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INSIGHT / November 2015

service providers like AWCC can quickly monetize relationships and generate revenue through new business models and partnerships with third parties such as OTT application and content providers, M2M and IoT, and cloud services.

Providing Superior Customer Experiences in Real Time The growing adoption of 3G services in Afghanistan is providing CSPs with opportunities to increase their customer base and unlock more subscriber revenue. The key to enhancing the customer experience is in enabling the customer to interact in real time, with up-to-date information and options available online. Redknee’s integrated solution improves the subscriber experience through transparency, control and flexibility. Transparency – provides visibility into data usage across multiple channels, for example, smartphone app, website and social media networks. Control – enables subscribers with increased choice and command of their services, such as additional bandwidth. Flexibility – allows subscribers to adjust services, such as available call minutes, or share plans across devices without the lengthy process it often takes to set up. Close alignment of the charging and policy functions are required to achieve an improved customer experience. The Redknee Unified Charging and Policy solution has enabled AWCC to set differentiated quality of service for individual subscribers, reduce the load on its network and optimize its network investments. AWCC is now equipped to deliver tomorrow’s needs today.

Amin Ramin, Managing Director at Afghan Wireless further added, “AWCC’s trusted relationship with Redknee - a recognized leader in the converged real-time billing, policy management and charging market - has enabled us to differentiate our services to provide innovative offers and pricing models that enhance the experience of our customers now and in the future.” Redknee enables CSPs to monetize and optimize the subscriber experience across the entire customer lifecycle. From activation to provisioning, to providing a 360 degree view of the customers’ usage, preferences, and integration with 3rd party social media sites, to empowering customers with self-care tools and the ability to pay for services on the go, Redknee provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive real-time converged billing, charging, customer care and payments solutions.

Supporting BSS Convergence with Monetization Software Redknee’s Integrated Charging and Policy solution is cloud and virtualization ready and leverages a single consolidated database - a single provisioning and central management of products and offers. This enables service providers to improve operational efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by nearly 40% compared to standalone solutions – all while achieving maximum scale and flexibility. With Redknee’s realtime monetization and subscriber management software AWCC is able to achieve much more flexibility and responsiveness in today’s dynamic marketplace. Redknee’s highly scalable and flexible solution enables CSPs to monetize third party relationships and content, support resellers and dealers and launch multi-country operations quickly, effectively and with a low TCO.

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