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Pool Party-Reef Resort

Reef Resort and Spa, Reef Island, held a pool party

SITE: RATING: VERDICT: Useful resource for bargain hunters.

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Online retailers like Amazon are a one-stop shop for many people, but prices tend to fluctuate on a fairly regular basis. CamelCamelCamel can set you up with email and/or Twitter-based price alerts that let you know when a particular item goes on sale.


You can see a particular item’s 18-month price history to decide whether you should buy it now or wait until it gets even cheaper.


Whilst it provides prices for many items, there are a couple of occasions where price history isn’t available or a product simply can’t be found. It’s very rare, but certainly frustrating.

If you are someone who is overwhelmed by the sheer number of movies in any catalogue and cannot decide what to watch, this one if for you. The website only hosts 30 movies at a time, with a single movie added and removed daily. This gives you a highly curated and small list of the option you can easily choose from. From the day of the upload, a movie remains on the website for 30 days essentially giving you the same time to watch that movie before it is removed. A great little website for any movie lover.

This website is amazing if you have disturbances around you that keep distracting you. Is your colleague nattering away to the point of driving you mad? Is your brother in the next room playing terrible music? Just plug in your headphones and select the kind of ambient sounds you would prefer, and at what intensity. Sounds available include rain, wind, thunder, birds and more.

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Bahrain This Month - August 2019  

Vol.23 - Issue 8 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - August 2019  

Vol.23 - Issue 8 - Your guide to a great way of life