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Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •

from the founder Dear Hatters, You’ve seen all the women’s magazines’ headlines promising that - if you buy this magazine - you can get into tip top shape in, oh, about three or four weeks. Who are they kidding? None of us got out of shape in three or four weeks; we know instinctively that we can’t reverse the process that fast. There are certain subjects that few people want to talk about; physical fitness is one of them. I recently realized something about this subject. We women view articles about fitness very suspiciously, as really (secretly) being about beauty (and perhaps some of them are). After all, the photos that accompany these articles always picture a gorgeous, shapely 20-year-old who obviously never got “out” of fitness in the first place. Advice: tear out the photograph and discard it. It’s just not about looks; it’s about functionality! It’s not about your literal shape, how much you weigh or even how many sit-ups you can do; it’s about how many of your body’s inborn abilities you can still access. When I finally made this mental connection, I stopped dreading the gym and putting off my daily walks. I’m not associating these things with trying to look better any more; I’m trying to have a better life. Here are my goals: - Being able to lift a wet, slippery little one out of the bathtub without dropping her - Getting up a few flights of stairs without huffing and puffing - Being able to get down on the floor to play with my grandchildren and actually get up again without help or making a big deal out of it - Being capable of joining in various activities spontaneously without searching for excuses to sit on the sidelines - Reaching out to give someone else a hand up without fearing that I’ll fall over too - Working in the yard for hours without being exhausted Et Cetera.... Of course some have health issues over which they have no control, and they should have no guilt. But some of us have the power to do better; all we need is motivation. Your method of improving your physical fitness can be whatever you choose. Maybe you don’t want to have anything to do with a gym. There are many methods of exercise. The experts tell us to find an activity that we actually like because we’re more likely to stick with it. Surprisingly, one of the best forms of exercise there is is dancing! And it’s got to be one of the most enjoyable forms too. If you doubt that dancing is exercise, try coming to one of our international conventions and try to keep up with the other Hatters out on the floor, some of them far older than you are! You’ll sure know you have exercised when you try to get up the next morning! So maybe you just want to put on some music and dance for a half hour a day. (You might want to pull down the blinds if your neighbors are nosy.) Whatever fitness regimen you try, don’t forget to take plenty of vitamin “F”. Dr. Oz says that the “F” stands for friendship. The good vibes that result from spending time with friends is every bit as good for you as any other vitamin you can name. Maybe you and your friends can come up with a good way to exercise together or, perhaps, to just hold each other accountable. To quote a popular ad campaign: “Just DO it!” In friendship, Sue Ellen

Go Figure

go figure

Interesting facts and figures are fun to share, aren’t they? Here are a few interesting facts to impress your Sisters—or use them as a fun game to play the next time you are together.

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •

in the know

Dear Hatters, Welcome to 2012! It’s going to be a great year! We are well into the new “Stars Among Us Theme.” The Hatquarters team and I hope you will give yourself the gift of constantly checking the RHS website. We are so excited to unveil all the ways we are going to celebrate and showcase you in the starring role! Celebrities of the stage and screen only wish they had the kind of star power that you possess and we intend to let the world know it this year! Relish in the limelight ladies, you deserve it! Although I am excited about 2012, I don’t want to forget all of the wonderful things that happened for us this past Legacy year. Our crowning achievement must be marked with our first red hat and purple boa taking their royal place in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History. What a testament to what the Society has done for so many women. It was truly an honor to stand arm in arm with Sue Ellen and Linda as we represented all of you at the unveiling. My only regret is that not every single Member of the Society was able to be present. Regardless of where you are from around the world, this stellar recognition means something. While at the display I was exhilarated to meet individuals from so many different countries. They made the trek to Washington, DC to visit the Smithsonian Institution’s many museums. What does that mean to all of us? We can rest assured that women from all over the globe will have an opportunity to hear about our Society whenever the hat and boa are on display—forever! Now that is looking to the future! On another note, the Society is amping up 2012 with some incredible events and we want you to know all about them. Make sure to check out the Save the Date area of the website which is always updated with the latest RHS happenings. The first of which is “Wear Red Day.” This year the Red Hat Society is supporting the American Heart Association’s “Go Red For Women” Campaign. We are delighted to assist the American Heart Association in its mission to bring awareness to a very real problem that is taking the lives women every day: Heart Disease. Then it is off to RHS Day and boy do we have a great event planned at Hatquarters! We hope to see more of you in attendance. Watch for the unveiling soon! And…the annual international convention! This year our Hatquarters team has pulled out all the stops with the Golden Age of Glamour theme and I can’t wait to see all of you there! To top it off, I am delighted to announce that we have been invited back by the organizers of the London’s New Year’s Day Parade to take part in their world televised New Year’s Day Parade! What a delight it will be to plan time with our Sisters in the UK! My wish for each of you in 2012 is this: May your wishes come true, your Sisters always make you laugh and may you relish in the limelight as you recognize that you are a STAR!

Happy New Year!

Debra, CEO & Ladybug, Red Hat Society Hatquarters

in this issue

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Heart Health 16 Your Heart Comes First 17 Signs of a Heart Attack 19 Go Red Day 22 Healthy Eats Official RHS Events 32 London recap 28 RHS Day 30 Golden Age of Glamour Membership 41 A Look Back 38 2012 Membership Kit 8 2012 Stellar Theme 9 Nominate a Hatter 11 Hatters Around the World 17 RHS Products Society Pages 24 Red Hat Rendezvous Keep in Touch 42 RHS Contact info

On the cover: Lady Butterfly, Marilyn Cresci, of the Red Hat Vintage Ladies was photographed at the Red Hat Society 2012 London New Year’s Parade trip. She happened to be celebrating her birthday on the day this photo was taken, (notice the purple hat) and you can see a picture of her blowing out her candles on page 35. Happy Birthday Lady Butterfly! Along with her incredible bling and sparkling regalia, you will note that she is proudly wearing her Queen Pin with Crown Charm. Did you know that this pin is currently available for purchase exclusively on the Red Hat Society website? To learn more about this and other exclusive items, flip to page 17.

Did you know that there is a Red Hatter Matters archive? If you would like to view previous issues, simply go to the Fun Stuff tab located on the Red Hat Society website: www. and download them today!

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •

you said it

Keep up the good work and tell the people at Hatquarters that their hard work is appreciated more than they know. They have changed our lives and changed the concept of growing older to a life with fun, joy, happiness and pride. We are not ready for our wheelchairs or rocking chairs yet... thanks to the Red Hat Society. Mary Queen Sassy Mouth Happy Hearts Decatur, AL, USA

The day that I started my chapter...not knowing what I was doing, I walked through a door to a new kind of happiness that I had never known before!! I didn’t go anywhere today..just here at the lake with my Hubby, but I have on my red and purple! Wearing our colors just makes me feel good!!!! Many days ..even if it is a trip to the grocery store, I will dress in regalia...and lots of people notice!! I get a chance to talk to strangers about the Red Hat Society and encourage them to join the FUN!!!! -Kay

The ideas that I got from the quarterly Red Hatter Matters are just one more benefit of the $20 supporting membership fee that is received by all. Thanks again and have a Hatting kinda’ day! Splendor

T he Red Hat Societ y in

Socia l Media

Bobbie Hesse Writes: I love dressing in Society colors, sadly not all hatters I know feel the same. I keep “logo” magnets on my car at all times. I carry my chapter cards also. I am proud of being a hatter and letting everyone know it. Even my pastor says I was born to be a hatter, it’s in my blood and that I’m totally committed to hatting. Thanks RHS for putting the spark back into my life.

-Queen Marlene

The Red Hat Society has opened a new world for me. I had never heard of it, but one day on a Health Board, someone mentioned RHS. It’s about wonderful compassionate women offering sisterhood, fun, support and interesting subjects to think about. I am so glad I read the Health Board that particular day. -Green Eyed Lady

Patricia Killen Ezzell Writes: So many women have started wearing hats again, not just redhatters but young and old as well. Wearing them to church and just out and about so I would have to say Thank you to the Red Hat Society because it all started again with you.

RHS online

Ruth Rather Writes Love the Red Had Society

Vikie Poulsen Writes: HAPPY NEW YEAR SISTERS!! The past 2 years have been so wonderful for my soul. We retired and DH and I moved as planned to much smaller, quieter, country in Florida. We left behind 46 years of friendship-work marriage building etc. for the retirement we had dreamed of---we have new friends here and a new home and a quieter life soon to be 9 years ago. BUT THEN, I FOUND OUT I WANTED TO PLAY MORE, AND then read about “THE RHS”. Reading about how it was founded and the principles behind the RHS, I absolutely could hear my heart sing. I joined as a chapter of one. Then I talked to first 6, then 12 then 15 and now 24, wonderful ladies that share our dream to play and meet every day with a smile and desire to live love and laugh. The Bodacious Ta-tarts of Lecanto Florida are the best ladies I could have as my Royal Court. May we all have a wonderful Year as we celebrate the “The Stars Among Us” Vikkers of Ta-tarts

Margaret Toadvin Writes: Susan Miller Writes: I love the RHS you have given me strength I did not know I had thank you RHS!!!

RHS has made such a positive impact on my life…I now wonder why I waited so long to join. The fellowship and friendship I have shared with other friends and they have joined. My children (two girls) listen attentively as I share info regarding our gatherings. What’s not to love about the RHS.

Heard on Cntrybumpkin202 LaDonna @RedHatSociety I had a wonderful time!! I traveled from DC to NC with my fellow pink hatter/best friend and her red hatter grandmother. FUN! Knock OnWoodahl Emily First Wednesday of the month is always my favorite @RedHatSociety lunch! FirstLightCare FirstLight Home Care These ladies clearly know how to have a good time! Do you know anyone in the Red Hat Society?

Pamela_Poole Pamela Poole My first post of the year, for my mom and the @RedHatSociety, which puts older women back on the radar: dont-dismiss-the-red-hats_b_1172167.html Molly_coddles Molly Coddles Was very honoured to meet some of the ladies from the @RedHatSociety at the #Scannappeal event last night TROPIKANA TROPIKANA Red Hat Society…a social club of swag.

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •

2012: stellar theme

The theme for 2012 has been announced: “The Stars Among Us” and this year it’s all about the glitz and glam as we celebrate the shining stars of the RHS! We believe that every Hatter is a VIP, and when we strut our stuff in our fabulous Regalia and bling, we really know how to turn heads. This year, we are determined to bring the bling as we kick the “Glam-o-meter” into high gear! Be sure to read all emails and Friday Broadcasts as we continue to unveil glamorous goodies and tidbits that are exclusive to our Membership throughout the year. Now, let’s watch some Golden Age of Hollywood films and channel our favorite on-screen beauties as we prepare for this year of RHS Stardom. Be sure to register for the most exciting Convention yet: The 2012 Golden Age of Glamour International Convention! Diamonds may have been iconic starlet Marilyn Monroe’s best friend, but we like to think that if the Sisterhood had been around in her era, she might just have sung a different tune… maybe “Hatters are a girl’s best friend”? We come with bling, too!

2012: Nominate a hatter

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •

hatter stories

Judy James, Princess Margueritte, of the Red Flair Ladies (Clearwater, Florida, United States) has never been a “hat person”. In fact, she might tell you that she looks horrible in a hat! No… the real hat-wearer in her family was her mother Margueritte. Margueritte had a collection of 350 hats for all occasions, and was well known in her small town of Warrior, Alabama as the “Hat Lady.” In 1998, Judy discovered that her mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and would have to be moved to an assisted living facility closer to Judy. She and her family liquidated her mother’s assets in Alabama, including her enormous hat collection, but Judy managed to save her mother’s favorites. Margueritte passed away in 2000, and Judy kept several of her hats, some of them red, but she never thought she could wear them quite as well as her mother did. Eleven years later, Judy celebrated her 69th birthday, and she decided that it was time to learn how to wear a hat. She joined the Red Hat Society in August determined to experience the fun and the magic of the hat that she was sure her mother would have understood. “I have assured my children that I will never have that many hats,” Judy said. (The Sisterhood will just have to wait and see.) When it came time to pick her Royal Title, Judy found it fitting to call herself Princess Margueritte after the original inspirational hatter in her family. “Queen Margueritte would be proud of me,” Judy said. “Thanks Mom for all of those hats, and thanks to the Red Hat Society for giving me a new start in life.” Thank you Judy for sharing this wonderful story! Just remember, in the Red Hat Society there is no such thing as too many hats!

Judy was shopping at a local hat store in Florida one day, and she shared her story about her mother and the Red Hat Society with the woman there. The woman then surprised Judy by asking her to bring in the red hat that her mother wore (pictured above) so they could spruce it up for her. They completely revived it in RHS colors and placed bling where any holes were. Doesn’t it just look fabulous?!


RHS Around the world

The Year of the Legacy proved to be an amazing year for the Red Hat Society. Membership is stronger than ever, and we currently have Chapters located in 30 countries around the world! How special is it to know that just about anywhere you travel, you can meet with Sisters who will be happy to see you and share the Sisterhood with you? If you look on the Help Tab of the RHS Website, you can plan ahead and search for Chapters that you would like to Hat with when you are traveling!

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •





Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


eventS: 2012 convention

The stage has been set for the 2012 Golden Age of Glamour International Convention. Picture a sea of red and pink hats, flocking to the fabulous Paris速 Hotel Las Vegas for a weekend of glitz, glamour and celebrity treatment. Channel your favorite Golden Age of Hollywood starlets as you participate in the Golden Age of Glamour Costume Party and Red Carpet Rendezvous Banquet (Our version of the Oscars). Shop with exclusive vendors that have been hand-picked to participate in our Hollywoodthemed Hat District, and participate in a Red Hat Society themed Name That Tune Live! Show. This is going to be the most glamorous convention yet! And to help you prepare,


bling power

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


heart health

It’s no secret that women are multitasking phenoms! We can cook, clean, take care of our loved ones, talk on the phone and answer emails simultaneously without even breaking a sweat. While multitasking is a great trait to have, sometimes getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules leads to us ignoring one important thing: our own health. Have you ever felt an intense pressure in your chest when you were completely stressed out? Did you just ignore it and chalk it up to heartburn or maybe gas? Sometimes we become accustomed to brushing issues off and waiting for discomfort to subside, but staggering statistics are showing that this way of dealing with things could potentially lead to a not-so-happy ending. The Red Hat Society is comprised of some of the most amazing women in the world, and time and time again, you show us that there are no boundaries to the depths of your hearts. That is why Hatquarters believes that supporting the American Heart Association’s Go Red movement will bring awareness to the dangers of cardiovascular disease to our Sisters and lead to longer, healthier and happier lives. Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women? It claims more lives than breast cancer and lung cancer combined, and unfortunately the symptoms of a heart attack brought on by cardiovascular disease often go unnoticed. The good news is that, according the American Heart Association, 80 percent of cardiac events can be prevented by making heart-smart choices like eating healthy, exercising and abstaining from smoking. For more information about Go Red For Women, visit


heart health

1. Uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain in the center of your chest. It lasts more than a few minutes, or goes away and comes back.

2. Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach.

3. Shortness of breath with or without chest discomfort.

4. Other signs such as breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness.

5. As with men, women’s most common heart attack symptom is chest pain or discomfort. But women are somewhat more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting and back or jaw pain.

If you have any of these signs, don’t wait more than five minutes before calling for help. Call 9-1-1...Get to a hospital right away. The next time you are at a Chapter event, we encourage you to make sure that every Sister knows about the threat of cardiovascular disease. Make a game of the five signs of a heart attack listed above, and laugh your way to health. Most importantly, Hatquarters encourages you to make 2012 your year to make heart-healthy choices.

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


get active

Ideas for Healthy Chapter Outings Getting active should not feel like a chore! Studies have shown that if our daily exercise routines bore us, then we are less likely to stick with them. Why not turn to the people in our lives who bring us happiness and fun every time we are together to be our support and motivation in getting active: Our Sisters! If you have a group of women that you know would love to get moving, here are some ideas of some activities you can try:

Shake your tail feather!

Start a walking group

Is there anything better than going out and dancing with your girlfriends? From line dancing to belly dancing to Zumba, this is the one form of exercise that you can do that doesn’t really feel like a chore. Look at these great photos of Members who have incorporated dancing into their Chapter Outings!

Walking three times a week can significantly improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, and it’s easy to chat and laugh with your Sisters while you walk. Try walking outside, going on a mall walk or walking through a museum (this is great brain exercise too!).

Take a class together Try a fitness class, a dance class or even an art class! All of these options are physically and mentally stimulating, and a lot of fun!


Try a new activity Step out of your box and try something you haven’t done before. Earlier this year, several Hatters from Nevada got together and decided to practice for and participate in a Dragon Boat Race. They shared so many laughs and had a lot fun! They even placed in the race and qualified for other rounds.

heart health

Ladies, it’s time to show our RHS spirit and rise to a challenge! February 3rd is the American Heart Association’s National Wear Red Day. Each year, on the first Friday in February, organizations, businesses, individuals and landmarks “Go Red” in an effort to raise awareness and funds in the fight against heart disease in women. This year, they are hosting a fun and spirited Wear Red Day Challenge.

This is our opportunity to demonstrate the unity of the Sisterhood, and all wear our Society’s signature color of red to raise awareness of the importance of heart health. With that in mind, Hatquarters hopes you will join us in our attempt to educate all women of the importance of heart health. After all, a healthy Hatter is a happy Hatter.

Here’s what we encourage all Members to do: Wear Red Day is February 3rd, but the contest runs from January 23rd – February 23rd. The idea is to gather a group of women together, and paint the town red so to speak. We have to either record a video or take photos of our spirited gatherings and submit them to as soon as possible. Only the most spirited photos will achieve top ranking on the Go Red Facebook Page, but the

sooner we submit our photos or videos to the Go Red Facebook Page, the more time we will have to promote our submissions to our Sisters, family members and friends. The winners of the “Most Spirited” award for the Wear Red Day Challenge will be announced February 25 on the Go Red Facebook Page and the Go Red For Women website. We’ve heard there’s also going to be a great prize associated with this award! Ladies, how awesome would it be to see an RHS Chapter up there?!

Photos can also be submitted to the Red Hat Society Facebook Fan Page so we can share our spirit with our Sisters, but they HAVE to be submitted to to be officially entered into the Challenge. What do you say Ladies are you ready to “Go Red”? Visit to learn more about National Wear Red Day.

Go Red trademark of AHA, Red Dress trademark of DHHS. Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


mind & soul

“People don’t change!” No doubt, you’ve expressed this belief or heard someone utter the phrase. I know I once believed this statement. But I was wrong. With my 60th birthday approaching, I looked back with regret at four decades of repeated failures to lose weight and get fit. I viewed my unsuccessful efforts as confirmation that I was incapable of change—that I was doomed to spend my life overweight and die prematurely.

practitioner. I began eating healthfully and exercising regularly. As a by-product, my former efforts as necessary I lost enough weight to trim down five steps in a long-term learning dress sizes. process. I became a student of my body. If I failed to lose weight and I concluded that when we want to make adopt healthier habits, I needed changes in our lives—perhaps lose weight to study harder and determine and adopt healthier habits—we need to what details I had missed. From become students again. We need to study that point forward, I would see my our bodies, our lifestyles and our current effort as a work in progress. habits. Most of all, we need to study our choices to ensure that future ones are in Adopting this new mind-set allowed alignment with our goals. me to reinvent myself as a fitness

But in a flash of insight born of desperation, I changed my mind. Instead of failures, I viewed The unconscious eater eats while perhaps watching television or reading a magazine and is unaware of what and how much he or she is consuming, whether the food is If The healthy and whether he or she is full. Oblivious you are ready to The to calorie count, the unconscious eater orthorexic make changes, your stress suffers the worst of two worlds—the eater is an obsessive first assignment is to eater doesn’t experience the pleasure eater eats to perfectionist. His or her of eating and also packs on pounds. assess the kind of eater relieve or avoid exacting standards make Closely related to the unconscious you are. Study the uncomfortable feelings. the orthorexic eater difficult eater is the wolf eater or food list below and then As soon as life tosses inhaler. These individuals to entertain. Food must be of a decide what you’d this eater a lemon, he or she devour (or inhale) their certain kind, fixed in a particular like to change reaches for the chips, cookies food so quickly way and environmentally correct. The that they fail to about your own and chocolates, and washes them requirements vary by the orthodoxy. experience style: down with lemonade. Eating functions Although conscious eating is a valuable the physical as a distraction and works to elevate skill, the orthorexic eater carries rigidity to the pleasure of mood. Carbohydrates, for example, can raise eating. extreme and frequently insists others adopt the serotonin levels and can make us feel better, albeit eating orthodoxy. temporarily. Food functions as a self-medication to avoid unpleasant feelings and lift our mood.

Do you eat all day long? The grazer will eat throughout the day. It’s easy to underestimate the total calories consumed because each portion is small, and the grazer “I finally got a job. Let’s go celebrate!” “I may feel as if she or he hasn’t eaten all day. The had the worst day of my life. Where’s the The grazer also engages in preventative designated wine and chocolate?” The emotional eating out of fear of the sensation of eater is the eater eats whenever she or he hunger. For example, even thought family member experiences strong emotions the grazer has recently eaten, whom other of any kind—happiness, he or she may eat before members pass their sadness, anger or leaving the house leftovers to. If a spoonful frustration. Food acts simply to avoid the or two of leftover mashed as a stabilizer. sensation of potatoes, the designed eater hunger. finishes them. Although fathers are frequently designated eaters, sometimes mothers finish the leftovers when they are putting the food away.


mind & soul

Not wasting food is a good idea unless, of course, the eater forces himself or herself to overeat to avoid waste. This eater An avid member of the cleanThis eater fasts all day and responds to plate club usually ends up eats everything in sight in pressure from others consuming more calories the evening. Another pattern of to consume more food than needed or the feast-or-famine eater involves than he or she would wanted. going on a starvation diet for a few normally eat. The pressure might days, only to overeat following a break come from Mom, who worked in the diet regimen. hard to prepare a dish, or the office temptress, who brings doughnuts and insists that the eater enjoy the treat. This eater is a sucker for the line, “If you don’t have seconds, you’ll insult the cook.” This person listens to his or her body’s cues and eats to satisfy physical rather than The stealth eater cleverly hides cookies, candy and other emotional hunger. The eater manages portion treats in pockets, drawers and the car so that others Two will not see the amount or kind of food he or she is sizes, reads labels and consciously eats eating consuming. This eater tries to convince others healthy, nutrient-dense foods. He or she styles— that he or she is eating normally even as pays attention to food while eating— the the deception occurs; however, surplus appreciating its flavors, texture pounds betray the stealth eater. Closely anorexic and smell—and enjoys food related to the stealth eater is the eater and the openly. This eater maintains stolen-food eater, who “wants bulimic eater—are a balance between caloric just a bite” of any dessert clinically recognized ordered by a companion intake and activities eating disorders. The and then proceeds to so that weight is anorexic eater starves herself devour the entire maintained. or himself, frequently fasting for sweet.

days. The bulimic eater overeats and uses unhealthful techniques (such as vomiting, fasting, abuse of laxatives or compulsive exercise) to purge the body of food. The disorders may be life threatening and require medical intervention.

The ideal eater, of course, exists only in the abstract. Yet the description can serve as a baseline against which we can measure our own eating habits. What kind of eater are you? And what kind of changes do you want to make?

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. William James Purchase a copy of Carole’s book on! Copyright © 2011 Baskerville Enterprises, LLC, Carole Carson Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


healthy eats


mind & soul Almonds are high in riboflavin which helps boost memory. Only raw almonds are recommended. Try eating 3-5 almonds daily.

In a published study known as the Cardiovascular Health Study, 4,775 adults older than 65 were tracked for many years, those who ate baked or broiled fish one to four times each week had 27% fewer strokes than those who ate fish less than once a month. Some studies suggest that wild fish is safer than farmed fish. Avoid high-mercury fish such as swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, sea bass, and shark. Limit tuna intake to small quantities. Generally bigger fish have more mercury.

Seeing people you like four to five times a week has been linked to better brain health. No, your co-workers and neighbors don’t count. Take time to see people you like a lot and people who make you laugh. If you need more people in your life, try volunteering with different causes in order to make quality friends.

Tips courtesy of

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •



On October 11, 2011 the Red Hat Society partnered with Simon Mills Outlet Malls for a one-day shopping celebration called the Red Hat Rendezvous. Hatters across the US flocked to 13 different locations to take advantage of an exciting assortment of activities, gifts, exclusive discounts, special prizes, and hotel “shop and stay” programs! Many locations even hosted a special Continental breakfast for our Sisters to get them ready for their day of fun! The Red Hat Rendezvous was part of The Mills’ premiere month-long “Celebrating Women” initiative to honor and empower women through fashion and self-expression. This special program included style presentations, community awards to female role models, fashion design competitions, women’s health awareness programs, insider in-store events and discounts, plus select special appearances by Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan and individual state titleholders. This is the first time the RHS has worked with a chain of malls to create an event like this. If you know of a chain in your country that you think might want to host a similar event, please feel free to share that information with Hatquarters! Here are some wonderful pictures from the different locations that Hatters shared with us:



Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


hatter stories

One of the greatest aspects of being a part of the largest women’s social organization in the world is the ability to connect with women almost anywhere you travel. We love to hear stories of Hatters who have traveled to other countries and were welcomed with open arms by their Sisters.

The Bexar Brilliant Red Hatters of San Antonio, Texas, hosted an Australian Sister earlier this year. Margaret Smith, Dame Magenta of Ruby Dolls (Brisbane, Australia), contacted Jean Wildman, Queen of Bexar Brilliant Red Hatters by way of Chapter Contact. Margaret was making a trip to San Antonio to visit her daughter, Anita in June. So, arrangements were made for a Chapter luncheon for Margaret and her daughter. 30 Red Hatters greeted Margaret with lunch and presented her with a Red Cowboy Hat and 5 hat pins depicting San Antonio and Texas. Margaret in turn gave Jean and her Chapter a koala wearing a Red Hat and Purple Vest. In addition, small koalas were given to all Hatters in attendance by Margaret. She advised that they are just Koalas not Koala Bears. The fact that they became Koala Bears is from an old saying in Australia: ”More than a Koala can bare.” A great time was had by all.

“Its great Jean, to think that I can go from one side of the world to another and meet ladies and know that I will be made welcome,” Margaret said.


hatter stories

Georgean, Queen Boop ‘d’ Doop, of the Zippity Do Dahs Chapter (Wisconsin, United States) had desired to go on an African safari for most of her life. She and her husband had tossed the idea around a few times during their marriage, but she lost him to cancer in 2008 and decided to remove that item from her bucket list. Little did Georgean know that her dream of going to Africa was actually more realistic than it seemed. An avid RHS Convention attendee and fearless traveler, Georgean was at a Hatting function in Abderdeen, South Dakota in 2007 when she met the Hatter who would eventually help her reinstate and cross off that bucket list item. It was the final morning of the convention, and

The ladies ran into each other several times in the following years at different RHS events and conventions, and in 2010 Georgean found herself back in South Dakota for another event. “While mingling amongst other Hatters one evening in the hotel lobby, Ila and I met again,” she said. It was there that Ila asked Georgean if she would be interested in accompanying her on a trip to Africa. The ladies embarked on a wonderful African adventure this past year, complete with an elephant ride.“Yes, that’s what the Red Hat Society is all about,” Georgean said. “Dreams do come true… In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight!”

Georgean was chatting with several Hatters about the upcoming London New Year’s Day Parade. One of the women at her table mentioned that she knew of two Hatters, Queen Classy Mum, Susan, and Queen Bee, Ila, who were going to partake in the London festivities, and she happily introduced them to Georgean.

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


2012 rhs day


2012 rhs day

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


events: Vegas


events: vegas

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events: london

The Red Hat Society had the honor of being invited to participate in the 2012 London New Year’s Day Parade. Hatters from all over the world flocked to London on December 28th for a Hat-Tastic New Year celebration that included eight days of tourism, an exclusive New Year’s Party just for Hatters, and the opportunity to march with their Sisters in the 26th Annual New Year’s Day Parade. London was a-buzz with excitement as it prepares for a historic year of hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics and Special Olympics and the celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. A countdown to the Olympics and London’s Cultural Olympiad was displayed in Trafalgar Square, creating even more anticipation for the coming events. The ladies were greeted with a welcome to London reception with a special appearance from the Lord Mayor of Westminster, they toured some of London’s most famous landmarks and they had VIP seating a the UK production of the word-renowned musical “Wicked.” The ladies danced 2011 away at an incredible New Year’s Eve party, and they watched the festivities taking place in the Square outside of the hotel as the clock struck midnight. The next day, the ladies


participated in the London New Year’s Day Parade and experienced a bit of a setback with rainy weather and a transportation malfunction that didn’t allow them to complete the parade route, but they didn’t let it break their Red and Pink Hat spirits. They all made it back to the hotel soaking wet, and they enjoyed a high tea. Finally on January 2, more than 60 International Members of the Red Hat Society gathered at the Fitzwilliam Museum on Trumpington Street for a surprise Hoot in Cambridge. Debra, Lady Bug, was able to meet several RHS Members from the UK and listen to what they had to say about their experience in the Red Hat Society, and the ladies even got photographed and featured in the Cambridge News. This was a wonderful trip, and the RHS was thrilled to ring in the New Year with so many special Hatters! Thank you ladies!

events: london

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


events: london


events: london

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


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2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt 1 c granulated sugar ½ c plus 1 tbsp butter 2 eggs, beaten 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 c sour cream 1 ½ cups sliced almonds ½ c half-and-half

¼ c brandy (or 1 tsp brandy flavoring) 1 (8 ounce) can almond paste 4 tbsp milk 4 tbsp confectioner’s sugar Sliced almonds for garnish

Sift together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, beat the sugar and ½ cup butter until fluffy. Mix in the eggs and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients alternately with the sour cream. The batter will be stiff. Stir in 1 cup almonds. In a small bowl, combine the half-and-half, brandy, and the remaining half cup of almonds. Knead the almond paste until soft and add it to the brandy mixture a little at a time until well blended. Preheat the oven to 350°. Spread half the cake batter in a greased and floured 9 or 10-inch tube pan. Spread half the almond paste mixture over the batter, then spread the remaining cake batter on top. To the remaining almond paste mixture, add the milk and confectioners’ sugar. Pour over the cake. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and garnish with sliced almonds. Bake 30 minutes longer, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack for 30 minutes. Carefully remove the cake from the pan and cool completely. Melt the remaining tablespoon of butter and brush the top of the cake. Makes 10 to 12 servings Submitted by: Marie Haney, Her-Marie-Ness Ogden, Utah


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Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


2012 membership kit


2012 membership kit

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


fun stuff: word search

A special Thank you to Arlene Manemann, Lady Frisco of the Orange County Red and Pink Hatters, Brea, California, for submitting the Word Search.


a look back Every once in a while we encounter an idea that is so completely unique and inspiring that we have to share it with everyone we know. This is what journalists and writers spend all of their careers searching for. In June of 2000, Romantic Homes Magazine unknowingly struck gold when it published an article written by Amy Carroll Kierce unveiling a small group of women who were turning the often dreaded milestone 50th birthday into something to look forward to, and the years beyond that into a whimsical adventure of fun and friendship. The best part was: all you needed was a red hat, a purple outfit and a group of girls at least 50 years-old willing to join in on the fun.

When Kierce wrote this article, The Red Hat Society only had one Chapter in California: Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen’s Chapter, and one Chapter in Florida, which was led by a friend of Vice-Queen Mother Linda Murphy. “My dream is to one day have enough Chapters of the Red Hat Society to fill a ballroom with the Red-Hatted Members of Sister Chapters from across the country—all celebrating the joy and wisdom of growing older,” Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen said. Little did she know that this article was just the prescription so many women across the country needed to start a Chapter of their own and join in the adventures of the Sisterhood. Twelve years later, the Society has far exceeded the hopes of the Queen Mother, becoming an International Sisterhood reaching women across 30 countries.

Winter 2012 • Red Hatter Matters •


Red Hatters Matter: Fall 2011  

Fall 2011 issue of the official Red Hat Society magazine.

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