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Garvin Garmo: Eco Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) operating in the USA on 3 of the largest nationwide 3G and 4G networks. We offer our customers a ‘no contract’ low-cost wireless service, for Voice, Text and 3G and 4G LTE Data. Tailored for cost conscious individuals and businesses, Eco Mobile provides services including Prepaid Wireless, Mobile Broadband, Smart Phones, Enterprise Solutions, M2M, PAYG, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). We can tailor a plan for any opportunity. INSIGHT: How is Redknee supporting you? Garvin Garmo: We selected Redknee’s fully managed cloud-based converged billing and customer care solution to support our growth strategy. As a provider of wireless communication services it is important that we create innovative solutions and take them to market faster than the competition. Eco Mobile wanted a solution that could help drive new services and offers quickly into the market, whilst minimising risk. With Redknee’s end-to-end solution we were able to achieve this and much more. Having recently launched on Redknee’s US Cloud, Eco Mobile is fully supported with SaaSbased converged charging, billing, policy and customer care, and can utilize the integrated analytics and business intelligence to efficiently manage customers and generate revenue. With Redknee, Eco Mobile is equipped to deliver innovative promotions, personalized offers and an enriched customer experience, including self-care capabilities, without the headache or hassle of increased CAPEX or OPEX investment.



INSIGHT: Tell us about Eco Mobile.

INSIGHT / November 2015

We selected Redknee’s cloud-based converged billing and customer care solution to support our growth strategy.

INSIGHT: How is Eco Mobile benefiting from the cloud-based SaaS solution?

having a menu of plans and options to support each particular end users’ unique mobile habits.

Garvin Garmo: It’s all about delivering services faster, moderating the company’s risk profile and lowering cost. Redknee’s cloud-based SaaS solution has the agility and flexibility that allows Eco Mobile to react very quickly to the market and competition. Redknee’s solution removes the need for Eco Mobile to focus on the billing and customer care aspects, allowing us to concentrate on our sales and marketing efforts to drive our growth strategy and provide superior services to our customers.

A key differentiator, the Point Plan is designed to eliminate waste by providing customers with a plan that suits their mobile communication needs. The Point Plan, which includes free text messages, provides one point for one minute of talk, and one point for one MB of data. Ranging from 3,000 points, the service empowers customers with the flexibility to increase points to 5,000 or 7,000 and adjust the plan to add points as a bundled option, for example $5 for 500 more points. The customer benefits from the ability to control their budget and can also take advantage of great low rates by adding international long distance calls to the plan.

Eco Mobile’s full infrastructure stack is hosted and managed by Redknee, which means the need for specially trained staff and additional IT resources are eliminated. Plus, 24/7 operational support means maintenance and upgrades are conducted smoothly with no service interruption or delay. Through Redknee’s cloud solution, Eco Mobile is utilizing an innovative platform that has minimized investment risk through low initial setup costs, and enabled fast time to market to launch new services. INSIGHT: What products and services set you apart? Garvin Garmo: We recently reformed and introduced an exceptional Point Plan system offering our end users the ability to choose affordable and customizable usage to support their unique wireless needs without

INSIGHT: What is key to success when operating in a highly competitive market? Garvin Garmo: In addition to having a robust sales and distribution network and the ability to quickly cater to market demands and customer expectations, the need for agility and flexibility is crucial to success. Whether it’s to increase revenue and monetization, drive customer acquisition and retention, or test new offers in the market, such as M2M or IoT services, it’s vital that the business is able to adapt and innovate instantly. By launching Redknee’s cloud-based billing and customer care solution, Eco Mobile has the capabilities and support required to accomplish our growth goals, now and in the future.

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