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INSIGHT / November 2015

Redknee’s real-time billing and charging software enabled Meralco to launch a new line of prepaid energy services, alongside its traditional monthly and quarterly contract services. These new services allow customers to pay for energy in smaller amounts, e.g. daily, multi-day, or weekly, making energy accessible to lower or fluctuating income households and small businesses such as food stalls. To advance the experience of its customers, Meralco also offers new methods of payment, including SMS top-ups, and ensures more accurate account information is delivered to customers in real-time. The program revolutionized the energy market in the Philippines as it offered a secure energy supply to those unable to afford monthly contracts and also offered more accessible and transparent account information while reducing ‘bill shock’.

Making Energy More Accessible with Real-Time Billing and Charging To support its efforts to make energy more accessible for all, and to monetize new services, Meralco implemented Redknee’s real-time billing, rating and charging system.

With Redknee, Meralco is able to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering its prepaid energy customers’ targeted promotions, incentives and multiple payment options, in real-time. Meralco is also afforded with the ability to connect and disconnect customers in realtime. From the customer perspective, the Meralco prepaid energy solution can be easily topped up via SMS, email or USSD push. It also allows for customer self-care functionality, giving the user the ability to log into a web portal, use a mobile phone application, SMS or USSD to access self-care features. Customers also benefit from payment flexibility, as the solution provides them with the ability to pay over the counter, via a bank, or through a vending device or SMS.

Delivering Market Leading Solutions Redknee provides real-time monetization and subscriber management solutions that drive a unique user experience, increase profitability and support any new product or business model. Redknee has helped a number of energy companies to challenge the traditional business model and offer market leading solutions that truly embed innovation such as the provisioning of new service lines, distribution of real-time account information, allowing ‘on-demand’ and top-up payments, and user friendly payment methods and customer care solutions.

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