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the Digital Transformation I n the last year the digital services market has often been discussed across the industry, including the transformation of communication service providers (CSPs) into digital service providers (DSPs). It is well known that CSPs continue to operate in an increasingly challenging market with changing market dynamics and competition from non-traditional players. Consumers are more cost conscious, but at the same time demand the latest technology and a high quality of service. Digital services are therefore popular

as they offer more tailored services and communications that meet the needs of the subscriber and support across their preferred channels of communication. For many, the time has come to transform themselves into digital service providers to remain relevant and to bring their stakeholders additional business benefits, such as lower operational expenditure and a better return on investment. For CSPs transforming into digital services providers, it means adapting their business models to create a more meaningful relationship with subscribers by using personalized communications and

Redknee INSIGHT Magazine November 2016  
Redknee INSIGHT Magazine November 2016