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The Transfiguration in the Gospels and in Life

The Passion Narratives in the Gospels

The Transfiguration in the Gospels, and its application to each of our lives is the focus of this inspiring lecture by Fr Denis McBride. It was recorded at a National Headteachers Retreat.

The different versions of the passion narrative are explored in this DVD by Fr Denis McBride. Offering great insight alongside humour, this is a wonderful teaching resource for individuals and small groups.

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Code: 1591 Price: £10.99


Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Code: 185486 Price: £10.99


Where Does the Jesus Story Begin? Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

This book reflects on the four different beginnings the Gospels provide to the life of Jesus, offering the readers keys that open up each of the Gospels in turn. Alongside that, there is the recurring question: where does your own story begin? Code: 1429 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852313299

Also available as a 10 - CD audiobook Code: 1434 Price: £35.95 ISBN: 9780852313381




The Parables of Jesus Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Jesus invests much of his teaching in parables which have as much power today as when they were first spoken. The insights and patterns of the contrary wisdom of God challenge us in and through the scriptures. In this book the reader gains fresh and exciting insights into the power of the parable. Code: 1091 Price: £12.50 ISBN: 9780852311929

01420 88222

The Power of the Parables

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

In this DVD, recorded live in Salford Diocese, Fr Denis brings fresh insight, looking at how the parables are just as important and powerful as when Jesus first delivered them. He offers an exciting and refreshing look at these messages from the New Testament. Code: 185440 Price: £10.00

Impressions of Jesus Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

In this book we meet a wide range of characters from the Gospel and share their reflections and reactions to Jesus. In a brilliantly imaginative way, we experience Jesus meeting real people in the real world in real human situations. Code: 1071 Price: £8.95 ISBN: 9780852311370

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Denis McBride is a Redemptorist priest, lecturer, author and Publishing Director of Redemptorist Publications. He has studied at great unive...

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