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Volume 3 Number 2 • December 2013


youth REDEMPTORISTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE Tenth congress proves a big success MEET IN SARDINIA By Ryan Holovlasky

“Be life, believe, be love” was the theme of the 2013 Redemptorist youth meeting in Sardinia, Italy, which was attended by 500 young people, including 49 from Ireland. Seventeen provinces from continued on page 2

A VISIT TO POPE FRANCIS An experience I will treasure By Seamus Enright, CSsR I had the privilege of concelebrating Mass with Pope Francis on a recent pilgrimage to Rome with my sister and some friends. The Mass, on 3 October, was celebrated in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta where the Holy Father lives.

The experience was profoundly moving. The chapel is a simple and modern one and Pope Francis celebrated the Mass with great reverence but without pomp and ceremony. It was like Mass in any parish church in the world. continued on page 3


The Irish group that attended the Youth Congress

all corners of Europe as well as from the US and further afield were represented at the event, which took place from 7-12 August. Redemptorist Youth Ministry encourages young people to join

followed by catechesis in different language groups. After catechesis, discussion groups considered topics such as Life, Community, Faith and Mission. At Mass on the second morning a new

A gathering of Redemptorist students from around Europe

with Redemptorists in promoting the mission that St Alphonsus set out all those years ago when founding the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. The opening ceremony was filled with the local culture and hospitality of Sardinia. Fr Michael Brehl, superior general of the Redemptorists, officially opened the congress. Each day began with Morning Prayer 2

The Irish delegation presented Fr General with a personalized shirt, with both the Canadian and Irish flags on it and his name on the back. The fourth evening was all about sport, with tug of war, water in the cup and sack races providing great fun. Of course, the overall winners were the Irish!

Redemptorist made his profession of vows. Max Mura CSsR had just returned from South

Africa after completing his novitiate there. In the afternoons there was a huge variety of workshops to choose from, including visiting a peach farm, making pasta, Irish dance or the local Sardegna dance, painting and beading. On the first two evenings each group made a cultural presentation.

Superior General, Fr Michael Brehl accepts the temporary vows of a young brother

The closing Mass was celebrated by the Archbishop of Cagliari. He spoke about the faith of Abraham, and asked us to become aware of the mission the Lord has entrusted to each of us today, which is to walk in the light and to not be afraid. I came away from the 10th Redemptorist Youth Congress rejuvenated in my faith. It was wonderful to see so many young people gather to pray and express their love for God. I’m very thankful for being a part of the 2013 Youth Congress in San Sperate and look forward to the next meeting in 2016.


In one of those gifted moments, the readings of the day were appropriate for a Redemptorist and confirming of my vocation as a preacher. The first reading, from the prophet Nehemiah (8:1-12) described how Ezra and Nehemiah gathered the people together, proclaimed the Word of God and explained it to them. Luke’s Gospel (10:1-12) recounted how Jesus sent the 72 disciples to prepare the way for Him. I was able to imagine myself in that long line of preachers.

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I had a brief meeting with Pope Francis after Mass. He asked me – as he does everybody – to pray for him and I promised that I would. I always have my late father’s rosary beads in my pocket and I asked the Holy Father to bless them for me. I was amazed at the attention I received from Pope Francis and at the intensity with which he prayed over my beads as he blessed them. I will always treasure that moment and the rosary beads are now doubly precious to me. We were able to slip into St Peter’s Basilica afterwards for a time of prayer and to visit the shrines of Blessed

John XXIII and Blessed John Paul II. The visit to Blessed John Paul’s shrine was an emotional one for me as my mother was with me the last time I prayed at his shrine. A highpoint in my mother’s life was sitting fairly close to Pope John Paul during an audience in St Peter’s Square some years ago. Unfortunately, my mother is no longer in a position to travel.

I always pause for a moment of prayer and reflection at the statue of St Alphonsus during my visits to St Peter’s. This time the visit was both more emotional and more prayerful than usual. I remembered the profound regard St Alphonsus had for the papacy and how he defended papal infallibility in very difficult and challenging times.


The mission gets a new member In September 2013 Fr Michael Dempsey joined our new mission in Mozambique. A native of Belfast, Michael worked as a nurse in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children for eight years before joining the Redemptorists. While in formation he ministered in Brazil for a year before joining the mission team in Mount St Alphonsus, Limerick. Following his

ordination in 2007, he continued to give parish missions throughout the country while based in the Redemptorist community, Dundalk. In a message sent soon after his arrival in Mozambique, Michael wrote, “I am settling in slowly but surely to this new life. My health is good, thank God, but the weather here in Tete is so hot! I received a lovely

welcome from the people in Furancungo at both Sunday Masses last week, and they seem to have taken me to their hearts.” We wish Michael every blessing as he takes up his new appointment. For more information about the Redemptorists in Mozambique and the Redemptorist way of life, go to Fr Michael Dempsey CSsR



Sr Monica with Redemptorist Provincial Fr Michael Kelleher CSsR

On July 28, 2013, Sr Monica Boggan OSsR made her final profession as a Redemptoristine Sister at the Monastery of St Alphonsus, Dublin. Sue Leonard talks to Sister Monica about her life and calling. Last summer, Monica Boggan did something that drastically changed the course of her future. The 30-year-old took lifetime vows to live in the Redemptoristine community in Drumcondra, Dublin. The order is enclosed, which means Sr Monica isn’t allowed out. Why did this young woman from Co. Meath choose this contemplative path? It all started when she was just 12 years old... “I got a call from God to be a nun,” explains Sr Monica. “I wrote to lots of orders but they all said I was too young and told me to go and enjoy life. So I did.” After finishing school, Monica worked as a secretary. She had a busy social life, going out with friends to nightclubs and the cinema. But she still felt the call. “Then one day I saw a notice for a weekend experiencing the Redemptoristine way of life. I filled in a form and within weeks I was called for a monastic weekend. “I told myself, ‘Whatever happens, Lord, I’m open to 4

being with the sisters and enjoying the weekend,’ and God surprised me big time. When I met the sisters I had tremendous joy in my heart. It was like I’d known them all my life. My desire to be here grew and grew.” What was it about the Redemptoristines that appealed to you, Sr Monica? “It was the contemplative dimension of the life. It was entering into the silence and listening to Jesus more. It was also the community way of life.” You entered the monastery five years ago now. How has it been? “Very rewarding and very challenging – in a good sense. I’ve been growing into the person I am today, growing in my relationship with Jesus, and learning to work with and love the others in the community.” Do you ever fall out with the other sisters? “There are certain sisters I trust and confide in more than others, but that’s natural. We can’t all share with everyone. There are 16 nuns here; the eldest is 85 and the youngest is 27.” Don’t you envy the freedom

enjoyed by your brother and three sisters, especially the two who have children? “I love children. I remember when my sister had her second baby, I was happy and excited for them, but I felt I was missing out. I feel that on the kids’ birthdays too, but I always ring up for a chat. I see them every two months, and I can hug the babies.” Do you ever get lonely? “Sometimes you’re going through something that you don’t want to share. And you can be lonely when you’re not there to share in something that’s happening in your family. But my relationship with my family has deepened.” Much of your day is spent in prayer, but you also make altar breads... “I love to know that the bread I’m putting in the boxes for the priest is going to become the body of Christ. I don’t know if I’ll

ever grasp that fully. It’s just a wow!” Are you allowed any treats, like chocolates? “There’s always lots of healthy food like brown bread, yogurts and fruit. But if you want a particular chocolate bar you have to ask permission.” The monastery has a website and a Twitter account. Isn’t that a bit strange for an enclosed order? “We’re reaching out through the internet. People ask for prayers and share their joys and sorrows. We read all the emails. But people still write letters and chat to us after Mass. We don’t always hear if our prayers have been answered, but I have faith and I believe God’s working for us.” For more information about the Redemptoristines, visit:


The award-winning teen magazine from Redemptorist Communications is taking off around the world

Fr Gerard Moloney CSsR

Face up has been an amazing success story in Ireland since it was first published over 10 years ago, with thousands of teenagers reading it in schools, youth clubs, parishes and at home. Based upon its success in Ireland, Redemptorist Communications made the brave move to expand Face Up into other Englishspeaking markets, including

the USA and Australia. As part of its expansion plans, Redemptorist Communications introduced a new digital version of the magazine, along with a Face Up app. An US-based agent has also been appointed. So far, uptake has been good, with overseas customers enjoying the magazine’s unique format. Face Up has managed to strike a cord with Catholic teens internationally, and in particular with those who are socially aware and searching for something deeper. Fr Gerard Moloney, Face Up editor, explained: “Based on our research, particularly in the US, we found that there was nothing similar to Face

ST CLEMENT’S COLLEGE ETHOS DAY Promoting the Catholic ethos

The annual Ethos Day was held in St Clement’s College, Limerick, on August 30th, attended by the staff as well as members of the Trustee Board and the Board of Management. The main focus was a lecture by Professor Richard Gaillardetz of Boston Theological College on the essential elements

necessary for promoting a Catholic ethos in the school. Mass was celebrated by the new Bishop of Limerick, Dr Brendan Leahy. Members of the Mount St Alphonsus Redemptorist community were present for the lovely lunch on what was a wonderful beginning to the new school year.

Up, and feedback received gave us the confidence to expand internationally. The themes explored in Face Up are universal and resonate with teenagers everywhere, regardless of where they live.” In November, representatives from Redemptorist Communications travelled to the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis to promote the magazine. The three-day event was attended by over 25,000 teenagers and youth leaders, and was a wonderful opportunity to raise the magazine’s profile in the United States. The Archbishop of Indianapolis, Joseph Tobin, offered his personal endorsement of the magazine: “Face Up has

been a wonderful resource for Catholic teenagers in Ireland and the UK for more than a decade. I am delighted that it is now available in the United States. I have been familiar with Face Up since its inception and believe that the growth in its outreach indicates its value in reaching young people today.” For more information on Face Up, or to support our work, go to: www.faceup. ie. You can also follow the magazine on Facebook and Twitter.

ST CLEMENT’S GETS NEW VICE PRINCIPAL Congratulations to Mr Pat Talty on his appointment as Deputy Principal of St Clement’s College, Limerick. As a member of the St Clement’s staff since the early 1980s Pat taught Business Studies, Commerce and Maths, and served as Head of Transition Year before taking on this new responsibility. He replaces Mr Gerry O’Donoghue,

Pat Talty

who has retired after 13 years as Deputy Principal and 41 years on the college staff. We wish Gerry well in his retirement.

Fr Michael Kelleher, Gerry O’Donoghue & Vincent Foley




Fr Brian Holmes, CSsR, reports on the first Redemptorist mission in Mozambique

Cuamba is a busy, dusty, colourful city in the northern province of Niassa in Mozambique. It is here that we celebrated the first Redemptorist parish mission in this country. Our Argentinean confreres, who

Toyota get us there and back safe and sound? Despite these doubts we decided to go. While the Argentineans made three pre-mission visits, John Bermingham and myself helped out on the second one, where we tried to prepare the Christian community leaders for the mission that lay ahead. Cuamba has a population of 80,000 people, An early morning procession about 25% have been in the southern of whom are Catholic. part of the country for 10 The city is divided into years, were invited to “do seven communities, so a Redemptorist mission.” we formed seven teams of We hesitated at first to Redemptorists, sisters, and accept the invitation to lay missionaries, and spent join them: we still hadn’t 10 days in each community. completed even one year It was a big novelty, as in the province of Tete. they never had anything We are still struggling with like this before. We had language, culture, and what early morning processions, it means to be a missionary praying the rosary and in Mozambique today. singing beautiful hymns, Our third confrere, Brother mainly in the Macua Hélio had just arrived from language, and celebrating Brazil. And then there the Eucharist. Then, after were the distances to be covered. If we travelled by Mozambican roads, it would be about 1500km each way. If we were to go through Malawi it would only be about 500km, but the bureaucracy and police “road blocks” along the way would be a nuisance. And would our 14-year-old 6

breakfast, visiting people’s homes, giving first place to the old and sick. The local community provided lunch, and each afternoon we had meetings with different groups - children, youth, couples, women, men, community leaders. Finally, in the late afternoon we had the evening celebration of the mission, when we celebrated the good news of God’s love and compassion for all, especially for the lost. In spite of our earlier reservations, the mission

Fr John giving thanks in Macua

simple, little homes. A stool was quickly produced, the bamboo mat spread out on the ground for us to sit on, and they were happy to share their story with us and to listen to ours. On the final Sunday morning, all the communities came in procession to the parish centre for the final celebration. Fr Santiago preached and Fr John thanked the people on behalf of the Redemptorists, using their own language, Macua, which made them very happy. In the final evaluation that Fr Brian celebrating Mass Sunday afternoon turned out to be an with the community enjoyable and rewarding leaders, the general opinion experience. We were well was that it was worthwhile. received by the people who For Cuamba it was a gave us great support. They week of renewal, prayer, were very poor, but always joy, and looking at life, showed joy and thanks family, work, and society when we arrived at their in light of the Gospel. For us Redemptorists it was a learning experience. We had to constantly adapt the different models we brought with us, open up new paths, learn to work within the limits of time, language, and local culture, and walk each day close to the people of God. The Mission Mass

BIG CROWDS AT ST GERARD’S NOVENA Good weather adds to festive atmosphere The annual St Gerard Majella novena in the Redemptorist church Dundalk began with a full church at 7am on Friday, 8 October. Over the next nine days more than 8000 people attended the ten sessions every day. The weather was kind, and the atmosphere was joyful and uplifting. People usually associate Redemptorists with the novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help, but in the Dundalk area, and throughout the northeast, there is strong devotion to Gerard Majella. His shrine in the Redemptorist church in Dundalk has been a centre of devotion for more

than eighty years. Gerard was a Redemptorist Brother who died in 1755 in Materdomini, Southern Italy, at the age of 29. Devotion to him spread rapidly and he is now one of the most popular saints, known especially as “the mother’s saint.” As a result, a noticeable feature of St Gerard’s novena is the number of young families, pregnant women and children who attend. The theme of this year’s novena was “Stand firm in faith,” marking the 50th anniversary of the second Vatican Council as well as celebrating the Year of

SERVE CELEBRATES 10 YEARS From small beginnings, something great has grown

On the weekend of the 30 August–1 September, SERVE held its official “SERVE Fest” celebrations in Galway to mark its 10-year anniversary of volunteering and international development. The weekend was marked by reunions of SERVE volunteers and supporters, as well as an entertainment marquee on Eyre Square, an excellent

marching band performance on Shop Street by the Redemptorist Centre of Music Concert Band (Limerick) and the Newmarket-on-Fergus Brass Band, the Flip-Flop Ball in the Meyrick Hotel, and a world record attempt, gathering the largest number of people together to run one kilometre in flip-flops. People travelled from as far

Fr Tony Rice blesses a young friend

The Novena Crowd

Faith. On October 12, two young people, Bobbie-Leigh Herdman and Christopher Smith spoke about their involvement with the Redemptorists, highlighting especially the link for them between faith and service. The rain finally came on the last day of the novena, but it did little to dampen the spirit of gratitude which marked what had been a very special experience. Speaking at the

end of each session that day, Fr Michael Cusack, rector of St Joseph’s, thanked all who had attended for the witness of their faith and for the prayerful atmosphere they had created. It had been, he said, a wonderful “Festival of Faith.” The novena to St Gerard Majella takes place annually from 8-16 October at St Joseph’s Redemptorist Church Dundalk.

as Zimbabwe and Germany to be part of the celebrations for an organisation that has had a hugely successful ten years in the development sector. Most notably, eight of the first group of volunteers from 2003 were present. The first SERVE initiative comprised of twelve young Irish adults working with development partners in the Philippines for ten weeks. This experience prompted a vision that has seen SERVE work with partners in Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India, the Philippines and Thailand. Since 2003, SERVE has placed over 750 Irish volunteers on overseas assignments and contributed over €14 million to development projects. The mission tradition of the Redemptorists and the associated commitment

of resources to working with young adults acted as the catalyst for the SERVE initiative. The Redemptorists in Cherry Orchard, Dublin, provided space to facilitate returned volunteers to cultivate the SERVE vision, which has since grown to incorporate offices in Cork, Belfast and Galway. SERVE is already gearing up for 2014 with two school groups booked for volunteering projects to South Africa and Mozambique, and SERVE’s 2014 summer volunteer recruitment under way. The annual Four Peaks Challenge, Run-A-Muck and Flip-Flop Friday events are also taking shape for 2014. It looks like ithe next ten years will be equally busy. For more information, visit



Opportunity to reflect on our shared vocation

involvement with church and youth ministry, SERVE projects and the communications outreach of the Province. As this was our fourth annual RA Day, it was like a gathering of old friends, as associates from Cork, Dundalk, Esker, Dublin and Belfast reconnected. A highlight of the day The Redemptorist Associates (RA) Day in Clonard (Belfast) on September 21st was a joyful and uplifting experience. Keeping in mind that 2013/14 has been declared a year for the promotion of the Redemptorist vocation, the theme chosen for the day was “Celebrating and Promoting our shared Redemptorist Missionary Vocation.” Several people spoke about

their participation in the Redemptorist life and mission and on what they see as the essential elements of that vocation. Frs Derek Ryan and Johnny Doherty spoke from their perspective as professed Redemptorists while Claire Carmichael, Lynn Brophy and Henrietta O’Meara reflected on the variety of ways in which their lives have connected with the Redemptorist missionary calling, through





Summer seminar a big success

Two new Redemptorist students Two new members joined the formation community in Dundalk in early September. Tom Treacy from Tipperary and Mark McMullan from Belfast have settled well into their introductory year to Redemptorist life and ministry. They participated in the St Gerard’s novena in October, before going on placement to the Redemptorist communities in Cork (Scala) and London (Clapham).

Dr Richard “Rick” Gaillardetz, from Boston Theological College, led four days of reflection in August on the topic “The Church in Mission – Reading the Signs of the Times.” The insightful, challenging and humorous input was enjoyed by the Redemptorists and lay collaborators who attended.

Congratulations to those who participated in the Dublin Mini Marathon in June to raise funds for the Redemptorist Mission in Mozambique. Well done, ladies. 8

was a guided tour of the recently renovated Clonard church conducted by Fr Brendan McConvery. Many associates were visiting Belfast for the first time and they were most grateful for the warm welcome extended to them by the local associates and Clonard community.



Exploring what it means


Fr Michael Brehl, superior general of the Redemptorists and his council, have invited Redemptorists everywhere to celebrate a “Year for the promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation.” The year began on the feast of St Alphonsus, August 1, 2013 and continues until the Foundation Day of the congregation on November 9, 2014. Its purpose is to remind Redemptorists and those who work with them that they are missionaries: priests, brothers, sisters, and lay men and women who are sent to preach the Gospel ever anew, above all to the abandoned and the poor. Each unit of the congregation has been invited to explore concrete steps to develop and promote its missionary vocation. Fr Brehl offered the following prayer to mark the year: “Lord Jesus, out of love for all, you have called us to continue your redeeming mission in the world. O Father, blessed be your name forever! With humble heart and

open hands before you, we give you thanks for the gift of life, and above all, for our baptismal vocation which calls us to live as your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ. Guided by the Holy Spirit, with freedom and confidence, we ask you, our Redeemer: make us strong in faith, so that we can witness to everyone that you are the centre of our lives. May we always live in joyful hope in order to announce that Redemption is plentiful for all, especially for the most abandoned, the poor. May we be untiring in love, so that we serve all with a generous and creative heart. Give us also a sincere humility which makes us conscious that we need you always, and that we can do nothing without you. May this Year of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation wake us up to your call, Lord, above all to that which promotes the dignity of human life, especially for young people, so that we may be authentic Redemptorist missionaries: witnesses and missionaries of the great work of Redemption. May St Alphonsus and Our Mother of Perpetual Help accompany us and keep us always faithful to the mission. Amen.”

General Consultors visit Ireland In April and May 2013, representatives of the General Government of the Redemptorist Congregation visited the Dublin Province. Fr Enrique Lopes (Consulter General & Vicar), Br Jeffrey Rolle (Consulter General) and Fr Jacek Zdrzalek (Co-ordinator of the Conference of Europe) visited all of the communities and ministries of the Province and were joined by the Superior General, Fr Michael Brehl, for an assembly of the Province to end the visitation. This fraternal visitation was a positive experience for the Province, connecting us with the wider Redemptorist world.

Fr Enrique Lopes, Fr Noel Kehoe (member Provincial Council), Fr Michael Brehl (Superior General), Fr Michael Kelleher (Provincial), Br Jeffrey Rolle (Consulter General), Fr Peter Burns (member Provincial Council) and Fr Jacek Zdrzalek (Coordinator of the Conference of Europe)


The rector of Mount St Alphonsus, Fr Adrian Egan, made a presentation of an icon of our Mother of Perpetual Help to the new Bishop of Limerick, Dr Brendan Leahy, when the bishop attended the Limerick novena in June. 9

N ST CLEMENT’S REDEMPTORISTS GONE TO GOD Fr Denis Cronin C.Ss.R. Born: 1933; Died: December 2012

Fr Denis “Den” Cronin was born in Kiskeam, Co. Cork on February 20, 1933. Inspired by a Redemptorist mission conducted in his local parish in 1948, Denis decided to join the Redemptorists. He attended St Clement’s College, Limerick and entered the novitiate after his Leaving Cert. Shortly after ordination in 1959, Denis was selected to go to Brazil as part of the Redemptorists’ new mission in that country. He was to remain there for the rest of his life. Noted as a builder of churches and schools, Denis worked in parish ministry, in social action and as vice provincial bursar. He died in Brazil on December 12, 2012 and is buried among the people whom he served faithfully for more than 50 years. Speaking at a memorial Mass for Fr Denis in Kiskeam, his nephew Michael Moynihan, TD, noted the high regard and affection in which his uncle was held by all those who knew him: “Words like ‘Saint,’ ‘Gentleman,’ ‘Lovely man,’ ‘Great man to keep in touch’ and ‘He did so much good work in Brazil’ were said, but most of all, ‘He fought the good fight, he kept the faith and ultimately he won the race.’ May his gentle soul rest in peace.” Fr Barney Casey C.Ss.R. Born: 1930; Died: April 2013

Fr Barney Casey was born on July 27, 1930 in Newtowncashel, Co. Longford. He joined the Redemptorists in 1948 and, after ordination in 1955, he was assigned to the Redemptorist Community in Esker, Co. Galway, where he worked as a parish missioner. In 1957 he was appointed to the Philippines. He would spend the remainder of his life 10

there as a member of the Bacolod and Iloilo communities. Travelling from barrio to barrio preaching missions, he was noted for his availability in helping people and for his commitment to working for justice, particularly during the martial law period. With the advancing years, his ministry was focused in St Clement’s church in Iloilo City where he was much loved by the people. He assisted at the Masses on Easter Sunday and enjoyed a hearty Easter dinner but was found dead in bed on the following morning, April 1, 2013. A committed missionary, Barney was buried in Iloilo amongst his beloved Filipinos.

to the Philippines the following year and remained there for the rest of his life. In the early years Fonso preached missions in the central and southern Philippines. Throughout the 1960s and 70s he was treasurer for the Vice-Province of Cebu. In 1978 he volunteered to become chaplain to the Eversley Childs Sanatorium, the leper hospital and compound in Cebu, were he worked devotedly for the next 28 years. Ill health forced his retirement in 2006. However, Fonso remained in Cebu where he was lovingly cared for until his death on September 20, 2013. In accordance with his wishes, he was buried with his beloved lepers in the sanatorium.

Fr Denis O’Sullivan C.Ss.R. Born: 1926; Died: February 2013

Fr Michael Browne C.Ss.R.

Fr Denis O’Sullivan was born in Greenmount Avenue, Cork, in 1926. A late vocation, he worked as a store man in a Volkswagen dealership in Cork and was a loyal member of the Legion of Mary before joining the Redemptorists in 1973. Ordained in 1979, he ministered with the School Retreat Team until 1986, and then as a member of the church team in Limerick until 1996, when he retired due to ill health. Nevertheless, he continued to take care of the community oratory, and made himself available to assist with confessions at the Solemn Novena or when school groups visited. A gentle man, he died as he lived, quietly and unexpectedly, in his chair in his room, on February 24, 2013.

Born: 1934; Died: September 2013

Fr Alphonsus Walsh C.Ss.R. Born: 1927; Died: September 2013

Fr Alphonsus “Fonso” Walsh was born in Dublin in 1927. He joined the Redemptorists in 1948 and was ordained in 1955. Fonso was assigned

A native of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Fr Michael Browne was born in 1934. He attended St Coleman’s College, Newry, before joining the Redemptorists in 1952. Ordained in 1960, Michael spent much of his ministry in Belfast, in St Clement’s Retreat House and in Clonard Monastery, as its rector, in the early 1970s during some of the worst days of “The Troubles.” He was later assigned to St Joseph’s Monastery Dundalk and to the Retreat House in Galway and also served as Vocations Director in the 1980s. He returned to Clonard in 1989 where he ministered until recent years. Known as “the smiling face of Clonard,” Michael was a fond favourite of all who worshipped there and was appreciated for his warm welcome and fine singing voice. Following a protracted illness, he died on September 5, 2013.

Fr Michael Condon C.Ss.R.

Fr Patrick Cunning C.Ss.R.

Fr William Power C.Ss.R.

Born: 1934; Died: February 2013

Born: 1934; Died: May 2013

Born: 19220; Died: October 2013

Fr Michael Condon, from Herbertstown, Co. Limerick, was born in 1934. He entered the novitiate in Esker, Co. Galway in 1952 and was professed as a Redemptorist in 1953. Ordained in 1959 Michael was appointed soon afterwards to the new Redemptorist mission in Brazil where he ministered for 15 years, after which he spent some years in Canada before returning to Ireland. In declining health, he spent the last years of his life in nursing home accommodation. He died in Dublin on February 23, 2013.

Fr Patrick (Patsy) Cunning was born in Belfast in 1934. He entered the noviciate in 1952 and was ordained in 1960. Following studies in Rome he taught philosophy for some years at the Redemptorist Seminary in Galway. He then served in Clonard, Belfast, and later as rector in St Joseph’s, Dundalk, and also in Marianella, Dublin, before being appointed Provincial Bursar. He was invited to Rome in the 1980s where he worked for almost 20 years as the General Treasurer of the congregation. His insight, gentle nature and good humour ensured he was very much appreciated by all. On returning to Ireland Patsy worked at St Gerard’s parish, Belfast before moving back to Clonard. He spent the last years of his life in a nursing home yet always remaining positive and upbeat. He died on May 9, 2013.

Fr William “Willie” Power was born in Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick in 1922. He completed his secondary studies at the Redemptorist College in Limerick before joining the Redemptorists in 1941. While still a student Willie was sent to India where he was ordained in 1949. He spent many years preaching missions and retreats in towns and parishes across India and Sri Lanka and was novice master for a period before returning to Ireland in 1974. After some time in Mount St Alphonsus community in Limerick, he was appointed as curate in the new parish of St Joseph, Dundalk in 1978, where he endeared himself to the parishioners by his kind and pleasant manner. On returning to Limerick in 1983 he became director of the Holy Family confraternity and later worked as chaplain to the Milford Care Home and to the Brother Stephen Russell House. He continued in active ministry in these roles into his eighties. Willie spend his final years in Carrigoran Nursing Home where he slipped away quietly on October 23, 2013.

Fr Paddy Breen C.Ss.R. Born: 1925; Died: March 2013

Fr Paddy Breen was born in 1925 in Athlacca, Co. Limerick. One of 11 children, he attended St Munchins College Limerick before joining the Redemptorists. He was ordained in 1950. Paddy’s older brother, Joseph, was already a Redemptorist priest, and six of his sisters also entered religious life. After 16 years ministering in the Philippines Paddy was recalled to Ireland as Prefect of Students in Cluain Mhuire Galway and also worked as a parish missioner all over Ireland. Paddy was elected Vicar of the Irish Redemptorists in 1978. He later spent four years working in the Redemptorist Retreat House in Limerick until its closure in 1989 after which he moved to Dublin where he was chaplain in Mount Carmel Hospital. He retired to Mount St Alphonsus, Limerick in 2002. After a short illness he died in Carrigoran Nursing Home on March 27, 2013. A gentle, kind and ever-affirming member of the community, Paddy will be greatly missed by his confreres in Limerick and throughout the Irish province.

Fr Sean Bennett C.Ss.R. Born: 1924; Died: September 2013

Fr Sean Bennett was born in 1924 in Belfast, and was educated at St Clement’s College Limerick before joining the Redemptorists. Sean was professed in 1945 and ordained in 1952. He ministered in the Philippines for 10 years, in the West Indies for four years, and then in America for 10 years before returning to Ireland. In 1982 he was appointed to St Joseph’s Dundalk where he remained until his death. Besides working in St Joseph’s church and on parish missions, Sean was well known for his ministry of healing, through which his gentle and compassionate nature was much appreciated by all who met him. He spent a short period in a nursing home before quietly passing away on September 28, 2013.




Your generosity is a most vital source of support for us to continue in our work. Your generous spirit particularly in times of hardship all around is something for which we are always grateful. The Redemptorists date back to 1732. Our founder St Alphonsus preached a similar message to Pope Francis in reaching out to the poor and those on the margins of society. Our mission continues to be reaching out with the Good News of Jesus Christ by way of simple and accessible preaching. In Ireland since 1851, we have lived out our ministry in a number of very successful ways. Most well-known is by preaching popular parish missions throughout Ireland. In the past 50 years we have had significant success in conducting Solemn Novenas throughout the country, regularly drawing crowds of 10,000 per day for 9 days. Another commitment is to bring the Good News to the youth of Ireland. We do this by means of retreats, leadership programmes, youth centres, youth gatherings and a youth ministry training programme. Many Redemptorists travel to other countries and spend most of their lives ministering in what used to be called “the foreign missions”. From Ireland we have founded a new Redemptorists presence in the Philippines, India, Brazil and Mozambique and Malawi. We also spread the Good News by publications. Monthly we produce two magazines, Reality and Face-Up. We also publish and promote literature which communicates our vision, including our website and our Facebook page “Redemptorists Ireland.”

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