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ASD’s Long History of Serving International Students

English teacher Christa Bolen works with a current UAE student ASD has had a long history of providing educational opportunities to international students. In the recent past, we have served students from the Bahamas, Singapore, Tanzania, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. While United States families of ASD students are not required to pay tuition, foreign students are required to do so. Sometimes funding comes from their government and other times families are responsible. Currently, ASD is serving five students from the United Arab Emirates. These students arrived in the United States in the late summer and have been immersed in the ASD experience. Their goals include becoming proficient in English in order to be able to attend an American college or university.


ASD works with the student’s first language, and develops an individualized instructional program which addresses the student’s needs. For most non-English speaking/signing students, immersion in American Sign Language is an essential first step. This immersion takes place in the classroom, dorm, playing field and other social activities. As students acquire and become more proficient in ASL, their English skills increase. The goal for most international students is to gain adequate competency in

Shahry Shilati helps translate for students at College and Career Day the English language in order to score high enough on the American College Test (ACT) to continue their education at an American college or university. ASD has the ability to house and support students with language challenges. We provide health, audiological, and counseling services, as well as attention to students’ cultural, social and religious needs.   International students who have come to ASD for an education have gone on to do great things. Several students from UAE now work in security and oil fields, another is pursuing a Masters Degree in Japan. Other international students are attending Gallaudet University. These success stories are indicative of the commitment ASD makes to each student it serves, no matter the challenges.

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