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NEWSLETTER March 2013 PO Box 156 Buderim Q 4556

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What a great area we live in! There are so many wonderful things going on around us in our Community that I want you to know about some of them. On Friday night March 1, Trish Nelson chalked up 30 years with Buderim Scouts. What an achievement that is. Can you imagine how many boys and young men Trish has influenced in a very positive way in our Buderim community over that period of time? What did you think of the yellow helium balloons in Burnett St on Friday March 1? My thought was that they looked bright and cheerful but I was very happy to read the person who put them up was taking them down again at the end of the day. They certainly cheered up the township of Buderim on a miserable wet day. The Lions Club of Buderim are doing wonderful things with a Mentoring Program in one of our local High Schools and helping out at Buderim Mountain State School with the Walk to School Program and the Buderim Safe Committee. They are also highly committed to work with the Fusion group down at Ballinger Park, in their work with troubled young people. At Buderim Craft Cottage, the Patchwork Group has just completed 18 Patchwork Quilts which are to go off to Bundaberg for families who lost everything in the recent floods. They have also completed something like nine highly- textured floor quilts at the request of Sunshine Coast Library Service. These will be used for children to sit on during Storytelling times at the various libraries. The Lions Club of Buderim, the Buderim Library and Buderim Craft Cottage have recently held a congenial meeting aimed at getting a common approach to Easter and Christmas Fairs. This is our Buderim Community working together. On Tuesday March 26 from 9.30am to 11.30am we will be holding a Welcome Morning Tea at Buderim OPO for Jason Cameron, our new police Officer from Buderim Police Beat. This is open to all affiliate groups and members to come along and meet Jason. We would like to know numbers for catering. Please advise our friendly volunteers at the OPO if you will be calling in (5477 0945) At the BWMCA Annual General Meeting last November, we had reached the stage where a number of people for various reasons had decided not to seek re-election to various positions. This created its own problems and so I put my hand up, with Robyn Edwards as my Vice President. The next problem this precipitates is that we have both been there too long. The Association has made the bad decision in the past of not looking to the future and we had no successors in place. The Association relies on volunteers and fortunately we have found some new ones but we need a lot more. This has been one area where recycling has been done to death and is a bad thing!Robyn and I are trying to make the Association more visible. To this end we have had a Meeting with Chappy Dave, School Chaplain at Buderim Mountain State School and it looks like there may be a role for the Association there. We want to hear from you, our members and affiliates, on ways the Association can help you and Buderim. We will need a new Convenor for Buderim Australia Day 2014.All the infrastructure is in place, we just need someone to take charge. We have a new Chairperson of Buderim OPO – Ruth Hughes, a new Membership and Affiliate co-ordinator – Paula Owen and our Past President, Meg Scott, has kindly taken on the


5477 0944 OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 10.00am to 4.00pm Sat 10.00am to 12.30pm The following free services are available:

Newsletter role. Prospects are also there for other roles in the future so lots of things are happening. Robyn and I also had a Meeting with representatives of Buderim Lions, Buderim Rotary, Buderim Men’s Shed, Buderim Foundation and Bendigo Community Bank. This was to work out where we sit in the Community and if there were any current projects we could assist with. We are willing to attend Affiliate meetings if invited, as are other members of the Advisory Committee. If you have a project we can assist with let us know.

JPs available 10am to 12noon Mondays Garry Flanigan Wednesdays Barbara Davis Peter Benkendorff Thursdays John Kleinschmidt LOCAL COUNCILLORS

Div 6 - Christian Dickson, and Div 7 - Ted Hungerford last Friday of the month 10am - noon It is recommended that you phone 5477 0944 to confirm availability

State Member for Kawana Steve Dickson MP is available for consultation at the OPO. Phone his office on 5450 1115 to arrange an appointment.

BUDERIM WAR MEMORIAL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Annual fees for Members and Affiliated Groups are due and payable from 01 January each year. Can all Affiliated Groiups nominate a Delegate to the BWMCA for information sharing and meeting attendance. Membership Fees Individual $ 15.00 per year Family $ 25.00 per year Life $150.00 per person Affiliation Fees

$ 40.00 per year

I personally see the Centenary of Anzac Day 2015 as being one of the most important days in our lives as far as celebration goes. Sunshine Coast Council are already looking at having our wonderful new park as the venue for Dawn service on that morning. As we are a War Memorial Community Association we have given full backing to the Adopt A Digger program in the week preceding Anzac Day and you will read more about this in coming months. Soon it will be time for our traditional Easter Fair on Easter Saturday. The Buderim Library relies heavily on the funds raised on this day to buy new books and just to generally survive. The Lions Club will return money raised to our Community, and the Cottage are hoping to put a permanent structure over their eating area. Please come along and support them all. Please give some thought to taking on a position in the Association. It is not too onerous and you are a volunteer, so you can put a finite time on your offer. I have been a member since 1974, so it must have something going for it. We need some feedback from you. Please tell us any wonderful things you or your affiliate group are doing or have achieved in the recent past. We need to know where you see the Association fits and what it should be doing. It has a huge tradition. How do we keep it relevant in 2013? Some people have a problem with the name, some others with the structure. To remain a living breathing useful entity we need some feedback which you can send to the email address at the top of this page. If you want to become a volunteer or to talk about the possibility please phone myself on 5445 25125 or Robyn Edwards on 5456 1943. John McMahon CAN YOU HELP? The BWMCA needs volunteers: Australia Day Committee needs a Chairman. This event is run on 26th January each year. The major part of the event is the parade.

Vale Gus Guthrie Valued by all the community. 29 March 1914 12 January 2013

Finance and Compliance needs a Chairman. This committee meets throughout the year and advises the BWMCA Advisory Committee and the Management Committee as required. This is an important role for our accountaability. If you feel you could help with either of these positions, please contact John McMahon for more details. Old Post Office the wonderful volunteers at the Old Post Office (Buderim Information Centre) need some more people to assist with the shifts each month. Please contact Ruth Hughes on 5477 0945 in office hours if you can help. Page 2

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SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS Welcome to Buderim The first Welcome to Buderim afternoon tea was held on February 16 and was, as always, a happy event for all. 25 people attended including a very with it pre-teen and an adorable 3 year old with an insatiable appetite for Tiny Teddy biscuits! We were also lucky enough to have both Councillors and our State MP join us. This state of affairs will become increasingly difficult in the future especially as Steve Dickson’s 4 Portfolios include Sport and Racing which means he may be anywhere in Greater Queensland on most Saturdays. Most of the new residents seemed very interested in the “community” aspect of their new home town. 5 ladies indicated they would like to join the Supporters of the Friends of Buderim, 3 gentlemen wer3e prepared to join Buderim Muscle (one insisted on signing up on the spot) and all expressed interest in the BWMCA. Our next “Welcome” is scheduled for April 6. If you have new neighbours or know of a new resident please do invite them to a Welcome afternoon tea. They can register by calling in to the Old Post Office or ringing 5477 0944.

Friends of Buderim As always, Friends are heading into 2013 full tilt. On March 26 we will host a morning tea to welcome Jason

Cameron who has been appointed the permanent police officer for Buderim,. On 27 March we will have a working bee to prepare goods for Saturday March 30 which is Easter Fair. Friends will have 3 stalls of their usual delicious homecooked goodies plus a sumptuous raffle. April 25 is our most important event of the year. Fay Stapleton presides over tea at the Dawn Service. Then we serve morning tea to multi-hundreds of attendees at the Main Service in the Pine Forrest at Buderim State School. If any members could help by supplying a slice, some biscuits or a cake it would be most welcome. Friends are grateful for any help. Please ring Ann Morris – 5445 4353 with offers of help. On May 22 we have a very special social event. Our Buderim Member of Parliament, Steve Dickson, is hosting a Parliamentary tour and barbecue for the Friends including sitting in on Question Time in the afternoon. Our two Councillors, Ted Hungerford and Christian Dickson will cook the barbecue .All of this is a gesture of thanks for the community work which the Friends carry out. We are looking forward to it tremendously. Friends are very friendly so we will trial having formal meetings every second month and in the intervening months have an informal get-togethers over a cup of coffee. It’s amazing how well the little grey cells perform with the heavenly scent of a cappuccino in the air!

Buderim War Memorial Hall We are about to reroof the library and CWA rooms at the Hall. That old flat roof has been patched many times but is beyond patching again. We are proud to say we have given the $15 000 contract to a Buderim firm. The library workroom upstairs has been taking water for some weeks and as soon as we get some consistently dry weather, work on the new roof will start. Bookings continue to flow in and again we are almost at capacity. I am about to open the Bookings for 2014.Much of our year is taken up with recurring bookings and so that doesn’t leave many spare days, particularly later in the year. But that’s how a Community Hall works. One of the really big events coming will be the Adopt a Digger program in Anzac Day week 2015.We are planning to hand over the Hall to the program for the whole week to mount their display honouring all those from all over the Sunshine Coast who went to the First World War. We are a War Memorial Hall and I firmly believe that Anzac Day 2015 will be one of the most important and celebrated days in our lifetimes. John McMahon Chairman

Old Post Office Management I would like to begin by extending a very big thankyou to Robyn Edwards for her tireless contribution to the management of the ‘Old Post Office’ over the last few years. Robyn has moved on to new projects and I am delighted to have the opportunity to step . into the role of management of Buderim Community Information Centre also known as the ‘Old Post Office’. As with all new. beginnings there is a lot to learn; new faces, new names and new procedures. As such I am grateful to the outstanding support and patience of the dedicated volunteers during this time. The Buderim Community Information Centre, Old Post Office, continues to provide a valuable community service . There is a service provided by JP’s on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning between 10:00am and 12:00 noon. Over the last few weeks on numerous occasions I have heard prospective Buderim residents say “…there is a nice feeling of community in Buderim”. It is good to know that the strong feeling of community is as tangible for visitors to Buderim as it is for those of us who call Buderim home. The first exhibition of the year will be a showcase of the work of artist Peter Hidden over the Easter period. Merchandise There is an array of merchandise and memorabilia available for sale in the ‘Old Post Office’. During February the most popular item has been the Buderim DVD. Not to be overlooked are the delightful linen tea towels, with a choice of three unique designs by a local artist Alex Sweet; Tree of Life, Jacaranda or Poinciana. The tea towels are a perfect gift and a beautiful memento of Buderim. New additions to the merchandise are the Diggers Hats key rings; handcrafted by the Vietnam Veterans Association Sunshine Coast, available in gold, silver and bronze. Best wishes until next time. Ruth Hughes March 2013

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AFFILIATES REPORTS Buderim Historical Society Inc.

Buderim Craft Cottage The Cottage is planning several big events in the first half of 2013.

Easter Fair: Saturday March 30th 8am—2:30pm The first of these is the Easter Fair on Saturday March 30th. We join forces with Lions Club and the Buderim Library to bring this event to the Buderim Community. Lions will have a big variety of market stalls in and around the War Memorial Hall. The Library, upstairs at the Hall, will have lots of books for sale at bargain prices. The Craft Cottage's 12 groups will all be offering a fine range of art works and artisan crafts in the Cottage. So the “arts precinct” around the Memorial Hall is the place to go for Easter shopping! The Fair will be held at its usual location; the War Memorial Hall, corner of Church and Main Streets, next door at Buderim Craft Cottage (5 Main St), and in the gardens between the two properties. Visitors need not fear hunger or thirst; there will be lots of delicious treats to enjoy for a break from shopping . Hundreds of butterflies ? The Cottage's Atrium Gallery will be alive with butterflies when a free standing sculptural art installation is

displayed at the Mixed and Multi Media Group (MMM )Exhibition from Friday 3rd May toThursday 9th May The artwork is called Chasing Butterflies. It is around 20’ high and covers a quarter of the large gallery space. It is amongst the largest artworks ever in a private gallery on the Sunshine Coast and is there any happier subject for an artwork than children and butterflies? As well as the enormous installation, the exhibition will include a diverse range of styles featuring contemporary and traditional subject matter. Opening hours: 10am—4pm 3rd Biennial Winter School 1st -12th June The Cottage has organised a top line up of workshops and tutors for the Winter School, held every second year. 15 workshops ranging from 1 to 4 days in length will be led by accomplished award-winning artists, many of whom have exhibited and taught throughout Australia and overseas. They include well-known local artist Chris Postle, paper and book artist Di Tait (former President of Papermakers of Qld), and photographer Rick Sherwin (winner of many awards and Hon Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) Some Workshops are for beginners, others require prior experience. The full program of Workshops and details of the tutors is available at . The Application form and Workshop Fee Schedule can also be downloaded from the site. Applications close 30 April. Jan Nelson, Budrim Craft Cottage

What a disappointment for BWMCA and Buderimites - Australia Day cancelled again. So much work and so little reward but well done anyway. At Pioneer Cottage we decided that our scones wouldn’t go to waste but to the freezer until Saturday 9th when we held our “Delayed Australia Day Fair” and what a success. Wilma decided to have a Trash and Treasure Stall (with many wonderful donations from members of the community included), Maxina – another of her wonderful second hand book stalls and Robyn suggested a cake stall as well. We set up the marquees on Friday night and were all there at 6.30 for the big set up so we could start at the well advertised time of 8 am. At 7.30 we had to let the hoards in and it was go, go, go from then on. Who would believe people would want Devonshire Teas at 8 am? We ran out after 15 dozen scones had been consumed. At 11am the Mayor and his wife came and I was sitting having a cuppa with them when I realised I was still in my setting up clothes despite a change of clothing in the car!!! It was such a success and everyone suggested another one but it was very exhausting for our volunteers and might take a while for us to agree. We would all like to wish Maxina all the best and we hope she gets well soon without having to have the suggested surgery. Prue Cawley

Sunshine Statesmen The new club executive are: Greg Croan President; Benno Fenger Secretary; Paul Minnis Treasurer; George McCallam Membership; John Bower Publicity officer taking over from Bruce Laming who for the past years has done a terrific job!. Karina Gough has returned as our Musical Director, and has her eyes set for a successful performance at our Regional Convention on April 27 th in Toowoomba. We are now in the first of 6 weeks of voice training, where new members are tutored in the art of Barbershop Harmony. It is not too late to join the new group, as we are always on the lookout for males with a penchant towards singing in the car or the bathroom who would like to learn the secrets of Barbershop Harmony. Rehearsals are held every Wednesday from 7.00 to 10pm at the Uniting Church Hall, cnr of Main Street and Gloucester Road, Buderim. Come along for a look, and a cuppa. John Bower Ph: 54389572 Page 4

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AFFILIATES REPORTS Buderim View Club Buderim VIEW Club ended 2012 with a 19th Birthday Party for the Club and a Celebration Royal Garden Party for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Buderim VIEW with a current membership of 91 holds monthly meetings with a program on the first Wednesday of the month at Clio’s Restaurant on Rosemount. In February one of our Learning for Life sponsorship students gave a talk on how the Learning for Life program has benefitted his education. This month we celebrate International Women’s Day with speaker Olivia Nelson. In April Gordon Cramer a cryptologist will be speaking and in May Kevin Hegarty will give a presentation on the Kawana University Hospital. The funds generated are used to assist the Learning for Life program for children of underprivileged families. BATS Theatre Co Inc Crown Matrimonial, the story of the abdication of King Edward VIII as told by the Royal Family, will open on March 15 and have further performances on March 16, 17, 22,and 23, with a special fundraising performance for Katie Rose Hospice on March 19.The whole play takes place in the Drawing Room of Queen Mary. It is a fascinating insight into this troublesome time in British History and certainly gave me a new slant on what went on. Bookings on 5445 2515. Our One Act play season coming up in June will cast on March 25.We are presenting three plays all written by BATS Members. There will be Context by Jacqui Mata Luque, by Carol Hoger , and The Locals’ Spot by Bruce Olive. After their AGM on March 27 at 6.30pm, BATS will hold a “think tank” to try to revitalise the group. BATS hold regular Play Reading nights on the third Wednesday of the month and all are welcome. The BATS Theatre Co Inc Website now has all the details for the next round of the Edythe Brook Cooper Play Writing Competition. This is for a full length play to be performed in 2014.There is substantial prize money for the winner. Coming up in October we have “Daisy Pulls It Off” ,a riotous comedy we are doing in conjunction with Suncoast Repertory Theatre. John McMahon March 2913

Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Inc The Theatre Alliance is changing in a big way. Instead of being open only to the local theatre groups, we are opening up to all cultural groups on the Coast with compatible aims. We hope this will be of help to everyone and we can feed off each other. will still have all the info about upcoming shows. We are also on Facebook. If you call 5449 9972 or email you can go on the mailing list for the Live Theatre Directory which is published three times a year and tells you what is happening where and when. John McMahon Matthew Flinders College congratulates its 10 OP1 students from 2012. Applications are now open for 2014 Scholarships. Academic, General Excellence and Performance Scholarships will be available. Apply online at or telephone 5477 3260.

Sunshine Coast Square Dance Centre Suncoasters are back in full swing after the Christmas recess with all levels operating. There have been "come and try nights" on Tuesdays for people interested in learning square dancing, there will be a couple more nights before the learning classes begin. The centre suffered damage to the property in recent January flood rains when a very large gum tree was uprooted and flattened a shed and fencing, We are still fundraising for a new roof on the hall which has to be replaced. A group of dancers will be going to Bundaberg for an Easter weekend dancing then to the National square dance convention in Gosford on 25th April till 29thApril.The yearly Stamp fair is 17th March in our hall which we cater for each year also sausage sizzles at Bunning to help raise funds. June McCarthy Notice to Members BWMCA Membership Single and Family Memberships are due for renewal each year on 01 January

Coastal Caring Clowns A tribute to Roy David (Gus) Guthrie Gus attended a “Clowning for Cowards” workshop in Buderim in January 2001 and never looked back, and "Charlie" was born. He became the inaugural President of the Coastal Caring Clowns Inc. in July 2001, an office he held for 5 years (as well as being Secretary for the first 3). Charlie enjoyed visiting both hospitals and nursing homes and with many years of caring clowning had a wealth of experience and lots of "war stories" and was happy to help and encourage new clowns. He enjoyed doing simple magic, especially card tricks, and longed to learn to juggle, which he just could not seem to get the hang of. Charlie has, over the years given many informative talks to Probus, Rotary and View Clubs, and Senior Citizens Groups up and down the Coast to try to spread the awareness of caring clowning (and getting some useful donations for CCC in the process). On 12 January 2013 Gus passed away after a brave fight with cancer. His influence on the group cannot be overstated and his legacy will live on. Page 5

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HOT GINGER CHORUS SEARCHES FOR NEW MUSICAL DIRECTOR Do you have a passion for singing and vocal education, coupled with a sense of fun? These are the attributes that Hot Ginger Chorus is seeking as the Sunshine Coast a cappella group recruits for a new Musical Director. It’s an opportunity for a Musical Director to take on an enthusiastic and well-established women’s barbershop chorus with over 30 members, singing four-part harmony in the barbershop style, with a varied repertoire including swing, rhythm & blues, pop music, jazz, ballads and Australiana. The chorus has been established for 21 years and rehearses weekly at Bli Bli. For more information about the Musical Director’s role, please contact Pam Cockshaw on 0407 929 785 or Vanessa Smith on 0419 258 027. and Graduate Women Qld - Sunshine Coast Branch The New Year started with a special Australia Day luncheon at Palmwoods with 38 attendees. There was much frivolity with mind testing quizzes and awards for the best dressed Australian. The first 2013 general breakfast meeting was held at Chancellor Tavern Sippy Downs on 2nd March. This gave an opportunity for members to meet the eloquent and delightful speaker of the Queensland State Parliament our very own Ms Fiona Simpson MLA. It was also a chance to celebrate International Women's Day with overseas guests and some eminent local ladies. Ms Simpson addressed the subject "Inspiring Women – Pioneering Change" citing the motto of Qld "bold but faithful" and referring to Qld giving the vote to women in 1907 with Irene Longman being the first woman member elected in 1929. Gowning assistance for USC graduates will be on the 5th April when over 600 will receive their degrees in two ceremonies. It is a very rewarding and exciting day for all. Refugee education over the summer holidays saw two young students stay with members whilst they attend English classes for two weeks. This program is unique and into its eighth year. To date Graduate Women have sponsored 40 young ladies through our programme. Members and students benefit from this assistance to refugee girls to assimilate into the Australian way of life and encouragement to continue with further studies. Rural and Remote bursaries are on the agenda for Nursing and Post Graduate degrees at USC. Jan Leake Jones

U3A Report. Our open day U3A on Display held at the Kawana Community Centre in January was an outstanding success. Team U3A led by Brenda Davies put on a professional show which was described by the Community Centre management as being as good as any they have hosted. U3A members were encouraged to visit, socialise and renew their membership, alongside anyone from the Sunshine Coast who has retired from the workforce and who is looking for new directions. To our delighted surprise some two hundred new members joined up on the day which has driven our membership up to 2,300 a record for us and confirms our position as the largest regional U3A in Australia And estimated one thousand visitors crowded the halls to meet up with the volunteer tutors who were on duty for the day. We were able to offer more than 170 activities to those of a the Third Age who want to learn for the joy of learning or stay fit attending one our many physical activity options. Visitors were able to watch U3A members showcasing their skills on stage, such as choir singing, ukulele playing, that was spliced with some animated and very funny poetry renditions. Others were attracted to our Try it Out area and have a go at mah-jong, life drawing, international folk dancing and plucking a ukulele. The highlight however was our guest of honour Actor & Comedian Noeline Brown in her role as The Ambassador for Ageing, opened our special day. After her speech she met up with many of us and proved a charming guest. Term One is all but over and the new management committee led by President Brenda Davies are working hard to maintain the standards. From: Olivia Nelson. 5476 5802.

St Mark’s Anglican Church The Church year is halfway through the season of Lent during which Bible study is encouraged through prayer and study groups. Focus is on positive thoughts of hope,love and faith in one neighbours and community returning to" home" in our spiritual journeys. St Mark's is preparing for the great celebration of EASTER with service on 24th March of Palm Sunday, the day of Christs entry into Jerusalem leading the way to the Holy Days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Eve, and the great thanksgiving on Easter Sunday of the risen Lord. This season lasts for 50 days with the coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) spreading the good news to the world,. Times of all services are on the notice board outside the church. Our Locum Fr Theo Woods will be farewelled 31st March . A highlight for St Mark's Anglican community is the advent of the new Rector Fr Jeremy Greaves, who will be commissioned as the 3rd Rector of St Mark's Buderim Parish on Saturday 13th April with a special service at 4 pm. We welcome Fr Jeremy (former Dean of Darwin’s Christ Church Cathedral) as our parish priest together with his wife and three children. and look forward to his ministry amongst us. Jan Jones

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AFFILIATES REPORTS 4 Paws Animal Rescue CAN YOU GIVE A LOVING PET A HOME? The start of the year has seen an unprecedented number of dogs and cats being handed in to 4 Paws Animal Rescue. 4 Paws President Julie Penlington says it is the worst it has been in seven years. The influx has meant that 4 Paws is under enormous pressure to find new foster carers and people willing to adopt a pet. If you, or someone you know, is able to give a pet a home on a shortterm or permanent basis, please email Julie at Last year 4 Paws adopted out 70 dogs and 29 cats. This great achievement was due to the generosity and kindness of supporters and sponsors who opened their hearts and homes to these loving pets. Julie says the most heart-warming rescues last year were two dogs that had been dumped in the bush and handed in to the pound. Ella, found in the Beerburrum State Forest, was terrified out of her wits and could not stand being touched. She shook incessantly. Her fur was matted beyond belief and she was emaciated. Little Forrest was found in Buderim Forest he was flea-ridden, covered in filth and his eyes were a pussy mess. He has since had surgery for his eyes and has had a few rotten teeth removed. Forrest is now feeling the best he has in years. Successful fund-raising events in 2012 included fashion parades, car washes, sausage sizzles, stalls, a Santa Paws day and our annual Walk 4 Paws at Bokarina. If you are unable to foster or adopt a pet at this time, but would like to make a donation to help dogs and cats in need, please email Julie (see address above), or go to the donation section of the 4 Paws website:

Sunshine Coast Choral Society With 2012 concluding to ‘The Sounds of Christmas’ at Nambour, invitations to sing at Buderim’s ‘Carols by Candlelight’ and ‘Lighting the Christmas Tree’ at Mooloolaba and Cotton Tree, plus several performances at the Sunshine Plaza at Marooochydore, including a surprise rendition if Handel’s wonderful ‘Helleluja Chorus’, the choir felt elated but ready for the holidays! Ian and Meryll Muller hosted a Musical Soiree at their art gallery on 10 March at 2pm. Proceeds went to SCCS. A ‘scratch’ performance of selected Easter Choruses from Handel’s ‘Messiah’ open to everyone with a workshop at 9am and Concert at 3:30pm, will be held at the Caloundra Uniting Church on Saturday 16 March. A twenty piece orchestra and soloists will also be featured at this event. The Verdi ‘Requiem’ in conjunction with the Noosa Chorale, Soloists and a sixty piece orchestra to celebrate the centenary of Verdi’s birth. The venues are the Noosa Bicentennial Hall on June 9th and Lake Kawana Community Centre on June 16th. Conductor Adrian King is well known for his expertise in musical repertoire for instrumental and choral works and this will be no exception. SCCS rehearsals are always fun and are held on Wednesday evenings, 7 – 9:30pm (with a tea break) at the Lakeshore Church of Christ. SCCS is an auditioned choir and welcomes new members. Contact: Secretary, Maryann Klemenic (Ph 5456 2667 oe email Helen Cooper

. Buderim Community Kindergarten. It has already been a busy start to the year at The Buderim Community Kindergarten. Our beautiful new gardens which were completed in 2012 by Manawee are flourishing. Thanks to our wonderful families who cared for them over the Christmas break. Like everyone on Buderim we are looking forward to the sun shining again soon so we can enjoy our beautiful surrounds at Kindy. The garden is an extension of the children’s learning at Buderim Kindy, we have wind and rain gauges, a worm farm, recycling, a vegetable garden and a native beehive. We have welcomed our new committee for 2013, a generous and hard working group of parents to keep us running smoothly. I’ve already had feedback that “being a part of Buderim Kindy is a rewarding experience”. The children enjoyed their first visitor to Kindy recently when Julie from Bee Happy Puppets came to play. Our next big activity is our annual Obstacle-athon. The children collect sponsorship and then complete laps of the obstacle course in our grounds. Then they celebrate their achievements’ with a shared family picnic afterwards. Have you seen our beautiful new Kindergarten Brochure? Look out for it at local shops, schools and offices and share it with someone you know. Buderim Kindy is also finding our way in the digital age and shall share with you our website and Facebook page very soon. Nyree Maclellan

BWMCA Newsletter EDITOR:

Meg Scott

The BWMCA reserves the right to edit all contributions, particularly for the purposes of copy -fitting and uniformity. March 2013

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AFFILIATES REPORTS Archaeological Investigation, by the Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc. (BPHTI), of the old Mons Station site located at about 1100m down-track from the Telco Road entrance of the BuderimPalmwoods Heritage Tramway Walking Track. This investigation at the Mons Station site is to be conducted as a stand-alone archaeological test trench project. At present it is planned for March 15th and 16th, 2013. It will be carried out by BPHTI volunteers with the support of those members with archaeological background and experience: Gary and Dorothy Flanigan and Neil McGarvie. The aim of the project is to more accurately determine exactly where the small building, perhaps 2 metres square, was located nearly eighty years ago. This will allow BPHTI to better protect the site and to develop fuller interpretation material for walkers/visitors, thereby providing a greater understanding and appreciation of past human behaviour and activities. Knowledge gained will complement the presently installed interpretation signs. Some artefacts may perhaps be found while the search for foundations or stump hole ‘shadows’ is made in the soil. In preparation for this work the BPHTI members involved have used all available old photos and documentation from the 1914-36 period of the life of the tramway, in both on-site and desk-top analysis, to determine the most accurate location for the old building and thus the position for the trench. The measurement of sleeper remnants at about 900m enabled an estimation of lengths of sleeper number coverage taken from the photos. A metal detector survey has also been used to refine the position estimations. An Exemption Certificate to conduct development on a heritage registered site has been obtained by BPHTI from the Qld Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. The walking track is on a Sunshine Coast Regional Council easement and Council cooperation in preparation for the project and applications has been most appreciated Neil McGarvie

Mons Tram Station March 2013

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AFFILIATES REPORTS Sunshine Coast Concert Band The Sunshine Coast Concert Band has planned 8 concerts, 3 Dances and 2 Balls in 2013. Rehearsals on Wednesday nights at the Kawana Community Hall are well attended, and Music Director Ken Chadwick is constantly producing new music scores for the many varied programmes. “A Touch of Irish” at 2pm on Saturday 16th March at Siena Primary School Hall, Sippy Downs: Lively tunes plus swing numbers; a Singalong of traditional Irish tunes; and a Dixie group with Bev Gourlay, Aart Schouten and Dave Stygall singing and John Sheed compere. Children in the company of an adult are admitted free . A home-baked afternoon tea will be provided. All proceeds tothe Nambour Special School. Tickets ($15) are at the OPO Buderim or Nambour Special School office. “Pride of Australia” concert at 2pm on Sunday 28th April in the Kawana Community Hall. It will feature patriotic music, and will raise funds for the Maroochydore Rotary Club for a new Men’s Shed. The Sunshine Coast Concert Band will provide the music on Anzac Day for the dawn service (Buderim Hall) and the 9am service (Buderim Mt School). “Merry Month of May” dance from 7:30pm on Saturday May 11th in the Kawana Community Hall. For bookings ( $15 per person) phone Helen (5477 1037) or email . Bring refreshments and friends and enjoy a wonderful concert and dance. Sunshine Coast Rostrum. A community meeting at Studio North, Buderim Craft Cottage on Saturday 13th April 10 to 11.30 am will show what Rostrum is and demonstrate what happens at club meetings. The object of Rostrum is to help people gain skills in public speaking and meeting management. We also help those developing their English language skills, students and people with physical disabilities who seek greater community interaction. There is no age limit in Rostrum. Share morning tea with us and learn how you can improve your personal skills. For information ring Merv on 54452907 or Geoff on 54459580. March 2013

Buderim Foundation $67,500 worth of vouchers distributed since 2005 Early in February the Buderim Foundation received $10,000 worth of Back to School vouchers from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal. The $50 vouchers, redeemable at Target are designed to financially assist a number of Buderim families at the start of the school year. To ensure the distribution is effective, the Foundation works in partnership with schools and community organisations. This year the vouchers were provided to Buderim Mountain State School, Mountain Creek State Primary and Chancellor State College as well as St Vincent de Paul (Maroochydore), The Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Foundation and Community Solutions for their 'Grandparents as Parents' Program. Community Challenge wrap up The B150 Community Challenge raised $220,000. This brings the Foundation's Trust Funds to more than $720,000 managed by the Foundation's Investment Committee in a mix of fixed interest deposits and shares. This year the Foundation expects investments to return well over $30,000 in grants to Buderim community organisations. So thank you to all those who supported the Community Challenge. This money is never spent so your generosity is there for the benefit of Buderim forever! Would you like to become an Ambassador? Ambassador support is crucial to the Foundation's success. Being an Ambassador is simple. If you would like to know more, contact Board Member Avril Staniland on 0408 010 230. Buderim Local Ambulance Committee Our Buderim Local Ambulance Committee (LAC) under President Don Culley has been quietly working to assist Buderim Station Staff who do so much for the community. We are currently awaiting the arrival of the child manikin which will assist all staff (students and Paramedics) at the station with their skills. We are also in the process of updating the station library further with new reference books and providing a lockable storage unit at the station. We had a successful Xmas stall we sold cakes, jams, biscuits and plants and thank the community for their support. This year we are again offering placer to station staff to attend PHTLS courses as part of the Fred Mellish Award. Our thanks go to Retirement Villages and locals in the Buderim District for their thoughtful donations. Trauma toys have also been received to be utilised with sick children when travelling in the ambulances.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School Events of Events of Note: Grammar Chapel Easter Chapel Service 24 Mar 4pm Secondary Mother's Day High Tea 9 May 3.30pm Old Winery Restaurant Grammar Chapel Mother's Day Chapel 10 May 1:30pm Grammar Helping Hands Grammar Sports Community Function 18 May 6.30pm Performance Centre Primary Family Chapel Service 26 May 4pm Grammar Chapel Grammar Hall Foundation Day Celebrations 4 Jun 8.30am Grandparent's & Special Family Friends Day 13 Jun For more information: Ms Megan Meineke at or 5445 4345. Page 9

BWMCA Newsletter

AFFILIATES REPORTS THE BUDERIM LIBRARY situated on Main Street next to the Billiards room has enjoyed a busy start to the year with an average of 50 new books being added to the shelves per month . Ongoing repairs to those which are messy and torn have been given a new life by the active repair team of volunteers. Books on Wheels are delivered to those that are unable to get up to the Library with a choice of 6 books every two weeks. A great service much appreciated. Please note the annual Book Sale will be upstairs in the work room and CWA room on Saturday 30th March from 8 am -3 pm. Donations of used good quality books can be delivered anytime during opening hours for this important sale . Revenue from this sustains the Library to do the above activities and provide this grand service to its members. Jan Leake Jones

Buderim Library Ladies preparing for Books on Wheels deliveries. FOOTE SANCTUARY This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of a community initiative that was decades before its time, the idea of restoring the Foote Sanctuary area to its pristine condition. It was, when Buderim first came under the attention of the timber getters more than 150 years ago, a rainforest with a scattering of eucalypts. It was logged for the valued timbers, red cedar, beech and ash and the rest cleared for farming. When the farming owners, the Foote family donated the 8 hectares to the people of Buderim in honour of their lost family member Eric Joseph Foote Military Medal who died in World War 1, they did not intend the land to take on the character of a sombre civic memorial. There were to be no statutes, no well tended flower beds and no roll of honour. Instead they envisaged a sort of untamed natural area where people could wander and enjoy the bush, living the life that Eric had been denied. After a series of contretemps with Councils of the day, eventually, in October 1963 a group of citizens, including Hubert Foote, met at Dr.Strickland Shaw’s house and began what has become the Foote Sanctuary Association. Since then, virtually every Thursday morning for the past 50 years, generations of volunteers have carried out the wishes of the Foote family, clearing weeds and non indigenous growth and replacing it with species specific to the area. There are now over 150 varieties of rainforest trees and over 40 eucalypt species growing, many of them carefully labelled to educate the wanderers. The Association meets monthly and last Saturday was the 559 th meeting. Nowadays sustainability and care for green areas is a byword, but these volunteers made it a reality for the past half century. Suitable commemorations are planned, so watch this space and enjoy this restored wilderness, or come and help out in the meantime. Geoffrey Hole Left: Winning artist Di West at SC Festival Right: 4 Paws Walk at the Sunshine Coast

March 2013

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Paul Clark Sam Conaro

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COMMUNITY SERVICE 4 Paws Animal Rescue Buddies Refugee Support Buderim Library Assn Buderim Men’s Shed Buderim Safe Buderim SAILS Buderim 11 Central NHW Buderim East NHW 2 Buderim VIEW Club Coastal Caring Clowns Foote Sanctuary Fusion (Alcoringa) Martins Ck H’water Action Sunshine Coast Legacy Sunshine FM 104.9

Julie Penlington 0411 144689 V Ross 5476 8645 Sylvia Humphris 5456 1066 Rick Beasley 0429 627101 Don Culley 5445 1871 Heather Johnston 5453 4102 Mary McGinness 0439 008976 Clem Sutherland 5445 1565 Leonie Palmer 5452 6068 Christine Rule 5456 2484 Kerry Brace 5452 7918 Jessie O’Neil 5476 5033 Tom Rickards 5445 8859 Allan Quartermaine 5444 6484 Nettie Knox 5450 1049

CULTURAL & INTEREST GROUPS Aust Decorative & Fine Arts Soc. Helen Milne 5456 4477 BATS Theatre Company John McMahon 5445 2515 Buderim Concert Band Caralyn Dean 5445 3208 Buderim Craft Cottage Jan Nelson 5445 2323 Buderim Garden Club Ganaa O’Brien 5456 4725 Buderim Historical Society Prue Cawley 5445 1341 Buderim Male Choir Ross Stewart 5450 1777 Buderim Mt Toastmasters Judith McConnell 5493 5463 Buderim Rostrum No 20 Geoff Keeler 5445 9580 Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Helene Cronin 5476 9509 BYTE Robyn Ernst 5445 8768 Hot Ginger Chorus Veronika Liljequist 5445 5415 SC Oriana Arts Inc Ruth Rix 5492 7740 Suncoast Chess Club Jeff Dyer 0424 606831 SC Gem/Fossicking Club Ivan Rodighiero 5451 0738 SC Art Group Ian Green 5448 8580 SC Choral Society Jennifer Barry 5444 3899 SC Computer Club Peter Daley 5491 3279 SC Concert Band Warren Baddley 5499 6147 Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus Greg Croan 5450 5285 SC Symphony Orchestra Carol Booker 0414 710774 SC Theatre Alliance John McMahon 5445 2515

Bloomhill Cancer Support Jenny Carroll Buderim East Probus Club Des Smallwood Buderim Mt Probus Club Roy Ascott Buderim Girl Guides Justine Hall-Gardiner Buderim Scout Group Nicola Long Graduate Women Qld Jan Leake Jones Lions Club of Buderim Brian McBride National Seniors (Buderim) Graham Kruck Probus Club of Buderim Inc Keith Solomom QCWA - Buderim Branch Wendy Wilson Rotary Club of Buderim Frank Gishard

SPORT & RECREATION Buderim Billiards and Snooker Club Buderim Bowls Club Buderim Contract Bridge Club Buderim Cricket Club Buderim Indoor Bowls Club Buderim Firebirds Netball Headland-Buderim Croquet Club Headland Golf Club SC Dog Obedience Club SC Hockey Assn SC Square Dance Centre Taoist Tai Chi Soc of Qld

March 2013

Rob McCormack 0410 006584 Ken Wright 5456 2845 Joe Czekanski 5476 6613 Kathy Poole 0417 760981 Terry Schefe 5445 2997 Tracy Wilkins 0410 614752 Lesley Smith John Joseph Colin Ibbotson Susan Ohlin Nev McLachlan Gary Williamson

5476 5495 5444 5800 5437 6623 5445 2117 5445 1238 5445 9939

EDUCATION Buderim Community Kindergarten Maree Evans Buderim Mtn SS P&C Suzie Williams Immanuel Lutheran College Fiona Christie Matthew Flinders Anglican College Director Dev Services Montessori International College Cassandra Smith SC Grammar School Sandra Bourke U3A Sunshine Coast Jan Johnston

5476 9935 5477 2737 5477 3448 5477 3200 5445 2249 5445 4444 5478 4371

RELIGION - CHURCHES St Mark’s Anglican Church Anne Meares Uniting Church - Buderim Joy Buse

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EMERGENCY SERVICES Buderim Local Ambulance Committee Grace McLuskie-Higgs Royal Flying Doctor Service Penny Cooper

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5445 1518 5456 2242

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Please check that your contact details supplied to us at the beginning of the year are still correct. For those who have held their AGM and changed key people, or who have just changed their service provider for email communication, make sure that we have your correct details.

BWMCA Newsletter

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PRESIDENT John McMahon…...5445 2515

VICE PRESIDENT Robyn Edwards...5456 1943

SECRETARY Anne Moorhouse..5477 0484

PROJECT OFFICERS Buderim Community Muscle Buderim Community Website Public Relations Officer Membership & Affiliates Newsletter

TBA Steve Chellingworth Geoffrey Hole Paula Owen Meg Scott

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TREASURER David Edwards….5445 5759

ELECTED COMMITTEE Lynn Moss……...….5445 5312 Steve Chellingworth .5476 5638

Honorary Photographer ..............George Horvath

T 07 5477 0945

Honorary Insurance Officer...........Peter Birt

F 07 5477 0946

Honorary Legal Consultant............Lucy Cradduck


John Saint Smith…...5479 6908 Prue Cawley………..5445 1341


Honorary Solicitor………………….Kennedy Fox

PO Box 156 Buderim Q 4556


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B150 This Sub-Committee has finished its role. The thanks of the BWMCA and the community go to all those who worked so hard to make the year a rousing success.

Lynn Moss


John McMahon


Lynn Moss



Single and Family memberships

Ruth Hughes

Volunteers are needed for the roster for the OPO desk. Please contact Ruth on 5477 0945 in opening hours if you would like to join this group.

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BWMCA Newsletter Mar 2013  

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