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Inside you will find information about everything Redlands: campus life, degrees, athletics and our on campus apartments. There are also answers to those questions you may have about college: What is tuition?, How do I earn college credit in high school?, How do I build a college schedule? and more. We hope that this book helps you in your college search and we look forward to meeting you on campus!

Keele Casey Class of ‘11

Experience Just like four-year universities, we have student apartments for you to live in, an on campus cafeteria, athletics and student activities and organizations for you to join—come have the full college experience.


Class Size When you’re a freshman at a larger college, you might have classes with 200, 300 or even 500 other students! At Redlands, class sizes are small (student/faculty ratio 24:1), so you actually get to know your classmates and professor.


Cost $9,934

Redlands costs much less than four-year universities. When you do your first two years here, you’ll save tons of money on your way to a Bachelor’s degree! How would you spend an extra

$5000? $4,980

Oklahoma Research Universities

Oklahoma Regional Universities

Information from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Redlands Community College 5

Academic Excellence Honors Program The Honors Program at Redlands offers motivated, academically talented students more challenging class experiences and interaction with other gifted students. Virtually every course at Redlands can have an honors component added on, allowing you the option of customizing your schedule to your academic strengths. The benefits of participating in the honors program are numerous: increased opportunities for scholarships at RCC and four-year institutions, permanent designation of Honors courses completed on transcripts and increased chances of acceptance in Honors Programs at four-year institutions.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest international honor society for two-year colleges, as judged by the American Association of Community Colleges. Membership is a permanent recognition of your hard work and academic achievement--making membership a very special honor. The organization offers unique opportunities for scholarships, honors studies, leadership development and civic engagement. The significance of your membership will be recognized by colleges, universities and potential employers.



Most community colleges don’t offer the opportunity to participate in research, but Redlands is different. Undergraduate research enhances and expands teaching and learning excellence beyond the classroom and prepares our graduates to excel at four-year universities and in the workforce. It teaches students about the basics of research, including participation in hands-on basic and applied research activities. Redlands’ students present at national conferences, publish results in journals, host industry workshops and present findings on radio broadcasts. Students have earned the opportunity to present their projects at the Oklahoma State Research Day. This prestigious opportunity is generally open only to juniors and seniors at research institutions; however, Redlands freshmen and sophomores have also received this honor five of the last six years. 6

Dr. Bill Gorden Professor

Faculty At big schools most of the classes you will take in the first two years will be taught by Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants—basically students like you working for the professor. At Redlands, you are taught by the actual professor; we don’t use student teachers.

Kingfisher 35 min 270

Okarche 17 min


Geary 26 min


Calumet 16 min

270 281

El Reno


40 40

Hinton 27 min


Yukon 16 min 40


Union City 13 min


Cogar 30 min Anadarko 59 min

Piedmont 30 min


Chickasha 41 min

OKC Mustang 29 min 25 min 4

Minco 19 min

Location Gas prices are expensive! Redlands is located in El Reno, just west of OKC. Our central location makes us close to you without breaking the bank in gas costs. 7

CampusLife Campus life gives you the chance to make friends and meet new people who have similar interests. You can also get to know faculty and staff—which never hurts when you need to get some help with a problem. Plus, being involved in campus organizations looks great on your résumé. Oh, and the other thing, you know—FUN! Getting involved on campus is fun. So choose from several campus clubs and activities:

Aggie Club Art Club Baptist Collegiate Ministries Fencing Club Native American Club Students in Free Enterprise Phi Theta Kappa Photography Club Student Nursing Association Intramural Sports Back-to-School Bash Welcome Back Wednesday Spring Fling 8

What makes college such a great experience is the chance to get involved with different clubs and activities on campus.

See photos of recent events at 9

CampusFacili Art/Science Classroom Building This modern facility houses science classrooms, art classrooms, science and art labs with modern technology. You will also find a large presentation room with multimedia capabilities.

Fine Arts Gallery & Cultural Center The Cultural Center is home to a theatre and art gallery, which serve as the hub for cultural activities. Activities include art exhibitions, cultural presentations, theatrical performances, concerts and more.

Nursing Building The nursing building has classrooms, an auditorium style lecture hall and simulation labs complete with advanced patient simulators with realistic anatomy and clinical functionality able to replicate the stressful environment nurses encounter.


Ambassadors provide personalized campus tours for guests throughout the academic year


From Wi-Fi to multimedia classrooms, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations. Darlington Agriculture Education & Applied Research Center

Covering 110 acres off campus, Darlington houses classrooms, demonstration and artificial insemination labs, barns, pens and student housing. The teaching lab includes a Grade A dairy goat parlor and a cheese processing room.

Royse Ranch

Newly renovated Royse Ranch is headquarters of Redlands’ bovine and equine operations. It offers nearly 315 acres of ranchland, several large hay barns, a feedlot, a professional riding arena, 30 horse stalls, six breeding stalls and six breeding turnouts.

Fitness for Life Redlands’ fitness and training facility houses an indoor 25m. swimming pool, racquetball court, steam sauna and a fitness room with free weights, machine weights, treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes. The gymnasium is home to the basketball and volleyball teams.


CampusLivin Welcome Home

Luxury Living at Cougar Crossing Pick from two floor plans: 2-bedroom (left) or 4-bedroom (right). Each floor plan comes with a full kitchen, two bathrooms and a living room. Every bedroom has a private closet and door locks for privacy. But, best of all, each apartment is totally furnished and includes wireless internet, cable and electricity!

Two Roommate Suite

Four Roommate Suite


Stay connected to fellow students. Facebook: Redlands Community College 12

ng Luxury apartments and campus living:

The Best of Both Worlds On-site laundry facilities, fitness center, computer access, large-screen plasma televisions, basketball court, storm shelter and more can be found in the Community Center. Throughout the year, the staff hosts a variety of fun activities at Cougar Crossing, from cookouts to karaoke nights and Super Bowl parties. There’s something for everyone.


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arolin cross and n urkey, o com Want t compete for region,aCl roatia, Englandr, tTo D1 programs aUllnaiversity of North C nds, oma, Africa ansfe more! At Redla er the world— portunity to tr ersity of Oklah uri and o s is v p iv o o M n f ll e U o h from a ny get t t. John’s (NY ), ity, University ing, ma graduat o programs at S a State Univers st , Arizon student Auburn , M & A Texas


Welcome to Central



Far enough for small town living, but close enough to make metro OKC your playground.

Take a bite of our delicious world-famous fried onion burgers. Stop by Sid’s Diner, where “Man v. Food” filmed an episode.

Visit El Reno’s 18-hole golf course, motorcycle dirt track or travel to the OK River for kayaking, running and biking trails.

Visit unique shopping districts, including the new outlet mall.

Enjoy Redhawks baseball, Barons hockey and the future NBA Champions: the OKC Thunder. 17




Complete an application

Enroll in Classes

Pay Bill

Complete an application online, register in-person at Redlands main campus or call (405) 422-1417 and request an application.

If this is your first semester, visit Student Services in-person or if you have completed 12 hours and are not part of a special group, you may enroll online.

Pay online at rcconnect. or in-person at the Business Office using cash, check, credit card or financial aid.

Applying for Financial Aid!

Living On Campus?

Easy Payment Options!

The earlier a student files the FAFSA, the earlier the notification process will be completed.

Download the housing application online, fill it out and turn it in to Cougar Crossing Apartments, then stop by Redlands Business Office to sign a contract and pay a deposit.

Redlands offers an interest-free monthly payment plan called FACTS, to help students meet their educational expenses.

Easy Steps

Getting College

What are

101 Credit Hours?

Credit hours are the number of hours a student spends per week in class. Most classes meet for roughly 3 hours per week, although additional time may be spent working in labs. 18

Successful students generally spend two to three hours outside class studying and doing homework for every hour spent in class.



Get a Student ID and Parking Decal

Get Your Books

Visit the Physical Plant and have your new Redlands ID made and pick up a parking decal. Use your Student ID to access the library, the Fitness for Life Gym, get discounts in the community and more.

Visit the bookstore on campus or online to purchase textbooks and course materials. Save money by asking about the new textbook rental program.

Use your parking decal to take advantage of free campus-wide parking.

Corey Branch Class of ‘12


Started Full-time students take between 12-18 credit hours per semester. Those classroom hours combined with time spent studying and doing homework can easily add up to 36-54 hours per week. To learn how tuition is charged based on how many hours you are taking, see page 20. 19


College is an investment in yourself: mak opportunities and the confidence that com Annual Cost

Live on Campus

Live at Home




Course Fees






Books & Supplies





30 Credit Hours






Tuition is the cost of taking a class at a college or university. The current rate of tuition at Redlands is $106 per credit hour. An English class that meets 3 hours per week will cost $318 per semester. If a student was taking 15 hours of classes, their tuition would total $1590. If they took fewer hours, the number would go down; if you took more, the number would go up.

Specialized Course Fees

Students enrolled in certain courses are required to pay additional fees. These fees typically represent the cost of using consumable materials (such as glassware, chemicals or paper) during instruction. These fees vary depending on the course or lab in which you have enrolled.


As a student at Redlands, you’ll have the opportunity to live in Cougar Crossing, a fully furnished living and learning community. To find out, see more page 12.

Books & Supplies

These expenses vary depending on the specific requirements of the courses you are taking. They usually include materials such as textbooks, folders, notebooks, planners. Redlands started a new book rental program that can save you hundreds of dollars per year. 20


ke more money, have better job mes with earning your degree. No Application Fees No Parking Fees

Ashlee Thomas Class of ‘12



Just because college isn’t cheap, doesn’t


Lots of different places offer scholarships: high schools, local businesses, honor organizations, clubs, national companies and many more. Redlands Foundation has 40 scholarships you can apply for! We encourage you to apply for as many as you qualify for. In 2010-2011, Redlands awarded over $135,000 in scholarships to students! Redlands also offers tuition waivers, Presidential Scholarships and Regents Scholarships to help you pay for college. All three can be applied for with one easy form.

Oklahoma’s Promise

Hopefully as you are reading this, you already have an Oklahoma Promise Scholarship. If not, sign up! Oklahoma’s Promise is one of the best deals around when it comes to making college affordable. The catch is that you have to sign up for the program no later than your sophomore year of high school. Hey sophomores! Sign up NOW.

Financial Aid

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the most important form you can fill out to help make college affordable. Colleges use it to determine your financial aid. If you don’t do it, you put your ability to get aid on a standstill. You can do the FAFSA online at and you should get this done as soon as possible after you and your parents do your taxes. The rule of thumb is to get it done before March 1. BTW, on the FAFSA, you have to type in a school code to send your aid report to. Redlands school code is 003156. Send your aid report to every school you are considering. You never know where you will end up and it’s important that they have this information.


While loans can help you realize the college dream, keep in mind you pay interest back. There are two basic types of college loans: subsidized and unsubsidized. A subsidized loan is need based and interest does not start until after you graduate; unsubsidized loans are not need based and interest starts building as soon as you get the loan, even if you are still in school. The good news is, you can defer payment of that interest until after you graduate. Let’s say during your college career, you take $10,000 in loans with 6.8% interest. Once you graduate, you will be required to pay back that $10,000 PLUS the interest. If it takes you 10 years to pay the loan back, you will pay an additional $3,809.66 in interest. If you go to a really expensive school and your student loans are $50,000 at the same interest rate, you pay back an extra $19,048.28! Your monthly payment on a loan that large would be almost $600 a month! That’s why it’s best to keep loans to a minimum and focus on getting scholarships, grants and tuition waivers. Because Redlands is affordable, if you do have to take out a loan, it will most likely be a much smaller manageable amount.

FACTS Payment Plan

FACTS allows you to pay off your school debt in monthly payments without paying any interest. Yes, that’s right 0% interest! The balance must be paid off before the next semester, so FACTS is best for small to moderate amounts owed. The sooner you sign up, the longer you will have to pay off the outstanding amount. For example, if a student owes $800 and signs up for FACTS at the beginning of June, they will be allowed to pay off the $800 in 6 payments ($133 a month). If they sign up for FACTS in September, they will only get 2 months to pay off the $800 ($400 a month). 22

mean it can’t be affordable. You should never, ever have to pay any money to apply for or get a scholarship! Keep that in mind when you look up scholarships online:

Watch Bertrick’s story and others at 23

WhereAreThe Garrett Eaton is currently the head basketball coach, history and physical education teacher at Maple, a K-8 school near El Reno. Hometown: Calumet, OK Redlands: Class of 2009, Ambassador Co-President Southwestern Oklahoma State University: Class of 2011, History Education

Katlynn Weathers is currently attending Oklahoma State University pursuing a Masters of Science in Plant and Soil Science. Hometown: Edmond, OK Redlands: Class of 2009, Center of Excellence Northwestern Oklahoma State University : Class of 2011, Agricultural Education

Filly Ezenwa is a biology major at Cameron University in Lawton. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career in physical therapy. Hometown: El Paso, Texas Redlands: Class of 2010, Volleyball Team Member Cameron University : Class of 2012, Dean’s List, Lone Star Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll

Leilani Gradle is starting her senior year at UCO. She is majoring in Public Relations and will graduate in May 2012. Hometown: El Reno, OK Redlands: Class of 2009, Ambassador Co-President University of Central Oklahoma: Class of 2012, Public Relations 24


Alumni Spotlight

Clint Mefford is serving as Assistant Livestock Judging Coach at OSU, while pursuing a graduate degree in Agriculture Communications. Hometown: Central Point, Oregon Redlands: Class of 2009, All-American Livestock Judging Team Member (2007-2009) Oklahoma State University: Class of 2011

Rachel Byrd and Brett Tilley met while attending Redlands. They are getting married this June after obtaining their bachelor’s degrees. Hometowns: Mustang, OK and Ripley, OK Redlands: Class of 2010, SIFE, Baseball Player University of Central Oklahoma: Class of 2012, Art Education (Rachel) University of Oklahoma: Class of 2012, Radiation Therapy (Brett)

Whitney Vandiver just finished her PhD at Purdue in Linguistics with a focus on the semantics of quantifiers for computational applications. Hometown: Tuttle, OK Redlands: Class of 2006 University of Central Oklahoma: Class of 2008, B.A. Purdue: Class of 2009, M.A., Class of 2011, PhD


YourFuture StartHere

Before You Graduate High School Earn college credit while in high school or while attending a technology center (see how below).

Com ple te


First-time Adult Students



Adults who have attended college in the past can complete an associate in arts or science through Reach Higher. It provides on campus and online class options, personalized schedules and courses of study that meet career goals and flexible enrollment periods year-round.


FasTrack An accelerated associate’s degree program that allows you to complete an associate in arts in only one year.

How Do I Earn College Credit in

101 High School?

Concurrent enrollment is a great way to get a head start on college! You can choose from classes like English composition, biology, government, college algebra and more! Classes are offered in several formats: online, interactive television, a Redlands professor comes to your high school to teach the class or you can come take classes on Redlands campus! 26


Recent High School Graduates

Returning Adults


u Yo

These classes count as college credit and also toward high school graduation. What makes concurrent even better is the cost—FREE! High School seniors can take up to 18 hours tuition free (6 hrs. summer before your senior year, 6 hrs first semester, 6 hrs. second semester). You still have to buy books and pay fees. Juniors are also allowed to take courses, but are required to pay full tuition.


at Redlands gree e rD

University Get an Associate in Arts or Science and transfer into a bachelor’s degree program at any four-year university in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education knowing your classes will count towards your bachelor’s degree.

Associate in Applied Science Applied Technology Business Administration Technology Child Development • Criminal Justice Early Childhood Center Management Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) Equine Science • Nursing, RN Sustainable Agriculture

Associate in Science Athletic/Personal Trainer

Associate in Arts General Studies • Psychology

Pre-Professional Sciences Agriculture

Art • Business Administration

lementary & Pre-Secondary Education

th, Physical Education and Recreation

amily Studies/Child Development


Pre-Criminal Justice • English Social Studies


Complete an Associate in Applied Science and move directly into the workforce with a specialization in a selected technical program. Some, not all, of your classes may be transferable to a four-year institution.


How Do I Earn College Credit for

101 Tech Center Classes?

Adult and high school students may receive college credit for coursework they are taking at local technology centers. Many programs award up to 33 college credits toward an Associate of Applied Science Degree! Students enrolled in these classes have the option of earning college credit for only $8 per credit hour!

Students must register to receive college credit while they are attending class at one of these local technology centers: • Caddo Kiowa Technology Center • Canadian Valley Technology Center • Chisholm Trail Technology Center • Mid-America Technology Center • Eastern Oklahoma Technology Center 27

Degrees at a Academic

Glance Associate in Science Agriculture Athletic/Personal Trainer Pre-Professional Sciences

Associate in Art Art Business Administration Pre-Criminal Justice Pre-Elementary Education Pre-Secondary Education English Family Studies/Child Development General Studies Health, Physical Education and Recreation Psychology Social Studies

Associate in Applied Science Applied Technology Business Administration Technology Child Development Criminal Justice Early Childhood Center Management Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) Equine Science Nursing, RN Sustainable Agriculture 28


101 A.A. • A.S. • A.A.S. B.S. • B.A.

What Do Those Letters Mean? So, you want a college degree. What kind? Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you know the difference. A.A.-Associate of Arts This degree is designed for you to transfer to a four-year university after completion, where you can complete your Bachelor’s. This type of degree generally doesn’t involve as much math and science. A.S.-Associate of Science This degree is designed for you to transfer to a four-year university after completion, where you can complete your Bachelor’s. These degrees tend to involve more math and science. A.A.S.-Associate of Applied Science This degree is designed for students who want to graduate in two years and enter the work force. B.S.-Bachelor of Science The four-year version of an Associate in Science. This four-year degree requires an additional 50-60 credit hours in courses related to your major.

Whitney Clarkson Class of ‘11

B.A.-Bachelor of Arts Similar to the Associate of Arts, but the four-year version. This four-year degree requires an additional 50-60 credit hours in courses related to your major. 29

Jimmy Doolin Class of ‘12

Agriculture/Equine Science Associate in Science/Associate in Applied Science

Students receive comprehensive and specialized training in one of twelve areas of focus: Agricultural Communication, Agricultural Economics, Pre-Agriculture, Agronomy, Animal Science, Enology, Equine Science, Farm and Ranch Management, General Agriculture, Horticulture, Hydrology and Viticulture. Students get hands-on experience with bovine, horse and goat reproduction, health and nutrition. Students are also exposed to undergraduate research in state-of-the-art labs at one of our two facilities: the 110-acre Darlington Center and the newly remodeled, 314 acre Royse Ranch.

Athletic/Personal Trainer Associate in Science

We offer in collaboration with The National Council on Strength and Fitness an accredited board certification for personal training. You can get your Associate in Science degree within two years. Take one of the many fitness certification exams and begin working in a fun and exciting field. Course topics include: Nutrition & Weight Management, Exercise Testing & Prescription, Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Physical Education, Personal Health and First Aid.

Pre-Professional Sciences Associate in Science

This degree program is designed to meet the first two years of program requirements for students who intend to continue studies at a four-year university or professional college. Students go on to achieve their career goals in scientific and technological fields. The department offers an environment that: includes faculty commitment to quality instruction, fosters scientific communication, encourages critical thinking and promotes technological analytical skills. 30

Karla Mueggenborg Professor

College How do I build

101 My Schedule? An advisor will help select your classes. Most classes are worth 3 or 4 credit hours.

The last number before the period is the number of hours for the class.

You may wonder how you know how many hours each course is. When you look up a class in the schedule, you’ll notice each one has a “Num.Sec” that looks something like this 1013.01 Basic Art 1. That number gives you lots of information.

The final two numbers are the section number. A class may be offered more than once in a semester; the section number helps eliminate confusion.

The first digit in the course number is the level. Freshman level courses start with 1; sophomore level courses start with 2.

1013.01 Basic Art 1 First section of the course (.01) Three hours long (3) Freshman level course (1) 31


Associate in Arts The Art program provides a quality arts education and is geared to assist students in achieving their artistic and career goals. We offer the opportunity to explore a variety of art media. The program prepares students by building their portfolios for art careers or transfer to a four-year institution in an art related field of study such as art education, commercial art or fine arts.

Business/Management Sciences Associate in Arts/Associate in Applied Science

This is an exciting, challenging adventure for both faculty and students alike. Endless possibilities exist for student success, from initial advisement through successful completion of program or transfer to four-year colleges or universities. Expert, skilled, concerned faculty will guide you through your learning process whether you are enrolled in business, management, marketing, accounting, economics, or computer science classes and provide engaging, truly educational experiences. The AA Business Administration degree has “2+2” agreements in place with UCO and ECU to provide a seamless transfer for your Bachelor’s degree completion in Business Administration. An exciting new AA degree is also available entitled “Enterprise Development.” The AAS Business Administration Technology degree has seven option areas for your successful completion: Accounting; Administrative Assistant; International Business; Legal Office Professional; Management; Medical Coding & Reimbursement and Medical Transcription.

Pre-Education Associate in Arts

Choose from two curriculums preparing students who plan to teach in the elementary or secondary education field. With an Associate’s degree in Pre-Education, students are prepared to continue further education toward an elementary or secondary education degree at one of Oklahoma’s four-year institutions. 32

Whitney Stuart Class of ‘11



Associate in Arts The program consists of courses generally completed in the first two years of a four-year English curriculum. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to write literary analysis essays, use and define elements and terminology of literature and recognize common universals represented in literature and their application in every day existence. Students may enter the workforce or transfer for their Bachelor’s degree in English.

General Studies Associate in Arts

This area prepares students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution bachelor’s degree program. The 64 credit hour degree program provides students with a broad background of general knowledge with areas such as: English, history, government, speech, science, math and liberal arts. Students focusing on this degree area will develop independent thinking skills and an appreciation of the arts and sciences that will last them a lifetime. For those students seeking only the two-year Associate of Arts degree, they will be more prepared to adapt to the demands and changes that occur in society and in the workplace. For those pursuing a bachelor’s degree, their “basis of knowledge” goes with them, that they might attain even greater success with subsequent degrees.

Psychology Associate in Arts

The psychology curriculum provides learning experiences in early and contemporary theories of behavior such as: how individuals think, behave and make decisions, relate to others, adjust to and/or cope with stress, appreciate and value differences in individuals and groups and understand themselves and others. Upon successful completion of the A.A. degree in psychology, a student will be able to seek an entry level position in a human services agency and/or continue his or her education.

Social Studies Associate in Arts

This area is designed students wishing to transfer to a bachelor’s program. The curriculum provides a broad-based introduction to the study of society, political science, history, economics, religious studies, geography, psychology and civics.

Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) Associate in Applied Science

EMT is an exciting, rewarding career filled with challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth. EMT is housed in the remodeled nursing building and has the equipment and capabilities to teach First Responder through Critical Care Paramedic. This will allow Redlands to produce highly skilled and well prepared EMT’s and Paramedics who are ready to enter the workplace, both in the hospital and pre-hospital settings. 34

Child Development

Associate in Arts/Associate in Applied Science This program is available on campus and online to students who are interested in pursuing a career working with children and families. The program focuses on preparing students for direct work with young children in classroom settings.

Criminal Justice

Associate in Arts/Associate in Applied Science A top priority of our Criminal Justice department is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become leaders in the quickly expanding fields of law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice and homeland security. Regardless of your career path, our department offers a program of study that will prepare you to meet the challenges facing professionals of today and tomorrow. Courses are transferable to a four-year university or can be geared toward students completing a two-year degree and entering the workforce or increasing opportunities for promotion. We are able to draw on a staff of experts, as well as a state and national network that extends professional assistance to corrections, law enforcement and juvenile justice agencies. Our staff offers expertise provided through services of meeting facilitation, conferencing, computer training, consultation, contract training and special projects.


Associate in Applied Science

The NLNAC and OBN accredited Nursing Program has had a 90% or above pass rate for the past five years. The recently remolded nursing building includes a state-of-the-art simulation lab. The nursing program threads theory and simulation together to help build understanding of nursing skills. Simulation enhances student understanding and builds confidence prior to clinicals. The program is a two-year nursing program with new classes beginning in the fall of every year. Students graduate with an Associate in Applied Science Degree and, upon graduation, are eligible to take NCLEX exam to become a Registered Nurse. RCC offers options for LPNs attending our nursing program. LPNs with one-year experience are given credit for Fundamentals of Nursing. They are required to take Role Transition (3 hour credit) prior to coming into the second semester. LPNs can finish in one and half years if they have all of their general education courses completed. Nursing classes have a small ratio of students per instructor and 100% employment after graduation. 35

All information supplied in this publication is accurate at the time of printing; however, changes may occur and will supersede information in this publication. This publication is printed and issued by Redlands Communtiy College. A total of 5,000 viewbook printed at a cost of $4,926.00 by Southwestern Printing. Redlands Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, or status as a veteran, in any of its educational programs, activities, policies, practices, or procedures, including, but is not limited to, admissions, employment, eligibility for financial aid, and educational services, in accordance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246 as amended, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Civil Rights Act of 1991, and other federal laws and regulations.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the College’s nondiscrimination policies and procedures for students, employees, and others: Human Resources Coordinator, Redlands Community College, 1300 S. Country Club Road, El Reno, OK  73036-5304, (405) 422-1267

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