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moment. You can pick out some of the scrap parts they used to make Treats easily enough: the volume and swagger of the first few LL Cool J singles; the bratty vocals of riot grrl legends Huggy Bear; the smiley-faced synth riffs of hardcore techno. But Sleigh Bells foreground a need for fun rather than their influences. What smacks you immediately,

and then again and again, is the duo’s enthusiasm, as they smash everything together. It makes Treats so infectious, and hard to ignore, even if it’s blaring from someone else’s car. And in 2010, we needed that kind of enthusiasm. —JH



Dimple Records' In-Store Magazine, December 2010  
Dimple Records' In-Store Magazine, December 2010  

"Indie Rock with a Slice of Green." Cowbell Magazine features Cee Lo Green, Daft Punk, plus our lists of the top albums, games and dvds of t...