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challenges. When the students moved out Other technological advances include the of the Gallaudet building into the portable daily use of digital cameras, LCD projectors, classrooms, space limitations required some document cameras, digital movie cameras, using creative thinking: the Internet as instead of having a a means for room dedicated as communicating a computer lab, two (with parents, laptop carts were peers, other made available for schools, etc.), teachers to use within video phones, their classrooms. “Alphasmarts”/ “This is a in a trial “ N e o s ” phase. Ideally, we (small word would like to create processors for a permanent space taking notes), for computer access” …the list says Abeyta. goes on. New A lesson becomes interactive when students use the “Active Board” technology is Over the past decade, the use of Interactive being developed daily—advances useful for Whiteboards has increased tremendously. This Deaf students are often brought to the school’s technology (also know as “SmartBoards” or attention by colleagues at other Deaf schools, “ActivBoards”) makes learning much more parents, LEAs, and sometimes even students. accessible in the ASD classroom as it enables “If we have the funds, and a teacher or class is all students to participate in the learning. Since willing to try some kind of new technology, we 2000, the school has increased the number usually give it a try” Abeyta says. from two Interactive Whiteboards to thirty. The boards can be But having all used in conjunction this technology with a handheld is of little use learner response if it is not mechanism knows viable. This is as an “Activote” why one of the which is used for biggest areas of interactive testadvancement taking and provides has been real-time data and in ASD’s feedback about Educational student progress and Te c h n o l o g y. understanding. Since the beginnings of “Edline” is an online ASD’s use of program which ASD has been using for many computers and equipment in the classroom, years and allows teachers to set up web pages Executive Director, Ed Peltier, has been a for every class and post homework assignments, proponent of Educational Technology at ASD. update classroom calendars and is linked to their Having technology staff on hand to assist faculty electronic gradebooks. It is also intended to be by teaching them how to use new equipment a tool to maintain open communication between and enabling them to have the ability to families and teachers. incorporate technology in the classroom makes 14

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