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Reading this report will most probably change your life forever… …But you have to take action!

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Contents Here’s How You Make A Living Online ……………………….……………………… Page 4 First A Little Background ‘About Me’ ………………………………………………… Page 5 Earning Money Online Isn’t Rocket Science ………………………………..……. Page 8 An Introduction to My ‘Secret System’ + Bonuses ………………..………….. Page 9 This Is A ‘Special Bonus’ ……………………………………….….………………………. Page 13 One Very Last Thing I’ll Mention ……………………………………………………... Page 16 Instructions If You Take Up My ‘Special Bonus’ Offer ………..…………….. Page 17

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Here’s How You Make A Living Online Thanks for taking the time to check out the ‛Secret System’. I know your time is valuable and I promise not to waste it. So here is what the ‛Secret System’ is: It’s a very simple step-by-step system that I personally use to make an extremely good living online. It’s finally how I went from making zero to making a great deal of money in a very short period of time by using these particular methods and I’ll show you how easily you can model this system to potentially make tens of thousands of dollars, may be even millions.... like some are doing. Now I‘ll briefly mention here that I did have a little success sometime earlier on in my online money making career, that was until it all went pear-shaped, and I’ll give details of how you can avoid all that. I’ll explain more in the next chapter. What I’m about to mention later is that the system works for absolutely anybody and it doesn’t matter what background you come from or what experience you have. It doesn’t matter if you have none or just a little online money making experience or whether you have lots of experience as it is designed to be also extremely newbie friendly. Now what I want you to do is do yourself a favour and turn off all your distractions, that includes your cell phone, email, social messaging etc and pay close attention to what I’m going to explain to you. This stuff is important and if you are truly looking to make money online or to make even more money than you are already, then this stuff is very important. The time you are going to invest in yourself by reading all of this report to the very end will pay-off big time, especially if you follow and act upon what I’m about to show you. If you have been struggling to make money online then I really do want to help you achieve your dreams and explain to you in very simple terms how to succeed. So having said that, I will assume that you have very little experience in making money online? I’ll explain things in very simple terms with easy to follow steps along with the help of diagrams if and where necessary.

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And in a later chapter I will introduce you to what I call my ‛Secret System’ that afforded me the lifestyle that most probably you dream about for you and your family. This ‛Secret System’ I use saves me tonnes and tonnes of time in achieving success; it provides me with piece of mind as well as total financial security. And that’s not including the various amounts of money I finally saved by not wasting it by throwing my money at buying one new shiny object after another with promises of instant riches at the press of my mouse button. Without any doubt whatsoever this ‛Secret System’ I use today saves me hours and hours of time and frustration on a daily basis and I know it will for you! So let’s get started….

---------------------------------------First A Little Background About Me OR Skip To Go To Page 8 As promised in the last chapter here is a little bit about me. I think this is important so you know where I’m coming from and hopefully you’ll be able to relate to some instances. So who am I, what have I done and why should you listen to me? Well to begin, my name is Ian Bell and I’ve probably been just where you are now, sitting on the fence wondering what the hell to do or turn to next. Well, I’m now a retired TV cameraman that got into Internet Marketing around 2010, just before retiring, as I wanted to be doing something for when I did actually retire. Now if any of you remember this method, I started out building micro-niche sites from a course I purchased from a gent called John that went under the title of X-Factor. These were simple 3 to 5 page HTML sites that incorporated an article or two with Google Adsense on them and in order to make some half decent money from Adsense you had to churn out many of these sites.

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All was good for a while, until I woke up one morning and discovered that Google had terminated my Adsense account still owing me hundreds of dollars, which I never saw and hence my earnings disappeared overnight. I bounced around several other Internet Marketing ideas trying different things until I finally came across a great community and a program called phpBay and phpZon. I became an affiliate for both eBay (known as EPN) and Amazon, using both the phpBay and phpZon software; perhaps you have heard of or have used the software yourself. Again this required you to build out hundreds of micro-niche sites to make good money that relied on your products long tail keywords being picked up by the Search Engines in order for customers to find your sites. Building these kinds of sites became quite easy to do after a short time with the help of cloning software. You could launch dozens of sites a day then just by altering a few pieces of code here and there and hey presto, a different eBay/Amazon product site. Now don’t get me wrong, eBay must have been the best paying affiliate site around and I at the time was knocking out around $3.5k dollars per month – and I was a small earner compared to some others on the forums. This had its drawbacks though, as one day Google would come along and deindex all of my sites at once, or at least over a few days, so I was always buying new domain names and building out sites with my clones to get my earnings back – then more de-indexing. It was a vicious circle… and I’m not even going to go into details about all the tracking issues, the 24 hour cookie, earnings going down the pan and feed outages that EPN still encounter that’s making it a joke amongst many of their affiliates. Lots have given up on them, including myself. I also started a YouTube channel promoting various high price ticket offers from Amazon that was not doing too badly in making me several hundred dollars per month and growing with a good following.

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Only had it for about six months, then one day my channel was closed down. No notifications, nothing! And it wasn’t something that I had done either… and to make things worse I was getting page 1 and #1 spots on both Google and YouTube for my long tail keywords without any SEO. They weren’t your crappy videos you generally see around either, I wrote scripts and had them narrated and used my video skills to produce damn good review videos that took time to make. You know it only needs one jealous competitor to make a complaint to YouTube and poof – you’re gone! I’ve also done PPC with Adwords (Google) and Adcenter (Bing), promoting Clickbank stuff and physical products from the odd CPA network, and that’s if you get accepted into some of those CPA networks in the first place – it can be very difficult as I discovered so that’s an all new ball game. Now believe me when I say that over the course of a few years I have literally spent thousands of dollars on software and courses chasing that elusive, push button, make lots of money overnight rainbow. So believe me when I say those magic push button systems to overnight riches don’t exist… I can tell you, my computer is littered with course after course; videos and pdf’s along with tonnes of SEO software. I could go on, but I bet you already understand and know what it’s like trying to make some money and a living on the Internet. Now I could bang on and on about Internet Marketing and what I have done, tried and spent over the years but for now I will save you that small mercy. The bottom line is that today you can’t rely on search engines like Google, Bing or SEO to make a living on the Internet with a site or sites, as the goalposts keep moving. The fact that Google are always updating their algorithm that may result in sending your site or sites plummeting down the SERPS; add that to the fact they hate anyone’s sites that have any kind of affiliate links on them, and you’ll

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soon learn that it’s a long constant uphill struggle to make any money unless you have very deep pockets or are a major player. Today you have to do something that’s not so reliant on just Search Engines, SEO or YouTube. So now I’m about to explain to you what does work - and it does work very well. Ok so now let’s move on…


Earning Money Online Isn’t Rocket Science, Anyone Can Do It! Question 1: Now what do you think the first number one thing is that you are going to need in order to make money online and I mean serious money? Answer 1: It is to have a product or products to promote and sell. We’re going to talk more about this in more detail in the next chapter. It’s my ‛Secret System’. Having said that now would be a good time to ask you this: Question 2: What do you think could be the second most important thing is that you are going to need in order for you to make some serious money online? Answer 2: Well at some point in time you are going to require having your own website of some sort whether you like it or not. This is an important chapter and I will address this question a little later on how this and I will help you… For now please don’t jump up here dismissing this idea outright and thinking ‘there is no way I want or could have a website because to begin with I don’t even know the first thing about how to go about building one or as to why I’d need one’… So as mentioned I will explain a little more in a further chapter as to why this would be in your best interest and how I will help you with this.

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An Introduction To My ‛Secret System’ + Huge Bonus Package So what is this ‛Secret System’ you talk about Ian? Well it’s what I call my Secret Weapon to working the hours I only want to work and where I choose to work from and it is the exact same method I still utilize to make money and my living on the Internet. It’s my secret to how I make money that I now lay out before you, as I really do want you to succeed and make money, especially if you’ve struggled before. It’s a Step-By-Step System that will explain and show you very simply how you can easily make those high commissions of up to $5,500 a time online, just like I make on auto-pilot every single day. Believe me when I say it’s easier to make those higher commissions than it is to make commissions from $10-$100. It’s also the very same system that constantly generates me around $300-$400 per day on average and growing and you can easily make that and more yourself. The information and strategies that you will discover from the “system” will set you up for life and will put you years ahead of your competition because the vast majority of people trying to make money online are just copying what others are doing and are going nowhere. Yes, you will make a few bucks here and there, but the Big Bucks will always be just out of your reach. You are not going to be like one of those, you are going to stand out and rise above the crowd and become one of the 2%ers, yes that’s all, there are only about 2% of marketers that make a fantastic living on the Internet. And because you’ll be armed with this secret knowledge, you will be able to write your own ticket with regards to earnings and the Dot com lifestyle you seek. The system, which you’ve never seen the likes of before, will give you all the training, tools, help and personal 1-on-1 coaching you need to start making those fantastic commissions over and over again like clockwork.

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It also introduces and provides you with all the available products that you will have at your disposal to make money from. Even if you have no experience with online marketing, it will put you in a position for you to make thousands of dollars in just a matter of weeks by showing you precisely what you need to do to make the big bucks in this business - online - right now. I hope you can see the immense value you’ll receive from this “Secret System”?

Believe Me There Are Many More Benefits To This Business Model. But Let’s Just Do A Quick Review Of Some Of The Main Benefits: YOU NEVER HAVE TO create your own products. You’ve access to dozens. YOU NEVER HAVE TO sign up to numerous CPA companies to sell products. YOU NEVER HAVE TO develop any of your own sales funnels. YOU NEVER HAVE TO deal with customers, returns, or merchant accounts. YOU NEVER HAVE TO sell over the phone (that’s done for you). YOU HAVE A Fully functional Done-For-You Online System. YOU HAVE A helpful team behind you to assist you in every step of the way. YOU HAVE 1-on-1 Private Personal Coaching. YOU HAVE Access to a Private Facebook Group. SAVES TIME No Headaches And Frustrations trying to figure things out. You’ve also access to dozens and dozens of informational help videos, webinars recorded and live events. In truth there’s far more than I can list here.

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Right Now is the Perfect Time to Make Money Online and live the lifestyle that you have always dreamed about for yourself and for your family. It's what you deserve. It's making a lot of people money and I know It Will also Work For You. The aim of introducing you to the very same ‘Secret System’ I use is not to convince you to start this or any other online business; that is a decision solely for YOU to make. The information I have outlined is based from my own personal experience of a business system that I and many others are a part of and which will provide you with REAL information that will help you to get started in days. It can be quite easy to make money online once you figure it out. The problem however is that it is not always that easy to figure it out. Generally there is a huge learning curve in figuring out where to begin with any internet business. The solution is to be taught by those who have figured it out, and mastered it, and whose system can be proven. Your best chance of achieving any kind of wealth with any internet business is to become part of an entrepreneurial business. Most people’s home based online business fails because the business idea was never properly thought-out; or they had inadequate knowledge and only a vague idea of how and where to begin. Avoiding the many mistakes and ensuring you have some help and advice along the way with building your online business significantly increases the likelihood of your success. This system is about a fully turnkey, everything provided for you, online business that comes straight out of the box. It is aimed at anyone who is serious about wanting a legitimate and ethical home based internet business with all the help and advice you would expect, and only receive, if you were employed by a large company. It is totally newbie friendly as well as for the more serious internet marketer.

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Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by simply checking it out. After all, it could just well be the future that you've been searching and looking for! I’d like you to watch a video by clicking the button below as it will explain the system far better than reading lots of text here. I ask you to watch the video to the end with an open mind as I’m certain you are smart enough to recognise a good thing when it is presented to you. It’s only 18 minutes long, so may be make yourself a cup of coffee beforehand. If you have any question afterwards then I will be happy to answer them.

“Also find out how to receive my free huge bonus package” I hope you found this information I provided about the Step-By-Step System inspiring and worthy of at least exploring it a little further, and if not may I enquire as to what it is that you are waiting or looking for? - Are you waiting around for conditions to be perfect before you do something? - Are you waiting for that elusive magic push button money making system? - Are you putting it off because of the unknown? As mentioned earlier, I've been exactly where you are at myself... When I discovered this system I was a little apprehensive myself but now I’m glad I took the plunge. This system now affords my family and me to live a carefree lifestyle and “You Can Easily Do The Same”. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to succeed and you'll be amazed at just how much easier it is than you ever thought was possible! Remember you are never alone, as well as the coaching there’s also a private Facebook group where everyone helps one another out. If you haven’t already done so yet – click here to watch the video PS. Don’t forget the huge free bonus package I’m throwing in worth over $500!

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This Is A ‘Special Bonus’ For You – If You Would Like It! Now as I mentioned by asking the first question on page 8 of this report and that was for you to make money online, then by far the quickest and easiest way is to sell other companies/peoples products via their affiliate links. Now the answer to the 2nd Question. The problem with links is that the vast majority of affiliate links are usually very unsightly, can be very long and generally they are ugly looking. Also, unscrupulous people can sometimes track down your affiliate links and switch out your own personal affiliate ID or completely hi-jack your link and switch it with theirs so that they get the commissions and you receive zilch for all your efforts and hard work. Even these so called URL shortening services like ‘’ are suspect because they periodically stop your links from working. To overcome this you need to do what is called ‟cloak or mask” the long ugly URL link into a nice looking and friendly looking link. Now here is an example; so in your opinion which link here looks the best and more inviting to click… Or… I’m certain that you thought the second one looked more inviting, right? By the way, those examples are real links and go to the same product. The first direct from Clickbank and the second after I made it look nicer and more inviting. Incidentally I’m going to show you how to cloak and make your affiliate links look nice and inviting and it won’t cost you a penny, how about that? When you are looking for a business model that you think is right for you, the vast majority of them will give a quote like ‟no website required”; this is usually said to give you one less thing to worry about. In reality, and if you want to be taken seriously as a marketer and make a full time living on the Internet making money, then having your own website is a must.

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Just take email addresses as an example. When you look in your own email inbox and you see emails from a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts, other than from people you know, they are mostly just spam - right? And I’m certain that if you received an email that offered something tempting to buy that had one of those emails you’d run a mile. One’s like: or or or etc look more professional. These will certainly give you more credibility and people and companies will take you more seriously. So welcome to my totally free Wordpress installation service - and this is what I will provide for you: Your WordPress blog will be fully installed Totally Free of charge. Also your site will come complete with the essential plugins installed and configured. Plus to make sure that all your bases are covered with regards to your site adhering to all the legal requirements that you must display today, I will also add the following pages fully configured with the correct text to make it legal compliant.  Privacy Policy  Terms of Use  Copyright  Earnings & Income Disclaimer  Affiliate Disclosure  About Me  Contact Us OK Ian, What’s The Catch I Hear You Ask? To be honest there is no catch. I did mention that I want to help you succeed and this is one way that I can help you as this installation program is being sponsored by HawkHost. They are my own web host and host all my web sites. They are the ones paying me to do this. If you were to pay someone to install

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WordPress, the plugins and ready-made pages for you, I would expect it would cost you around $200. So to get your FREE WordPress installation service, all you have to do is order a web hosting plan from HawkHost by clicking the link below. You can even choose and purchase your domain name from them (which I advise you do), which means you don’t need to know anything about setting up your domain’s nameservers or anything to do with ftp or cPanel etc. Then, when you receive all your login information from HawkHost, simply forward me all the login information to and I will install WordPress for you. Once installed, I’ll email you back the login information for your new site. Once your site has been set up, I will email you your new login information and delete the information and email that you sent me from HawkHost. Note: world class web hosting doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. HawkHost hosting plans start from as low as $2.99 per month. And not only will you get great reliable hosting, when applying they may even be a further discount code displayed on their page. So if you are ready to start with your site today and I mean RIGHT NOW, then head over to HawkHost, order your hosting plan and domain name if required and I’ll get you started. You could be up and running with your new WordPress site in just a few minutes from now. Click Here To Order Your New WordPress Site Remember to email me your login info from HawkHost to:

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#### One Very Last Thing I’ll Mention #### OK then, so you have made up your mind and decided that the Step-By-Step System or my special bonus offer just doesn’t feel right for you, at least at the moment it doesn’t I hope… If that is the case and before you discard this report to your ‘Recycle Bin’ or it gets buried away on your hard-drive, maybe take a look at these below before you do? You may discover that one of these types of businesses fits in to your plans much better! Thank you for your time and I sincerely hope you become successful and I wish you good luck. #1 Business Model #2 Business Model

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If You Take Up My Bonus Offer Then Here Are Your Step By Step Instructions to Tweaking Your Install to Your Own Personal Preferences and Adding Affiliate Links.

STEP 1 - Logging in to your site for the first time: Type this into your browser’s address bar: http://YOURSITE.COM/wp-admin (change YOURSITE.COM to your domain name) and you should see a page like this:

Enter: admin030 in the Username box Then enter: sAkS0215Wm in the Password box and click Log In

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Now you should see a page similar to this: This is your main WordPress Dashboard.

STEP 2 – Changing the password above to your own personal password. 1. On the panel at the left-hand side, click on the tab ‛Users’ 2. Move your mouse over towards Username and you should see ‛Edit’ appear – Click on it (see image below)

(see the image below for the next few steps)

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3. Scroll down the page till you see ‛New Password’. Enter your own new password here and then add it again at ‛Repeat New Password’. 4. Click the button ‛Update Profile’ 5. You can now change the email address here to your own email address, (this can be a Gmail, Hotmail etc) this is so that WordPress can contact you as they will need to send you a ‛API key’ (this will be explained in the next step and it will then become apparent). Once you have entered your own email address you can click ‛Update Profile’ again. NOTE: Once you have clicked ‛Update Profile’ you will be required to log back into Wordpress, only this time you will be entering your own password and not the one I gave you in Step 1.

The username will remain the same: admin030

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STEP 3 – Adding your own email address to the contact page.

1. On the left-hand panel click on ‛Contact’ tab, a new page will open. 2. When the page opens place your mouse pointer over Contact form 1 and ‛Edit’ will appear, click on it. 3. Click on the ‘Mail’ Tab. 4. Look down the page for the ‛To’ field. Enter your email address where you want your customers enquiry sent to eg ‛’. Now when someone fills in the contact form and sends it to you, the enquiry is sent direct to your chosen email address. 5. Once you have entered your email, go to the top right-hand side of the page and click on the blue ‛Save’ button.

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STEP 4 – Activating your Akismet account. (This part of the setup is optional and not required if you are only going to use your site for affiliate links, if so jump to Step-5). Again on the panel on the lefthand side click on the ‛Plugins’ tab and the plugins page will open with the green ‛Activate your Akismet account’ info bar at the top.

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Now click on the ‛Activate your Akismet account’ and the following page below will appear.

Click on the blue button ‛Get your API key’ and follow the instructions. (This is where your email address that you entered earlier comes in handy). Once you have your ‛API key’ enter it into the box as outlined above and then click ‛Use this key’ and then this process is now completed.

Step 5 – Changing the design layout and colours of your theme 1. On the panel on the left-hand side go down to ‛Appearance’ and you will notice a sub-menu will open, click on ‛Theme Options’.

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2. Now this page below will open

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This is where you can now make many changes to the look and colour of your web site. If you feel confident then just play around with the settings on the left, you will be able to see the changes that you are making on the right. Once satisfied, click ‛Save & Publish’ as outlined in red above.

Step 6 – Adding and changing long ugly looking affiliate links to friendlier looking ones!

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On your main Dashboard click on ‛Pretty Link’ then click on ‛Add New Link’ or as this is your first, ‛Add a Pretty Link’ as shown in the image below.

And this is what you will now see. (You can watch the short video if you wish).

OK, now I’ve been to Clickbank and chosen a product and this is what the affiliate link looks like: You can see how ugly it looks, plus if you are promoting products from

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Clickbank the name is clearly displayed which can be off-putting to customers and this is why we cloak them. To do that, follow the steps below…

1. This is where you enter your affiliate link. Just copy it from whoever supplies you with your affiliate link and simply paste it in to the ‛Target URL’ box. 2. Either enter a simple phrase in ‛Pretty Link’ after your or leave it with the four digits that ‛Pretty Links’ assign it. This will now be your friendly URL that you can promote. Wouldn’t you agree this is a much nicer looking link?: 3. If you want you can enter a page title here or you can leave it blank. 4. Once you have done that you click on the ‛Create’ button. Basically that is it and now you can follow the same steps to add as many other affiliate links as you want to use to get nicer looking links to promote. In the image below I’ll explain a little more.

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Once you click on ‛Pretty Links’ in your side bar this page will show you all your affiliate links that you are using. 1. Here you can edit, delete or reset your links count. 2. This shows you the number of ‛Hits’ and ‛Unique’ clicks your affiliate link has received and as mentioned you can reset them back to zero. 3. If you click on the little icon it will copy your friendly affiliate link to your clipboard so you can paste it wherever you want. One further thing you can do is if you click on the numbers under Hits/Uniq another page will open showing you all the different IP addresses that clicked on your link and the date and time they visited. Just a little bit of data that you may find interesting! That is all there is to it, you can now offer products for sale on your site, write reviews, start blogging if you so wish by adding your own information by creating posts to build out your site. Or you can simply use your site to add and mask affiliate links. If you are not going to be using your site as an affiliate site or one where you are going to make money from, then you can go and delete those relative pages that I have included in the install. I hope I’ve helped you so far and I wish you every success with your WordPress site in whatever business niche you enter.

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How to make money online and become successful Making money online and making a living working from home can be very challenging and...

How to make money online and become successful Making money online and making a living working from home can be very challenging and...