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amborghini has announced the completion of a major revamp of its museum at Sant’Agata Bolognese, presenting a completely re-branded facility with new and exciting exhibits. Now known as MUDETEC, the Museum of Technology has quickly become popular with tourists visiting the birthplace of Lamborghini in Italy. Celebrating the relaunch of the Lamborghini Museum in the new MUDETEC guise, an exclusive exhibition of “Future Shapers since 1963” has been specifically inaugurated as part of the museum’s space, featuring the pioneering spirit of Lamborghini with regard to innovation and design. Running until October 31, 2019, the exhibition is a virtual journey through the decades. Scan the code for more great pictures.

Apple Back in the Driving Seat



hen it shed 200 staff from its Project Titan in January, Apple seemed to be stepping back from the autonomous car business. But the company has now acquired startup in what signifies a new eagerness for the self-drive sector. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that was in trouble and planned to fold.


Apple had previously taken on several engineers from the company and is now said to have bought it outright. The Chronicle noted that touted itself as a company developing kits to convert normal cars into autonomous ones.

he all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla was recently revealed in Bahrain. It boasts a hybrid powertrain for the first time and has had a complete body makeover too. There are three powertrain options, including 1.6 and 2-litre petrol versions. The electrified hybrid combines a traditional engine and two electric motors. All versions have a lower centre of gravity, a more rigid body shell and multi-link suspension. Inside, the seats have extra cushioning and buyers can opt for either a 4.2 or 7-inch multiinformation display.

54 July 2019

The E Option

eugeot has released details and pictures of the e-2008 – prior to its 2020 launch. The e-2008 comes with a 50kWh battery and an official range of 193 miles. It will have a 134bhp electric motor and be capable of using 100kW rapid chargers, with an 80-per-cent topup taking just 30 minutes. The model will offer three powertrain options; diesel and petrol variants will also feature in the range. There’ll be 1.2-litre petrols with 99, 128 and 153bhp

outputs, as well as a 99bhp 1.5litre diesel. Following the popularity of the larger 3008 SUV (soon to be made available with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain), Peugeot has stuck to a similar design philosophy. There is more interior space with a longer wheel base and the boot space has been increased to accommodate underfloor storage for charging cables. And, of course, the vehicle will boast the latest in technological refinements.


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Bahrain This Month - July 2019  

Vol.23 - Issue 7 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - July 2019  

Vol.23 - Issue 7 - Your guide to a great way of life