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Road Trip U.S.A. Alison Coldridge America is simply huge. There is a great deal to see and so many places to visit, hence why a large percentage of Americans have never left the country!

When visiting America, most tourists flock to the hotspot destinations — The White House, Statue of Liberty, Hollywood, Grand Canyon — which are, of course, something to write home about, but there are an extraordinary amount of less wellknown destinations to visit. And, what better way to soak up as much as possible than by zipping through the states in a car. There is much to be said for the classic road trip approach. Bahrain This Month chats with four all-Americans who are old hands at road trips and suggest some must-see stop-offs.

The southern route Baltimore-born Dino Matarozza recalls his most memorable drive from Las Vegas back to his hometown in Maryland.


72 May 2012 BTM America In Bahrain

A nine-day round trip from Vegas to Baltimore and back to Vegas took me south, allowing me spectacular sightings and stop-offs. Travelling into Arizona my first destination was some gorgeous cliff dwellings in Arizona; Native American settlements from thousands of years ago. You can park up and walk through all of the caves and really get a feel of how the natives lived. In the early morning mist, this site is particularly beautiful. Carrying along the route, I stopped off to visit a pristine meteor crater — perfectly preserved; it attracts tourists from all over the world. Another stop-ff was at the Painted Desert on the panhandle of Oklahoma. Incredible orange rock formations combined with purple and yellow flowers did make me feel as if I was looking at an artist’s work on a canvas, rather than the sheer magnificence of nature. This desert skirts the edge of the Petrified Forest, a group of fossilised trees that have turned to stone. Continuing along the old Route 66 through Texas, I went up into the Appalachian Mountains, which were coated in snow at the top.

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