational institute solely depends on the calibre and dedication of the faculty. With years of experience and expertise, the 670 strong faculty, a repository of knowledge, brings out the best from the students and produces top rankers. Learning is not confined to the student, even the faculty goes through a continuous process of orientation in teaching methodology and student psychology. The teachers, with their hands-on experience in industry and research, undertake a number of projects sponsored by various funding agencies, and also offer consultancy to major industries across the country. The university invites visiting faculty from industry and research institutes to teach specialised courses. In step with world Today it is imperative for academics to be in step with their compatriots across the world. Hence the university has entered into several tie-ups with prestigious institutions in India and abroad. Notable among them are West Virginia University (USA), University of Glasgow, SUNY (B), Central Michigan University, University of Nebraska, Burgundy School of Business, Southern Polytechnic State University, etc. The University also has collaborates with several multi-national corporations like IBM, Ericsson, Oracle, Intelli Group, TCS, HCL, WIPRO - to impart training in IT skills to the students.

red | february 2012 | 28

Central library A fully air-conditioned central library popularly known as Knowledge Resource Centre is provided with all modern facilities like Internet, Digital Library and E-learning centre. It has a rich collection of 11.60 lakh books and e-learning resources, periodicals, national and international journals. It is provided with Info-Net service that facilitates online access to e-books and e-journals. World-class data centre GITAM has a Data Centre (Central Computing Facility) housing a Super Computer capable of delivering 1.5 Teraflops (1.5 Trillion Floating Point Operations per second), an enterprise -class Unified Storage of 70 Terabytes (expandable to one petabyte - 1000 terabytes), 60 high-end servers most of which are virtualized with VMware - Enterprise+ with implementation of Cloud Computing. The network at GITAM is a world-class network with 10G backbone and a sophisticated high-end WiFi network covering the entire campuses, both at Vizag and Hyderabad, which is capable of streaming live and on-demand video lectures to thousands of students. The wired and securely managed Wi-fi networks together are capable of serving up to 15,000 simultaneous clients. The network is connected to the Internet at a blazing speed of 1Gbps (1000 Mbps).

Student activities Students are encouraged to take up independent research to bring out their latent talents. The University has promoted a Science Club exclusively for students to exhibit their inventions and innovations. They won recognition for their research contributions at national and international levels. The students of Mechanical engineering department designed a sand excavator and participated in international competition at NASA, USA.

That GITAM has attracted the world attention is evident from the fact that a number of dignitaries like American Consulate General, British High Commissioner, Secretary of China Embassy, Governor of RBI, Chairmen of Union Bank and Indian Bank and representatives of IBM, Microsoft, Erricson made it a point to visit it. Visakhapatnam has always been a seat of learning. An institution of GITAM’s stature added the much needed feather to its cap. A

red | february 2012 | 29



owhere is the Gold obsession more culturally entrenched than in India,� says an American daily. Endorsing it is the survey which indicates that we consume 20% of gold globally. Almost 80% of it goes into jewellery making and this is enough to show that Indians are incurably in love with the yellow metal. Jewellery never fails to be in demand, whatever may be the market trend. Jewellery is an artistic, decorative and predominantly feminine realm. Yet it is the man who controls the business, inextricably involving himself at the every stage of the process. Our own city that enjoys the benediction of the presiding deity, Goddess of Wealth, is replete with hundreds of jewellery shops. Almost all of them are run by men who cater to the ever-changing feminine fancies and some of them have outshone others, spreading their tentacles deep and firm. Quite understandably, in many instances the acumen runs in the genes. The onus of taking the family business to a new height without resting on the past laurels, is the prerogative of the progeny. Ranita Ray and Kalyani Rajashekar talk to five young, dynamic, smart and astute gold experts who have not only donned their fathers’ mantles, but also contributed their own mite to its growth.

red | february 2012 | 30


Skating on roller-blades to compere at the firm’s annual meet, actually learning magic to communicate a message to his team, getting hands-on with photoshop to design creatives, turning video-editor to develop theme audio-visuals, putting on cricket boots to bring the team together, getting a shop inaugurated at midnight, asking people to own what they do than owning people is hardly a definition for a business man. But, these are some of out of the box ways Rana Uppalapati of Tanishq adopts in running his retail business.

Background After initial schooling in Kotak Salesian, I moved to a Chennai boarding school to pursue extracurricular activities. Information Systems and Management was the field of study in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at universities in Australia and the US. However, most of my education has been through travel and sport. The first step A two-year stint with an IT firm helped me identify my interests and abilities. Retail was an obvious choice as it is people-oriented and offered a chance to work across multiple areas like marketing, stock-management, HR, finance and IT. I have been in the business for six years now.

Challenges so far Our businesses were a part of unorganised markets earlier. Titan Industries Limited has successfully taken up the challenge of defining and expanding the markets of watches, jewellery, eyewear and accessories. Customer perception and belief in the need for quality products have evolved over the years. For me, the challenge is to better our processes to suit the ever-changing needs and trends of the retail world. The fruitful changes you have made We make our stores exciting for customers through the products and delightful service; for employees through team activities that create a sense of belonging and for stakeholders by driving the business to newer heights in terms of innovation and results. We work towards a new potential each day. How is life before and after you stepped into the business? ‘Before and After Titan’ - is the way business has been defined for most people who have been associated with this company. In that sense, it has been gratifying to be a part of a responsible and rewarding corporate house for over 20 years, even before taking active part in the running of the business. Life has always been about being creative; only the focus areas keep changing.

Does competition bother you? No competition.We operate in our own space. Competing with our own standards, we strive to do better than what we are capable of. There is a continuous need to evolve and stay ahead of the curve. Tanishq along with the other Titan brands has created a niche for itself in terms of quality, innovation and transparency. We only take it forward. Does your dad come up with feedback and tips? We work together and share ideas constantly. It has always been an advantage to have a collective pool of knowledge that includes experience and openness to new thought. Advice to the newcomers The industry is fairly large of which we are only a part. We retail India’s largest and trusted brand. It is a growing industry with a lot of opportunity. It is important to be transparent in transaction, qualitative in product and innovative in design. A retailer must aspire to achieve superior customer service satisfaction. Awards and initiatives The stores were awarded for retail excellence at various times during the last few years. Exchange of 20,000 books to promote recycling, a painting contest for children, gifting Braille watches for the visually impaired and free-eye camps have been some of the numerous initiatives.


The youngest of five brothers of the Jain family, Mukesh Jain had ample opportunities to have a ball of a time. However, he left them to the winds and entered the tough world of business at a tender age of 20. After assisting his father for a few years, he took over the Mahavir Jewellers branch in the city. Since then, there was no looking back for the little boy who grew up to become one of the best jewellers of the city.

The first step I joined the business in 1985 after obtaining my B. Com degree in Gudivada. We relocated to Vizag to set up our own branch and soon we spread our wings to Gopalapatnam and Gajuwaka and now we have our hands full. While my brothers take care of those two branches, the Dwarakanagar outlet has been out and out my baby. My work has nothing to do with the education I received. It is my dad’s training that helped me out. But I must admit experience is the best teacher. Challenges and changes I didn’t make any earth shaking changes. Our quality is impeccable, but our area of challenge is collection and I have filled in that gap by successfully introducing a plenty of new varieties. About competition What is the fun in being in the market without formidable rivals? You can prove your mettle only when there are others trying to outdo you. Competition makes me a better businessman.

red | february 2012 | 32

Future plans There is something really exciting coming up but I don’t want to reveal it now. It is too early. Market scene I have seen the market grow over the decades with stores mushrooming around the RTC complex. Now we realise how big the market is. The present day jewellers resort to corporate style of functioning and smart advertising methods. We have no option but to move with the tide. Papa kehthe hain My father is a ‘suggestion expert’ and he is forever ready with ideas. He insists that special attention should be paid to quality and warns me that unfair means are bound to doom us. Advice to newbies Though I am not all that eligible to advise the newbies, I would suggest them to be fair and frank in their business. There is no substitute to hard work if you want to succeed. You take care of your work; God will take care of you.


If you belong to a family, which rules a trade for good hundred years, you are bound to choose the same vocation. That is what MAS Ranga of MVS Jewel Park did two decades ago and has been running it successfully. He says, “One may sail through any business without the formal education, but it’s only experience that reaches one to the pinnacle of success.”

Hurdles No hurdles whatsoever. Even before my actual entry, I used to make short but regular trips to the showroom for five long years. This helped me understand the tricks of the trade. It was just a cakewalk for me.

The corporate players who are foraying into jewellery trade are coming primarily with an intention to keep ‘gold’ in their portfolio as an investment item. The future will see a rise of such players. As of now, there is no threat to traditional jewellers.

Competition Starting gold business was an uphill task way back in 80s because of the stringent Gold Control Act. So people were reluctant to choose this line. This trend continued till 1992. This gave us a mileage. However, things have changed since late 90's. Today we face a lot of challenges because of the mushrooming showrooms. The fluctuating gold rates add to our woes.

Advice Today variety, service and place are the three major keys here. The mantra to success is wide range of products and high quality service. This should be supported by good infrastructure. Spacious counters and attractive displays, especially on the gold rush days like Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras (Deepawali), are a must to lure customers.

Forte It’s only the rapport we build with the customer that fetches us business. Nearly 40-50 percent of our clients are old loyalists, with whom we have been dealing for decades. Besides dedicated service, authenticity earns us the customers’ trust. We pay keen attention to the designs, by taking cues from the latest trends. Future Today either big or small players can survive and there is no place for middle order. While big ones can capture the market with their wide range, the smaller ones can survive on low risk deals and small investments.

red | february 2012 | 33


Running a 120-year-old store is definitely a herculean task especially when you are a newbie. But Mouli, the latest entrant into Shyam Zaveri, makes the task looks like a child’s play. He is like any of us, who loves watching films, loitering in the beach and hanging out with friends. But when it’s time for work, he’s a different Mouli. Here’s what he has to say!

The beginning Since our childhood we were all tuned to follow the family business, no matter what we study. After finishing Masters in Embedded Systems in UK, I came to Vizag and started assisting my father. A prior hands-on experience would have come handy, but I was totally against the nine-to-five job concept. Moreover, when the stage is set and people need me here, where was the need for me to serve for others? Contribution Until recently, our staff used to put in a lot of physical effort in stocking. Simple accounts too used to take a long time and sorting the stock was a daunting task. I convinced my dad about the advantages of computerised accounting and stocking. He was bowled over by the idea and we soon came up with our own software. Competitors in the city Cutthroat is an understatement for the competition we face here. You can survive only if you are unique. Being in the market since 1889, we certainly occupy a special slot in the market. Yet there is no place for complacency in our trade. We keep upgrading ourselves to meet the changing demands of the customers.

red | february 2012 | 34

Biggest challenge Gold prices are skyrocketing these days, taking it much beyond the reach of middle and lower classes. Despite my best of efforts, I am not able to make them realise their ‘golden’ dreams. This is the biggest challenge for me. Expansion plans We don’t have any immediate plans, but we surely need to expand. We are planning to launch low carat gold in the market. It is nothing but a mix of 50% gold and 50% metals like copper and silver. This kind of jewellery is a rage in the west. We want to show that the best quality can be delivered even at a low cost. Don’t you think this way I can reach out to my customers who cannot spend fortunes on jewellery? Advice to the new entrants Many people think that this business is simply a goldmine and you can make a fast buck by snapping your fingers. No sir, it is not so. There are a lot of hidden risks. Your efforts should be towards building a brand that lasts for coming ten generations. Venture into the industry only if you have a burning desire to excel.


Armed with an MBA degree from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management and two-years experience as the Vice-president in Indian Bulls Financial Service, Bobby of Tummidi Jewels knew right from the beginning that he was going to make it big. His specialisation in jewellery designing gave him that singular edge to be an innovator, not the follower.

Stepping stone I entered the family business (textile Tummidi Brothers) with a resolve to give it a new direction. With the textiles, we already had huge clientele base (in Vijayawada, Rajahmundry and Visakahapatnam) especially catering to the female customers. I wanted to tap this advantage further. The next promising venture obviously is jewellery. Hence I introduced the jewellery section in Tummidi Brothers. Hurdles In a conservative setup where the established business is running successfully for 40-long years, introduction of any change is greeted with tremendous resistance. That is what happened to me, when I wanted to diversify into jewellery. You will not believe, it was from my own family. However, my confidence and foresight gained from the detailed analysis of this trade earned me their confidence and today I meet their expectations. Signature move We introduced the concept of ‘lightweight jewellery’ in Vizag. We can even make an entire bridal collection with just 100 gm of gold. The main motto was to make precious jewellery affordable for everyone without compromising on quality or even designs. Competitions We had to cope with stiff competition as big jewellers entered the arena.

Though we are supported by a good team here, we also hired excellent designers in Mumbai. I am also a financial analyst and can give fundamental analysis of the gold market. I procure my material by studying the present and future market trends. Thus I mastered the trade. Challenges Jewellery business is globalised now. Many players from across the country are penetrating the city market. However, as long as we retain our regional specialties like the temple jewellery, we have our grip over the market. Predictions Unlike most of the neighbouring districts, which have agriculture-driven economy, Vizag is conducive to any trade. As this is a city dominated by working and business classes that enjoy a steady inflow of income, there are no perceptible fluctuations in its economy. Hence I see no threat to this trade. Expansion Plans are afoot to open a jewellery showroom in Rajahmundry. But our plans for Vijayawada showroom are in much advanced stage with us zeroing in on land and the name of the store - Swarna Mahal. red | february 2012 | 35


he Indian Racing League (IRL) may also acquire a cult status like the Indian Premier League (IPL) with biggies like Nagarjuna, Shah Rukh Khan, Sourav Ganguly and Yuvraj Singh adding valuable star quotient by vying for the racing franchise. Moreover, cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar is not only an ardent follower of the sport but also is the brand ambassador and an advisor to the IRL. S


red | february 2012 | 36

One of the most expensive and much-televised events, Motorcar Racing, is a popular sport that unites heterogeneous race car fanatics across the world. India got the first taste of the sporting spectacle at the F1 Buddh International circuit in Greater Noida last year. Exceeding all expectations the Grand Prix was a success, paving way to Moto-madness across the country. Raja Ram gives a curtain-raiser to the gala event to be held on Feb 11 and 12. The i1 Super Series, also known as IRL, is a series in which singlemake, single-seater sports cars participate. The sport is generally considered the domain of the rich. Yet India has its share of racing history. The first event, intended to gauge Indian conditions, was held in 1905 by the Motor Union of Western India. The Delhi-Bombay track covered a whopping 1,300 kilometres. The highly competitive sport has now evolved into a billiondollar business that engages race

teams, drivers, circuits, sponsors, manufactures, broadcasters and a host of other merchandise. The inaugural season of i1 Super Series promises to be all glitz, glamour and the passion for racing. THE CONCEPT i1 Super Series, a race format intended for Indian spectators promises to be a highly charged spectator experience. The maiden season involves nine teams representing nine Indian cities. Each team is permitted to utilise two standardised cars along with two appointed racers. At least one locally certified driver (Indian) is compulsory while the other can be an internationally certified motorist. Such a fusion ensures the convergence of diverse racing backgrounds and a good exposure to the local racing scene. The i1 Super Series will comprise a total of 10 races held across India, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. The 9 teams and 18 racers are vying for the coveted title and prize

money of $ 2 million USD, the action promises to be both fast and furious. IRL is bound to inspire a new breed of Indian speed racers. THE CAR Radical Sports Cars constructed the vehicle for this series. Radical SR3 boasts of superb handling and safety features suited for experienced as well as novice racers. These standard cars are engineered to accelerate from 0-100 in just 3 seconds flat and touch speeds in excess of 250 kmph. Racers are likely to experience up to 2.5 Gs around corners. The Radical SR3 is a twoseater with powder-coated carbon steel frame chassis, integral safely cell and aluminum honeycomb front crash structure- complying with the FIA Production Sports Car Safety Structure norms. These Single make cars have been chosen to ensure a balanced contest between the teams, where the most skilled and competent driver will be rewarded. red | february 2012 | 37

Features of the car Power: Tec 1500 cc RPE engine with twin battery, 24V starting/ charging system. Engine Performance: 260 BHP, RPE Suzuki 1500 cc K8.

THE TEAMS Racing employs drivers, constructor teams, track officials and many other services on and off the field. Apart from this it draws immense glitz and glamour. The Indian scene is not far-behind. IRL franchise owners include Nagarjuna (Hyderabad), Shah Rukh Khan (Mumbai), former cricketer Sourav Ganguly (Kolkata), Hotelier Arjun Baljee (Bangalore) and Management Guru Arindam Chaudhuri (Delhi Gypsies). Chennai Super Sonics is the fifth city to announce its franchise. A franchise costs 5 million USD for 15 years. This entails franchise rights that permit selling sponsorship, licenses and other racing merchandise.

red | february 2012 | 38

The additional costs of running a full-fledged IRL team would be $ 6-8 million in a year. This involves owning two cars, maintaining drivers, employing mechanics and engineers, logistics and the costs involved in travelling from one venue to the other. BROADCAST & CIRCUITS The IRL follows a format of two races per weekend at five different circuits. All i1 Super Series races will be broadcast live on TEN Sports between 12.00 noon and 3.00 pm on Saturdays. The final race at the Buddh Circuit at Greater Noida, UP, will be broadcast at the same time on Sunday.

‘Festival of Speed’ is being planned to promote motorsports on a wider scale in India. The IRL is also setting up racing academies across the country to groom young talent. The future of the motorsport in India is definitely bright, with young racers following the able footsteps of Karun Chandok or Karthikeyan. S






KAT AND MOUSE GAME It looks like a cat and mouse game. Breaking and patching up are quite common for the film guys. One such couple are Katrina and Ranbir. Ajab Prem ki Ghajab Kahani brought them together. They were also seen in Rajneeti and the couple hit off really well. Suddenly, it was heard that they parted ways because of Ranbir’s ‘love’ for his co-stars. Obviously Kat couldn’t tolerate all such co-curricular activities and hence the breakup. But now they want to give their relationship a second chance. This time they are more serious! We wonder what Salman Khan has to say!

red | february 2012 | 40

SPOTTED: VIDYA AND SRK! Before your mind wanders off to think about something else, let us clarify that SRK is Siddharth Roy Kapoor and not our Badshah SRK. Siddharth is the head honcho at UTV Motion Pictures and is also known as the ‘man in love’ with Vidya Balan. Their special relationship has started off two years ago and is still going strong. Recently, they were spotted at an apartment and rumours are that Sid has bought a lavish apartment for Vidya and they were busy celebrating the success of The Dirty Picture. The duo was also spotted at restaurants and shopping malls, holding hands and talking away to glory. Well, all this is fine but do we get to witness a big fat wedding this year or they just remain ‘friends’!

SALLU AND KATRINA IN CUBA Though they have broken up according to the media, this superhot couple Salman Khan and Katrina still seem to be in love. Both of them currently shooting for Ek tha Tiger and they flew to a month-long shoot at Cuba. Though Katrina’s schedule is pretty short she might stay back for Sallu, it is heard. The macho man is said to be suffering from flu and neurological problems. There are also a couple of daredevil stunts planned for Khan and Kat would be supervising all of them. A friend of Kat says, “Their relationship has gone to a higher level where they cannot stay away from each other. They would be gone for quite a while.” Dhinka chika, dhinka chika!

KISS TEACHER Expert serial kisser Mallika Sherwat will conduct classes on kissing but only for Vivek Oberoi. Not in real life but for their new film Kismat, Love, Paisa, Dilli. The director planned a couple of steamy scenes and the lead pair has to lock their lips for five to six times. This gave jitters to Vivek who is usually a very reserved soul. But our Murder babe spoke to him and promised to put him at ease during the intimate scene shoot. One of the kisses would be shot at a local park in Delhi because the makers thought it would look natural. The teacher and the pupil are ready but does the student’s wife have anything to say?


TIME FOR THE OSCARS The recently released Oscar nominees list took everybody by surprise as it included little known films and not-so-popular stars. Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s 3D film earned 11 nominations this year. The girl with the dragon tattoo, the descendants, War horse, Bridesmaids, A separation, Kung Fu Panda, Puss in Boots and the Tree of Life had multiple nominations. Film critics opine that all of them are useless and nominees gained entry through mere flattery. It is also heard that all the biggies who missed the bus, might skip the Oscars this year to show their unhappiness. Everything is fair in love and Oscars! KATE WANTS TO BE A MAN! One of the most desirable and voluptuous women of Hollywood, Kate Winslet is keen on portraying a man’s character in one of her future films. The 36-year-old, who earlier this month won a Golden Globe for her exemplary performance in TV mini-series Mildred Pierce, said playing a man is the ultimate challenge.“I would like to play a man one day. I don’t know what kind of a man, I don’t know whether it will ever happen, but I do know I would be really interested because I think that would probably be the ultimate challenge,” said Winslet. We only remember the beautiful young Rose in Titanic. But as a man, we wonder how she looks like.

WELCOME 7TH BABY Actor Angelina Jolie is reportedly pregnant with another child. According to reports, Jolie has already started decorating a room for the new arrival. Jolie and Brad Pitt are already biological parents to Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne. They also adopted Maddox, Pax and Zahara. “It is not something she wants to officially announce but she is at a point where she is telling a select group of people. Angelina is really savouring every moment of it. She is having a tough time with morning sickness, but says it’s all worth it. Angelina has also cleared out her bedroom and redone it in white. She wants it to have a Zen-like feeling because she believes in the mind-body connection and wants her mind at peace,” says a close friend of Jolie.

red | february 2012 | 41

TIME TO SAY GOODBYE! We have seen the break-ups of JLo-Marc Anthony, Katy Perry-Russell Brand, Arnold SchwarzeneggerMaria Shriver. The latest story of Heidi Klum-Seal is indeed a shocker as we are so accustomed to the couple's perpetual displays of love. The model and singer began dating in 2003, got engaged in 2004 and married in 2005. They are parents of Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou. Seal's inability to control his anger has become too much for Heidi to handle as it invariably affects their four small children. Apart from this, their distance and prosperous careers are what triggered the seemingly perfect couple’s breakup. “We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and while we continue to love each other very much, we have grown apart. This is an amicable process and protecting the wellbeing of our children remains our top priority, especially during this time of transition,” said Heidi Klum.

TOLLYWOOD MASALA WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAMAN? Music director Thaman is super busy these days. It appears not a single film is made without him scoring the music. He has successfully wiped out competition, rendering the others jobless. Out of the victims is Mani Sharma, Thaman’s own guru, who is left with just one film. Before Thaman made his debut, he was working as a keyboard player in Mani’s team and was also the musician’s favourite boy. At a recent audio function, the sishya was ignoring the guru. Apart from exchanging a few smiles, he hasn’t stepped forward to talk to Mani and the other biggies. Success is good but getting it into your head and forgetting the roots is bad. Hope you get well soon!

DARLING DARLING! When the world was busy welcoming 2012, there were two stars who were busy in their own world. After pairing up in Darling and Mr. Perfect, Prabhas and Kajal seem to have become special for each other. During the New Year eve, these young stars were spotted in Dubai, having a gala time. A little birdie told us that the duo had fun on Dec 31, oblivious to the onlookers. Obviously, when people tried talking to them, the security slowly whisked them away from the back gate of the hotel. The couple, like all the other celebrities, denied having spent the New Year together. But we surely like their onscreen...sorry off... screen chemistry!

HEADING TO SPLITSVILLE? The film Badri gave a hit to director Puri Jagannadh and a wife to Pavan Kalyan in the form of Renu Desai. Ever since they both settled down as live-in partners, they were always in news. Their sudden marriage amidst fans and friends too was a sensation. Trusted sources say that all is not well between Power and his wife and soon they might be heading for a breakup. Renu wasn’t seen in Ram Charan’s engagement too and her conspicuous absence at the mega occasion surely raised many eyebrows. It is also heard that Pavan is currently with their son while Renu moved to her parents’ place with their baby daughter. All we can do is to just pray that the couple get back and rock as usual!

NBK RED EYED After scoring a hit with Simha, Tollywood’s hottest onscreen couple Bala Krishna and Nayanatara repeated the magic again in Sri Rama Rajyam. In fact, Balayya was so keen on having Nayan in the film that he convinced everybody about her talent. It was heard that Balayya wanted his leading lady to be cast opposite him again in an upcoming film. But the actress who is busy with her wedding preparations, reportedly said no to the offer. However, she signed a film with Prabhu’s pal Nagarjuna, leaving NBK fuming. May be getting into the good books of Prabhu Deva might help!

red | february 2012 | 42


CHERRY IN BIG B’S SHOES The 1973 blockbuster Zanjeer catapulted Amitabh Bachchan into the main league and named him as the ‘Angry Young Man of India’. It collected over Rs. 5 cr at the box office and swept the Filmfare awards. Now, the same magic is all set to repeat again. Not the Bollywood stars but our Mega Power Star Ram Charan will get into mighty Big B’s shoes. Apoorva Lakhia (Director of Shootout at Lokhandwala) would be directing the film. Though many people raised doubts about Charan’s performance, the director and his crew are not worried. After watching Magadheera, they are sure that RCT’s mega power would set the cash registers jingling. Even we are sure of it!

NAMITHA CAN DO IT BETTER The Dirty Picture made a sensation in the country and there wasn’t a single soul who had anything against Vidya Balan’s oomph and performance. But our own sexy bombshell Namitha was disappointed with the film and Miss Balan too. She felt that the lead star couldn’t ooze out as much appeal as Namitha usually does. She was heard saying, “Vidya was just average in the film. Though the storyline is good, the film would have been more sensational if I was in the lead role. I would have done a much better job than that girl. It’s tailor-made for me. Wish producers come up with such projects.” Doesn’t this sound like the fox and the sour grapes fable?

ANJALI IN, AMALA OUT! Dil Raju is now a happy man! His new film Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu found its lead heroine and has already started shooting in the city. Roping in two biggies like Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu was a cakewalk for the crew but finding the lady for Venky drained out Dil Raju. Finally, Anjali who gave a riveting performance in the film Journey has been finalised for the role. Earlier, Amala Paul’s name did the rounds but she walked away in the last minute citing busy schedules. Venky-Anjali and Mahesh-Samantha are the final leads now and it is slated for a summer release. Hope there are no more cinema kashtalu for this! By the way, there is a buzz that the story of SVSC is very much similar to Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum.

DHANUSH FORAYS INTO B-TOWN The Kolaveri boy has finally stepped into Bollywood! If rumours are to be believed, then Dhanush will work with director Anand L Rai who made Tanu Weds Manu. The film is tentatively titled as Raanjhnaa and will be shot in places like Chennai, Mumbai and Rajasthan. Dhanush, who cannot speak Hindi, is trying to learn the language. The director wanted to rope in Rajnikanth’s son-in-law after watching his performance in the National award winning film Aadukulam. “The character demands a very ordinary and honest looking boy and Dhanush will perfectly fit the bill.” Like Kolaveri, hope this film too becomes a rage.

FOLLOWING BRO Allu Arjun is quite a name in the southern circuit and he worked his way to the top gradually. Now, Arjun's brother Allu Sirish might soon make his entry not into Tollywood but Kollywood. The star in the making, who is right now busy working on his looks and performance, wants to be a versatile actor. But even before he steps in, wise Dad Allu Aravind has a plan in mind. He wants Sirish to do at least 15 films in Tamil and establish himself as a star. Only then he would be eligible to enter the Tollywood. The debut would be a remake of the blockbuster 100% Love produced under their own banner. What we want to ask is, will Sirish wait patiently that long? Well, papa says so!

MEENA - THE NEW AGE MIL All of us know how tough Surya Kantham, Chaya Devi, Vanisri and Sarada were in the roles of mothersin-law! In spite of a heavy star cast, they stole the show by coming up with energetic performances as the strict, over protective and no-nonsense woman in the family. Now that these stars are out of the show, Tollywood seems to have zeroed in on a heroine who is eligible to become the typical cinematic mother-in-law. Meena, who quit films after getting married, will soon start her second innings. Though the role seems to be interesting, we wonder if this beauty fits the bill. Since she looks quite young and soft, can she match up to the haughtiness of such roles? Only time can answer.

red | february 2012 | 43


AMY COMPETES WITH SAM She stole hearts with her cute looks in Madrasapattinam and Ek Deewana Tha and now Amy Jackson is ready to land in Tollywood. This 20-year-old British model was spotted by director Vamsi Paidipally who directed Munna and Brindavanam in the past and is currently making Yevadu with Ram Charan and Samantha. Amy would be the second girl romancing the young hero and it is also heard that her role is pretty stronger than that of Samantha. Interestingly, both these girls made their debut with various versions of Ye Maaya Chesave. While Sam debuted in Telugu with Naga Chaitanya, Amy debuted in Hindi with Prateik Babbar. That makes the competition tougher and fun too!

ANNA KAMAL Universal Hero Kamal Hassan is back with a bang! After coming up with almost all kinds of films, he is now getting a script ready where he would be essaying the role of Anna Hazare. It is heard that Kamal has been impressed by Anna, his life, his policies and his way of fighting corruption. He is taking care of the screenplay and the direction while the hunt for the rest of the crew is on. Bharateeyudu that released way back in the 90’s created a sensation and made a huge impact on the Indian audience. Let’s hope this new film on Anna too would be a hit. If not the people, hope the politicians pay attention to it and make the country a better place to live in. red | february 2012 | 44

POSSESSIVE SAIF! B-town’s hottest jodi, Saif and Kareena are coming up with their new home venture Agent Vinod. It is touted to be an action thriller and is set to release in March. During the poster launch event, Saif was asked with whom of the Khans does Kareena look the best and without mincing words, he promptly replied “Of course, with me. Nobody else can match up to her!” This answer shocked many, given the fact that Bebo has paired up with almost every Khan. Though people just laughed it off, what we got to know is that the Pataudi man is very possessive about his girl. That is always good unless it doesn’t go overboard.

IT’S SUNNY LEONE IN JISM 2! Jism, which starred John Abraham and Bipasha Basu was quite bold and critics called it a filthy film. But that filth was accepted by people and it went on to become a hit. Now, producer Pooja Bhatt is back again with the sequel of Jism and recently she released a semi-nude poster of the protagonist. The provocative picture created ripples in the industry and everybody wanted to know who the hot lady was! It was revealed that the lady is none other than the IndoCanadian porn Star and Big Boss 5 contestant Sunny Leone. The story is all about a woman being caught between two men who try seducing her and get seduced in return. After the male actors are finalised, the film will start its shoot in March. With a porn star as the main lead, Jism 2 is surely the much awaited movie of the year!

LOVE LIKE THAT AND OTHER STORIES Love Like That and Other Stories by various writers depicts the magic of omnipresent Love. It can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. You might experience that while travelling in a bus, in a school play or in a classroom or at your favourite food joint. That is what happened to the main characters in this book. Like Mahira and Prithvi, you too can try your luck by bonding over a Subway sandwich. They discover that they have a lot of things in common like their love for soul music. Or else connect yourself with Ashish and Anjali, the enemies-turned-lovers, after playing Romeo and Juliet in a drama competition. Equally cute is the story of Shayari and Matus, who meet on a train from Brussels to Paris. As Shayari wonders, “Is it serendipity or coincidence that he is exactly the guy she has been dreaming about all her life?” You too can launch in similar quest.


We review some mobile based fun games that will release this season. Smartphone compatible games are affordable and engaging but can be addictive too! Gear up for a lot of fun.

KID ICARUS UPRISING Nintendo announced their latest Kid Icarus Uprising. The angelic hero Pit fights the Queen of the Underworld, Medusa and her armies both in the air and on ground. The game requires ambidextrous abilities as the left hand is used for the circle pad and the right to use the stylus at the same time. The 3D display needs elevation for viewing and gameplay, as problems may arise from excessive movement of the device. Uprising is also compatible with the Circle Pad Pro attachment.

INFINITY BLADE II Developed by Chair Games, Infinity Blade II is touted to be the perfect video game sequel. The visceral and cinematic scuffle has been expanded from a glorified quick time event into a proper, fullfledged fighting system. Infinity Blade I's thin storyline has been replaced with a voice-over narrative full of twists and turns. Unlike the original's short linear path to the God-King, the players have an entire castle to explore, packed with branching paths and secrets portals. Chair successfully set a new standard for mobile games with great visuals and looping game structures.

Darkness 2 takes players down a brutal and personal path as Jackie Estacado, a leader comes with a ruthless force. The game is based on a supernatural horror comic book series created by Top-Cow Productions. Darkness 2 breaks first-person shooter game conventions with its fervid quadwielding gameplay, which allows players to slash, grab and throw objects at enemies with their demon arms while simultaneously firing two weapons. The game makes use of the twisted storytelling technique and is engulfed in stylised violence that is visually depicted through hand-painted graphics.

GORILLA GONDOLA Developed by Electric Pixel, the puzzle solving game is set against a backdrop of show stopping graphics and high energy soundtracks. Control a banana-addicted silverback Gorilla and a Ski Gondola using swipes, taps and tilt controls on your smartphone or tablet device. Gorilla Gondola takes players into a vibrant side-scrolling world with enhanced game engine. This is a fun game that combines skilled movement based navigation and quick thinking-puzzle solving.

DIGITAL LEGENDS Events developed Dragon Warrior using the latest motion-capture technology. The game features players fighting in and around historical locations around the world in an attempt to honour Master Bruce Lee's legacy. Customisable fighting styles make Dragon Warrior a user-friendly game. The game play and controls are designed for newbies as well as skilled gamers. The high quality graphics, easy manoeuvrability and lively animation are indeed a bonus.

red | february 2012 | 45









Prakash Raj, after having donned myriad roles, has come up with his first directorial venture Dhoni. The film is all about our education system and yet again he plays a doting father to his son. The trailer of the film is quite sensible and takes a dig on the stern and irrational schooling methods we follow. Dhoni stresses that the child’s likes and dislikes, feelings, hopes and aspirations must be understood and neglecting them might harm the child. Master Akash (son of director Puri Jagannadh) plays Prakash’s son whereas Radhika Apte, Nassar, Tanikella Bharani, Brahmanandam, Sri Lakshmi and Pragathi play other roles. Ilayaraja’s music is an add-on and Sirivennela provides meaningful lyrics. Do we see an award winning film in the making?

Julie Delpy, the much acclaimed French actress known for her award winning roles and path breaking films, has written and also acted in her first directorial venture 2 days in New York. Julie essays the role of Marion, who moves to New York with her child soon after her break up in Paris. She finds herself a new American boyfriend Mingus (Rock). To her dismay, Julie finds it difficult to manage the cultural differences. The situation is further confounded when her eccentric father and sister Rose and Rose’s ex-boyfriend come for a visit for her upcoming photo exhibition. This results in an explosive situation. The film promises a few poignant scenes and elegant story.








Gautam Menon’s Ye Maaya Chesave/ Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya was a blockbuster in both Telugu and Tamil and now he is all set to repeat the magic in Hindi too. With Prateik Babbar and Amy Jackson in the lead roles, the film is currently in the post-production work. A.R. Rahman’s soulful tunes are a sensation and every song is picturised uniquely. Gautam says that the climax of all his three versions is quite different. In Tamil, the lead pair parts ways but in Telugu, they get married. The climax in Hindi hasn’t been revealed for now but the crew says that the film has shaped up really well. Like the audio, hope the Ek Deewana Tha too becomes a hit.

Though the director and producer of Ekk Main Aur Ekk Tu deny that the film isn’t based on What happened in Vegas, the trailer tells it all. The very interesting and fresh lead pair Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor meet during Christmas, get married in an inebriated condition and file for a separation quoting it a ‘mistake.’ After a series of arguments, discussions, laughs and some serious moments, they fall in love and realize that the bond is indeed special. The first couple of trailers are out. Produced by Karan Johar and directed by Shakun Batra, this romantic comedy has already generated adequate interest. The title song and Kareena’s witty one-liners are a rage. Don’t miss this rom-com this Valentine’s Day.






AGNEEPATH India’s heartthrob Hrithik Roshan arrives with Agneepath and he doesn’t disappoint you at all. Produced by Karan Johar and directed by Karan Malhotra, the film is a remake of Amitabh’s Agneepath that was released in the 90’s. Since it is a remake, the expectations are quite high but the director and the actors come up with a powerful film that glues you to your seat. Hrithik as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is a revelation. His intense performance is the show stealer. Bald and tattooed, Sanjay Dutt as the baddie is fierce and hard-hearted. Rishi Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are good. Chikni Chameli is hot! Music by Atul-Ajay elevates the movie and the tempo is the same throughout the film. You can enjoy it if you forget how the original one was. Make no comparisons because this one is a tribute to the old one! red | february 2012 | 46




TANGLED EVER AFTER The sequel to Tangled, an acclaimed Walt Disney film, has exceeded all expectations. After receiving healing powers from a flower, Rapunzel is locked in a hidden tower as a baby. Now a teenager with her hair growing to an incredible length of 70 feet, she retains the magical powers. One day, a bandit Flynn Ryder scales the tower using her hair. Flynn Ryder is her key to the outside world and hence she takes him hostage. Rapunzel strikes a deal with the charming thief to act as her guide to travel to the place from where the mysterious floating lights come. Rapunzel sets out on her first exciting and magnificent journey of her life. After making her way out of the tower, she struggles with mixed emotions. Though excited to see the world for the first time, she also feels deeply guilty that she has defied her mother. What follows is an enigmatic adventure where they eventually end up getting married!






SNEHITHUDU An honest remake of 3 Idiots, Snehithudu, doesn’t bore you at all. Vijay, Jiva and Sriram come up with sincere performances. Sathyaraj as Virus is good too but he seems to have just repeated what Boman Irani did. Ileana looks severely malnourished and sick. Her role is limited to a few scenes and a couple of songs but she seriously needs to add weight. Sunil has dubbed for Sathyan (Silencer) and he is just excellent! Songs by Harris Jayaraj are just fine but we expect better tunes from him. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are heart touching and sensible. Though director Shankar hasn’t made a single change in the script, his style is seen in the picturisation of the songs. Those who have seen the Hindi version would find this a tad bore but watching the south stars perform is a delight.




1. Pehla Nasha / Jo jeeta wohi sikander

1. Chinuku la raali / Naalugu Sthambala Aata

2. Maine pyar kiya / Maine pyar kiya

2. Prema entha madhuram / Abhinandana

3. Churaliya hai tumne / Yaadon ki baarat

3. Priyathama naa hrudayama / Prema

4. Do dil mil rahe hai / Pardes

4. Priyathama neevachata kusalama / Guna

1. Mysterious girl / Natural 2. Because you loved me / Falling into you 3.

I’d do anything for love / Bat out of hell

4. I can’t help falling in love / Promises and Lies 5. If I were a boy / I am… Sasha Fierce 6. Wonderful tonight / Slowhand 7. I’ll be there / The ultimate collection

5. Humko sirf tumse pyar hai / Barsaat

5. Om namaha / Geetanjali

6. Bahon ke darmiyan / Khamoshi

6. Ee velalo neevu / Gulabi

7. Jadoo hai nasha hai / Jism

7. Kannulo nee roopame / Ninne Pelladutha

8. Are you lonesome tonight / Always on my mind

8. Khuda jaane / Bachna ye haseeno

9. Michelle / Rubber soul


10. I can’t stop loving you / Bad

Tujh mein rab diktha hain / Rab ne bana di jodi

10. Udi udi / Paa

8. Nuvvu nuvvu / Khadgam 9. Cheppana prema / Manasantha Nuvve 10. Kanulu trichina / Anandam red | february 2012 | 47

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red | february 2012 | 51


er rain song created a sensation and brought alive the image of Sridevi in ‘Aaku chaatu pinde thadise’. Her performance in her debut Prema Kavali as the damsel-in-distress won many accolades and brought her new projects from a couple of biggies too. She’s a hardcore Salman Khan fan and is never tired of watching Andaz Apna Apna again, again and yet again! With a deadly combination of looks, talent and an infectious smile, tall beauty Isha Chawla is here to stay. This young lady chats incessantly with Kalyani Rajashekar taking break in between her tiring dance sessions. No starry airs, no tantrums. She appears to be a typical Punjabi kudi from Delhi! H


Stylish Happy


red | february 2012 | 52


How did Prema Kavali happen? In Delhi, I was doing theatre with autistic children. I used to take up modeling assignments to meet expenses. One such random photo shoot reached cinematographer Chota K. Naidu sir. Director Vijaya Bhaskar sir picked me for the role. I entered the scene just four days before the shoot.

How is the journey so far? There was an overwhelming response to Prema Kavali which is most unexpected for a debutante like me.

Describe Isha Chawla I am very impulsive and take life as it comes. I enjoy every moment.

Was it a dream come true? I never thought of films. Since I am here this is very important for me. Fortunately, my parents too have encouraged me in pursuing this new dream. I haven’t woken up from it yet and don’t have any intentions to do so (giggles). How was it working with Aadi and the rest of the crew? Indescribable! Aadi also was a debutant like me, so we bonded well. We used to exchange notes on the day’s work. The other crew was equally good to me. Glam roles or performanceoriented roles? Any day, anytime, performance for me! You are here in a serious business and at the end of the day the goods you deliver matter. There is no point in going for short-lived glam roles. Future projects There is something really exciting in the near future. It’s a heroineoriented role and I keep my fingers crossed over it. What kind of films do you prefer? I prefer roles with negative tint. We all have a darker side and I want to explore it. Of course, I am not averse to doing comedy roles. Playing a part in big family dramas is equally exciting. How comfortable are you with Telugu? Ardham aindi, matladadam konchem kashtam. Plans to move to Bollywood? Who doesn’t want to? As of now, settling down in Tollywood is important. Are you related to Bhumika Chawla? (Laughs) Oh not again! Some dailies said I was Bhumika’s sister. We laughed our heads off when we read it. Except our last name, we have nothing in common. Best advice given to you on films My father always comes up with a lot of gyaan for me and says “never allow success or failure to get to your head.”

red | february 2012 | 53

Cuisine: All Chinese dishes, ghar ka khaana Vacation spot: Gokarna Music: Ghazals, Punjabi hip-hop Actor/Actress: Salman Khan/Sridevi, Soundarya Car: Any car that takes me on long drives

ONE LINERS Fun for you: A destination-less exciting loooooooooooooooong drive! Dating: I am scared Rumours: Meant to be enjoyed Love: Life’s support system Celebrity status: Enjoy every minute of it


Shopping destination: Simply love shopping. Many times, I blew up my parents’ credit cards.

Are you seeing someone? Yes! Everyday, I see my co-actors and the crew on the sets.

If you can go back to time, where would you go? I never want to go back.

Have you received any love letters or proposals? No yaar! What’s the youth of Andhra doing? Please tell them to wake up.

Actors you would love to work with... I am a Salman Khan fanatic and would do anything in the world to act with him. May be I would faint at the mere presence of him but he has been my hero since my childhood. I also like Nagarjuna. He never seems to age (giggles).

Are you witty like this all the time? Thank you so much. Generally I am very soft-spoken. Maybe I should work with Puri Jagannadh sir. (Laughs). What do you love about yourself? I am in love with my smile.

Can actresses be friends? Yes! Why not? In fact, they can bond for a lifetime.

Best compliment you have ever received Vijaya Bhaskar sir thinks I bear a resemblance to Soundarya. I was on cloud nine.

Are you game for item numbers? Not at all. At this stage, I need to concentrate on the roles and stories. I am not really made for them. H

Take on exposing and lip locks A big no if they don’t fit in the film. Even in Prema Kavali, I did it because the story required that level of intimacy.

God: He’s there but we neglect Him

FIRST WORD THAT COMES TO YOUR MIND Aadi: Very very hard working Sunil: Fantastic co-actor Anup Rubens: Creative Vijaya Bhaskar: Perfect Veera Bhadram: No words to describe him

Welcome to red! How is it to be on the cover? It is a pleasure and honour to be on the cover! In fact, I have shot completely in red to celebrate the Valentine season. Thank you red! Decode Red Red for me is something very deep and has a special meaning in our lives. It is surely precious. Opinion about Vizag People in the industry speak a lot about Vizag. Wish I get to shoot in the city and enjoy the beach. Your message to your fans through red My on-screen and off-screen images are very different. I want fans to know the real side of me. Love you all and thank you for everything!

red | february 2012 | 54


hey sound, move and look amazing. Superbikes are machines that draw a hell lot of attention. Riding a sports bike is a technique- driven art. While possessing one of them is surely a matter of pride, it is also an entry ticket to privileged clubs of superbike riders, says Raja Ram who gives a detailed account of the new two-wheeled beauties. R

VROO OM MACHA HA TRIUMPH DAYTONA 675 Iconic British motorcycle builder Triumph is releasing seven of its prominent models in India, the parallel-twin Bonneville, Speed Triple, off-roader Tiger 800XC, the Daytona 675, the cruisers Triumph Storm and Rocket III. Engineered with racetrack technology, the Daytona 675 is a serious contender on the road too. The three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke gasoline engine drives a maximum power of 124BHP. Triumph offers a wide range of performance-enhancing accessories on the Daytona. They include programmable

gear indicators, lap timers, high performance exhausts and do-ityourself full factory race kits. This amazing set of nuts and bolts comes with three unique exhausts. Believe me, their sound of music is almost addictive. Priced well below Rs. 8 lakh, the Daytona 675 can give its rivals a run for money. Features • Fully adjustable suspension for precise handling • Monobloc caliper brakes which deliver outstanding power and feel • Pirelli’s race-developed SuperCorsa SP tyres

red | february 2012 | 55

KAWASAKI NINJA 650 R The bigger and better Ninja is here, the 650R is intended for bikers who throttle a little harder. Though the initial acceleration is not close to the Ducati, there is no doubt that the latest Ninja is an elegant Japanese machine. A complete sport inspired sword-edge like contours, matt black fairings and a compressed muffler make this one bad raptor. Powering the Ninja is a twin-cylinder, liquid cooled motor that produces 71 BHP. Priced little over Rs. 4.5 lakh, this bike is an all-round performer. On the downside, the Ninja comes in only two colours, black and conventional Kawasaki neon green.

Features • Adjustable mono-shock suspension and Twin under-seat silencers • L-Twin cylinder with 2 valve per cylinder Desmodromic and air cooled • Smart head lamp cluster • Pirelli Diablo Rosso tyres


DUCATI MONSTER 795 Finally, Ducati, the mega Italian bike builder, is in India. The renowned brand, known for its fast motorbikes launched the Ducati 795, a legendary bike powered with L-Twin cylinder engine with healthy 82BHP. Touted as the best entry level bike at the middle weight segment, this dual exhaust superbike is a casual commuter, equipped with a four-valve liquid-cooled engine with six speed gears that provide a smooth ride even on the Indian roads. The aero-dynamic magnesium front sub-frame neatly

red | february 2012 | 56


tapers down to a picture perfect open-rear suspension. This beautifully crafted machine offers sharp angles and minimal curves. Competitively priced, Ducati definitely has more appeal compared to the Triumph in the Indian market. This mean monster could be yours for Rs 5.99 lakh. Features • Adjustable mono-shock suspension and twin under-seat silencers • L-Twin cylinder with 2 valve per cylinder Desmodromic and air cooled • Smart head lamp cluster • Pirelli Diablo Rosso tyres

HYOSUNG GT650 N Garware Motors and Hyosung the Korean bike brand launched the GT650N, a naked version of the GT650R. The macho tank inspired design with a trapezoidal head-lamp and a bulky naked engine frame, oozes raw and untamed appeal. Priced at Rs 4.9 lakh, this six speed gear, Korean V twin 647cc four cylinder motor packs about 72.6 BHP of raw power. The new GT650N was worth the wait. With amazing styling and a packed hammering torque, this beast delivers absolute riding comfort.

Moreover, the sporty chassis along with the blissful exhaust note makes it one hell of an intimidator. Features • Naked body type, priced lesser than 650R • Great power delivery combined with fuel efficiency. R

red | february 2012 | 57

red | february 2012 | 58



arkets are abuzz with the Nikon’s latest - D4, a high-tech top end professional camera that garnered rave reviews worldwide. The other three portable gadgets are a valuable addition designed for urban techies. Raja Ram throws light on these oh-so-smart devices. G

NIKON D4 A new addition to the Nikon D-SLR lineup, the D4 is equipped with a Nikon FX-format CMOS chip and a specially optimized image processing engine that enables high-speed performance. Like its predecessor, the D4 offers superior functionality and image quality (16.2 million mega pixels) that is rich in detail. Revamped with a bold new ergonomic design and a rugged body, the D4 has advanced video-recording capabilities that meet the demands of the professional video market. Nikon offers superior image quality even under low-lighting conditions, with an ISO sensitivity ranging from ISO 50 - ISO 204800 and a high speed image captures up to 10 fps. Here the Nikon takes an edge over the Canon, both in range and frequency. A newly-added feature, Advanced Scene Recognition system can recognise human faces through the view-finder. Additionally, 51 advanced AFI sensors deliver pin-point accuracy and sensitivity.

red | february 2012 | 59

F E A T U R E S FX-format offers field and wide-angle shooting, Multi-Area Full HD D-Movie Video recording modes. The 91k RGB 3D Colour Matrix Metering sensor enables auto exposure, auto-white balance and AF mode. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can deliver up to approximately 2,600 images per charge. Enables video recording on the camera’s LCD and an external monitor simultaneously that is ideal for focus pullers and camera operators. It can record uncompressed footage directly to the external storage. Time-lapse photography with replay rates from 24,000 to 36,000 times faster than normal. Quick access to six preset picture control -Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape. D4’s shutter has been tested for 400,000 cycles at extreme continuous burst rates.

NIKE+ FUELBAND “The key to knowing more is doing more. Life is a sport that makes it count” is the axiom for Nike’s latest bracelet. Nike+ Fuelband is a sleek wrist band designed for people who wish to be active throughout the day. It measures physical activities such as running and walking and stores it in the form of ‘Nike Fuel’ units. These units are displayed on your wrist or IOS phone. ‘FUEL’, a new term coined by Nike, is a unit of measure that represents the number of burnt calories. The carbon finish band contains a row of colourful LEDs that progressively fill up as one gets closer to the intended goal. Priced at Rs. 7,843/-, Nike aims for a symbiotic bond between man, machine and sport with this one!

SNAPSCAN FIJITSU The world’s smallest portable scanner SnapScan from Fijitsu weighs less than 12.5 ounces and allows you to take a backup of any data to a folder on your IMac or PC. It can read receipts or plastic cards and convert documents directly to an editable Word file or excel file. Contact information from business cards too can be automatically extracted. Though faxing is not possible, the SnapScan shares electronic documents over mail, cloud or mobile at breakneck speeds. An optional Quick Menu allows efficient swapping between different scanning options. Priced at Rs. 9, 990/-, the Fijitsu’s lightweight can scan a colour, letter-size sheet in 7.5 seconds flat!

BROOKSTONE’S WIFI CUFFLINKS Feel like a special agent with Brookstone’s Wi-Fi cufflinks. These smart sleeve fasteners work as USB data storage devices and also Wi-Fi hotspots when paired with a hardwired PC. The technologically endowed cufflinks cost you Rs. 12,500/- and surely add value to your gadget collection.

With inputs from Mr. Sahani, Mobi Care

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Businessman and Lady Guard



he is a dreamer and he is down-to-earth; she is soft-spoken and loves her privacy; he is an extrovert and grabs the centre stage at any party; she is home-loving and he is an outdoor man. In short, he is a bubbling brook and she is a placid pond. Yet, their life is like a well rendered duet. Over the 25 glorious years of marriage, Kankatala Mallikharjuna Rao and his wife Silpa have a lot more to share, besides their home, business and son Anirudh, who is pursuing his studies in the US. They look young and unconditionally in love with each other and are the obvious choice for our Valentine issue. V. Sarada narrates their fairy tale. L

red | february 2012 | 61

“I set four conditions for marriage. The girl should be a graduate from an easily approachable city which has at least one AC theatre, for I can miss a meal but not a movie. But I withdrew all the terms to marry Silpa who was just out of the school. She was from Narsipatnam, which had only a single projector theatre. Leave alone rail and air connectivity, it did not even have a motorable road,” says Mallik with a hearty laugh. He needs no special introduction as the man who rendered his brand Kankatala synonymous with the city. “I stepped into a rather huge joint family which treated me like a little princess and encouraged me to study further. Life with Mallik has been an ongoing dream,” says Silpa, flashing a disarming smile.

Obstacles I had to fight tooth and nail with my own people to establish Kankatala Silk Palace. Some raised eyebrows over my splurging money on the establishment while others felt a showroom only for saris was not a good idea. But I proved them wrong. The next challenge came from two formidable rivals, who lowered the prices irrationally. I struggled hard for nearly one year to re-establish myself. Diversification and expansion. We are entering Vijayawada and Rajahmundry markets this year. We were already into construction business under the Akshaya banner. A major commercial venture on Beach road is on the anvil.

New trends are only for fancy saris. But when it comes to the handloom sari, we interact with the weaver to create unique designs using old techniques and motifs. We have 450 weavers, 1,250 suppliers spread over 11 states. The only segment in the world that cannot be taken over by an MNC is the sari. Right now the Uppada sari is reigning supreme. Visakhapatnam in future Visakhapatnam is sure to grow into an enormous tourist and industrial hub. But the same cannot be said about its textiles sector.

SRI VAARIKI PREMALEKHALU... “We were not given much freedom those days. Though betrothed, Silpa and I had to hoodwink our respective parents for the only one date we had. On the pretext of visiting a cousin, she came to Anakapalli from where I picked her up. After a lunch in a hotel and a stroll on the beach, I safely reached her back, working against the 7.00 pm deadline. That was when I discovered how delightfully innocent Silpa was and I uttered those three magical words,” says Mallik. “Though meeting was a big no-no, we were allowed to exchange letters and phone calls. The longest letter I wrote was of 35 pages,” says Silpa, blushing like a bride. “Never in my life did I do so much writing,” endorses Mallik. He throws light on their life and business as she fills in the gaps. EXCERPTS Entry point I wanted to study Marine Biology, as that was the only one stream which entailed a foreign trip those days. However, my father prevailed upon me to get into the family business. I opened the shop purely on my terms. Silpa initially stepped into business only to relieve us for short intervals. Now, while I take care of the mall and finances, she looks after hospitality and housekeeping.

Success mantra and strength It is not the goal, but the very steps one takes towards it are what I call the signs of success. Our most precious possessions are our son and other family members. They are our source of strength. Harmony I believe in total surrender to my wife. This way I not only avoid conflicts but also get pampered. We have only one cash box from which either of us is free to spend. Business and home Totally separate entities. No overlapping. On sari selection and status Silpa’s advice on business matters is very valuable to me and she accompanies me on all stock selecting tours. Our role begins right at the designing stage.

Ranita Ray records the lighter moments. What is ‘Valentine’s Day’ to you? Silpa: Every day is a Valentine Day for us. Mallik: Exchanging gifts and a romantic dinner. What is it this time? Silpa: Surprise. Mallik: Solitaire. How do you appease the sulking partner? Silpa: Thank God for mercies like movies. Mallik: Five to ten greeting cards written by me. Expression of love? Silpa: Taking care of his needs. Mallik: Give her pleasant surprises. Most romantic experience. The dinner on the 40th floor of a Paris hotel.

After a tiff, who breaks the ice and how? Silpa: Always I blink first. Mallik: I have two powerful weapons in my armour - maun vrat and fasting. Is the best sari for wife or the customer? Silpa: A sari gains recognition when I wear it. So he always keeps a replica ready in the shop. Mallik: Undoubtedly, the best piece is for the customer. Who is more romantic? Silpa: Well‌ Mallik: No three guesses. Live life king-size or simple living high thinking? King-size and both of us live it. How do you recharge? Silpa: Through prayers. Mallik: Watching a movie. Brand freaks? Mallik: Out and out. Silpa: I have little choice. What would you change in your life, given a chance? Silpa: I wish I were more relaxed and pray longer. Mallik: Reducing my working hours.

red | february 2012 | 63

BYTES FROM BUDDIES Health buff Mallik doesn’t miss his morning fitness regimen despite a busy schedule. The happy cavalier is seen pedalling away on his sleek bicycle.

Positive and negative things about each other. Silpa: He is very supportive. Only thing I don’t like about him is his unending attachment to the cell phone. Mallik: Her pleasing personality and positive nature. Only three complaints - she demands a lot of my time, force-feeds me and her frequent trips to the US.

DVSS Somayajulu, Advocate A friend in need is a friend indeed - is said only with people like Mallik in mind. As a businessman with great vision, he is growing at supersonic pace and will soon be a tycoon of the state. As a student, he was brilliant and till now no one could break his record in Law in Andhra University. I still remember my first meet with this lovely lady, Silpa, on the day of their wedding. Her dove-like innocence remained intact even now. I feel she is his greatest wealth.

Who is the son’s role model? Mallik: Of course, his father. Silpa: True, but unlike his father Anirudh is very quiet though assertive. Secret behind their youthful looks? Mallik: It is the inner fulfillment. Silpa: I practise yoga and stick to strict diet regimen.



SILPA’S SCORE (As Mallik evaluates)

Our Compatibility Meter finds that this couple is just made for each other differing only in two points...

Ÿ Wife -10 Ÿ Mother - 10 Ÿ Colleague - 8

Colour - White

Ÿ Partner - 10

Food - Homemade food, Veg. Pulao

Ÿ Socialite - 7

Holiday destination - Switzerland

Ÿ Business woman - 5

Brand - Louis Vuitton

Ÿ Human being - 10

Actor - Sonali Bendre & Krishna Car - Mercedes

MALLIK’S SCORE (As Silpa evaluates) Ÿ Husband - 10

Movie - His: Murari / Her: Gundamma Katha Song - His: Mukesh songs (Mera Juta hai Japani) / Her: Devotional (Annamacharya)

Radhika Satish, Friend Mallik is a multifaceted person with a heart of gold. The most vibrant party animal, who rocks the dance floors till dawn. Thank God, I have him as my best buddy. God seemed to have crafted an angel called Silpa to complement this perfect man. L

Ÿ Father - 10 Ÿ Colleague - 9 Ÿ Partner - 10 Ÿ Socialite - 10 Ÿ Businessman - 10 Ÿ Human being - 10

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eewar elights

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alls between people, families and regions are no good but they are more than welcome when it comes to houses. They not only bind the space but also serve as the best canvases to reflect the aesthetic sense of the people living within their confines. Do you wonder how to decorate or re-decorate them? Oh! Certainly we don’t expect you to break or quake them! Just pick up a few cues from modern trends of wall décor, which is no more restricted to hanging pictures, tapestry or painting them. Ranita Ray, along with city’s famous interior designer Bina, opens doors to an entire new world of wonder walls. Take a peek. D

Murals Murals can be an easy and fun tool to freshen up the look of the wall, giving them an instant makeover. It’s an affordable and simpler solution. The market gives you plenty of options to choose from. Go for the theme of your living space or the trends in vogue. If you are a lover of exclusiveness, then get one-of-a-kind custom murals. They can be easily installed and maintained.


Stencils are simple, smart and come in variety. They can be purchased from wall dĂŠcor shops, or you can make them yourself. A simple stencil pattern can even begin with bordering the existing wallpapers. Place the borders at the top of a wall, bottom, or even at the centre for different dramatic effects. With stencils you can even fresco your walls. Stenciling can be done in great detail with a strong contrasting colour at the top. You can work your way down lightening the tints gradually until they merge in the general colour of the wall.

Also called as Wall Decals, are like vinyl stickers which can be pasted and removed from the walls without any hassle. These are maintenance-free, washable and moisture-resistant too, thus can be used in all the rooms viz, kitchens, bathroom and even balconies. These decals are digitally printed, self-adhesive and are done by using high quality PVC. The graphics or designs are customised as per the clients’ choice, from classic to contemporary themes. They are not only tough but are versatile too, allowing changes in shape, tone and size. Thus the scope of creativity is wide here as there is no limit to the imagination.

Wall graphics red | february 2012 | 66



One of the oldest and convenient tools, wallpaper is back with a bang. They come in unlimited colours, designs, and textures. Current usage doesn’t only speak about its overall application by running from wall to wall, but also as borders. It can provide just the right touch, accentuate a mural, or fill unused space with colour. One can just achieve a good contrast by pasting a small strip of matching colour, either horizontally or vertically. Even a corner can be highlighted in this manner.


Paint effects Forget the monotony of painting walls in a single colour. You can literally have a field day playing holi on your walls. It certainly is a lot of fun. There is a mind-boggling variety of doing it by contrasting colours layering them, using a sponge to apply patterns with paint, rag rolling and in many other creative ways. A simple application is random casting of handprints on a light coloured wall (crème, off-white, beige, sky blue).

Faux painting Earlier, they used to replicate marble and wood look with faux painting or faux finishing technique. Later, it is extended to many other decorative finishes like the Venetian plastering, lustre stone, marble, wood graining, glazing, textures, metallic, limestone and more. Choose from different effects. A rich wooden look can be attained through its wood graining or faux bois ("fake wood") by imitating exotic wood varieties. Equally interesting is rag painting or ragging, a glazing technique using twisted or bunched up rags. This creates a textural pattern. The latest in vogue is the metallic finish. red | february 2012 | 67

Gypsum board Akin to false roofs, the concept of false-walls is in fashion. Here, the use of Gypsum board comes handy. These boards are suitable for decorating with paint, textures, giving it an elegant look. Paints may be sprayed, brushed or roller applied. The final coat can be textured if desired. You can create small niche and place artifacts in them. Light up this space with LED lights, to get that additional glamour.

Glass Glass can certainly add class. If you are creative, go with the trend and give a modern touch to your home using glass panels. Cover an entire wall with a huge panel. Get them printed in floral, abstract or even antique designs. To embellish it further, fix lights between the wall and the panel, which can enhance the beauty of delicate designs painted on them. A collage of mirrors of various shapes and sizes can deck up your wall. Moreover it gives the room an enlarged look.

Textures Get those embossed textured walls, no you don’t have to construct new ones. The current trend gives plenty of opportunities by using materials like POP, white cement, adhesives etc. and can replicate the look of stone and brick walls. Even many walls sport rustic look with tiny pebbles being pasted on POP. The other patterns in vogue are abstract lines, figures etc. red | february 2012 | 68



0 1 F

launting uber expensive jewellery cannot alone define your luxury quotient. The dazzle doubles only when it is done in step with latest fashion trends. The year though still young is coming up with distinct styles. If you are a fashion buff, focus on Ranita Ray’s take on the upcoming trends and traits of the jewellery world. No need to panic that January is already gone, this guide can be your saviour for the rest of the year! R

Handcrafted This year, be sure you bag some finest collection of handmade natural looking jewellery which boasts of its own unique class. Use of painted pearls in handcrafted jewellery seems to be the in thing. You can get them in amazing range of hues. Metal is yet another medium that would rule the roost this season. Best customised designs can be created in this genre.

Natural cues Embellish yourself the nature’s way. Get cues from flora and fauna and project them in your jewellery. Petals, buds, leaves and full floral arrangements can find place in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches or any other piece of jewellery. This style is certainly attractive and trendy too. red | february 2012 | 69

Antique Antique touch has its magical spell on ornaments this year. Earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bangles or anklets- try and acquire at least one of them in antique or vintage style. Pair them with zardozi worked saree or salwar suit. One can even try a layered necklace with vintage inspired brooch to complement that elegant evening gown.

Bold colours Light colours like white, crème, beige etc. are better to be left for some other year. This year go gorgeous with bright coloured pieces. An emerald earring or a gold neckpiece studded with rubies can be adorned. Orange is one of the very hottest shades. Complement a simple outfit by adding one or two bright and bold colored jewellery.

Blue quotient If you don’t have one, get at least a pair of blue shade jewellery to avoid trinkets blues as this colour is very much in. Try its various shades like azure, turquoise, sky blue, navy blue, purple, dark blue and others. Sapphire is the most appropriate stone.

Pearls and beads Breaking new grounds certainly elevates you to a new level, giving you that extra edge over others. So don’t be a clichéd fashion follower by sticking only to traditional precious metals. Sport a fashionable look with beads jewellery. A smart look can be a bib necklace with red-coloured beads or even a pink one, just apt for this Valentine Day party. Equally elegant is the pearl one and this year pearl has wide range of options. Go with the trend and get those large pearls. The latest innovation, the Chinese Soufflé pearls (hollow inside) or even the “Edison” pearls (bead-nucleated) are the best among the largest. The sizes range from 12 mm to a whopping 27 mm. Equally charming are the 20 mm+ baroque pearls. Anyway, it’s widely accepted that beautiful pearls are not always round. Besides the white ones as coloured (naturally or otherwise) pearls are flooding the market. The new run seems to be upto the metallic pearls with deep natural shades like blue, silver, green or pink. red | february 2012 | 70


Wedding special duos - Platinum and Diamonds (PD) Big fat Indian weddings are unthinkable without gold, but if you want to walk with latest fashion ditch the traditional yellow for the white gold, i.e. platinum. A bridal and groom collection of ornaments in platinum studded with diamonds can be show-stealer. The PD combo can be tried in every wedding trinket, right from the bride’s dazzling neckpiece, heavy earrings or classy bangles to the groom’s sleek neck chain, bracelet and ring.

Bold and beautiful Bigger is better, bold is not old and chunky is certainly funky. They are no more considered loud. Go for a sleek chain with a bold pendant. Chunky rings too can add to your charm. Deep neck attire can be perfectly complemented with a heavy choker. Or try a pair of huge hoop rings that hang 2”-4” down your ears with rhinestones or diamonds. They may be embellished with beads. For a more elegant look, try the chandelier earrings. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a tank top and you can easily head for a black tie event.

Big gemstones and crystals The year is all gaga over big gemstones and crystals. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of jewellery using these beauties. Swarovski crystals are the hot favourites. Exploiting the new weakness of the elite, the jewellers are coming up with stunning pieces using precious and semi-precious metals.

Feather jewellery Adding that extra feather to the cap of the contemporary fashion is the new jewellery. Feathers not only beautify the cute little birdies, they can even make you fly in the world of fashion. Everyone should own at least one piece of feather jewellery! It’s quite stylish. While the warm seasons are ruled by the brightly-coloured feathers; the deeper tones like deep greens, reds, and purples, black and rich browns are for winter for a more elegant look. R

red | february 2012 | 71


WOMEN look This look is ‘pretty’ simple! Romantic beiges, pretty pinks, feminine whites!

The last three issues have had plenty on clothes. This month let’s shift focus to hair; they say the hair speaks volumes! \With Valentine’s round the corner, hope the issue helps you pick the perfect hair-do as well as take a bit from our fashion forecasts for clothes (from the previous issues). Fully loaded for V-Day yet? ;) Wait! Don’t forget to wear your heart on your sleeve! “Only if you love yourself, will you be able to love another!” STYLovE! Prita Dhawan, Fashion Coordinator

Spice it up with some sexy black, hot reds or some shimmer!

FORMAL: Pick shirts in Pink/Red/Peach – the 3 hot colors to go with. Also hot are colorful formal polo shirts. For a change, try colorful neckties, something fun and loud! Team it up with your favorite shirt (a plain color) and voila!

MEN look

CASUAL / SEMI FORMAL: This is for a relaxed, laid back date. And to avoid the rigidity that being too formal brings with it. For this look, try teaming sleeveless vests while wearing long sleeved polo shirts in lighter colors. Also one could use smart waist coats. Semi formal pullovers and jackets look great too. Try pastels and lighter colors. Pale blues, greys and beige would be just right!

hairstyles WOMEN

BRAIDS & TWISTS: Braids got a graceful makeover for spring. Hairstylists created pretty plaits that swooped around the head, playfully exposing the neck at Valentino, or cascaded down the full length of the back at Michael Kors. At Armani, the inspiration was an elegant woman who’s pinned her hair up without much thought but looks all the more stylish for doing so. EMBELLISHED UPDOS: Imaginative touches defined the season’s most memorable updos. At Yves Saint Laurent, teased chignons were secured with cage barrettes, hair pins and errant strands looked chic sticking out at Phillip Lim, feathers made a striking statement at Jason Wu, and pearl-adorned knots stole the show at Chanel.

GLISTENING HAIR - LOOK: Slicked back top / half wet, half dry. It might be the most low-maintenance look of the season. Wet, barely-wrung hair has a youthful innocence that’s also glamorous when paired with bold eyes or lips. Hairstylist Guido championed the trend at numerous shows, saturating strands with argan oil to arrive at a glossy finish all over or just at the roots.

PONYTAILS A PLENTY: The ponytail is back. But did it ever fall out of favor? The versatile horsetail was worn low and flat, as seen at Reed Krakoff and Ports 1961, tucked under and sectioned off, witnessed at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Herve Leger, or super slicked and damp, as noted at Diesel Black Gold and Donna Karan.

THE URBAN WAVE: The beachy wave has given way to the urban bend - a loose, louche curve in the hair that’s effortlessly cool and made to look like the models did it themselves. The streetready style only requires a rough blow dry, subtle curl with the iron, and raking through with the hands to create the right amount of undone-ness.

CHIGNON: As seasons change, hairstyles are given new twists. This year the always dependale chignon gets reinvented. In this take, it gets a sweeping side part with soft waves on one side, creating a unique effect that varies with the angle you view it from. Pair the chignon with side waves with strong eyes and natural lips. It’s a worn cliche, but it has to be said: this is simply a style that will work day or night.

SIDE PINNED WAVES: Flowing, bouncy waves accessorized by a side-pinned barrette create something of a girlish charm. While long hair works fantastically well for this look - as seen in the spring runway - this hairstyle can also work for short or mid hair lengths. A collision of glamour and 70’s relaxed cool, you can create the style for yourself. red | february 2012 | 74

MEN hairstyles

RETURN OF THE UNDERCUT: The undercut is a key haircut for 2012. That look in particular though is a slicked back undercut that relies just as much on its styling as it does on its cut. But because the styling is so particular, 2012 is a year in which other interpretations of the undercut abound. The hairstyle - short back and sides. To put none too fine a point on it (and to quote Peter Allen) “everything old is new again.” How to style it: The undercut works with most every man’s hair type, be it straight, wavy or curly. If you have particularly thick hair, thin it down by styling with mousse.

BRIT ROCK: There’s a men’s hairstyle that hasn’t left the catwalk in some time: the slightly tousled, slightly devil-may-care, forward sweeping men’s hairstyle. The Brit rock hairstyle is a hair swept forwards style for young guys that gives them a fringe. It’s to be worn with nonchalantly and with swagger. It’s not necessarily British, nor is it necessarily the domain of rockers, but what it is is cool. Suitable for guys with everything from straight to curly hair, the Brit rock hairstyle is all about length through the top. It’s also about texture. That texture can be a trait of your hair, or can come about courtesy of hair cut that introduces lots of slicing, chipping, razoring and deep point cutting.

SHOULDER LENGTH HAIRCUT: Grecian God or not, shoulder length hair is never truly out, but it’s not always in either. The question for when it is in is always what style of man it’s being worn by. In 2012, long, shoulder length men’s hair sits as a haircut with both a smart and sleek finish. Who is it for: Any man with long straight hair or managable waves not opposed to turning the heads of the sex they’re hoping to attract. How to style it: When styling this look, create texture with a sea salt spray and a smoothing cream to eliminate frizz. If you have long, fine hair and don’t have time to properly style it, wear it back in a ponytail.

SHORT WAVES / SHORT CURLS: 2011 may have given us a completely fresh decade, but it’s in 2012 that we truly get to explore it. We leave behind a period where men and boy bands alike head to a hairstylist for the latest fandangled chemical straightening technique and instead, for those of them with curly hair, can opt for something as naturel. Natural, but no less stylish. And natural is, effectively, where the short and curly hairstyle sits in 2012. Entangled, interlocked, and messy, it’s a hairstyle that not only connotes a relaxed lifestyle but is itself relaxed.

SLICKED HAIR WITH A SIDE PART: The slicked back hairstyle is something of a classic haircut revived. It requires a sumptuous amount of product to achieve its slick look. How to style it: Keep the parting straight. | For a wet slicked look: apply hair gel before parting the hair and then work the product with a comb all through the hair strands. | For a natural matte finish look: Part the hair first, spray some hairspray on a brush and gently comb through the top layers of the hair. This will resist flyaway strands. | If you’re after the classic finish to the look popular in both the 1930s and again courtesy of Mad Men, then your product of choice will be Brylcreem.

red | february 2012 | 75



rt spo a v De them hu rab elped ome P n h bec as atio ng ens movi n also uited fat s g s urn d a est ncin g an ut c b i da roovin ces b s are b ving, W s e n o d e g a l . o r r l nu the oup own ous rt g our ontinu cultura volve c ic, sta s toge d n e s c e a ri u in e cas that e m calo t th son ack ers bu t show nces n on th shed J l s e a r n can trai ’t ju r, tu rn d icha r M itness doesn weste e floo w you a t c S or f nce ially, s ho op dan te P d diets nd. Da spec e the r show a l E e b eka the o fa rly. pou why ys? N extra prope ur hom ajash w a o d le yo ani R u kn , alw sing nne Let y o yo n look out a , if pla cise. fe. Kal r a n i h l t e e o i l i x e a fit w sess nd e r lov stay rkout sure a p you o a ice u ple ct w erfe mbine also sp p a nd y co the osits a p e d


red | february 2012 | 77


Originated in the United States, Jive is a very fast dance and the best to improve the body posture. The knee-lifting, hip-bending and thigh-rocking movements help you reduce flab on the lower parts. In an hour’s session, you can lose up to 260 calories. Here dancers throw their feet in the air, balancing their body in perfect sync with the beat. Twirling the female partner in the air is great fun and practising it on a regular basis helps the man tone his muscles.



It is an upbeat Latin style that sends dancers on a frenzy. Salsa is now an important part of the prescribed fitness regimen. It mainly targets the lower part of the body and calories you burn are directly proportionate to your weight. The factors that influence are the level of intensity, gender and age. Long sessions with small breaks are always better and you wouldn’t take much time to shed weight. There are many styles of Salsa but the Colombian Salsa is the most popular. One can burn 265 calories per hour. There is no way one gets bored with the sensuous moves of Salsa which only leave you asking for more. One can work out various permutations and combinations of moves as per the rhythm. Get a peppy Salsa music album and get moving with your partner!


Jig Walks, Throwaway, Chicken Walks, Arm Breaker and Comb are a few popular steps of the Jive. Apart from burning calories, they also keep you fit. The change may not be perceptible in the initial stages but you are bound to shed that extra flab by and by.

red | february 2012 | 78



Get the music slide and warm up your body to perform this energetic dance. Simple and funto-learn, this Cuban dance form is an excellent cardio-vascular workout. Even in the mildest form, the Cha-cha-cha can be a very good aerobic activity. Your thighs and buttocks are in full swing in this genre. The moves are easy to memorise. There are a number of versions of this dance but the basic steps remain the same. There is a thread of continuity as the dance begins all over again after the last step. This total body workout makes you shed 197 calories per hour. Steps like ‘Take it back now’, ‘One hop this time’ and ‘How long can you go?’ can be repeated a few times. A combination of all these aerobic moves makes a low impact workout which is good for the heart. Go Cha-cha-cha twice a week and find the difference.

Waltz is a favourite of many as it comprises romantic circular, flowing and soft steps. Techniques of ‘rise and fall’ and ‘body sway’ are used extensively. Since this is a slow gliding dance form, you might burn lesser calories but regular practice will help you reach your goal. The steps are usually counted as 1, 2, 3 and 1, 2, 3. The rhythm pattern for the steps is distinctive and easy to remember. The Whisk, Hairpin, Hover Telemark and Hover Corte steps are energising and can be repeated a couple of times during a session. W

red | february 2012 | 79




HEALING WITH Water is the only drink for a wise man, said a famous philosopher. Though the saying is old, it holds good even today for all of us who treat water as just another beverage. Water is the elixir of life and is the best medicine that keeps your body away from ailments. Here are a few important things you must know about drinking water regularly. Quite an eye opener! CHIRANJEEVI RAYAL • Celebrity Fitness Trainer 98852 54272

Have a glass of water as soon as you get up. That keeps your digestive process clean.

• A healthy six to eight glasses of water a day improves your concentration and keeps memory problems at bay.

• Avoid chugging water. You must always sip small amounts even though you are very thirsty. • Water can be tasteless sometimes. Instead of staying away from drinking a few glasses,

you can add a few drops of lime to a jug of water. That brings a new flavour to water and makes it drinkable. • Don’t drink too much water while eating. The stomach acids get diluted with water and cause digestion problems. • If you are very thirsty, wait until you get a glass of water. Don’t quench your thirst with sodas or soft drinks. The high sugar content and artificial flavours can be harmful. • To test your body’s hydration levels, always keep checking the colour of your urine. Transparent urine means your body is well hydrated. Colours like pale yellow, straw yellow and dark yellow show how dehydrated you are. • Always drink water at room temperature. Cold water can hamper your digestion process and also cause an imbalance in the body metabolism. • Drinking water regularly throughout the day takes care of chronic fatigue, allergies, urinary tract infections and constipation. • Water moisturizes your skin naturally and gives it a glowing appearance

Tip of the month Guava, the poor man’s apple is the best for combating diabetes and reducing weight too. This Vitamin C rich- fruit can boost your immunity and reduce bad cholesterol levels too.



is es


o you always have impromptu guests dropping in? Do they look up to you for new lip smacking dishes? Have you run out of the regular Indian, Continental, Chinese and Italian cuisines? Then Ranita Ray is your ray of hope. She talks to city’s culinary expert Alka Kumar, who has been running cookery classes for the past decade and shares some delicious Lebanese dishes. Try them out and be assured you can keep the ‘best cook’ tag intact. Be a perfect host, taking a leaf out of Lebanese culture. C

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Ingredients Tomatoes: 8 - 10 Onion: 1 Garlic pods: 12 - 15 Green chillies (whole): 3 - 4 Green chillies (sliced in round shape): 2-3 Sugar: 1 tsp Red chilli powder: 1 tsp Cumin powder: 1 tsp Tomato ketchup: 2 - 3 tsps Olive oil: 4 tbsps

Method Make a paste of tomatoes, onion, garlic and whole green chillies and keep it aside. In a pan, heat olive oil and add the tomato paste. Cook for 4 – 5 minutes. Add the sliced chillies, salt to taste and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add the powder spices and ketchup and stir well. Cover it with a lid and cook in low flame till the oil separates. Add sugar and remove it from the heat. Add loads of chopped fresh coriander and parsley. Ingredients Curd: ½ cup Sugar: 1 tbsp Refined flour: 2 cups Soda biocarb: ½ tsp Salt: ½ tsp Olive oil: 1 tsp Oil for deep frying

Method Beat the curd till it smoothens. Add salt, sugar and soda biocarb and keep it aside. To the flour, add olive oil and mix well. Add the curd mixture too and knead it well to make soft dough. Cover it with a muslin cloth and keep it aside for 2 - 3 hours. Make lemon-sized balls out of it (approximately 20) and roll out ½ cm thick rounds from each of them. Heat the oil and deep fry them in batches in moderate flame till they become puffy and turn golden brown in colour. You can also bake them in a pre-heated oven for 8-10 minutes at 180 degree Celsius. Cut small triangles from each of them and serve with Tourkey (tomato dip).

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FATTOUSH (TOASTED BREAD SALAD) Ingredients Bread: 1 slice (Toasted or grilled and diced in ½ inch squares) Cucumber: 1 (de-seeded and diced) Iceberg lettuce - half or cabbage: 1 cup (shredded) Firm tomatoes: 2 (de-seeded and diced) Onion: 1 (finely chopped) Small raddish: 3 - 4 diced (optional) Mint leaves: ¼ cup Dressing In a bowl take 1 garlic pod paste, ½ tsp pepper powder, 2-3 tsps lemon juice, ½ tsp salt, 2-3 tsp olive oil, ½ tsp chilli flakes, ½ tsp mixed dried herbs and mix them well. Method Mix cucumber, onion, tomatoes, lettuce, radish, mint leaves and bread pieces. Add the dressing just before serving by tossing well.

PILAF (LEBANESE RICE) Ingredients Rice: 1 cup (washed and soaked for an hour) Ghee: 2 - 3 tbsp Cardamom: 2 - 3 sticks Cloves: 2 - 3 Cinnamon: 2 - 3 Onion: 1 (chopped) Garlic: 2 - 3 pods (crushed) Tomato puree: ½ cup Salt to taste

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Method Heat ghee in a non-stick deep-bottomed pan. Fry garlic and onion for 2-3 minutes. Add the whole spices (garam masala), rice and sauté for 2 minutes. Pour the tomato puree over this mixture and cook for another 2 - 3 minutes. Add salt to taste and 1 ½ cup water. Bring it to a boil. Cover it and cook in low flame till the rice turns a little brown from the bottom. Turn off the stove and let the rice cool for 5 minutes. Now place a serving plate on the vessel and turn over the rice carefully upside down to keep the brown coating intact. Serve hot. C



Is your world full of pink roses and flying hearts? Is the aroma of romance lingering all around? Obviously, you are in your most passionate and stars-in-the-eyes phase - honeymoon and must be looking for a cozy corner far away from the busy world. Then explore each other in the secluded heaven on earth, Tahiti, one of the exotic islands of the French Polynesia. With soaring volcanic peaks, indigo oceans, pea-green mountains and valleys, breathtaking waterfalls and numerous refreshing beaches, this untouched beauty ensures adequate privacy for you to cuddle up with your partner. The place also offers a plethora of exciting activities, enough to keep you busy. So honeymooners choose your kind of activity and also explore that adventurous bone in your partner. R

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All love and no play is no good. So take advantage of the number of hiking and excursion opportunities available here. Fun of exploring the island on your own has a special charm. Hire a car, bike or bicycle and explore the ‘Queen of the Pacific’. The interiors can also be accessed taking horse rides. If you are a couple like Sania - Shoaib, then some sporty activities like pool and tennis are also there. You can even chill out at Oliver Breaud International Golf Course on the southern end of Tahiti Nui.



Tahiti, with its wonderful blue lagoons, is a paradise for marine lovers and an excellent place for deep sea diving, surfing, boat charters and water skiing. Are you an amateur? Worry not as there are professional guides to help you out. The underwater scuba dive to watch dolphins and sharks amidst bright coloured fishes and coral reefs itself is an experience worth savouring.

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Love is in the air, then why not you? Get the stunning aerial view of this fascinating island by hiring charter helicopters and planes. The other way is, of course, daring yet electrifying. Yes, we are talking about parasailing, paragliding and kite-surfing which quench your thirst for thrills.



Celebrate every moment of the new journey of your life the Tahitian way by being a part of its unique culture and traditions. The local dances, tattoos and music offer you ample entertainment. You can even participate in their annual festival called Heiva, if your trip is in July. Tattoos are a part of their ancient culture and Polynesians simply love to get tattooed. Why not etch your love for each other on your bodies? The denizens are also famous for their high-octave drumming and dancing. Spot these gorgeous fire-dance performances on the beaches Moorea or Bora Bora just after the sunset. It’s sure to further ignite new passions.

S P A C I A L I T Y It has top class spas, where the traditional Polynesian body scrubs and wraps for the face, body, hair and nails are given using local products like coconut, coffee, avocado, fruit pulp etc. One visit to any of them helps you rejuvenate your spirits and bodies.

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The first gifts the newlyweds get from each other are the keepsakes forever. So you need not dig deep for unique gifts as a wide range of trinkets - from expensive gems to cheap sea-shell jewellery besides clothing and woven items are available. Visit Centre Moana Nui for exclusive boutiques. ‘Duty-Free’ Tahiti in Centre Vaima is worth a visit. You can see an exceptional collection of natural black pearls and local farms sell them at reasonable prices. You can also bag some good handicraft deals at the Papeete market. Handmade jewellery, quilts, trinkets, locally made fragrant soaps, dolls, straw handbags, mats, hats and needlework are the main attractions. Pareu or the Tahitian Sarong made from screen or block prints is another popular buy. You can also visit the Centre Vaima for local music CDs and high-end items and Manuia Curios for ancient artifacts.




The local cuisine with French touch is sure to nourish your romantic quotient. Fresh seafood, barbecue steaks, shish-kabab, Russian potato salad and vegetarian delicacies are served in the attractive ambience of the restaurants. Except in Papeete you can enjoy nightlife which also includes excellent dining. Evenings are generally crowded and prior reservations are recommended if you seek privacy. Some renowned eateries: Les Roulottes La Petite Auberge L’ o A La Bouche Jardin Des Gourmets

C O Z Y C O R N E R S The islands offer a wide range of boarding facilities, right from isolated resorts at tiny private islands to luxurious hotels, suiting every pocket. You can bask in privacy in over-the-water bungalow watching tropical fish through your private viewing port or go for a modest lodging close to the beaches. For a lavish stay, The Radisson Plaza Resort, Sheraton, Le Meridien and Beachcomber Intercontinental Resort are the best. Victoria Hotel and Teamo Pension, Hotel Le Mandarin and Royal Papeete, Chez Fifi, Tahiti Airport Lodge or Hotel Hei Tiare Inn are some of the popular budget hotels. Almost all the hotels and resorts are located within the radius of five to 25 km of the airport. Booking the cabs in advance saves you time and stop worrying about missing your flight. Though the inmates converse in Tahitian and French, most of the hotel employees and tour companies understand English very well.

C U R R E N C Y Since the local currency is Pacific Franc (XPF), you need to exchange money. A Forex counter can be of great help. Precautions Make sure that your tetanus vaccination is up-to-date. Do not forget to carry plenty of bug repellents as Tahiti is home to all kinds of insects. When to visit The marine tropical weather offers sunshine throughout the year and you can plan a trip whenever you want.

How to get there PPT or Papeete is the landing zone for national and international flights. The shortest route from India is via Sydney. You can board a Mumbai - Sydney flight. From Sydney catch the Air Tahiti Nui airlines to reach your destination. You can also cruise to Tahiti. R

By Ishi Ray

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t was exotic heart-warming Telugu hospitality served with a touch of Kerala tradition. The two traditions were in perfect harmony with the vibrating Malayalam percussion band greeting nearly 3,000 guests including VVIPS from political, industrial, medical and educational fields, at the very entrance of the magnificently decorated hall. The occasion was the wedding reception of Dr. Tippala Anusha (daughter of Mrs. Bindu Kala and Mr. Appala Swamy) red | february 2012 | 95

with Dr. Sree Harsha (son of Mr. Yarlagadda Veeranna and Mrs. Sudha). All the members of Tippala family, which is known for its cordiality, were there to attend to the guests. It was very rightly described as one of the grandest and most perfectly organized events in recent times in the city, recording the presence of not only who-is-who of the city but also from around the state.

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YOUR HARMONYSHIP You may have an enduring and a loving relationship or a short time fling. You need not take the entire credit or discredit for it as there is yet another factor that decides the fate of your relationships and shapes them - that is your zodiac sign. One of four elements intrinsically links three sun signs and it is up to you to find a partner with the matching sign.

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Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius Earth: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo Air: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces It is good to know at the very starting point whether your relationship will be a lasting fairy tale or short-lived stint.

ARIES The first sign in the zodiac, Aries, surely catches fire when other fire signs are around. Just like a newborn child, the natives of this sign are naïve and unquestioning. Enthusiasm, energy, open-spiritedness are the qualities they like to share. They can easily get along with quick-witted Saggis and share a refined taste for food and life. If egos are under check, an Aries and Leo pair can get along and admire each other. An Aries gets inspired when persons with Air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini) are around.

LEO The people under this sign are natural leaders. They are also considered as outgoing, proud, warm-hearted and loyal. They excel in all they do and never shy away from matters relating to the heart even if they are hurt. An Aries might irk the Leo’s inflated ego, while a Saggi’s casual approach may leave them perplexed. The Leo-Aquarius is a perfect match made in heaven. A Leo-Taurus pair may gel well in enjoying finer things in life.

VIRGO TAURUS Like the bull, the natives of this sign are headstrong. They appear cool, calm and composed. But it is difficult to handle them when they are provoked. The natives of Earth signs tend to criticize others and this may not augur well with the bull. Water signs tend to have a soothing effect on the second zodiac.


People born under this Zodiac may look eccentric and lost at times, but Geminis are actually intelligent and a witty lot. Born under the sign of the twins, a Gemini leads an interesting life and possesses a carefree attitude towards it. Libra and Aquarius provide the much needed mental stimulation to a Gemini. Fire signs(Aries, Leo and Saggi) give them much needed fillip to their lives and provide good company.

They are hardly seen in social circles and prefer to stay away from limelight. They get along with other Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus) and gain mutual advantage. Virgo can easily be put down by other signs. Worrying is the second name for a Virgo. Cancer-Virgo combos appreciate each other’s finicky habits. A Pisces-Virgo partnership will certainly dwell in emotional depths and they may value each other.

LIBRA Librans are the most balanced and coherent people around. They appreciate humanity in general. Librans tend to sway towards other active minded people born under Aquarius and Gemini signs. There have a sort of friction when paired with those born under signs such as Aries, Capricorn or Cancer. A Libra-Libra pair is quite common and an ideal one too, as they are peace-loving and tolerant.

SCORPIO CANCER The people, born under this sign always, seek emotional security. They find such compatibility with other Water signs (Scorpio and Pisces). They have mixed emotions throughout the day. One moment they may seem shy and reserved and the very next moment they are busy making friends. Sedentary aspects of the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) tempt the Cancerians.

People born under this sign have the most playful and alluring eyes. They are passionate and tap the deepest feelings in their partners. They are mostly successful in everything, even in matters related to the heart. They love you with a passion and they can hate you with equal intensity. They mingle easily with other water signs such as Cancer and Pisces. A ScorpioTaurus duo can build enough energy that breaks all realms. A Scorpio-Scorpio couple is always at loggerheads with each other. They, however, work things out in the bedroom.

SAGITTARIUS The fire sign with great qualities and many positive traits admires other fire signs such as Aries, Leo. The fun-loving and rather optimistic Sagittarian is innocent, frank and has childlike nature. The Saggi is tongue tied at times and often misunderstood. Gemini-Saggi couples are stars of their own action-packed adventure series and remain best buddies or lovers who travel around the world together! An Aquarian understands and gives enough freedom to the Saggi. Other Earth signs such as Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo provide a sense of comfort to this fire sign.

CAPRICORN Those born under this sign try to stay away from people. They prefer hidden corners at a party. The shy and timid Capricorns are extremely hard working and easily forge ahead in life. He/she finds other earth signs - Taurus and Virgo, attractive. A Capricorn seeks out relationship with more edge. They are mostly successful in life and sharing relationships with other primary signs (Cancer, Libra and Aries) can prove fruitful. The Capricorn-Aquarius match has a cool dignity that gives each plenty of emotional space.

AQUARIUS Though they have a friendly nature, their rebellious attitude is their Achilles’ heel. Other air signs (Libra and Gemini) make good company and provide the muchneeded space to an Aquarian. This‘radical’ sign may not take a liking to the Libran’s flattering nature and thinks a Gemini too confused in life. The Aquarian-Leo duos are perfect foil to each other. A Virgo or Capricorn has a down-to earth effect on an Aquarian. Eventually, Aquarians will surprise everyone with the companion they choose.

PISCES The last of the signs, Pisces has characteristics of all other sun-signs. Those born under this sign either remain idealists or swim against the tide and reach the pinnacle of success in their respective careers. They settle well with other water signs of Scorpio or Cancer. A Pisces Virgo relationship works well for a drifting Virgo. A Pisces Pisces affair could lead to total oneness, but they should make sure they have a separate life, too.



Ananthagiri Fast gaining repute as a health resort, Ananthagiri, situated on the way to Araku, is a prominent tourist spot. The Tadimada Waterfalls adds to the beauty of the place abound with streaming rivulets and coffee plantation. Araku Valley The Araku Valley, aptly called ‘Ooty of Andhra Pradesh’, rich with verdant landscape, waterfalls, streams, botanical gardens, coffee plantation and tribal culture is worth the 112 km drive from Vizag.


Balighattam Nearly 3 km south west of Narsipatnam and on the banks of Varaha river is a place called Balighattam housing the Brahma Lingeswara Temple.


Bavikonda Bavikonda has 3rd century BC remains of an entire Buddhist complex, with 26 structures and is just 15 km. away from the city. A bone, a part of the mortal remains of the Buddha, preserved in a pot was recovered from this area.


Bheemunipatnam Beach In this oldest municipality in the country is a well equipped round bungalow which was Vizianagaram Raja’s resort, offering a grand sea view. The calm and serene beach, where the Gosthani River meets the Bay of Bengal, is safe for swimming.


Etikoppaka Etikoppaka is an artisans’ village housing artisans eking out a livelihood making world famous colourful wooden toys and artifacts. They have been the custodians of the 200-year-old tradition, creating a wide range of exquisite art pieces using primitive tools.


Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Spread over 425 acres of land, the park is a host for over 400 varieties of animals including Indian tiger, deer and elephant. A mini train facilitates a trip through the park. It also has a collection of animals from Africa and Australia.


Kailasgiri Hills Take a road trip or ropeway to the top of Kailasagiri, a must-do resort with its Shiva Parvathi Statue, Shanku Chakra Naama, Jungle Trails, 7 wonders of Vizag, Shiva Temple, Shanti Ashram, Floral Clock, Landscape Gardens, View Points, Food Courts and the toy train.


Kali Temple The Kali Temple located on RK Beach road is a modern architectural edifice. Next to it is the unique Siva Temple with its 'rasalinga', made of 10 kg single stone.


Kambala Konda Kambalakonda Reserve Forest, spread over 7,146 hectares, the home for rare species of flora and fauna is a great lure for eco-tourists. Visitors can trek over a stretch of 4.5 km or boat in the reservoir. The park is located in a place called Degalagedda.


Kapila Konda (Appikonda) Siva temple located in Appikonda, just 18 km away from the city, houses the Somalingeswara Swamy Temple and contains inscriptions dating back to 12th century AD. The huge bull, carved in black stone, is the major attraction.


Keertana Vanam Beach Resort Keertana Vanam, with its rustic ambience, manicured gardens and coconut grooves is a Beach Resort. It is a prominent picnic spot on the Visakhapatnam Bheemunipatnam Beach Road. Spread over 13 acres of land, the resort has a restaurant and amphitheatre.


Bojjanna Konda - Sankaram Bojjannakonda is situated in Sankaram, 8 km away from Anakapalli. A number of stupas, rock-cut caves, coins dating back to Satavahana era and scriptures written in Bramha Lipi were found here.


Borra Caves Situated 1400 m above sea level and just 29 km away from the city, these caves display rare rock formations dating back to millions of years and worth the ascent and descent of hundreds of steps.


Dolphin Nose The Dolphin Nose, a huge rock headland is named so because of its shape. It juts into the sea and hosts the lighthouse. Since it is located on the 174 m high rock, the powerful beacon of the lighthouse can direct ships even 65 km. away on the sea.


Konda Karla Ava lake Konda Karla-Ava lake, known for its beauty, 10 km away from Anakapalli, an Eco Tourism Destination, is a bird-watchers haven with luring migratory birds from all over the world. A ride in the canoes is an experience in itself.


Dutch Cemetery Out of the pages of history and shrouded in mystery is the Dutch Cemetery with its 52 tombs in Bheemunipatnam. The well-preserved tombs display inscriptions in Dutch language that are beautifully ornamented.


Kurupam Monument The Taj Mahal of Visakhapatnam, the Kurupam Monument was constructed by Raja Vairicharla Veerbhadra Raja Bahadur in memory of his wife Princess Lakshmi Narasaiyyamma. It is known for its architectural splendour and beautiful engravings.


Erramatti Dibbalu Vizag’s very own natural wonder standing 28 km away from the city are the Erra Matti Dibbalu. These natural ravines are spread extensively in various formations.


Matsyadarshini Aquarium Matsyadarshini, an aquarium on RK Beach, has many rare varieties of fish besides uncommon marine invertebrates.


Matsyagundam Matsyagundam is a beautiful pool with fish of many

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varieties located in the Araku Valley. The nearby Matsyalingeshwara Swamy temple, Machkhand River and Sangda Waterfalls can be reached easily from this spot. 22

Mudasarlova Park Nestling amidst hills and palm trees and just 5 km away from the city is the Mudasarilova water tank and attached to it is the park full of trees, flowering plants and picnic spots. An added attraction is the picturesque Golf Club.


Mutyalampadu Beach The small hill by name Syamala Konda, on the Bheemili road is attractive with a stream debouching into the sea.


Paderu Paderu situated about 110 km from the city, is a picturesque valley at an altitude of over 900 m above the sea level and is inhabited by tribals and surrounded by good number of hill streams.





Pavuralakonda Pavuralakonda is a hillock near Bheemunipatnam. It offers a beautiful view of the coastline. Excavations brought out Buddhist artifacts and objects, foundations of viharas, circular chaityagrihas, stupas and halls. Rama Krishna Beach The Rama Krishna Beach (RK Beach), synonymous with the city, is the major rallying and picnic point for Vizagites. You can take an exciting walk along the beach if you don’t mind the jostling crowds, swarming hawkers and excited children. Rushikonda Beach Rushikonda, fringing the golden sands and vast stretch of water, is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, providing skiing, sunbathing, wind surfing and swimming facilities. A lodge, cottages, and a restaurant offer amenities. The 14th century Sri Sapta Rusheswara temple is an added attraction. Simhachalam The 11th century Simhachalam temple, located on the hilltop, at a height of 244 m, draws millions of devotees from all over the world, especially during the Chandanotsavam. The trek or even a ride up to the hill is an exhilarating experience for both body and spirit.


Sivaji Park Spread over an area of 3 acres in the heart of the city, Sivaji Park has many attractions like skating rink, amphitheater and food courts and is an ideal picnic spot.


Kanakamahalakshmi Temple The temple of the presiding deity of Vizag, Goddess Sri Kanakamalalakshmi, is located smack in the centre of the city. The uniqueness of the temple is that devotees can directly worship the deity at the sanctum sanctorum.


Submarine Museum INS Kurusura, the submarine turned into a museum is the very first in Asia and second in the world and is anchored on RK Beach. This Russian built submarine

embarked on its journey on Feb 20, 1970 via the Baltic Sea and reached the city on May 11, 1970. It was decommissioned after 31 years in the nation’s defence service. 32

Thotla Konda The Thotlakonda Buddhist complex on a hillock 128 m above the sea and 15 km away from the city on the Bheemili Beach Road, houses 300-200 BC ruins of Hinayana sect.


Three Hills Displaying the secularism at its best are the three hills. From Sri Venkateswara Konda one can view the port channel. The Mount Ross Hill is the central one. The north hillock has a mosque and the mausoleum of the Muslim saint, Baba Ishaq Madina and known as Darga Konda.


Tyda Nature Camp Tyda is a small tribal village nestled in the Eastern Ghats, 75 km away from the city on the Araku Road. Jungle Bells, the nature camp, facilitates rock climbing, trekking and bow and arrow target shooting. The log huts and tents are set in tribal environment to encourage eco-tourism.


Visakha Museum Set up on the RK Beach Road, the museum displays the many artifacts and curios. The unexploded 250 lb bomb that was dropped during the World War II and the desk used by Mahatma Gandhi during his visit to the city are preserved here.


VUDA Park VUDA Park or Taraka Rama Park is a weekend spot for family picnics with a green playfield, artificial caves, beautiful lawns, flower gardens, children's park, boating and swimming facilities and skating rink. Music concerts are held at the Vaisakhi Open Air Auditorium.


War Memorial Victory at sea is dedicated to the war martyrs and located on the beach road.


Yarada Beach The Yarada Beach offers a picturesque landscape with its exotic blend of golden sands and lush green stretch of hills.

Alloy Wheels Synergies Castings Ltd Plot no. 3, VSEZ, Duvvada, Vizag - 530 049, AP, India T: 0891 2587181 F: 2587481 Apparel Kankatala Textiles Pvt. Ltd. VSquare Mall, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 6633336 United Colors of Benetton Family Store G - 3&4, Ram's Plaza, 2nd lane Dwarakangar, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 3918441 Exclusive Adults Store Shop no. 47, Ground floor, Inox Varun Beach, Beach road, Vizag T: 0891 2795076 Exclusive Men's Store 2nd floor, CMR Central, Madillapalem, Vizag T: 0891 3095427 Exclusive Kids’ Store 4th floor, CMR Central, Madillapalem, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 3095427 The Raymond Shop Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam - 530 020 T: 0891 6536666 Siripuram Fort, Waltair Uplands Road, Vizag - 530 013 T: 0891 6532666 Boy London Dwarakanagar, Main Road, Vizag T: 0891 2547773 MF. Khan - International Rednam Gardens, Old Jail Road, Vizag T: 0891 2502740 | Daba Gardens, Vizag MY SHOP The Exclusive Garments Shop #28-15-18, Darshan Towers, Suryabagh, Vizag - 530002, T: 0891 2712420 E: Weekender - Kids & Adults Shop no: 1,2,3, Srinivasam Complex, Opp. Three Town Police Station, Peda Waltair, Vizag - 530 017 T: 0891 2505111, 2515111 E: Miraya #10-1-47/1/1, Shop No: 101, Dutt Island, Siripuram, Vizag T: 0891 2717675 M: 9885217788 Architecture Project Inc Architecture, Interiors, Landscape 101, Venu Regency Plaza, Beside Raghavendra Swamy Temple, Ramnagar, Vizag - 2 T: 0891 2568228 M: 9550036999 E: Automobile Deepak Automobiles Inverters & Batteries #50-81-34/2, Seethampeta, Gurudwara Jn., Visakhapatnam - 16 T: 0891 2752244 M: 9440727870 Beauty NU YU A loreal professional club saloon T-7, Landmark Building, Level 03, Waltair Uplands, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Road, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6662669 M: 9502070337 E: DO-UP, Beauty Clinic (Ladies Only) 3rd Floor, Varun Towers, Siripuram, Opp. All India Radio, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2701232, 98490 04657 red | february 2012 | 103

Effects - The Men's Salon 3rd Floor, Varun Towers, Siripuram, Opp. All India Radio, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2701232, 9866972225 Abhay Spikes (only for men) #24, VUDA Complex, Opp. Gurajada Kalashetram, Siripuram, Vizag - 530 001 T: 98850 27449, 92937 10950 Boutique Vastram 9-19-4/1, CBM Compound Visakhapatnam T: 0891 6666622 Sona (Extn.) Boutique #13-1-1c, St. Anthony Church Complex, Nr. Jagadamba Centre, Maharanipeta, Vizag - 530 002 T: 0891 2792407 Aarna #7-19-2, Kirlampudi Layout, Behind Syndicate Bank, Chinawaltair, Vizag T: 0891-2549999 Om Creations Boutique Specialists: Designer Suits & Sarees, Ladies Tailoring, Hand & Machine Embroidery Aspen Castle, Ground Floor, Nowroji Road, Nr. Hotel Grand Bay, Vizag - 530 002, T: 0891-6617831 E: Café Hangout Café #15-18-17, Beach Road, Beside AU Ladies Hostel, Maharani peta, Vizag T: 0891 6667778, 86860 47111 Pepper Horn #55-8-34/16, APSEB Colony, Beside Seetharamaraju Statue, Seethammadhara, Vizag - 13 M: 9247051155 Car Decors Xtreme Car Decors Performance #8-1-97/3/26, Shop No. S1, Krishnaveni Towers, Near Visakha Eye Hospital, Peda Waltair, Gurudwara, Visakhapatnam M: 9866155669, 9866656999 Cell Shops Mobi Care Professional mobile phone service & training centre, Opp. Woodland showroom, 1st floor, Daba Gardens, Visakhapatnam - 530 020 T: 0891 6468887 M: 9392345123 Clothing & Accessories Spirits & In thing (Mens Inner wear) D. No. 30-15-123, Potluri Mansions, Dabagardens, Vizag - 20 T: 0891 2512841 The Wardrobe Shop no: 5-6, Vizag Towers, Opp. Hotel Meghalaya, Asilmetta Jn., Vizag - 3 T: 0891 2501316, 2794551 M: 9848570379, 9848156963 E: Computers Southeren Hitech Computers Sandeep Choudhari, cell no: 9849112369, #10-1-43, Siripuram Fort, Below Raymond Showroom, Sampath Vinayaka Temple road, Visakhapatnam - 530 003 T: 0891 2746374, 667635 E: Camera Stores Goldie - Camera World #G-6, Medicherla Towers, Opp. Fortune Inn, Nr. Diamond Park, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2559992 M: 9393119992 E: Confectioneries Bagels Bay Bakers #10-1-41, CBM Compound Opp. Municipal Commissioner Bungalow, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6634466

Bakers Castle Prasanna Foods: Siripuram Towers, Opp. HSBC, Next to Lee & Arrow, Siripuram, Visakhapatnam - 2 T: 0891 2578889, 0891 6690989 M: 9000008889 Coffee Vending SSR Enterprises Authorised Franchisee for : Café Desire #47-7-22/7, Shop No. 108, Yerramsetty Plaza, 4th lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2740837 M: 9440330837, E: Cosmetology & Skin Care Touch - The Aesthetic Magic #47-10-17, 3rd Floor, Varanasi Majestic, Opp. Axis Bank, 2nd lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016, T: 0891 6628999 M: 8143312999, 8004208999 Touch International Institute of Hair Transplantation Jagapathi Plaza, Opp. Dutt Island, Vizag Sarojini Devi Skin Hospital Waltair Main Road, Nr. Apollo/Seven Hills Hospital, Visakhapatnam530002 T: 0891-2538585, 2738585 M: 9246638585, 9440178585 E: Cartridges Race Filling Point (Recycling of Cartridges) (HP, Canon, Samsung, all types) #12-428, Prakasarao Peta, MR Post, Waltair Main Road, Vizag - 530 002 T: 6646115 M: 9030022580 E: Dental Clinic Sri Laasya - Dental Clinic #47-15-11, Aarif shopie, 2nd Floor, Beside Canara Bank, Station Road, Dwarakanagar, Vizag T: 0891-2572121 E:, O-Zone Dental Care 3rd Lane, Opp. Harsha Labs, Dwarakanagar & Varma Complex, Sector-8, Muralinagar, Vizag M: 9492452557, 9989591007 Dental Spa Near Majsid, Jagadamba Jn., Vizag - 02 T: 0891-6588779 M: 8008588/779 Designer Saree Boutique Sahasra - Exclusively for her Shop no. T-8, 3rd Floor, The Landmark Complex, Nr. Sampath Vinayaka Temple, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6662899 M: 9848799000 E:, Eat Fresh Sub Way Dutt Island, Siripuram - 0891 2784911 Varun Inox - 0891 2723231 CMR Central - 0891 2566077 Epabs Systems SSR Enterprises Dealers for Enkay Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd (Suppliers of NEC IP Ready EPAPBX Systems) #47-7-22/7, Shop No. 108, Yerramsetty Plaza, 4th lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2740837 M: 9440330837 E: Event Managers Roshanlal Entertainment Event Management/Celebrity Management/Product Launches Corporate Shows / Fashion Shows/ Exhibitions Prashanth: Managing Director, T: 0891 2739452 M: 9848999953 E:

Creative Plus Entertainment Network Event Management complete Party Planning specialized in Wedding Planning & B' Day Celebrations M: 9346692915 Krosswire Entertainment Vizag, Rajah., Bzwa., Hyd. Specalize in: Event Management • Artiste & Talent Management • Corporate Events • Wedding Planning • Fashion & Dance Shows • Celebrity Endorsements • Mall Activations T: 9885118789, 9346997556 E: & Paris Passion Events Specialize in school and college events, exhibitions, seminars & event management M: 9393322449, 9866022449, E:, www. Eye Care Maxi Vision - Eye care Centres Pavan Paradise, Nr. Diamond Park, Hotel Ananth Lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 6660770 M: 9848523660 Fashion Fashion Centre Exclusive Salwar Kameez Kurti's 'N' Fabrics Jagadamba Centre, Vizag - 530 020, T: 0891 2721912 Fashion jewellery Vishaalakshi Jewelz D. No: 10-53-288, Shop No: 3/4, Opp. Co-op-society, Nehru Nagar, Raghavendra Swamy - Rednam Gardens Road, Vizag - 2 T: 0891 2525515 E: Furniture Rao's Furniture Paradise #30-15-171, Prasantharama Mansion, Near Saraswathi park, Dabagardens, Vizag - 530020 T: 0891 2747467 M: 9030603032 Gaming & Snooker 13 Square #10-1-44/12-13, 5th Floor, Peejay Plaza, VIP Road, Visakhapatnam - 530 003 M: 9550131313, Generators SSR Enterprises Authorised Dealers for POWERICA LIMITED (Suppliers of Cummins Generators, AMF Panels, Acoustic Enclosures) #47-7-22/7, Shop No. 108, Yerramsetty Plaza, 4th lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2740837 M: 9440330837 E: Sowmya Sales Corporation Best Dealer Award Winner Authorized Dealers for Kirloskar, Green Diesel, Generating sets 5 KVA to 625 KVA M: 9848205233, 9246883377 E: Gifts & Handicrafts Eastern Art Museum #10-1-9, Waltair Uplands, Sampath Vinayak Temple Road, Visakhapatnam - 530 003 T: 0891 6647880 The Heritage Dealers in Handicrafts, Handlooms & Jewellery #6-1-1/1, MVV Estate, Opp. Kotak School, Chinna Waltair, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 3081855, M: 9963376900 E:

red | february 2012 | 104

Maharaja Handicrafts #18-1-69/70, KGH Down, Beside Lepakshi, Maharanipeta, Vizag - 530002 T: 0891-2721363 M: 9550290899

Hotel Meghalaya Dr. No. 10-4-15, Ramnagar, Asilmetta Junction, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2755141/145

Guest Houses

The Park Waltair Uplands, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2754488

Signature - VIP Guest House Plot no: 5, Opp. HP Gas Godown Road, Pandimetta Jn., Dasapalla Hills, Vizag T: 0891 6663999 M: 9052098516 Signature - VIP Guest House #5-7-7-1/2, Samudrika Apts., Beside Spencers, Pandurangapuram, R.K. Beach, Vizag T: 0891 6663999 M: 9052098516 Prince Guest House #50-50-43, T.P.T. Colony, Seethammadhara, Vizag - 530 013 T: 0891 2535476, 2550784 Gym Raghavi Gym Saloon (ladies Only) #9-18-1, Maruthi Vinayaka Enclave, Groud Floor, Block 8, CBM Compound, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 6630734, 6630735 Power House Gym The complete Health & Fitness Institute Ladies & Gents, T: 0891 6459085 M: 9885254272 E: Hair Transplantation Radha - International Institute of Hair Transplant #103, Siripuram Fort, Siripuram, Opp. Union Chapel Church, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6458111 M: 9177777192 E: Health & Fitness Foot Steppers Add Life Premises, 1st Floor, Pandurangapuram Temple Road, Opp. Officers Club, Vizag M: 9885674016 Holiday Wellfare Holiday #47-7-14, Satya Enclave, 1st Floor, 4th Lane, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 6645578/79 M: 9848183182 E: / Home Foods Abhiruchi Sweets Darshan Towers, Opp. Tourner Chowltry, Jagadamba centre, Surtabagh, Vizag - 2 T: 0891 6646619 M: 9849090480 Home services Satyananda Yoga & Library Home Delivery M: 8374623561 Home Tutions Alvin Home Tutions Provides experienced faculty at your flexible timings. CBSE, SSC, ICSE, EAMCET, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, ENGINEERING Tutions, M: 9573913543, 7207698351 Homoeopathy Vandana Homoeopathic Hospital Shop no. 4, Dwarakanagar, 2nd Lane, Pavan Paradise, Opp. Pollocks School, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2755747 M: 9948416772 Hotels Dolphin Hotel Nr. Saraswathy Park, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2567000 Four Points by Sheraton Uplands, Waltair Main Road, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 3051111 F: 3051000 red | february 2012 | 105

The Gateway Hotel Beach Road, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 6623670 The Palm Beach Nr. RK Beach, Waltair Uplands, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2754026 / 27 The Dasapalla Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 25564825 / 2563141 Sea City Hotels & Guest Houses NH-5, Isukathota, MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam - 17 T: 0891 2761199 M: 9959616241/42 AP Tourism Hotels Haritha Hotels: Haritha Hotel (Yatri Nivas) Opp. Appugarh, MVP Colony, Vizag - 17 T: 0891 2788824 M: 9848813582, 9705173100 Haritha Rushikonda Beach Resort Opp. Gitam University, Rushikonda, T: 0891 2788826 M: 9848813581, 9705173600 Haritha Hill Resort Anantagiri, T: 08936 231870 / 231898 M: 9490282422 Haritha Hill Resort (Mayuri) Araku Valley, T: 08936 249204 / 249393, 9440793518 Haritha Valley Resort (Yatri Nivas) Araku Valley T: 08936 249202 M: 9490367347 Haritha Coconut Country Resort Dindi, 85 kms from Rajahmundry, East Godavari Dist. T: 08862 227992 M: 9912877055, 9848780527, 9951611050 For Reservation, Contact: Central Reservation Office T: 0891 2788820 M: 9848813584, 9848007022 Book online at Hotel Pariwar Grand Opp. Jyothi Theater Ladies Gate, Dabagardens, Visakhpatnam-530020 T: 0891-2529956 M: 7799225500 E:, Hotel Golden Meghana Palace Araku Valley, Nr. Alluri Seeta Rama Raju Public School, AP T: 0893-6249349 M: 7387272568, 9177095574, 7382272566 E: Diamond Springs #47-10-36, Dondaparthy Road, Nr. Diamond park, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2710143 M: 9666949444 E:, Vidhi Residency Besides Kalyani Press, Suryabagh, Vizag - 20 T: 0891-2555400/500/600 Interior Eden - House of Lights & Appliances #30-15-6, Nr. Saraswathi Park, Dabagardens, Vizag - 530 020 T: 0891 6648855 E: IT Symbiosys Technologies Change Today For a Better Tomorrow Siripuram, Visakhapatnam

Jewellery MVS. Jewel Park Ramatalkies Road, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 2509591/92/93 Vaibhav Jewellers VSquare Mall, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 667777 Manchukonda's Shyam Zaveri #10-1-27, Opp. Vemana Madiram, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Road, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 2562792, 2590999 Swathi Jewellers K. Sunil, 9246615911, Main Road & BC. Road, Gajuwaka T: 0891 6667899, 6590933 E: Malabar Gold Asilmetta Jn., Nr. Sampath Vinayagar Temple, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 2528916 Lingerie Inner Elegance Shop No.: 25, VUDA Complex, Siripuram Jn., Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6647882 Flames We Cover Your Bare Necessities Pavan Enclave, Opp. HDFC, Daba Gardens, Vizag - 530 020 T: 0891 6644455 E: Luggage Stores Samsonite Exclusive Ram's Plaza, Dwarakanagar (2nd Lane), Diamond Park Road, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 6664455 M: 9393101910 Email: American Tourister Factory Outlet Shankutala Travellers Bungalow, Beside Sampath Vinayak Temple, Waltair uplands ,Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6639495 American Tourister Exclusive store 2nd floor ,CMR Central, Madillapalem, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 3095414 Marbles Archean Granites & Italian Marbles #9-1-222/1, CBM Compound, Visakhapatnam - 530 003 T: 0891 2573188 M: 9440190226 E: Mattresses Agarwal Home Comforts #48-18-75,Near Rama Talkies, Bullaya College Road, Vizag - 530 013 T: 0891 6637111 M: 9849577711 E: Musical Instruments Harmony Musicals Showroom for Classical & Westren Musical Instruments (Learn Keyboard & Guitar) #10-1-34/4, Shop no: 4, Lakshmi Sridevi Plaza, Beside Sampath Vinayaka Temple, CBM Compund, Waltair Uplands, Vizag - 3 M: 9949466685 E: Opticals AARIF Opticians Manchukonda Mansion, Uplands CBM Compound, Opp. Dominos, Vizag - 530 003 T: 0891 6464066, 2526070 E: Himalaya Opticals #10-1-12, Ground floor, Krishna Kamal Enclave, Asilmetta Jn., Next to Sivarama Sweets, Vizag - 13 T: 0891 6630381

Himalaya Opticals #9-1-102, Vandita Complex, Resuvanipalem, Opp. Spencer Hypermarket, Vizag - 13 T: 0891 6631381 Lesan Eye Central Free Computerized Eye Testing #10-50-31, Opp. Care Hospital, Waltair Main Road, Vizag - 530 003 T: 08912528899 Plywoods & Decorative Veneers Jindal Plydecors Complete range of Decorative Veneers [Laminaters, Doors, Plywoods, Wallpapers & Wooden Flooring] #49-22-5, Lalitha Nagar, Sankaramatam Road, Vizag - 16 T: 0891 2767618, 2767619, F: 0891 2520646 E: Printers G.K Printhouse Pvt Ltd Multi colour Offset Printers #10-12-5/3, Rednam Gardens, Near SBI Mail Branch, Vizag - 02 T: 0891 2543973, 2549422, 2702711 Real Estate M/s Baba Associates #58-15-3, 1st floor, Santhinagar, opp. Subramanyam swamy temple, NAD post, Visakhapatnam M: 098121368812, 9553497589, 0891 6333345 E: Shriram Properties Ltd No. 9-17-27/1, CBM Compund, Suite No.101 &103, VIP Road, Visakhapatnam-530003, T: 0891 2509393 Prasad's Township Pvt Ltd., #47-13-2, 2nd Floor, Lakshmi Arcade, Beside Sankaramatam, Dwarakanagar, VSP - 16 (Our new venture: 'Golden Nest Layout' 100 sq. yards Rs. 85000/-, Spot registration, Nr. Kothavalasa Railway station) T: 0891-2541229, 9912411477 Restaurant Native Recipe Speciality Restaurant Resuvanipalem, Beside Megamart, T: 0891-6618899 M: 9640900000 Rice N Spice #10-1-44/12-13, 5th Floor, Peejay Plaza, VIP Road, Visakhapatnam-530003 M: 9550131313 Bollywood To Tollywood Shop no.3, Govinda Mansion, Opp. Union Chappell Church, Waltair Uplands, Visakhapatnam - 530 003 M: 9700858547 The White Grill 6th Floor, Varun Towers, Opp. Vuda Children's Theater, Siripuram, Vizag T: 9849887878 Saloon Well Groom - The Saloon Special packages for groom, Shop no: 4, Nr. HSBC, VUDA Complex, Siripuram, Vizag, T: 0891-6646488, 9849873999 ABDUL'S The Saloon - Men's Beauty Parlour All kinds of Facial, Makeup, Hair, Skin, Laser Treatment #11-4-5/1, Shopno:4, Nowroji Road, Maharanipeta, Vizag - 2 T: 0891-2792812 M: 9951173787 Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty For Men & Women #9-14-5, Praveen Plaza, VIP Road, Siripuram, Vizag - 03 T: 0891-2521142, 6667288 M: 8106788000 red | february 2012 | 106



Marvel School BC Road, New Gajuwaka, Vizag - 26. T: 0891 3263270

King George Hospital


Sports Accessories

KGH Casuality


Star Sports - Sport Goods Gym & Fitness, Equipments & Sports Wear 1st Floor, GVMC Complex, Diamond Park, Vizag - 530016 T: 0891 2521100 E:

ESI Hospital


TB Hospital


Mental Hospital


Tours & Travels

Victoria Hospital


Kitkat Travels Exclusive SOTC Franchisee, 1st Floor, Beside Lawrence Mayur,

Veterinary Hospital


Jagadamba Centre, Visakhapatnam T: 0891 6666656

Seven Hills


Travel Links Door No: 30, Satya Surya Complex, Dwarakanagar, Vizag - 530 016 M: 9848310117, 9246616117, 9246618117 E:



Govt. Eye Hospital


Sadhan HIV Helpline


Toy Shop Mighty Brain Toys Jyothi Enclave, Waltair Road, Ramnagar, Vizag T: 0891 6627441 / 2 / 3 E:

Ambulance Service Apollo




Video Shooting Future Frames - The Audio, Video, Film Studio Contact for Corporate Video Films, Advertisement Films 1st Floor, GVMC Complex, Diamond Park, Vizag - 530 016 T: 0891 2783443, 6644511 E:

Railway Enquiry


General Enquiry


Website Design & Dev. Shop no. 5, 1st Floor, Destiny Tower, Opp. Geetha Lodge, Rama Talkies Down Road T: 0891 6565786 M: 9866644786 E:,

e-Seva Centres Municipal


Comm. Welfare Centre


RK Mission Library


Wedding Planners Razzmatazz Theme Decorations, Set Designs, Entertainment, Floral arrangements. You name it, we have it! M: 9052024650, 9348623223 E:

ADD A LISTING To include a listing, send your details to: Red Publications, Aspen Towers, 1st Floor D. No. 52-10-10/1/5/4, Opp. The Times of India Resapuvanipalem, Visakhapatnam - 530 013 T: 0891 25 44 444 / 446 Tariff: Rs. 3600/- for 12 issues

Airlines Toll Free Indian Airlines

1800 180 1407

Jet Airways

1800 22 5522


1800 180 3333

Air India

1800 22 7722


1800 180 0101


100 / 2565454





Directory Enquiry


AP Tourism



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Mark the park Spot atleast 8 parks of Vizag Childrens Diamond Jatara Lumbini Naval Nehru Saraswati Shivaji Tenneti Varun Vuda


Your partner wants to leave his/her present job and look for a new one A. I will support him/her till she/he gets the new job B. I will support him/her if I can afford C. He/she must have his/her own savings


Will you shift to another city, if your love gets a very good job there? A. Yes, if I get a good job too B. Will need to think deeply about it C. Most probably not


What is the level of commitment of your partner towards you? A. High, for sure. B. Quite good. C. Not much

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