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itness and revel in the magnificent performances and inimitable charm of Travelling Funfair – a wandering parade of performers and attractions including games, puppeteers, magicians and more!

Inspired by the colourful Aras bird from the rainforest, the German Aras Stilt Band presents a combination of percussion and stilt-walking in vivid costumes with big wings and beautiful music.

Masters of magic, Sebastien and Rebecca are an artistic duo that bring you Street Magic. Together they work to unite the manipulation from small everyday objects to large illusions in a single display. They deliver a unique magic show made for the street, close to the audience, where moments of improvisation, public participation and amazing illusions flow into each other to achieve a perfect balance.

The Eccentrics are bearers of joy – their mission is to spread an epidemic of good humour. See how their joy is contagious.

Funky Style Band is an innovative and captivating project in the panorama of marching bands. Sporting eye-catching uniforms, they play and dance with the grit and enthusiasm typical of a respectable street band, but without forgetting the elegance of funky Italian style. With Jam Batucada, fans will feel the freshness of the movements, the beats with the drum and they will be surprised with the effects. A young and talented batucada from Spain, Papaya Jam is a fusion of rhythm, taste, colour and dance through Brazilian and Latin American sounds. For the first time in Bahrain, Hot Air Balloons will showcase a travelling parade on stilts with grandiose handmade costumes and great visual impact to take all types of audiences on flights of fantasy.


Pop the Balloon Man, a multi-award-winning magician and balloon artist from Scotland, returns for the fourth time to the Bahrain Grand Prix. Check out his incredible skills!

Jam Batuca da

Ghost Rider

With Latin rhythms and dance, Papito presents a fresh and entertaining show – out of a chest come two chairs and a variety of objects with which an uncommon relationship is established. Prepare to be surprised. Abraham Thill is a professional street and circus performer who gives an energy-packed street performance, including clowning, pantomime, comedy, object- and subjectmanipulations, improvisations, some magic and extraordinary, mind-blowing Diabolo skills. Katastrofa Clown brings a comedy show to the rhythm of rock-and-roll, where the audience becomes an integral part of the performance. Dr Bubbles returns with flamboyant soap bubbles that reflect the lights, making them shimmer in the colours of the rainbow and awakening the inner child in you. Watch the gigantic bubbles spark your joy!

n Man

o e Ballo Pop th

Abraham Thill

Kids and grown-ups can partake in the many fun activities offtrack, including a Ferris wheel, lots of food stalls and trucks, souvenir centres as well as the Ghost Rider - a carousel-like carnival ride with 16 gondolas.

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Bahrain This Month - March 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 3 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - March 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 3 - Your guide to a great way of life