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West Hartford Rotary Distributes Dictionaries to the Third Grade PWC Volunteer n the art room

Nikita thanks “Noah Webster” for her dictionary Two members of the West Hartford Rotary visited the third grade students late last spring to hand out Webster Dictionaries. This was part of a town-wide initiative sponsored by the Rotary to provide all West Hartford Third grades with dictionaries in an effort to strengthen their vocabulary. Why Third grade? It has been determined that by the time a student reaches the Third grade, they have developed enough language skills to appreciate the use of the dictionary. What a nice gift for our students! The Rotary plans to continue this tradition each year.

PWC Volunteer helping at a Physical Education Class

Corporate Community Service As part of their Community Service Day, PricewaterhouseCoopers returned to the ASD campus and worked in the gardens at Cogswell.


PWC Volunteer who is an actuary learns to sign numbers

Volunteers take a break on the job for a group photo. Despite the inclement weather, the group weeded, planted and mulched. Integrated into the day, each volunteer visited with the Cogswell students during class and experienced a “taste” of ASD learning. They visited a physical education class, a first grade class, pre-school, art class and a math class. All enjoyed meeting the students, and the volunteers even learned some sign language.

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