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Red House School Life is a journey of discovery, one that starts at birth and continues through school and beyond. At Red House we will join you and your child on that journey; guiding, inspiring and supporting them, from the earliest years right through to the moment when they are ready to take their next step in life.

This prospectus is a brief insight into what makes Red House so special.

A Special Ethos Red House is a school where each individual is highly valued and where care and concern for others is central to our work. The warm, friendly environment allows pupils to achieve their full potential and become equipped for adult life. Our commitment to pupils and parents is summarized as follows: • To provide a high quality, inclusive education, at modest cost, within a civilised environment based on Christian values • To provide a happy, stimulating and well disciplined environment in which children succeed • To encourage each child to reach their full potential and strive for excellence in all areas of school life • To develop pupils’ self esteem so that they have confidence to use their individual talents, skills and knowledge effectively • To develop their skills of communication, analysis and independent thinking so that children are equipped to be lifelong learners, prepared for a rapidly changing society

“This unique, caring and supportive environment allows pupils to believe in themselves and respect and support others, ultimately bringing the best out of every individual.” Alex Taylor Headmaster

• To develop a positive partnership between staff, parents, pupils and the wider community

A foundation for life

Nursery & Infant School Red House aims to give every child the very best possible start to school life, within a happy and safe environment. The nurturing and stimulating atmosphere encourages children to develop self confidence and a thirst for learning from a young age. Red House is a school where childhood is valued; a bright and purposeful place where pupils are encouraged to succeed. Eager, responsive children positively buzz with enthusiasm as they engage in their learning. Promoting fun and friendship and old fashioned values like courtesy and respect for others are also important. We aim to nurture individuals and encourage them to appreciate their own special gifts and their unique contribution they can make to our school.

“I feel very much involved in my children’s education” Mother of two pupils in the Nursery & Infant School

A truly exc eptional School

The Early Years (Pre-Nursery - Reception)

The purpose built Foundation Stage setting provides a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which children can develop a thirst for discovery, an ability to express creativity and an enjoyment of learning. Children’s individuality is treasured and their independence encouraged. By providing a wide range of challenging opportunities for active and independent learning, with plenty of practical and problem solving tasks, the children are able to develop their knowledge, imagination and curiosity. From the term in which they are three, children can attend on a full or part-time basis. Each child is assigned to a key person who maintains close contact with parents, to ensure that the transition from home to school is a happy one, and that each child’s on-going needs are catered for. Children move from Nursery into two parallel Reception classes. Entry from Reception to Year 1 is by assessment.

“Emily has an incredible enthusiasm and love for school, which is without doubt due to the warm, happy and stimulating classroom environment at Red House” Parent of Nursery pupil

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The Early Primary Years (Years 1-3)

A broad and challenging curriculum enables pupils to develop their bright, motivated, young minds. Visits to places of educational interest and talks by visiting speakers offer additional first hand learning experiences. Great emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy skills, and our cross curricular topic approach, which encompasses skills and knowledge in other subject areas, brings the curriculum alive. More specialist teaching in Year 3 prepares the children for a smooth transition to Year 4. Year 3 pupils have plenty of opportunities to develop their leadership skills by leading the pupil council, church services, organising charity events and hosting visitors at school events.

“Small, personal classes with dedicated, inspirational teachers encourage self expression and intellectual discovery.� Parent of Year 1 pupil

The opp ortunity to flourish

Preparatory & Senior School (Years 4-11)

Within the Preparatory & Senior School, all children share the facilities and specialist staff, yet the Preparatory and Senior Schools each have a degree of autonomy. We find that this harmonious co-existence has distinct advantages for all concerned.

“The older pupils benefit from the responsibility of being at the top of the School, while the younger children gain maturity and independence from their example.” Headmaster

“The intimate, yet academic culture at the school, together with passionate and committed teaching staff, surpassed all our expectations.” Parent of Year 8 pupil

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Preparatory School (Years 4-6)

The Preparatory School provides exciting challenges across the full range of academic subjects and introduces pupils to a wide variety of sporting, cultural and creative activities. This develops pupils’ talents and skills and lays secure foundations for your child’s future. Pupils entering the Preparatory School have a class teacher for the core subjects with specialist teaching provided for games, music and French. As pupils progress through the Preparatory School they are increasingly taught by specialist staff in specialist facilities enabling children to achieve their full potential. “We wanted a school where our son would feel both challenged and supported…..a school where he would feel valued and be able to make a positive contribution. The warm and caring community at Red House made this possible.” Parent of Year 5 pupil


g a desire for knowledge

Senior School (Years 7-11)

All pupils are given access to a curriculum that will make it possible for them to attempt a full range of GCSE examinations. All pupils study mathematics, English language, English literature, biology, chemistry, physics and French along with other subjects chosen from a wide list of options. There is a strong emphasis throughout the whole school on the development of IT skills with independent research by pupils encouraged and facilitated through extensive ICT facilities. As leaders in the field of teaching technology, Red House utilises state of the art 3D teaching systems, which have been created in an award winning partnership between Red House teaching staff and leading software developers. The Senior School has a remarkable record of success in ensuring that all pupils achieve their academic potential and we work hard to prepare them for a successful transition to life after school. We take pride in the fact that Red House alumni have gone on to attend some of the world’s most reputable universities, fulfilling their ambitions in a variety of distinguished careers.

“I wouldn’t be at university if it hadn’t been for Red House, and the confidence they gave me to believe I could do it.” Oliver, Cambridge University

“Many schools claim to provide an all round education; the development of my children and the consistently excellent GCSE results prove to me that Red House delivers on this promise.” Parent of Year 10 pupil

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Sporting Excellence Sport plays a major role in the physical development of children and is integral to life at Red House. The sports’ curriculum not only has obvious health benefits but also provides opportunities to develop team working and leadership skills. The development of such attributes, alongside academic qualifications, are valued in any workplace. Red House is a major force in school sport and provides members of many county and regional teams. Year after year our teams, and individual pupils, score major successes in hockey, football, rugby, netball, athletics, cricket and racquet sports.

“I am delighted at the quality and competitiveness of sport right through the school.” Parent of Year 8 pupil


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Inspirational Activities Inspirational activities, whether in school or further afield, both enhance the academic curriculum and provide co-curricular experiences which will remain in children’s memories long after they have left Red House. Education at its best must provide not only a sound academic foundation, but should inspire an appreciation of the cultural and creative dimensions of society. At Red House, we use activities to encourage children to explore their surroundings, extend their gifts and talents and in doing so develop a greater confidence in their own abilities. Red House pupils enjoy a wide assortment of experiences, including touring drama and musical groups and visits by poets and authors, which expose them to a wide range of cultural, literary and musical forms. A broad and extensive range of educational visits, from castles and art galleries to museums and the countryside, as well as other local places of interest bring the curriculum alive. These trips develop children’s understanding and curiosity and help them become lifelong independent learners. In addition a wide range of residential trips, including outdoor adventurous activities, language visits to France, Germany and Spain, and art and music study weekends all further enhance children’s learning.

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Music, Drama & Artistic Expression Music and drama are important aspects of life at Red House. Pupils have the opportunity to master a wide range of brass, string and percussion instruments. Instrumental and voice tuition is available to children throughout the School. There are many active music groups which include: an orchestra, Infant, Junior and Senior Choirs and various wind, brass and string groups. Nursery and Infant School productions, a Senior School carol service, Nursery and Infant nativity service, music and talent concerts and a major annual school production are all significant events in the School year.

“With such a range and depth of creative activities, there really is something to interest everyone” Parent of Year 3 pupil

A tour around the school will show that art is a fundamental part of life at Red House. Whether it is exploring the techniques of modern masters or crafting unique sculptures, pupils develop their artistic talents using an array of media including photography, pastels, oil, textiles and ceramics. Visits to art galleries, both in the UK and further afield have proven immensely popular and contributed to the continually high standards achieved by pupils at Red House. “The one to one musical tuition received by Lucy, has really helped to develop her talents as an accomplished musician”. Parent of Year 9 pupil

Self exp ressio

n through creativity

Co-Curricular Activities Co-curricular activities are an essential part of life at Red House broadening and extending the educational experience of the children.

Nursery and Infant School pupils take part in a wide variety of clubs from cookery to table top games and gardening. Older children participate in Outward Bound trips, Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions, an annual skiing trip and an ambitious and exciting programme of sporting and non-sporting activities, that provide excellent opportunities for children to develop as individuals. Pupils involve themselves in national public speaking competitions, maths and language challenges and enjoy a wide spectrum of clubs and societies, which all play an essential role in developing confidence.

An ac tive a nd vibr ant community

Wrap Around Care ‘Wrap around’ care is available before school from 7:30am and after school until 6pm at both the Nursery & Infant and Preparatory & Senior School sites. Breakfast can be provided and an after school snack is available. Whilst in Breakfast Club or After School Care, children are provided with educational opportunities in a secure, structured environment. We host and run a number of holiday clubs at Red House outside of term time. These range from programmes that include a mixture of activities through to more specialist sports and music clubs.

What To Do Next This prospectus can only give you a short introduction to our School. You can only feel the enthusiasm of our children, experience the atmosphere of an industrious classroom or smell the award winning, nutritious food prepared in our kitchens by visiting us. That is why we treat every day as an open day. We would be delighted to give you a personal tour to provide a further insight into the day-to-day working of our School. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office and make an appointment to visit us. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Red House.

Alex Taylor Headmaster

a foundation for life www.redhouseschool.co.uk

RED HOUSE SCHOOL 36 The Green, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, TS20 1DX.

Tel: 01642 553370 Fax 01642 361031 Nursery & Infant School Tel: 01642 535353

Member of the Independent Schools Association Registration No. 312473 England. Charity Registration No. 527377

Profile for Red House School

Red House School Prospectus  

We hope you enjoy viewing the Red House School prospectus which aims to give you an insight into the school. For further information please...

Red House School Prospectus  

We hope you enjoy viewing the Red House School prospectus which aims to give you an insight into the school. For further information please...