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Perfectly Pressed is a Bahraini venture that provides health conscious islanders with fresh, cold-pressed juices and nut milks. This process keeps vital enzymes and nutrients in the juices intact, which help in boosting health and immunity. What’s sustainable here, is that the products come packaged in glass bottles, which can be returned to the company to be reused and/or recycled. Besides a variety of juices and dairy-free drinks, the organisation offers one-, two- or three-day cleanse packages. Drink away! www.perfectlypressed.co

what's green

BTM takes a look at the latest easy-touse, planet-friendly products.

A SUSTAINABLE WIPE Would you believe that all your makeup (including waterproof beauty) can be removed with just water and The Original MakeUp Eraser? All you need to do is wet a section of the cloth and remove the day off your face in gentle, circular motions. It’s made up of millions of tiny hairlike fibres that stand straight up and, when wet, work together to reach and suction all makeup, dirt and oil out of each individual pore. The Original MakeUp Eraser is touted to be a premium, plush, no-chemical polyester blend designed for sensitive skin. It is dermatologist-approved, reusable and machine-washable, thereby eliminating one of the most wasteful products in the world — wipes! www.amazon.com


A CLEAR CONSCIENCE The Onya compostable dog waste disposal bags are a convenient carry, whether you’re on a dog walk, need an away-from-home nappy change or are camping. They are palm oil-free, made from 100 per cent GMO-free renewable plants and are free from any plastic additives such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene and PVC. They are certified compostable to Australian, European, USA and Japanese standards, which means they have been independently assessed to break down to virtually undetectable levels in the soil, and are deemed ‘worm safe’ with no micro plastic residues left behind. Each pack includes the carry pouch along with 30 renewable plant-based, compostable waste disposal bags. www.onyalife.com


Now here’s a more cost-saving alternative to disposable paper cups. The AmazonBasics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups are made of foodgrade silicone and work with any standard baking or muffin pan, are stain- and odour-resistant, and require no greasing before baking. The flexible silicone allows you to bake not only muffins and cupcakes, but also individual cheesecakes, brownies and various other desserts. Freezer-, microwave-, dishwasher- and oven-safe, these colourful cups are ideal for the busy kitchen. www.amazon.com

SMART JACKET Onya’s drink bottle jacket is made from premium neoprene and has a heavy duty carabiner to easily clip on to a bag or backpack, so you always have your reusable drink bottle handy. It works to keep drinks fresh longer and protect your bottle from wear and tear. The premium neoprene is free of any nasty toxins and is tougher with greater insulating abilities than normal neoprene. It also takes less energy and petroleum used in its manufacture, and comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. www.onyalife.com

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Bahrain This Month - March 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 3 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - March 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 3 - Your guide to a great way of life