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Year in Review

the top DVDs of 2010 In our first eight months of existence, Cowbell has tried to keep you on top of the absolute best DVD releases, both fashionable and obscure. As we settle into Oscar bait season, it’s a good time to sift aside the overrated and/or abysmal and pick out 2010’s shiniest plastic gems. These vids should either be in your TV cabinet already or on your Christmas list.


Its let’s-bury-this-thing-in-mid-January DVD release was as inauspicious as its truncated indie the-

atrical run. And it’s hard to blame sci-fi fans for steering clear when the preview painted Kevin Spacey’s smiley/frowny robo-assistant GERTY as a blatant HAL rip-off. But the few that did take the plunge with Moon were surely pleased to find director/co-writer Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s kid) using 2010 and Solaris as launching pads, rather than gospel. With an intesely physical performance, Sam Rockwell puts a cherry atop a career of emotional idiosyncrasy, playing a family man about to end an extremely lonely three-year stint at a lunar base. When he encounters what appears to be his clone, unconscious in a rover on the surface, well, no fair revealing the coil of thoughtful twists. We’ll just say that Spacey (who’s rivaled only by Edward Norton in recent freefalls from grace) isn’t... shit, we can’t lie: he’s kind of annoying. But it doesn’t detract from Jones’ fantastic debut effort. S ony Pictures



Dimple Records' In-Store Magazine, December 2010  
Dimple Records' In-Store Magazine, December 2010  

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