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RIDING THE DRAGON A motorcycle Tour Extraordinaire…

Riding across the USA, donning a Bahrain shirt, cap and with the Kingdom’s colours held aloft, Bill Grieve describes an incredible journey with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland and the United States.


lanet Chopper is the only company worldwide operating tours on custom motorcycles. Based in New Zealand and Virginia, USA, the company provides arranged tours for riders from all walks of life, who want access to well organised group events in these countries. Quality motorcycles, organisation, planning and support services are provided and the rides extend over 10 to 12 days taking in wellknown landmarks, tourist spots and popular riding trails like the “Back of the Dragon”, a nail-biting ride of 32 miles with 438 curves, through the Appalachian Mountains in Southwest Virginia, and the awesome “Tail of the Dragon” with 318 curves in 11 miles of superb tarred road.

“It’s like riding with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” Every person in the group brings something special and all that is required is a sense of adventure, personal discipline and a positive attitude. The organisers lay the groundwork and provide the trip infrastructure and support, each member on the ride provides the rest. It can be hard work and when things go awry, as they sometimes will, a positive attitude makes the difference between a problem and a solution.

“10 Days of riding that will change your life” Coming together at the Woodlawn base in Virginia, USA, the old-style roadhouse atmosphere, pool table, loft dormitory and mechanical workshop make you realise that you are a part of something very special. Before the trip commences there is a briefing on distancing, signalling and general

handling. The journey quickly extends into a series of interest, fuel and food stops, as well as incredibly scenic legs providing a full experience of riding through some of the most picturesque areas in the USA. On our ride, dubbed the “Slay The Dragon, Swig The Shine” tour, we rode the lush local area first, visited Matthews Living History Farm to experience local live Bluegrass music, looped through various towns of interest and stayed at renowned motorcycle hangout – The Riders Roost. After winding through mountainous routes, we visited the famed Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum, housing some of the world’s rarest bikes. And one highlight of the trip was sampling live music at the world’s country music capital – Nashville, Tennessee – not to mention my first US motorcycle rally in Sturgis, Kentucky, which was a truly unbelievable, eye-opening experience. This was an epic life-changing ride that can never be forgotten, filled with good memories, positive experiences and new friends...a ride that everybody who can, should... If you are a motorcycle rider from the Middle East and want to enjoy the trip of a lifetime, then this is for you. All responsible riders are welcome.

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Bahrain This Month - September 2019  

Vol.23 - Issue 9 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - September 2019  

Vol.23 - Issue 9 - Your guide to a great way of life