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Top (left to right): Thomas Wellbrock, Saeed Al Ketbi, Nasser Al Hammadi, Marcus Greco, Kevin Ramos, Anthony O’ Donnell, Salem Al Mansoori, Mohammed Al Ketbi, Jose Vega, Dennis Donis, Myung Jin Hong. Middle Row (left to right): Keiondra Hurt, Shequita Butler, Shanice Nixon, Ana Aleman, Dazjahnique Parker, Morgan Rinehart, Ashley Dole Front (left to right): Abdul Al Nuaimi, Zayed Al Tamimmi, Adel Al Housani, Turki Al Mansoori, Saif Al Ameri, Christian Collazo, Kevin Macisco, Manea Al Kaabi, Ahmed Al Kaabi, Sultan Al Shamisi. Missing: Ashley Munshegang

COMMENCEMENT 2013 Despite the heat and humidity, 31 students graduated on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 amid celebratory cheers and applause. Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman once again joined the festivities and commended the seniors for their achievements and reminded them, “you can be anybody you want to be! Enjoy this day.” David Carter, President of ASD Board of Directors, congratulated the students and reminded them that “As graduates, you now become members of the alumni of ASD. That carries with it some level of responsibility. As alumni, we hope that you will support the school and help guard its reputation for excellence. What’s allowed us to survive (for 200 years) and thrive for that long is our ability to adapt to change and to chart a course for the future.”

advisors enough for my education”. Kevin Ramos and Dazjahnique Parker were elected to give the Class Address, and with the aid of a video thanked the school for all of the opportunities which helped them become passionate, confident and inspired young adults. Commencement speaker Isaac Agboola, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Science and Technologies at Gallaudet University and ASD Board member, encouraged the graduates to be persistent, have courage to face any future challenges and believe that “yes I can!”

Senior Ashley Dole welcomed the audience and reflected on how fast the time went while she was at ASD. “ I have learned so much since I came here; I cannot thank all the American School for the Deaf • 139 North Main Street • West Hartford, CT 06107 • (860) 570.2300 (Voice) • (860)570.2222 (TTY) • (860) 570.2301 (Fax) • 


Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman compliments students on their accomplishments

Kevin Ramos and family. Kevin was selected to give class address and was one of the winners of the Executive Director’s Award

Ana Aleman is presented with a balloon bouquet


Anthony O’Donnell stands with LEA Julianne Morin as he receives his diploma

Myung Jin (Bryan) Hong with his family

Marcus Greco with his family.


Going to College Is a Dream Come True Natesha Lane, mother of Daz Parker ‘13 When Dazjahnique “Daz” was a young girl, we had not figured out why she was so alone, so to herself. Kids would come over and play, but Daz would stay in a corner and do her own thing. I never thought that she was hearing impaired because she was just so independent – this is just the child that she will be. When we found out that she was hearing impaired, I almost thought this was the end- that she would not be able to do what other kids could do. For so long I was so overprotective of her. But Daz was and is tough – she would ride her bike, fall and scrape her legs – she never held back. This toughness was instilled in her – coming to ASD – this toughness was brought out more and she was taught to have a thick skin and not worry about what people say. . . she found her own individuality; she learned to communicate better with her family, learned a lot of responsibility. I have seen her grow her into a woman who tells me I can do this, can do that. If she had not come to ASD, I do not believe she would have gained that independence; that growth she has now. I am very proud of her and I do not regret the decision to send her to ASD. I am actually proud and happy that we discovered ASD; the student and the woman she has become; the awards and scholarships she has won. The thought she is actually going to college is a dream come true when years ago I was afraid this would not happen. ASD made that possible for her. I cannot describe in words what this means. I cannot describe how special the people at ASD are; to teach these young students that they can do anything. They can achieve and succeed. I have witnessed Daz’ growth – I have seen her be responsible and tell me that she can do things herself. As overprotective as I was, ASD made it easier for me to let go. I applaud all the staff at ASD, and I am happy to say that my daughter was a student here. For me, sending her to ASD was the best choice I have ever made.

Dazjahnique Parker with LEA Katherine Gabrielson from Ansonia CT



Class President Ashley Dole poses with twin sister Alyssa who graduated last year.

ASD’s Commitment to Education By Wanda Dole, mother of Ashley Dole ‘13

Morgan Rinehart with her family

ASDThe Right Move By Donna & Bruce Rinehart, Parents of Morgan ‘13 When Morgan was ready to enter kindergarten, it was recommended that she attend the American School for the Deaf. We were very apprehensive because the school, located in West Hartford, necessitated a three hour round trip bus ride. We worried how she would react to such a long day. To our surprise, she adapted well and looked forward to going to school. When she began high school she requested to live in the dorm so she could participate in after- school activities.


Morgan’s teachers and other staff have been wonderful mentors for her throughout her educational experience at ASD. She has matured into an intelligent and beautiful young woman. We can thank ASD for helping to shape her into the person she is today. As we stand on the threshold of a new school career at RIT/NTID, we are once more apprehensive. We can only hope Morgan will excel at college using all the important lessons she learned at ASD. (Morgan won the 2013 Executive Director’s Award which is presented to two seniors who have demonstrated excellence in their school career at the ASD. It is the most prestigious award any senior may receive.)

Our daughter Ashley was born profoundly deaf. When it was time for us to start thinking of sending her to school, my husband and I soon realized our state did not have a school for the deaf and only a handful of programs for deaf children. We tried to mainstream her into our local public school system but this ended in a disaster. We then tried programs for the deaf out of our school district which was yet another disaster, and academically Ashley was falling well behind her peers. Ashley was becoming increasingly frustrated, and we needed better options. We were tired and frustrated with programs that did not work in-state so we began looking at several different schools for the deaf. We decided to send Ashley to the American School for the Deaf (ASD), and this decision proved to be the best decision we made. ASD’s commitment to educating deaf and hard of hearing students helped Ashley reengage in learning and her grades improved. She took advantage of extracurricular activities getting involved in sports and developing an interest in student government which culminated in being elected Class President. Ashley has gained the skills and confidence needed to be a strong independent contributor in society, and we are so very proud of her accomplishments.


Monte Scholarships This scholarship fund was established in 1998 upon receipt of a donation from Ms. Althea Monte, an ASD graduate in the class of 1929. Her generosity is helping ASD college-bound students to meet the financial challenges of college.

Monte Scholarship winners Ashley Dole, Dennis Donis, Bryan Hong, Shanice Nixon, Marcus Greco, Daz Parker, Morgan Rinehart stand with Jeff Bravin, Assistant Executive Director, ASD Board President David Carter and Executive Director Edward Peltier

Sophomore/Junior Monte Scholarship winners: Zachary Bessette, Zoie Haggerty, Maria Dadario, Faye Frez-Albrecht, Kayla Valuriya, Andrea Velesquez, Estela Cordoso (missing: Gabriela Levesque, Jenilee Marques, Abdul Rouf, Kelly Byrnes)



Kaleb receives his Pre-School diploma

Students Marisol, William, Celeste, and Joannie all graduating from Kindergarten

Elementary Graduation It was another special day on June 20th 2013 as pre-school students stepped up to kindergarten, kindergarten students stepped up to first grade, 5th and 6th graders stepped up to middle school and 8th graders moved on to high school! Students’ achievements were met with smiles and applause. Edward Peltier, Executive Director, opened the ceremony with the declaration that not only are these graduates stepping into a new phase of their education, but the entire school is moving forward as ASD opens next year in the new state-ofthe-art educational facility. “This is a pinnacle moment in our 196 year history. We continue to move forward with excellence in teaching ability and facility.� Mr. Peltier was joined by Luisa Soboleski, Elementary Principal, to hand out awards and certificates to students. Ericka receives an award for excellent achievement


Hyltonn receives his diploma

Nikita and Edmarie receive the award for most outstanding student


Elementary and Junior High School Awards The following students received their pre-school certificates: Kayleb Vega, Kalianie Casella, Isaiah DosSantos, Kendrick Diaz, Dennis Vazquez, Zoe Andrighetti, Me-Shach Thomas, Sarah Bohon, Sulianie Casella, Hyltonn Pinnock and Lianna Desjardins. Our kindergarten graduates were: Will Rode, Celeste Yevich, Marisol Colon and Joannie Allen. 5th and 6th Grade Graduates: Front (left to right) Juan Castro, Shyanne Granklin, Oriana Foss, Cesar Aguilar, Khadija, Erika Polanco, Zander Towle, Emma Presley Back (left to right) Jahan Gillespie, Joshua Robinson, Dylan Mallach, Marcus Morales, Jarmal Puryear, Emily Pagan Absent from photo: Christian Ramaza

ELEMENTARY AWARDS Emily Feld’s Class: Achievement: Kalianie Casella Most Improved: Kayleb Vega Kelli Cord’s Class: Most Improved: Kendrick Diaz Rebecca Peter’s Class: Most Improved: Sarah Bohon Achievement: Will Rode Sue Avery’s Class: Most Improved Listening in Speech: Hyltonn Pinnock Debbie Hammond’s Class: Achievement in Math: Dylan Levesque Most Improved: Andrew Parent Linda Leimberger’s Class: Achievement: Erika Polanco Most Improved: Emma Presley Rachel Tyson’s Class Achievement: Juan Pagan Most Improved: Cameron Tubbs Laura Miller’s Class: Achievement: Hayden Mallach Most Improved: Yeriel Garcia Jean Orientale’s Class Achievement: Junior Seeley Most Improved: Brock Jones Jane Amoruso’s Class: Achievement in Math Participation: Zander Towle Most Improved in Math Computation: Marcus Morales Sue Giniso’s Class: Achievement in Reading: Emily Pagan Achievement in Math: Joshua Robinson Most Improved Language Arts: Dylan Mallach Mary Winchell’s Class: Achievement, All Around: Zander Towle Most Improved in Academic Progress: Joshua Robinson

8th Grade Graduates: Left to Right: Brooklyn Jacobs, Lexi Cyr, Hope Smith, Faith Hensel, Javier Santana, Edmarie Burgos, Marcos DelRosario, Hector Carrion, Robby Porter, Absent: Anthony Roberts

Teresa Hearn’s Class: Achievement/Perserverance in Language Arts: Joshua Robinson Most Improved Reading: Duray Frantz-Richards Most Improved Writing: Juan Castro

Art Award: Celeste Yevich, Emily Pagan, Tracy Bernadel


Dorm Award: Nikita Mallach

Anne Nutt’s Class: English Award: Chaz Palmer

Library Award: Devonne Wilson, Amato Muschette

Jennifer Hong’s Class: Most Consistent Facts: Marcos DelRosario

Jean Joseph & Kitty Quirk Outstanding Student Award: Emily Pagan Erika Polanco

Nancy Zurek’s Class: Achievement in Social Studies: Aleena Nicoloro

Marie Jean Philip ASL Poetry, Storytelling and Deaf Art Award: Emma Presley

Nancy Zurek, Jennifer Hong and Anne Nutt: All Around Outstanding Student – Nikita Mallach All Around Outstanding Student – Edmarie Burgos

Jr. High School Sons of the American Revolution Award: Edmarie Burgos Each year, the Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth Branch of the Sons of the American Revolution presents a citizenship medal and certificate to a deserving male or female Junior High School student.

Kristen Lingenheld’s Class: Most Consistent, Respectful, Responsible & Safe Behavior – Robby Porter Sandy Peck’s Class: Great Effort – Luis Mandato



Senior Awards American Legion Award: Recipients: Christian Collazo & Keiondra Hurt

A certificate and medallion are presented to the winner of the citizenship award A certificate of honorable mention is presented to the runner-up.

Tom Carver Board Award Recipient: Kevin Macisco

This award is given to a senior who has demonstrated outstanding Civi duty through Community Service hours

Shirley Jefferson SHC Award: Recipient: Ana Aleman

June McMahon Educational Leadership Award: Recipient: Anthony O’Donnell

The K. R. McKinney Award: Recipient: Keiondra Hurt

The Debbie Therrien Educational Leadership Award: Recipient: Abdul Al Nuaimi

This award has been developed to recognize one senior each year for notable growth and maturity in assuming responsibility for his/her health care needs.

This scholarship is intended for a student entering formal education at the college or university level or entering the work force.

The Father Bergin Memorial Scholarship: Recipient: Bryan Hong

This award is given in memory of Father Bergin who served the Deaf religious community as well as the students of ASD for many years for a student who is devoted to the Catholic faith and demonstrates good fellowship.

This award is for a student who is going to work and has a positive attitude.

This award goes to a student who has demonstrated leadership and good citizenship

James Pedersen Educational Leadership Award: Recipient: Kevin Macisco

This award goes to a student who has excellent attitude in Vocational/Technical areas.

Deaf Senior Citizen’s Award: Recipients: Dennis Donis & Shanice Nixon

Doug Moody Educational Leadership Award: Recipient: Adel Al Hosani

Hartford Club of the Deaf, Inc. Award: Recipients: Kevin Ramos & Dazjahnique Parker

The Eric Schroeder Educational Leadership Award: Recipient: Dazjahnique Parker

This award is given to one boy and one girl who exhibit a positive attitude, loyalty to ASD, and good citizenship.

This scholarship is awarded to a college-bound student who is a Connecticut resident showing leadership and academic promise.

The Powers Residential Life/Vocational Memorial Award: Recipient: Ana Aleman

This award, designated by the Residential Advisors and nominated by the Vocational Staff, is earned by a residential student who is going directly into the work force, and/or pursuing vocational training.

The DesRoberts Residential Life/Vocational Memorial Award: Recipient: Ashley Dole This award, designated by the Residential Advisors and nominated by the Vocational Staff, is earned by a residential student who is going directly into the work force, and/or pursuing vocational training.

Eileen Boysen Memorial Award: Recipient: Tommy Wellbrock

This award is given to a senior who demonstrates achievement, outstanding effort, cooperation and good attendance record. The student must be planning to enter employment and/or vocation training.

President’s Education Awards Program (certificate and pin): Recipients: Dazjahnique Parker & Shanice Nixon

These certificates and pins are in recognition of academic improvement and achievement by the President of the United States.

Don Cassin Board Ward Recipient: Dennis Donis

This award is given to a senior who has demonstrated outstanding Civic duty through Community Service hours


This award goes to a student who has a positive attitude and demonstrates good citizenship and leadership qualities.

This award goes to a student who has a positive attitude and demonstrates good citizenship and leadership qualities.

Roselle Weiner Educational Leadership Award: Recipient: Ashley Dole

This award goes to a student who demonstrates a love of reading.

Teacher Ashley Mazur with Mikyala Thompson

Ben E. Hoffmeyer Scholarship: Recipient: Dennis Donis

This award is given to a student in recognition for achievement in vocational/technical education and who is pursuing additional education in a vocational/technical field.

Executive Director’s Award: Recipients: Kevin Ramos & Morgan Rinehart

This award is the most prestigious award any senior may receive. It is presented to two seniors who have demonstrated excellence in their school career at the American School for the Deaf.

Al Darby Educational Leadership Award: Recipient: Jose Vega

This award goes to a student who is excellent in Academics and Athletics.

Neil Tabbert Residential Life-Student Support Leadership Award: Recipient: Brian Hong

This award goes to a student who is going to school or work and has a positive attitude.

George MacKinnon Memorial Award: Recipients: Dazjahnique Parker & Marcus Greco

These certificate/plaque are in recognition of the outstanding male & female senior athlete demonstrating athletic ability and sportsmanship.

Winfield McChord Scholarship: Recipient: Shanice Nixon

This scholarship is presented to a college-bound senior who has demonstrated qualities in citizenship and loyal service to the school.

E. B. Boatner Memorial Scholarship: Recipient: Dazjahnique Parker

This scholarship is presented to a college-bound senior who has demonstrated qualities in citizenship and loyal service to the school. Keiondra Hurt with Hartford LEA Geralyn Eagan


Thomas Wellbrock with Isaac Igboola, Edward Peltier and David Carter

Academic, CATS & PACES Teacher’s Achievement Awards QUAD 1 AWARDS:


Most Responsible Student: Marcelline Hakizimana

Outstanding Effort and Improvement in Journalism: Ana Aleman

Most Respectful, Hardworking: Carla Cabrera

Excellence, Achievement & Leadership in PhotoLiteracy: Eric Rodriguez

Best All-Around Student: Elyssa Brooks

Most Enthusiastic Student in American History: Hunter Petit

Most Improved Student: Mikayla Thompson PACES AWARDS:

Most Responsible Student and Excellence in Math: Ana Aleman

Excellence in Respect and Effort in English and Civics: Amber Passcascio-Dorwish

Outstanding Motivation in School Work and College Prep: Bryan Hong

Great Effort: Luis Mandato

Overall Academic Improvement in Psychology: Zoie Haggerty

Most Motivated and Great Effort: Delvinsson Villar Most Motivated in Math: Delvinsson Villar Most Consistent, Respectful, Responsible & Safe Behavior: Robby Porter PACES Principal’s Award: Jennifer Soto Speech and Language Pathologist Awards: Excellence in Communication: Ray Wolowitz Excellence in Aural Habilitation/ Demonstrating Overall Improvement: Christian Collazo Most Conscientious & Responsible Student: Bryan Hong

Most Improved Student in English: Dennis Donis Most Improved in English Class: Bryan Hong Great Effort and Improvement in English: Luis Burgos Most Conscientious and Responsible Math Student: Luis Burgos Outstanding Drama Students: Regina Miller, Zoie Haggerty, Zachary Bessette Most Improved in ASL English & Math (UAE Students): Rashed Ali Mansoori Excellence in English Language Studies: Zayed Al Tamimmi

Best Effort in Communication: Adel Al Hosani Christian Collazo receiving his s diploma



Academic, CATS & PACES Teacher’s Achievement Awards

Dennis Donis with Isaac Igboola, Executive Director Edward Peltier, Evie Shapiro, LEA from Stamford, and ASD Board President David Carter

CATS Awards: Outstanding Student in CADD Robotics: Kyle Dombrowski Most Improved in Culinary Arts Skills: Edward Andrejko Most Successful Student in Video and Yearbook Design: Shanice Nixon Most Conscientious & Responsible Student: Christian Ramazza Superb Positive Attitude throughout the Year: Alexis Lindsey Most Dedicated Effort in Physical Education: Nasser Al Hammadi Most Improved in Auto Maintenance: Ray Wolowitz Outstanding Effort and Responsibility in Work Study Program: Dennis Donis

HIGH HONORS Adel Al Hosani Rashed Al Mansoori Zayed Al Tamimi Jonathan Campoverde Regina Fuller Nikita Mallach Dazjahnique Parker Amber Pascascio-Dorwish Andrea Velasquez Ahmed M.K. Al Kaabi Abdul Al Nuaimi Ana Aleman Maria Dadario Faye Frez-Albrecht Gabriela Levesque Hunter Petit Kevin Ramos Morgan Rinehart Honors Ymarc Ancheta Ashley Dole Elena Sonnemann Zachary Bessette Marcus Greco Anthony Medina Christopher Pichardo Kalyakorn Valuriya Delvinsson Villar

GOLD CORD (3.33-4.00 Seniors) Adel Al Hosani Zayed Al Tamimi Kevin Ramos Abdul Al Nuaimi SILVER CORD (3.00-3.32 SENIORS) Nasser Al Hammadi Manea Al Kaabi Turki Al Mansoori Marcus Greco Morgan Rinehart Ahmed M. K. Al Kaabi Salem Al Mansoori Ana Aleman Dazjahnique Parker PERFECT ATTENDANCE: Elyssa Brooks Kelly Byrnes Nicole Cintron Zoie Haggerty Keiondra Hurt Alexis Lindsey Danny Lord Anthony Medina Elena Sonnemann

Shaquita Butler with New London LEA’s Kathryn Patterson, Marian Brown and Keynote Speaker, Isaac Igboola.

High School Principal’s Award:Brandan Macisco


Executive Director Edward Peltier stands with award winners Kevin Ramos and Morgan Rinehart


ASD Achievements 2012-2013 “Thank you” to parents, faculty and staff for your efforts on behalf of our students Academic Bowl French Exchange Program Peace Jam CT Forum/Student Forum (leadership activity) Junior Association of the Deaf/Leo Club Sports/Clubs (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Cheerleading, Softball, Swimming, Golf, Disc Golf, Dance) Robotics Team wins Judges Award Reading Rocks Fly Fishing

ASD Girls Basketball

We the People Student Work Group/Work Study Program/TAV Positive Behavioral Intervention Support Program initiated (P.B.I.S.) Marie Jean Philip ASL Storytelling/Poetry/Art Contest Life Skills Program in the dorm PACES Garden After School Language Enrichment Program Green Monster Recycling Event

Student Panel members from “We are the People”

French Exchange Program UNICEF Collection Support to Sandy Hook Elementary School Drama Club - Annie Girl Scouts ‘ASD’s Got Talent’ Show Martin Luther King, Jr. Club Black History Month Tiger Garden Project Author Visit- Sara Albee

Scene from ASD’s play “Annie”

Summer Reading Kickoff Fire Prevention Poster Contest Camp Isola Bella Justice is Also Deaf On the Road Lewis Mills School Exchange PAWS (Peers Are Wonderful Support) Governor’s Coalition for Youth with Disabilities Winner Daz Parker Members of the CT Youth Forum


American School for the Deaf

Non-profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Hartford, CT Permit No. 1068


139 North Main Street West Hartford, CT 06107 (860) 570-2300 (Voice) (860) 570-2222 (TTY)

Hats off to the American School for the Deaf’s Graduating Class of 2013

MISSION: The American School for the Deaf serves the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community as a multi-facteted innovative institution dedicated to the development of intellect and the enhancement of quality of life, producing educated and self-directed citizens. VISION: The American School for the Deaf will be the premier comprehensive center providing education and resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, their families and educational partners in Connecticut and beyond.

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