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Boreal, stationed in Seef, is a riot of colour to look at. While the exterior gives off a gypsy, bohemian vibe, the inside is busy prepping some great grub for hungry passersby. The food truck takes great pride in a delicious vine leaves preparation, and the chicken pasta, noodle salad and burger are also hot favourites. And if you’re craving the comfort of rice, a hearty biryani is available too. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Boreal Rose Cake or the saffron cake.

Fresh Press


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Caravan The Little Black first few on the island,

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Gourmet Way

Touted to be the largest mobile restaurant, this one also comes with all the whistles and bells. Diners can choose to sit inside the double-decker bus, or outside, on the green carpet laid out with tables and chairs. Gourmet Way serves beautifully presented mains, salads and sides. The variety of burgers, chicken steaks and sliders can be rounded off with brownie and ice cream or Nutella crepes.


Cookie Cart This looks straight out of the pages of a children’s book – signage atop a tru red ck that is meant to look like a closeup bitten-into cookie. of a Operational from M onday to Saturday 4pm, in Janabiya, it’s after a perfect pitstop for cookies and coffee. Besides the unique gamut of sweet, ch ewy discs of ultimate comfort, (Red Velve t Crinkles, or White Chocolate Macadem anyone?) they have ia, Nutella- or Kinder-f illed cupcookies, an CookieWich. Now d the that warrants a sa mpling! The Chemist

Here’s an ochre-hued, Breaking Bad-themed food truck for a quick bite of homemade burgers and rolls, tikkas, kebabs and a glass of Mojito Amoolita, amongst other coolers. The best seller though, is the Al Jasmi Beef Tikka, while names like Bueid Kabab and Hello Thursday intrigue the appetite. @thechemistbh

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Bahrain This Month - January 2020  

January 2020 ~ Vol.24 ~ Issue 1 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - January 2020  

January 2020 ~ Vol.24 ~ Issue 1 - Your guide to a great way of life