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Residents handbook September/October 2012 Issue 67

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Welcome... After all of the excitement of the Olympics one thing has come to mind and that is how brilliant things are when we come together as a community. The communities of Redhill & Reigate are as lively as ever and there are a couple of articles in this issue that I hope you find of interest.


On page 17 we highlight a new on-line community for 60+ at where there is a buzzing social life for those who may otherwise be at risk of living life in isolation.

This time of year ‘Back to School’ is the usual theme but what becomes of those who are waving their offspring off to college or university. Many mums and carers are feeling low and may even be suffering Empty Nest Syndrome. Our article on p.4 addresses stories and advice from real life mums and highlights many activities in the local area to help combat the symptoms. Plus we have thrown in a page of easy, delicious, nutritious and cheap recipes for students on p. 6 (hurrah they won’t starve!) As ever the Out & About guide is packed with things to do and, speaking of communities, I would draw your attention to the Notice Board section of our website that lists many wonderful local clubs, groups and activities - there is something for everyone! The website also features up to date news and events for Redhill and Reigate when you pop by and visit our Facebook Fan Page at remember to hit the ‘Like’ button to subscribe to our news, competitions and events. Please remember to mention Redhill2Reigate when contacting our advertisers and this will ensure that out little magazine continues to pop through your letterboxes! Last but not least I would like to thank all of those who contributed to this issue.

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Empty Nest Syndrome Preparing for the day our child leaves home and how to embrace the changes. Easy Cheap Eats for Students from Eat Surrey Helen’s Inspirational story from Curves Fitness What’s On - Out & About in Redhill & Reigate Gill Pottertons’ Glorious food - Celebrating Apples South Nutfield welcomes new wildlife & Conservation area as local farmer offers free visit for groups The Big Draw 5 Reasons to learn a foreign language A Good Read - R2R Book Review A Sleepwalk under the Stars - join Nicholas Owen in Reigate Park for The Children’s Trust The buzzing on-line community for 60+ Horoscopes with Annabel Burton KIDS - Halloween Puzzles R2R Business Directory Contact Numbers

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Empty Nest Syndrome Preparing for the day your child leaves home It’s that time of year again as we prepare for the children to go back to school after a lovely long summer holiday. But what becomes of those of us, whose older children have secured a place at college or uni and have packed their belongings to leave the family home for ventures new and experience student life. Understandably it is hard to let go as this is the child that you have nurtured, cared for and were ultimately responsible for from the day they were born. How will they cope and more to the point how will you cope with the feeling of ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’. An increasing number of students are finding it necessary to look further for the most affordable choice of study, leading many to study abroad. Yesterday a very good friend of mine waved her son goodbye as he left for San Francisco to begin student life. Although there were many tears Helen tells me that nothing will ever stop her worrying about her son. She says they will certainly be using technology such as Skype and Facebook on a daily basis to stay in touch and this will greatly reduce the feeling of being miles apart. Another of my friends advised that the difference in coping was being prepared and preparing our daughter the best we could for student life which also meant ensuring that she was drug and alcohol wise. Karen says that it’s important to mentally adjust and understand that your son/daughter is at a ‘pinnacle’ age in their life and will change as they become adults. Take an avid interest in the subjects they are studying, uni is 'full on' and swallows up a lot of brain power...connect with your child in a positive way and let them see you are wholeheartedly behind them. Holidays last longer at uni and so you will have quality time together at half term and that time will come around very quickly.


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It may an idea to start making small changes to their room by putting some of the old belongings away to make way for new items.

Embrace the changes... Firstly congratulate yourself on the amazing achievement that your offspring has succeeded in securing a placement that will provide many opportunities for their future. Mission accomplished and job well done indeed. Now it’s time to focus on all of the things that you have wanted to do whether it might be learning a new language, learning new skills, joining a club, take up that hobby, become a volunteer or plan that long awaited trip. The list is endless. WEA has an extensive dance and arts programme running across Redhill and Reigate including adult ballet, tap, flamenco and Latinocise classes as well as courses on David Hockney, LS Lowrey and Creative Writing. Embrace the changes in your lives in a positive way. The truth is your child will never stop needing you and wouldn’t it be great to make them proud of your achievements too.

Find out about local Adult Courses WEA (Workers Educational Association) Freephone: 0800 328 1060 East Surrey College, London Road, Redhill Telephone 01737 772611 Find out about volunteering opportunities Redhill Volunteer Centre Reigate & Banstead Suite 3a, Victoria House, Brighton Road, Redhill RH1 6QZ Tel: 01737 762115 Find local clubs, groups and activities at / The Notice Board

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Reader Offer FREE HIPSINC CLASS We have classes in Ballet, Flamenco, LATINOcise, Tap, Ballroom and Salsa for all ages and abilities. Day and evening across Redhill and Reigate For more information visit or call 800 328 106000

Hipsinc in Redhill are inviting Redhill2Reigate Magazine readers to come and try out their first class for FREE. No need to wear anything special – Just turn up and join in the fun. Simply turn up with this advert or quote R2RHS01 For more information contact Hipsinc on 01342 850423

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Easy Cheap Eats for Students Tired of pizza and missing the cosy foods of home? Here’s how to eat well and have really great food on a budget: 1 Buy from markets, especially at the end of the day when produce gets reduced. Chop up and throw all your Mediterranean toms, peppers, aubergines and courgettes in a roasting tin, add a little olive oil and any fresh herbs and a little salt. Serve with rice, pasta, quinoa, or toasted ciabatta. Top with toasted pine nuts, goat’s cheese or feta or for a sticky treat grate any leftover Cheddar and bung back in the oven for ten minutes. In winter root veggies are great with the same treatment. 2 Beans and sausage make the perfect sausage surprise. Bean are cheap and nutritious, sausages add flavour. Chop and fry an onion or two til translucent, add a couple of garlic cloves. Tip on a plate while you fry your sausages so they’re a lovely brown. Put onions back in and add a can or two of tomatoes and a can or two of beans. Gently stew for half an hour so the flavours mingle and the sauce thickens. You can use any beans except baked: flageolet, chickpeas, kidney beans etc. And type of sausage: pork, beef, chorizo, or venison. Add any herbs or spices you fancy and chuck in almost any veg. Good with fresh bread or a baked spud.

3 Juice away! Invest in a juicer and make fresh juices from fruit or veg like carrots, beets and celery. A good way to use up market and supermarket specials, and gives you a fantastic vitamin boost (very useful after a heavy evening and before). Try classic carrot and apple, or pear and fresh ginger. Add vodka unless it’s for breakfast! 4 Buy some herbs and spices to pep up your flavours (and check out the college grounds in case there are some you can prune). Add rosemary to roast potatoes, parsley and/or basil to pasta sauce, chilli to sausage surprise. Make your own basic curry mix: fry grated fresh garlic, ginger and chilli then add ground coriander, cumin and turmeric. So much better than bought paste. 5 Toasties will win you friends, from classic cheese and ham to gourmet Camembert, cranberry and rocket. In fact, use up everything in your fridge by adding the aging piece of cheese to the fag end of vegetables, meat, add chilli, a splash of ketchup or mustard – experiment and have fun!

Visit to get reviews of the best independent places to eat and buy local food in Surrey.


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Reader Offer FREE SCENTSY WAX Scentsy Independent Consultant Fiona Parry is offering a free Scentsy bar 3 pack of christmas fragrances (worth ÂŁ14) for hosting a Scentsy party during September or Oct

To book call 07717362942 or visit the website at

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Helen Peters Helen joined the club in April 2010 after hearing great things about Curves from a close friend who is also a member. Her first impressions were very positive. She was surprised that the club is small and intimate. This ‘cosy, friendly’ environment appealed to her because previous experiences of conventional gyms had been that they were large and impersonal. She also likes the fact that the staff know all the members personally and everyone is greeted by name when they come in for a workout. Seeing herself in a photograph taken shortly before joining Curves gave Helen the conviction to do something about her weight and fitness. When she became a member she didn’t know what her weight was. In fact, she was so afraid of knowing it that all her measurements were taken without her seeing the results and this continued for some time. Initially, she thought her excess weight would fall away quickly and easily, merely through exercising regularly. When this didn’t happen she realised that she needed to look at her diet and make some significant changes. With help, advice and support from Curves staff and regular checks on her weight and body fat, she began to see pleasing results. Helen also signed up for the Curves personal coaching programme, Curves Smart, so that she always has the best possible workout each time she comes. She enjoys checking her results on the Smart computer and makes calculations based on Mars Bars!! (We hasten to add that the Mars Bars are used as a tool of measurement, not a reward for exercising!). She is always satisfied with her performance if her calorie burn equals more than one Mars Bar! One aspect of Curves that gives Helen the drive and enthusiasm to work hard on the circuit is the weekly trivia quiz. She claims that the adrenalin rush she gets from the


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competition gives her the extra push she needs to work harder on the machines, and always sees a better result on a Thursday morning than any other day of the week! The staff at Curves are very proud of Helen’s achievement, and look forward to her weekly weigh-ins because we know that she always has a positive result. However, recently, she hit a plateau which is quite a normal occurrence when someone reduces their calorie intake over a period of time. For this reason she decided to join the Weight Management Programme. The programme provides a very sensible,balanced eating plan as well as all the support a member requires to achieve excellent results. She is now seeing the pounds and inches fall away and is continuing to lose weight at a steady rate. In fact, she only has one stone to go before she reaches her ultimate goal. To date Helen has lost a spectacular 68 pounds and 52.5 inches. When she reaches her goal, she has calculated that she will have lost weight equivalent to that of her teenage daughter! Helen says that anyone thinking of joining Curves shouldn’t hesitate, they should do it now, because they will never regret their decision.

Well done Helen! when you call our advertisers Telephone: 01737 556560 email:


Retro Revival It’s back and it’s big! 50’s or the 80’s it doesn’t matter which era, because at the moment everything goes - throw it all together and mix it up. We’re talking home wares, clothing, furniture and all sorts of miscellaneous items and music of course! Vintage has always had a following but it’s very popular right now, so much so that you can buy Vintage Style on the high street but there’s nothing quite like the real thing plus it’s recycling at it’s best. I asked Wendy Murdoch from Firefly Decor what are we seeing and she says “Gorgeous feminine tea dresses, polka dots are definitely having a comeback, as with lots of pretty floral vintage designs. It doesn’t stop at clothing, the trend has spread all the way through the home with Bakalite telephones, tea sets, cake stands, silverware, Roberts Radios, and items that make everyday life a joy to experience.” Wendy says “What I like about it most of all is that the overall look is so individual and quirky with bright colours, the cheerful designs, and the fact that you can move away from a dreary mass produced look.” Wendy is very much a ‘treasure hunter’ and knows a good piece when she spots one. Wendy says “the love of Vintage crept up on me at a very young age. I used to trawl Camden Market every weekend as a teenager and that’s where my treasure hunting began. The very essence of it is all about 'nostalgia’. One of my favourite items is my old navy blue Garrard record player which is a 1961 model - it’s in perfect condition and I while away many happy hours playing a collection of vinyl records.” Wendy makes beautiful soft furnishings offering a fusion of vintage and contemporary, using sumptuous textures and luxurious colours, interwoven with trimmings and fastenings evocative of a past era. All are individually styled and hand finished. Items include cushions, eiderdowns, pinafores, garden totes, memo boards and even doggy rain macs, collars and matching lead sets. Perfect to indulge oneself or just the ticket if you are looking for an individual gift, and a gift wrapping service is also available.

The girl shed , corporate bunting and treasure trov e

le Kathie Wink Collection Broadhurst

Selection of

vintage item


You will find many gorgeous items for sale on the Firefly Decor website

# Telephone 07910 653825

Reader Offer

FREE P&P for R2R Readers on

orders over £30 throughout Sept & Oct (except large items requiring courier delivery)


Handmade B cushions



Out & about

Sunday 2nd September Dragon Boat Festival at Tilgate Park Its the Year of the Dragon, so what better way to celebrate than to join St Catherines Hospice for our Dragon Boat Festival on Sunday 2 September! Watch as many as 30 teams race traditional Chinese boats on the lake at Tilgate Park, take part in circus skills workshops, see some Kung Fu demonstrations or try your luck at our coconut shy and tombola. This annual fundraising event is free to attend and has plenty of entertainment for everyone. Funds raised on the day will support St Catherines Hospice. Come along, and help us raise funds and have some fun with friends and family too.

Email details of your events to 5 Sept Wednesday 6-9pm Urban Arts Audio Skills Workshop (Age 10+) at Creative Media Hub, YMCA Hillbrook House, Redhill. ESCAPE Summer programme holding exciting activities FREE for young people in Redhill & Reigate or call 01737 229234 Thu 6th September Heritage Day Tours - Gatton Park 10am / 2 pm / 3pm Meet at St. Andrew’s church lych gate. Free, advance booking only: Tel. 01737 649068

Children and £32 for a family of 4 and are available to purchase now from The Harlequin Box Office on 01737 276500 or Sat 8th September Art in the Park - Gatton Park Bring your materials and your chair and enjoy a day’s drawing or painting in the park. There is a classroom available throughout the day for you to use as required.10am -4pm; Cost £5 per person (bring a packed lunch) Sunday 9th September YES!FEST 7pm at The Harlequin Theatre Yes! Fest is a unique event to fundraise for the YMCA's Youth Services across East Surrey. Showcasing several young people's bands, we are offering a fun filled evening for all ages. The Harlequin's very own Sajeela Kershi will compere for the event and Shane Ritchie's band 'The Prelude' will also appear live in concert with special guests. Tickets £10 whats-on/on-stage/yes-fest/ Box Office on 01737 276500

7th September A Night with Miss Candy Floss - Doors open at 7.30 PM, Show starts at 8.00 PM If you’re looking for a live vocal Comedy Show and the chance to dance the night away, an evening with Miss Candy Floss is for you! Come and be dazzled by the fabulous outfits, quick changes and great live vocals. Miss Floss will have you dancing, Singing, and Laughing all the way to the bar…… Archway Studio Theatre, Horley, Sun 2nd September Gatton Park RH6 7NQ Gardens and Grounds Open 7th September 2.30pm Enjoy a walk around the park, free There Was An Old Lady Sunday 9th September 11amactivities available for children.1Who Swallowed A Fly 5pm Summer Fun Day at Priory 5pm; Cost: Adults £4, Children free cost £9.50 for Adults, £8.50 for Park for Autism All Stars Join us for a summer fun day at Priory Park in Reigate! Craft stalls, hoopla, lucky dip, raffle and lots of other fun and games. PLUS our very special guests - come and meet our Star Wars Stormtroopers!

15th September at 7.30pm Wrestling Spectacular at The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema High-flying action from the top rope and beyond as the stars of the ring invade The Harlequin stage for Redhill’s annual night of grappling mayhem. Tickets £11.00 (£9.50 Conc and £37 for a family of 4) Harlequin Box Office on 01737 276500 or book online at


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when you call our advertisers Mon 17th – Fri 21st September ‘Capability’ Brown’s Vision for Gatton walks Daily guided walks taking in the whole of Gatton Park to learn about Brown’s vision for Gatton and how this landscape is managed today. A joint tour by the Gatton Trust and The National Trust. `Meet at Wray Lane car park. Good level of fitness required. 1pm – 4pm; Cost: Adults £8 per person Booking required 01737 649066 22 September at 8pm Nashville Nights & Dixie Days coming to The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema Box Office on 01737 276500 or 26 September at 2.30pm & 7.30pmThe Good Old Days of Music Hall and Variety coming to The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema on Friday Box Office on 01737 276500 or book online at 27 September at 7.30pm. Sing-along-a-Grease The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema Box Office on 01737 276500 or

Wed 3rd October Willow Garden Sculptures Course Gatton Park A one day course in making willow garden sculptures with underwoodsman John Waller in the beautiful setting of Gatton Park. Materials and tools provided. Limited places advance booking essential 9.30am – 4.30pm; Cost Adults £45 Sun 7th October Gatton Park Gardens and Grounds Open Come and discover more about apples and orchards, with activities for all ages. Enjoy a walk around the park, free activities available for children. 1-5pm; Cost: Adults £4, Children free 17th October- Saturday 20th 7.45 The Oxted Players – Life x 3 (A couple turn up for a dinner party on the wrong evening causing embarrassment which turns into something darker as the veneer of polite society cracks in this hilarious and sophisticated Parisian comedy of manners) Tickets £7.00 - £9.00 available from or 01883 724852)

More Events ARE LISTED

on our Facebook Fan Page at Redhill2Reigate Find community groups, activities & events on The Notice Board at 26th – 27th October 2.30&7.00 Janie Harris School of Dance – The Queen and the Nightingale Tickets £10.00 & £15.00) available from or 01892 863505

Sun 28th October Gatton Ghost stories (Families) A guide will lead you around the Ghostly Gatton Park to hear some spooky stories to Sun 21st October Gatton scare your socks off! All children Volunteer Project Day 28 September at 8pm Danny must be accompanied by an adult. A one day project to help make Bhoy - Wanderlust coming to The a difference in the Park. All welcome Tours start at 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm. Harlequin Theatre & Cinema Box any age and ability, lunch provided. Cost: £5 per person First tour for Office on 01737 276500 or younger children – it will get 10am – 4pm; Meet in front of spookier the later you come! Gatton Hall 29th September A Sleepwalk Under the Stars with Nicholas Owen 10 mile walk around Reigate Park starting at 10pm in support of The Children’s Trust (see page x for details.

Mon 22nd – Fri 26th October Autumn Ramble Week - Gatton Park Daily tours around the park & gardens to see the autumn colours. Tours on Monday to Friday at 1pm. Please book in advance, meet at the lych gate of St Andrews Church. Cost: Adults £4 per person

Telephone: 01737 556560 email:


Celebrate British Apples Following the Diamond Jubilee and the wonderful London Olympics, the country is very rightly basking in a real sense national pride. The exciting events hosted in London this summer, and our incredible sporting successes certainly make me feel proud to be British. As a Chef and Cookery Demonstrator I am always championing British produce and in the seasonal food calendar, now is the time to celebrate the wealth of variety of British apples. There are many agencies involved in preserving and raising awareness of our wonderful home-grown apple varieties, and furthermore, providing finance and support for farmers establishing new orchards, to be intensively farmed for a better yield, which is more profitable for the grower. Sunday 21st October is ‘Apple Day’. There are many events organised on and around this date, all across the country; at Farm Shops, Farmers’ Markets and also at many National Trust Properties, all celebrating and promoting Great British apples. To name but a few, Discovery, Spartan, Worcester Pearmain, Delbard Estivale, Lord Lambourne and Russet are varieties you may not always find in the supermarket, but all have their own unique flavour, appearance, texture and even aroma, and some can be successfully stored and enjoyed through to the Spring. There are nearly seven thousand different varieties of apple worldwide, but only one hundred or so are grown commercially. Britain has the ideal climate and soils for apple-growing, especially in Kent, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, but unfortunately only 30-35% of all eating apples sold in the UK are home-grown. Once a quintessential part of the landscape in these counties, extensive orchards fell victim to sprawling urban development, the supermarkets’ apparent disavowal of English apples, and the consequent need for farmers to produce more profitable crops; two thirds of Britain’s orchards have been lost since 1970.

Perhaps the most British apple of all is the Bramley apple, grown only in Britain, especially for cooking. It is the finest culinary apple, because of its unrivalled taste and texture after cooking. High levels of malic acid in proportion to sugar, mean that it remains tart and ‘appley’, compared to eating apples which may lose their flavour during cooking. Two hundred million pounds of Bramleys each year make their way into pies, crumbles and other desserts, and of course into some savoury dishes. Here are a few ideas: • Pictured is my ‘Best of British Apple Tart’, made of course with a selection of those home-grown British varieties, to rival any French Apple Tart. • Combining Bramleys with other Autumn fruits such as plums, pears and blackberries is not only easy but logical, and results in delicious crumble or pie fillings, which can be further enhanced with selective use of spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves or star anise. • Apple sauce is the classic accompaniment to pork, but also goes well with duck and game. Simply slice a Bramley into a pan with a little lemon zest, water and caster sugar, cover and cook very slowly until soft. Beat in a little butter

and add more sugar if necessary. • Grated apple can be stirred into a stuffing for roast pork; try adding a little wholegrain mustard or even horseradish for a touch of heat. • A spiced Autumn compote can be made simply by stewing chunky slices of apple briefly in orange juice or cider until just soft, then stirring in raisins, chopped dated and apricots for the last minute. Serve the compote warm with ice cream or clotted cream, or if a large quantity is made, it can be refrigerated and then used as the filling for other desserts such as a sweet soufflÊd omelette, a sponge pudding or of course a pie or crumble.

By Gill Potterton

Telephone: 01737 556560 email:


Surrey Farmer promotes conservation to local Groups A South Nutfield farmer has turned part of his Surrey farm into a conservation area in order to offer free educational trips to local groups. Passionate about conservation, Guy Amos, has turned 20 acres of Bower Hill Farm into a dedicated wildlife zone. This area has been devoted to the creation and protection of natural habitats, including woodland areas, wildflower meadows, grassland, hedgerows, lakes and ponds. In addition, Guy keeps farm animals, including sheep and cattle, kept for breeding or meat, bee hives in the woodland area, and also has a handling enclosure for rabbits. Guy welcomes groups from all ages to his farm. Younger generations may prefer an informal visit with a tractor ride and pond dipping in the shallow lakes followed by a relaxing picnic by the lakes. Others may wish to adapt a visit to the school curriculum, studying habitats and life cycles, and recording data. Adult groups might opt to for a ramble and talk on wildlife preservation or for a spot of bird-watching. Each visit can be tailored to the suit the individual needs of the group. “My aim is to get people back to nature and to discover a little more about how conservation is important to farming and to our food supplies,” explains Guy. “It is conservation on a small scale but we’ve had a huge range of species move in since creating the habitats. For example, we planted Norfolk Reed in one of our lakes, which has become a haven for warblers that feed and breed here in the summer. Come autumn, the reed beds become the hub for swallows as they gather to prepare to fly south to Africa.” “Our wildlife meadows and woodlands attract large numbers of colourful butterflies and we also have numbers of the rare Great Crested Newts in our lakes.” There is limited availability for the free trips for the remainder of the year. To book a visit call Guy Amos on 01737 822639. For more details on the educational trips visit


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Reigatehub create, work, play. Reigatehub is designed for professional working parents who need flexible PAYG access to quiet work spaces and optionally, occasional childcare while they work or hold a meeting. Set in a quiet Victorian building with fast internet access, Reigatehub is laid out over four floors to allow you to work peacefully upstairs or hold meetings, while your children play or attend a scheduled class on the ground floor in our supervised play and art rooms. 01737 244209 Work@ : Coworking from £2 per hour Play@ Playroom from £10 per hour Create@: Meeting spaces from £10 per hour

Reader Offer BUY ONE GET ONE FREE On presentation of this voucher. Two children and two adults may use Reigatehub for the price of one child and one adult. The offer must be presented before joining a Play@ session and is limited to one 2hr Play@ session and one 2hr work@ session. Expires 31/12/2013 Bookings: 01737 244209

Telephone: 01737 556560 email:



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Five Good Reasons to... Learn a Foreign Language College evening classes start up again this month. Take the plunge and learn a new language. Here are five good reasons to enrol right now. Make new friends - Languages require practice! It’s easier to talk to new people if you’re both concentrating on something other than how shy you are. Chatting in a foreign language is a good way to break the ice and get to know your classmates. Improve your English! - Learning a new language helps us understand tenses, prepositions, and all the other parts of speech we normally take for granted. As a result we speak and write more precisely. Many great writers were / are polyglots! Enrich your travel experiences Connecting with the locals is the best way to get the most out of travelling. People

are more welcoming if you make an effort to speak their language. It can turn an ordinary trip into the holiday of a lifetime. Join the global community – Most of the rest of the world does not speak English! As the world becomes smaller and more interconnected it’s easy to see that we’ll come into contact with more and more nonEnglish speakers. A foreign language puts you at an advantage in business and personal relationships. Sense of accomplishment - Wouldn’t it be cool to tell people that you speak two or more languages? Not many people in this country can, so if you can pull it off you have a reason to be really proud of yourself.

The Crawley Clinic 01293 538 538 16a Brighton Road, Southgate, Crawley RH10 6AA


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Please mention us when you call our advertisers

The Crawley Clinic 01293 538 538 16a Brighton Road, Southgate, Crawley RH10 6AA

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A Sleepwalk Under the Stars

With Nicholas Owen Journalist and BBC news presenter Nicholas Owen is lending his support again to a special charity evening walk – Sleepwalk - which is taking place on Saturday 29th September 2012, at Priory Park, Reigate, in aid of The Children’s Trust, Tadworth. For the third year running, the popular television personality, who is Vice-President of The Children’s Trust, will officially start Sleepwalk at 10pm in the Park. The 10 mile walk around Reigate and Redhill, starting at 10 pm costs just £10 if you register before 10th August (£15 after this date), or a group of ten can register for £100. A refreshment break is being provided by a local Indian restaurant, before walkers complete the second half of their walk back to the finish in the Park. It is open to all: families, friends, work colleagues and schools are urged to sign-up and help make a difference to some very special children. Registration includes a half-way refreshment break, limited-edition t-shirt – and a medal at the finish. Please register NOW at: or telephone 01737 365018. The Children’s Trust would also be delighted to hear from any businesses who would like to sponsor the event, make a donation or offer help in other ways. The Children’s Trust, Tadworth, is a national charity that provides care, education and therapy for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs, and rehabilitation to children with an acquired brain injury.


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Coffee Break

Sudoku How to Play It’s Simple! Place a number from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so that each 3x3 block, column, and full row includes each of the numbers from 1 to 9 only once. Watch out Sudoku is highly addictive! Solutions p.30

Telephone: 01737 556560 email:


Join the on-line community For 60+ at DropBy - - is a friendly, supportive, online community for the over 60s. The creators of the website are happy to help you find your way around – just DropBy! Membership is free and your privacy and security is a priority. As the website says: “Like all communities we are the sum of our parts. Every member is valued and is encouraged to contribute to the community. We want to build a friendly online supportive community. Members will find new friends, share ideas and interests, ask for help, and find ways to give support to one another. Sometimes just to know there are other members experiencing the same difficulties can be reassuring, and a few kind words of support can make all the difference. Never be embarrassed about asking for help, but always give support wherever you can. It’s a give and take thing.” Mary, the founder, named Mary B on the site, says: “My hopes are that we can use technology to make living as we grow older easier, and that we end isolation. There really is no need for anyone not to be connected these days – it’s just a matter of finding the right approach and funding, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.”

DropBy provides online chat and instant messaging, hosting photos, video and music, and it has an easy-to-use video link. It is a safe hub for elderly people to communicate and interact with their families, friends and each other. It is a friendly place where carers can talk and make friends. ‘Mary says, “The ultimate aim is to combat loneliness among older people and others who are isolated or housebound.” The website has a fun side to it with a Games Room, a Rant room where you can express and share your frustrations, and receive friendly support and advice, and blogs, but the focus is always on interaction. Do DropBy!

For more information please contact Mary Baker DropBy Godalming, Surrey GU7 2HZ t: 07789888391 e: Twitter: @MaryBDropBy


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SEPTEMBER FOR ARIES Now is the time to get organized and be ready for the new season. You have had a period of confusion which is soon to end and this helps you to make the most of current circumstances to downsize and streamline your wardrobe and your life. You are also keen to adopt a new healthy lifestyle regime and of course exercise is easier when you do something you love, especially if there is competition involved. Love and romance is possible with someone younger after the 17th. Jealousy can be a feature too, either from what you feel or the fact that someone coverts what you have.

SEPTEMBER FOR CANCER Last month's Full Moon was the ending and culmination of a period that could have been quite a life changer. Now you spend some time adjusting to recent changes and know that you will make the best of whatever comes your way. It is important to be accepting just now, as everything happens for a reason. Venus has been in your sign for the last few weeks and this is fabulous for your love life and discovering what pleases you. Now that you have a new insight into this your next steps become practical and self nurturing. After the 23rd, you see that home is exactly where the heart is. SEPTEMBER FOR LIBRA This is the last month that Saturn is in your sign and you have learned some important and sometimes painful, lessons that have nevertheless given you important tools and a philosophy for the future. But you are also benefitting from Jupiter's influence to encourage you to broaden your horizons and step outside your comfort zone. This becomes especially important in September. You are helped by Venus, your ruler, spending time in the wonderfully outgoing and fun loving sign of Leo from the 8th, so this is perfect for new friendships and getting involved with those of like mind. SEPTEMBER FOR CAPRICORN This is the final month that Saturn, your ruler, will be in the career part of your chart. It is likely that you have established your position and found that the respect you have earned has been from your efforts and sheer hard work and you can teach others a thing or two! For you there are no short cuts, but you know the value of gaining experience and knowledge through practical application. A romantic start to the month gives you a boost although surprising changes here are delightful and fortuitous for those seeking new love.

SEPTEMBER FOR TAURUS Initially you may have unusual expenses that you could do without, but if you are investing in the future then this is well worth it. The point is you want value for money and you have to work harder to get the best deal. Still, you are generally pleased with developments and you are encouraged to make the most of fantastic stars for your social life after the 6th. With the New Moon on the 16th, there is a fresh start and the promise of more enjoyable times, since you may have rearranged your working life to allow more time for what you want to do. This is also a very creative period.

SEPTEMBER FOR LEO Be prepared for an amazing month although initially it may not start that way. Arguments and disagreements make way for a fabulous new period as Venus enters your sign from the 7th. Not only are you going to be lucky in love but your finances are on the up too. This can be a simple as receiving gifts or the repayments of debt, but there is more for you, at any rate. This is a good period to reassess your health and well being and follow those practices that support your long term vitality. Keep your wits about you to be alert to some fantastic opportunities. SEPTEMBER FOR SCORPIO This month you have Mars going through your sign. This brings energy, action and hones your ability to get what you want once your intentions are set. Be aware of conflict, however, as you are likely to stand up for what you believe in rather than be quietly diplomatic. You have passion too, to follow your dreams and can work hard at what supports you and yours. Meanwhile you discover new people and social situations which are supportive and gives you confidence and self belief. The best time to travel is in the first week.

SEPTEMBER FOR AQUARIUS This month is great for love and romance and you may find that a business partnership leads to something more if you are single. Take note of the 16th where there is a fresh start around your finances. Some good advice can save you some cash. Use your powers of persuasion from the 18th as you have the ability to be more witty and articulate and charm your way into a situation that is going to be fantastic for you. Create balance in your life by discovering more equality between giving and taking; one of these is out of synch and perhaps you need to be more receptive to what is on offer.

SEPTEMBER FOR GEMINI This month sees an emphasis on practicalities and your domestic life. Important changes here mean that you have to change your routine somewhat to accommodate what is now part of your set up. Money is in short supply in the first week but this eases up after the 7th. At this time, it is a matter of making the most of who you know and your contacts to point you in the right direction. Jupiter's influence is at its strongest throughout the month so be open to possibilities, the chance to travel and perhaps learn new skills. Your world is opening up considerably.

SEPTEMBER FOR VIRGO While the Sun is in your sign, you can look back and decide what has worked for you in the last twelve months and what you are glad to see the back of. This is because it is a time of change, but what you have chosen for yourself rather than having to adapt to enforced circumstances. Of course, you feel more empowered and ready to take on new challenges and projects. Make sure that the people you have onside have your best interests at heart. Discuss as much as you need to for your peace of mind. The New Moo on the 16th is a great starting point. SEPTEMBER FOR SAGITTARIUS You are benefitting from Jupiter your ruler, being in the most powerful position just now, to help all kinds of partnerships and relationships. Be open to new people coming into your life bringing expertise and optimism, and also the chance for you to discuss new shared ventures and plans. Venus helps with travel and exploration and this brings the possibility for travel for pleasure but also commercial opportunities come through overseas connections. You are finally reaping the benefits for your considerable recent efforts.

SEPTEMBER FOR PISCES This is a month for negotiation, shared dreams and building a future with someone on your side. It is also about you being open to offers and people who are good to know and from whom you can learn much, but also you have your own qualities to share. There needs to be a more equal footing in an existing relationship so discussions can be insightful but rewarding. It could be that you need more space too so you are possibly house hunting, especially after last month's Full Moon in your sign. Allow what you started to reach completion in its own time.

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