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First Level: Literacy Enhancement and Good Work Habits through Performance Acting out is something encouraged in the First Level. In order to enhance vocabulary skills and good work habits, students in this class perform skits for other students and staff members. The process is broken into three categories, signing up for certain roles, learning the language involved with performance, and performing the skit. The first step involves signing up for one of three roles: promotional designers who make invitations, programs and playbills; tech crew who design and create scenery and gather props; and actors who write the script and rehearse/ perform the play. Each group is required to create a rubric for evaluating the performance.

This process prepares students for the world of work. Good job skills and work habits reap rewards! In preparing for each performance, students are exposed to theatre vocabulary such as cast members, tech crew, promotions team, script, prop etc. Throughout the year, the vocabulary grows as well as other learning activities. Teachers also choose themes to perform which reflect healthy habits, including eating and exercise. While the students are having fun performing, they are also learning and teaching others ways to improve their lives!

The cast and crew smile as audience applauds their performance. 18

Americanera 2010  
Americanera 2010