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It’s in the Stars TH GA E M M E ON TH

It’s a little funny how two-dimensional games have won our hearts this time around. Also, we tell you why you shouldn’t invest in Kinect: Star Wars.

Naruto Shippuden: UNSG (Xbox 360)


Now here’s a game that didn’t disappoint its loyal fan base. The only drawback is that it might be too easy. The gameplay isn’t any different than it used to be; the addition of characters is more than welcome. The various story arcs are quite interesting as well.

Kinect: Star Wars (Xbox 360) RATING:


Unleash your inner Jedi or Rancor monster with no controller in the way in Kinect: Star Wars which puts you in the parallel universe. The LucasArts and Microsoft Studios collaboration game features five modes — Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, the story mode; Duels of Fate, where you have lightsaber duels; Podracing, racing mode; Galactic Dance Off, (believe it or not) dance mode; and Rancor Rampage, where you crush buildings and fling innocent civilians.

Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3) There isn’t much variation you can expect in a 2D fighting game. This one is most similar to Street Fighter IV. Character animation isn’t too great, especially with the Tekken ones. For those used to Marvel vs Capcom or Mortal Kombat, you might find this a little slow.


If you didn’t get this game for the lightsaber madness, we’ll have to question your sanity. However, Kinect: Star Wars played it wrong by messing up what is to be its highlight. The duels are not quite real time. If it’s supposed to be a turn-based battle, it really isn’t a battle then, is it? If you were hoping for the elegant clash of a Jedi, steer clear of this game. You’ll be slashing enemies like Kratos does in the God of War series, only it looks a lot sillier.


There was a point in the pre-production phase where they thought it would be a brilliant idea to throw in a dance mode in a Star Wars game. Sacrilege is an understatement. Steering clear of that phase will give you enough practice at the racing mode which is actually quite fun, at least for fans of the franchise and not those who are used to their Ferraris and McLarens. Leave the rampage mode for those days where you can’t find a way to blow off some steam.

VERDICT: This is what they mean by the term ‘fizzle’. If you are a fan, walk away now.

98 May 2012 BTM

Rayman Origins (PC) It’s amazing to have a game back in the industry that recaptures the magic that was lost in the last few years. Bringing back the innocence to gaming where fun doesn’t involve bloodshed and pain, Rayman Origins is an instant hit and a favourite worldwide.

Bahrain This Month - May 2012  

Bahrain This Month - May 2012 ~ Vol. 16 ~ Issue 5

Bahrain This Month - May 2012  

Bahrain This Month - May 2012 ~ Vol. 16 ~ Issue 5