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Crepe Station

When the sweet tooth comes a-calling, succumb to the delights at this small, but happy-looking food truck serving mini waffles and pancakes. If it’s fruit that floats your boat, opt for the Strawberry and Chocolate cup, or the various flavours of Mojito, including those made with Red Bull.

Mr Kunafa

With a distinct local flair, this one-wheeled wagon in Janabiya urges you to ditch your diet, and for good reason. The cheese- or cream-filled Kunafa can be topped with a choice of sweet flavours – Nutella, Lotus, caramel, pistachio, Kinder chocolate, or, if you like to have the best of many worlds, choose a mix of toppings. Down your sweet delight with a Zaffran drink. @mr.kunafa_bh


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anika Café Located near Seef’s pe trol station, this retrostyle caravan, lit up wi neon green and yello th w, is a magnet for the hungry stomach. Alo a wide variety of meat ngside patties fitted within so ft buns smeared with homemade sauces, the re are pancakes (and their miniatures) and waffles available. Th e Ferrero Rocher panc ake sounds just abou paired with one of the t right coffees on the menu on a breezy evening. @organikacafet

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This name is probably the most prominent of all food trucks, a wood-panelled shack on wheels drawing in the hungry at Janabiya, Tubli and Zallaq, amongst other spots. The name says the most about what is served here, and you get a wooden board displaying a roll call of sliders to choose from. There’s also a falafel version for the herbivores, and sauces to suit your taste buds. @sliders_bah 74 January 2020

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Bahrain This Month - January 2020  

January 2020 ~ Vol.24 ~ Issue 1 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - January 2020  

January 2020 ~ Vol.24 ~ Issue 1 - Your guide to a great way of life