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decade, the pixie cut, which never really went away, is making a comeback. Short and sassy, it can be ultra-feminine at the same time as being perfect for the gym or a brisk, chilly walk on the beach – no blinding flyaways to worry about. Use serum to style it sleek and straight or mousse to go for a tousled look. Or pander to your inner rebel and just wash and go, now there’s a thought.

Crystal Tips

Feathered Fringe

If you don’t fancy a full-on bright hair make over, take a leaf out of Dries Van Noten’s book and opt for a brightly feathered fringe (or bangs to our American cousins). This look is super-easy to achieve with the use of a clip-in hairpiece. It looks best if you already have a fringe to blend the piece with but can also work with longer hair with a low side parting. This is one of our favourite new looks of the season. Send us a pic on Instagram if you decide to give it a try @womanthismonth

Bright and Breezy

Soft pinks and purples and even Unicorn Hair have been a thing for quite some time, so it feels as if we’re ready for something new. Stand by for much brighter shades as 2020 gets underway with blues, greens and all manner of other stand-out hues. We reckon this trend is likely to be led by your favourite influencers, rather than celebs. So, look out for rainbow heads across the web, and be prepared to follow. Not sure about the bleaching involved at the hairdresser’s? Try it at home with a wash-in colour. www.womanthismonth.com

No, we don’t mean she of the unfeasibly large hair from the ‘70s cartoon (showing the age a bit there), but rather the gorgeous sprinklings of bright crystals adorning the locks of models on the Bibhu Mohapatra runway. This look works well with loose waves or sleek hair and there are a few ways to achieve it. If you’ve got thick locks, go for a selection of small crystal hair slides, you can make your own design, and finish with a light styling spray. Otherwise, pick a crystal hairpiece. They’re widely available online but steer clear of the more OTT ones, unless, of course, you are a bride!

Back to the ‘80s

Hands up if you remember these. We love hair combs for their ability to tame a head full of tatty locks into a sleek, retro do in minutes. And, if you think the look’s a bit old fashioned, just check out Tory Burch’s spring-summer 20 show. This works best with a side parting but can also look great as a pretty decoration in curly hair, either with or without a part. For a sleek look, use a fine brush to coat the hair with serum before inserting the comb and finish with a light spritz of styling spray. February 2020


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Bahrain This Month - February 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 2 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - February 2020  

Vol.24 - Issue 2 - Your guide to a great way of life