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What’s Cooking in Culinary Arts Since the opening of the new state-of-the-art Culinary Arts kitchen, the students have been busy making meals and spreading good will! This past summer, students under the guidance of Chef Curtis Hayward and guest chef, Mike Sinsigalli, West Hartford Assistant Fire Chief, prepared a luncheon for the West Hartford firefighters. The firefighters were delighted to be treated to such delicious food and learned the sign for “thank you”. Once school opened, students in the program started their first business venture – a deli. Each day, an email is sent to staff members with the menu of the day, including soups, sandwiches, desserts and chips. Staff place their orders either through email or in person, using a designated form which the students designed. Students read the orders, make the sandwiches, deliver and collect money (which is used to replenish ingredients). Their teacher, Kirsten Lingenheld, teaches techniques and accompanying vocabulary, as well as safety and sanitation practices. The staff is thrilled to have this convenient option! For the last ten years students in the program have contributed a gingerbread house to the “We are the Kids” Program hosted by local celebrity, Gary Craig, at the Connecticut Expo Center on Christmas Day. This project requires a collaborative effort with students in the Wood Design program. The gingerbread house is designed and built by students in Wood Design and then transported to the Culinary Arts Café to be decorated with candy and icing. Each year, the designs are more elaborate, and the individuals who run the Christmas Day event , as well as the 1200 children who attend, are incredibly grateful for the effort made by our students. Before the holiday break, students in the Culinary Arts Program formed the “ASD Chili Team” after being asked by the International Chili Society to participate in the Operation E.L.F. (Embracing Lonely Families) Holiday Reception at the Connecticut State Armory on December 12, 2009. Families of deployed and soldiers and airmen of the Connecticut National Guard were invited to the reception. The ASD students not only made enough chili for 100 but came to the Armory to serve it. The highlight of the day was having their photograph taken with Governor Rell. Culinary Arts teacher, Kirsten Lingenheld, said the students were really touched by this experience, and they hope to continue giving more to the community in the upcoming year. 26

Culinary Students feed the West Hartford firefighters

Students preparing deli sandwiches

Governor Rell with the ASD Chili Team

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