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Redknee’s solutions make us equipped and ready to offer LTE services to our customers, and to generate new revenue.

promotions quickly - it can take as little as

business, they don’t have to undergo risky

with innovative services. Next year, the

5 or 10 minutes. BH Telecom can launch a

and expensive transformations, instead they

Bosnian regulatory agency will publish 4G

promotion and get feedback on how it is

can achieve solid return on investment and

licenses, and we are planning to invest in

performing – immediately, or over the next

take advantage of not only 4G devices, but

LTE. Redknee’s solutions enables us to be

few days – and, if need be, change it very

also 4G business models.

equipped and ready to offer LTE services

quickly. Convergent charging allows service

to our customers, and to generate new

providers to create specific targeted plans

INSIGHT: The industry is changing just as

by segment, by time and by content. They

fast for network operators, what does BH

can introduce data only plans, mixed plans

Telecom need to do to keep up with your

with IPTV and fixed, as well as 4G to really

customer’s demands?

create both their own content and over the top offers. This allows them to drive mixed

Amir Orucevic: We need to keep our

business models where service providers

leading position and be first to market

are in charge of driving their revenues and profitability. INSIGHT: The industry is currently undergoing rapid and dynamic changes, how do you stay up to date and relevant as this takes place? Lucas Skoczkowski: We want to give our customers the tools – both on-premise and in the cloud – that allows them to segment their 4G subscribers and create a fully capable offering with an experience all the way from point of sale to cash collection. We have a model for operators to be able to offer services by subscriber utilizing the full Redknee Unified stack, which enables them to transact and take advantage of the full 4G flexibility. And as they grow the


Edition 2 | September 2014: Unlocking the Potential for New Revenue Streams  

By 2020, there will be over 30 billion THINGS connected to the Internet. It’s quickly becoming a world where the traditional concept of comm...

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