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From the Executive Director As we embark on a new decade, it is important to reflect on our past and moments of satisfaction and gratification we’ve had in educating our students. I want to share with you a few vignettes of alumni who have built upon the education they received at ASD, whether at college, training or work. These remarkable young people have seized the opportunities given them, faced and overcome challenges to become self-directed, productive citizens of whom we are proud. While ASD had been educating young deaf and hard of hearing students for nearly 200 years, this edition of the ERA reflects changes and accomplishments over the last decade. We are energized about the future of our school, and though we have significant challenges, we are committed to our mission. With the help, guidance and support of our board, parents, staff and friends, we will continue to evolve and move forward, while respecting our history.  th

As we begin to plan for our 200 Anniversary, we want to take the time to thank all of the people, throughout many, many years, who have made ASD the strong, vibrant institution it is today.   Warmest regards, Edward F. Peltier Executive Director


Americanera 2010  
Americanera 2010