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nยบ 11 - 2017 the agency with the big heart

Dear Readers, Wow, what a year … and it’s only just April! Redline is always busy but since the start of 2017 we have seen our activity go through the roof, as we have taken on more and more high profile clients. Starting the year with a bang, in January we moved into a fab HQ at CC. Picasso, on the New Golden Mile, near Benahavis. Now we have a big space to match our big ideas! To celebrate the new office we decided to bring summer forward and throw a party. We have also welcomed a new graphic designer, a marketing assistant, an account manager and a number of new interns, each bringing new skills, ideas and opinions to the mix. In this issue we bring you coverage of our ‘Summer Launch’ party and some inside information about online marketing trends. We’ve included an update about online marketing trends, a blog about how digital marketing can attract attention and a clear explanation as to why video marketing is the way forward for savvy marketers. In next issue we’ll explain the importance of marketing, market research and the difference between marketing and advertising. Until then…enjoy the read. Best regards Line Lyster Managing Director Redline Company

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Advertising online has changed.


Advertising Online Has

Changed It's Time You Stopped Wasting Money


Are you wasting money?

boasting about our brand and the universal reasons why all customers needed “that product” or couldn’t possibly live without “that service”.

Every business owner sometimes struggles with getting customers to buy, so we’re here to tell you, you’re not alone. Google AdWords is one the greatest advertising platforms in the world, harnessing the power of more than 1 billion monthly searches. You already know your customers use Google every day, so how can you leverage Google better to drive sales?

Well guess what, those days are over. Branding your business or product isn’t enough anymore. You need to be more creative but more importantly, you need to turn your marketing tactics upside down; focus less on your ‘universally appealing product’ and more on your unique customer. Today, if you don’t build a customer persona first, and structure your branding around them, then you might as well pack it in!

Things have changed over the past few years and if you’ve been struggling with your own online sales funnel, there is a very good reason. Your customers are changing; online buyers have evolved just as much as Google has.

Remember the good ol' days? It wasn’t too long ago when we used to use “persuasive online marketing” tactics. We focused only on our product and its amazing attributes,

Redline are specialists in online advertising and marketing. Ready to save you money and give your branding a makeover.


Time for some Conversion Therapy If you truly want to succeed in marketing your business online, you need to know your customer. Do you remember the days when customer service actually mattered? When shop owners would take personal service to new levels to get you to buy? There were loyalty programs, huge discounts or blow out sales and so on. Bills had to paid, so customers needed to be appreciated. Neil Patel of QuickSprout and co-founder of CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics says,“Every marketing strategy should start with your customer base. Who are the people using your product? What do these individuals value, what do they feel, what products are they currently using, and what will it take to sign them on as paying customers? Before jumping into your online marketing strategy, have a conversation with your existing customers.” Online, just as in life, selling starts with getting to know your individual customer, establishing trust, building a relationship and pitching an offer they personally can’t refuse. In a retail environment, you would naturally speak differently to the variety of personalities who walked through the doors of your shop; you would instinctively change your sales pitch for an older retired couple versus a young mother with a toddler; the same goes for your online approach. How do you do this online, without shaking their hand and looking at your customer in the eye? It´s trickier, but you can still capture clues about their values and buyer behaviour by harnessing the power of data. When you gain a deeper understanding of your different customer segments or personas, you will naturally want to adjust your online marketing to influence each specific customer differently, highlighting the selling points that are important to that customer. Whatever product or service you sell and whoever your customers are, these tips are useful in building your marketing strategy: 6



Branding your product and standing out from the crowd always requires creativity. Create content that captures your customer at each stage of the buying journey, whether they are: 1. researching products to meet their needs 2. reviewing options and considering the recommendations of others 3. searching for the right price, with the intent to buy At each stage, a user’s Google search will be different, and your blog, infographic, white paper, video tutorial, or customer testimonial could be just what they need to trigger a purchase.

Building on your current customers


It may sound old school, but loyalty programs still work. Email marketing plays a big part in keeping your customers' attention. When customers are engaged, you will be top of their mind - they will buy from you again and recommend you to their friends. Use your loyal customers to build your business by creating shareable social media content and incentives to spread your message.


Always seek improvement The online landscape is always changing; you need to stay abreast of the communications tools and social networks your customers are using and harness them. Every new technology introduces new opportunities to reach your customer. It’s not easy to keep up with it all, but if you put the effort in, you can ensure your competitors are always behind you.

How do you really make

those ads work for you?

So, how do you use online advertising to its full potential? The answer is simple – testing. No matter how well you know your target market, you will occasionally be surprised when you evaluate your campaigns to find out what images and text are appealing to your audience. You can do this with A/B split testing. Split testing allows you to try out two different approaches with your audience to discover what works best, then build on your success. A/B split testing is the cornerstone of a good advertising campaign and is even built into the automation of some advertising platforms, like Facebook. Once you measure, split and test, you gain an ever-richer understanding of your customers. You can then pitch again, with a clearer target, based on those results. This is where the money shot is. Once you understand what your customers really want and what motivates them to buy, you are no longer shooting in the dark; you are using your entire budget to press all the right buttons with your marketing tactics. Online marketing or online advertising doesn’t always have to be technical or even difficult for that matter. If you want to truly succeed just step back in time. Step back to a time when the customer was the most important part of the sales funnel.


Special Promotion Dama De Noche Delivering ambitious luxury resorts around the world for more than 20 years in hotel and real estate development | | (+34 747 766 258

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The Power of

Home & Lifestyle Magazine Thousands of copies distributed all over the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar every two months Loyal affluent readers who are homeowners and passionate about design Great value advertising rates A couple of weeks after our ad was published in Home & Lifestyle Magazine, we got a guy entering the shop with your magazine in his hands pointing with his finger at our ad. He said, “This is exactly the pergola I want for my home”. The deal was closed the next day. So thank you again.

home &lifestyle m a g a z i n e

8 Home & Lifestyle for Redline.indd


Daniel Rodríguez López, - Director of Outdoor Concepts -

Find out how Home & Lifestyle Magazine can benefit your business by calling us today! Tel. (+34) 952 905 000 Email.

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T RU S T E D To achieve results “ T he wor ld’s mos t visite d inter national insurance intermediar y”

- C O N TA C T U S


How your website can attract the digital attention of ,

your one true love.

Every business wants to be noticed by Google, to be at the top of the list and the first on Google’s mind when customers search for your product or service. As with all worthwhile pursuits though, developing a long-term relationship with Google takes time, hard work and commitment. You’ve got a business to run and maybe you don’t have time to keep up with the ever changing digital landscape or study the sorcery of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Your website is doing its best, but still falling further and further behind in Google’s rankings. Sadly, without SEO, your business could be buried in the digital undergrowth, customers will be unable to find you and you will lose sales every day. What a tragic ending.

users from this painful experience, so they announced a major mobile algorithm update in summer 2015 which penalises websites that aren't mobile-friendly. Today, Google strengthens the ranking signal from mobilefriendly websites, boosting those that were optimised for phones and tablets, while relegating the others (probably) to page 56 in the search results.

Poor navigation

When someone lands on your site, do they know what to do? Where to go? What their next steps should be? Greeting customers and helping them find their way may sound like good common sense, but research by Small Business Trends suggests that 70% of small B2B business websites lacked a callto-action (CTA). Visitors don’t know where to click, what to buy or how to buy it.

We don’t want that to happen, so we’re going to share a few secrets on how to charm and woo Google, then build a loving and lasting relationship. First, figure out why people leave you You take a quick glance at Google Analytics and realise your bounce rate is over 90%. The bounce rate is high because people are landing on your website and then quickly jumping back off. If this is happening to you, it’s probably for one of these 5 reasons:




It takes forever to load


Excessive pop-ups


Excessive pop-ups that disrupt the reading experience can be seriously annoying, especially when they send you on a guilt trip. You know, the ones that include a button that says something like, "No thanks, I don't want to improve my life." There is a right way to do pop-ups, and they do work if used properly.

These days, people have absolutely no patience. According to a KISSmetrics report, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, and 40% abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Even a one-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by about 16%.

Multimedia auto play

It isn't optimised for mobiles

“Shhhh...I’m not supposed to be on this site at work!”

If your website has only been designed for desktop computers, you are missing the majority of your customers, since mobile phones and tablets account for more than 65% of internet traffic. Are your mobile customers still forced to scroll from sideto-side, pinching and zooming to navigate your content? Google wants to shelter

Sure, we’ve all been there. Embarrassing to say the least. Silence is golden and besides that, we’re sure your company theme song rocks in your mind, but most of us will slide straight up to that ‘back’ button. Don’t force your multimedia, either let your browsers choose to play it, or at the very least have it start with sound off.


There you are at work, when all the sudden the website you have just opened starts blasting Abba´s ‘Dancing Queen’. Have you ever been in this situation?

Getting to fall madly in love with your website. These are the early lessons in Google seduction. It starts with building strong site architecture and providing clear navigation to help search engines index your site quickly and easily. This will also, more importantly, provide visitors with a good experience of your site and encourage repeat visits. It turns out that you and Google want the same thing – for your users to have the best experience on your website. Here´s some simple rules to follow:

#1 Find a niche and be yourself

You’ve been told this all your life by your parents, teachers and friends and it's still true – if you want Googe’s love, simply be yourself. Don´t stuff your website with popular keywords that have little to nothing to do with your niche. Show how you are unique and you’ll get more traffic. These are the early lessons in Google seduction. It starts with building strong site architecture and providing clear navigation to help search engines index your site quickly and easily. This will also, more importantly, provide visitors with a good experience of your site and encourage repeat visits. It turns out that you and Google want the same thing – for your users to have the best experience on your website. Here´s some simple rules to follow:

relationships are built #4 Strong on clear communication

Google loves two-way communication…like a lot. Have a two-way conversation with your customers and encourage feedback. Make sure you allow comments and more importantly make sure you respond to them.

#5 Build your social media following and influence

Content may be King but social media is Queen. Use social media, not only for the traffic it can bring to your website but also because Google picks up ‘social signals’ of your popularity, which contributes to your ranking in Google searches. Without social media, you will never rank above your competitors. You may not like social networks, but billions of people use them every day. Your customers are there, waiting for your service or product. If you follow all these rules, Google will embrace you. If you need help optimising your website, building your social media following or generating quality content, get in touch with Redline Company to see how we can skyrocket your business with one of our monthly marketing packages.

open and #2 Be generous with your knowledge

You’re an expert in your field, right? Don’t just tell this to people, show them. Share quality content so Google gets to know the real you – over time you will be rewarded with better rankings. Quality content is something we’ve been shouting about for years – write original articles that exist nowhere else on the web. Make them useful, thought provoking, engaging, or funny, but always precise. Google changes their ranking algorithm every day, but one rule remains steadfast – “Content is King”.

#3 Be affection but not too affectionate

Keywords are the language of love with Google and you do have to press all the right buttons, but don’t get too pushy and rush the relationship. Including too many keywords is like saying “I love you” far too soon and way too much. It can be a turn-off and make you look desperate. So, be mindful with your content and don’t stuff it full of nonsensical keywords.



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The Perfect Luxury Villa for Holiday Rental near Marbella

Luxurious, contemporary and beautifully situated, Villa La Sorpresa offers holiday rentals in style, with exclusive standards of décor and amenities, fantastic sea and mountain views, close to golf courses and a convenient yet private location


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We Made Summer Now!


And you were here to join us... On Friday 10th March, Redline Company threw open its doors to celebrate the official launch of our new HQ and to kick start the summer - Redline style. Always a leader rather than a follower, Redline decided that the summer season will start early this year.

Guests were invited to grab their sunnies, get into the summer vibe and to join the Redline team at their new jungle branded office, for sangria, Cava, cold beers and delicious freshly prepared canapĂŠs







MARKETING Why you should invest in video marketing


Every business wants a prominent shop front that’s easy for customers to find and the same is true online. Unlike your ‘bricks and mortar’ shop however, your digital shop front is constantly moving, rising or falling in the ranks against competitors, thanks to Google’s algorithm, which changes once or twice every day. Keeping your brand high in the Google search rankings is undoubtedly one of your business priorities, so today we’re sharing the latest digital thought leadership on how to make this happen in 2017.

Google loves videos and will love you more for featuring them First a disclaimer: Nobody really knows what Google’s going to do next…but we can take clues both from the consumption of users and the content that is driving traffic. Here’s what we know:

Online video consumption is growing led by the youngest users (those aged 14-25 now watch more online video than television). Google has acquired companies and launched products which demonstrate their commitment to video as the channel of the future (including Avanto, Eyefluence, The Daydream VR headset) Google’s competitors, most notably Facebook, have extended the reach and potential of video, introducing live streaming, Facebook video ads, Facebook 360 video and have increased the reach of native videos on Facebook. Video viewing on Facebook has grown by 50% in the last year alone. It’s safe to assume that Google is making moves to compete with this, using their YouTube platform as a driver for increasing your traffic. On social networks, people engage with video ten times more than static content and are 1200% more likely to share it! Each time someone shares your video, Google picks up social signals about your popularity and increases your ranking in search. Videos increase the stickiness of your website by keeping the user engaged for a longer period. When users stay longer on a page, Google increases your ranking in search.


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“ The Unicorn Estates SL team listened to our thoughts and reacted to them. It felt like we were dealing with a partner who was as interested as we were in getting the best property we could afford and not just the most expensive...” JB Hyslop, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK



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Your customers now expect videos Technology is enabling us to consume more video content and we love it. Surprisingly, even the prospect of video content is enough to engage customers. One study demonstrated that including the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosted the open rate by 19% and click through rates by 65%! Video has proven itself as the most effective storyteller; customers will happily watch a well-produced 2-minute video about your product or services. In fact, recent statistics show that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%!

How your business can use videos There are endless possibilities for your business to use videos. Consider your sales funnel and the types of information your customer needs at each point of their buying journey. Are they conducting research which touches your industry? Can you feed them with helpful information at this stage? Are they looking across a horizon of choices, including you and your competitors, to discover points of difference


and reasons to buy from you instead of the other guy? What would tip their search in your favour – your credibility, a showcase of your work, a library of customer testimonials? Maybe your customer has already decided to buy and they just want the cheapest price or the fastest service – could you close the deal with a video now?

Here are a few ideas for using video in a range of industries: Real estate – Walk your clients through your premium properties so they can better understand the flow of the space from room to room. Real estate listings with a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without. Pool construction – Create an educational video about how to choose the best pool lining. Be generous with your knowledge so people see you as a friendly and trusted authority. Videos help build trust; the viewer simulates eye contact with you to sense your sincerity. Trust and credibility are important factors buyers consider when hiring contractors. Building design and architecture – Make a howto video about the different steps in the process of gaining licencing and permissions to build in your area. Educate the buyer on all the legal hurdles and tell them how you can help navigate the red tape. You will be talking to a large audience, since 98% of users say that they have watched videos to learn more about a product or service. Research

is the first stage of the buying journey and you are establishing a relationship right from the start. Interior Design – Showcase your latest home renovation, describing how each colour, texture, decoration and furnishing choice was selected to enhance the lifestyle of the people who live there. Walk them through your showroom and studio where sewing machines are humming with the latest bespoke curtains and upholstery designs. The video will help you develop rapport with your customers and gives them a ‘backstage’ view of the design process. Healthcare and dentistry – Video can help you educate your patients or reduce their fears around certain treatments. When patients know what to expect, they are less fearful. The video could introduce the clinicians that they will meet (who all greet them in their language) and happy patients can describe their experiences, now that they are free from pain. Yoga, Gyms, other wellness facilities – The online fitness marketplace has exploded with options for yoga and exercise teachers, including NamaStream, Aflete, Cody and PowHow. You can create videos to take advantage of this income opportunity, or you can promote your local classes by creating a library of ‘how-to’ videos demonstrating sun and moon salutations and a few of the most challenging yoga poses, showing your personal strength and flexibility. Landscape gardeners – Take us on a tour through your local garden centre and show us 3 or 4 plants which should ideally be planted this month in a terrace flowerbed. Tell us how we should care for them, the rate and spread of expected growth and why you love those particular plants so much. Show your passion and make gardening accessible and fun for beginners, while speaking also to more skilled gardeners. Be sure to mention the stately homes and five star hotels where you have planted those particular flowers and finish with a call to action for the viewer to contact you for help with their own garden.

Professional corporate photography and videography* with Redline Company A picture is worth a thousand words ... so make sure your images are appealing, exciting and that they get your message across clearly. Visual content is imperative when you want to increase interest in your company and make it stand out from the crowd. We have included corporate photography and videography services in our packages as we see much better results from campaigns produced using high quality and professional photos and videos. High Quality Images | Corporate Photos and Videos | Visual Communication | Editing | Team Photos | Photos for Your Corporate Website and much more * Note: Event photography and videography is not included. This is only corporate images and videos.

Are you excited yet? We are! We believe in the power of video so much that we’ve added a video production expert to our team for the benefit of all our customers. Buy a marketing package today and not only will you gain from the skills of our writers, designers, website builders, press managers, social media and SEO specialists, you get Peter, our video guy. We have a feeling Peter is going to be very busy in 2017, so if you want to add a video to your marketing mix, call us now!



Testimonial "Redline has been absolutely brilliant. Thanks for all their input, and advice and fantastic design and layout service. I cannot praise them enough and I will continue to work with them"

Target Estates is a professional real estate agency specialising in property sales in the Mijas area of the Costa del Sol. Target Estates came to Redline with the aim of increasing their leads and growing the company, using a small but targeted marketing investment. Target Estates wanted to improve their online visibility and brand recognition, especially among buyers interested in Mijas.

Redline Company planned, designed, wrote, printed, executed and produced the following: • • • •

Aerial map search facility Norwegian, Spanish & English Mobile responsive Bespoke search facility




Testimonial "We are very happy with the results that we obtained from Redline Company. The speed and the professional way of taking care of every task has impressed us. And the complete corporate look and consistency in the material is just brilliant".

Tantrum Hair Extension Boutiques are Marbella's experts on glamorous long locks, specializing in micro rings, micro weft and clip-ins. To launch their new business in 2016, Tantrum needed to establish their online presence and core branded materials. They also needed to run targeted campaigns in the Marbella area to attract their first customers. -


 opde b e e ck-wor th.c om




Op de Beeck & Worth has been providing our clients with our expertise and advice on insurance in Spain since 1977. We will help you find the best possible cover to suit your specific requirements.

Desde 1977 Op de Beeck & Worth ofrece sus conocimientos y experiencia en materia de seguros a sus clientes. Nuestro equipo le ayuda a encontrar el seguro que le proporciona una cobertura y precio acorde a sus necesidades.

Your Benefits:

Sus ventajas…

• • • • •


Independent advice by a fully regulated insurance broker Professional & customer focused service “one-stop-shop” for all your insurance needs Multilingual friendly team In-house claims department and more...

• • • • •

Asesoramiento independiente a través de una correduría debidamente regulada Servicio profesional & personalizado Todos sus seguros “de una mano” Soluciones innovadoras y competitivas Departamento interno de siniestros y más...

Visit us and request a free insurance review.

Visítenos para un estudio gratuito de su seguro.

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  952 88 22 73

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Build and Design is a property development company responsible for some of the most exciting modern developments on the Costa del Sol. Build and Design engaged Redline to guide them in their go-to-market strategy and produce all core materials showcasing their new luxury development in San Pedro de Alcantara, Perlas Del Mar.

Redline Company planned, designed, wrote, printed, executed and produced the following: • Branding • Brand new, fully responsive website • 360º video to website • Google AdWords and Remarketing • Brochure – printed, digital and unbranded • A3 and A4 information booklets • Business Cards • Outdoor advertising including billboards... • Facebook Campaigns • Newsletters



Build Experience Group is an electronics, real estate and construction company on the Costa del Sol. The property division of Experience Group originally engaged Redline in order to promote 4G internet and English TV (IPTV and Satellite) services to English speaking UK and northern Europeans with homes or holiday homes in Spain. Our work with Experience Group expanded and continued; we provide support to all the divisions on an ad hoc basis, but especially the property division.

Redline Company planned, designed, wrote, printed, executed and produced the following: • Google Adwords Campaigns • Remarketing campaigns • Digital integration of property listings with multilisting sites • Facebook campaigns • Flyers • Print advertising in magazines and newspapers • Billboards • Email marketing campaigns • Exhibition stall banners • Property listings • SEO optimisation


Global solutions for a secure financial future STRENGTH : CONFIDENCE : TRUST Work i ng t owa rd s a healthy and prosperous future


BLACKSHAW INTERIOR DESIGN Avda. Canovas del Castillo 25 Marbella 29601, Mรกlaga, Spain Tel: +34 951 403 787 Mob: +34 681 662 000 34


Urbanización Nueva Alcántara Edf. San Pedro del Mar, local 1029670 San Pedro, Marbella P: +34 952 799 643 F: +34 952 780 254

Centro Comercial Elviria, local 14B Autovía A7, KM 191 Elviria 29604 Marbella P: +34 952 839 630 F: +34 952 839 631



Op de Beeck & Worth is an independent insurance broking business providing clients in Marbella with expert advice. Op de Beeck & Worth approached Redline to design a fully responsive company website showcasing the full range of private, business and lifestyle insurance products and then to provide full multichannel marketing support to grow the business. Redline Company planned, designed, wrote, printed, executed and produced the following:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Website homepage and product pages Video for website SEO optimisation Google ads Remarketing Microsites in Dutch and German Facebook campaigns Linkedin profiles Blogs Press releases Email marketing



Elite Estates Marbella helps clients find luxury homes to buy or rent in Marbella. Redline Company was engaged to review digital marketing strategies and propose actions to raise the profile of the company and improve lead generation. The Elite Estates Marbella site was not optimised for mobile, so this was one of the first actions to take. Redline Company planned, designed, wrote, printed, executed and produced the following: • A new, fully responsive website • Web articles to improve SEO • Remarketing • Onsite SEO • Email marketing templates • Email newsletters • Property descriptions


Hola Property is a friendly new real estate agency on the Costa del Sol with a network of dedicated property professionals who specialise in bargain properties. As a new company, Hola Properties relied on Redline Company to create their brand, design their website and launch the business online, leveraging online advertising to gain website traffic and establish a positive ranking in organic search results.

Redline Company planned, designed, wrote, printed, executed and produced the following: • Branding • Website, fully optimised for mobile • Google AdWords • Remarketing • SEO optimisation • Facebook campaigns • Email newsletter in French and English • Property listings

TIME TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX‌ CLEVER MARKETING SINCE 2004 Redline Company was established in 2004 on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Redline is a full service marketing agency, specialising in graphic design, websites and offline and online marketing. Based on the Costa del Sol, we offer a great service for all your marketing needs. Specialising in working quickly and efficiently, Redline acts as a one stop marketing shop providing everything from new company logos, business cards, brochures and flyers to websites, advertising and PR campaigns and press liaison.

Contact Redline on: +34 952 816 678 |

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