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mother’s day

Gifts For Your

Lea Dubois

On Mother’s Day we celebrate the most important woman in our life; the reason we are here today; healthy, educated, and with a home. The least we could do to thank her is a gift! Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day on March 21 for Bahraini families, March 22 for our English sisters, and June 7 for our French buddies. We assure you; these gifts are way more interesting than the basic tulips or chocolate boxes. Here we go!

It’s the little things that matter —

Oh God! It’s c

What about a cute assortment of succulents instead of roses? Make sure all the pots are decorated, and arrange them carefully on her night table or next to her hundred pairs of shoes!


ne — emory La Down Mring back a memoryLook

A gift from the heart —r

you Is there a place you and k, bac y wa it mother would vis old an n eve or k par a maybe of summer camp? Make a list her e tak ns, atio all those loc with there and overwhelm her her tell ’t memories. Just don ’re from the start where you . her ing tak

b ? Why not you were a baby r n ea e w h sed to from w es you u bear you o h s e th dy out e or a ted of your all the tim rm with in front ues!) rfo would pe n’t forget the tiss o mother. (D

A teenager ag

ain —

ld again! — “Ugh! I just w armed it up!” Doe her coffee ge t cold by the tim s e she takes her third sip? The Temperature Cont available on am rol Smart Mug, az drink perfectly on, will keep her warm at all tim es.

A modern book —

Was there a m ovie that your mum used to watch over an d over again whe n she was younger? Look for and prepare so it on Netflix me popcorn. Movies like B ack Future, or even to the Dirty Dancing will have her fangirling.

If the leader of the house is quite a reader, this is someth ing she will cherish. Make mom an e-reader with an Amazon Kindle book. She can take all her books with her everywher e on a single device!

Fashion h

Spoil her er up — wit make her h clothes that will feel 10 ye ars young Buy an ‘8 er. 0s jacket for vintage grunge example, or from an o ld, popula jeans r brand.

Win the game —

Let the chef rest —

g up Surprise her with cookin yet, tter Be her favourite meal. ! bed breakfast in www.bahrainthismonth.com

A little mother-child(ren) day will make your mum so happy. Take her to a carnival, or an arcade to train her skills! Win the pink bear for her and always let her win, it’s her party!

Bring out her inner queen — For her hair to look presentable, gift her hand-made accessories! Grab flowers from your garden, or buy some from the local flower shop, scissors, a hot glue gun, a big midrib and start crafting. It will make her smile, knowing that you made it yourself.

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Bahrain This Month - March 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 3 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - March 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 3 - Your guide to a great way of life