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HIGH spirits Philadelphia Brewing Company and our city’s dynamic artisans of alcohol Butter up

Locally made peanut butter that will blow your mind

off script

Innovative program for better health in Overbrook

Food Network Reducing waste in West Philadelphia

The energy to save…

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Message In a Bottle

Further proof of Philadelphia’s dynamic local economy


few years ago, Grid co-hosted an event during Beer Week with Philadelphia Brewing Company (PBC). During the evening, I had a chance to talk to a number of PBC employees and, without any prompting, each of them mentioned how much they loved working for Nancy and Bill Barton. Granted, this information was gathered at a bar, and it wasn’t a survey of everyone they employed, but it was enough information to suggest that PBC is one of the most unique places to work — and has one of the happiest staffs — in the city. When I got to talking with Bill, one explanation for their happiness emerged. Every day, he cooks lunch for the entire staff. I was in such utter disbelief to hear this that I kept rephrasing the question, expecting to hear a different answer. Every employee? Every day? Wow. There are many things to admire about PBC — the care with which they compost and recycle, their use of an existing building, the freshness of their made-this-morning/on-tapthis-evening beer. But as Molly O’Neill’s cover story shows so well, their community — both internally and in their neighborhood — is what it’s really all about.   And they are far from alone in Philadelphia’s world of spirits. It’s easy to see our city’s vibrancy just by gazing into our bottles. Of course, fermentation creates an enthusiasm that other disciplines have a hard time matching. Even so, observing Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and Tired Hands, to name a few, illustrates the diversity and creativity contained within this one pursuit, and it hints at the treasures you can find within a local economy. To help you find those local treasures, Grid has partnered again with the Sustainable Business Network to publish their Member-


Alex Mulcahy 215.625.9850 ext. 102 editor-in-chief

Jon McGoran art director

Danni Sinisi distribution / ad sales

Jesse Kerns 215.625.9850 ext. 100 copy editor

Andrew Bonazelli writers

Bernard Brown Rob Fleming Emily Kovach Kristin Maranki Julianne Mesaric Molly O’Neill Dana Prophet Brian Rademakers Danielle Wayda Alex and Grid sales director Jesse Kerns

ship Directory. You may recognize many of the businesses in these pages from stories or advertisements in Grid. Let’s make an early New Year’s resolution to explore and support more of these Philadelphia businesses. You might be amazed by what you find.


Ifeoluwa Olokode Danielle Wayda photographers

Sahar Coston-Hardy Christian Hunold Bradly Maule Neal Santos Gene Smirnov illustrators

Michael Alan James Boyle alex j. mulcahy, Publisher


Nicole Jarman published by

Red Flag Media 1032 Arch Street, 3rd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107 215.625.9850 g r i d p h i l ly . c o m

cov e r P hoto N ea l Sa ntos

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in a jar

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Plain Sights

9th & Cambria

Last Days of St. Bonaventure It appears that St. Bonaventure Roman Catholic Church in North Philadelphia’s Fairhill neighborhood will not be spared. The landmark church, designed by prominent church architect Edwin Forrest Durang in 1894 and completed in 1906, was issued its final fate when the City’s Department of Licenses and Inspections determined it was “imminently dangerous” and beyond repair. L&I will demolish the entire church — not just the steeple, whose dilapidation caused concern for the larger structure — as well as the school building next door. The former St. Bonaventure rectory and convent, each in good shape, will remain standing. For more on this story, visit the Hidden City Daily, .

In partnership with Hidden City, Plain Sights highlights historic structures with compelling stories hiding in our midst.

p hotos by Bradley Maule

“Beautiful environments create beautiful kids.” — Bill Strickland, founder of the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild

Essential Properties

Experts from around the country trade notes on Reclaiming Vacant Properties by danielle wayda


ith 40,000 vacant lots within its boundaries, Philadelphia knows a lot about the problems and the potential of vacant properties. In September, the city played host to the Center for Community Progress’s (CCP) fifth Reclaiming Vacant Properties (RVP) conference, three days of interactive panel sessions, walking tours of Philadelphia neighborhoods and plenty of networking and skill-sharing. The conference attracted more than 800 attendees — public housing authorities, city government officials, community development organizations, consultants and more, including more than 200 leaders from the public and private sectors from across Pennsylvania. “We thought [Philadelphia] had a lot to learn

from people around the country about how other folks are using and reusing vacant land,” says John Carpenter, deputy executive director of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and cochairman of the local planning committee for the conference. “We also thought Philadelphia had a lot of great examples of successful projects, and we’d be a great place to help other people learn.” Those projects were highlighted in the conference’s mobile sessions — short excursions to successful community development projects in Philadelphia neighborhoods, such as Kensington’s Big Green Block, a once-blighted 20-acre lot that has been transformed into a multi-component sustainability project and green stormwater showpiece by a partnership of the New Kensing-

ton Community Development Corporation and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, among others. With Philadelphia in the midst of a debate about how to create a land bank, CCP wanted to bring the conference to the city in order to draw upon national expertise from such cities as Atlanta, where land bank initiatives have already been implemented. During the course of the conference, attendees and speakers analyzed the nationwide problem of blighted communities and vacant properties from every angle, sharing best practices, policy triumphs and fiscal failures. During the “In Your Hands” training seminar on Monday morning, run by the founders of Civic Insight and LocalData — two digital place-based data collection programs — attendees investigated how to harness the power of technology to effectively engage communities in making development decisions. A highlight of the conference was when Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter joined the mayors of Cincinnati, Ohio, South Bend, Indiana, and Allentown for a plenary discussion of their cities’ experiences battling blight and land vacancy. The closing speaker was Bill Strickland, a Mac­Arthur Genius and creator of the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild, an award-winning arts and trade training center in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Strickland urged the attendees to focus less on blight and negativity in their communities, and more on the “possibilities of beauty.” “We know that beautiful environments create beautiful kids... even in the middle of the inner city,” Strickland says. “You've just got to want to do it bad enough.”

Into the WoodS

New school utilizes its natural environment by emily kovach

top photo by Ti esh ka smi t h fo r co mmu n i ty pro g r ess

This January, Green Woods Charter School, an environmentally-focused K-8 public school, will move from two former parish schools in Manayunk to a new 60,000-square-foot, stateof-the-art facility at Ridge Avenue and Domino Lane in Roxborough. Innovative features like 12-foot windows, transparent walls, an observation deck and a third floor balcony — together with a three-acre site featuring a science center, garden, pond, streams and wetlands — will help students learn hands-on, outside of a traditional classroom setting. The melding of the indoors and outdoors reflects Green Woods’ mission of helping students understand their place in the natural

world. Green Woods CEO Jean Wallace says the architect and construction team worked closely on the bond-funded $12 million project to make the school’s vision a reality. “Our students will have the feel of being in the ‘green woods’ while going to school in the heart of an urban environment,” she says. “It's the best of both worlds, and we can't wait to move in!" Green Woods is open to all children living in Philadelphia. Initial enrollment was determined via a lottery, but there is also a waiting list for future admissions. More info about admissions can be found on .


Ali Shabazz (right) and Alexander Harrison receiving art instruction at the festival

JASTECH development services executive director Jerome Shabazz (right), with Penn State Extension Nutrition Educator Simran James

Natural Remedies

Program aims to fill prescriptions for diet and exercise by brian rademaekers


acing through the crowd of people sampling vegan dishes and checking out booths from groups like Philadelphia Backyard Chickens, Healthy Foods, Green Spaces and Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition, Jerome Shabazz seems both busy and content. It’s a festival day at the Overbrook Art and Environmental Education Center (OAEEC), and the turnout is robust. Shabazz organized the event, and he is especially excited because it marks the unveiling of “Growing Healthy Communities: A Prescription for Better Health,” a new OAEEC initiative that seeks to improve the neighborhood's health, not with medicine, but with lifestyle changes. Employees from Lankenau Medical Center, located a mile away, performed health screenings at the event as attendees soaked in live music. “There are people in this neighborhood who have clearly defined health issues that can be remediated through passive methods like increased nutritional literacy [and] access to whole, healthy foods, as well as more movement and exercise,” says Shabazz, who is director of development services for Juveniles Active in Science and Technology (JASTECH), the nonprofit 8

gr id p h il m Ja nua ry 2014

that runs OAEEC. “The idea with Prescription for Better Health is that health care practitioners give the prescription for what people need, but we fill it. So, when folks want exercise, we have classes from yoga to Zumba. We have whole foods available at the Common Market and from [OAEEC's] greenhouse. We have food literacy programs and nutrition programs.” Shabazz calls the work with Lankenau an “organic response” to local health issues. “They see that patients with a high incidence of hypertension and diabetes are in [local] ZIP codes, and it just happens to be a catchment area that we overlay with,” Shabazz says. “The initial part of this project is that there are identified patients who have hypertension and diabetes who will have access to the resources that are in their

Philadelphia Orchard Project board member Brian Olszak works the cider press

neighborhood via the Overbrook center around nutrition and healthy food access.” Making the relationship with local patients a success will depend on getting people comfortable with ideas like buying, eating and even growing their own healthy food, according to Shabazz. “One of the hardest things to do is change a behavior,” Shabazz says. “And when a clinical person diagnoses a need for you, that’s not necessarily connected to your daily habits, it’s something you do out of necessity. What is being experienced today is a natural remedy.” Shabazz knows something about healing in his community. “[OAEEC] was a brown field site that had 20 tons of trash and debris on it less than six years ago,” he says. “So when I look back to that reality, the fact that we are here is amazing. We were able to repurpose this place to allow people to do what you see today. It’s hundreds of people from all walks of life coming together.”

Science and art don’t mix well. Except when they do.

How do you inspire a young mind? With an engaging curriculum that approaches every lesson from the vantage point of each subject taught, yielding a powerfully effective methodology. And powerfully hungry learners. Not memorizers. But original thinkers. Prepared for life.

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Jan uary 20 14

g r i dp hi



Nut Meg

Megan Gibson spices up fresh nut butters by julianne mesaric


b &jams is a small-batch fresh nut butter company stirring up a twist on the classics. "Our all-natural nut butters highlight the natural flavor of the nuts, while keeping other ingredients simple," says owner Megan Gibson. Working from the Center for Culinary Enterprises in West Philadelphia, Gibson produces five varieties: Hot or Not Peanut Butter, a savory, spicy version of Haitian peanut butter; Classic Peanut Butter, in smooth or chunky; Simply Almond Butter, textured with a light crunch; The Cashew Butter, naturally sweet and smooth; and slightly sweeter Maple Walnut Butter. PB & Jams products can be purchased at Overbrook Farmers Market, N3RD Street Farmers Market, University of Penn’s Gourmet Market at 1920 Commons and online at

p b & ja m s pr es en ts

PB Ice Cream Yield: approximately 1


recipe by

da na pr op he t 1 cup PB & Jams Classic PB 8 oz. softened cream cheese 1/2 cup sour cream 2/3 cup granulated sugar 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

˜˜Blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth. ˜˜Scrape sides of the bowl to make sure all ingredients are combined. ˜˜Refrigerate in a tightly sealed container for 5 hours. ˜˜Process mixture in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s directions. ˜˜Place finished ice cream in a shatterproof container with a tight-fitting lid and freeze immediately. ˜˜ More recipes at


gr idph il m Ja nua ry 20 14

Green living

Grand opening of the Dirt Factory, June, 2012

Scraps of Hope

UCD initiative fights food waste and hunger by julianne mesaric


ach month, the average household in Philadelphia puts more than 200 pounds of trash out for curbside pickup — much of it food waste. Thanks to an innovative food recycling program, residents of University City are working to reduce that amount. “When you recycle your food by composting or donating it, you’ll be amazed at the reduction in your trash output,” says Seth Budick, policy and research manager at University City District (UCD), an organization committed to improving the quality of life in this neighborhood. “Between composting and recycling, it’s possible many weeks to set out just one tiny bag of trash for pickup.” In June of 2012, UCD created the Dirt Factory, transforming a vacant lot into a community composting facility where neighbors can deliver food waste and raked leaves to be transformed into rich, nutritious compost that they can then use for gardens and green spaces. This year, UCD created the University City Food Recycling Project — which aims to further reduce the amount of food residents throw in the trash — and joined the Environmental Protecphotos by Rya n Co l l er d

tion Agency’s (EPA) Food Recovery Challenge initiative. UCD further expanded its efforts by encouraging University City businesses and institutions to donate excess edible food to Philabundance, a local food bank and hungerrelief organization, helping to feed the hungry and providing businesses a tax deduction. The businesses are encouraged to partner with waste analysis and composting programs like Organic Diversion, Philly Compost or Suburban Waste Services to compost the food waste that is not edible. “The UCD is to be praised for raising awareness of two issues that go hand-in-hand: food waste and hunger,” says EPA Regional Administrator Shawn M. Garvin. “Much of the food that is thrown away is actually safe and wholesome, and could potentially feed millions of Americans. The district is also limiting the largest

source of waste going to landfills, which is food.” The EPA estimates that 36 million tons of food waste is generated in the U.S. each year, and 96 percent of it goes into landfills or incinerators. So far, 120 University City households are participating in the composting program, the majority of whom were not composting previously. That is in addition to 150 more that are composting via Bennett Compost. The program has processed about 16 tons of food waste and 34 cubic yards of fallen leaves into compost, generating about 15 cubic yards of compost, most of which has gone to community gardens and community greening projects for growing food in the neighborhood. Learn more about the Food Recovery Challenge at and the University City Food Recycling Project at university-city-food-recycling-project . Jan uary 20 14

g r i dp hi


Looking across FDR Park’s Edgewood Lake at the park boathouse, built for the 1926 Sesquicentennial Exhibition


Ruddy Duck

Lucky Ducks

Northern Shoveler

An old coot and a young duckling share an enthusiasm for fowl by bernard brown • photos by christian hunold


t the end of october, i hopped on the subway to South Philly to observe migratory waterfowl. I took my daughter Magnolia (“almost two,” as she could say at that point) in a stroller. She is a fan of ducks. A yellow one figures prominently in her favorite book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, and she likes to point out ducks at the zoo. (Sometimes she indicates a duck, sometimes a goose, but close enough.) We urbanites are used to white domestic ducks and to the mallards that hang out in anything bigger than a puddle. Then there are the Canada geese — a mix of winter-migrants and pushy year-round residents — and Eurasian mute swans, elegant to look at, but terribly destructive pests in our tidal marshes. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Park in South Philly, however, hosts several species of genuinely wild migratory species. These are North Americans uncomfortable in our cities, and they seem somehow exotic compared to the usual gang. Could Magnolia, whose favorite activity seems to be naming all the objects and creatures in her world, comprehend the differences? According to Tony Croasdale, my birder friend (and sometimes waterfowl researcher) these species fly south from their summer homes to find water that should stay open in the winter. “Meadow Lake is a remnant of the many lagoons, backwaters and marshes that used to 12

gr idph i l m Ja nua ry 2014

line the lower Delaware River,” says Croasdale. They were coming to South Philly long before it was cool. We exited AT&T Station and walked away from Citizens Bank Park (not an easy impulse to shake). As soon as we made it to the west side of Broad Street, we were there. Philadelphia ain’t the Everglades, but we can still check out wildlife for the price of a SEPTA token. FDR Park hosts a golf course and all the usual urban park amenities: asphalt paths, ball fields and at least one playground that demanded a 20-minute stop before I could lure Magnolia away to see “the duckies!” at Meadow Lake, a weedy pond with a concrete walkway along its west bank. I quickly downgraded our learning objectives for the trip. The migratory duck species present were easy to tell apart through my binoculars: We had endearingly plain gadwalls, northern shovelers with tan sides and long bills, ruddy

ducks with fluffy black-and-white heads and tails held up at a snobbish tilt. Now, Magnolia is clearly the smartest kid in Philadelphia, but she hadn’t mastered binoculars quite yet (my fault — not enough practice). To my naked eye, the ducks were kind of different. To Magnolia they were all “duckies!” Luckily, we had the coots. These black birds with white beaks were definitely not ducks, and they were conveniently close to us. “Coot!” was also the most fabulously fun word Magnolia had ever pronounced. After a few minutes, I could point to the ducks for a “duckies!” and then get a “coot!” when I pointed to the other birds. Mission accomplished. bernard brown is an amateur field herper, bureaucrat and founder of the PB&J Campaign ( ), a movement focused on the benefits of eating lower on the food chain.

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Concentrations • Community Arts • Youth Development • Community Development 1300 Eagle Rd. St Davids PA, 19087 610.232.7942 grid 2013 ad color_Layout 1 10/29/13 1:50 PM Page 3

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nens Contessa’s French Li


Amy’s Place

Cookbook Stall

The Tubby Oli ve


Jan uary 20 14

g r i dp hi


Farm to City founder and director Bob Pierson (left) with volunteer Michael Galan

Green living

Winter League Buying club makes it easy to eat local all year round by kristin maranki


uying local food can be challenging in the winter. Maybe you missed the sign-up window for a winter CSA, and farmers markets have packed up until spring. But since 2001, Farm to City’s Winter Harvest buying club has been helping to bridge the gap. “We created the buying club for a year-round supply of local food,” says Bob Pierson, Winter Harvest founder and director. “Local food supports the local economy, and it’s healthier than what you can get from faraway places.” Forty-five area farmers and small-scale food businesses such as Good Spoon, Metropolitan Bakery and Rineer Family Farms stock the buying club with more than 500 items, including veggies, meat from grass-fed animals, dairy, fruit preserves, soups, artisan and body-care

products and more. Members choose their items, receive the weekly delivery at one of the 21 pick-up locations in the Philadelphia area, and pay as they go. Enrollment is open throughout the season, with no upfront cost and no minimum weekly order. Kevin Parker, a Winter Harvest member for eight years, enjoys the convenience and choice the buying club model offers. “We get flour and grains, fish, meat and

cheese, in addition to produce,” he says. “We are able to avoid a grocery during the winter as easily as we can during the summer.” See the extensive product list, producer profiles and sign-up information at .

Ripe Ideas Natural deodorant can take the heat by emily kovach When Carly Dougherty was enrolled in a culinary program in Berkeley, California, she spent a lot of time hustling in a hot commercial kitchen. When she complained to a few chef colleagues that her natural deodorant couldn’t stand up to her newfound stinkiness, they let her in on a secret: they made their own deodorants at home that were super effective. “They taught me a really simple recipe,” Dougherty says. “And it blew my mind!” When she came home to Philadelphia, Dougherty kept playing with the deodorant recipe, trying to get the consistency just right. “I got obsessed,” she says. “I probably made 50 batches until I got it just right.”

Meatless Monday 14

gridph il m Ja nua ry 20 14

After giving away lots of experimental batches to friends and family, she decided to sell some at a flea market, and with that, Stinky Girl — her natural body-care line — was born. A year later, Dougherty’s deodorants and hair powder can be found in delicious scents such as wood spice and lavender at Weavers Way Co-op, Harvest Local Foods and Vix Emporium. Aside from helping people smell better, Dougherty still flexes her culinary muscles, too; she and her husband also own Food & Ferments, a company that makes sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha and kimchi — you know, the good kind of stinky. They sell their wares at the Rittenhouse Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Citing the health and environmental benefits of a meatless (or less meat) diet, Philadelphia’s City Council passed a resolution in October supporting Meatless Monday — going without meat one day a week. The resolution reads in part, “The City of Philadelphia recognizes the benefits of a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and urges residents to participate in Meatless Monday.”

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Jan uary 20 14

g r i dp hi


Each time you use SEPTA, you make a choice that improves the environment. Leave the driving to SEPTA.

Sustainability. In life and in real estate.

For more info visit


bread + brewery

Killer Wood-Fired Flatbread, Alchemic Housemade Beer, World-Class Wine

Chestnut Hill Office 14 W. Evergreen Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118


gr idph il m Ja nua ry 2014

1-6thpageWittLippincottNov2013.indd 1

Handmade Soda, Microbrewed Kombucha, Zero Gigantic Flatscreen TVs Live Music every 2nd + 4th Sunday 7136 germantown ave. (mt.airy)

11/22/13 12:59 PM

215.242.6666 /

2014 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS NETWORK DIRECTORY connect with the locally owned

independent businesses

that sustain your community


presented by The Sustainable Business Network Of Greater Philadelphia and Grid

It takes more than great shoes to make a shoe business successful. It takes a company with values that place people and community right up there with the bottom line. Improving the quality of people’s lives through our products, our passion, and our commitment to a better tomorrow.


Dansko, Dansko and the Wing Design, and the Wing Design are all trademarks of Dansko, LLC. Š 2013 Dansko LLC. 1.800.326.7564

Our Locations: Kimberton: 2140 Kimberton Rd., Kimberton, PA 19442 PH 610.935.1444 Ottsville: 239 Durham Rd., Ottsville, PA18942 PH 610.847.2419 Downingtown: 150 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335 PH 610.873.8225

Real Foods. Local Roots.™

Douglassville: 1139 W. Ben Franklin Ct, Ste 106, Douglassville, PA 19518 PH 610.385.1588



Coming to Malvern in 2014

ABOUT SBN Hello, and welcome to the 2014 Sustainable Business Directory! We are so excited to be able to partner with Grid Magazine again to provide consumers in the Philadelphia region with information on locally-owned businesses that value people, community and the environment. Jamie Gauthier

EXecutive director

I’m sure that you know the importance of supporting these businesses. When you support a sustainable business, the impact of your purchase goes far beyond the particular product or service you garner.  When you shop with sustainable businesses, you are supporting the idea that the way a business interacts with its workers and surrounding community matters. When you spend your dollars with these businesses, you back the use of sustainable materials and processes. Finally,

supporting locally-owned businesses strengthens the fabric and vitality of our local economy. We’re ecstatic to be able to help you navigate the way, once again, with our directory. We hope that you’ll use it as a guide all year round to provide good support to good local businesses. And if you have interest in interacting in a deeper way with sustainably-minded entrepreneurs, I hope, too, that you’ll give thought to joining the Sustainable Business Network. Our wonderful

When you sign up for membership, you:

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by visiting membership or call us (215) 922-7400 x104

► Increase your business exposure through Did you know? marketing and promotions Each time a dollar is re-spent in the local economy, it’s like new ► Network with like-minded leaders income — creating a “multiplier ► Find values-aligned vendors and business effect” — rather than this money “leaking out” of the community. partners ► Join our efforts to promote buying locally Also... If you are a student or individual ► Help shape local business policy (working for a business that ► Educational events designed to advance is not eligible for membership) the financial, social and environmental you can join SBN as an individual or student member and impact of your business access resources and attend events, free!



2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


With gratitude, Jamie Gauthier, Executive Director, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia. To find out more visit

The Sustainable Business Directory is compiled by SBN, produced by Grid and published by Red Flag Media, 1032 Arch St., Third Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

JOIN US! SBN members represent hundreds of businesses and thousands of consumers interested in supporting local and sustainable businesses in our region.

community of businesses and individuals is committed to the concept that business can play a significant role in making our lives, communities and environment better.

member HIGHLIGHTs Throughout this directory you'll find SBN members answering the question: How does your business interact with the community?

certified b corporations Listings with this mark are Certified B Corporations.


Alex Mulcahy editor-in-chief

Jon McGoran art director

Danni Sinisi ad sales distribution

Jesse Kerns

ABOUT SBN THANKS! Thank you to our Level 4 Members, Funders and Annual Sponsors for your financial contributions to SBN. Your investment makes it possible for us to build a just, green and thriving economy in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Contents aBOUT sbn��������������������������������������4 sbn Initiatives������������������������������7 Arts ............................................... 9 Gallery................................................. 9 Art Consulting...................................... 9 Photography......................................... 9 Beverage....................................... 9 Brewery / Distillery / Winery................ 9 Coffee ................................................. 9 Business Services........................ 9 Accounting & Bookkeeping.................. 9 B Impact Assessment Consulting....... 10 Banking.............................................. 10 Business Development....................... 10 Business Services.............................. 10 Collections......................................... 10 Courier............................................... 10 Economic & Community Development................... 11 Facilitation, Training & Coaching............................................ 11 Financial Planning & Advising............ 12 Graphic Design & Web Design........................................ 12 Insurance........................................... 12 Legal Services.................................... 14 Marketing, Communications & Public Relations................................. 14 Meeting Centers & Co-Working Spaces............................ 14 Moving................................................ 15 Networks........................................... 15 Office Supplies................................... 15 Printing Services................................ 15 Software/Technology......................... 15 Transportation................................... 16 Education ................................... 16 Colleges & Universities...................... 16 Environmental Education & Advocacy........................ 17 Grade School...................................... 17 High School........................................ 17 Entertainment........................... 17 Accommodation — Hotel & Resort..... 17 Adventure/Tourism............................ 18 Event Planning................................... 18 Music................................................. 18 Food............................................. 18 Baked Goods / Desserts..................... 18 Cafes.................................................. 18 Catering............................................. 18 Cooperatives...................................... 19 Education........................................... 19 Farm / Agriculture / Local Food Systems........................... 19


Food Manufacturing .......................... 19 Mobile................................................ 20 Restaurants....................................... 20 Green Buildings / Sustainable Landscapes........... 21 Advocacy............................................ 21 Architecture / Design / Build.............. 21 Cleaning Products & Services............ 21 Compost............................................. 22 Construction...................................... 22 Consulting.......................................... 22 Electrician.......................................... 22 Energy Efficiency & Weatherization.... 22 Engineering & Design......................... 22 Environmental Consulting & Remediation....................................... 23 Garden Supply / Nurseries................. 23 Green Roofs........................................ 23 Interior Design & Space Planning...... 23 Landscape Architecture & Landscaping.................................... 23 Lighting.............................................. 25 Material Supply & Install.................... 25 Paints & Painting................................ 25 Real Estate Development / Property Management........................ 25 Recycling & Reuse.............................. 25 Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation.......................... 26 Green Packaging........................ 27 Health & Lifestyle..................... 27 Acupuncture...................................... 27 Bicycles.............................................. 27 Family................................................ 27 Green Spa.......................................... 28 Holistic Health / Wellness Centers..... 28 Organization....................................... 28 Pet Care.............................................. 28 Transportation.................................... 28 Wedding.............................................. 28 Media & Publication................... 28 Media & Publication........................... 28 Video / Film........................................ 28 Retail, Clothing & Accessories............................. 28 Apparel.............................................. 28 Arts & Gifts........................................ 29 Baby.................................................... 29 Books.................................................. 29 Florists............................................... 29 Furniture/Housewares....................... 29 Jewelry .............................................. 30 Supporters................................. 30

2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY





Designing your Sustainable Brand = defining your true story in messages and graphics gaining 3rd party certification sustainable resources right-sized printing environmental footprint messaging

The power of your brand lies in its promise to enlighten, engage and sustain our world. As responsible graphic designers, we can refresh your brand authentically and sustainably. 15% OFF NEW SUSTAINABLE GRAPHIC DESIGN PROJECTS FOR FELLOW CERTIFIED B CORPORATIONS





book wondrous services with us 215.545.3344 1 0 9 S . 1 3 t h St .



( 2 n d fl ) M i d tow n V i l l a g e P h i l ly

2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


healthy, organic fare for all occasions

SBN initiatives What businesses in this directory are sustainable? SBN members are required to benchmark their social and environmental practices by completing a B Impact Assessment with B Lab within one year of joining. Businesses get a confidential scorecard that shows how the match up against their peers and competitors. SBN believes the B Impact Assessment is the best tool on the market to measure the social and environmental impacts of small businesses – and B Lab is headquartered locally! Most importantly – all SBN member companies are locally and independently owned. We value local first.

SBN Initiatives Policy & Advocacy: SBN advocates for policies that benefit the startup and advancement of small, locally owned and sustainable businesses. We also act together as a network to advance policies that will create a more fair and green economy.

Triple-Bottom Line Series: Based on the success of SBN’s annual Social Venture Institute and the demand for year-long educational opportunities, these quarterly mini-conferences will offer talks and workshops for both beginners and triple-bottom-line experts. Expand your understanding of the financial, social and environmental impacts you can achieve through your business.

Local First Campaign: Supporting locally-owned businesses keeps dollars in our regional economy that support jobs, schools, parks and vital community services. We aim to spearhead a Local First campaign in the Philadelphia region that will highlight and indentify locally-owned businesses while educating consumers about the economic and social advantages that independent and local businesses bring to our region.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners: The Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners are working to advance the region’s GSI Industry, GSI innovation and the local businesses whose services and products relate to GSI. Thanks to funding from the Surdna Foundation, SBN launched the GSI Partners, the first working group of its kind in the nation.

Within this context, GSI Partners is an ever-growing network of large, medium and small locally-owned engineering firms; landscape design, build, and maintenance companies; material suppliers, and more.

Without an entity like SBN working to make connections among the public workforce system, policy makers, the local business community and market demand efforts, City contracts for green infrastructure work…might be awarded to large firms from out-ofstate... Philadelphia would miss out on the economic multiplier effect that results when contracts are awarded to local firms who create local jobs.“ — Surdna Foundation

Andropogon Associates Awbury Arboretum Landscapes Azavea Brandywine Realty Trust BSI Construction Cedar Run Landscapes Dooley’s Landscaping and Tree Care Service Duffield Associates E-Built, Inc. EP Henry GreenWeaver Landscapes, LLC

GSI Partners stay engaged and informed throughout the year by: ► ► ► ►

Receiving a monthly newsletter. Attending quarterly meetings. Attending educational workshops, panels, roundtables and networking events. Participating in any of four working committees.

Interested in becoming a GSI Partner? Contact Anna Shipp at or 215-922-7400, x107.

Land Stewards, LLC Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. Meliora Environmental Design Octoraro Native Plant Nursery OLIN Onion Flats/Plumbob/JIG/GRASS Organic Mechanics Soil Co. Pennoni Associates Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Re:Vision Architecture Rodriguez Consulting


Roofmeadow Dr. Robert Ryan, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Temple University Shift Space Design, LLC Stantec Stroud Water Research Center TEND Landscape, Inc. Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc. Urban Engineers

2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY



CHEF/OWNER PEG BOTTO main 215.978.0900 | cell 610.324.5256

SEASONAL HOURS Lloyd Hall, 1 Boathouse Row Philadelphia COSMICFOODS.COM


Cre am Top Yogurt Gree k Yogurt Chocolate Milk & Kef ir

w w w.Wh o le s omeDai r yFa r ms .c om 8


2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


Specializing in health insurance, benefits and Medicare supplements. Edward T. MacConnell CES, CBC, CHRS Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist Marketplace FFMID:edmac812 NPN 2032257 THE OFFICIAL BROKER OF THE SBN 427 E. Street Road Feasterville, PA 19053 (215) 355-2121




Brewery / Distillery / Winery

Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Art in the Age

Contact: Sara McCorriston Phone: (267) 266-0073 803 S. 4th St., 1st Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Contact: Olivia Carb Phone: (215) 922-2600 Fax: (215) 922-5228 116 N. 3rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106

Thomas Lift, LLC & Gallery Eleven One Contact: Ronja Butler Phone: (856) 745-3894 339 N. Front St., Ste. B Camden, NJ 08102

Twenty-Two Gallery Contact: Shawn Murray Phone: (215) 772-1911 Fax: (215) 772-0797 236 S. 22nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Art Consulting Art Appraisal Firm, LLC We are a professional, unbiased art appraisal service that provides a written opinion of value upon which you may confidently base your financial decisions. Contact: Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg Phone: (215) 346-2799 PO Box 8904 Elkins Park, PA 19027

Photography Andy Smith Photography Contact: Andy Smith Phone: (610) 644-1504 402 Conestoga Rd. Devon, PA 19333

Bennett’s Vignettes Contact: Kevin Bennett Phone: (267) 446-5136 Fax: (215) 487-1326 4866 Ogle St. Philadelphia, PA 19127

Blue Mountain Vineyard at Reading Terminal Market Contact: Dallas Drummond Phone: (215) 238-9022 51 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Philadelphia Brewing Company By keeping it local, Philadelphia’s one and only Philadelphia Brewing Co. is able to provide you with the freshest beer in town! Take a brewery tour any Saturday, noon-3 p.m., and learn how our commitment to sustainability and community make us stand out from the rest. Contact: Bill & Nancy Barton Phone: (215) 427-2739 Fax: (215) 427-2730 2440 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Contact: Zack Artz Phone: (215) 634-2600 Fax: (215) 634-3600 901 N. Delaware Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Business Services


Bee, Bergvall & Co.

Between Friends Roasting Company Contact: Husein Noorani betweenfriendsroasting@gmail. com Phone: (610) 618-2365 122 Sutton Rd. Ardmore, PA 19003

Green Street Coffee Roasters Green Street Coffee Roasters offers a fresh approach to good coffee and working in a sustainable business that allows us to have a positive impact locally and in developing countries. We roast great-tasting coffee and strive to build a positive name for green streets of the world and Philadelphia as a whole. Contact: Tom Molieri Phone: (610) 637-9237 1919 Alter St. Philadelphia, PA 19146 1101 Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

One Village Coffee

Philadelphia Distilling is the first craft distillery in the state of Pennsylvania since prohibition. We aim to be a force in an industry that is ripe for new, carefully crafted, American-made products that will bring added value to the end consumer. Contact: Andrew Auwerda Phone: (215) 671-0346 12285 McNulty Rd., #105 Philadelphia, PA 19154

One Village Coffee is a local specialty coffee company committed to the highest quality fresh, hand-roasted coffee. We’re also committed to sustainable practices such as fair and direct trade with farmers, roasting organic coffee beans and supporting development work around the world. Contact: Steve Hackman Phone: (215) 721-4818 18 Cassel Rd. Souderton, PA 18964

Yards Brewing Company

Philly Fair Trade Roasters, LLC

At Yards, it’s about brewing what we love, loving what we brew, and doing it in the most environmentally friendly way we can. We are a 100% wind-powered brewery with a tasting room for events, parties and tours.

Contact: Joseph Cesa Phone: (267) 270-2563 Fax: (215) 592-7395 4634 Woodland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19143

Philadelphia Distilling Company

Accounting & Bookkeeping Contact: Liz Vibber Phone: (215) 343-2727 Fax: (215) 343-8080 936 Easton Rd. Warington, PA 18976 163 S. Broad St. Landsdale, PA 19446

Buckley Small Business Solutions Contact: Terence Buckley Phone: (215) 279-3958 Fax: (215) 463-1222 1728 S. 11th St. Philadelphia, PA 19148

Excellence Accounting and Tax Services, LLC Contact: Priscila Santos Phone: (215) 667-8839 Fax: (215) 695-2376 3396-8 Miller St., Ste. 200 Philadelphia, PA 19134

Kregel & Company CPA

The Kregel & Company team has worked with hundreds of business owners to help them get organized and set up for success. Whether you need someone to take care of taxes, manage the books or provide a bit of smart business advice, we can help.

Contact: Scott Kregel Phone: (215) 703-3098 200 Barr Harbor Dr., Ste. 400 Conshohocken, PA 19428

TMS II LLC TMS II, LLC is a professional accounting, tax and consulting firm. We provide CFO/ controller services, business advisory and management services, financial coaching, bookkeeping and tax services. We are Quickbooks Pro advisors. Contact: Michele Schina

Phone; (215) 315-3969 Fax: (815) 301-6547 520 S. 3rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19147


2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY



BUSINESS SERVICES Accounting Technology

Valley Green Bank

With over 20 years experience designing, teaching and using a variety of computer bookkeeping systems, I can help your business or nonprofit organization choose, set up and create report designs in an accounting system that matches your needs and budget. Serving the local region at your convenience. Contact: Stanley Pokras Phone: (267) 968-0407 Philadelphia, PA 19126

Contact: Lesley Seitchik Phone: (215) 242-3550 Fax: (215) 242-4632 7226 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Visions in Innovative Accounting VIA was established by a team of accounting professionals to offer cost-effective bookkeeping services to their small business and not-for-profit clients. VIA specializes in serving small businesses and not-for-profits in New Jersey and Philadelphia. From bookkeeping to financial management, we are equipped to meet your needs. Contact: Lori McFadden Phone: (856) 380-1347 101 Chestnut Ave. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

B Impact Assessment Consulting Forsei Consulting Contact: Maria Allison Phone: (215) 432-0298 Philadelphia, PA 19125

Banking Conestoga Bank Conestoga Bank is a preferred lender with the SBA and a pioneer in online banking initiatives such as mobile deposit and text banking. A trusted Philadelphia bank for over 120 years, Conestoga Bank offers checking accounts for both consumers and businesses. Contact: Ron Bernas Phone: (610) 321-6900 165 Pottstown Pk. Chester Springs, PA 19425



HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the community?

Volunteer work is for us the most important way to interact with our community. Volunteer work allows us to give back to the community, get involved and help those who cannot afford architectural services get professional help when they need it.

Business Development AdminService, Inc. Contact: Claus Sproll Phone: (610) 917-9101 Fax: (610) 917-9101 317 Church St. Phoenixville, PA 19460

National Foundry Products, Inc. Contact: Steve Weinberg Phone: (215) 753-2627 ext. 3 Fax: (215) 753-2671 111 W. Mt. Airy Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Plan-It Plan-It provides consulting to small businesses and economic development agencies, including: QuickBooks and CRM implementation and training; one-on-one coaching with entrepreneurs developing strategies for business growth; marketing and resources management; and marketing and support services. Contact: Kim Miller Phone: (267) 574-3135 7252 Devon St. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Praxis Consulting Group, Inc. Contact: Alix Rabin Phone: (215) 753-0303 Fax: (215) 753-0305 9 W. Highland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118, LLC Contact: Gregory Panos Phone: (484) 685-0565 Fax: (888) 726-8645 120 N. Church St., Ste. 207 West Chester, PA 19380

2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


Ramla Benaissa Women’s Business Development Center The Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) offers a comprehensive menu of entrepreneurial training, counseling, Women's Business Enterprise certification, and networking programs and services. While the center is dedicated to the economic empowerment of women, services are open to all individuals. Contact: Geri Swift Phone: (215) 790-9232 Fax: (215) 790-9231 1315 Walnut St., Ste. 1116 Philadelphia, PA 19107

WORC WORC promotes social and economic self-sufficiency for low income, underemployed and dislocated women and their families. Services include Start Smart Training, a 36-hour training course meeting 12 times over six weeks with daytime and evening hours, covering marketing, management and financing for startup and existing small businesses. Contact: Lynne Cutler Phone: (215) 564-5500 Fax: (215) 564-0933 2010 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Business Services Entrepreneur Works (f/k/a Philadelphia Development Partnership-PDP) Contact: Leslie Benoliel Phone: (215) 545-3100 Fax: (215) 925-2485 The Bourse Building, 111 S. Independence Mall East, Ste. 810 Philadelphia, PA 19106

Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO Contact: Patrick J. Eiding Phone: (215) 665-9800 Fax: (215) 665-1973 22 S. 22nd St., 2nd Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Wash Cycle Laundry Wash Cycle Laundry is a bicyclepowered laundry delivery service for consumers and businesses. We’ll pick up your laundry on a bike, wash it using highly efficient equipment and have it back to you the next day. Contact: Gabriel Mandujano Phone: (888) 611-WASH 1617 JFK Blvd., Ste. 1855 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Collections Revenue Collection Bureau, Inc. Revenue Collection Bureau (RCB) is a full service Revenue Recovery and Tax Compliance company dedicated to providing professional delinquent debt collection services to municipal and state government. Contact: Mike Munoz Phone: (215) 288-6800 Fax: (215) 288-2255 5900 Torresdale Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19135

Courier Nonstop Couriers Contact: Rick Slowicki Phone: (877) 415-7874 Fax: (877) 389-7874 1150 First Ave., Ste. 501 King of Prussia, PA 19406

BUSINESS SERVICES Economic & Community Development B Corporation B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement to redefine success in business so that all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world. Contact: Heather Van Dusen Phone: (610) 293-0299 Fax: (610) 296-8289 155 E. Lancaster Ave., 2nd Fl. Wayne, PA 19087

Equal Dollars Community Currency Equal Dollars Community Currency alleviates the need to solely rely on often scarce federal dollars as a means to obtain goods and services. The currency distinguishes the local businesses that accept them from those that don’t, building stronger relationships within a community. Contact: Deneene Brockington Phone: (215) 951-0300 Fax: (215) 848-3194 4700 Wissahickon Ave., Ste. 126 Philadelphia, PA 19144

JEVS Human Services Founded in 1941, JEVS Human Services helps people overcome qualityof-life challenges by focusing on individuals with physical, intellectual/ developmental and emotional challenges, as well as those facing adverse socioeconomic conditions, such as the unemployed and the underemployed. Contact: Joseph Cipolla Phone: (215) 854-1799 Fax: (215) 854-1880 1845 Walnut St., 7th Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Keep Philadelphia Beautiful Contact: Michelle Feldman

LISC Philadelphia

Susan Christian Consulting

Contact: Nicholas Mulligan Phone: (215) 923-3801, ext. 10 Fax: (215) 923-3168 718 Arch St., Ste. 500-S Philadelphia, PA 19106

Contact: Susan Christian Phone: (215) 438-2125 Fax: (215) 438-3775 28 W. Haines St. Philadelphia, PA 19144

Marcus Reinvestment Strategies

Contact: Andrew Rachlin Phone: (215) 574-5842 Fax: (215) 574-5959 1700 Market St., 19th Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact: Paul Marcus Phone: (267) 209-0450 35 Thompson St. Bordentown, NJ 08505

Annie Hart, Consulting for Change Contact: Annie Hart Phone: (215) 381-0303 Philadelphia, PA 19118

Athena Business Services LLC Contact: Stephanie Y. Toland Phone: (302) 353-4472 PO Box 1175 Bear, DE 19701

Triskeles Foundation

People’s Emergency Center

Contact: Mark Birdsall Phone: (610) 321-9876 Fax: (610) 321-0995 707 Eagleview Blvd., Ste. 105 Exton, PA 19341

Bracken Leadership

Contact: Kira Strong Phone: (215) 382-7522 325 N. 39th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

Philadelphia Works

Urban Affairs Coalition

Essential Shift, LLC

Philadelphia Works connects employers to a skilled workforce and helps individuals develop the skills needed to thrive in the workplace. The Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board and the Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation merged in 2012 to create Philadelphia Works. Contact: Barbara Allen Phone: (215) 963-2100 Fax: (215) 567-7171 1617 JFK Blvd., 13th Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact: Sharmain Matlock-Turner Phone: (215) 851-0110 Fax: (215) 851-0514 1207 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Contact: Denise Yarrison, CPCC Phone: (610) 287-2989 749 Martingale Rd. Schwenksville, PA 19473

Urban Direction LLC

Contact: Dr. Joni Carley Phone: (610) 566-9927 910 Twyckenham Rd. Media, PA 19063

Solutions for Progress An organization like no other. Changing reality on the ground by using policy research and technology to fight poverty. Assisting people to obtain supports in an easy and dignified manner, and governments to deliver services more effectively. Contact: Chris Jacobs Phone: (215) 701-6101 728 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

Phone: (215) 854-4000 100 N. 20th St., Ste. 302 Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Reinvestment Fund (TRF)

Facilitation, Training & Coaching

Sostenica Contact: Alan J. Wright Phone: (610) 399-5228 Fax: (610) 399-6621 1019 Ashley Rd. West Chester, PA 19382

Contact: Gregory Heller Phone: (215) 834-0181 1331 S. Myrtlewood St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution Contact: James R. Burnett Phone: (215) 452-0100 Fax: (215) 452-0101 5200 Warren St. Philadelphia, PA 19131

Contact: Colleen Bracken Phone: (215) 439-7733 414 W. Price St. Philadelphia, PA 19144

Leaderful Edge

Leading with Intention Contact: Lisa Kramer Phone: (484) 351-8849 205 Sherwood Ln. Conshohocken, PA 19428

HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the community?

Philadelphia Works staff visit neighborhood-based organizations to train their staff and volunteers in using special webbased job search and resume writing tools to help Philadelphians apply for jobs. We plan to do even more to prepare Philadelphia’s job seekers for today’s jobs.

Philadelphia Works


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Strategy Arts provides consulting services to support the development, communication and implementation of strategy and organizational change. Our strategic planning experts, facilitators and artists combine creative and analytical techniques with visual communications to provide engaging and collaborative planning programs. Clients leverage the knowledge and creativity of their people to drive sustained and aligned action. Contact: Rachel Coley Phone: (610) 701-7050 Fax: (484) 693-0360 PO Box 2052 West Chester, PA 19380

YourPerformanceBreakthrough. com (EEO Balance Corporation) Author of the book Recharge, Refuel, and Re-energize: The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy, Erin Owen draws on Eastern wisdom in coaching individuals and groups on time management and personal organization, stress reduction, health, vision and mindset and more. Contact: Erin Owen

Contact: Gregory Aloia Phone: (267) 519-6922 Fax: (215) 656-4281 1818 Market St., Ste. 3740 Philadelphia, PA 19103


Harvey C. Sacks, JD, Financial Advisor, Ameriprise

Skidmutro Creative Partners

Contact: Harvey C. Sacks harveycsacks Phone: (215) 802-2509 Fax: (215) 940-7902 1515 Market St., Ste. 714 Philadelphia, PA 19102

Nonprofit Finance Fund Contact: Alice Richardson Antonelli Phone; (215) 546-9426 1528 Walnut St., Ste. 310 Philadelphia, PA 19102

Graphic Design & Web Design [G] Wis Concepts Contact: Mather Wiswall Phone: (610) 547-2256 3513 Bowman St. Philadelphia, PA 19129

Phone: (215) 771-8968 Fax: (732) 753-6252 1126 N. 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Financial Planning & Advising 3Sisters Sustainable Management, LLC Contact: Jesse Joyce Nadar Phone: (215) 525-4857 Fax: (215) 557-0912 1700 Sansom St., Ste. 1200 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Abacus Wealth Partners Abacus is a national fee-only wealth management and financial planning firm. Our core value is the promotion of purpose-driven wealth. We express this value by engaging our clients in conversation about wealth and planning strategies that incorporate philanthropy and sustainable investing.



Humid Creative Agency Humid is a creative agency that builds product, branding, and interactive experiences for clients of all shapes and sizes. Our collaborative approach to each project is part of our proven, yet flexible design process that allows us to create tailored solutions specific to your needs. Building unique experiences nurtures brand awareness and leads to customer loyalty. Contact: Josh Baker Phone: (484) 351-8641 1958 Butler Pk., Ste. 200 Conshohocken, PA 19428

I-SITE Contact: Ian Cross Phone: (215) 413-3135 15 S. 3rd St., Ste 200 Philadelphia, PA 19106

2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


Contact: Laryssa Kwoczak Phone: (215) 645-2796 2727 Clayton St. Philadelphia, PA 19152

Ideas, design and marketing to boost your business! We’re experts in websites, logos, brochures, ads, copywriting and more. We invest in getting to know you and your goals and providing solutions that get results. We pay attention to details. We practice sustainability. We care. That’s our business. Contact: Sierra Skidmore Phone: (215) 307-3275 4335 Pine St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

Small Business Design Center Contact: Sagan Medvec Phone: (877) 902-7232 2424 E. York St., Ste. 201 Philadelphia, PA 19125

TEACH Information Technology, LLC TEACH Information Technology (TEACH IT) provides services that include web design, ecommerce, mobile websites, mobile apps, video and social media. We provide information technology that imparts skill and provides knowledge for social change and the advancement of humanity. TEACH IT! Contact: John Spencer Phone: (215) 804-9176 Fax: (215) 242-5522 PO Box 151 Flourtown, PA 19031

Twist Communications, LLP Contact: Fredrick Yavorsky Phone: (215) 884-1862 Fax: (215) 884-3697 817 Fox Chase Rd. Jenkintown, PA 19046

WFGD Studio Contact: Marcella Coffey

Phone: (215) 413-9140 Fax: (215) 413-9143 The Cast Iron Building 718 Arch St., Ste. 100 Philadelphia, PA 19106

YIKES, Inc. YIKES, Inc. provides smart, effective, custom-designed web solutions for businesses and nonprofit organizations. We specialize in WordPress, PHP and ColdFusion web development and custom front-end design. SBN members are eligible for a 5% discount off most services. Contact: Jodie E. Saueraker Phone: (215) 238-8801 Fax: (215) 238-8802 204 E. Girard Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Insurance Betsy Spivak Insurance Services LLC Philadelphia-based Betsy Spivak Insurance Services LLC specializes in working with locally-owned businesses, individuals and families and the self-employed. We specialize in health insurance, life and disability income insurance as well as a variety of employer and employee paid group benefits. Contact: Betsy J. Spivak Phone: (267) 318-7081 Fax: (267) 348-4161 2424 E. York St., Ste. 311 Philadelphia, PA 19125

Jennifer Ann Hall, New York Life Insurance Company Contact: Jennifer Hall Phone: (484) 321-1083 555 E. City Line Ave., Ste. 800 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Total Benefit Solutions, Inc. We specialize in employee benefits of all types. We represent you, our client, and not your insurance company. What you get is an experienced employee benefits firm available for year-round services and a dedicated support staff to handle your everyday needs. Contact: Ed MacConnell Phone: (215) 355-2121 Fax: (888) 287-3186 427 E. Street Rd. Feasterville, PA 19053

PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY B.S. in ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY We are producing a new generation of sustainability professionals. With training in green design and manufacturing, sustainable business practices, renewable energy, and environmental policy, our graduates will be strategic leaders and environmental problem solvers. Tom Schrand Program Director, Environmental Sustainability

Visit for more information about the Environmental Sustainability Program.

4201 Henry Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144


Vis Webs it Our ite Wor for DIY ksho ps!


Live. Serve. Shop. Shop at your favorite local businesses* using Equal Dollars Community Currency

Perennials • Trees • Shrubs Home Orchard • Vegetables • Herbs


Heirloom and Organic Seeds Seed Starting • Grow Lights Organic Garden Supplies Rain Barrels • Composters Backyard Chickens • Homesteading Indoor Gardening • Terrariums

equal dollars community currency noun (ē•kwəl dӓ•lərs kŏ•myū•ni•tē kûr•ən•sē) 1. Brings together residents, community organzations and neighborhood businesses to revitalize Philadelphia communities. 2. Rewards people improving their community. Can be used for goods and services made available by Equal Dollars community members and participating local businesses and at the Equal Dollars POP UP Market. *must be a participating local business.

435 W Glenside Ave •19038 215-887-7500 •

pr imexgar dencenter .com Independent, Family-owned Garden Center growing with the Community since 1943.

Want to bring Equal Dollars to your neighborhood? | (215) 951-0300


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BUSINESS SERVICES Legal Services Accent Trademark and Copyright Law Contact: Steve Levy Phone: (215) 327-9094 301 Fulton St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

JustLaws We deliver significant legislative victories for nonprofits, unions, businesses and concerned citizens. We help local small businesses and MBEs/WBEs win major contract bids with government agencies and forge strong alliances between responsible developers and community groups. Contact: Steve Masters, Esquire Phone: (484) 483-3344 Fax: (215) 710-8787 621 W. Mt. Airy Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Marketing, Communications & Public Relations ab.editing ab.editing is a world-class writing, editing and proofreading service. We serve nonprofits, environmentally responsible businesses, ESL students and professionals. We improve your words, providing error-free copy that clearly and gracefully communicates your message to your audience.

Contact: Alan Biehn Phone: (215) 287-5439 Philadelphia, PA 19119

Arkosic Associates LLC Contact: Susan Charkes Phone: (215) 534-3537 428 Witley Rd. Wynnewood, PA 19096

Barber Gale Group As a certified B Corporation, Barber Gale provides sustainable brand

Kleinbard Bell & Brecker LLP

development and creative design solutions

Contact: Mary Beth Gray Phone: (215) 496-7255 Fax: (215) 568-0140 One Liberty Place 1650 Market St., 46th Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103

for companies that market environmentally

Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP (MGKF) concentrates its practice in environmental, energy and land use law and litigation. It represents clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to small, privately-held enterprises, both in the Mid-Atlantic region and on a national basis. Contact: John Kirk Phone: (484) 430-5700 Fax: (484) 430-5711 401 City Ave., Ste. 500 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Sharon Wilson, Esquire LLC Contact: Sharon Wilson, Esquire Phone: (215) 985-4566 Fax: (215) 985-4607 215 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19107


reed | group

Contact: Joanne Harmelin Phone: (610) 668-7900 525 Righters Ferry Rd. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Contact: Ted Reed Phone: (215) 564-2835 Fax: (215) 564-2894 Two Penn Center 1500 JFK Blvd., Ste. 711 Philadelphia, PA 19102

Michael Kleiner Public Relations and Web Design “Making the Unknown Known.” Awardwinning author, writer, public relations pro. One-stop shopping keeps your professional image consistent. Creativity, innovative, “outside the box” ideas. Authors, small businesses, special events. 2003 SBA Home-Based Business Advocate Award (PA, DE, MD, VA, DC, WV). Contact: Michael Kleiner Phone: (215) 704-2397 Fax: (215) 247-6523 @kleinerpr Philadelphia, PA 19119

Romanik Communications

Open Haus Studio LLC

Strategic Communications and Planning

positive, fiscally sound and socially responsible products, services and corporate values. Designing compassionate, prosperous and sustainable brands is our work worth doing.

Contact: Cynthia Gale Phone: (610) 705-3606 Fax: (610) 705-3565 172 N. Hanover St. Pottstown, PA 19464

Cardenas Grant Communications Contact: Luz Cardenas Virilli Phone: (215) 854-4089 Fax: (215) 965-9617 Two Penn Center Plaza, Ste. 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102

Community Marketing Concepts, Inc. (CMC) Contact: Ashley Pearson

Open Haus Studio is a creative agency that specializes in branding, marketing, advertising and design. With 20+ years of experience, we’ve learned that an honest and open exchange of ideas with clients will cultivate successful relationships where creativity flourishes and results speak for themselves. Contact: Heather Hunt-Casper Phone: (484) 604-0805 619 W. Miner St. West Chester, PA 19382

Orly Zeewy, Brand Identity Consultant Contact: Orly Zeewy Phone: (610) 642-1747 Fax: (610) 642-2839 PO Box 612 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Phone: (215) 871-0900 Fax: (215) 871-5920 7300 City Ave., Ste. 330 Philadelphia, PA 19151

Green Changes Contact: Justine Kawas Phone: (917) 586-6933 PO Box 1015 Doylestown, PA 18901


Harmelin Media

2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations Contact: Paige Wolf Phone: (215) 413-3790 Fax: (215) 413-2095 419 S. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Mantra: Authentic stories. Resonant tones. Sustainable brands. Mission: To create communication strategies that build meaningful relationships between brands and consumers. Services: Sustainability communications, public relations, brand tone development, package design intelligence. Contact: Ron Romanik Phone: (855) 226-7668 Fax: (484) 841-2860 4997 N. Twin Valley Rd., Ste. 7 Elverson, PA 19520

Contact: John Beilenson Phone: (610) 687-5495 Fax: (610) 687-5496 4 West Ave., Ste. E Wayne, PA 19087

Meeting Centers & Co-Working Spaces Benjamin’s Desk

Benjamin’s Desk is the epicenter of innovation in Philadelphia. We are a coworking space for mobile professionals, entrepreneurs and startups. Our flexible memberships, state-ofthe-art workspace and conference room, premier event space and diverse community of members will take your business to the next level. Contact: Michael Maher Phone: (267) 765-2070 1701 Walnut St., 7th & 8th Fls. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Friends Center For 150 years Friends Center has been a gathering place for groups working for social change. We offer meeting, event and office space renovated to LEED Platinum with high speed internet and audio and video conferencing. Easy access to public transportation and discounted parking. Catering provided by SBN member caterers.

BUSINESS SERVICES Contact: Patricia McBee Phone: (215) 241-7000 Fax: (215) 241-7028 1501 Cherry St. Philadelphia, PA 19102

The Hub Centers for Meeting and Collaboration The Hub Cira Centre is the only privately owned LEED Certified meeting and event center in the world, with 100% of its energy coming from wind power. The Hub also has a location in Center City, The Hub CityView, for a total of 27,000 square feet of inspiring meeting and event space for rental. Contact: NormaJean Frumento Phone: (267) 519-5250 Fax: (215) 561-8093 Hub Locations: - 30 S. 17th St., Ste. 1410 - 2929 Arch St. - 2001 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19103


Women’s Yellow Pages of Greater Philadelphia

The #1 resource for finding women in business in the Greater Philadelphia area. Contact: Ellen Fisher Phone: (610) 446-4747 PO Box 1002 Havertown, PA 19083

Magagna & Company Contact: Nancy Magagna Phone: (610) 941-2758 Fax: (610) 941-2990 200 Barr Harbor Dr., Ste. 400 West Conshohocken, PA 19428

Office Supplies GreenLine Paper Company, Inc.

Media Copy

We are America’s green office supply since 1992, with a constantly expanding offering of recycled and green products for the office, restaurant, hotel, church and home. We are owned and operated by environmentalists and are proud to offer exclusively green products. Contact: Stephen Baker Phone: (800) 641-1117 Fax: (717) 846-3806 631 S. Pine St. York, PA 17403

Sultans of Schlep

Save Some Green

Contact: Tom Brouillette Phone: (215) 939-7510 PO Box 56277 Philadelphia, PA 19130

Contact: Judah Press Phone: (215) 454-2258 2005 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19103


Printing Services

Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia

Global Packaging Inc.

Contact: Mattias Lundien Phone: (215) 790-3785 Fax: (215) 790-3888 200 S. Broad St., Ste. 700 Philadelphia, PA 19102

tissue overwraps. Contact: Debbie Hobbs Phone: (484) 831-1118 Fax: (484) 362-2118 PO Box 187 Oaks, PA 19456

Global Packaging is proud to be certified as a Sustainable Green Printer. Global supplies printed packaging — up to 10 Colors — in bags, stand-up pouches and rollstock to some of the world’s largest consumer products goods companies. Our markets include diaper/healthcare packaging, frozen foods, bakery items, and towel and

DIDyou know? Local business owners who live in their community are less likely to leave and more likely to be invested in how their business decisions affect the community.

We are a full-service digital printing company with offices in Center City Philadelphia and the suburbs. State-of-the-art technology, extraordinary customer service and attention to detail place us apart from the competition. Contact: Richard Lee Phone: (215) 717-5151 1310 Sansom St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Azavea Software development firm that specializes in creating web and mobile software for geography and mapping. Expertise in land conservation, planning, cultural resources, elections, crime analysis, visualization and data mining. Contact: Robert Cheetham Phone: (215) 925-2600 Fax: (215) 925-2663 340 N. 12th St., Ste. 402 Philadelphia, PA 19107

Interpret Green Contact: Craig Johnson Phone: (215) 482-6600 Fax: (215) 482-0600 1100 Livezey Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19119

KnowE Contact: JoAnn Garbin Phone: (267) 648-1244 1208 S. 3rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Paper Crane Press

Message Agency

Printing company serving the Philadelphia area arts, nonprofit and progressive communities since 1986. We promote recycled paper and maintain an environmentally responsible workplace. IWW union shop. Contact: Matthew Horwitz Phone: (610) 358-9496 Fax: (610) 358-1844 2 New Rd., Ste. 129 Aston, PA 19014

Message Agency is a full-service interactive studio based in Philadelphia. We provide social marketing, branding, design, content strategy, website development and systems integration services. We’re known for building websites and applications with open-source tools like Drupal and with flexible contact databases like Contact: Marcus Iannozzi Phone: (215) 546-6496 Fax: (215) 827-5140 1533 South St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

Software/Technology ATR Systems Founded in 1973, ATR Systems is a family-owned tech company located in Warminster that specializes in automated workforce management solutions. ATR Systems has grown to become a regional leader in employee time and attendance, HR, access control and biometric recognition systems. Contact: Mike Hoover Phone: (215) 443-8720 Fax: (215) 443-8709 2049 Stout Dr., Ste. A Warminster, PA 18974


Zivtech, LLC Zivtech makes it easy for non-technical people to complete highly complex online tasks. We use the program Drupal, the premier open source Content Management System (CMS), highly effective at organizing information and enabling workflows in a very flexible way. Contact: Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg Phone: (215) 922-2692 Fax: (215) 525-4324 1315 Walnut St., Ste. 1500 Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Transportation DewMotorCoachEvents,LLC Contact: Wayne Dorsey Phone: (267) 254-2864 @dewmotorcoach Philadelphia, PA 19143

Education Colleges & Universities Community College of Philadelphia, Corporate Solutions


planters & vessels from salvaged green lumber

Corporate Solutions at Community College of Philadelphia is the region’s premier gateway for employers looking to increase their competitive advantage by offering employees the opportunity to gain new professional skills or strengthen existing ones. Contact: Waverly Coleman Phone: (215) 496-6158 Fax: (267) 299-5950 1751 Callowhill St., Rm. C1-13 Philadelphia, PA 19130

Fox School of Business & Management, Temple University Established in 1918, the Fox School of Business, Temple University has a distinguished tradition of preparing business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs for successful careers. Today, it is the largest, most comprehensive business school in our region and among the largest in the world with nearly 6,500 students, 175 full-time faculty and more than 59,000 alumni. Contact: Lynne Andersson Phone: (215) 204-5088 Alter Hall, 1801 Liacouras Walk Philadelphia, PA 19122

Penn State Brandywine




2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


Penn State Brandywine is a fair trade campus in Delaware County offering a variety of degree and certificate programs for undergraduate students and working professionals. We offer customized environmental training

EDUCATION programs in business essentials, landscape architecture, stormwater management and environmental topics. Contact: Margaret Bacheler Phone: (610) 892-1306 25 Yearsley Mill Rd. Media, PA 19063

Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies

Environmental Education / Advocacy

HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the

Clean Air Council


Nonprofit environmental advocacy organization dedicated to protecting everyone’s right to breathe clean air. Contact: Martin Hage Phone: (215) 567-4004 Fax: (215) 567-5791 135 S. 19th St., Ste. 300 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Our clients are nonprofits and sustainable businesses. Serving their needs actually serves the people of Philadelphia and other communities around the world. We help clients use their web presence not just to tell a story but also to manage data around their relationships so they can increase their impact

Message Agency

Philadelphia Zoo

The School of Graduate Professional Studies of Penn State University offers masters degrees in business, finance, information science, leadership development and software and systems engineering, as well as continuing professional education programs. We have MBA specializations in sustainable management practices and health care. Contact: Barrie Litzky Phone: (610) 725-5286 Fax: (610) 725-5224 Management Division 30 E. Swedesford Rd. Malvern, PA 19355

Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (PHENND) Contact: Hillary Kane Phone: (215) 573-2379 Fax: (215) 573-1134 3451 Walnut St., Ste. P-117 Philadelphia, PA 19104

Philadelphia University, Sustainable Design MBA The Strategic Design MBA is for high-potential professionals who want to be well-positioned for big opportunity — whether in a major corporation, nonprofit or entrepreneurial venture. This program combines the best of business school with the best of design thinking. Contact: Natalie W. Nixon, Ph.D. Phone: (215) 951-2943 4201 Henry Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19144

The Philadelphia Zoo’s mission to advance discovery, understanding and stewardship of the natural world through compelling exhibition and interpretation of living animals and plants is supported by its state-of-theart animal exhibits and health-care facilities and award-winning education and conservation programs. Contact: Valerie Peckham Phone: (215) 243-5347 Fax: (215) 243-0219 3400 W. Girard Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19104

Tookany/ Tacony- Frankford Watershed Partnership The mission of the Tookany/TaconyFrankford Watershed Partnership is to improve the health and vitality of the TTF watershed by engaging our communities in education, stewardship, restoration and advocacy. Contact: Julie Slavet Phone: (215) 744-1853 4500 Worth St. Philadelphia, PA 19124

Riverbend Environmental Education Center

UC Green, Inc. Contact: Sue MacQueen Phone: (215) 573-4684 Fax: (215) 898-2167 4613 Woodland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19143

Contact: Laurie M. Bachman Phone: (610) 527-5234 Fax: (610) 527-1161 1950 Spring Mill Rd. Gladwyne, PA 19035

Urban Tree Connection

Sustainable Choices

Contact: Skip Weiner Phone: (215) 877-7203 5125 Woodbine Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19131

Contact: Dottie Baumgarten Phone: (215) 870-5650 145 Harrison Ave. Glenside, PA 19038

The Academy of Natural Sciences Founded in 1812, the Academy of Natural Sciences is America’s oldest natural history museum and a world leader in biodiversity and environmental research. The Academy encourages and cultivates the sciences by exploring the diversity of our natural world and sharing it with the public through innovative exhibits, publications and educational programming. Contact: Roland Wall Phone: (215) 299-1108 Fax: (215) 299-1079 1900 Ben Franklin Pkwy. Philadelphia, PA 19102

High School EVX Team Contact: Ann Cohen Phone: (215) 471-2960 Fax: (215) 483-7704 The Workshop School 221 S. Hanson St. Philadelphia, PA 19139

The Workshop School The mission of the Workshop School is to unleash the creative and intellectual potential of young people to solve the world’s toughest problems. Contact: Ann Cohen Phone: (215) 471-2960 (215) 650-6850 Fax: (215) 483-7704 221 S. Hanson St. Philadelphia, PA 19139


Grade School

Accommodation — Hotel & Resort

Green Woods Charter School

Skytop Lodge

Contact: Jean Wallace Phone: (215) 482-6337 Fax: (215) 482-9135 468 Domino Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19128

Contact: Elaine Leies Phone: (570) 595-8966 Fax: (570) 595-7285 1 Skytop Rd. Skytop, PA 18357

Kimberton Waldorf School

Spruce Hill Manor Bed & Breakfast

Contact: Allyn Weiser Phone: (610) 933-3635 Fax: (610) 935-6985 PO Box 350 Kimberton, PA 19442

Contact: Janet Reitano Phone: (215) 472-2213 3709 Baring St. Philadelphia, PA 19104


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ENTERTAINMENT / FOOD Adventure/Tourism Untours Foundation Untours' purpose is to foster a healthy and healing society that unites people of different cultures and economic statuses. We feel it is imperative to reconnect people to each other and to the earth. We hope that we, as a company, can be the change we wish to see in the world. Contact: Brian Taussig-Lux Phone: (610) 565-5242 Fax: (610) 565-5142 415 E. Jasper St. Media, PA 19063

Valley to Summit, LLC Contact: David Mildenberg Phone: (215) 543-6171 1528 E. Montgomery Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Event Planning Brandywine Events LLC Contact: Lou Marrocco Phone: (484) 571-9468 1501 N. Providence Rd Media, PA 19603

Bread & Butter Productions, LLC Contact: Michelle Meltzer Phone: (917) 428-1857 237 N. Bread St., PH5 Philadelphia, PA 19147

Rolling Barrel Events We are a fullservice event planning and brand management firm with a passion for showcasing regionally-sourced products. Whether you are looking to host a truly unique event, generate buzz about a new product or re-brand/re-think your existing business model, our team and network of strategic partners can help you achieve success. Contact: Jenna Greb Phone: (610) 292-0880 PO Box 61 Bridgeport, PA 19405



Witty Gritty Marketing & Events Contact: Michelle Freeman Phone: (267) 738-5709 1227 N. 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19122

Music Les Professionnels Contact: Drew Kramer @Les_prof Philadelphia, PA

Song Writers Conspiracy Contact: Denis Sadler Phone: (484) 319-9913 743 Highspire Rd. Glenmoore, PA 19343

Food Baked Goods / Desserts Beiler’s Donuts and Salads at Reading Terminal Market

Café Animo We believe in all natural, organic, whole foods that taste great and nourish the body. That’s why you’ll never find artificial preservatives, processed foods, GMO’s, empty calories, deep fryers or microwave ovens at Animo. Contact: Joseph Gentlesk Phone: (215) 501-7754 1701 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Down Dog Healing Cafe Philadelphia’s first food and beverage menu based on Ayurveda’s science of healing, Down Dog Healing Cafe offers fresh and nourishing “fast food” options in a coffee shop environment. We support seasonal, organic, sustainable, locally grown and fair trade food sources. EAT. DRINK. HEAL. Contact: Kei Kurimoto Phone: (215) 305-8201 1001 S. 10th St., 1st Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Drink (a high-mineral protein beverage). Catering services available! Contact: Dorinda Hampton

Phone: (267) 971-7520 Philadelphia, PA

12th Street Catering 12th Street Catering is dedicated to an unparalleled level of innovation and a sustainable way of doing business. We use time-tested recipes and the freshest ingredients to bring tremendous creativity to all levels of catered events. Our goal is to exceed all expectations. Contact: Michele Leff

Phone: (215) 386-8595 Fax: (215) 386-8598 3312 Spring Garden St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

Birchtree Catering Contact: Allegra Fasnacht Phone: (215) 435-0331 1909 S. Mole St. Philadelphia, PA 19145

Lovers & Madmen Coffee

Cosmic Catering

Contact: Kevin Beiler Phone: (267) 318-7480 51 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Contact: Mark Mills Phone: (215) 243-9851 28 S. 40th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Milk and Honey Market

Contact: Peg A. Botto Phone: (215) 978-0900 1 Boathouse Row Philadelphia, PA 19130

Contact: Pete Angevine Phone; (267) 867-8567 2311 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Contact: Annie Baum-Stein Phone: (215) 387-MILK Locations at 4435 Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19104 & 518 S. 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Night Kitchen Bakery Contact: Amy Edelman Phone: (215) 248-9235 7725 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118

Sweet Thing Contact: Sheila Waples @Sweetthingtreat Philadelphia, PA

The Franklin Fountain Contact: Ryan Berley Phone: (215) 627-1899 116 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Catering Lafiya Foods Contact: Kenneth Okugbeni Phone: (267) 565-7311 P.O Box 3757 Philadelphia, PA 19125

Really Fresh Vegan Really Fresh Vegan is a vegan food company providing fresh, organic, chemical-free, non-GMO and preservative-free foods and beverages. Our products include vegan sandwiches, salads, wraps, dips, sauces, baked goods, dressings and our very popular Irish Moss Protein

Diverse Catering and Event Design Diverse Catering and Event Design is a globally influenced company working to forward our clients’ vision with sustainability as one of our primary goals. We strive to offer an inclusive environment for all of our employees, partners and clients using fresh food, locally sourced where possible. Contact: Ken Correll Phone: (215) 200-8226 Fax: (215) 638-8547 3499 Street Rd. Bensalem, PA 19020

Feast Your Eyes Catering Feast Your Eyes specializes in events both on and off premises, including parties at our new space at Front and Palmer. As members of Fair Food, we have made a commitment to local farm foods. We’re nationally known for our buffet and design work. Find us at the Farmers Market on 2nd and Poplar, selling BBQ.

FOOD Education

HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the

Zea May’s Contact: Sue Wasserkrug Phone: (267) 738-6500 @ZeaMaysKitchen Philadelphia, PA 19103


We are sharing part-time employees with other local businesses. We believe this is a win-win for the employers, the employees and our customers. It allows the employer to meet deadlines more efficiently while providing more hours and income for employees. This is great for businesses that don't have enough work to hire an employee full time.

Farm/Agriculture/Local Food Systems

Really Fresh Vegan

Contact: Lynn Buono Phone: (215) 634-3002 Fax: (215) 634-3424 1750 N. Front St. Philadelphia, PA 19122

Joshua’s Catering and Natural Foods Contact: David B. Hall Phone: (215) 887-8796 Fax: (215) 887-8919 712 West Ave. Jenkintown, PA 19046

JPM Catering and Events JPM Catering is a full-service caterer providing gourmet quality food and classic, nature-based event design and decor for weddings, corporate and other social occasions throughout Greater Philadelphia. We use compostable service ware, compost all kitchen scraps and minimize food waste.

Contact: Jennifer McCafferty Phone: (610) 649-3744 2412 Chestnut Ave. Ardmore, PA 19003

Mugshots Farm to Office Catering A socially conscious café with three locations in Philadelphia, featuring a fair-trade drink menu and a locally-grown food menu with homemade pastries, soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Mugshots offers sustainable catering services using biodegradable/compostable disposables, specializing in party trays, including homemade sweet and savory muffins, baguette and wrap platters and cocktail-inspired cupcakes.

Contact: Angela Vendetti Phone: (267) 514-7145 1925 Fairmount Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19130

Border Springs at Reading Terminal Market

Organic Planet Handcrafted Foods A personal chef and cooking teacher specializing in delicious foods that strengthen and heal, and a consultant on local foods issues and marketing.

Contact: Lindsay Gilmour Phone: (215) 696-9780 223 W. Hortter St., 1st Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Contact: Leah Pillsbury Phone: (215) 275-3435 428 E. Erie Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19134

Contact: Alan DeCecco Phone: (215) 468-0518 Fax: (215) 468-0818 2019 S. 26th St. Philadelphia, PA 19145

Door to Door Organics Tristate

Cooperatives Swarthmore Co-op Started by Swarthmore residents 75 years ago, the Swarthmore Coop is principally owned by the cooperative’s shareholding customers and exists for the benefit and vitality of the local community. Membership aside, the Co-op is open to all — anyone can shop and anyone can join. Contact: Anthony Saufley Phone: (610) 543-9805 Fax: (610) 543-6028 341 Dartmouth Ave. Swarthmore, PA 19081

Contact: Glenn Bergman Phone: (215) 843-2350 559 Carpenter Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19119 8424 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118

Contact: Craig Rogers Phone: (215) 627-2100 51 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Common Market Philadelphia, Inc.

Philadelphia Catering Company

Weavers Way Co-op

Farm to City

Door to Door Organics makes it easy to eat good food, food that supports health, community and the environment. We deliver farm-fresh organic produce and a selection of local, natural and artisan groceries. Then we help you put it all together to make seasonally inspired meals. Contact: Charles Minguez Phone: (484) 833-1122 8039 Easton Rd. Ottsville, PA 18942

Fair Food Fair Food is dedicated to bringing locally grown food to the marketplace and promoting a humane, sustainable agriculture system for Philadelphia. Shop at the Farmstand for a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, poultry, dairy, cheese and eggs from over 90 local farms. Contact: Alex Jones Phone: (215) 386-5211 1315 Walnut St., Ste. 532 Philadelphia, PA 19107


Contact: Bob Pierson Phone: (215) 733-9599 Fax: (267) 233-0015 1315 Walnut St., Ste. 1526 Philadelphia, PA 19107

Greensgrow Farms Contact: Mary Seton Corboy Phone: (215) 427-2702 Fax: (215) 475-4670 Farm: 2501 E. Cumberland St., Mailing: 2503 E. Firth St. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Harvest Local Foods Contact: Mary Ann Ford Phone: (484) 461-7884 Fax: (484) 461-7886 303 Windermere Ave. Lansdowne, PA 19050

Valley Shepherd Creamery at Reading Terminal Market Contact: Rebecca Foxman Phone: (267) 639-3309 51 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Wyebrook Farm Contact: Dean Carlson Phone: (610) 942-7481 150 Wyebrook Rd. Honey Brook, PA 19344

Food Manufacturing Chilly Philly Ice Cream Contact: Coleman Poses Phone: (215) 510-1750 Fax: (267) 200-0400 7035 Greene St. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Helen’s Pure Foods/ Michele’s Original Contact: Richard Goldberg Phone: (215) 379-6433 Fax: (215) 663-5340 301 Ryers Ave. Cheltenham, PA 19012

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FOOD John and Kira’s Chocolates

Kennett Restaurant

Contact: John Doyle Phone: (215) 324-9222 Fax: (215) 893-4915 163 W. Wyoming Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19140

Contact: Johnny Della Polla Phone: (267) 687-1426 848 S. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Midnight Munchies

Contact: Rachel Klein Phone: (215) 798-0053 1732 W. Passyunk Ave. Philadelphia, PA

Contact: Sheila Waples Philadelphia, PA 19144

Mobile Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck Contact: Matthew Feldman Phone: (215) 913-3617 @LOSBurgerTruck Philadelphia, PA 19146

Sunflower Truck Stop Contact: George Bieber george@thesunflowertruckstop. com Phone: (610) 608-5395 @shortchefs West Chester, PA 19382

Restaurants Earth - Bread + Brewery LLC Restaurant/Brewpub serving flatbread pizzas, house-made beer and local and imported beer and wine, with a focus on local and sustainable products. Contact: Peggy Zwerver Phone: (215) 242-6666 Fax: (215) 242-2205 7136 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19119


Contact: Dina Marie Alemagna Phone: (267) 928-2135 127 S. 18th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 & 214 S. 40th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103




Miss Rachel’s Pantry

We engage our customers in our environmentally friendly business practices through awareness of the impact of locally grown foods, renewable energy, and through waste consciousness—we use ceramic mugs in-house, we just implemented consumer composting, and we offer discounts for using travel mugs.

Pizza Brain Contact: Brian Dwyer Phone: (267) 357-1537 2313 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

R2L Built on the belief that everything modern needs firm roots in the past, R2L recalls the elegance of a bygone time and celebrates the excitement of what’s to come. With an eye to the future, Chef Daniel Stern takes traditional American flavors and gives them a modern twist, resulting in his unique interpretation of creative American cuisine. Contact: Trina Murphy Phone: (215) 564-5337 50 S. 16th St. 37th fl. Philadelphia, PA 19102

Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe Contact: George Bieber george@thesunflowertruckstop. com Phone: (610) 970-5111 1494 N. Charlotte St. Pottstown, PA 19464

Southwark Restaurant & Bar

HipCityVeg meets a need that exists almost everywhere for high quality food that is fresh and fast. Our food is 100-percent plant-based and we try to be kind to the earth by delivering on bicycle, sourcing locally and composting all HipCityVeg packaging and kitchen scraps.

HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the

Contact: Sheri Waide Phone: (215) 238-1888 701 S. 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Trolley Car Cafe Trolley Car Cafe serves up friendly service and great food made with fresh ingredients, including vegetables and herbs from our seasonal kitchen garden. Our eco-friendly Cafe offers a variety of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch options. The Cafe is the perfect BYOB choice!

2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


MUGSHOTS FARM TO OFFICE CATERING Contact: Ken Weinstein Phone: (215) 247-5555 Fax: (267) 385-6704 3269 S. Ferry Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19129

White Dog Cafe Located in three adjacent Victorian brownstones in the University City section of Philadelphia, the White Dog Cafe is known for its unusual blend of award-winning contemporary American cuisine, civic engagement and environmental sustainability. Contact: Paul Sabarese Phone: (215) 386-9224 Fax: (215) 386-1185 3420 Sansom St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

Wursthaus Schmitz Contact: Beate Green wursthaus-schmitz Phone: (215) 922-4287 51 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Retailer DiBruno Brothers Family owned and operated since 1939, DiBruno Brothers brings the highest quality meats, cheeses, prepared cuisine and one-of-a-kind customer service to Greater Philadelphia. Contact: Krizia Medina Phone: (215) 665-9220

Fax: (215) 665-1259 DiBruno Brothers Locations: - 930 S. 9th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 - 834 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 - 1730 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 - 1701 JFK Blvd. Philadelphia 19103 - 120 Coulter Ave. Ardmore, PA 19003

Kimberton Whole Foods A family-owned independent whole food store, with locations in Kimberton (featuring the Natural Café), Downingtown, Ottsville and Douglassville. We offer a fine selection of organic and natural foods, gourmet specialties, and a wide selection of herbs, homeopathy and supplements, as well as sumptuous bath and beauty items. Contact: Allison Siana Phone: (610) 935-1444 Fax: (610) 935-1677 Locations in: Kimberton, Douglassville, Downingtown, Ottsville Kimberton, PA 19460

Martindale’s Natural Market Contact: Debbie Formica martindalesnaturalmarket@gmail. com Phone: (610) 543-6811 Fax: (610) 544-2310 1172 Baltimore Pk. Springfield, PA 19064

Reading Terminal Market Mouth-watering aromas. Produce fresh from the field. Amish specialties. Fresh meats, seafood and poultry. Unique, handmade pottery, jewelry and crafts from around the world. The

Green Buildings / Sustainable Landscapes hustle and bustle of a multitude of diverse people. It’s all here in Philadelphia’s historic farmers market. Contact: Paul Steinke

Phone: (215) 922-2317 Fax: (215) 922-2040 51 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Green Buildings / Sustainable Landscapes Advocacy Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC)


Greensaw Design & Build, LLC

BluPath is an award-winning, womanowned architecture and interior design firm. We partner with our clients to design simple, elegant and environmentally sensitive spaces tailored to their needs. We make comfortable places that engage the senses. Contact: Laura Blau Phone: (267) 519-3564 Fax: (267) 519-3574 428 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Contact: David Wing Phone: (215) 389-0786 Fax: (215) 923-1417 820 N. 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Buckminster Green Contact: Kenny Grono Phone: (484) 432-2692 Fax: (215) 352-4836 958 N. 5th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Campbell Thomas & Company

Contact: Alex Yarde Phone: (215) 399-5790 Fax: (215) 564-1719 2401 Walnut S. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact: Robert Thomas Phone: (215) 545-1076 1504 South St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

Philagreen Hospitality Association Contact: Francine A. Cohen Phone: (215) 922-1109 Philadelphia, PA 19106

Contact: Alan Henderson Phone: (617) 320-1222 Fax: (602) 865-7668 501 W. Prospect Ave. North Wales, PA 19454

Architecture / Design / Build


A. Sanderson Architectural Contact: Shannon Pendleton Phone: (609) 933-4762 PO Box 306 Bryn Athyn, PA 19009

Daedalus Design Build

Contact: Jeff Goldstein Phone: (215) 627-0808 Fax: (267) 775-3397 340 N. 12th St., Ste. 421 Philadelphia, PA 19107

HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the community?

HipCityVeg opens up the possibility for positive changes in diet and the overall health of the community by showing how delicious 100-percent plant-based foods and flavors can be.

Hugh Lofting Timber Framing, Inc Hugh Lofting Timber Framing designs, crafts and raises timberframed homes, commercial buildings, barns and outdoor structures. We also provide construction management and green consulting services. We believe that sustainability begins at home and are committed to building with reclaimed and FSC materials and using environmentally aware finishes. Contact: Hugh Lofting Phone: (610) 444-5382 Fax: (610) 444-2371 339 Lamborntown Rd. West Grove, PA 19390

Janiczek Homes Contact: Mark Janiczek Phone: (610) 975-4464 Fax: (610) 229-4987 PO Box 416 Wayne, PA 19087

Jeffery Hayes Architect Contact: Jeffery Hayes Phone: (215) 327-8697 14 W. Highland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Mershon Design LLC Contact: Bill Craig Phone: (267) 243-9455 1624 Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Ramla Benaissa

Contact: Ramla Benaissa Phone: (215) 568-4808 Fax: (215) 568-4805 1900 Market St., Ste. 625 Philadelphia, PA 19103



Re:Vision Architecture Named “Best Green Architect” by Philadelphia Magazine and Sustainable Design Leader by Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Re:Vision is a deep green architecture and sustainability/LEED consulting practice founded in 2001 to specialize in green building projects that take less from the planet and give more to people. Contact: Jennifer Rezeli Phone: (215) 482-1133 Fax: (208) 441-4564 133 Grape St. Philadelphia, PA 19127

Shift Space Design LLC Contact: Mario Gentile Phone: (215) 221-4840 853 N. 21st St. Philadelphia, PA 19130

SMP Architects Attention to environmental concerns and historic, cultural and architectural contexts are the hallmarks of our firm. We listen to our clients’ goals and translate them into sustainable solutions that make sense for them, their budget and their site. Contact: Jane Rath Phone: (215) 985-4410 Fax: (215) 985-4430 1600 Walnut St., Fl. 2 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Wu & Associates, Inc. Wu & Associates is an award-winning design-build and general construction firm specializing in LEED sustainable building and historic preservation. We feature an in-house staff of architects, engineers and LEED professionals who are passionate about preserving our irreplaceable resources. Contact: Katherine Ng Phone: (856) 857-1639 Fax: (856) 857-1729 597 Deer Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Cleaning Products & Services Cleancoating LLC Contact: Michael Holbert Phone: (215) 236-1965 34 Brewerytown Ct. Philadelphia,PA 19121

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Green Buildings / Sustainable Landscapes

Clean It Supply is your top spot for wholesale cleaning supplies online. We have tens of thousands of janitorial, home and office cleaning products available 24/7 on our website. Shop in bulk and save with free shipping on orders over $1,200. SBN members are eligible for a 10% discount on cleaning products! Contact: Dan Dillon Phone: (800) 998-3295 Fax: (610) 539-5292 705 General Washington Ave., Ste. 703 Jeffersonville, PA 19403

EcoAutoCleaningUSA, LLC Contact: Al Rainone Phone: (215) 285-9536 2241 Catharine St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

Holistic Home LLC When it is time to clean, you may want to consider doing it the least harmful way — without chemicals. We offer cleaning services using our own ecoproducts that we make by hand using only mineral and plant derivatives paired with essential oils. Safe for kids, adults, pets and the planet. Contact: Ginger Kuczowicz Phone: (215) 421-4050 9 Brewerytown Ct. Philadelphia, PA 19121

Naturally Clean Contact: Tiffany Harrison Phone: (484) 364-1357 Fax: (610) 873-2104 116 E. Lancaster Ave. Downingtown, PA 19335

Organic Home LLC We provide green cleaning, organizing and sustainable consultation in the Philadelphia area, serving homes and offices in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey. Our smart, personable agents offer cleaning service and ecofriendly products, many of which we make ourselves or purchase from local green companies. Contact: Hassen Saker Phone: (215) 375-7251 Fax: (856) 283-0531 PO Box 87 Collingswood, NJ 08108



Quality Cleaning, LLC Contact: Stanford Lattie Phone: (215) 669-7813 Fax: (302) 292-0519 59 Sherin Dr. Newark, DE 19702

SOLEA Contact: Laura Lomax Phone: (877) 206-1550 Fax: (877) 206-1550 200 Highpoint Dr., Ste. 215 Chalfont, PA 18917

Compost Bennett Compost

HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the community?

The Co-op is not just a grocery store but so much more. As the hub of the town, we invite everyone from the community and beyond to experience a sustainable market that focuses on education and healthy lifestyles. Beyond the amazing food is our mission to bring the community together through events and activism.

Swarthmore Co-op Phone: (267) 460-8240 Fax: (866) 550-7326 PO Box 851 Spring House, PA 19477

Contact: Timothy Bennett Phone: (215) 520-2406 @BennettCompost Philadelphia, PA 19146

Joshua Construction Inc.

Philly Compost, Inc.


Philly Compost picks up food waste and other compostables from area restaurants, schools, homes and businesses. Cited in the City’s Greenworks Plan, Philly Compost works to achieve a zero-waste future by encouraging locally-based composting. We can reduce your hauling fees and help you create a greener future.

Contact: Lee Meinicke Phone: (215) 703-7645 250 Batleson Rd. Ambler, PA 19002 1-800 COMPOST Contact: Kanti Somani Phone: (610) 656-1000 Fax: (800) 675-0478 124 Leon Ave. Norwood, PA 19074

Construction Calfayan Construction Associates, Inc. Contact: Laura Calfayan Phone: (215) 947-5170 Fax: (215) 947-9234 2528 Huntingdon Pk. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Evolve Build, Inc. Contact: Michael Sebright

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Contact: Tracy Rollins Phone: (215) 219-3411 5500 Crowson St. Philadelphia, PA 19144

Generation 3 Electric Generation 3 Electric specializes in repairing and servicing residential electrical wiring and lighting. Gen3 is proud to have been voted Philadelphia Magazine’s 2012 Best Electrician and makes a conscious effort to support sustainable practices. Our electricians are trained to respect your home and be mindful of your time. Contact: Bill & Debbie Lutz

Phone: (215) 478-6421 1257 S. 26th St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

Energy Efficiency & Weatherization Environmental Construction Services, Inc.

GreenSteps Contact: Laura Blau Phone: (267) 519-3564 Fax: (267) 519-3574 428 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Power Home Remodeling Group Family-owned and privately held since 1992, Power Home Remodeling Group (formerly Power Windows and Siding) is the nation’s fourth largest exterior home remodeling company focused on energy efficient windows, siding, doors, roofing and attic insulation. Contact: Bennett Andelman Phone: (610) 874-5000 Fax: (610) 874-5030 2501 Seaport Dr., 1st Fl. Chester, PA 19013

Tintco Window Tinting Tintco Window Tinting specializes in energy-saving window film installations. By installing window film on your home or building, or adding it as a retrofit to a current project, we can help you and your clients enjoy the sun. We are Philadelphia’s premier authorized Huper Optik Dealer. Contact: Daniel Clites

Contact: Michael Brown Phone: (215) 904-5097 Fax: (215) 904-5691 2100 Byberry Rd., Ste. 111 Philadelphia, PA 19116

Engineering & Design

Green Dog Foam

Engineering Design Studio, LLC

Contact: Laura Calfayan Phone: (215) 947-5168 Fax: (215) 947-9234 2528 Huntingdon Pk. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Contact: Charles Chelotti Phone: (856) 203-7447 Fax: (856) 379-3567 200 Federal St., Ste 203 Camden, NJ 08103

Phone: (215) 205-3455 900 Greenwich St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Green Buildings / Sustainable Landscapes Meliora Environmental Design, LLC

Lafayette Environmental Consulting, LLC

Contact: Michele Adams Phone: (610) 933-0123 Fax: (610) 933-0188 100 N. Bank St. Phoenixville, PA 19460

Contact: Debbie Heuckeroth Phone: (484) 532-7952 PO Box 554 Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

Rodriguez Consulting, LLC Contact: Louis Rodriguez Phone: (215) 839-8087 1301 N. 2nd St., Ste. 7 Philadelphia, PA 19122

Contact: Adam Schlachter Phone: (813) 416-7127 Fax: (813) 464-7779 222 N. Bethlehem Pk. Fort Washington, PA 19034

Urban Engineers

Residential Mold Services

Contact: Cody Lowry Phone: (215) 922-8080 530 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19106

Contact: Jaclyn Rhoads Phone: (484) 494-3090 Fax; (267) 604-0220 301 Harrison Ave. Norwood, PA 19074

Environmental Consulting & Remediation BrightFields, Inc. Contact: Marian Young Phone: (302) 656-9600 Fax: (302) 656-9700 801 Industrial St. Wilmington, DE 19801

GreenBeams Contact: Amy Cornelius Phone: (610) 202-2555 Fax: (610) 925-0782 PO Box 4 Kennett Square, PA 19348

Reduce Your Waste, LLC

Resonate Contact: Jennifer Anderson Phone: (610) 651-2870 11 Fox Chase Rd. Malvern, PA 19355

RM Green Environmental Services, LLC Contact: Robert McKenzie Phone: (484) 467-1314 Fax: (610) 225-0732 123 Pennsylvania Ave. Wayne, PA 19087

HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the community?

GEN3 supports local neighborhood associations through various community efforts promoting sustainable home improvement tips. As fellow residents, owners Bill and Debbie also hope to build a stronger community for their daughter by helping to raise money for Philly schools as well as donate time and materials for necessary upgrades in school buildings.

Generation 3 Electric

Sustainable Transitions.US Contact: Larry Menkes Phone: (267) 992-8020 741 Clifford St. Warminster, PA 18974

Garden Supply / Nurseries Donald Pell Gardens Contact: Donald Pell Phone: (610) 917-1385 Fax: (610) 917-9941 104 Ridge Rd. Phoenixville, PA 19460

Green Light Plants, LLC Contact: Dale Hendricks Phone: (610) 633-7637 1834 Flint Hill Rd. Landenberg, PA 19350

Octoraro Native Plant Nursery

Contact: Mark T. F. Highland Phone: (610) 380-4598 PO Box 272 Modena, PA

Green Roofs Roofmeadow Roofmeadow is a green roof civil engineering firm focused on long-term quality assurance for all of our projects. A green roof that is designed, managed and warranted by Roofmeadow is unmatched for its long-term performance, viability and aesthetic appeal. Contact: Jane Winkel Phone: (215) 247-8784 Fax: (215) 247-4659 7135 Germantown Ave., 2nd Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Interior Design & Space Planning

Contact: Jim A. MacKenzie Phone: (717) 529-3160 Fax: (717) 529-4099 6126 Street Rd. Kirkwood, PA 17536

down2earth interior design, llc

Primex Garden Center

Kat Robbins Interiors

Contact: Jennifer Hendricks jennifer@primexgardencenter. com Phone: (215) 887-7500 Fax: (215) 887-7509 435 W. Glenside Ave. Glenside, PA 19038

Contact: Kat Robbins Phone: (610) 291-4220 Fax: (610) 296-9023 108 Reveille Rd. Wayne, PA 19087

Redbud Native Plant Nursery Contact: Catherine Smith info@redbudnativeplantnursery. com Phone: (610) 358-4300 Fax: (610) 358-3330 1214 N. Middletown Rd. Glen Mills, PA 19342

The Organic Mechanics Soil Company, LLC The Organic Mechanics Soil Company is a wholesale manufacturer of premium, organic, peat-free potting soil. Our philosophy embraces environmental sustainability as a core value. We are pursuing the dream of producing the most environmentally friendly, highest-quality potting soil on the market.


Contact: Amy Cuker Phone: (215) 690-4328 7604 Spring Ave. Elkins Park, PA 19027

Verden Interior Design Studio, LLC Contact: Glynis Tart Phone: (215) 360-6722 Fax: (215) 848-7373 Philadelphia, PA 19129

Landscape Architecture & Landscaping Awbury Arboretum Contact: Chris Carrington Phone: (215) 849-2855 1 Awbury Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19138

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701 S 4 t h St , P hi l a d el phi a , PA 1914 7 P ho ne: (2 15 ) 2 38-1888



with Sam Jacobson


Hours: Tuesday - Sunday Dinner 5 pm - 10 pm Late Night Menu 10 pm - 12 am Bar 5 pm - 2am

M: T: F: E:

+1 (215) 514 8310 +1 (800) 233 4912 +1 (800) 510 3200

Maxwell-McKenney Inc. 116 White Horse Pike Haddon Heights NJ 08035

so u t hwa rkre st a u ra nt .c o m

Green is our color • 267.270.2563 Find our coffee online or at area cafes and markets

PFTR GRID ad.indd 6

11/11/13 11:45 AM

& STORE 29th and Hunting Park Ave.




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Green Buildings / Sustainable Landscapes Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Land Stewards, LLC Ecological Landscape Design

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society motivates people to improve the quality of life and create a sense of community through horticulture. Contact: Glen Abrams Phone: (215) 988-8898 Fax: (215) 988-8810 100 N. 20th St., 5th Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact: Hermann Moser Phone: (215) 536-4440 Fax: (215) 536-0454 130 S. 9th St. Quakertown, PA 18951

Blue Trillium Contact: Bryn Richard Phone: (484) 494-6453 552 Holmes Rd. Morton, PA 19070

Cedar Run Landscapes Inc. Contact: Alden R. Zove Phone: (215) 653-0707 Fax: (215) 653-7222 1054 Horsham Rd. North Wales, PA 19454

Dooley’s Landscaping & Tree Care Service Contact: Mae Dooley Phone: (215) 849-5013 941 E. Price St. Philadelphia, PA 19138

Forsyth Gardens Contact: Phil Forsyth Phone: (215) 724-1247 4934 Larchwood Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19143

Graceful Gardens Contact: Grace Wicks Phone: (215) 913-7156 Fax: (215) 386-1185 114 W. Highland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118

GreenWeaver Landscapes, LLC Contact: Jennifer Nichols Phone: (610) 358-8900 PO Box 225 Lenni, PA, 19052

Material Supply & Install

Kaiserman Company, Inc.

EP Henry

EP Henry is the premier family-owned and operated manufacturer of unit concrete products in North America. The company supplies Hardscaping — a term it coined — and architectural concrete masonry products, all of which are 100-percent American-made, to homeowners and businesses.

Lentzcaping, Inc. Contact: John Voit Phone: (215) 343-6041 Fax: (215) 867-5309 2139 Bristol Rd Warrington, PA 18976

Contact: Marianne Anzaldo Phone: (856) 845-6200 Fax: (856) 845-0023 PO Box 615 Woodbury, NJ 08096

Locus Partners Contact: Danielle DiLeo Kim Phone: (267) 496-7627 213 Saint Marks Sq. Philadelphia, PA 19104

Naturescapes Landscape Specialists, Ltd.

TEND landscape inc. Contact: Julie Snell Phone: (267) 317-6552 c/o CultureWorks of Greater Philadelphia, 1315 Walnut St., Ste. 320 Philadelphia, PA 19107

Close the Loop, LLC Contact: Rita J. Lacey Phone: (570) 629-8414 Fax: (570) 213-4254 773 Upper Middle Creek Rd. Kunkletown, PA 18058

Contact: Larry Coates Phone: (610) 529-4023 57 Hamilton Cir. Philadelphia, PA 19130

Renewal Sustainable Environments, LLC

Magnum Computer Recycling


Paints & Painting Nolan Painting, Inc. Contact: Kevin Nolan Phone: (610) 449-5061 181 W. Hillcrest Ave. Havertown, PA 19083

Independence LED Lighting is a U.S. manufacturer of industry-leading Linear LED products. In addition to producing top quality lighting products, Independence LED offers comprehensive support services for its growing authorized reseller network. Contact: Charlie Szoradi Phone: (484) 588-5406 487 Devon Park Dr. Wayne, PA 19087

GreenBrand Services

Contact: Chris Palandro Phone: (610) 874-3101 792 Parkway Dr. Broomall, PA 19008


Independence LED

Recycling & Reuse

Contact: Mark Morrison Phone: (484) 712-5958 45 Lyons Ln. Coatesville, PA 19320

Contact: Lynne Templeton Phone: (484) 558-0311 134 N. Wayne Ave. Wayne, PA 19087

Contact: Annette Hladio Phone: (610) 449-4049 340 Tennis Ave. Ambler, PA 19002

Phone: (215) 546-2665 201 S. 18th St., Ste. 300 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Morrison Custom Concrete

Palandro LLC Sustainable Flooring

Contact: John H. Fridy Phone: (610) 640-0164 451 Darby-Paoli Rd. Paoli, PA 19301

Kaiserman Company has been actively developing and managing real estate in Philadelphia and across the Delaware Valley since the 1920s. A third-generation family business, Kaiserman Company has a strong history of commitment to the well-being of our tenants, our employees and our community. Contact: Max Kaiserman

Real Estate Development / Property Management Bancroft Green Contact: Scott Seibert Phone: (215) 313-8892 PO Box 29738 Philadelphia, PA 19119


Providing computer and electronic recycling services to businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, offering eco-friendly methods for reusing and recycling electronic parts and devices. Contact: John Martorano Phone: (856) 333-0991 5070 B Central Hwy. Pennsauken, NJ 08109

Niche Waste Reduction & Recycling Systems, Inc. Contact: Maurice M. Sampson II Phone: (215) 843-2138 Fax: (215) 843-2085 PO Box 25246 Philadelphia, PA 19119

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Green Buildings / Sustainable Landscapes Revolution Recovery, LLC Revolution Recovery is a full-service hauling and recycling company for construction, industrial, bulk and specialty materials. Our recycling facility handles materials including wood, metals, cardboard, plastics, drywall, masonry materials and much more. We design cost-saving recycling solutions. Contact: Avi Golen Phone: (215) 333-6505 Fax: (215) 333-6437 7333 Milnor St. Philadelphia, PA 19136

Waste Oil Recyclers, Inc. Waste Oil Recyclers (WOR) offers a collection service for used cooking oil while guaranteeing that every drop of oil is used domestically as fuel. WOR pays clients for their oil, providing an opportunity for the restaurant to contribute to the well-being of the regional environment and bottom line.

Contact: Brenda McNeil Phone: (610) 505-0250 Fax: (866) 412-2853 PO Box 257 Modena, PA 19385

Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation Alternative Energy Inc. Contact: Bill Finch Phone: (484) 593-4262 Fax: (484) 593-4262 107 Wooded Acres Ln. Downingtown, PA 19335

Carrier Class Green Infrastructure Design and install solar electric, solar thermal and innovative off-grid solar power products and projects for commercial and residential customers. Deploy and integrate fully engineered

systems that harness solar energy to provide power just about anywhere and in any situation. Contact: James Innes james.innes@carrierclassgroup. com Phone: (267) 419-8496 Fax: (215) 565-2746 400 Stenton Ave., Ste. 214 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Clean Markets, LLC We are a leading market development firm, focused on growing market share for clean energy solutions and environmentally sustainable technologies. We develop and execute impactful marketing and business strategies for utility and government programs and for clean energy entrepreneurs.

Contact: Ellen Lutz Phone: (215) 381-2925 Fax: (215) 248-2381 40 W. Evergreen Ave., Ste. 101 Philadelphia, PA 19118

Community Energy, Inc. Contact: Amy Failing amy.failing@communityenergyinc. com Phone: (484) 654-2464 ext.130 Three Radnor Corporate Center 100 Matsonford Rd., Ste. 300 Radnor, PA 19087

Condor Technologies, Inc. Contact: Joe Cardella Phone: (610) 618-0920 12737 Elnora Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19154

Effluential Synergies LLC Contact: William Toffey


The Co-op provides our members with the unique ability to support solar generation through the most local source available – their neighbor’s rooftop! Through The Co-op’s Solar Buyback Program, a portion of our renewable product comes from our members solar panels located right here in the community

The Energy Co-op |

2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY

Energy Coordinating Agency The Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA), a 501(c)3, provides a broad range of services to help home and business owners save energy and water, and works with others toward a sustainable energy future. ECA’s LEED Gold Training Center provides workforce development and training leading to national certification in energy efficiency and building science.

Contact: Walter Yakabosky Phone: (215) 609-1450 Fax: (215) 739-1526 106 W. Clearfield St. Philadelphia, PA 19133

Global Renewable Energy Education Network Contact: Brady Halligan Phone: (215) 796-7860 1650 Arch St., Ste. 1905 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Lowry EcoSolutions, LLC Contact: Eric Lowry Phone: (484) 416-0161 Fax: (484) 840-5263 109 St. Pauls Rd. Ardmore, PA 19003

Main Line Security & Energy Services Contact: Drew Melman Phone: (610) 971-9710 Fax: (610) 795-7385 PO Box 603 Wynnewood, PA 19096


HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the

26 Phone: (215) 821-2006 9001 Verree Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19115


Contact: Melissa McVeigh Phone: (610) 572-2555 Fax: (215) 247-4659 2 E. Lancaster Ave., 2nd Fl. Ardmore, PA 19003

PHP Energy Solutions Contact: Marvin Hinnant Phone: (484) 213-1666 1 W. Lansdowne Ave. Lansdowne, PA 19050

Practical Energy Solutions Practical Energy Solutions works with businesses, schools and municipalities in taking a stepped approach to energy initiatives. We walk you through each step of the program, from the initial energy assessment/audit to the engineering, implementation and performance measurement and verification Contact: Paul Spiegel Phone: (610) 430-1382 Fax: (610) 430-1375 101 E. Evans St., Ste. 2 West Chester, PA 19380 1617 JFK Blvd., Ste. 1855 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Rushforth Solar LLC Contact: Jan Marie Rushforth Phone: (610) 520-1968 Fax: (610) 520-1969 3700 Darby Rd. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Solar States Solar States supports local jobs and clean air by installing solar systems on homes, schools and commercial buildings in the Philadelphia area.

Contact: Micah Gold-Markel Phone: (888) 895-8756 1400 N. American St., Ste. 401 Philadelphia, PA 19122

The Energy Co-op The Energy Cooperative is a nonprofit, memberowned cooperative providing renewable electricity, biodiesel and heating oil to households, businesses, nonprofits and municipalities. In business for over 30 years, The Energy Cooperative offers the best combination of price and service for our thousands of members throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Contact: Krystal Eason Phone: (215) 413-2122 Fax: (215) 413-2140 1315 Walnut St., Ste. 1000 Philadelphia, PA 19107

This Leaky House Contact: Andrew McDowell Phone: (610) 241-7792 1102 Winchester Trl. Downingtown, PA 19335

GREEN PACKAGING / HEALTH & LIFESTYLE Green Packaging Green Packaging American Box & Recycling Co. Contact: Anthony Serafine Phone: (215) 599-2350 3900 N. 10th St. Philadelphia, PA 19140

Be Satori Contact: Mariagrazia LaFauci Phone: (267) 992-6283 Fax: (267) 318-7962 920 Spruce St., Ste. 6 Philadelphia, PA 19107

Union Packaging, LLC. Union Packaging LLC (UP) is a leading paperboard manufacturer dedicated to making FDA-compliant folding cartons in the quick service restaurant market. Founded in 1999, UP is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that provides competitively priced, nested, clamshell, flat and formed paperboard cartons.

Contact: Mike Pearson Phone: (610) 622-7001 Fax: (610) 622-7006 6250 Baltimore Ave. Yeadon, PA 19050

HOW interact DOES YOURwith BUSINESS the community?

By going solar, we’re asking people to think differently about electricity consumption. The status quo for electricity is to pay a fossil fuel power plant outside of Philadelphia. With solar, the consumer is now their own power company and the system is installed by a fellow Philadelphian.

Solar States Bicycles

Parent to Child and Therapy Associates

Bilenky Cycle Works

and food service dis-

Empirical Point Acupuncture

Bilenky Cycle Works is more than just a shop — it’s an enduring institution that is committed to enhancing the world of cycling, one handbuilt frame at a time. ​ Contact: Bina Bilenky Trahan Phone: (215) 740-7068 5319 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19120

posables supplier. We

Contact: Sharon Sherman

Firth & Wilson

Lap Distributors Lap Distributors is a full-service janitorial

carry recyclable paper

Health & Lifestyle Acupuncture

goods, recycled trash liners, biodegradeable

food service disposables and DfE-certified

Phone: (215) 247-7100 40 W. Evergreen Ave., Ste. 112 Philadelphia, PA 19118

chemicals, mostly sourced locally. Our efficiency helps your business and our world. Since 1966.

Contact: Paul Lapinson Phone: (215) 744-4000 Fax: (215) 744-5717 3515 Amber St. Philadelphia, PA 19134

Maxwell-McKenney Inc. Contact: Matthew McKenney Phone: (856) 310-0700 116 White Horse Pk. Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

Penn Jersey Paper Co. PJP’s is a distributor of quality products in packaging, paper, janitorial chemicals, jani-

Restorative Harmony Acupuncture Contact: Caroline Ashurst Phone: (215) 429-2662 255 S. 17th St., 1502 Philadelphia, PA 19102

South Philadelphia Community Acupuncture Contact: Lauren Buckley Phone: (215) 279-3932 Fax: (215) 771-1978 1532 E. Passyunk Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19147

torial equipment, food equipment, tabletop

WellPoint Oriental Medicine

supplies and kitchen supplies. We provide

Contact: Adam Schreiber Phone: (267) 687-5655 Fax: (267) 687-5656 2014 Fairmount Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19130

sustainable solutions from foodservice packaging to janitoiral cleaning solutions.

Contact: Glenn Harbison Phone: (215) 671-9800 Fax: (215) 618-0770 9355 Blue Grass Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19114

Contact: David Wilson Phone: (267) 318-7285 933 Spring Garden St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Hybrid Cycles Contact: Jim Wylie Phone: (484) 753-3581 126 E. Gay St. West Chester, PA 19380

Contact: Kathryn Snyder Phone: (215) 450-5271 Fax: (215) 733-0951 1722 Pine St., 1st Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Rising Moon Birth Services Contact: Kate Aseron Phone: (610) 469-4905 Fax: (484) 985-8061 4 Springwood Ln. Chester Springs, PA 19425

Saint Mary’s Nursery School Contact: Andrea Mosko Phone: (215) 386-0321 3916 Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA 19104

Society Hill Reproductive Medicine

Family Bloomgarden, Ostroff & Associates Contact: Ellen Ostroff, LCSW Phone: (215) 545-1175 Fax: (215) 592-4190 505 S. 22nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

Claudia Listens, LLC Contact: Claudia Apfelbaum Phone: (215) 317-8855 411 W. Stafford St. Philadelphia, PA 19144

Contact: Maureen Kelly, M.D. Phone: (215) 829-8110 Fax: (215) 829-8119 822 Pine St., Ste. 4B Philadelphia, PA 19107

West Laurel Hill Cemetery

West Laurel Hill is a 187-acre nonprofit, nondenominational cemetery located in Bala Cynwyd. Services include: funeral services, cemetery services, cremation services and scattering, green and Jewish burial and funeral services, monuments, reception areas and events and programs. Contact: Prianka Setty

Phone: (610) 664-1591 Fax: (610) 668-2781 225 Belmont Ave. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004


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Pet Care

Eviama Life Spa

PS Pup Struts

Beautiful new digs! Have you been? Come and we'll wow you with incredibly talented therapists who will transform you — body, face and being. Real plant organics, biodynamics and a boutique where every purchase is a vote for a kind, green world (& style!). Gift certificates, spa parties, open 7 days! Contact: Penny Ordway Phone: (215) 545-3344 Fax: (215) 545-1133 109 S. 13 St., 2nd Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19107

If your pet is part of your family and deserves the absolute best, then you have found your dream team of pet care providers. We are an award-winning dog walking and pet-sitting service guided by ethics, honesty and compassion. Whatever your pet care needs, our professional pet-sitters and dog-walkers are happy to oblige. Contact: Nicole Haines Phone: (267) 202-4200 800 N. 2nd St., Ste. 181 Philadelphia, PA 19123

Holistic Health / Wellness Centers Back to Life Wellness Center Contact: Terrie Lewine Phone: (215) 928-8898 Fax: (215) 928-8899 Philadelphia, PA 19123

Lisa Resnick Therapy and Health Coaching Contact: Lisa Resnick Phone: (215) 469-1855 104 1/2 Forrest Avenue, Ste. 27 Narberth, PA 19072 647 Bainbridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

The Reiki School and Clinic Contact: Kimberly Fleisher, RMT, M.Ed Phone: (215) 238-0659 727 S. 4th St., 2nd Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Organization Lydia Martin Professional Organizing Contact: Lydia Martin Phone: (917) 558-1481 Northern Liberties Philadelphia, PA 19123

The Monster Minders Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Media & Publication Media & Publication Beautiful Business, LLC Arranges speaking engagements for Judy Wicks and sells copies of her book, Good Morning, Beautiful Business. Future activities: mentoring the next generation of beautiful businesses.  Contact: Judy Wicks

@jwicks333 Philadelphia, PA

Got Bragging Rights

Contact: Carrie Maria 925-1119 916 League St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Contact: GBR Administrator Hatfield, PA 19440


Contact: Paul Socolar Phone: (215) 951-0330 ext. 2107 Fax: (215) 951-0342 3721 Midvale Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19129

Happy Earth Automotive Center, LLC Contact: Seth Weiss Phone: (610) 420-8569 1330 Wyngate Rd. Wynnewood, PA 19096

Riders’ Club Cooperative Contact: Paxton Wray Phone: (215) 836-1376 Fax: (215) 836-9708 PO Box 523 Flourtown, PA 19031

Wedding DePaul Beauty and Alchemy Contact: Victoria DePaul

Phone: (856) 816-3431 Philadelphia, PA

The Perfume Fountain Contact: Debbie Early Phone: (610) 616-2177 PO Box 759 Downingtown, PA 19335

Philadelphia Public School Notebook

Contact: Richard Hoffmann Phone: (610) 246-5133 Fax: (215) 238-0572 502 W. Front St. Media, PA 19063

Mangrove Media, LLC Contact: Ben Kalina Phone: (914) 489-7171 Fax: (215) 238-9334 1121 Dickinson St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

PWPvideo Contact: Barry Becker Phone: (215) 848-0594 Fax: (215) 848-6255 6368 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19144

Retail, Clothing & Accessories Apparel

Red Flag Media

Circle Thrift

Red Flag Media (RFM) publishes Grid, a magazine devoted to Philadelphia's sustainability movement and the businesses, ideas and individuals that make our city such an exciting place to be. RFM offers design and editorial services, and works with partners in the Philadelphia community to create eye-catching, dynamic and professional publications, both as inserts in Grid and as standalone publications. Contact: Alex Mulcahy Phone: (215) 625-9850, ext. 102 Fax: (215) 625-9967 1032 Arch St., 3rd Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Contact: Martha Grace Phone: (215) 423-1222 2233 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125 1125 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Video / Film Coyopa Productions, Inc. Coyopa Productions is a full-service film and video production company. We enjoy partnering with individuals and organizations to create meaningful content, with a special focus on education, spirituality and sustainable living themes.

Dansko Since 1990, Dansko has been a leader in providing innovative comfort footwear while standing at the forefront of sustainable and ethical business practices. We distribute shoes and boots to over 2,500 premium U.S. and international retail locations. Contact: Marc Vettori Phone: (610) 869-8335 33 Federal Rd. West Grove, PA 19390

Duke & Winston Duke & Winston is a Philadelphia-based clothing and dog accessory line, launched in 2009 by Seun Olubodun and his English bulldog. As a young and largely “one man and his dog” company, we strive to create products



2014 sustainable business DIRECTORY


RETAIL, CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES that meet expectations for quality and style,


while sourcing and producing products made in

VZWraps reusable fabric gift bags are a

the USA or in the Philadelphia area.

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Bilenky Cycle Works founded the Philly Bike Expo with the purpose of bringing artisans, activists, builders, designers, racers and enthusiasts together for a weekend-long celebration of cycling. It's become a much-anticipated annual event that entertains, informs and inspires by presenting the varied spectrum of bicycle culture.

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BUILDING SUSTAINABLE FUTURES At Temple University’s Fox School of Business, sustainability is a core value that includes curricula, student programs, community outreach efforts and energy-saving initiatives. The Fox School offers: • Net Impact undergraduate and graduate chapters • MBA participation in the prestigious Aspen Case Competition • Corporate Social Responsibility Minor for undergraduates • University-wide Be Your Own Boss Bowl® business-plan competition with a social-impact track DISCOVER THE POWER OF FOX ® Fox alumnus Dylan Baird of Neighborhood Foods, a social impact startup in the urban farming space, is the first-ever social impact firm to win the top prize in the Be Your Own Boss Bowl’s 15-year history.


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Jan uary 20 14

g r i dp hi


Philadelphia has long been a leader in the local food movement. It’s fitting we wash it down with great local libations. illustrations by Art in the Age's

michael alan


story by molly o’neill · photo by neal santos

ith its flowering window boxes

and painted sign, the 38,000-squarefoot brick home of Philadelphia Brewing Company stands like a centerpiece in this Kensington neighborhood of fauxdive bars, pizza parlors and thrift shops that serve a growing clientele of artists and musicians. But the scenery wasn’t always so pretty. ¶ “The neighborhood was totally different,” Nancy Barton says, recalling 2001, when Yards Brewing Company moved to the site at 2440 Frankford Avenue. Nancy and her husband Bill had recently become partners with Tom Kehoe, who started Yards with previous partners in 1994 as a small three-barrel operation in Manayunk. Yards had quickly expanded to a larger space in Roxborough, and a few years later, in 2001, expanded again to the Kensington location.

Bill and Nancy Barton, owners of Philadelphia Brewing Company.

Jan uary 20 14


“ I don’t think it was our intention to change the neighborhood. But I’m glad we were here to help.” —Nancy Barton

“It was a little sketchy,” she says. “People thought we were crazy.” Drug dealers worked openly on corners and the vacant lot across the street gathered waist-high trash. But the company put down roots and the community began to grow around it. The partners parted ways in 2007. Kehoe moved Yards to a larger facility on Delaware Avenue. But the Bartons stayed put, and Philadelphia Brewing Company (PBC) was born. Since then, those roots have only deepened.

Everything Has a Story in Here s i n c e i t s c o n s t ru c t i o n i n 1 8 8 5 to house a bottling facility for the Weisbrod & Hess Oriental Brewing Company, 2440 Frankford Avenue had seen many owners. Most recently, it was home to a company that recovered equipment from defunct supermarkets and restaurants. To this day, however, the bones of the building remain unchanged but for a few select upgrades. The high-beamed ceiling holds a few lazily turning fans, the gnarled wooden floor sports a coat of varnish, and the whitewashed brick walls now house energyefficient windows. The original barn door in the tasting room has been insulated and covered with reclaimed wood, and the Bartons installed restrooms with sinks and toilets from Port Richmond’s ReStore, an architectural salvage clearinghouse. “We did most of this ourselves,” says company graphic designer Cameron Blyth, fondly patting the shiny bar top. It is made of wood salvaged from the nearby Coral Street Arts House, which once provided low-income housing for local artists. PBC employees found supporting beams from a stable on the property, and filled in the rest with wood reclaimed from other neighboring properties. They rough-cut and milled the silky white pine, then sent it to local woodworking artist Aaron Hyman for joining. An eclectic assortment of tables and chairs, antique display cabinets and repurposed church pews fill out the tasting room. Nancy points out each table and recalls its origin: “That was our salesperson Chris’ family table... that was my aunt’s... our friend John Longacre [founder of South Philly Tap Room] gave us that one. Everything has a story in here.”

The staff joins other local businesses in a summer softball league. And they’re quick to offer a long list of other spots they love to patronize: Everybody Hits Batting Cages, Pizza Brain, Street Glitter Gallery, Atlantis: the Lost Bar, Cedar Point, Loco Pez, Johnny Brenda’s and Bottle Bar East, among others. Colin James, who supervises packaging and operates the machine that fills beer bottles at PBC, warmly describes the community the brewery has built among its resellers by using its own trucks instead of using a distributor. “We deliver all of our product, so our relationship with the bars is pretty special,” he says. “They get excited to see us.” That sense of community is even stronger among the staff members themselves. Half of its 26 employees live in the neighborhood, and three-quarters within the city. Blyth has walked to work from her home in Kensington nearly every day for the past four years. During the week, she prepares and prints signage in-house, but on Saturdays, she’s behind the bar in the tasting room, chatting with tour guests. “I think I was asked to be in a band with our logistics guy, Paul, within 10 minutes of my first day,” James says. “It can be a real love fest here.” The love is genuine. Every day, Bill cooks lunch for the staff, and they eat together in the tasting room.

LEFT: Philadelphia Brewing Company’s home at 2440 Frankford Ave. RIGHT: Looking out onto the PBC tasting room BELOW: PBC co-owner Bill Barton cooking lunch for the staff

Building a Community b u t p b c ’ s c o m m i t m e n t t o community goes beyond the bricks and mortar. The brewery hosts civic meetings, neighborhood groups, barbecues and an annual cleanup day. 20

ja nua ry 2014

p hotos by sahar coston-ha rdy

“I’ve never worked anywhere that fed me every day,” Blyth says. “It’s made for us with thought and consideration for dietary wishes.” The lunchtime ritual is special for the employees. “It adheres our guys together whether they know it or not,” James says. “Conversation is good during a bad or good day. It’s always important to keep a good morale, and I think the fact that we eat together makes us seriously like a family.”

Brew Fresh, Brew Local t h at s e n s e o f c o m m u n i t y e x t e n d s to the food itself: all locally grown produce and sustainably sourced dairy from nearby Greensgrow Farms, with which PBC has a special relationship. Mary Seton Corboy, CIO of Greensgrow Philadelphia Project, recalls where it started. “I had a feeling when PBC moved in that there was some symmetry in our lives that would play out,” she says. “I can remember the first day thinking, ‘Wow, these guys are like old friends.’ And we hadn’t even had a beer yet!” Greensgrow now grows much of the hops used in PBC’s Harvest From the Hood, a small-batch wet-hopped ale only available in mid-October. Other hops for the brew are grown by friends of the Bartons who are caretakers at Old Swedes Church. Still more grow right in the PBC courtyard; vines of Cascade, Willamette, Sterling, Golding and other varieties of hops climb compostable coconut strings to the second-floor window and reach across the courtyard to the Greensgrowbuilt window boxes on the other side. PBC uses small local suppliers for other brews as well. The beans for its Joe Coffee Porter are organic, fair trade and roasted at Fonseca Coffee, Philadelphia’s smallest roaster. Razzberet dry cider, part of PBC’s spin-off line of Commonwealth Ciders, boasts Lehigh Valley raspberries. With four year-round brews and a growing number of specialty offerings, not all of PBC’s ingredients can be procured in Philadelphia. But the majority of their Pacific Northwest and German hops are grown organically, according to Nancy, and the rest of their ingredients — grain, malt and hops — are certified non-GMO.

Impacting the Community, Not the Environment i n a d d i t i o n t o c h o o s i n g i n g r e d i e n t s with the environment in mind, Nancy says, “We have a pretty intense program as far as recycling and composting.” After fermentation, spent grain is donated to Walter B. Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences, where it’s used as livestock feed. Philly Compost picks up food waste, coffee grounds and yeast from the brewery. Used glass goes to Blue Mountain Recycling for processing, and cardboard and plastics are recycled separately. A recent audit showed that PBC is very close to achieving zero waste status. “I thought I was into recycling and did my part until I started here,” James says. “We literally don’t waste anything. It is all recycled, from spent bottle caps to the empty jars of spaghetti sauce.” PBC also uses energy-efficient light bulbs wired to motion sensors, so lights go off automatically when they’re not in use. And, Nancy says, PBC has just signed on with an alternativeenergy company that uses both solar and wind power. Although PBC is part of the Sustainable Business Network and works daily to maintain its low environmental impact, Nancy says, “We don’t think about it a whole lot. I think when you’re in it, you don’t even notice what you’re doing.”

A Quiet Revolution k e n s i n gt o n t o day i s t h e s i t e of a quiet cultural revolution. Community gardens are replacing vacant lots. Abandoned warehouses are seeing new life, transformed into studios and workspaces by painters, sculptors and glassblowers. “I don’t think it was our intention to change the neighborhood,” Nancy says. “But I’m glad we were here to help.” Corboy sees it a little differently. “It’s as if we were meant to be here in the ’hood together,” she says. “Yeah, we’re always snickering and goofing on everybody in the neighborhood, but always working to make this place what we saw 20 years ago that it could become… more than the butt of a joke. Other people maybe come and go. PBC and Greensgrow just keep growing up side by side every year [like] those hops plants coming back clinging to that little string, trying to reach the sun.”

LEFT: Inside the PBC Brewery CENTER: Working side-by-side at PBC RIGHT: Nancy Barton tending bar in the PBC tasting room

“ When PBC moved in …I can remember the first day

thinking, ‘Wow, these guys are like old friends.’ And we hadn’t even had a beer yet!” —Mary Seton Corboy

jan uary 20 14


“Philadelphians, we all have this great thirst for awesome Belgian and hoppy West Coast

beers. Instead of burning a lot of fuel to get them over here, we’re making them, and bringing people to a very local outpost.”—Jean Broillet

Strange Brew Brewer masters the mundane and the magical story by emily kovach


am sitting at the bar with Jean Broillet at Tired Hands,

his brewpub in Ardmore, sipping “Herbert West,” a coffee IPA. But it doesn’t taste like coffee. It tastes like blueberries. Broillet explains that the mosaic variety hops and Ethiopian Worka beans they chose for this beer (brewed with ReAnimator coffee, which is cheekily named after the eponymous character from an H.P. Lovecraft story) both have strong blueberry profiles. The combined effect “really shreds,” he says, and I have to agree. “You barely even taste the coffee!” Broillet says. “The notes are vibrating at the same frequency until you swallow, and then there’s a little earth, cocoa, done.” The baby-faced 30-year-old, who owns Tired Hands Brewing Company with his wife, Julie, vibrates at his own frequency, too. He’s the mastermind behind most of the irreverent beer names and the artist behind the doodle-y, vaguely psychedelic line drawings that make up much of the company’s branding. He’s jovial and laughs freely, but when he talks about people who email him asking for advice on opening their own breweries, he gets a hard gleam in his eye: “I’m like, no! Start by scrubbing mold for somebody. I’m not


ja nua ry 2014

giving away my secrets!” Whatever his secrets, they are working. Since opening in June of 2012, Tired Hands has earned a stellar reputation. Their house beers, Hop Hands IPA and Saison Hands, and a litany of weirder beers (think passion fruit sour ale and lychee green tea Berlinerweisse) have been amassing a growing fan club of adventurous drinkers —“organoleptic cartographers,” as Broillet calls them. His 10-plus years of brewing experience is evident in the way that all of his beers, no matter how outthere, are balanced and bright. “Every strange beer we make is based on a structure of solid, sound brewing practices and technique,” he says. Thus, the brewery is experiencing what Broillet calls the “good/bad small business problem” of demand far outpacing supply. They plan to add a much larger production facility in 2014, greatly increasing their brewing capacity. Currently, all the beer is made in a small fermentation room on-site at the pub. Brewing their beers mere steps away from where they’ll be poured is the cornerstone of Tired Hands’ commitment to keeping it local. “My goal was to make badass beer that you’d otherwise have to go across the Atlantic or to the other side of the country to procure,” Broillet says. “Philadelphians, we all have this great thirst for awesome Belgian and hoppy West Coast beers. Instead of burning a lot of fuel to get them over here, we’re making them, and bringing people to a very local outpost.” Tired Hands Brewing Company is located at 16 Ardmore Ave, Ardmore, and online at

Tired Hands Brewing Company mastermind Jean Broillet

p hotos by Mi ke Donk

“ I like to be brutally honest about the ingredients, because we use

whole, certified organic fruits and botanicals.”—Steven Grasse

Summoning the Spirits Art in the Age crafts distinctive liquors that celebrate the past by emily kovach


hen it comes to libations, it can be fun to mix things up.

But what if you’re after something that’s interesting, straight from the bottle? The lineup of liquors from Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction — Sage, Snap, Rhubarb Tea and Root — exist somewhere outside the scope of the usual boozy suspects. Steven Grasse, founder of Art in the Age and a self-proclaimed “American history geek,” looks to the past to create the concepts and recipes for these products. Each one harkens back to a time before the massive commercialization of the alcohol industry. Sage, a gin packed with herbs, recalls the garden spirits that early Americans — including Thomas Jefferson — made to showcase their agricultural prowess. Snap is a zippy, liquefied version of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch lebkuchen (ginger snap). Rhubarb Tea celebrates the tart pink stalks that Benjamin Franklin brought here from Europe — and is an homage to the rhubarb tea that Grasse’s mother used to make. And Root, the company’s original offering, is based on the root tea that Native Americans taught the earliest settlers

to make. It’s Grasse’s favorite of the four, and he claims that Root mixed with Pennsylvania Dutch birch beer is “the best drink ever in the history of the world.” But a passion for history isn’t the only source of inspiration behind these unusual libations. As a seasoned ad man (he owns the agency Quaker City Mercantile), Grasse also realizes that storytelling is a key aspect of marketing. “I feel like with brands, everything needs to add up,” he says. “I think people don’t just buy the product; they buy the whole vibe. It transcends logic — it’s an emotion thing.” A significant part of the vibe of Art in the Age — and what makes the company’s spirits stand out on any bar — is their simple and beautiful bottle designs. The minimalist bell shape of the clear glass bottle feels modern, but the hammered flat

Art in the Age founder Steven Grasse (left) and collaborator Michael Alan

jan uary 20 14


“Anything that rots, I can ferment. I want to be the Willy Wonka of distilling!—Steven Grasse

bottle stop hints at homemade hooch. The front labels list all ingredients, which is very rare for an alcoholic product. “I like to be brutally honest about the ingredients,” Grasse says, “because we use whole, certified organic fruits and botanicals.” The charming illustrations associated with the brands are by the Reverend Michael Alan, a local ordained minister, chef and artist. He and Grasse collaborate to create the recipes with the distillery in Los Angeles that produces them. Soon, however, Art in the Age will start producing spirits (and perfume) from their own distillery in New Hampshire. Grasse explains that they chose not to build their new facility in Pennsylvania because of rampant fracking and how it has compromised the state’s water supply. “The key to making good spirits is water,” he says. “And in New Hampshire, our distillery sits on top of the purest aquifer on the East Coast.” The distillery will double as a radical test kitchen for Art in The Age. “Anything that rots, I can ferment. I want to be the Willy

Wonka of distilling!” Grasse says. “I want to see what happens if you distill moose dung!” While the result of that experiment may never make it to market, he is rolling out a new spirit that may challenge less gallant drinkers: Durt, a vodka infused with parsnips, Portobello mushrooms and sea lettuce. Grasse sees savory cocktails trending, and you can just imagine the fun that creative mixologists will have incorporating soil-scented liquor into their drink menus. Once in their new space, they’ll also be working closely with farms within a 20-mile radius, and will start donating a portion of their profits to the American Farmland Trust. “Alchemists believed that you were distilling a living spirit out of the plants,” Grasse says. “We’re trying to put spirituality back into spirits, to take it back to this place instead of how industrialized everything has become. It’s better for family farms, and the environment. Spirits can save world.”

Steven Grasse (left) and distiller Melkon Khosrovian at Greenbar Distillery in Los Angeles.

Visit Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction at, or the old fashioned way, at 116 N. 3rd St.

Honey Bee Brew


Ancient beverage finds newfound buzz he fermented love child of honey, water

and yeast, mead has been charming the palates of drinkers since the dawn of time (well, not technically, but 2000 B.C. is pretty close). And it’s having a bit of a moment in this millennium, too. For the DIY-inclined, mead is a popular homebrew project. Nancy Rigberg, co-owner of Home Sweet Homebrew, says the greatest challenge to crafting flavorful mead is to be patient.

by emily kovach “Many meads reach their prime after years of bottle-aging,” she says. “Young meads will often be harsh, but evolve into an almost ethereal experience after five or even 10 years.” Mead became legal to brew in Pennsylvania in 2004, when the definition of legitimate wine ingredients changed to include honey. Sheree Krasley, co-owner of Stonekeep Meadery in Boyertown, estimates that there are now a dozen wineries in the state

making mead. There has also been an upsurge in interest among drinkers, she’s observed, due to a few factors: history buffs wanting to recreate a taste of the past; the popularity of such television shows as HBO’s Game of Thrones, where characters frequently imbibe the stuff; and the craftbeer boom, which is inspiring people to try different and unusual beverages. “Mead used to be the poor stepchild to wine,” she says, “and now it’s kind of cool.”

Fireside Cider courtesy of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Thirsting for a warm winter cider to sip in front of a roaring fire? Art in the Age concocted this recipe just for Grid. 1 oz Art in the Age’s SNAP liquor 1 oz Applejack ¼ oz Allspice dram (also known as pimento dram) Hot apple cider to taste

→→Pour the first three ingredients into a warmed mug. Top with hot apple cider and stir with a cinnamon stick.

Power Grapes

Local vintners do more than wine about the environment W

hen it comes to caring about the well-being of the environment, Pennsylvania’s roughly 200 wineries are inherently invested in sustainable practices, according to Jennifer Eckinger, executive director at the Pennsylvania Winery Association. “Using our locally produced products is obviously a big part of all these wineries,” Eckinger says. “But caring for the land and being good stewards of the soil and water is also part and parcel of what these businesses are about. It’s about being sustainable for them and for future generations.” Although any bottle of wine made in Pennsylvania is going to come with a smaller carbon footprint than an Australian shiraz, Eckinger says these nearby Pennsylvania wineries make an extra effort to be responsible.

by brian rademaekers

Crossing Vineyards Located less than an hour from Philadelphia in Washington’s Crossing, Bucks County, this family-owned vineyard strives for sustainable agricultural practices in the fields and at the winery. A recent upgrade to a geothermal heating and cooling system has significantly reduced energy consumption.

Vynecrest Winery This Lehigh County gem calls a 19th century banked barn home, allowing the winery to take advantage of the earth’s natural insulating properties. They’ve also installed geothermal, taking the bite out of a pricey and carbon-intensive oil heating system.

Manatawny Creek Winery Located on the banks of the Manatawny Creek, this Berks County winery uses integrated pest management, has rooftop solar panels and instead of using chemicals, fertilizes their vines with compost made from wine-making byproducts and manure from local farms.

172 Arrowhead Ln., Breinigsville

227 Levengood Rd., Douglassville

1853 Wrightstown Rd., Washington Crossing




jan uary 20 14





Bartram’s Garden Holiday Celebration

Peruse the annual Holiday Greens Sale for a selection of freshly cut evergreens, centerpieces, and both decorated and undecorated wreaths. Festivities include music, refreshments and merry making. →→ Member Preview Party Fri., Dec. 6, 5 - 7:30 p.m.,

Open to public Sat., Dec. 7, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Free. Bartram’s Garden, 54th St. and Lindbergh Blvd.



Go West Craft Fest

Unique and special gifts from more than 40 of Philly’s finest artists and craftspeople, plus small batch ice creams and vegetarian comfort food at the Rotunda (inside and outside, weather permitting). →→ Sun., Dec. 15, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.,

Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St.

Greensgrow Customer Appreciation Night

As a thank you from Greensgrow, have a nosh and a tipple in the greenhouse before heading out to First Friday. Check out their selection of Pennsylvania-grown holiday trees, wreaths and greens, plus more gift items. →→ Fri., Dec 6., 6 - 8 p.m. Open to the public.

Greensgrow Farms, 2501 E. Cumberland St., Philadelphia, PA 19125.

Ongoing 11/ 10 - 12/31

2nd Annual Juried Holiday Bazaar at Noyes Museum Shop →→ Sun., Nov. 10 - Tues., Dec. 31; free admission,

Noyes Museum Shop, 5 S. 2nd St., Hammonton, NJ 08037



Enjoy the bounty of our region all winter long with new cheese and coffee

shares. →→ Sat., Dec. 7 - Sat., April 19, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Greensgrow Farms, 2501 E. Cumberland St., Philadelphia, PA 19125. For more information, visit .

Seasons at Three Arches Historic Homesite Fall Gift Shoppe →→ Every Thurs., Fri., Sat. & Sun. through Dec. 15,

except Thanksgiving; free admission. Three Arches Historic Homesite, 335 Trenton Rd., Fairless Hills, PA 19030 Ongoing through 12/22

20th Annual Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem


Friends of the Wissahickon Present: Winter at the Wissahickon

6 Holiday wreath decorating, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, hot apple cider and a light lunch/breakfast buffet. Two craft sessions available, plus an afternoon hike. →→ Sat., Dec 7, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. OR 1 - 3 p.m. Adults

$30; Children $10; Two adults, two children - $75. Valley Green Inn, Valley Green Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19128. To purchase tickets, visit or call 215-247-0417.


Redefining Vegetable Cooking

Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby, of Phila6 delphia’s acclaimed vegan restaurant Vedge, will be signing their cookbook that boasts 100+ vegetable-based recipes that even carnivores will appreciate.


→→ Sat., Dec. 7, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Free. Fante’s Kitchen

Wares Shop in the Italian Market, 1006 S. 9th St., Philadelphia, PA 19147.


gridph i l m

Ja nua ry 2014

→→ Sat., Dec. 7 - Sun., Dec. 8; 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sat.,

10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sun.; free admission, Kimmel Center, 300 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Greensgrow Holiday Bazaar Ongoing through 12/ 15

Greesngrow Winter Share Begins

The Pennsylvania Ballet’s Nutcracker Market

→→ Every Thurs., Fri., Sat. & Sun. through Dec. 22, 11

a.m. - 6 p.m. Thurs. & Sun, 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. Fri. & Sat.; $8 admission, PNC Plaza, Steel Stacks, 645 E. First St., Bethlehem, PA 18015 Ongoing through 12/29

Downtown Bethlehem’s Christmas City Village Weihnachtsmarkt →→ Every Fri., Sat. & Sun. through Dec. 29; 11 a.m. - 8

p.m. Fri. & Sat., and 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sun.; free admission, Sun Inn Courtyard, 556 Main St., Historic Bethlehem, PA 18018

Looking for local, handmade gift ideas from some of the neighborhood’s most talented crafters and artists? Make a dent in your Christmas shopping at the Bazaar! →→ Dec. 7 - 8 and 14 - 15. Greensgrow Farms, 2501 E.

Cumberland St.

2nd Annual Holiday Stop and Shop Sat., Dec. 7; 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.; free admission →→ Norcom Community Center, 10980 Norcom Rd.

6th Annual Indiemade Craft Market →→ Sat., Dec. 7; 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; $3 admission,

under 12 free, Starlite Ballroom, 1221 S. Front St., Allentown, PA 18103

Dickens of a Holiday →→ Sat., Dec. 7; 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.; free admission, War

Memorial Park, Main St. & Rte. 50, Mays Landing, NJ 08330

32nd Annual Daniel Boone Optimist Club Holiday Craft Show →→ Sat. & Sun., Dec. 7 & 8, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., free

admission, Daniel Boone Middle School, 1845 Weavertown Rd., Douglassville, PA 19518

Ongoing through 12/24

Christmas Village in Philadelphia →→ Every day through Dec. 24; 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sun. -

Thurs., 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. Fri. & Sat. Free admission, Love Park, 1500 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19102

Holiday Fine Craft Sale →→ Thurs., Dec. 5 - Sun., Dec. 15; 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Mon.

- Fri., 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat., 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. Sun. Free admission, Main Line Art Center Galleries, 746 Panmure Rd., Haverford, PA 19041

Crafty Balboa Holiday →→ Sat., Dec. 14, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., free admission, SS

Neumann Goretti High School, 1736 S. 10th St., Philadelphia, PA 19148

Great Lehigh Valley Antique Toy & Collectible Show →→ Sat., Dec. 14, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., $5 admission,

Children under 12 free. Merchants Sqare Mall, 1901 South 12th St., Allentown, PA 18103


pan vegan peace advocacy

Beer, Cheese & Wine Making, Glassware, and Canning Jars.

The Vegan Pledge in Philly is part of a national program that challenges participants to go vegan for 30 days. Meetings include lectures, Q&A, nutrition, cooking demos, and more! BEGINS JANUARY 19 • SPACE IS LIMITED Enroll at

)íqPÙį ğP­ĥ


1447 N. American St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Phone: 215-755-4556 Monday - Friday 11am-7pm Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm

13 Est.


Mention This Ad For 10% Off Starter Kit




Free Donation Pickups

Business Card ad.indd 1

13 Est.

SHOP • Donate • Volunteer Open Wednesday Through Saturday, 10am to 5pm

\įğı®Ùįíĥ 5009 Baltimore Ave. 215-471-7700

10/25/2013 2:54:39 PM

Featuring New & Gently Used:

2930 Jasper Street Philadelphia, PA 19134 215.739.9300

• Furnishings • Appliances • Cabinets and Counters • And Much More!

SPEND $20, GET $5 OFF expires February 15, 2014 limit one per purchase

the pre-Finished Hardwood specialist since 1985 Environmentally-Friendly Wood Floors, Naturally Buy from a local Philly homeowner and SAVE!

(800) 363-6881 Materials

installation jan uary 20 14




Strong Roots, Healthy Future: A Benefit Party for Mill Creek Farm

6 Support Mill Creek Farm, a 501c3 organization dedicated to sustainable agriculture and food justice in West Philadelphia, with a night of food, drinks, music and raffles. →→ Sat., Dec. 7, 4 - 7 p.m. $25. The Cedar Works,

4919 Pentridge St., Philadelphia. For info, visit:


Chestnut Hill Holiday House Tour

Take a sneak peak into some of Chestnut Hill’s architectural gems. The Tour attracts the region’s finest designers, florists and retailers as they decorate each house in full holiday regalia.


→→ Sat., Dec. 7, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tickets: Chestnut

Hill Community Association Members, $35; Nonmembers, $45. Chestnut Hill, PA 19118. More info: .



Holiday Cookie Decorating and Dickens Tea


Make a Holiday Tabletop Tree With Lights - With Cheryl Wilks

Kids can decorate Christmas Tree Shortbread Cookies with Chef Amy. Live entertainment in front of the Night Kitchen Bakery will inspire merriment and cheer!

Create your own tree from long-lasting greens and decorations. Centerpiece is 22 to 24 inches tall, lasts four to five weeks.

→→ Sat., Dec. 7 and Sat., Dec. 14. Tea: 1 - 4 p.m. Cookie

→→ Thurs., Dec. 12, 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Arboretum

Decorating: 2 p.m. Night Kitchen Bakery, 7725 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19118.




Philadelphia Bacon and Beer Festival

Celebrate the epicurean delights of cured meats and fermented beverages by supping and sipping unlimited samples from more than a dozen local restaurants and regional breweries. →→ Sun., Dec. 8, 2:30 - 5 p.m. $45. Hotel Monaco, 433

Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. More info:



Horticultural Society of South Jersey Monthly Meeting & Holiday Party

This month’s program is “Creating a Wreath or Arrangement for All Occasions,” a hands-on program presented by Elsie Scharf. Bring food to share. →→ Tues., Dec. 10, 7 p.m. Free and open to the public.

Carmen Tilelli Community Center, 820 Mercer St., Cherry Hill, NJ 08002. Visit for info.



Grid Issue Release Party/SBN Holiday Party

Celebrate the holidays and the latest issue of Grid with food, drinks and great company. Cosponsored by Grid and Sustainable Business Network. →→ Thu, December 12, 6 - 8 p.m. FREE. Reading

Terminal Market, 12th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19107


gridph i l

Ja nua ry 2014


members, $50, non-members, $60. Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, 100 E. Northwestern Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19118. For info and to register, visit: online.morrisarboretum.

dec 31


PACDC Symposium – Philadelphia: Perception vs. Reality

Carol Coletta from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation discusses “Philadelphia: Perception vs. Reality,” followed by four action sessions: Community Development’s role in Arts and Culture, Food Access, Community Health and Wellness, and Better Education. →→ Thurs., Dec. 12, 8:15 a.m. - 1 p.m. Non-PACDC

Members, $25, members and students with valid ID, free. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 10 Independence Hall. Pre-registration required:

A family-friendly version of the famous New Year’s Eve celebration with a dropping “square” in lieu of the famous ball.

→→ Tues., Dec. 31. 3 - 6 p.m. Free and open to the

public. Franklin Square, 6th & Race Streets, Philadelphia, PA. For information: 215-6294026 or



Kids’ New Year’s Eve Countdown


The Humane League’s Holiday Party

The Humane League’s Philly Office’s sixth annual holiday party. Keynote speakers and special guests will be Paul Shapiro, VP of Farm Animal Protection for the Humane Society of the United States, and Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of Veganomicon and Vegan With a Vengeance.


→→ Sat., Dec. 14, 7 - 10 p.m. $25 in advance, $30 at the

door, $100 and up for VIP tickets. Ethical Society Building, 1906 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103. For general info: party


13 20 276

Holiday Garden Railway at Morris Arboretum Friday Night Lights Thousands of lights, a miniature village and a quarter-mile outdoor model train in the winter garden, with special extended hours until 7:30 p.m. on Friday nights, December 13, 20 and 27.

→→ Fri. through Jan. 5, 2014. Free with admission to

arboretum. Special Friday Night Lights admission: $16 adult non-member/$9 adult member; $7 child non-member/$3 child member. Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, 100 E. Northwestern Ave. Purchase tickets at


GayBINGO: Sugar Plum Fairies

AIDS Fund presents GayBINGO, a fabulous and offbeat event that raises funds for HIV/AIDS services in the greater Philadelphia area. This fun event is open to anyone who enjoys campy humor. Cash prizes will be awarded in each game. Bring a new, unwrapped toy for a child infected with or affected by HIV.


→→ Sat., Dec. 14, Doors open at 6 p.m., Games begin at

7 p.m. Tickets: $25 on Bingo floor; $20 for General Admission on balcony. The Gershman Y, 401 S. Broad St., 2nd Fl. Reservations: 215-731-9255 or .


GMO Free NJ: How to have a GMO-free holiday and optional 196 cookie exchange GMO Free NJ meets to explore ways to avoid the genetically modified organisms that are in our food supply. Holiday cookie exchange is from 6:30 - 7 p.m. and participation in the cookie swap is optional — bring a batch of your favorite non-GMO cookies to share (along with an ingredients list) and leave with a variety pack! From 7 - 8 p.m. we’ll discuss creating a GMO-free holiday, the latest on GMO labeling legislation and other projects. →→ Thurs., Dec 19, 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. Free and open to

the public. Collingswood Library, 771 Haddon Ave., Collingswood. RSVP: Learn more:


Winter Solstice Celebration

Affirm the interdependence we share with all cultures and species at this revelry intended to delight, revitalize, entertain and inspire, with music, storytelling, libations, invocations and more.


→→ Fri., Dec. 20. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Celebration

begins at 7 p.m. and concludes before 9 p.m. $15 online. $20 at the door. Revelry in the Great Hall, Trinity Memorial Church, 2212 Spruce St. Visit for more.


Winter Solstice Celebration with The Land Conservancy for Southern 216 Chester County

Celebrate the longest night of the year with TLC. Enjoy a bonfire, hot cocoa and decorating and lighting an evergreen tree atop Crossfield Hill. →→ Sat., Dec. 21, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. $5 TLC members, $10

non-members, under 12 free. Stateline Woods Preserve, 814 Merrybell Ln., Kennett Square, PA. For info and registration visit or email




Meeting of Philadelphia Commission on Parks and 156 Recreation

Get the latest news about what’s going on in Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation system with timely updates on current and future initiatives from Deputy Mayor Michael DiBerardinis and department staff. Bi-monthly meeting includes updates from Philadelphia Parks Alliance, Philadelphia Recreation Alliance and Fairmount Park Conservancy. Light refreshments. →→ Weds, Jan. 15, 6-7:30 p.m. Free. Cecil B. Moore

Annie’s Project NJ Offers Six-Week Course for Greenhouse Growers

Join fellow greenhouse growers to learn from experts across New Jersey and the nation. Create sustainable relationships with women farmers, meet industry professionals and create a business plan to help ensure the success of your greenhouse business. →→ Tues., Jan. 14, 21 and 28 and Feb. 11, 18 and 25,

6 - 9 p.m. $100/student, including all materials and meal. Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Burlington County, 2 Academy Dr., Westampton, NJ 08060. For information, visit: aesop.rutgers. edu/~farmmgmt/greenhouse_growers2014/ ap_greenhouse-growers2014.html and to register for course visit: .

Recreation Center, 2551 N. 22nd St. Learn more at:


Animals in Motion Weekend

Find out how you measure up to some of the star performers of the live animal kingdom. A range of family activities offers opportunities to test your strength against the jaws of an alligator, learn the amazing secrets of a common egg and marvel at the acrobatics of birds on the wing.


→→ Fri., Jan. 18 through Mon., Jan. 20, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Free with museum admission. Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Law Office of Pearlette V. Toussant Environmentally Conscious Attorneys At Law SMALL BUSINESSES . LITIGATION . CONTRACTS . WILLS . NEGOTIATIONS While serving our clients, we are Eco-friendly and tech-savvy, creating lower costs and fees 2917 Harper Street | Brewerytown, Philadelphia (215) 327-2900 | |



RENEWABLE ENERGY GENERATORS Be prepared for unexpected power loss. Visit

jan uary 20 14


Connecting the Dots

Civil rights protests, Woodstock, a Commodore 64 computer and my inevitable path to Greenbuild by rob fleming


t is the night before greenbuild, the U.S. Green Building Council’s international conference and expo, and tens of thousands are flocking to Philadelphia to celebrate and promote sustainability as a genuine worldwide movement. As an architect and professor of sustainable design, it’s more than an amazing moment in our city’s history; it’s a validation of 18 years of hard work and dedication. Too excited to sleep, instead, I think back on the moments of my life that brought me here. As a five-year-old in 1968, I remember my mother coming home red-faced and watery-eyed from being tear-gassed at a civil rights protest. I also recall a long, uncomfortable, rainy weekend at Woodstock — not much fun for a small child, but it also left an indelible mark. These events and many others contributed to a vague but deep awareness that something important was happening. Only later did I realize the seeds of sustainability were being sown by a courageous generation of civil rights leaders, environmental activists and enlightened politicians. Three years later, I traveled across the country with my mother and sister. From the large windows of our sleek AMC Pacer, I saw the vast

Midwest, the spectacular Rockies, the sublime nothingness of the Bonneville Salt Flats and finally the pristine West Coast — so different from the Jersey Shore. But along the way, I also saw environmental distress: sprawling housing developments and industrial plants spewing smoke, and I realized there were injustices taking place. When I was a young teen, my father bought me a Commodore 64 and taught me how to write simple computer programs to control graphics and solve math problems. In college, I learned to design buildings with computers. I didn’t realize it then, but Computer-Aided Design was one of many digital tools I would use to confront the

injustices I had seen earlier in life. This power of “knowing,” the ability to think and act objectively, became the yin to my crunchy granola yang. I tried to combine those two elements as an architect, but despite some success, I remained unsatisfied. Before long, I returned to graduate school to learn more about architecture, with the ostensible goal of obtaining additional qualifications, so I could possibly pursue teaching or start my own design firm. I didn’t know it, but I was searching for something bigger. On the first day of school, my teacher introduced “the new concept of sustainability.” As she began to unwind the core principles of sustainable design, I instantly connected the dots: my concern for nature and social justice and my love of computation and design. I felt a quiet happiness that comes with deep knowing, but at the same time, an extreme restlessness that comes with a defined sense of purpose and need for action. For me, that restlessness turned into a passion for teaching — not just because I wanted others to share my experience and knowledge, but because this was not so much an “A-ha!” moment as an “Oh no!” moment — a realization that the planet really was in need of healing, and it had to happen fast. In the 18 years since that moment in graduate school, I have been driven by a singular mission: to use inclusivity and empathy to educate and connect with as many people as possible about sustainability. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been rewarding, in no small part because of all the great people working toward the same goal, many of whom are on their way to Philadelphia for the Greenbuild expo. The thought of it makes me smile, and I finally drift off to sleep thinking that tens of thousands of people attending Greenbuild is all the proof I need that the dream of a sustainable future is now a reality. rob fleming is the Director of the Master of Science in Sustainable Design Program at Philadelphia University. His new book: Design Education for a Sustainable Future is published by Routledge/Earthscan.

Each month, Dispatch features personal reflections on adventures in sustainability. Have a story you’d like to share? E-mail


grid ph i l m

Ja nua ry 2014

illust ratio n by ja mes boyle

green is the new black

A fashion retailer goes rogue.

Judah Press Master of Environmental Studies ‘09, University of Pennsylvania To learn more about green retail and Judah’s work at Save Some Green, visit

Five years ago, Judah Press was living the New York City dream, working for a top clothing manufacturer in the Fashion District. But he was secretly working on another dream altogether. In his spare time, Judah was crafting a business plan for a green department store. “My plan was coming together, but I still didn’t have enough experience in the sustainability world. That’s when I found the MES program.” At Penn’s Master of Environmental Studies program, Judah focused on resource management and professors helped him meld his real-world experience with rigorous classes to make his dream a reality. For his Capstone project, he carried out market research on other environmental retailers in the region.

Staff from Penn’s MES Program are here to answer your questions face-to-face on the second Wednesday of each month. Walk right in.

In 2009, Judah opened Save Some Green on Chestnut Street. His store has since become a Center City hub, not only for green shopping, but also for environmental education and recycling. “The best part of my day is when people come and say, ‘We love that you’re here.’ People stray in at first and don’t know much, and I explain why they – the consumer – are important, how buyers’ decisions affect the whole marketplace. Change starts here – our interaction with consumption.”


Profile for Red Flag Media

Grid Magazine January 2014 [#057]  

HIGH SPIRITS: Philadelphia Brewing Company and our city’s dynamic artisans of alcohol BUTTER UP: Locally made peanut butter that will blow...

Grid Magazine January 2014 [#057]  

HIGH SPIRITS: Philadelphia Brewing Company and our city’s dynamic artisans of alcohol BUTTER UP: Locally made peanut butter that will blow...