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educate, discover, and make them aware of new capabilities for the subscriber and allow them to consume it. We also see the whole



subscriber in a real time fashion to be able to

The key benefits of a convergent billing environment for operators is really all about creating a subscriber-centric infrastructure.

aspect of analytics being critical as part of the convergence. In addition, I believe post-paid, pre-paid or a hybrid basis. INSIGHT: How is LTE enhancing TSTT’s strategy for growth? Ronald Walcott: LTE and LTE-Advanced speaks to enhance mobile broadband speeds. With UMTS HSPA+ the typical customer experience would be 500 kilobits to 1 megabit per second in terms of their broadband speeds. With LTE, you are talking about 7 megabits per second, 10 megabits per second, which is going to become normal expectations for consumers. It is with the enhanced broadband speeds where you can now do things like video streaming and music downloads. Therefore you will need to be able to provide the policies and have a billing platform that is flexible and robust enough to be able to support such a technological advancement. Lucas Skoczkowski: LTE provides unparalleled flexibility for what subscribers can use and how they consume services


from service providers. So it’s a big

and Redknee wants to help in the equation

opportunity for service providers on one

where we see value for our service provider

hand. It is also a big challenge because it

customers to achieve unparalleled quality in

puts a lot of pressure on the infrastructure

the market. But speed is really achieved by

they have today to be able to charge and

three things; a product that is configurable,

monetize the services in different ways

this is very critical because you can quickly

based on the combinations that subscribers

adjust and change the look and feel of

want. Real-time used to be nice to have,

your offering through flexible configuration.

under LTE it is a must have.

Second, is the ability to virtualize both within a country private or public cloud, regionally

INSIGHT: What does being fast mean to

or globally and that will allow you to be able


to take on and consume more app rates faster, allowing you flexibility of capacity

Ronald Walcott: The need for speed

and the ability to transact. Third is where it is

speaks to time to market - how quickly can

situated, so it’s all about the cloud.

we produce a new product or service? In order to have the speed to deliver we must

INSIGHT: How has your long-standing

have a partner particularly around billing.

relationship with Redknee helped to achieve

In addition, as a leading service provider we

TSTT’s success?

must have the agility to be able to quickly offer new services or change and adapt the

Ronald Walcott: Redknee has been

offers we make, and we are happy that we

developing their technology roadmap,

are working with Redknee to achieve this.

particularly as a BSS provider, that is evolving with the technological changes. The

Lucas Skoczkowski: There is definitely a lot

telecoms industry is ever-changing and LTE,

of talk in the market about need for speed

or LTE-Advanced for example, continues to be challenging for us as a telecom operator to be able to provide a type of convergence and customer service. Redknee is very


operators should be able to do it either on a

We want to make our customers enjoy the benefits of a hassle free service – that is our mandate and Redknee is allowing us to be able to provide it. Ronald Walcott, TSTT

customer focused, which is another part of the way we want to move forward; we want to make our customers enjoy the benefits of a hassle free service – that is our mandate and Redknee is allowing us to be able to provide it.

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