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Fancy a seaside cuppa? Behnaz Sanjana lines up a few options to try.


lthough we live on an island, many of us don’t get to appreciate the beauty and majesty of the sea as much as we’d like to. Yes, it’s impractical to spend a day at the beach and at times tiresome to dress up for ‘someplace nice’. But Bahrain’s coast is dotted with no-frills places to just sit back, enjoy a meal and take in the soothing sights and sounds of the sea.

Darseen Café

When you revisit the island’s history at the Bahrain National Museum, Darseen Café, located on the premises, is the place to let all that intriguing information soak in, while you sip on a drink, and munch on some cake (this spot is popular for its sweet treats). The icing is the stunning sea view, in a very contemporary-chic outdoor setting. The menu focuses on fusion flavours in its hot and cold dishes, as well as some nicelypresented, tasty Bahraini fare. Call 77 336-600.


Freej Bin Rashdan

This one is a quaint café located in Muharraq, in the surroundings of the Dohat Arad Park. Walk in to a cheerful interior with cerulean furniture and colourful Arabic lamps. The variety of traditional choices you can chow on are plenty, starting with shakshooka and balaleet for breakfast, moving on to machboos and succulent grills for lunch and dinner. Or, just drop in for a glass of milky tea while you lose yourself in the view from the glass-panes that open out to an amazing expanse of blue. Features such as the gramophone and antique knick-knacks give you old-Bahrain feels. Call 77 300-300.

The Lighthouse Amwaj Café

The cool interiors of the café enjoy a lovely view of the water. It’s a family-friendly spot, where guests can enjoy the glittering lights of Amwaj beyond the water’s edge. Shisha is probably not served outdoors for this reason. The food is tasty, and the ambience basic, but this spot is frequented more for the waterfront experience. It’s touted to have a jolly good hot chocolate too. Call 16 030-030.

Coffee World

Drive around reclaimed Reef Island and take a seat at Coffee World for, well, a cuppa and a bite, if you please, as you take in the relaxed atmosphere. The unusual outdoor furniture and lit-up palm trees add the romance factor to this place; a pretty sight after sundown. As shisha is available as well, it’s a great place to go and unwind at on a Thursday evening.

Dean & DeLuca

Being an international chain, this one’s different from the rest on the list, but waterside seating: check, and lip-smacking fare: check. If it’s a more modern flavour you’re after, in stylish environs surrounded by the fancy high-rises of Bahrain Bay, then this is it. Located at The Avenues-Bahrain, the ‘gourmet restaurant’ is usually buzzing. Even if you do not get a table on the patio at the far end of the venue (or it’s too hot to dine al fresco), the indoors cuts it too, with the place being designed to let in the maximum natural light. Call 17 110-529. July 2019 83

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Bahrain This Month - July 2019  

Vol.23 - Issue 7 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - July 2019  

Vol.23 - Issue 7 - Your guide to a great way of life