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Making a Marque

Majid Alzayani

Joining the family ‘firm’ is never quite as easy as one might imagine, particularly when the company concerned is part of the Alzayani Investments group.

Alzayani Investments has a long-established reputation for assigning responsibility to line managers, and holding them accountable for the positions they hold. Being a family member cuts no ice as Majid Alzayani, the marketing manager at Euro Motors, not only accepts but also embraces. In his recently-acquired position, Majid is responsible for the brand management of iconic motoring marques such as BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Maserati, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. He happily admits that he’s always had a fascination for motor vehicles; staying on trend is as much a hobby as it is a business necessity. “In my role as marketing manager, it’s my responsibility to push the brand, support the sales team and to make sure we understand our customers,” he says. “A key element of this is to appreciate when to use brand advertising against a more tactical approach.” While the brands managed by Euro Motors all sit within the premium spectrum of the market, there are, nevertheless, different driving forces behind each one. “The new BMW 3 Series, with its model options, makes the car more accessible to customers and allows them to select a style that suits their preference,” Majid notes. “It’s about being versatile to suit different tastes, but at the same price.” While his marketing role encompasses building a story and creating an image for each brand, he’s a firm believer in the ‘seeing is believing’ philosophy.

“Our marketing might be eye-catching and appealing; buying a car, though, is always a personal decision,” he says. “Driving a car before you buy it allows you to obtain a sense of ‘feeling right’ about your choice. A good example of this is the new Range Rover Evoque; once you are behind the wheel, the experience drives your perception.” Majid regards online marketing as a great medium, in particular, for selling previously-owned vehicles as buyers can ‘surf’ what’s available around town from a single location. In his portfolio, though, Majid has a brand which demands being social media savvy; the DNA of the average MINI driver is perfectly acclimatised to this ethereal world. “Social media is great for building an interaction with a brand and it’s something that MINI has worked hard to achieve,” he says. “While much of this might be done on a regional basis, it is up to us as the local distributor to make it relevant for the Bahrain customer.” What’s equally clear is that car buyers use the Internet to do their research and enter a motoring showroom in a much more ‘informed’ state than in times gone by. That greater knowledge, whether it’s about the history of a brand or the details of a specific model, is now all part of the ‘buying’ process. It’s a challenge that Majid relishes and is more than happy to embrace.

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