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Throughout August | Tournaments | Bahrain National Stadium

After winning last year’s Under-23 Gulf Cup, the Bahrain Olympics Football team is ready to take on another challenge. The battle ground is set for the GCC Olympic Teams tournament, which will take place at the end of August in Doha. Bahrain’s Olympic team players are trained under the guidance of coach Adrian Whittread and assistant coach Ali Amer. The players will undergo a one-week camp in Turkey from August 1-8 and play two friendly matches against teams from Turkey and Kuwait. Three friendly matches will be held in Bahrain against Egypt, Palestine and Pakistan on August 16, 20 and 25 respectively. Bahrain will defend their title after winning last year’s edition, which was held on the island for the first time. The red team will play in Group B along with Saudi Arabia and Oman. Group A will include Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE. “We are quite confident in Bahrain’s team, who are all professionals from various local clubs, especially after their success last year,” says Turki Abdulla, the team’s manager. “However, we must not get ahead of ourselves as all the teams are exceedingly strong in their own way. Last year’s win just gives us more incentive to practise harder and be more prepared for our game.” On August 24, the team will play against the Riffa Club. Call 17 685-775.

Crossing Boundaries August 6-10 | Exhibition | Ella Art Gallery Fashioned with creative intelligence, techniques and profound meanings, artist Ella Prakash tells us what her latest works are all about.

lines, surrealistic shapes, perspective designs that are painted with soft colours, light and dark, displaying playful elements of mass, volume and texture.

For long-term Bahrain resident Ella Prakash, an idea is just the beginning. What follows is the creative genius itself. “When you start painting, you always have a base idea of what your finished work should be,” says Ella. “You should prepare yourself for many alterations of your base idea. Once your mind has decided to steer your thoughts, you start to unravel emotions and strokes that you never thought you could express.” Ella embraces abstraction figures in her next exhibition titled ‘The Passion of Cubism’. The 24 works, all acrylic on canvas, are displayed at the Ella Art Gallery in Adliya. She recollects herself being one of the first Indian artists to practise this style of art in Bahrain many years ago. Influenced by the works of world-celebrated greats, such as Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee, Ella began to develop a figurative style of her own. Her present work displays the symmetrical beauty of the universe encapsulated in the form of a woman. The paintings carry a message drawn with mystical

International recognition She has recently been selected as one of the artists to watch out for by award-winning art incubator Debut Contemporary in London, alongside a number of museum-level artists from all over the world.

28 August 2014

“Ella’s work over the past years has witnessed a tremendous growth and development of her practice. The latest works on show in London have had a great deal of positive feedback and interest by some of London’s leading art collectors,” says Samir Ceric, Debut Contemporary founder and chief executive officer. Email

Bahrain This Month - August 2014  

August 2014 ~ Vol.18 ~ Issue 8 BAHRAIN THIS MONTH - Your guide to a great way of life.

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