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I definitely can't drink as much as I used to. I'll definitely try out the Phonics beer though

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It’s funny how when you were at school, the weekend was either taken-up playing football or doing band practice on a Sunday. It was the only release we had. There was little else apart from joining the army or working in a factory. Nicky: Yeah, I think there was a quote from Dan Tracey saying: “There were two forms of working class expression: you can either pick up a guitar or pick up a football.” Football has definitely kept me sane over the years. I couldn’t survive on just music. I gather both the Phonics and the Furries have their own beers now?

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Kelly: (he laughs) That was a good laugh. I never thought I’d end up taking my dad around the Brains Brewery tasting hops. I did about six pints that day just to make sure if I had a hangover the next day. If anyone’s out there and fancies a pint –it’s worth knowing that it doesn’t feel so bad the next day! Gruff: Speaking as an irresponsible 45-year-old - I definitely can't drink as much as I used to. I'll definitely try out the Phonics beer though. Any emerging Welsh music talent you reckon we should be looking out for? Kelly: The main ones are Catfish and the Bottlemen. I remember listening to them about 18 months ago and meeting the singer at T in the Park. He came backstage and mentioned that he’d been a big fan of ours since he was a kid growing up in North Wales. They don’t need much of a mention ‘cause they’re already flying – they’re a great band! That’s why we’ve asked them to perform on the same bill when we play Wrexham. Nicky: The Gwenno album was great. I’ve been lucky enough to hear Cate Le Bon's new album too. There’s one track in particular absolutely enraptured me, I think it’s called I am a Dirty Attic... I thought Mug


Museum was one of the best albums of the last ten years but it feels like she’s about to deliver another great one. Gruff: Y Ffug from the Preseli mountains have just played some gigs with us - they are really great. And to finish - how about some politics?! Where do you stand on the European issue? In or out? Kelly: Erm, well. For the people of Wales it’s not good to leave Europe. It all seems like everything’s being closed down in Wales, like the Tata Steel factory in Port Talbot. The same thing's happening in the place where I’m from in Aberdare with all the TV and car factories closing-down. I think the British Government forgets that there is a country outside London so from that perspective it’s not good for Wales. Nicky: That’s between me and the ballot box. But I must say any day when the Tory party is in such utter chaos, is a good day! Gruff: We should stay in the EU but continue a transcontinental campaign against the corrupt TTIP trade agreement. The Manics will be playing Everything Must Go in full at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium on the May 28, with special guests Super Furry Animals. The Stereophonics play at Cardiff City Stadium on the June 4. Gruff 's new referendum-inspired track I Love EU is out now. Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go (20th Anniversary Edition) and official Wales Euro 16 song ‘Together Stronger’ are in shops now. Super Furry Animals’ alternative Euro 16 single ‘Bing Bong’ is also out now. Stereophonics play the Racecourse Stadium, Wrexham on 2 July For more details, check out:;;

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