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Where to eat this November

The Ultimate UsedCar Selling Guide

A Memorable Dining Experience at Four Seasons Bahrain


Conquering the Killer Mountain with the Bahrain Everest Team


Korea’s new Ambassador to Bahrain, HE Chung Hae Kwan on the countries’ bilateral trade

Expressing Emotions Through Art Yasmin Drummond

Fahad Mohanna Talks Tabletop Gaming

The Sweetest Thing Melitta Lopez Fashion Trend Animal Instinct Beauty Essentials










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Bahrain This Month November 2020

Editor Farah Baig Contributors Behnaz Sanjana, Kristian Harrison, Dick Potter, Sangeeth Mullassery, Pria Masson Tanwar, Ouiam Charkani El Hassani, Victoria Teo Editorial Consultant Ahdeya Ahmed


elcome to our November digital issue, we hope all our readers are staying safe. October has been an exciting month for the Kingdom of Bahrain given the reopening of restaurants and a significant drop in the number of active COVID-19 cases. The lower transmission rates and renewed sense of normality has citizens looking forward to the months to come.

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One of the most illustrious achievements for Bahrain last month was when the 18-strong Bahrain Everest team scaled Mt. Manaslu in the Himalayas. We caught up with exhibition leader, Chris Anthony, who told us all about the glorious achievement, the challenges of the climb and plans for future projects. We were also delighted to interview Korea’s new Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, HE Chung Hae Kwan, who discussed the countries’ bilateral trade, cultural exchanges and more.

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Being indoors and staying safe has led to people looking for alternative means of entertainment like tabletop gaming. We were given some insight into the ever-growing gaming community in Bahrain in our interview with a young Bahraini entrepreneur, Fahad Mohanna, who’s created a safe space for “like-minded people to geek out”.

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In one of our main features this month, we delved into the healthcare industry by exploring selected hospitals and clinics in the Kingdom. We also took some time out to overview the glittery world of Jewellery given that the usual excitement surrounding it, in the shape of Jewellery Arabia, won’t be happening this year.

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With the dining scene beginning to open up, our team took it upon themselves to bring you the best of dining options so you can eat your way to happiness, this November. We also had the pleasure of dining in at Bay View at the Four Seasons Bahrain for our food review this month, as well as visiting an exciting new Spanish concept, Salero located at the mezzanine of The Westin City Centre.

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In our Motoring section, Dick Potter tells us about his Ferrari’s illustrious journey back to the UK while Sangeeth put together a step-by-step guide on how to sell your car. In Woman This Month, you’ll find our interview with the expressive contemporary artist, Yasmin Drummond and the innovatively charitable young woman, Melitta Lopez, who has been raising money for good causes by selling delectable treats!

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As always, in this month’s issue, you’ll get a first-hand look at some of the best fashion trends, accessories and beauty essentials too!

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Conquering the Killer Mountain


Bahrain’s Royal Guard team successfully scales Mt. Manaslu in the Himalayas

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Well Played!

Bahrain’s Tabletop Gaming scene is on the rise.

Building Momentum

A discussion with Korea’s new Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, HE Chung Hae Kwan


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We review Four Seasons’ Bay View dining experience The best of dining options this November!


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My Life in Cars

Dick Potter tells us about his Ferrari’s illustrious journey

Motoring Bites The Ultimate Used Car Selling Guide

Selling a pre-owned car can be tough. Here’s what to keep in mind!


36 6 November 2020

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Business Bites What’s EduTech All About? Pria Masson Tanwar gives us into EduTech











Animal instincts influence this year’s winter trend



Yasmin Drummond on exploring emotions through art


Melitta Lopez cooks up tasty treats for charity!



The latest Skincare and Makeup productsÂ


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Accessorising your home the right way Delicious Autumn tortillas with pumpkin filling



Virtual School Brain Breaks with Ouiam


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CONQUERING THE KILLER MOUNTAIN Bahrain’s Royal Guard team successfully scales Mount Manaslu in the Himalayas The Bahrain Royal Guard team which has been training to climb the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest, in 2021 have successfully completed their training in the Himalayan mountains. The team, consisting of 18 people, were given a mission by National Security Advisor, Royal Guard Commander Major-General His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa to raise the Bahrain and Royal guard flag on the summits of Mt. Lobuche (6119m high) and, once training completed, on the summit of Mt. Manaslu (8163m high) which is the 8th highest mountain in the world. Exhibition leader, Christopher Anthony, tells Bahrain This Month’s Farah Baig about the experience and significant achievements that came with the climb including the renaming of part of the Himalayan mountain range to ‘Royal Bahrain Peaks’.

8 November 2020



What can you tell our readers about the Bahrain Everest team’s recent feat of scaling Mt. Manaslu? The Bahrain Everest team had 12 months of training during which we, as a novice climbing team, tried to fill ourselves full of knowledge by speaking to our guides in Nepal - Seven Summit Treks. The initial expedition was to Lobuche - one of the 6000 m training mountains in Nepal – which included a 14day trek from Lukla all the way to Namche Bazaar, followed by the Lobuche base camp. There we prepared, trained and got used to all our equipment before summitting Lobuche, which served as the stepping stone we needed to go on to Manaslu - commonly known as ‘The Killer Mountain’ purely because it’s a dangerous mountain and a very technical climb which people take for granted since it’s lower than Everest.

was in addition to understanding high altitude medicine so we can identify frostbite and nonfreezing injuries within ourselves and the team. We needed to make sure that we understood the signs and symptoms of altitude sickness among other things, so it not only involved fitness but a lot of classroom work too. We also learned to understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses, when people are hiding injuries or suffering in silence; it was a proper team coming together. The team spent eight days acclimatizing and climbing towards the summit. How important was this for the success of the mission? The acclimatization of Lobuche and Manaslu is probably the most important aspect of the climbing of Mt. Everest. Every single member of the team at some point experienced altitude

sickness which comes with severe migraines, loss of appetite and vomiting in some cases. We found ourselves gasping for breath because of the lack of oxygen as you start pushing past 3000 meters, especially on Manaslu as we got higher. I don’t think anyone had a good night’s sleep in those 8 days as it’s very uncomfortable. Through our training and our guides, we were able to understand that, as bad as it is, this is normal and the effect of being at this altitude. What were the main challenges during the mission considering the environment, stamina and other factors? The main challenges were obviously the unknown. We’d seen it, read it and explained it but when you’re actually in the middle of it is when you find that there are gaps, and being a novice team is where the experience is. That’s

What can you tell us about the team that completed the feat? A year ago, the team consisted of 20 people but we went through vigorous medical testing to ensure we were physically fit, since some of us were slightly older, and we had to ensure everyone was physically fit for the climb. After some unfortunate injuries we had during training, the team was down to 18 people which we took forward on the twosummit attempt. I served as the exhibition leader along with Royal Guard Commander, Shaikh Mohamed Hamed Mohamed Al Khalifa. How long did the team take to prepare for the mission? What did the training consist of? HH Shaikh Nasser had come up with the idea two years ago and we put the planning in place to search for a guide team in Nepal, eventually going with the biggest and best Nepaleseowned team – Seven Summit Treks. The training consisted of fitness training, rope work, ab sailing - making sure that we were physically and mentally fit for the task. This www.bahrainthismonth.com

November 2020 9

interview why we’d done Lobuche and Manaslu to prepare ourselves and iron out those things that were perhaps missing that we can now prepare for Everest. As the exhibition leader, what were your main challenges and responsibilities? How did you prepare for the summit? Being tasked by HH Shaikh Nasser as the expedition leader was a great honour, but also a great responsibility. The Company Commander in the Royal Guard and Officer Commanding the Bahrain Everest Team, Shaikh Mohamed Hamed Mohamed Al Khalifa, was inspirational as my partner leading this expedition. While I concentrated on the planning of a liaison between Seven Summit Treks, Shaikh Mohammed concentrated on all aspects of dealing with the team and making sure we were a cohesive force between me leading it and him facilitating with the Bahrainis. It is a great team – I wouldn’t say there was one leader, but rather 18 leaders that bubbled to the surface at certain points, stepping to the forefront when one of us was tired and weak. What are some of the most significant

10 November 2020

invitation from the Nepalese government. It also included some extremely hard work by the Bahrain government and Bahrain’s embassy in Delhi that were also instrumental in facilitating the mission. The second one would of course be our first summit of Lobuche seeing the team smile after 14 hours of sweat and tears but standing on the summit and then seeing the hunger on the guys’ faces for Manaslu. Again, seeing the guys individually summiting was just an amazing achievement personally and as a team.

achievements from this summit? The most significant achievement was threefold really - the first one was the Bahrain and Nepalese government enabling us to come and complete the mission, in the middle of a pandemic. You know it was never an easy decision by the Bahrain and Nepalese government but in hindsight it was the right decision. That, however, was the first hurdle and first significant achievement when we got the

Were there any challenges presented by the current pandemic given the timing of the mission? The ongoing pandemic honestly has its challenges. The guys were isolated for seven days as part of the entry procedure after which they had a COVID test to make sure we were all clear before we went to the villages in the Himalayas. The thing we didn’t want to do is infect anybody, so we had to make sure that the COVID protocol set by the Bahrain Defence Force and the Bahrain government



BAHRAIN EVEREST TEAM 1. Christopher Anthony 2. Richard Warren McConnell 3. Phillip Clough 4. Mohamed Hamed Mohamed Al Khalifa 5. Ebrahim Mohamed Abdulla Ebrahim Mohamed 6. Mohamed Ali Jasim Ahmed Alboainain 7. Arafat Hamood Naji Ghurbah 8. Ebrahim Khalil Ebrahim Zayed Aljazzaf 9. Ahmed Saif Ahmed Isa Alkaabi 10. Arif Feroz Shah Murad Qalunder Ghulam 11. Mohamed Abdulrahman Yusuf Alkawari 12. Khaled Ali Hasan Ebrahim Hasan Aldossery 13. Abdulaziz Rafea Abbar Khalaf Alabed 14. Khaled Sultan Mohamed Abdulla Alsheerawi 15. Murad Mohamed Yusuf Abdulsayed 16. Ebrahim Ali Salem Jaber 17. Saud Hamad Mubarak Hamad Eid 18. Mohamed Isa Abdulla Yusuf Alqais

was adhered to at all times. So, we all had gloves and masks on, and limited as much contact as we could. You mentioned that part of the mountain range has now been renamed ‘Royal Bahrain Peaks’. What led to this decision? Just below Manaslu base camp there is a village called Sangwan. In honour of the Bahrain team, the local government in that region have named a mountain range that sits just above the village the ‘Royal Bahrain Peaks’ – a photo of which will be presented by Seven Summits Treks to HH Shaikh Nasser on our return. It’s a great honour to have a mountain range as such. How significant is this achievement when it comes to sporting and athletics in Bahrain? In line with HH Shaikh Nasser’s vision for youth and sport, and for really pushing the ethos of Bahrain’s people outside of Bahrain to achieve goals, it’s www.bahrainthismonth.com

very significant. HH Shaikh Nasser was getting situation reports nearly every day to ensure the team was achieving their goals. So, yes the climb was important, but it was probably 85 percent of the visit because during the visit the team made several visits to significant locations and ministers too. HH Shaikh Nasser always stressed that the activity is just part of the mission and that the mission was for Bahrain’s people. Will the team be attempting any other similar missions? What’s next? Obviously, this was phase one of the mission, phase two will be the summit of Everest which should be officially announced. Hopefully the whole team will be set on the mission in five months to summit the highest mountain in the world and raise Bahrain’s flag, in line with our mission from HM King Hamad and HH Shaikh Nasser. November 2020 11

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Food Trail at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

The award-winning hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain organised an event for media members and invited guests during which they were taken on a journey through food and beverage. The “food trail� featured numerous offerings from various restaurants at the venue, with cuisines from India to Thailand and all the way to Italy. Guests were given the experience of the most authentic culinary traditions, reimagined by their dedicated team. The event included the launch of Primavera at their pop-up venue off the marina beach.


November 2020 13


BUILDING MOMENTUM Korea’s new Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, HE Chung Hae Kwan, discusses the countries’ bilateral trade, cultural exchange and more with Bahrain This Month. HE Chung Hae Kwan, officially assumed his duties in the Kingdom recently. HE brings with him a wealth of international trade experience from previous postings and has now set his focus on promoting economic relations between the two countries with the 45th anniversary of the establishment of political relations approaching next year.


s Ambassador, what do you consider to be your primary focus during your assignment in Bahrain? Obviously, a major concern for me is the continuing development of close diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Republic of Korea. I also look forward to developing commercial opportunities between the two nations wherever possible. To date, Korea has contributed significantly to a number of high-profile projects in the Kingdom including the BAPCO expansion project, the Muharraq sewage project and the software which runs health care insurance system and the commercial registration system. Could you highlight the current status of trade between Bahrain and Korea? Are there any developments in the works to further strengthen trade relations? Five years ago, the annual trade volume between the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Bahrain was recorded to be 14 November 2020

USD686 million. That amount has increased yearly, so in 2019 the annual trade volume was recorded at USD800 million. Bahrain has a significant trade surplus with USD288 million of imports and USD513 of exports. The main products imported from Korea to Bahrain are power equipment, including wire and transformers, automobiles and steel products. On the other hand, Naphtha, some petrochemical materials, and aluminum are the main exports to Korea. Interestingly, Bahraini blue crab is among the high rankers, amounting to USD11.5 million.

How is this being developed for the future? I think that cultural exchange lays a key foundation for understanding each other. In this context, The Korean Embassy has hosted and facilitated many cultural events, such as traditional and modern musical or dance performances, a Taekwondo championship and film festival. Since 2016, the Embassy has also been running ‘Manama King Sejong Institute’ to provide Korean language and culture courses to anyone who is interested. Moreover, we sponsor the activities of a K-Pop fan club known as ‘Mansae Club’.

Korea and Bahrain have maintained substantial trade and investment flows so far, but I don’t suppose we have reached full potential yet. Now that both countries are discussing enhancing the trade and investment ties, as well as business partnerships, I hope we can make big strides in the near future.

Stemming from exceptional circumstances of COVID 19, our window of opportunities to hold such events this year is very limited, but still, the Embassy has been trying to continue its efforts in this crucial area to the extent. For instance, Mansae Club has been organizing online events such as virtual cooking classes, hanging blessing and encouraging messages in Korean on a virtual tree to fight against COVID 19, and Pansori (Korean traditional rap music)

The role of cultural exchange between the two countries has always been an important one.



performances since September. As an only offline event, the Embassy will present its annual Korean film festival this year too in the newly opened drive-in theater this December in Bahrain Bay with further details to be shared soon. Since next year will marks the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Embassy believes that we may enhance the opportunities of cultural exchange next year. What is the secret to South Korea’s success with containing the COVID-19 virus? It’s actually three factors – Testing, Tracing & Treatment. South Korea has learned through its experience, with SARS in the early 2000s and MERS in 2016, that implementing a systematic process of testing, tracing and follow-up is the best way of ensuring success against the spread of such diseases. South Korea’s health insurance review and assessment programme reviews all statistics related to infectious and isolated patients to ensure compliance with quarantine measurements. The ability to track and trace is an essential pre-requisite to the treatment and cure of patients. South Korean virus detection test kits are generally regarded as being amongst the most accurate available (approx. 99.61%). Although they take about 5 hours to obtain results, there is a new generation of tests being introduced which will obtain results in only 20 minutes. How many Korean citizens are currently residing in the Kingdom? Which sectors are they engaged in? About 200 Korean nationals currently reside in Bahrain. Some are employees of Korean companies working here while others are entrepreneurs in the areas of transportation, www.bahrainthismonth.com

engineering, food and beverage and so on. Also, about 50 Korean flight attendants are working in Gulf Air. How are they adapting to the challenges presented by the current situation? They are making strenuous efforts in enduring this harsh period while preparing for the future. I believe that Korean residents have confidence that Bahrain will recover under the leadership of the government. Are there any implementations currently in place to assist citizens facing any challenges? How is the embassy supporting them? The Embassy maintains a close contact with the Korean Residents Association as well as individual members, and provides assistance on demand basis. Fortunately, none of the Koreans living in Bahrain has been infected so far. Besides those efforts, we have been keeping posted all the necessary alerts and making essential materials such as high-quality masks available to the residents. At the same time, the Embassy has provided assistance to Korean businessmen facing difficulties entering under current restrictions. Are there any high-level delegations or VIP visits planned for the future? If so, how will these be managed? High-level exchanges are instrumental to strengthen bilateral relations. The Embassy has been trying to bring a high-level delegation to the Manama Dialogue this December. I believe it will provide excellent momentum for high level exchanges, if materialized. Furthermore, given the next year marks the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Bahrain, we plan to coordinate a series of high-level exchanges in various fields in celebration of the occasion. November 2020 15


Opening of Salero Restaurant The Westin City Centre launched its new Spanish dining concept, Salero, to members of the media and invited guests. Guests were introduced to Spanish cuisine by Head Chef, Juan PĂŠrez, who cooked up a feast including Tortilla Espagnola, Chicken Paella and Crema Catalina.

16 November 2020



US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Visit to the American School of Bahrain As part of Discover America Week 2020, U.S. Embassy Bahrain Chargé d’Affaires visited the American School of Bahrain (ASB) and was welcomed by the school’s Founding Director, Dave McMaster, who took her on a tour of the campus and its state-of-the-art-facilities. During the visit, Chargé Nardi congratulated ASB on the inauguration of the school’s first academic year.


November 2020 17




“Social gaming is the essence of a good time, it’s time you took your eyes off the screen.” That’s what the young entrepreneur behind Bahrain’s very own hobby and gaming store Howayte, Fahad Mohanna, has to say when it comes to tabletop gaming. The Kingdom’s tabletop gaming community has grown considerably in the last few years, especially now with the pandemic inspiring people to reconnect and discover unique ways to entertain themselves. Having a safe space like Howayte to geek out and meet like-minded people has surely played a role, so we caught up with Fahad to find out what started it all.

18 November 2020


interview What ignited your interest in the world of tabletop gaming? Being raised by a non-Bahraini mother, board games were a part of our family activities during the holidays. When I was young it was always fun playing board games like Monopoly, Risk and even Uno. As I grew up, I loved playing trading card games with my friends such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and even Yu-Gi-Oh! The sense of social gaming is what really drew me to the tabletop gaming scene and was my favorite way of spending my free time. I play almost everything from board games, trading card games, miniature wargaming and Dungeons and Dragons. Could you tell our readers a little bit about Howayte? A majority of our space is a dedicated gaming area where people can comfortably enjoy playing with friends. So, besides being a traditional brick and mortar store, Howayte Hobby Store is a space where people can connect with others who share their passion. How did you come about the idea of starting the store? The idea came from when I used to visit my grandfather in Holland during the summer; I found a small corner store at the train station that had fantasy statues like dragons, barbarians and wizards on display on the street which grabbed my attention since I was a huge fan of fantasy. The store also sold game packs and offered a space for customers to play with each other making it my go-to place while I was there! Being in Bahrain for the rest of the year, I always wanted somebody to start one. In 2017, it occurred to me that nobody might actually open up a game store - a place where I can go to decompress or find friends to enjoy my time with. I had a gut feeling that maybe it›s because it was meant for me to do. So, I took a leap of faith and bought the domain Howayte.com. The tabletop gaming community has grown considerably over the last few years. What can you tell us about this? I think it›s mostly due to the fact that gaming conventions have been taking place more often than before, where being a “geek” or “nerd” has become more acceptable and even cool while tabletop gaming got more exposure. Cafes, too, started having board games for their customers to play while enjoying their cup of coffee. I believe Howayte also had a part in it since, besides selling the games, we also educated people how to play them and turned it into a


meetup spot. How would you say your concept has helped grow the community in Bahrain? We took the initiative to grow the community and keep people interested by having small weekly tournaments, hangouts and more for seasoned gamers and newcomers too. We also use WhatsApp groups as a way of communication so everyone can stay in touch and arrange meet ups. Although we started small in 2018 there was an obvious growth in our customer base. People were coming on a weekly basis with their friends and spending hours (sometimes till closing) playing games. With a welcoming environment and casual homey vibe, it made people feel welcome to the hobby and even bring their non-gaming friends. What would you say is the most fulfilling thing about running your own business? Before I started Howayte I was a software engineer for around 10 years; I know how it feels to work for a large corporation and how it can sometimes be depressing. The best thing about running your own business is that you have the flexibility to adapt and when your business revolves around your hobby or passion, it›s fulfilling every day. Don’t chase the money as that isn’t where happiness is, honestly! If your goal is to make money, just get a job because running a business isn’t easy and it requires a lot of self-discipline. It was the right choice opening up Howayte and I feel it was a big contributor to the growth of Bahrain’s tabletop gaming community. However, we couldn’t have done this alone - the community being active and supportive of the store is what made it happen. What are your short-term and long-term plans when it comes to Howayte and the community? Right now, we are starting to put attention on digital marketing by starting a YouTube channel and educating our followers and subscribers on how to play certain games with Arabic subtitles while discussing different topics when it comes to board games. I’m also working on my first board game that is designed for families and friends. I plan on designing, printing and exporting it from Bahrain. It should take some time but it’s definitely exciting working on your own project.

November 2020 19

medical feature


It is undeniable that the Kingdom’s healthcare sector has grown tremendously over the last decade. What once consisted of one government hospital and a handful of clinics has now grown to include a multitude of specialized private hospitals and clinics, health and wellness centres, and state-of-the-art facilities available in every corner of the island. The days of having to travel overseas for specific medical treatment and procedures are also now a thing of the past as public facilities such as the Salmaniya Medical Complex and King Hamad University Hospital continue to update their specialist facilities backed up by highly qualified experts and a good provision of public health centers too. In the private sector too, the choice is ever expanding from the Kingdom’s oldest medical facility, American Mission Hospital, which also boasts state of the art outreach clinics, to other trusted healthcare establishments like Bahrain Specialist Hospital and Royal Bahrain Hospital which is part of the international KIMS group. Awali Hospital in the Bapco compound is also ever popular. With a growing demand for healthcare services, there has also been a growth in polyclinics and cosmetology clinics too. Here is some information on selected healthcare establishments in the Kingdom:

AMERICAN MISSION HOSPITAL The tree of life symbolises an evergreen in the midst of a desert landscape that intrigues visitors to the source of its sustenance. American Mission Hospital (AMH) has this tree as its logo with a founding legacy that goes back over 100 years, yet continues to fulfil the mission for which it was established. AMH has become the Kingdom’s largest non- government healthcare

20 November 2020

facility with the hospital in Manama, clinics at Saar, Amwaj and Riffa and a new hospital on the way in A’Ali. The hospital’s mission is to provide patientcentred, high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost for all. AMH was also the first hospital in the Kingdom to be accredited by an external body, the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, in 2006. All primary and secondary healthcare

needs are served through the main facility in Manama which is a fullyfledged, 24-hour operational hospital. Saar provides 24-hour services for primary care with no in-patient facilities. The clinic has both radiology and laboratory, a dedicated children’s unit, an adult urgent-care unit with eight bays, a separate section for women’s health, a physiotherapy unit and a dental centre.


medical feature


Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) is a leading multi-specialty 65 bed hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has been operating since 2011. The hospital has been providing quality care to all of its patients through a dedicated team of medical experts and a range of services across 30 medical disciplines.

care to critically ill patients with single and multiple system failure.

As a testimony to the quality of services, RBH is accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI), since 2012, and has been re-awarded the Diamond Accreditation by the National Health Regulatory Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain.

RBH is a part of KIMSHEALTH, a leading provider of healthcare services in India and the Middle East. KIMSHEALTH has a total of 23 institutions comprising hospitals and medical centers spread over Kerala in India, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates in the Middle East with a combined bed strength of around 1,860 with over 75 per cent occupancy throughout the year. It employs over 900 doctors and 3,200 nursing and allied health staff, who consult and care for around 7,000 outpatients per day.

In addition to this, RBH has strong skills in the field of Emergency Medicine with fully equipped round-the-clock Emergency services, manned by experienced doctors following international protocols and clinical pathways. The Emergency Medicine program is augmented by a state-of-the-art 5-bed Intensive Care Unit in Royal Bahrain Hospital wherein RBH can provide comprehensive

RBH has also strengthened its radiology division by investing in new technology and adding a range of diagnostic equipment to its existing set up. RBH has thus kept its commitment of enhancing its radiology division with the objective of providing quality healthcare services to its patients despite the challenging socio-economic circumstances created due to COVID-19.


All the new equipment is capable of producing exceptionally sharp images resulting in improved diagnostic and optimized scans thereby enhancing clinical outcomes. RBH’s reinvented radiology division now includes -­Mammogram, Fluoroscopy / X-ray, CIOS Spin C-Arm and a Portable x-ray. RBH has also upgraded its existing CT-Scan to 128 slices. The hospital has already been equipped with an MRI (1.5 Tesla) and high-quality ultrasound machine. KIMSHEALTH has been operational in the Middle East since 2004 and all of its brands have been well received and recognised as quality healthcare institutions with a wide patient base. In the Middle East, we have three multispecialty hospitals namely – Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) and KIMSHEALTH Hospital in Bahrain and KIMS Oman Hospital (KOH) in Oman. KIMSHEALTH also have 13 multispecialty medical centers spread across Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

November 2020 21

medical feature

BAHRAIN SPECIALIST HOSPITAL With over 15 years of experience as a quality healthcare provider in the Kingdom, Bahrain Specialist Hospital (BSH) is a cutting-edge medical provider and the first private hospital in Bahrain to earn the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCI). Specialities at BSH include cardiology, internal medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, neurosurgery and more. The hospital is also home to the highly-specialised BSH Apollo Heart Centre where the objective is to prevent and treat cardiac diseases, with better clinical outcomes, for improved quality of life in patients having complex heart problems. The advanced infrastructure at the BSH Apollo Heart Center consists of a third generation Cath Lab, Cardiac

22 November 2020

Critical Care Units, Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room for Endovascular Therapy and Cardio Thoracic Surgery including a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center. These facilities are supported by experienced cardiologists and post-operative care teams to offer the best cardiac care in the country. The BSH Apollo Heart Center is launched by Bahrain Specialist Hospital with the operations management of the Apollo Hospitals Group. The center provides treatment for all aspects of adult cardiology ranging from interventions to cardiac surgery. A team of doctors, nurses, technicians and paramedics had been deployed from the Apollo Heart Institute to serve the Bahrain population.


medical feature

NATURAL BEAUTY DENTAL CENTER Few things affect the first impression we make as strongly as a smile and Natural Beauty Dental Center is all about making your pearly whites the very best they can be. A unique, top-of-the-line and advanced facility, the centre boasts a highly qualified team of dental experts offering a wide range of options beginning with a full assessment to establish your oral health and recommend the best treatments for you. Services include dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dental bridges, crowns, Invisalign, veneers and more. As well as adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards, the clinic’s policy is to embrace change, encourage invention and continually remain at the forefront of advances in oral health for the good of patients, colleagues and company. Team members are also encouraged to demonstrate caring and sensitivity for the diverse backgrounds of both patients and colleagues and generosity to the community.

AL KINDI SPECIALISED HOSPITAL Al Kindi Specialised Hospital’s medical team covers 24 specialties, some dealt with exclusively in the private allergy and immunology clinic. In 2019, Al Kindi announced the opening of its Medical Check-up Clinic which is headed by a highly qualified physician and offers a range of checks.


The Physiotherapy Department offers the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment of all types of sports and muscular injures. Meanwhile, the Dental Centre offers a full range of specialities for all ages. In addition to the main hospital, Al Kindi Medical Centre in Sanad delivers the same

standard and quality of services for those who are unable to make it to the Hospital. It has now received a license to provide various medical checks (including, but not limited to, pre-employment, pre-marital, pre-school and housemaid medicals). The Derma & Cosmo Centre is also up to date with latest technology to provide trustworthy skin treatments.

November 2020 23

Jewellery Feature


November is usually all about glitz and glamour in the Kingdom of Bahrain. However, with the recent challenges presented by the pandemic and curb on large events, jewellery enthusiasts in the Kingdom weren’t able to delve into the glittery world of jewellery this season. Fret not, though, because the team at Bahrain This Month has put together some of our top picks this season!


Bahrain Jewllery Centre’s Al Aali Mall boutique recently received a new collection of Aliel jewellery. The collection is beautiful and timeless with the jewellery creations combining ancient traditions with natural materials through cutting-edge technology.From rare fancy-coloured diamonds to fiery Burmese rubies, Aliel seeks the finest natural stones that can be found and incorporates them into stunning works of art. For more information on the collection, call 17520052.

24 November 2020


Jewellery Feature


The butterfly has featured prominently in the history of Graff, inspiring many enchanting designs. Its enduring influence on the House has seen its butterfly kingdom expand over the decades with enthralling creations that capture the compelling beauty of nature at its most majestic. Capturing its ethereal beauty in designs that perfectly mimic the natural grace and elegance of a butterfly is a speciality of the House. The collection is divided into two collections: PavĂŠ Butterfly and Butterfly Silhouette. Discover the collections at Bahrain Jewellery Centre, Moda Mall or call 17520052 for more information.


November 2020 25

Jewellery Feature


Iconic model, Kate Moss, and jewellery designer extraordinaire Valérie Messika collaborated to create a unique high jewellery collection with two strong, spirited women. Using one simple word - freedom – they have collaborated to create a collection of high fashion jewellery that is expressively eclectic and defiantly diverse, paying homage to a woman who has transcended generations and styles. The collection features more than one hundred unique pieces of jewellery featuring a mixture of types of gold, various diamond cuts and even the way the precious materials were used. Our favourite design from the collection was Set 2 - a vibrantly coloured collection which honours Kate’s favourite hues. Malachite, mother-of-pearl and turquoise are stars of the show on sumptuous plastrons, XXL earrings and a threefinger ring. This combined with an unprecedented combination of coloured gold and precious materials make the pieces incomparably attentiongrabbing. For more information on the collection, kindly call 17131144

26 November 2020


Jewellery Feature


Discover the stunning Pasha De Cartier collection – a cult watch initially created in 1985, produced in steel, yellow gold, pink gold and set with diamonds. The Pasha de Cartier collection includes several models, incorporating fine jewellery pieces and fine watchmaking creations – the result of extraordinary design. With its distinctive codes and extraordinary design, the Pasha watch is for those who think big. The extroverted watch steps outside of the box of classic watchmaking by setting itself apart, embracing an assertive graphic signature. The new Pasha de Cartier watch features interchangeable straps, a sapphire crystal case back, a new crown and personalised engraving while being sophisticated in terms of watchmaking functions and design details. In addition, one of the key design elements of the Pasha de Cartier watch is the chained crown. For more information on the collection, please call 17533333.


If you’re looking for a reliable watch that is beautiful too, check out Seiko’s collections which combine a Japanese aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship. The Seiko Presage combines and Seiko’s watchmaking skills in an original collection that offers Japanese beauty, quality and long-lasting performance. Meanwhile, Seiko Prospex challenges every limit, with a collection of timepieces for sports lovers and adventure seekers. Since launching Japan’s first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko’s innovative technology has changed global standards. For a timeless timepiece made by hand, the Grand Seiko offers choices that are classic, traditional or for sport with consistent standards of precision, durability and legibility across the collection. For more information on Seiko, contact Ambassador Stores, Manama on 17225513.


November 2020 27



Good food is certainly not a scarcity on the island, but here are some places where you can get some really great food!


The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain has opened Primavera Al Fresco at its new pop-up venue, Nikmati. The new menu will feature signature dishes by Chef Delfino Chiarello and his dedicated team, including staples such as homemade pasta and speciality dishes that spotlight an innovative fusion of Italian and local flavours. Some of the dishes that guests can delight in are: Arancini con aroma al tartufo (deep-fried rice balls with cheese and truffle aroma), Calamari alla griglia con olio al pepperoncino (marinated grilled calamari with light chili oil and parsley dressing), Pollo al mattone con patate alla brace (grilled chicken “under a stone” with charcoal roasted potato), Guazzetto de pesce alla mediterranea cotto in terracotta (Mediterranean seafood “Guazzetto”, cooked in a clay pot – hammour, prawns, clams, cherry tomato, garlic, red onion and basil leaves) and Cannoli al cioccolato (traditional Sicilian cannoli with chocolate cream). The picturesque venue is open for reservations from Wednesdays to Saturdays, 5pm to midnight. Call 17 580-000.

THE RETURN OF GRANDEUR It’s time to rev up your weekend routine, as Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa’s iconic Grand Friday Brunch returns from November 6, in all its full glory with fabulously fashionable crowds, mesmerising live entertainment and of course, an assortment of scrumptious feasts from around the world on display. Starting from BD36, inclusive of selected beverages, enjoy a top notch indoor or alfresco dining experience, along with full #ALLsafe measures as the hotel adheres to every safety guideline laid down by the Ministry of Health. The grand dining affair is on every Friday from 12.30pm – 3.30pm at Saraya, Fiamma and Rivaaj restaurants. Call or WhatsApp ‪38 885-789.

28 November 2020

LAID BACK LUXURY Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain invites you to discover a hearty and colourful meal served to your table at its award-winning brunch every Friday and Saturday from 12.30pm to 4pm, priced at BD38, inclusive of unlimited premium beverages. Indulge in an infinite selection of the freshest seafood, sushi, pasta, fine grilled cuts and more, a lot of which will be cooked live. Remember to save some room, because the dedicated dessert and cheese area will surely tempt you into sweet indulgence. Savour a luxurious gastronomic experience as the resident DJ and live band perform the latest and best musical hits. Call 17 460-017.

A DREAMY DINING DESTINATION Keizo Restaurant at the Al Areen Palace & Spa invites you to indulge in a revamped culinary experience spanning the exotic Spice Route. Satiate your palette with lip-smacking, rich Far-Eastern preparations that will gladden the taste buds and the senses. The outlet is open from 7pm – 11.30pm, and offers an irresistible deal during Sunset Hours, from 5pm – 7pm, when guests can make the most of Buy 1 Take 1 on selected beverages. Call 17 845-000.



CARNIVORE FUN HELLO AUTUMN Inspired by the changing seasons, executive chef Imad Boukli of the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay introduces seasonal fruits and ingredients to present Autumn Seasonalitea at Bay View’s terrace or indoor space, from 4pm to midnight. Seasonal cakes and pastries include pumpkin pies; golden hazelnut praline choux buns; blackberry and chocolate cake and spiced caramel William pear tarts, alongside fluffy finger sandwiches and fresh scones, clotted Chantilly cream, and homemade apricot and fig jams. There is an extensive range of loose tea leaves to choose from, including Jade Sword Green Tea and Jasmine Silver Needle. Autumn Seasonalitea is priced at BD26.500 per couple, while the Royal Autumn Seasonalitea costs BD31, inclusive of a glass of sparkling apple and date juice. Call 17 115-000.

Get saucy with the Crowne Plaza Bahrain’s newest all you can eat Unlimited Ribs and Wings at The Harvesters Pub & Terrace every Thursday from 6pm to midnight. Imagine St Louis ribs (the best in the market!) being slow cooked before adding a final touch of perfection on the grill. Guests get to choose their chicken wings; crispy or basted in one of the signature sauces. Pork and beef ribs are available, served with a delectable range of side dishes at BD18 per person. Call 17 531-122 / 39 920-163.


AN UPMARKET EXPERIENCE Indigo at The Merchant House, located in vibrant downtown Manama, is now fully open for dine in, accepting guests in its indoor area as well as on the terrace. The outlet serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves refreshing cocktails, grape and beverages alongside an all-day bar menu. Experience the taste of colourful, seasonal produce with flavours that make a lasting impression. The venue requires no minimum spend or minimum number of people, although the total occupancy at a time will be limited to 30 guests. Call 16 678-666. Tuck into an aromatic flavourful affair at Rivaaj, Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa’s Indian fine-dining outlet, with the triumphant return of the iconic Indian Street Food Night for BD25 every Friday from 7pm – 11pm. Dig into a scrumptious array of spice infused dishes that will unlock India’s rich gastronomic history with every bite. Experience the eventful evening with your family in the elegant and sophisticated indoor dining area or opt for an alfresco dining experience under the stars on Rivaaj’s breathtaking glittery terrace. Sofitel Bahrain devotedly follows Ministry of Health safety guidelines and elevated #ALLsafe protocols, accredited by Bureau Veritas, as everyone’s safety remains the hotel’s top priority. Call or WhatsApp ‪38 885-789.‬ www.bahrainthismonth.com

November 2020 29


WEEKEND COMFORT There’s nothing more comforting than a sumptuous roast on a Friday in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. La Mosaique Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Bahrain stages a Friday Roast, priced at BD15, consisting of a three-course meal comprising starters, a three-meat roasting board with all the traditional trimmings, and dessert. Meat roasts include beef, lamb and chicken, inclusive of three selected beverages or three mocktails or fresh juices. The meal is served from noon to 4pm. Call 17 531-122 / 39 242-391

A CUT ABOVE FOR THANKSGIVING It is that exciting time of year that kick-starts the festive celebrations. On November 26, savour a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a contemporary Wolfgang Puck twist at the chic alfresco dining venue, CUT by Wolfgang Puck Courtyard at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. Executive Chef Brian Becher and his culinary team will create a flavour-infused take on this American hallmark from 7pm to midnight on the day, priced at BD49 per person, including draft, grape, sangrias and mocktails. Festive favourites such as deep-fried turkey with cranberry apple compote, brioche stuffing and Kabocha pumpkin pie will be prepared and served alongside refreshing drinks and the DJ spinning his tunes throughout the night. Reservations are essential. Call 17 115-044.

30 November 2020

PAINT THE TOWN TROPICAL Ladies; this one’s for you. Head to Gallery 21 for a fantastic Tropical Ladies Night every Wednesday and Saturday, from 9pm-11pm. Enjoy selected complimentary beverages as well as a 25-per-cent discount on food at Rooftop Bar. The night will be one to cherish, with tunes from DJ Cheetoz to entertain you. Unwind and have fun with your girls! Limited seats available. Call 17 711-600.

TO GIVE THANKS On November 26 - 27, Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain invites you and your loved ones to celebrate a blissful Thanksgiving feast. For the main course, hand-carved turkey will be served alongside a herbaceous stuffing, cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts and creamed mashed potato. The feast will be topped off with everybody’s favourite traditional pumpkin and pecan pie. Thanksgiving weekend will be celebrated through Flaming Thursdays on November 26 from 7pm 11pm for BD 34 per person, inclusive of dinner and unlimited beverages. Friday Brunch on November 27 will be from 12.30pm to 4pm, priced at BD38, inclusive of unlimited beverages. Limited seating will be available. Call 17 460-017.



A Memorable Gastronomical Journey Farah Baig dines in style at Bay View, Four Seasons Bahrain


e’ve all had to make changes to our lifestyle and adapt our daily routines to stay safe this year. The thing we missed the most was the experience of dining out in a beautiful location, in good company and, naturally, tucking into some scrumptious food. So, you can imagine our pure delight when restaurants across Bahrain reopened this October. To celebrate in style, we chose to dine in absolute splendour in a breathtaking location – Bay View at Four Seasons, Bahrain. My colleague, Anuradha, and I began our gastronomical journey with a selection of afternoon tea items starting with five finger sandwiches. While we thoroughly enjoyed the full selection, the smoked salmon proved to be a favourite while the cream cheese and cucumber sandwich was light and fresh – the perfect option for vegetarians. We were then served a delectable array of desserts, beautifully presented in true Four Seasons style – living up to the saying ‘We eat with our eyes first’. The sweet delicacies included a Pumpkin Pie with Tahitian Vanilla Cream, Golden Hazelnuts Praline Choux Buns and Spiced Caramel William Pear Tart. The selection of desserts provided us with a colourful journey through tastes and textures. It’s notable that they weren’t overly sweet, but rather take you through a medley of mellow and rich flavours so you can truly enjoy the chefs’ creations. The tart base and filling for the Pumpkin Pie were just perfect while the creamy texture and flavour of the Choux Buns will have us going back for more. While the afternoon tea alone is a feast, we carried on with two salads: Burrata and


sandwich, served with a side of fries, is the perfect balance of flavours and textures making it live up to the hype. It combines a crispy fried chicken fillet, pickles and avocado topped with Gochujang sauce which give it the ultimate balance of flavours – savoury, sweet and tangy with a pleasant flavour of sesame too! To end our meal on a high note, we tucked into the Mixed Nuts Crusted Seabass which was served with a wild arugula velouté. The fish was perfectly cooked and complemented the flavours of the pistachio and other mixed nuts perfectly. Asparagus Avocado. We were delighted to know that the Burrata is from the Italian district of Puglia, the same as our host, Pierpaolo! We enjoyed the cheesy goodness of the burrata coupled with refreshing arugula pesto, tangy watermelon and fresh cherry tomatoes which complemented the creaminess of the burrata perfectly. The Asparagus and Avocado Salad was quite the contrast in terms of flavour – the combination of seasonal herbs, zaatar, feta cheese and dressing meant that it was creamy with a sharp flavour of the herbs and pleasant saltiness too.

The entire experience at Bay View was the perfect welcome back into the world of dining with the tastes and textures forever etched onto our mind and soul. The Four Seasons did it again and it’s definitely not the last they’ll be seeing of us!

For our next course, we tucked into a Wild Mushroom Pizza. We strongly believe that the right cheese and perfect crust is key to a good pizza, so the thin crust which was crisp on the edges, Brie cheese, caramelised onions and rosemary made it a hit in our books. We’d also been hearing the buzz around Bay View’s latest sandwich – the Spicy Korean Chicken sandwich for a while now. The

November 2020 31


Launch of New 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA

The new 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA was recently unveiled at the Al Haddad Motors showroom in Salmabad. The new GLA is the eighth model to join the line- up and rounds off the current compact-car generation from Mercedes-Benz. With powerful proportions, progressive lines, and a redesigned interior, the new Mercedes-Benz GLA is the ultimate companion for a versatile life.

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32 November 2020





MY LIFE IN CARS Dick Potter tells us about his Ferrari’s illustrious journey. Five years ago, the missus and I splurged on a Ferrari 430F convertible. It remains one of the most expensive buys we have made on four wheels. No regrets however, as it is beautiful, an art form which appeals to all the senses as you can imagine. Lamentably, in the years since we have had it here on our sunny island it was simply not used enough. The weather was either too hot, wet, or dusty to exercise it-a travesty of this powerful machine - not withstanding my tendency towards ‘polisher’ rather than ‘driver’ I reluctantly concede. Half-heartedly, we thought it a good idea to send it back to Blighty. A good friend and likeminded car aficionado offered to let her reside at his country mansion where we could - when in the UK - use it to access a greater variety of destinations in the UK and continental Europe. To this end, late last year, we waved adieu to her as she was loaded from our garage, taken to port, and lashed into a container to be sent on her merry way to Southampton. Turk transport merit a well-earned mention here for their effortless management of all the requisite paperwork on the door to door arrangements. To our relief, she arrived safely and unscathed at port - mercifully avoiding much rumoured sea pirates en-route- it probably wasn’t a good idea to watch the movie ‘Captain Philips’ during her voyage period?! On arrival, she was delivered to a Ferrari workshop in Maidstone where she had a much - needed spruce up before being kindly collected by my friend and adeptly trailered off his house in Kent. She now resides in a hermetically sealed www.bahrainthismonth.com

car cocoon - that is its garage to you and me. Since then, largely due to COVID-19 restrictions, she has remained resting like a boxer in the corner waiting for the bell. Given some easing of the COVID-19 lockdown (yes, changed again since then, *insert eyeroll*) her guardian managed to arrange a local garage to give her the Ministry of Transport seal of approval, which she passed. This is the first stage of getting the car registered and obtaining the necessary UK registration plates - she currently still sports her Bahrain export plates - they’re Ferrari red, wonder if I could request Her Majesty’s Government for her new permanent plates to be the same colour?! Next step, completion of the UK registration form. This requires information from the Certificate of Conformity, which accompanies the car when it’s purchased. Could I locate that? Of course not. Thankfully, the kind chaps at Euromotors have since contacted Ferrari HQ at Maranello to helpfully send. I’m currently awaiting this in order to complete the paperwork and wire off to the men in suits at the requisite licencing office. Once this is complete,

insurance needs to be paid and obtained andBoris and the dreaded COVID- permitting, we look forward to introducing her to the roads of the UK over the festive season. A quick endnote to me mate Trent (likewise a Ferrari owner- I did an article on visiting him in the country last winter, remember?) I shall not be driving her down that access lane to your pad, unless those potholes - which could swallow a horse and cart - are filled, the sun is shining and the lane is free of mud… Here’s to the next Ferrari driving instalment! Happy driving all and stay safe. dickpotter@redhousemarketing.com

November 2020 33

motoring news

IN THIS TOGETHER Hyundai Motor Company is to support the Saudi Red Crescent Authority’s ongoing efforts to address the global Covid-19 pandemic. The company will be contributing 20 fullyequipped ambulances and four support vehicles as part of its aim to assist front-line medical workers and the public. Hyundai is working hand in hand with its authorised distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Al Wallan Trading Company, Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company and Almajdouie Motors - to align their efforts with the government’s efforts to deal with the situation. Hyundai distributors will work closely with the official authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deliver the medical vehicles directly to the Saudi Red Crescent Authority. Hyundai’s initiative with the support of its distributors in the Kingdom aim to contribute towards making a difference in this fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, by providing the H1 type ambulances, and providing the best methods to transport the elderly and healthcare professionals.


The new MG ZST is equipped with a 160 hp, 1.3L Turbo engine, delivering maximum torque of 230 Nm, and mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox for smoother acceleration. The new unit greatly improves the performance of the upgraded MG ZS. The acceleration of the 1.3 Turbo is 9.8 seconds from 0 to 100 kmph and has a top speed of 185 km/h. It complements the fuel efficient 1.5L powerplant that delivers 6.2 L/100km. The new MG ZS is also equipped with a rear parking sensor and camera, 17” alloy wheels, a 10.1” HD touch screen with CarPlay and Android Auto, cruise control, rear air conditioning vents, keyless entry, an electric parking brake and push button start. All ZS models feature a new hexagonal grille redesigned LED headlight and rear LED light clusters, while a sportier look is conveyed by the black finish applied to the grille, headlight and fog lamp trim, rear-view mirrors, side skirts and wheels.


Previewing the next generation of INFINITI’s luxury, family-focused threerow SUV, the QX60 Monograph was revealed in Yokohama, Japan. The SUV combines sophisticated design with athletic proportions and is the first look at the design direction for INFINITI’s next-generation production model and the first look at the global automaker’s new headquarters. The QX60 Monograph was presented around the world digitally via an immersive, multi-medium presentation.

34 November 2020

The virtual reveal was accompanied by an augmented reality experience that allowed participants to “place” a QX60 Monograph in their driveways. True to the definition, the QX60 Monograph showcases the detailed study of the SUV’s future design direction. From the powerful hood, muscular fenders, and long wheelbase, the QX60 Monograph reflects the movement of the brand forward, its inspired Japanese design, and a beacon for INFINITI’s future. www.bahrainthismonth.com

motoring news

SOARING DEMANDS In the first three quarters of 2020, Porsche delivered 191,547 vehicles to customers worldwide. Compared to the same period in the previous year, this was a reduction of just five percent despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. China continues to be the largest single market for Porsche in terms of volume, accounting for 62,823 vehicles from January through September. Positive trends are also evident in Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East as a whole: with 87,030 vehicle deliveries, the sports car manufacturer achieved a slight increase of one percent year-onyear. Customers in the US received

39,734 vehicles. In Europe, Porsche delivered 55,483 sports cars between January and September. In terms of models, the Cayenne continued to lead demand: 64,299 units went to customers in the first nine months. The continued popularity of the Coupé model contributed to an increase of deliveries by four percent compared to the previous year. In addition, the iconic Porsche 911 was especially popular with deliveries of 25,400 units. The Macan saw 55,124 vehicle deliveries. In addition, 10,944 customers worldwide received the all-electric Taycan.

GAINING RECOGNITION Genesis Studio Hanam, located in South Korea, and an interactive event held onsite, the G90 Special Exhibition, have been named finalists in the 2020 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA®) by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). Genesis Studio Hanam was named a finalist in the Environments category while its G90 Special Exhibition seeks consideration in the Digital Interaction class. Genesis Hanam is an inclusive experiential showroom which opened in 2016 at South Korea’s Starfield shopping district. It offers a variety of encounters such as docent tours, test drive programs, concept car exhibitions as well as client communication programs. In commemoration of the G90 debut, the Special Exhibition was held at Genesis Studio Hanam until Jan 2019, attracting 78,000 visitors in 41 days. The vehicle took center stage within the studio and operated an “Interactive Experience Zone” where the exhibition space changed color based on the guests’ clothing and accessories.


The new 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA was recently launched at the Al Haddad Motors showroom in Salmabad. The new GLA is the eighth model to join the line-up and rounds off the current compact-car generation from Mercedes-Benz. With powerful proportions, progressive lines, and a redesigned interior, the new Mercedes-Benz GLA is the ultimate companion for a versatile life. The interior of the new GLA combines a sense of space, high tech and sportiness. The design sets standards with a flowing, modern design idiom. Special touches include the free-standing Widescreen Cockpit and the illuminated air vents with sporty, progressive styling. The new GLA has a lot of exciting features including a large highresolution media display, a touch-sensitive screen, LINGUATRONIC voice control, the MBUX multimedia operating system, MULTIBEAM LED headlamps and more. In addition, the Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC and reversing camera makes it possible to enter and leave parking spaces automatically. The new GLA also features Active Brake Assist, which in many situations is able to use autonomous braking to prevent a collision or mitigate its severity. The new 2021 GLA is now available exclusively at Al Haddad Motors. www.bahrainthismonth.com

For more information, WhatsApp +973 3230 0076 or call +973 1778 5454. You can also visit @alhaddadmotors on social media or www. alhaddadmotor.com. November 2020 35




Tough times? Want to get out from under that loan? Here’s how to sell. Buying a preowned car is tough, but selling a car ought to be easy right? Wrong. Sure - buying the wrong used car is going to cost you hundreds if not thousands of dinars in lost finances and heartache, but the same holds true when it comes time to sell that car. Quite similar to those unscrupulous dealers trying to sell you lemons for the price of apples, there are dealers (and privateers) who are looking to low-ball you out of your decent used example - so that they can “flip” the car for a profit - the profit that was supposed to be in your bank account. In addition to this, I›m going to walk you through some common scenarios that I came across while selling my 2009 Dodge Durango a few months ago.

36 November 2020


interview 1. The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club:

Inevitably, selling your car means posting an ad online on various used-car websites and/or social media accounts. The first thing you DO NOT do is talk about how you›re leaving the country and/or how desperate you are to sell the car for cash.

This isn›t the place for it - it›s in bad taste for one and secondly, you›re setting yourself up for potential buyers to continuously low-ball you on your asking price. Everyone has a reason for selling their car - it could be that they can›t afford to keep it, pay for repairs, are relocating, bored of the car and so on. This is best discussed in person - if the buyer asks.

2. Stick to the matter at hand: Explain the nuances of your car to the buyer, but don›t turn it into a biopic. Be as brief as possible and more importantly - be honest. Unless you›re a shady used car dealer looking to make a quick profit or someone with no shred of decency, your car is most likely in serviceable condition.

3. Stop wasting everyone’s time: Unless

the car you’re selling is a one of twenty-odd Porsche 911 GT1s ever made, make sure you include (and be upfront about) your asking price, whether you’re willing to negotiate or not and the car’s flaws. A photo of the vehicle’s history that you can easily pull up from Bahrain.bh saves the buyer a lot of time and builds confidence in the deal. This way genuine buyers can take time out of their day to come see your car and not have themselves made a fool of.

4. The Basics: A half-way decent used-car

advertisement should contain the following details. Not only does this process help you recall details about your car that you may have overlooked or forgotten, a comprehensive ad is always a confidence-builder for any potential buyer.

• Year, Make and Model: (Example) 2015 Chevrolet Silverado • Current Odometer reading: 50,000 kilometers • Noteworthy options (if any): 4WD, Leather seats, navigation, automatic air-conditioning, sunroof • General statement about the condition: I›m the first owner of the car, bought new in 2015, tires are just one year old, paint in great shape with minor wear. One minor accident in 2017, repaired at the dealership under insurance. Full service history at the dealership since new. 50,000-kilometer service completed. • Price: BD 8,500 reasonably negotiable. • Contact options and times: Email/Mobile with WhatsApp, 3pm-6pm Friday and Saturday only. • Detailed Photos: (Ten from every angle at the very least) www.bahrainthismonth.com

November 2020 37

interview 4. About those Photos: Photos that are taken from the top of the

World Trade Center or in the shadiest corner of a side street past 8pm on a moonless night aren’t what we’re looking for. Nor are five photos of the same angle of the car. Take one, clear, photograph of each section of the car - the front end, both sides, the rear, close up of the wheels and tires, the interior dashboard and trim, trunk and engine bay. This is done during daylight hours - preferably between 4-5pm when the sun isn’t blinding everything, but there’s still adequate daylight to see defects clearly. Approximately five feet away is a good distance to keep when taking those photos. I’d personally go a step further and get a clear walk around video of the car’s exterior, the interior and even start the car up. This video makes light work of dealing with a potential buyer’s questions, making it one step closer to cash in hand.

5. About the price: Do a little bit of research prior to pricing your

car; this can be easily achieved by perusing used-car websites and taking note of what similarly-speced cars are going for. If you determine that your car is in significantly better shape or lower in terms of kilometers on the clock, you can add a slight premium to the tune of BD 300 to 500. However, unless you aren’t particularly motivated to sell, price your car to limit negotiations. Usually, a serious buyer will already know the price point of that specific make and model. Combine this with detailed information, photos and videos, and a prospective buyer will be coming over with cash in his back pocket not to waste your time with chit-chat or test-drives.

6. About those test-drives: A test-drive can

either be a deal-breaker, a deal-maker or a timewaster. It is also a huge spot of liability - the potential buyer may have a mishap that involves your car and the pavement, another car or a pedestrian - all of which you can be potentially liable for. If nothing else you end up with a car that has diminished value and no legal recourse to claim damages - especially if it was the buyer’s fault and you have liability-only coverage on your car. If you’ve done due-diligence to the steps outlined in this article, a test-drive should merely be a formality at this point. To get to this point, always ensure that you’ve shaken hands on a price prior to any test drive. At the very least, the buyer needs to know what the rock-bottom is - including all the potential faults that the car presents itself with. This way

38 November 2020

there is no wasted time, effort - or liability. Unaccompanied test-drives are always a no-no.

7. You’ve agreed on the deal - now what?

Remember that you haven’t actually “sold” your car until the buyer has paid you in full. This means that unless you’ve got cold, hard cash in your hand or in your bank account - no deal has actually transpired. Therefore, the buyer doesn’t get to drive away in your car - even if they’ve paid you a deposit. The same goes for signatures on transfer papers, or any letters stating to that effect - unless you’ve got every last Dinar of your agreed-upon price, do not transfer the insurance, sign the traffic form or hand over the car’s ownership documents - regardless of what the buyer promises.


interview 8. What if the buyer wants to have the car inspected? Allowing a

buyer to have your car professionally inspected is a courtesy that you can extend to a serious buyer who has physically arrived, inspected, tested and agreed upon a price first. Better-still you can even go the extra mile and get your car inspected by an independent workshop (or the local authorized distributor) and have the report ready to send to the buyer. Similar to those test drives, under no circumstances do you hand a random stranger the keys to your car unaccompanied and unsupervised.

9. Selling a car takes time: Take those photos, post the ad and done! Right?

Wrong. Selling a car takes a maddening amount of time and effort - especially if you work 9-5 and value your weekends. Buyers want to see the car in daylight - and rightly so - and you don’t get off work till it’s 7 on a good day. Getting random folks showing up to your office isn’t good for business either.

10. So how do you manage work, your weekend and selling your car? Set clear boundaries and stick to it; define three-hour windows on a Friday

evening or Saturday morning. Screen calls and WhatsApp messages based on the time-slots you’ve set. If the buyer hasn’t bothered reading your advert carefully, it is more than likely that they’re out window-shopping.

13. Prepping your car for the sale:

• Remove all personal items, including the stuff that disappeared under the seats.

• Get the car washed at a car wash - or professionally

detailed. There’s no excuse not to - it costs all of BD 30 and mobile car washes will come to your home or office. • Do you have a license plate that is worth keeping? Get it transferred off the vehicle into your name and put a generic plate on. Remember - license plates appreciate in value and you can reserve it for your next car for a fee - even if you’re an expat.

14. What if you’re upside-down on that autoloan? This is a situation a lot of folks find themselves 11. Someone who negotiates on the phone is not going to buy: It

really is that simple. Remember that. If you have a buyer who is on the phone with you asking you for “last last”, hang up.

12. Be wary of those used-car dealers and the low-ball scam: These

guys are ruthless - and since times have gotten tougher than ever – they’ve rewritten the rule-book of what it means to be shady. Remember - they know how to talk-thetalk, and can get you right convinced that your car is a pile of junk that deserves to be scrapped and that they’re doing you a favor by taking it off your hands.

in. Being “upside-down” on a loan means that the value of the asset post-sale is insufficient to cover the remainder of amount owed to the lender. If you’re in this situation, you have one of three options: • Sell the car and pay off the loan by injecting your savings; • Find a buyer willing to and transfer the loan and the car to their name; • Ask your lender if they’re willing to repossess the car and settle the remaining amount in cash.

15. Use the “Golden Window”: The Golden

Window is a timeframe - usually between an hour and two days from when you first post your vehicle for sale on a used-car website or social media. This is the period during which you will get the most calls and enquiries before interest begins to taper-off. As much as possible try closing the deal in this window. After the first two days - you’ll notice that enquiries are slower and that it is harder for you to get someone to come look at the car. Know that the market has a memory and will remember a re-listed car that hasn’t sold the first time around. Armed with this knowledge, selling your car should prove to be a slightly less-stressful experience than otherwise. Sold a car and got some wild experiences to add? Email me on sangeeth@brakemycar.com or DM me on instagram - @sangeeth911. www.bahrainthismonth.com

November 2020 39

business bites

CHARITABLE GIVING Seef Properties, a real estate development company in Bahrain, supported the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF) by placing a total of four donation boxes at selected properties with the aim of raising funds to finance the Foundation’s charity activities and initiatives. Over BD 3,000 was collected, which will go towards RHF and exclusively used to support projects serving orphaned children under the care of the Foundation, mainly education, health and social care projects. Seef Properties regularly contributes to the national efforts to enhance the livelihood of the Bahraini society’s members. RHF Secretary General Dr. Mustafa Al Sayed, said: “Seef Properties is one of the national institutions that is proactive in providing aid and support to the Bahraini community and is known for supporting countless humanitarian programs and projects.” On the occasion, Seef Properties Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ahmed Yusuf, valued the social awareness demonstrated by shoppers and visitors of the malls operating under the Company.

REACHING OUT TO OUR SHORES! Amazon.ae has announced the launch of the International Shopping experience, making it possible for customers in Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman to browse and shop thousands of eligible items that can be shipped to them from the UAE. Customers will be able to choose from products across 31 categories, including electronics, clothing, watches, and toys. Available in Arabic and English, the International Shopping experience customizes each user’s experience depending on their location. Customers can complete payments in a number of convenient ways, including both: local and international debit and credit cards. Customers shopping on Amazon.ae from Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman will see clear pricing, delivery times, and shipping costs fully inclusive of import fees. All cross-border customs clearance will be managed by Amazon’s couriers on the customers behalf, while customer support will also be available in both Arabic and English.

PRECIOUS SKILL TRAINING The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) organised a remote two-day workshop in collaboration with the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM), during which Saudi Customs employees were trained to examine gemstones imported and exported by traders or carried by departing or returning travellers. The first workshop during the seminar was presented by CEO of DANAT, Noora Jamsheer, during which she explained the most recent and effective scientific methods used in customs control of jewellery transported through border crossings in addition to the difference between rough and polished stones. The workshop also reviewed the classifications of gemstones such as diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubies, 40 November 2020

LEADING THROUGH INNOVATION Al Baraka Islamic Bank (AIB), a Bahraini financial institution in the field of Islamic banking, has been awarded the ‘Best Innovation in Retail Marketing in the Kingdom of Bahrain’ in 2020 by The Global Economics magazine, as part of the awards ceremony held for financial and banking institutions across the world. Al Baraka Islamic Bank Retail Banking Head, Fatema AlAlawi said: “We take great pride in receiving this prestigious award, which reiterates our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in all aspects of our work.” The award commemorates the banks use of an innovative promotional stand hosted at City Centre Bahrain, which showcased the bank’s latest products and services digitally. The stand further hosted exclusive activations to new customers and introduced visitors to the new scheme of alBarakat investment account.

sapphires, and others, aside from the scientific mechanism for determining the value of gemstones and their customs identification codes. Other key topics, such as the definition of gemstones, the geological conditions of their formation and how to extract and process them were also highlighted. The team also described the different types, specifications, and composition of each gemstone. Participants were trained to distinguish between original and synthetic gemstones, how to read official certificates that document the type, size, and specifications of the gemstone, and the mechanism for conducting scientific tests, in addition to the diverse uses of gemstones. www.bahrainthismonth.com

business bites

STREAMLINING FOR THE FUTURE National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has gone live with the latest version of Fusion Kondor, Finastra’s treasury management solution. The move will enhance and automate the bank’s treasury and trading operations, including price calculations, trader activity monitoring and risk management, enabling it to offer new products to its customers and grow its market share in Bahrain, as well as expand into new markets. NBB Treasury Customer Service Sales Flow

Business Head, Maha Al Mahmood, said: “Treasury is an integral part of the bank’s operations and its revenue stream. Automating this part of the business means that we can further improve the customer experience and expand our operations.” Fusion Kondor will give National Bank of Bahrain an independent view of valuations and risk involved in treasury activities, which are crucial to the bank and to regulators. The bank’s efficiency and speed in settling and processing

payments, and independently evaluating all pricing and trading decisions in real time, will further strengthen risk management for the bank’s trading operations. Finastra Services worked together with National Bank of Bahrain to upgrade Fusion Kondor in under nine months, using its best-practice Fusion Advance program.

THE WAY FORWARD FOR 5000 BAHRAINIS NGN Training Center has announced its plans to provide free, qualitative training to 5000 Bahrainis in the field of information security following the signing of an MOU with the Ministry of Labour. The training of the citizens follows the requirements of the new labor market and the 4th industrial revolution, while supporting the efforts of the Kingdom’s digital transformation as stipulated in Bahrain Vision 2030. The Ministry has signed similar MOUs facilitating the training of job seekers in order to boost their skills, consequently facilitating their integration into private-sector establishments. NGN Training Center CEO, Yaqoob Al Awadhi, signed the MOU with the Ministry of Labour and Social Development represented by Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs, Ahmed Al Hayki, in the presence of Labour and Social Development Minister, His Excellency Minister Jameel bin Ali Humaidan, Director of Training and Manpower Development, Dr. Essam Ismail Al Alawi, and Director of the Department of Professional Institutes Affairs, Ahmed Jaafar Moftah.

“I’M NOT DONE” Renowned businessman, Akram Miknas, has published his memoir titled ‘I’m Not Done’, for the first time in English, in Bahrain. The book was previously launched in Beirut, Kuwait and other countries around the world. The memoir presents aspects of Mr. Miknas’ personal and professional life over more than fifty years. It traces his life from growing up in Lebanon through his escape from the civil war, to Jordan, Turkey and Dubai, eventually reaching his final settlement in Bahrain in the year 1976. We follow the fortunes and frustrations Mr. Miknas faced in the process of making Bahrain his regional headquarters to launch his business in marketing, real estate, hospitality and other ventures. Speaking about the book, Mr. Miknas said: “Its purpose is not just to act as an archive of narration about significant experiences in my life. It is meant to inspire people, especially the younger generation to push them to love work and achievement, and overcome challenges while realising that failure only represents a very natural circumstance that is necessary for success.” The first two editions of the book were quickly sold out when published on Amazon.


November 2020 41


EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Financial Expert Pria Masson Tanwar talks about the concept of Edutech


hrough this pandemic, if I had to choose the one thing that allowed us all to maintain some semblance of a new normal, I would choose technology. The ubiquitous nature has ensured that we experience it in every aspect of our daily lives. Just how much, becomes rapidly evident when you watch a 6-year-old attend a google meet and navigate school software, to click on links and watch their familiar teachers teach them. So, this month, I thought of sharing my understanding of this large ecosystem called Education Technology or ‘EduTech’. Education is a fantastic business because of the vast audience that can be reached in so many ways. Technology has allowed learning to almost be re-invented. The aim of EduTech is to either provide ways to engage without a physical presence or to provide efficiency so that educators and learners engage better in a face-to-face environment. At a broad level, Edutech covers all forms of technology that aid education – the hardware like computers, tablets etc., the software and everything in between. It is this ‘in-between’ layer that is seeing a rise in interest and creates opportunities for educators, learners, and entrepreneurs alike. This layer covers synchronous and asynchronous learning, interactive technology, hypermedia, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based adaptive learning and even simple connection tools. Synchronous learning is a form of technology we are probably most familiar with. It takes the form of distance education through real-time interaction. The subset of this are the video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet etc. Several companies are working on tools to aid online synchronous teaching as against office-based conference tools. Asynchonous learning is video based systems that provide course materials and a platform to engage (usually offline) with the teacher. These come under the broad area of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Popular global platforms include Edx, Udemy, Coursera and regional players such as Almentor, and Little Thinking Minds have joined the bandwagon. Combination learning systems that merge synchronous and asynchronous systems include tutoring platforms like Byjus, Simplilearn or Chegg. 42 November 2020



Interactive Edutech takes the form of classroom and teacher assistance tools such as Google Classroom, Seesaw, Class Dojo, etc. These allow teachers and students to interact and learn in a closed group environment, to assess deliverables and provide feedback. Hypermedia Based EduTech is expansive. This refers to systems that use animations, songs etc. to engage the learner and make the learning process more play based. These are used by learners to demonstrate their learning or just to expand their interest. The most familiar of these is probably PowerPoint presentations. However the evolution of this form of hypermedia has been extensive and, today, sites like Pixton allow for the creation of comics and systems like Slack help with collaborative projects. Hypermedia is also a very effective tool for younger children who can, via global sites like Alphablocks/ NumberBlocks, Supersimple songs or the regional Lamsa, learn without realising they are learning. Connection Based Systems provide a platform to aggregate resources. This could be an aggregation of tutors with students like

Darseni in Bahrain, or websites like Twinkl which aggregate learning resources. Adaptive AI Based EduTech is the most complex of these systems. These are intuitive systems that adapt that the adjust the learning process based on how the learner is learning. Several adaptive based learning systems now exist such as Khan Academy, McGraw Hill LearnSmart, Dreambox. There are also specific game based adaptive learning platforms such as Kahoot , Brainpop or IXL.

your data requires encryption systems, servers, cloud space etc. - all of which costs a lot of money. Add to that the entire team that ensures the safety of data and does all the back-end programing, algorithm writing etc. However, there is still a lot of money that can be made – as is evident from the valuation of some EduTech businesses. Education is expected to be for a greater good, and undoubtedly the standards and expectations are higher than for other industries. However, the baseline principles are the same - to make at least enough money to cover costs. Just like there are no free lunches, there are no free services either - no matter how altruistic the industry is deemed to be.

Irrespective of the nature, most of the EduTech systems are subscription-based services. Some of them will provide a partial service free, but there will be other services that require a payment. Completely free platforms are likely to be innovative as to Sr. No. Company how they earn – this 1 ByJu’s usually means targeted advertising in 2 Yuanfudao some form. Technology systems are expensive. Anything that stores

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Zuoyebang VIPKid Coursera Udemy Duolingo Unacademy ApplyBoard Course Hero

Country India China China China United States United States United States India Canada United States

Valuation (USD) $10.0B+ $7.8B $6.5B $4.5B $2.5B $2.0B $1.5B $1.45B $1.4B $1.1B

Source: https://www.holoniq.com/edtech-unicorns/ (as of September 2020)

Pria is a strategy consultant and advisor. You can follow Pria using her Instagram handle @businessclues33 or read more of her articles at www.business-clues.com www.bahrainthismonth.com

November 2020 43






A calming mood light, crafted from glass with built-in LEDs that change through an array of colours. A remote control is included so you can choose between four different colour changing modes or individually select one of 16 different colours to create the perfect tranquil atmosphere.

The puzzle contains 44 pieces that interlock with each other. Once it is completed you are left with an immaculate puzzle that sits pretty on a table or mantelpiece. It comes with a key to secure all the pieces together, which confirms you have finished the puzzle. Available at: www.thegadgetflow.com

Available at: www.menkind.co.uk


This speaker can float and spin thanks to advanced magnetic technology. It provides crystal clear sound through a three-watt speaker. It attaches to anything metal and comes with a built in mic, so you can use it as a hands-free device to take calls. Battery life is five hours and you can connect via Bluetooth or AUX. Available at: www.amazon.co.uk 44 November 2020


It makes mouth-watering homemade treats for your beloved furry friend. It’s easy to use, whips up six different-shaped dog biscuit treats per batch and takes only five minutes. The kit includes power and preheat lights, storage bin, decorating kit, plus six biscuit cutters. Available at: www.menkind.co.uk




The watch reacts to movement so a simple tap, snap or clap will instantly light up the display. The LED display will show the time even in the dark. With no watch face to scratch and made out of lightweight durable silicone, these watches are hard-wearing and safe to use by anyone. Available at: www.gadgetflow.com


Professional sculpture magnet spheres that are 5mm in diameter. They can be made into a wide variety of shapes and can be used as geometry and mathematics aids. Available at: www.amazon.co.uk


The iRIStag packs a variety of useful features by containing a GPS locator and loud audio indicators, such as: tag location, phone location, child protection, car finder and camera trigger. Available at: www.thegadgetflow.com


The plug man’s legs and arms have three-prong sockets with enough room even for the biggest adapters. It comes with a circuit breaker switch and grounded plugs for safety and can be used at home, school or the office. Available at: www.thinkgeek.com


This motion detector will help you keep a check on anything and everything you want to. This could on your cupboards, handbags, windows and doors or even the cookie jar! The Screamer will attach to your belongings and will notify you with a screeching alarm as well as a smartphone notification every time that thing is moved. Available at: www.menkind.co.uk www.bahrainthismonth.com

November 2020 45




Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a platform game developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision. The game is the eighth main instalment in the Crash Bandicoot series, a sequel to the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, and the fourth game chronologically, taking place after the events of Crash Bandicoot: Warped. The game’s story follows Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco, aided by their former enemy Dingodile and an alternate-dimension counterpart of Tawna, a former love-interest character for Crash, as they recover the allpowerful Quantum Masks in a bid to prevent Doctor Neo Cortex and Doctor Nefarious Tropy from enslaving the multiverse.


The game adds new elements to the traditional jumping, spinning and crate-smashing gameplay of the series, including the use of powers provided by the Quantum Masks, which can alter levels and provide means to traverse or overcome obstacles. It also includes additional game modes for replaying levels, and the ability to control five characters in the game, three of whom – Tawna, Dingodile and Cortex – have their own unique gameplay.


Part of what makes Crash 4’s levels both readable and fascinating to explore is the sheer level of detail Toys for Bob was able to cram into them compared to the original trilogy. These beautiful and memorable worlds, from the frozen tundra of the 1700s to a New Orleans-esque musical city and the prehistoric era, showcase the developer’s penchant for adorable, animated design.


FIFA 21, the world’s most popular annual football offering, makes its swan song for the current generation of consoles. Ultimate Team is still front and centre as the main draw for many players, but this year’s game is also the most robust version of FIFA in series history. Volta Football has been expanded after debuting last year, Career Mode has finally received some much-needed new additions such as a revamped interactive match simulation mode, a new and improved training system which allows for weekly training schedules, new stats, an improved youth academy system and more transfer options.

46 November 2020


The iconic marsupial spins back to glory.



Star Wars: Squadrons is a space combat game set in the Star Wars universe. The game features both multiplayer game modes and a single-player campaign. Set after Return of the Jedi, the campaign alternates between the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron and the Galactic Empire’s Titan Squadron, both of which become involved with the Republic’s Project Starhawk; Vanguard Squadron wants to ensure its completion, while Titan Squadron attempts to destroy it.


Mafia: Definitive Edition is a remake of the 2002 game Mafia. Set within the fictional city of Lost Heaven (based on Chicago) during the 1930s, the story follows the rise and fall of taxi driver-turnedmobster Tommy Angelo within the Salieri crime family. Alongside the story mode, players can also explore the city in an open world format, which features side missions and the ability to find secrets at their own leisure. The remake brought with it several improvements to the original’s story and gameplay, including a rebuilt setting, enhanced mission dynamics and the introduction of motorcycles to the series.



Take your outrage about our current situation (or any problem in your life) and throw it into the void. Just type out your feels and then click the ‘Scream’ button, which does exactly what you think it does.


This website lets you play a game called 2048, which is similar to Tetris but with addition. Use your arrow keys to try to combine numbers until you reach 2048, or go beyond and try to reach 4096.


SITE: www.space.com


Sometimes you want to surf the internet, but don’t want to do all the paddling. For that, there’s Mix. Mix lets you set your reader profile and then share the articles, photos and videos you discover from your own personal mix of random topics. It’s a convenient way to entertain yourself and learn new things by simply telling the web to surprise you.

This website reports on astronomy news and trends through friendly, easy-to-digest content. Whether you want to see an object burn up in our atmosphere or get real into the weeds of how a black hole forms, Space.com has something for everyone. The ‘Image of the Day’ in particular offers stunning insight into the wider galaxy.






November 2020 47


Habitica A task manager that plays like a game can make life’s minutia a whole lot more enjoyable. The Habitica app, also known as the Gamified Taskmanager, turns goal-setting and achieving into a game to provide a fun source of motivation. In the app, you’ll get an avatar you can use to track your tasks, play with friends, earn rewards and unlock more content the more you get done IRL.

Snapseed Google’s photo-editing app takes phone-based photography to a new level with a selection of 29 different tools and filters. Favourite photo ‘looks’ can be saved and applied to future photos, and in-app Insights are there to give you special tricks and tips about photography.

BrightNest Your family is going to love (or rather, hate) this. Instead of nagging the kids to finish their chores, you can use BrightNest to keep track of your household cleaning schedule and set handy reminders. With thousands of hacks, helpful hints and home projects included, the app can also be used to decorate, renovate and manage home maintenance.

Talkspace With the cost of therapy too high for many people to afford a traditional sit-down session, it’s comforting to know that unconventional routes like therapy-based apps can still be effective. The Talkspace online therapy app is free to download, and when you sign up for a weekly plan, you’ll get unlimited on-demand mental health support from a licensed therapist with no appointment needed. 48 November 2020


music The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. So here are some tunes you can groove to!

John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth Released on John Lennon’s 80th birthday, Gimme Some Truth: The Ultimate Mixes is designed as a deluxe celebration of Lennon’s solo catalogue. Housed in a slipcover and bearing a handsome 124-page hardcover book with some nice song-by-song liner notes culled from Lennon interviews, Gimme Some Truth covers rather familiar territory in terms of songs – there are 36 here, starting with “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)” and running through the posthumous hit “Nobody Told Me,” hitting nearly all the familiar points along the way. The attraction isn’t the song selection per se as much as it is the Ultimate Mixes, a new set of clean, clear revisions from the original tapes. Whether this is an improvement is a matter of personal taste, but it’s true that the Ultimate Mixes do deliver a state-of-the-art aural upgrade, which is a selling point for fans who have purchased this material before.

Blue Öyster Cult



An alternate, secretive look through the Carey timeline.

What’s the story? Mariah Carey’s self-titled first album turned 30 in 2020. Rather than shine new light on her multi-platinum breakthrough, Carey chose to take a broader look at her history. From July through September, she published The Meaning of Mariah Carey, unearthed The Live Debut: 1990, issued digital editions of numerous maxi-singles (including remixes and alternate versions that hit streaming platforms for the first time), announced an extensive vinyl reissue campaign, and also kept her base engaged with archival video uploads. The excavation continues this month with The Rarities, Carey’s first major compilation since 2015’s #1 to Infinity. Its first half consists of B-sides and previously unreleased material spanning three decades.

Worth a listen? Chronologically sequenced, it starts with an upbeat outtake from her debut and ends with a 2020 acoustic version of Butterfly track ‘Close My Eyes,’ and more importantly contains some prime B-sides. There’s the fine ballad ‘Do You Think of Me,’ a ‘Dreamlover’ B-side and the aching Daydream-era ballad ‘Slipping Away,’ one of Carey’s best, unequivocally R&B collaborations with Dave Hall. There are some fascinating new discoveries. Much of the remaining material is indeed second rate by the singer’s standard, but there’s value even in the least developed inclusions, like the fun blow-off ‘Cool on You.’ The live second half was recorded at the Tokyo Dome five months after the arrival of Daydream. Carey and her band are in top form throughout a balanced set list sequenced like an impeccable mixtape. www.bahrainthismonth.com

The Symbol Remains Though they’ve never stopped touring, Blue Öyster Cult haven’t released a studio album since 2001’s Curse of the Hidden Mirror. Nineteen years is a long time to go between records, and there have been changes: rhythm guitarist and keyboardist Allen Lanier passed in 2013, while conceptualist, producer, and lyricist Sandy Pearlman died three years later. Donald Roeser and Eric Bloom are the only remaining members of the classic lineup. They began writing these songs in 2017. After signing to Frontiers Music in 2019, this quintet entered the studio and laid down basic tracks and completed the album with members contributing from quarantine. These songs range from punchy hard rock and proto-metal jams to hooky, cinematic AOR pop, stadium anthems, and garage rockers. The music on these 14 songs careens across the band’s history with abundant energy and fantastic production.

Future Islands

As Long as You Are Future Islands’ latest record sees the band take another step further from their trademark sound of nimble bass lines, gloomy synth washes, pulsing rhythms, and Samuel T. Herring’s desperately cajoling vocals towards something grander and more epic. More often than in the past, they slow the tempos and amp up the atmosphere, which serves to thrust Herring’s elastic singing and literate lyrics even more to the front and centre. It makes for an album that’s an uneasy mix of a band that’s fully in control of their sound, making some good choices as they expand, but also occasionally toppling over as they overreach. November 2020 49

tv releases

STREAMING TELEVISION/FILMS SHORTS Curl up on the couch and check out some of our top movie and film selections this month!

Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers is a supernatural comedy series about a team of part-time paranormal investigators who team up to uncover and film ghost sightings This documentary follows Sibil Fox Richardson across the UK, sharing their adventures on an (also known as Fox Rich), an entrepreneur, online channel for all to see. However, as they abolitionist, author and mother of six, as she stake out haunted churches, underground bunkers fights for the release of her husband, Rob, and abandoned hospitals with their array of serving a 60-year prison sentence in the homemade ghost-detecting gizmos, their Louisiana State Penitentiary for armed bank supernatural experiences grow more frequent, more robbery. Rich served three and a half years for terrifying and even deadly, as they begin to uncover her role in the robbery. The film combines a conspiracy that could bring about Armageddon original footage with home videos. for the entire human race.


The Mandalorian (Season 2) At long last, the second season of The Mandalorian has arrived. The Emmy-nominated series will continue to follow the titular character and the Child (Baby Yoda) as they rally enemies following the collapse of the Galactic Empire.

Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween is Adam Sandler’s latest movie, with a stacked cast including Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen, Kevin James, Ray Liotta, Shaquille O’Neal and Steve Buscemi. Sandler stars as Hubie Dubois, who spends every Halloween ensuring that his fellow Salem residents ‘celebrate safely and play by the rules,’ but this year, with an escaped criminal on the loose and citizens of Salem disappearing, it’s up to Hubie to convince the police and townsfolk that the monsters are real, and only he can stop them.


A team of cops investigating the seedy underbelly of Marseille, France, find themselves in over their heads as they realise that some of their fellow officers may be deep in the pockets of the city’s gangs, and they risk losing their jobs — or worse — unless they can set things right.

50 November 2020

Marvel 616 Marvel 616 explores Marvel’s rich legacy of pioneering characters, creators and storytelling to reflect the world outside your window. Each documentary, helmed by a unique filmmaker, showcases the intersections of storytelling, pop culture and fandom within the Marvel Universe. Episodes in this anthology series will cover topics including Marvel’s world-spanning artists, the trailblazing women of Marvel Comics, discovering the ‘forgotten’ characters of Marvel, and much more.v


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thebhrg 46 June 2018



LIFESTYLE | travel

N A K N A L SRI NDOUR! SPLE cities ustling f b , ig b ao g to the ide ravellin ink of t . Most times, rrounded h t le p g su liday t peo of bein p to s on ho om tha It’s seld e the batterie classic vision es or waking u g e r h h c a t e a h w e c bre d ted in dy b to re y is roo alking on san oma of freshly re of it il u q n ar tra ry, w leasu irds and greene d the p demic, by lush s of chirping b Farah Baig ha day (pre-pan ’s oli tions nd the sou in This Month fairly recent h er top destina a h s f hr n tea. Ba some o Lanka o ring Sri cided to share an option. e v o c is d de l is se) and er when trave of cour id s n o c o t for you


This lush green location in the mountainous region of Sri Lanka has grown to be a favourite among travellers from the Middle East and it’s for a very good reason. Aside from the stunning natural landscape, Kandy is home to one of the most significant Buddhist relics which is found at the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Other significant locations include the Botanics Gardens of Peradiniya, the Kandy Lake and the market streets of Kandy Old Town. If you’re looking for an interesting experience, you can also enjoy a train ride to our next destination, Ella.

you 5 cities visit need toin Sri when a Lank


One of the most exciting things to do when visiting Ella is take a train ride via the Nine Arches Bridge for spectacular views. You’ll find that several people take the time to find the perfect spot to take that Instagram-worthy picture with the bridge in the background too! The little village is perfect for hiking and exploring to really connect with your surroundings. Other things to do include a visit to Little Adam’s Peak, check out the Diyaluma and Ravana Falls, and get a tour of a tea factory.


November 2020


LIFESTYLE | travel


I know I said that cities aren’t a spot where people recharge their batteries, but I’d have to be crazy to not mention the very capital of Sri Lanka! This beautiful city is brimming with history and culture, not to mention a very healthy culinary and nightlife scene. You can also enjoy numerous hotels and resorts that line the stunning coastal line of Sri Lanka here.


The first thing you have to do when visiting the old town of Galle is visit the charming Galle Fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The district has an old school European vibe in the midst of a burst of colour and tradition – in true Sri Lankan fashion. Be sure to visit the Galle Lighthouse, watch the sunset from the Galle wall and shop for aromatic spices, sparkling gems and more on Pedlar Street. While you’re at it, be sure to eat your fair share of traditional Sri Lankan food at one of the cities many traditional eateries.



A little bonus trip for your adventure through Sri Lanka is a visit through Pinewalla Elephant Orphanage which is home to over ninety elephants. It’s fame is widespread making it one of the most visited locations in Sri Lanka where you can watch baby elephants being bottle fed or the larger elephants being taken down to the river to bathe.


This beautiful mountainous district is a dream for anyone that’s grown up in hot weather. You’ll experience the perfect clean and cool mountain breeze. Nuwara Eliya provides you with spectacular views of the mountains and is a short drive from one of Sri Lanka’s most enjoyable hikes through Horton Plains which provides you with spectacular views from World’s End.

November 2020



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r u o Y sh a e l n s t U c n i st n I l a m i An FASHION | trend


he best way to warm up this winter is to take a page from the animal kingdom and warm up with lush faux shearling, furs and feathers too! Delivering yet another exciting season of fashion, the biggest of brands had sultry models dawning looks that greatly inspired our inner fashionistas with looks that were dramatically elegant. For a powerful over-sized overcoat, you can take some inspiration from Givenchy’s mysteriously dramatic black and brown look, or perhaps go brighter as seen with Bally and Boss. Some 70s inspiration could also be seen across runways as seen with Stella McCartney and Tory Burch.




Our editor’s picks this month are Givenchy’s stunning structure suit and dress which both feature light plumes of feathers. Remember to really enjoy this trend, play with the length, structure and silhouette of your outfit to keep it fun, flirty and feminine.


November 2020



Tory Burch

Giorgio Armani



Stella McCartney

Tory Burch


FASHION | trend

November 2020


PEOPLE | interview

EXPLORING EMOTIONS THROUGH ART Woman This Month has a conversation with contemporary painter, Yasmin Drummond.

Delving into the world of emotions and issues that connect us to each other and humanity, Yasmin Drummond expressively blends both: abstract and figurative elements in her work to create significant visual representations. Born in Germany, Yasmin is a British artist of Middle Eastern origin and has lived in 14 different cultures which have influenced her work.


ow long have you been painting for? What inspired you and how much has changed since? I have always painted and been inspired by colours and a desire to convey my own emotional response to life through abstract painting. I find abstract art to be very similar to classical music where the listener is given the freedom to perceive each piece on a deeply personal level depending on their mood of the moment; with some pieces evoking anger, frustration, fear, passion, love, serenity or just pure beauty to meditate to. How would you describe your art? I am a contemporary painter. I blend both abstract and figurative elements in my work to explore emotions and issues that connect us to each other and our humanity. I focus on spontaneity and the intensity of emotions in the moment. I prefer not to start with an agenda and allow my painting to develop organically. I believe that art, like life, is full of unknowns and surprises when explored in detail. You have experienced 14 different cultures to date. How has this influenced your art? Having lived in so many different countries I have realised that humans have more commonalities


November 2020


PEOPLE | interview than differences. We often share senses of humour, emotions, and respond in the same way to music, colours and to the natural world and environment. We are all impacted by major changes, like the pandemic and climate change. What mediums do you work with? I work mainly in acrylics and different mixed mediums with oil, charcoal, and pastels. My most recent works use iron and copper. These oxidise, or rust, as the paintings develop, which gives them an organic quality. What can you tell our readers about your most recent exhibition and the factors that influenced it? COVID-19 has affected us all in many ways, and reduced our social interactions. Globally, there are increased mental health pressures affecting many people because of the pandemic. I wanted to do something that not only tackled those issues, but also raised money for the UK mental health charity MIND. In the end, the only way to mount the exhibition safely was to do it in my home – where it was possible to share more of my works, including some addressing issues raised by COVID-19, such as how we can adapt to the new normal.


Have there been any influences from your time here in Bahrain? I have tried to embrace the colours of Bahrain in my work, and the richness of its art and culture. My first half year in Manama was very busy getting out and about, trying to get to know people, and Bahrain’s rich art and culture scene. Has any of your current art been influenced by the current pandemic that the world is facing? I am not sure there is ever going to be an artist who has lived through the pandemic whose work does not reflect the impact of COVID-19. The pandemic has created huge changes in the way we relate to one another and our lives. Inevitably, these changes in our lives are reflected in the mood of my paintings, my choices of colour, and the themes I develop. Tell us about some of your past exhibitions. It has been fascinating exhibiting in different parts of the world. I enjoy receiving feedback from viewers who engage with my work, and their responses often make me reflect on my work again. This reinforces my view about commonalities across cultures, and that deep down we are all very similar. London was interesting because it is so cosmopolitan, with artists from everywhere enriching the art scene. Joint exhibitions in Fiji helped me get to know local artists, and I was pleased when my collaborations helped prompt

the government to found a Fijian National Contemporary Art Museum. What are your plans for the future when it comes to your art? I don’t really plan but I want to continue producing art. Indeed I feel compelled to, since the creative process is an important part of who I am as a person.

November 2020


BEAUTY | news


Amouage has revealed its Renaissance Collection which features four alluring fragrances: Enclave, Crimson Rocks, Ashore and Meander, each depicting Amouage’s romantic interpretation of encountering pure joy. Drawing inspiration from its home country, the Sultanate of Oman, these sophisticated blends of exquisitely contrasting scents are a liberating force of imagination. The range of fragrances contain a variety of unique keynotes including cardamom oils, amber, jujube honey and more. The unique experiential aesthetic of the fragrances is further accentuated by beautifully coloured translucent bottles and artistic boxes, presenting their owners with a work of art. The Renaissance Collection is available in all Amouage boutiques and distributors worldwide and can be purchased online at www.amouage.com.

THAT MAKE YOU GLOW Whether it’s skincare, makeup or a fresh new fragrance that puts a skip in your step, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top beauty essentials from leading brands this month.


Chanel has launched its beautiful Fall-Winter 2020 makeup collection and let us tell you - it’ll have you being pretty in pink! The collection plays with different ideas of character and femininity mainly through the medium of the colour most associated with the gender: pink. Here, the duality of women and femininity is emphasised, from innocence to experience. The collection includes three eyeshadow palettes, two waterproof stylos, a lip and cheek tint, six shades of lipstick and two stunning shades of nail polish.


November 2020

Looking for a fresh new makeup palette? Check out Dolce&Gabbana Beauty’s new Mysterious Baroque Make Up Essential Palette. This limited-edition Palette is inspired by the fascinating atmosphere of the Middle East, bringing to life colours and motifs of intriguing elegance. This all-inone premium palette is dressed in a golden and intense blue damask motif, inspired by the sumptuous Baroque tradition. Like a precious jewel box, the palette opens to reveal deep shades of blue, amethyst and dahlia, each one an invitation to embark on a vibrant journey. The Mysterious Baroque Palette brings together all the makeup essentials: four eyeshadows, two lip powders, highlighter and bronzing powder. www.womanthismonth.com

BEAUTY | news


H&M Beauty has launched an excellent hybrid foundation range in 26 shades (divided into cool, neutral and warm undertones) to help you find your perfect shade! We all know what a challenge it can be to find a foundation that matches our skin tone, but this product doesn’t do just that. The Perfect Hydrating Foundations are infused with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, restorative vitamin E and SPF 15 for everyday sun protection, so acts as a sheer liquid foundation with skincare benefits. This hybrid solution is for anyone dreaming of a natural look with a healthy glow. It’s available at all H&M stores in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman markets that carry H&M Beauty.


In 2019 Lancôme created Idôle, a groundbreaking fragrance, inspired by today’s female pioneers. From its fresh clean trail, to its iconic bottle, Idôle set a new paradigm in the world of fragrances. One year on and the captivating essence of Idôle returns in the form of Idôle l’Intense which fuses its predecessor’s ‘Clean and Glow’ accord with a more sensual, more flamboyant Chypre floral scent. Based on three pillars, Idôle l’Intense amplifies the natural beauty of flowers. The rose – an iconic symbol for Lancôme – plays out through the deliciously honeyed Grasse rose absolute and fresh green scent of Isparta rose petal essence. A jasmine trio adds a velvety texture and light fruit accents while the white chypre base enhances the sophisticated woody notes.


These days lash extensions, lifts, tints, curlers and false lashes are all the rage, but with the quick fix comes the ultimate price of sometimes irreparable damage. These procedures — as well as natural aging — are known to compromise the length, thickness and density of lashes. Lancôme is excited to propose a repairing 4-week cure to women with its New Lash Revitalizing Serum. Inspired by pioneering keratin science, the super innovative formulation will condition, revitalize and fortify lashes. The result is stronger, denser-looking, thicker-looking lash–fringe in just four weeks. Built on Lancôme’s unique savoir-faire, new Lash Revitalizing Serum is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for even sensitive eyes and damaged lashes. With a twicedaily application, Lancôme Lash Revitalizing Serum is said to deliver a total lash turnaround in just 4 weeks.


November 2020



! g n i h T t s e t The Swee There’s no shortage of great causes on the island that could use some funding including animal shelters, organisations that support low income workers, cancer awareness campaigns and more. With the world currently facing the challenges presented by the coronavirus, a long-term resident of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Melitta Lopez, took it upon herself to come up with an innovative way to encourage continued charitable giving all while sweetening the deal! The International Relations Coordinator combined her love for charitable giving with her passion for cooking and launched The Misu Project (TMP) through which she raises funds by selling her own delectable dessert.

62 November 2020



What can you tell us about TMP? What led to you starting the concept? As someone that was raised in Bahrain, this island is home to me and I have so much gratitude for all the things it has offered me. TMP started off as a new way for me to raise awareness towards causes I believe in and to give back to the community. I am constantly raising funds for different causes, and I recently started feeling like my friends and family were experiencing a bit of “donor fatigue”, so I had to come up with an innovative way to start raising funds. So, I started TMP just over a month back, with the intention of selling it and only being operational for a month.  Is there a particular reason why you chose to sell tiramisu? Yes! Cooking is a passion for me. I’ve been cooking for friends and family for a long time now and lots of people would ask me to start selling some of the things I make. One of my dishes that was a crowd pleaser was my Tiramisu. So, I decided to make a pudding version of the classical Italian dessert and sell it for a month in order to raise money for charities I support. What makes your Misu special? With TMP I am very mindful of where our ingredients come from. For instance, we source our coffee directly from Colombian farmers, ensuring that our money and profits directly benefit the farmer and his community. Our fairtrade coffee is strong, bold and most importantly, ethical! We also use a blend of high-quality Dutch cocoa and organic dark chocolate that comes from a Bahraini local business. They are the Middle East’s first organic, fair-trade chocolate company, and we are so proud to support local businesses.

see so many people suffering financially so it was only natural that I supported organizations that helped such people. Animals have always been close to my heart, and I’ve always been a supporter of BARC. Going forward, I am excited at the prospect of being able to help a few more charities in whatever little way I can. Is charitable giving something you’ve always done and how does it make you feel? Yes! Like I mentioned earlier, I am always fundraising for something or the other and am a strong believer in putting other’s needs before my own. I have been an advocate for Shamsaha, the Middle East’s first and only women’s domestic violence crisis center for a few years now. I also enjoy volunteering my time and resources towards other causes like beach clean-ups, feeding neutered strays, food drives, etc.

I did not expect this project to blow up and become as popular as it did. Since I was adamant about a few things like being mindful of the environment and upcycling the packaging myself, the whole process to get one Misu tub ready is quite tedious and labour intensive. Juggling all the different parts of my life and TMP has been difficult, but very, very rewarding. Will TMP be an on-going concept? Any plans on changing up the dessert around the festive season? As I mentioned, TMP was meant to be a 1-month project. However, due to the unexpected demand, I have had no choice but to extend the date. I am taking a short break for a week in early November to recuperate, but I will be in operation for a little while longer. I am planning a few limited-edition versions of the Misu too so stay tuned! 

How has the response to your initiative been so far? Honestly, the response has been phenomenal. I didn’t expect the public to be this receptive of TMP. I was sold out for the whole month within a week of operation! It was surreal and I couldn’t believe the power of word-of-mouth. I had people ordering and reordering, and so it has been an extremely, extremely busy month. What have your biggest challenges been so far? I think the biggest challenge was just managing all of the operations myself: creating and maintaining a social media presence, taking orders in, interaction with my followers, actually making the Misu, keeping a tab on the stock and supplies, packaging and delivering. All of this while also working full time.

Which charities will you be donating the funds to and how often do you distribute them? To date, my model has been to support one charity every two weeks. I’ve raised funds for different causes including One Heart Bahrain which distributes boxes of groceries to people who’ve been unemployed and are struggling to make ends meet. In addition, I’ve raised funds for Bahrain Animal Rescue Centre (BARC) which is Bahrain’s largest no-kill shelter that completely relies on the public for funding. Most shelters have recently seen an increase in animals, as people flee the country in a hurry and abandon their pets. I’ve also been raising funds for Think Pink which raises awareness and funds for Breast Cancer in Bahrain. I plan on distributing the funds at the end of the month. How did you choose the charities you donate to? I chose charities based on their needs and how I feel about their cause. Due to the current pandemic situation, it was heart wrenching to www.bahrainthismonth.com

If you’d like to order your very own Misu (for a good cause, of course!) be sure to check out @v on Instagram. November 2020 63


Let’s Accessorise! Very often, one overlooks the power of accessories to elevate the home setting to a whole new level. Mirrors to give your spaces depth, lamps to ‹enlighten›, and stylish clocks for a timeless feel. Throw in some statement vases, planters, frames and various other home decor knick knacks to brighten and jazz-up your interiors.

Oriental Opulence Vases


Home Centre


November 2020


LIFESTYLE | home Not So Stone Age Vase

Home Box

Geometrical Dimension Picture Frame Home Box

Floral Reflections Mirror


In Full Bloom Accessory THE One

Ambient Glow Wall Lamp Insidherland

Less is More Wall Clock

Tonin Casa by Western Furniture

Delicate Foliage

Amber Elan


Table Lamps


Tonin Casa by Western Furniture

Sketchy Pink Cushion


That Zen Feeling Tealight Holder namshi.com

Black and Gold Tray



November 2020


LIFESTYLE | opinion



irtual learning is the reality for many families right now, and the question most of us are asking is: How can we help our children thrive during virtual school? As you may know virtual school has some unavoidable developmental downsides for children, including less in-person interaction with teachers, a smaller range of visual focus (a side effect of increased screen time) and less physical movement throughout the day. We know children need to move and play as part of their learning. Children can't concentrate for hours on end in one position. So, what can we do? We can introduce what I call: Screen Breaks - a way to fill the gaps both in children's daily school schedule, and in their developmental needs. Knowing what your kids need most can help you pick the right break time activities. Remember that kids, like adults, have good days and bad days, tired days and energetic days… and the weather affects everything of course, so needs will change.

However, here are some brain breaks that will help you and your child: MOVEMENT BRAIN BREAKS

To facilitate movement, you can plan an obstacle course using whatever you have in your home. Mark out the course with tape. Encourage kids to jump, crawl, spin, hop, run and roll. Jumping jacks, bear crawls and crab walks can help further challenge your child's strength. Hide and seek, tag, races or dance parties are also awesome ways to get children moving.


November 2020


LIFESTYLE | opinion

MINDFULNESS BRAIN BREAKS To help a child who has been struggling emotionally consider activities that help build them up. You can do mindfulness exercises where you encourage your child to be present in the moment, focus on their surroundings and feel some mental clarity. Sometimes chores for kids, like folding laundry or preparing snacks, can be restorative breaks and simultaneously facilitate fine motor skill development, provide sensory play and knock out some of a parent's work. Other more everyday activities like a snuggle on the sofa while reading a favorite book, listening to music or making some artwork may also fill your child's cup.


If your child is struggling academically to grasp key concepts, it's important to still allow academic breaks. Children need time off to learn, just like adults do. But you can find ways to reinforce literacy or math skills in your play. Choose board games with number concepts. Send your child on a flashlight guided hunt to find letters or words in the house.

SCREEN-FREE BRAIN BREAKS If children are negatively reacting to all the screen time of virtual school, they may be under- or overstimulated. Being bored or overwhelmed undermines learning. Some children may experience eye strain and complain of headaches, excessive blinking or rub their eyes. For all of these screen-associated problems, getting unplugged and outdoors is really critical. Going for a walk or bike ride, or gardening, can all be cures for too much screen time. If you're stuck indoors, a sensory experience like working with playdough, kinetic sand or water play can help children recalibrate their level of stimulation.

Finally, let's not forget that kids should be encouraged to have ideas and opinions about how they spend their off time, too. If you can, find a compromise where some of the breaks are used towards goals you think are important and some allow your children to choose. For example, if you want your child to get energy out, write down four active ideas and let them pick. When children get to decide, the activity will be more engaging and fun for everybody involved.


November 2020


y l s u o i c i l De toxifying De


This month Laetitia and Theresa of Live and Taste share their delicious, detoxifying and healthy recipe for homemade tortillas with an autumn twist. Give them a try and let us know what you think on our socials.



Ingredients 2oo gms spelt flour (whole grain) + extra 150 gms coconut yoghurt (or any other non-dairy yoghurt) 3 pinches of Himalayan salt 1 Tbsp olive oil 1-2 pinches dried thyme 4 pinches fresh ground pepper 2 to 3 Tbsp water

Instructions 1. Pour 200 gms of spelt flour into a mixing bowl. Add the coconut yoghurt, salt, olive oil, thyme and pepper. Using a wooden spoon, mix it together.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of water first and mix it again. Add another tablespoon of

water and use your hands to mix well until you have a slightly sticky dough. You may need only 2 Tbsp of water or you add another tablespoon of water if it does not form a nice dough yet. Then, knead the dough for a minute or so.

3. Let the dough rest for 15 to 30 minutes (cover with a kitchen towel). In the meantime, prepare the pumpkin puree and the extra topping.

4. After 15 to 30 minutes, divide the dough into 4 balls. 5. Dust a work surface with extra spelt flour and flatten one ball with your hands. Use a rolling spin to roll it into a tortilla.

6. Heat a non-sticky skillet on medium heat. Cook the tortilla for about 45

seconds on each side (or until you see air bubbles forming). Repeat it for the 3 other balls.

7. Keep them in the oven (50C fan), while you finish the filling and serve it warm. 68

November 2020



400 gms pumpkin, peeled and cut into cubes 2 pinches pumpkin spice Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper to taste


Peel and cut the pumpkin into cubes. Steam the pumpkin until soft. Mash the pumpkin with a hand blender or in a small blender until it is soft. Season with pumpkin spice, salt and pepper.



1 avocado sliced 1 ½ tomato sliced 1 tbsp hemp seeds (optional) 1 lime squeezed (optional) Sprinkle with some chili flakes, Himalayan salt & pepper


Arrange the 4 tortillas with the delicious pumpkin puree and the extra topping, enjoy ! tbsp : tablespoon / tsp : teaspoon More healthy recipes on www.liveandtaste.com Instagram-Facebook : live.and.taste www.womanthismonth.com

In Her Shoes

This month we delve into the exciting world of Zilia Monteiro, Managing Partner at Bahrain Ballet Centre and music enthusiast.

What song would you sing at Karaoke?

What's your proudest achievement?


Being an independent woman! 

What's the best advice you've ever been given? "If it is to be, it is up to me!" and "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end!"

What's your favourite film?

There's so many… but let's start with Casablanca!

Zilia What skill would you like to learn? Definitely get better at swimming!

What is your dream holiday destination?

Any place with less people and a lot more nature!

What would your life be incomplete without?

Bubbles (my dog)... and a drink in hand!

Cats or Dogs?

I’m an animal lover, so both! But as a dog owner, I'm honestly partial to the second. In fact, I love dogs so much that I started a healthy doggie treat business with my friend, Carolina. Check out @bubblesmiche on Instagram! www.womanthismonth.com

November 2020


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70 November 2020


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Bahrain This Month - November 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 11 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - November 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 11 - Your guide to a great way of life