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America Week events

When? May 20 Event? Shopping event Venue? Seef Mall When? May 20 Event? Quilting workshop Venue? TBC When? May 20 Event? Comedy evening Venue? Seef Mall When? May 20-24 Event? Education in the USA Venue? Seef Mall When? May 21 Event? Business symposium Venue? TBC When? May 22 Event? Alumni event Venue? TBC When? May 22 Event? Country music performance Venue? TBC When? May 23 Event? Jazz performances Venue? InterContinental Regency Hotel When? May 23 Event? Travel and tourism expo Venue? Seef Mall

An American Perspective BTM: As, to use an expression from the British Ambassador to Bahrain, a ‘critical friend’ of the Kingdom, who can speak firmly yet constructively, what advice would you offer to conclude the national dialogue? TK: In light of the events of the past year, it is more important than ever that the U.S. and Bahrain work together to confront local and regional challenges, and to promote meaningful reform and reconciliation here in Bahrain. Both of our countries benefit from stability and prosperity in Bahrain, and from a society where all people are able to contribute to the political process. We also must stand together to confront growing regional threats, not the least of which from Iran. As we have said time and again, it is a great credit to His Majesty King Hamad that he initiated the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry and that the government of Bahrain has taken many important steps toward implementing the reforms identified in the BICI report. Still, there is work to be done. As such, we renew our call on all parties, including the government, political societies and others to engage in dialogue and negotiation in which all elements of society have a real voice. This must be a process led by Bahrainis themselves. It will require courage and leadership on all sides, and can only succeed by building mutual respect and mutual trust.

BTM: From a personal perspective, what is your impression from what you have seen at firsthand from your time in the Kingdom? TK: I’ve been very encouraged by all of the incredible people I’ve met here in Bahrain, not only by the openness and warmth by which they have welcomed Bonnie and myself, but also by the civility and graciousness of the people I’ve come in contact with. We always say that people-to-people connections are the most important relationships we have in strengthening the ties between our two nations, and I honestly believe that. I look forward to meeting and working with many more of our Bahraini friends and colleagues in the near future and to celebrating our shared achievements this May 20-26th during our first America Week programme.

America Week Highlights

When? May 24 Event? Trade show Venue? Royal Golf Club When? May 25 Event? Motorcycle ride Venue? Marriott Executive Apartments When? May 26 Event? Sports tournament Venue? Al Najma Club E Full details are available at

BTM: What advice would you offer to American businesses seeking to either invest and/or set up business here, in the current environment? TK: Our commercial team speaks with American businesses interested in doing business in Bahrain every day. From nearly zero taxes to 100 per cent foreign ownership, plus access to the wider GCC market, we stress that Bahrain continues to have the best legal environment in the Gulf for business.

Full of cultural activities, promotions and events, America Week will entice everyone to attend. Launched by a shopping event at Seef Mall, the festival will continue in a whirlwind of all things American. Promotions will take place in American branded businesses and an education booth will promote American colleges and universities for potential students. A business symposium will feature the vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for MENA and a ‘Discover America’ travel and tourism exhibition will entice you to visit. Sports will also be highlighted in a basketball tournament; arts and crafts fans can browse the American Women’s Association’s bazaar; and enjoy some comedy as ArabAmerican Nemr Abu Nasser takes to the stage. Finally, country music artist Kareem Salama and jazz artists Tacit will perform.

68 May 2012 BTM America In Bahrain

America Week contains a host events, including: • The ‘American Fair’ showcases trade, cars and motorcycles • A ‘Discover America’ travel and tourism expo will include presentations on U.S. national parks and other destinations • A ‘Kick Off' event features the ambassador and the Minister of Industry and Commerce 'shopping' at U.S. brand stores • An ‘Education USA’ booth at a local shopping mall will promote American colleges and universities • Expect Bahrain-wide promotions and special events at participating American-branded businesses and franchises, including retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels • A business symposium will feature keynote speaker from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for MENA • A sports diplomacy event will host a day-long basketball tournament between American and Bahraini players • A “Wear Your Colors” alumni event is planned for all graduates of U.S. colleges and universities in Bahrain • An American quilting event will be hosted by Mrs Krajeski • An arts and craft bazaar will be hosted by the American Women’s Association • Prepare to laugh courtesy of Arab-American comedian Nemr Abu Nasser • Music from Arab-American country artist Kareem Salama • For an evening of jazz, don’t miss artists Tacit performing • A Harley-Davidson motorcycle ride should be an event that all HOG owners in Bahrain get involved in

Bahrain This Month - May 2012  

Bahrain This Month - May 2012 ~ Vol. 16 ~ Issue 5

Bahrain This Month - May 2012  

Bahrain This Month - May 2012 ~ Vol. 16 ~ Issue 5