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Dear Friends, A warm welcome to our Advent and Christmas Catalogue 2019. I hope you find it a practical resource for the season of Advent and the feast of Christmas.


Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

You will see that we have extended our range to include candles, gift ideas and a new selection of crosses. Responding to requests from parish priests we have a new catalogue of Church Supplies, so please do check our new products on the website. Thank you sincerely for your support. Your regular backing of our charity means that we can continue our mission not only in producing books and products to support our faith, but also our missionary region in Zimbabwe, our fund for sick and elderly Redemptorists, our pro bono publications like the Pastoral Outreach series and our publications in support of Catholic prisoners. Wishing you and your loved a blessed Advent and a joyful Christmas.

Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Publishing Director

New for 2019

Diary 2020

Fr Denis McBride See page 2

Christmas Highlights from RP

New for 2019

Celebrate: Advent 2019 Follow the Star to Christmas A new magazine for Catholic kids full of cool activities and fun quizzes. Perfect for 7-12 year olds it will encourage them to think about and grow in their faith while they have loads of fun! Twenty-two pages jam-packed with puzzles and facts – adults might learn something too! Celebrate: Advent comes with our bestselling Advent calendar and activity sheet for even more things to do. This year there’s an easy way to refocus on the real meaning of Christmas as we Celebrate: Advent. Code: 1857 Price: £1.00

The Animals’ Christmas Aileen Urquhart

Read the nativity story as never before – told by the animals who were there. Get Sarah the Spider’s perspective on the Annunciation and Daniel the Donkey’s tale of carrying Mary to Bethlehem. This hardback book is beautifully illustrated with charming characters and stunning backdrops, it tells the story of the birth of Christ through the eyes of the animals who saw it. Ideal as a Christmas gift or as wonderful way to engage little ones with Christmas in Advent. Hardback Code: 1825 ISBN: 9780852315279 Price: £9.95

NEW Stations of the Infancy STATIONS o f t h e Infancy



Denis McBride

Denis McBride


Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

See page 3 for more information The catalogue cover image of Madonna of the Magnificat by Sandro Botticelli features in Stations of the Infancy.     01420 88222


Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Diary 2020

Denis McBride C.Ss.R. This stunning hardback diary features a beautiful painting each month and a thought-provoking reflection by Fr Denis McBride, inspired by the Gospel of Matthew. As well as being a practical and attractive diary, Diary 2020 offers, in its reflections, wisdom that will make you stop, re-read and return to the lessons we can learn from Matthew and live them out in the “theatre of the ordinary” as we journey closer to God throughout the year. Diary 2020 is A5 in size and has a practical full week to view across a double page spread; each week includes either a prayer, quotation, insight into the artwork for the month or a detail of the beautiful image that will help you to see it in a different way. Included in the diary is an introduction from Fr Denis, year planners for both 2020 and 2021, key dates and feast days, notes pages, and a ribbon page marker. All of these features make it the ideal faith companion, appointment organiser and thoughtful gift. Hardback Code: 1823 ISBN: 9780852315538 Price: £7.96

A5 Hardback diary with ribbon page marker


Redemptorist Publications

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Stations of the Infancy Denis McBride C.Ss.R.




Denis McBride

Fr Denis Blackledge SJ

STATIONS o f t h e Infancy

“The format of the book is simple. Fourteen episodes are chosen from the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, except for the very first, which is taken from John and which stresses the awesome reality of God becoming truly human. Each episode has the same shape: after the opening response there is a scripture reading, followed by the author’s personal reflection, then a prayer and a closing response. Fourteen carefully chosen works of art match each station as appropriate. The author, with his usual aplomb, makes the scenes come vividly alive and has created a beautiful, thoughtful book.”

Denis McBride

Code: 1861 ISBN: 9780852315590 Price: £12.95

Waiting on God

Journeying towards Jesus in Advent

This book develops a counter-cultural spirituality – a real gift for our present time. It looks at models of waiting in the biblical story, examines the ordeal of fear and anxiety in the midst of life, and offers a way of living the prayer of the eucharist – “we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our saviour, Jesus Christ.”

In this insightful and inspiring book, Fr Denis McBride guides us through the Advent season towards the celebration of the birth of Christ. Suitable for private reading or for use in groups, this book invites us to journey together towards a deeper appreciation of the true meaning of Christmas.

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Paperback Code: 1397 ISBN: 9780852312841 Price: £10.95 Ebook Code: 1571 ISBN: 9780852314302 Price: £8.95

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Code: 1481 ISBN: 9780852313824 Price: £10.95     01420 88222


Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier Essential Writings

Life in Community Community and Growth

In 1964 Jean Vanier moved into a dilapidated house in France with two companions and founded the first L’Arche community. This collection of Vanier’s essential writings reflects the great discovery of his life: “that we are healed by the poor and the weak, that we are transformed by them if we enter into relationship with them, that the weak and the vulnerable have a gift to give to our world”.

In an ever-more divided world, the wisdom and experience of Jean Vanier is of value to us all. This beautiful little book, presenting a selection of extracts from his best-selling book Community and Growth alongside wonderful illustrations by artist Seán O’Brien, gives invaluable advice on the challenges and joys of living in community.

Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier

Code: 105758 ISBN: 9780232533989 Price: £9.99

Code: 105762 ISBN: 9780232534375 Price: £12.99

Jean Vanier Logician of the Heart

CD Jean Vanier in Conversation with Raymond Friel

Michael W Higgins

Raymond Friel

Jean Vanier is a man of complexity and formal philosophical training, and one of the seminal religious and inspirational figures of our time. In this volume, Michael Higgins focuses on Vanier’s many interconnections — personal and conceptual — with the mighty and the humble, the pious and the secular, as well as the young and the seasoned.

In this revealing conversation with Raymond Friel, Vanier talks about his early life and influences, the inspiration between L’Arche, the need to understand and critique power in all its manifestations and the importance of vulnerability. He talks movingly about the need for healing in our world today and how Jesus in the Gospels, the loving revelation of God, brought healing to many.

Code: 199055 ISBN: 9780814637104 Price: £9.99


Redemptorist Publications

Code: 1764 ISBN: 0705632049068 Price: £7.96

Joyce Rupp Boundless Compassion Creating a Way of Life Joyce Rupp

The definitive Christian guide to compassion, Boundless Compassion is the culmination of Joyce Rupp’s research and work as codirector of the Sevite Insitute of Compassionate Presence. Through this six-week personal transformation process for developing and deepening compassion, Rupp – bestselling and award-winning author and retreat leader – nudges, encourages and inspires you to grow in the kind of love that motivated Jesus’ life and his mission for his disciples. Code: 11565 ISBN: 9781932057140 Price: £14.75

Anchors for the Soul Daily Wisdom for Inspiration and Guidance Joyce Rupp

For more than thirty years, Joyce Rupp has been writing best-selling spiritual books that have accompanied readers through the seasons of life and helped them glimpse the divine. In Anchors for the Soul, prayers, poems, blessings, and meditations from Rupp’s many works are brought together to offer daily wisdom that will guide you and keep you anchored to God throughout the year. Filled with Rupp’s characteristic prayers, meditations, poems, and blessings, this treasury provides a daily retreat to centre yourself in the warmth of the divine embrace and begin the day feeling renewed. Code: 1040135 ISBN: 9781932057126 Price: £13.99

Open the Door A Journey to the True Self

Joyce Rupp

The long-awaited book from best-selling spiritual guide Joyce Rupp, creatively leads readers to explore how the image of the door can guide them in a process of discovering their true self. Joyce Rupp brings new life to the ageless spiritual image of the door, weaving insights from East and West with the wisdom of contemporary spiritual writers, poets, and novelists in a practical format that is just right for contemporary readers. Structured as a daily prayer guide for everyday use over six weeks, each day offers a thematic reflection, a guided meditation, an original prayer, a thoughtful question, and a related scripture quote. A built-in guide for small groups makes this the perfect resource for groups of all kinds as well as individuals. Code: 11008 ISBN: 9781933495149 £15.99     01420 88222


Spiritual Reading

Food for the Journey 365-Day Devotional

The Little Book of Holy Gratitude

This volume contains the best teaching from the most-well known speakers from over the years at the Keswick Convention. These readings will teach, inspire and encourage from across the whole canon of scripture.

These wise pages reveal the critical role that gratitude plays in your sanctification, and they’ll remind you of the many things the Lord has given you for which you should be grateful each moment of every day.

Fr Frederick Faber

Code: 112717 ISBN: 9781783597307 Price: £24.99

Sacred Space The Prayer Book 2020 Prayer is the raising of our hearts and minds to God. It is a holy and sacred experience open to everyone. We do not need to be experts in prayer to enjoy the opportunity to grow in prayerful awareness of our friendship with God. Sacred Space: The Prayer Book can lead us into a life of prayer and, in doing so, inspire new expressions and depths of faith. Code: 1040107 ISBN: 9780829448962 Price: £12.99


Redemptorist Publications

Code: 30146 ISBN: 9781622823437 Price: £11.95

Soul Fuel A Daily Devotional Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls, adventurer, survivalist, and TV celebrity, shares some of his most exciting exploits and the spiritual insights he gained along the way in his first faith-focused book, a unique 365-day devotional. Each section explores a theme Bear has lived, including purpose, courage, freedom, and risk. Hardback Code: 103584 ISBN: 9781529387063 Price: £12.99

Spiritual Reading

Inner Journey Outer Journey Finding a Spiritual Centre in Everyday Life

James Roose-Evans, Foreword by Rowan Williams Combining practical help with imaginative insights, Inner Journey, Outer Journey will provide guidance and inspiration for all those seeking a still centre amidst the pressures of work and daily life. The perfect companion for all those who feel drawn to contemplative prayer and meditation, but who need help and guidance going about it.

Stations of the Infant Jesus St Alphonsus Liguori Doctor of the Church, St Alphonsus Liguori, inspired many with his writings and wisdom. This beautiful, new edition of his classic Stations of the Infant Jesus will serve as the perfect accompaniment for those looking to draw closer to Jesus this Advent. Through twelve stations – that follow the pattern of an opening response, consideration, affection and closing response – St Alphonsus, simply and thought-provokingly, draws our focus to scenes from Jesus’ infancy. Code: 1860 ISBN: 9780852315651 Price: £3.95

Code: 1852 ISBN: 9780852315569 Price: £9.95

What Do We Do with the Bible? Richard Rohr

Selective use of scripture has been used to justify many atrocities. So does this ancient, sometimes violent and contradictory text really have anything to teach us today? Can we read it in a contemplative and intelligent way? In this small but immensely important book, Rohr offers a method of interpretation that focuses on how Jesus read between the lines of the Hebrew scriptures to reveal God’s passion for relationship and transformation. Hardback Code: 111546 ISBN: 9780281083213 Price: £9.99

Following Jesus Finding Our Way Home in an Age of Anxiety Henri Nouwen

At one of the lowest points in his life, Henri Nouwen gave a series of lectures on the importance of following Jesus in an age of anxiety. Drawing on those talks, this new book reveals the deep turmoil and sometimes chaotic inner life of a man who has become an icon of compassion and vulnerability – for Christians and non-Christians alike. Hardback Code: 111552 ISBN: 9780281083558 Price: £12.99     01420 88222


Biographies Newman The Heart of Holiness Roderick Strange

Roderick Strange brings his own lifetime of learning and studying of Newman together with newer material that has come to light since the beatification to offer a portrait of Newman’s interior life. That is, his intimacy with God and his understanding of Christ, which led him to rejoice in the gift of the Eucharist, and he explores how Newman’s interior life had its outworking in his pastoral ministry serving others. Code: 103585 ISBN: 9781529362619 Price: £14.99

Luminaries Twenty Lives that Illuminate the Christian Way Rowan Williams

Starting in the first century with St Paul and ending in the twentieth with St Oscar Romero, Rowan Williams invites you to reflect with him on the lives and legacies of twenty great Christians – saints, martyrs, poets, theologians and social reformers. Their stories and writings have profoundly influenced his own life and thought, and this sequence of short reflections is sure to sharpen your theological vision and cast a fresh light on what it means to live and breathe the Gospel. Included among these ‘luminaries’ are Augustine of Hippo, William Tyndale, Teresa of Avila, Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Simone Weil. Code: 111551 ISBN: 9780281082957 Price: £12.99

The English Pope Michael Pawlowski

Michael Pawlowski draws together the broad sweep of twelfth century life, religion and politics to reveal how one person, driven by faith and principle, has had a lasting influence on Christian Europe. Nicholas Breakspear rose from obscurity to become Pope Adrian IV at a critical time for the Papacy. He sat at the heart of a divided Europe, holding the balance between warring factions as he established the future role of the church. Although his reign as Pope was short, he had a lasting and decisive impact on those who met him and on the Papacy itself. Pawlowski’s account is ambitious, accessible and essential reading for anyone who wants to know more about that unique individual, the English Pope. Code: 1858 ISBN: 9780852315620 Price: £5.95


Redemptorist Publications

Pope Francis

Believe in Love Inspiring Words from Pope Francis Pope Francis

“Knowing how to love is never a thing acquired once and for all. We must begin anew every day.” – Pope Francis, Regina Coeli. Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or end of your spiritual journey, Pope Francis’ words will open your eyes to true love.

Pope Francis Notebook This notebook offers the opportunity to reflect on 100 of His Holiness’ most widely shared quotes in a creative way. On every other page is a thoughtprovoking passage with an intricate frame for you to colour in whilst you meditate. Relax, unleash your inner creativity, clear your mind and let the words of Pope Francis touch your heart. A wonderful gift for adults and teens.

Code: 13878 ISBN: 9781632532572 Price: £12.50

Caring for Creation Inspiring Words from Pope Francis Pope Francis

In Caring for Creation, Pope Francis’ words reveal that he believes we can move towards a new kind of conversion – a higher level of consciousness, action and advocacy that will spark “a bold cultural revolution.” Code: 13863 ISBN: 9781632530608 Price: £17.50

Code: 1598 ISBN: 9780852314623 Price: £5.00

Pope Francis and the Joy of Family Life Pope Francis

Using brief meditations from Pope Francis followed by questions for reflection this book offers insight into how you can create an oasis of joyful love within your own family. Spend a few minutes every day in prayer with Pope Francis, and help your family discover God’s plan. Code: 89210 ISBN: 9781612789293 Price: £6.95     01420 88222


Sr Wendy Beckett Sister Wendy’s 100 Best-loved Paintings Sr Wendy Beckett

Hailed by The New York Times in 1997 as “the most unlikely and famous art critic in the history of television”, Sr Wendy Becket went on to present numerous TV documentaries and publish more than 30 popular books on art history and appreciation. Shortly before she died in December 2018, Sr Wendy was working on an anthology of her all-time favourite paintings. The result is this enthralling collection, which will delight her many fans all over the world while also inspiring a new generation of art lovers. Hardback Code: 111548 ISBN: 9708281083305 Price: £25.00

The Art of Christmas A Journey in Paintings through Advent and Christmas Sr Wendy Beckett

In her reflections on this beautiful selection of masterpieces from a range of artists, Sr Wendy Beckett guides us through the feasts and themes of Advent and Christmas. Sr Wendy leads us to a deeper appreciation of this joyful yet challenging season, and stimulates us to consider its meaning in our lives. Code: 1461 ISBN: 9780852313541 Price: £9.95

The Art of Saints A Celebration of Holy Men and Women Sr Wendy Beckett

In this beautiful book, Sr Wendy Beckett offers us a selection of saints, some well known, others far less so. The works of art she has chosen – dating from the fifteenth century to the present day – give us an insight into the lives of these holy men and women as seen by a wide variety of artists. Code: 1514 ISBN: 9780852313855 Price: £9.95


Redemptorist Publications

Advent Reading The Archbishop of York’s Advent Book 2019

Freedom is Coming From Advent to Epiphany with the Prophet Isaiah

Wake Up to Advent! Fresh Spiritual Food for the Advent Journey

The book of Isaiah rings with proclamations and prophecies that find their fulfilment in the Gospels and are still being fulfilled by followers of Jesus today. This Advent Nick Baines invites you to think about what it meant for people in Isaiah’s day to be living in exile, and how the prophet encouraged them to keep their faith alive despite the apparent hopelessness of their situation.

“It is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed” St Paul’s words of encouragement to the Christians in Rome are the springboard for the Archbishop of York’s Advent book for 2019. Basing his reflections on the readings and prayers in the Book of Common Prayer, Archbishop Sentamu offers fresh spiritual food for the Advent journey.

Code: 111545 ISBN: 9780281082919 Price: £9.99

Code: 111549 ISBN: 9780281083541 Price: £12.95

Nick Baines

John Sentamu

Feast and Fast Food for Advent and Christmas

In This Light Thoughts for Christmas

In this, Christina Rees’ second collection of writings and recipes following the Christian festivals, she explores the wonderful season of Advent and Christmas. With spiritual wisdom and recipes to guide you through the festive season, she will help you keep your spiritual sanity while you turn out fantastic meals for family and friends to enjoy.

In This Light is a timely collection of thoughtful meditations. The Most Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, leads contributions from celebrities, business leaders, athletes, politicians and others. In a world that often seems in turmoil, these personal essays invite us to remember and rejoice in the true, timeless spirit of Christmas.

Christina Rees

Code: 105763 ISBN: 9780232528992 Price: £9.99

Justin Welby & Friends

Code: 102606 ISBN: 9780310100300 Price: £10.99     01420 88222


Advent Reading

The Soul of Christmas Thomas Moore

With his trademark blend of storytelling, faith, and psychological insight, Thomas Moore turns his poetic attention to the most enduring story of them all: the birth of Christ. Carefully and lovingly, he looks at passages from the Gospels, both canonical and non-canonical, comparing them to archetypal stories and ancient myths in order to understand his own beliefs. Code: 13861 ISBN: 9781632531209 Price: £14.95

Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta Daily Meditations Heidi Hess Saxton

Heidi Hess Saxton captures the humble yet faith-filled spirit of this great lady of Calcutta. Each day of the Advent season, readers are invited to pray, and to consider what they might offer the Lord as their gift to him. Mother Teresa’s life and writings, marked by a spirit of humility, simplicity and love, encourage readers to quiet their hearts as they prepare to receive the Lord. Code: 13860 ISBN: 9781632531346 Price: £9.95

In Due Season Prayer for Autumn, Advent, Christmas and Winter Feastdays

A Jesus Christmas Explore God’s Amazing Plan for Christmas

These beautiful prayers employ both ritual and poetic language. Designed for lay leadership, this wide variety of meditations, blessings and litanies invite group participation.

Get your family excited with this Advent devotional with journaling space which offers a fresh way to prepare for Christmas. God prepared the world for Jesus and he will prepare your heart to celebrate this Christmas in a new and lasting way.

Ken Phillips

Code: 43113 ISBN: 9781627850261 Price: £12.95

Barbara Reaoch

Code: 185541 ISBN: 9781784982270 Price: £4.99


Redemptorist Publications

Advent Reading

Waiting in Joyful Hope 2019-20 Daniel G Groody

Prepare spiritually for the coming of Christ with this popular and inviting annual guide. During the especially busy Advent and Christmas seasons, this book offers brief, down-to-earth reflections that bring prayer and Scripture into everyday life in a thought-provoking and lasting way. Through Fr Daniel Groody’s fresh and meaningful reflections on lectionary readings from the weekday and Sunday Masses, readers will grow in their understanding of the word of God.

Messages of Hope for Advent and Christmas 2019 3-Minute Devotions Even three minutes can change your day for the better. Spend a few minutes each day from the first Sunday of Advent through the first week of Christmas with a short scripture passage and reflection by Fr Michael White and Tom Corcoran that will help you find hope in the promise of Christmas. The compact size and affordable price of this book makes it perfect for parishwide distribution during Advent.

Code: 199056 ISBN: 9780814663646 Price: £1.99 Large Print Code: 199057 ISBN :9780814663899 Price: £3.99

A Eucharistic Christmas Advent Meditations on the Presence of Christ This book offers a simple meditation from a well-known Christian writer each day from December 1st through the twelve days after Christmas, a few thoughts to help you respond to Christ’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament, and a prayer to help you open your heart. Code: 15363 ISBN: 9781616368081 Price: £7.95

Code: 11581 ISBN: 9781594719394 Price: £1.60

Daybreaks Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas Ron Rolheiser

Daybreaks is a journey through the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Rolheiser guides the journey with provocative insights and daily reflections on the mystery of the Incarnation. Code: 1426 ISBN: 9780764813375 Price: £1.25     01420 88222


Advent and Christmas Wisdom

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Pope Francis

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St Thomas Aquinas

This Advent, prepare to celebrate Jesus’ arrival as an infant in the small town of Bethlehem. Born into poverty, he brings us the good news that God loves us – and calls us to give of ourselves to others. Let the example of Pope Francis, as he models the humility and generosity of our Saviour, inspire you. Reflect on the Pope’s teachings, accompanied by scripture, prayer and action.

Offering daily selections from St Thomas of Aquinas for meditation and prayer, this book is a wonderful way to examine your faith and feelings during Advent and Christmas. The words of this revered saint help focus the reader’s reflections on the wonder of creation. These daily scripture readings and meditations offer a better understanding of St Thomas’ passionate beliefs on the importance of our relationship with God.

John Cleary

Andrew Carl Wisdom OP

Code: 5039 ISBN: 9780852313664 Price: £7.95

Code: 14905 ISBN: 9780764826467 Price: £8.50

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St Vincent De Paul

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Pope John Paul II

St Vincent de Paul was very faithful to meditation, which sets a good example for us in our busy world. This book endeavours to present his thoughts in a way that can help us to spend some quiet time meditating. His thoughtful words will lead to a deeper relationship with God, a better appreciation of our own Christian life, and greater love for all, especially the poor.

St John Paul II continues to be remembered and loved for his closeness to all people around the world. In this book his own words lead readers to the holy season of Christmas. Reflections for each day begin with selections from talks and statements of the late Holy Father, followed by scripture, prayer, and a suggestion for an appropriate seasonal activity.

John Rybolt CM

Code: 14808 ISBN: 9780764820106 Price: £7.95


Redemptorist Publications

John V Kruse

Code: 14580 ISBN: 9780764815102 Price: £6.95

Advent Extra Advent Extra 2019 Your Journey to Christmas Advent Extra is this year’s essential companion as you head towards the joy of Christmas Day. • • • •







and prayers

Celebrating Gen Verde practise what they preach through music and dance.

Making the right choice when God calls isn’t always easy.

A YEAR OF THE WORD 2020 “The Word brings God’s breath into the world: it infuses the heart with the warmth of the Lord.”

Pope Francis

Fresh new look Seasonal articles by leading Christian writers Discussion points Twenty-five reflections

How far is it to Bethlehem? According to the carol, it’s “Not very far”. Like Joseph and Mary, we also travel purposefully towards Christmas, perhaps unsure of what lies ahead. We also want to see Jesus enter our world. This year Advent Extra remembers Mary and Elizabeth, John the Baptist, the first crib and “England’s Nazareth”. It celebrates people caring for those who are homeless and disadvantaged. We sing and dance with the Focolare, watch the Christmas tree and nativity scene appear in St Peter’s Square and celebrate a wedding. Code: 1033 Price: £1.95

+ Bulk discount schedule Order Advent Extra + Lent Extra together and get combined discount Bulk discount schedule available contact our customer care team for details 01420 88222

LENT 2020





and prayers

Lent Extra 2020 Your Journey towards Easter Code: 1026 Price: £1.95

Oberammergau and the world’s most famous passion play



+ Bulk discount schedule

Celebrate: Advent 2019 Follow the Star to Christmas

Introductory offer! Issue 1 for only £1

A new magazine for Catholic kids full of cool activities and fun quizzes. Perfect for 7-12 year olds it will encourage them to think about and grow in their faith while they have loads of fun! Twenty-two pages jam-packed with puzzles and facts – adults might learn something too! Celebrate: Advent comes with our bestselling Advent calendar and activity sheet for even more things to do. This year there’s an easy way to refocus on the real meaning of Christmas as we Celebrate: Advent. Code: 1857 Price: £1.00

Children’s Advent Activity Sheet 2019 A beautifully illustrated double-sided A3 sheet to help children prepare for Christmas. On one side of the sheet is an Advent Calendar, on the other a selection of puzzles, games, and other activities for the whole family. Code: 1402 Price: £0.50     01420 88222


Advent for Children

A Pirate Christmas Activity Book with Puzzles, Crafts and Stickers Suzy Senior & Andy Catling

Joe and his pirate dad along with Cannon the ship guinea pig are miserably stuck on their boat missing the pirate Christmas party across the water on their friends’ ship. Worst of all the party games and the treasure hunt are happening without them! Joe and his dad discover a dusty old picture book of the story of the first Christmas and settle down to read together and discover a different kind of treasure. Code: 1040145 ISBN: 9780745977287 Price: £4.99

The Christmas Promise Alison Mitchell Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri

A long, long time ago, God promised a new king. He wasn’t an ordinary king. He would be different. He would be a new king; a rescuing king; a forever king! Join Mary and Joseph, some shepherds, some wise men and lots of angels, as they discover exactly how God kept his Christmas promise. Code: 185506 ISBN: 9781910307113 Price: £8.99


Redemptorist Publications

The Hoity-Toity Angel

Caroline Hoile Illustrated by Hazel Quintanilla There was once a very beautiful angel. Her hair gleamed, her wings sparkled and her dress was whiter than white. She was the most elegant angel that you could ever wish to see. But she was also very, very, proud. She really thought she was the best! When Gabriel appears to Mary, the Hoity-Toity Angel is not at all impressed – Mary is not even a princess! And how can a king be born in a scruffy and smelly stable? Follow the Hoity-Toity Angel through the events of the Christmas story as she discovers that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Code: 111550 ISBN: 9870281077847 Price: £5.99

The Fox’s Tale The First Christmas

Nick Butterworth & Mick Inkpen On a cold starry night above the hills of Bethlehem, a hungry fox is looking for some supper. Suddenly, the sky is full of light and there is the sound of angels singing. What on earth is happening and what unforgettable sight is the fox about to see? Code: 1040031 ISBN: 9781859858288 Price: £5.99

Advent for Children Sketch pad included

The Newborn King

How to Draw Nativity Step-by–Step

A new king is born! His name is Jesus. Share the gladness of Mary, the joy of the shepherds, and the journey of the wise men. An engaging retelling of the first Christmas, with bright and appealing pictures that bring the wonderful scenes to life.

Have fun with this fantastic step-by-step guide to drawing Bible characters and animals from the nativity story. Based on expert illustrator Steve Smallman’s drawing workshops, it is fully illustrated and comes with a handy sketch pad to draw your own!

Sarah J Dodd & Raffaella Ligi

Steve Smallman

Code: 1040146 ISBN: 9780745978635 Price: £ 4.99

Code: 1040144 ISBN: 9781781283455 Price: £ 8.99

Advent Calendars Open a different “window” each day of December to reveal a Christian image behind each one, no Santa Claus, elf or snowman. These calendars have a picture and a Bible passage behind each window. They make great gifts from the church or Sunday school teachers. The back of each calendar leads your young people on an “Advent Treasure Hunt” each day with a question, a riddle or a fill-in-theblank that is answered or filled in when you open the window on the other side.

Keeping Watch Code: 39474 Price: £1.96

Come to Bethlehem and See Code: 39512 Price: £1.96

See page 39 for our fairtrade Advent calendar that supports charitable causes.

While Shepherds Watch Code: 39513 Price: £1.96     01420 88222


Advent for Children

The Story of Christmas

Patricia A Pingry Illustrated by Rebecca Thornburgh The Story of Christmas tells the nativity story with vibrant illustrations paired with simple text that toddlers can understand. Its durable pages ensure many hours of joyful reading this Christmas season. Board book, 26 pages, toddler and up. Code: 19190 ISBN: 9780824918453 Price: £5.50

Wild Advent Discovering God through Creation Rachel Summers

Wild Advent provides an outdoor activity for each day of the four weeks of Advent, progressing through the Carmelite themes for Advent of waiting, accepting, journeying and birthing. So why not wrap up warm and head outside? Code: 107963 ISBN: 9781848679603 Price: £7.99

The Extra Special Baby The Story of the Christmas Promise

Antonia Woodward A long time ago, a long way away, some very clever men discovered a very exciting promise! Read about the baby that was so extra special that life on earth would change forever, in this exquisitely illustrated Christmas picture book, full of warmth. Code: 1040139 ISBN 9780745976785 Price: £6.99


Redemptorist Publications

The Shepherd who Couldn’t Sing Alan Barker

Jake the boy shepherd lacks the X-factor! He’s not afraid of dark shadows, strange noises or wild animals. The only thing that frightens Jake is singing – that is until an unexpected meeting with an angel choir! A delightful re-telling of the Christmas story for children aged 4-6. Code: 111506 ISBN: 9780281076741 Price: £5.99

Let’s Go to Christmas Let’s Go to Christmas is a “colour in and wipe-off” book which in a simple, clear and colourful style introduces children to the main Advent themes in preparation for celebrating the birth of Christ on Christmas Day. Code: 1330 ISBN: 9780852312186 Price: £4.75

Francis of Assisi Keeper of Creation Barbara Yoffie

St Francis preached about peace and forgiveness. His little group of followers soon became a religious order. St Francis calls us to look at ourselves. Do we respect the earth and all creation? How can we make our world a better place? Code: 14844 ISBN: 9780764823275 Price: £4.50

Advent for Children DVD Brother Francis In these fun DVDs, the ever joyful Brother Francis will help children establish a personal relationship with God! Employing a variety of animation styles, catchy songs and engaging stories, this is a programme your children will enjoy and learn from as they watch it over and over again.

The Days of Advent Code: 89225 Price: £9.50

The Mass Code: 89174 Price: £9.50

Forgiven! Code: 89142 Price: £9.50

Let’s Pray! Code: 89139 Price: £9.50

The Bread of Life Code: 89140 Price: £9.50

Devotional Fans The Rosary Brother Francis

Teach children the rosary with the help of Brother Francis’ The Rosary Devotional Fan! This colourful booklet includes 42 pages of eye-catching illustration depicting the prayers of the rosary with all four luminous mysteries. The Rosary Fan is bound by a metal grommet and is sturdy; making it easy to carry it everywhere you go. Includes a protective sleeve; 2 x 6 inches; 42 pages. Code: 89226 Price: £7.50

Saint Prayers for all Occasions Brother Francis

The Brother Francis’ Saint Prayers for All Occasions Fan is a wonderful prayer companion for children. Includes 22 full-colour illustrations of well-known saints, followed by a prayer for each occasion. The Saint Prayers for All Occasions Fan is bound by a metal grommet and is UV coated, making it durable and easy to carry everywhere you go. Includes protective sleeve. Code: 89230 Price: £7.50

Our Heavenly Friends The Saints 40 Flash Cards Brother Francis

Get to know “Our Heavenly Friends” – the saints – with this unique collection of 40 saint flash cards. Flash card size is 8.5 X 5.5 inches. Contains 40 UV coated cards. Saints included: Agnes, Alberto Hurtado, Ambrose, Andrew Kim Taegon, Anthony of Padua, Augustine, Benedict the Moor, Bernadette, Blessed Mother Teresa, Dominic Savio, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Francis of Assisi and many more! Code: 89227 ISBN: 9781939182449 Price: £11.95     01420 88222


Advent for Children The Animals’ Christmas The Animals’ Christmas Aileen Urquhart

Read the nativity story as never before – told by the animals who were there. Get Sarah the Spider’s perspective on the Annunciation and Daniel the Donkey’s tale of carrying Mary to Bethlehem. How about Obadiah the Ox seeing his manger used as a crib for the baby Jesus and Lilah the Lamb react to the angels with awe and wonder. Read how Khalid the Camel tells of the gifts his masters brought from afar to give to this newborn prince. This hardback book, beautifully illustrated with charming characters and stunning backdrops, tells the story of the birth of Christ through the eyes of the animals who saw it. What might they have noticed? Was Mary heavy? Was Joseph kind? Ideal as a Christmas gift or as wonderful way to engage little ones with Christmas in Advent. Hardback Code: 1825 ISBN: 9780852315279 Price: £9.95

The Animals’ Christmas Cards This pack of six beautiful cards contain a seasonal message “Wishing you all the peace and love of a very Happy Christmas” PACK OF 6 CARDS 178 x 120mm Code: 1835 Price: £3.76

The Animals’ Christmas Coasters Heat resistant coasters featuring six designs inspired by The Animals’ Christmas, made from satin finish printed melamine with a hardboard base. SET OF 6 COASTERS 98mm Square Code: 1837 Price: £9.95

The Animals’ Christmas Banners This set of six stunning banners features six designs from The Animals’ Christmas. They can be used for school assemblies, in the classroom and in church settings. SET OF 6 BANNERS 420 x 1188 mm Code: 1836 Price: £42.00


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Children Paul Kerensa

New for 2019 Joe’s Bros and the Bus that Goes Paul Kerensa Illustrated by Liz and Kate Pope

How best to get twelve brothers around the local neighbourhood? In a minibus of course! But when Joe is left behind, with his coloured coat ripped in the process, he ends up being passed through the neighbourhood from building to building, from fancy townhouse, to jail, to palace, to grain store. Told in rhyme and full of Kerensa’s wit and warmth, discover this fun and quirky retelling of Joseph’s story, brought to life with beautiful illustrations Liz and Kate Pope. Code 111544 ISBN: 9780281082643 Price £5.99

Noah’s Car Park Ark A Multi-Storey Story Paul Kerensa

So, you think you know Noah? In this multi-storey story, he’s got an ark but not many spaces. How will he fit all the animals on? Perhaps packing them in tightly – carpark style – is the only way! This beautifully illustrated, rhyming retelling of the story of Noah and his ark will entertain young children and adults alike. Code: 111498 ISBN: 9780281077557 Price: £5.99

Moses and the Exodus Express Paul Kerensa

Moses knows his people are in trouble. Plucked from the River Nile, he’s a shy guy sent by God to get the Israelites back on track. And what an escape plan – free tickets for all on the Exodus Express! Will nasty Pharaoh stop them in their tracks? Or will they make it through the Red Sea channel tunnel to the promised land? This beautifully illustrated, rhyming retelling of the story of Moses will entertain young children and adults alike. Code: 111499 ISBN: 9780281077571 Price: £5.99     01420 88222


Children The Catholic Children’s Prayer Book

The Catholic Children’s Bible With vibrant illustrations this Bible teaches children to read, live and love the full word of God. Understand It!, Live It!, and Tell It! sections help bring God’s word to life for the youngest of readers. Hardback Code: 25167 ISBN: 9781599829296 Price: £28.50 Paperback Code: 25153 ISBN: 9781599829197 Price: £22.95

Daily prayers, learned by heart, are a wonderful way for children to stay close to God. Saying these prayers in their daily life – when they awake, when they eat, at Mass, or before they go to sleep – will help children learn to talk and listen to God while being reminded of how he is always with them, and how much he loves and cares for them. Code: 25170 ISBN: 9781599827889 Price: £4.95

YOUCAT for Kids Let’s Go to Mass Aileen Urquhart

An unusual and innovative, colourful book introducing young children to the Eucharist. This edition contains the revised texts of the liturgy and is an ideal companion for children. Code: 1007 ISBN: 9780852313961 Price: £3.95

We are Catholic

Christine Way Skinner We are Catholic introduces children to the Catholic faith and its traditions. Simple words and original illustrations introduce the sacraments, the Mass, and other beloved rites, prayers, traditions and symbols to very young Catholics. Code: 43232 ISBN: 9781627850964 Price: £6.25


Redemptorist Publications

An exciting new way to help children and parents to discover their Catholic faith together. In child-friendly language, accompanied by talking points for parents and teachers, YOUCAT for Kids explores creation, the Creed, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, prayer and the life of Jesus. Code: 135304 ISBN: 9781784695958 Price: £10.95

His Name is Jesus! Children’s sermons By David Mead

These five children’s messages, for the 4 weeks of Advent and Christmas Day, prepare children to welcome Jesus, the beloved baby born on Christmas Day. Each week these brief lessons reveal a few of Jesus’ biblical names. Reproducible colouring pages and activity sheets included. Code:39517 ISBN: 9781632531346 Price: £11.95

Children Will Power and the Ten Commandments Magdalen Lindon

Will Power decides to embark on a quest to test his superhero knowledge about how to make the best choices in life. Along the way he learns how to be a better brother, son, friend and owner to cheeky pet dog Willy Nilly. Will learns about the Ten Commandments and each one teaches him how to make good choices. Ideal for 7-12 year olds with questions in each chapter to help them to apply Will’s lessons to their own lives. Code: 1833 ISBN: 9780852315415 Price: £5.95

The Adventures of Freddie Freckles Fr Tim Buckley We all know how much children love a good story. Fr Tim’s tales for Christian children, featuring the lovable Freddie Freckles, will hold children’s attention and capture their imagination whilst sharing the Gospel with them. The fifteen separate adventures with Freddie Freckles are suitable for children to read themselves; or a priest, teacher, parent, or catechist can tell the tales. Good times and bad are explained with the help of Jesus’ teaching. Includes introductory notes for teachers and parents. Code: 1562 ISBN: 9780852314180 Price: £5.95

The Story of Esther Yvonne Fordyce Illustrated by Finola Stack

This beautifully illustrated children’s book introduces the Old Testament character Esther, the Jewish heroine, whose inspiring story deserves to be more widely known than it usually is. Code: 1446 ISBN: 9780852313442 Price: £6.95

Freddie Freckles and the Sacraments Fr Tim Buckley

Join Freddie as he goes on a journey where he learns more about the sacraments. This collection of short stories is written for children aged seven to nine and explores many rites from the Catholic Church – looking back to the significance of their baptism and forward to their confirmation. For each chapter Fr Tim has written helpful guides for when to tell each story along with scripture references. Ideal for small groups of children but also great for children to read on their own. Freddie Freckles is a gentle way to teach them about the sacraments. Code: 1486 ISBN: 9780852313701 Price: £5.95

Lessons from Pope Francis for Children Angela M Burrin

In this beautifully illustrated hardback book, the Holy Father talks about God’s love, the gift of the Holy Spirit, prayer, taking care of the poor, getting along in our families and more; he pairs each with a story from the Bible. Code: 1558 ISBN: 9780852314166 Price: £7.95     01420 88222


Puzzles for Children Kids’ Puzzle Bibles Gustavo Mazali

The new Kids’ Puzzle Bibles contain a selection of expressive and colourful pictures portraying beloved Bible stories from the Old and New Testament illustrated by Gustavo Mazali. Each spread contains 6 iconic Bible stories on the left accompanied by a 25-piece jigsaw puzzle on the right. The pieces can easily be removed and placed back again on the page. Made in durable cardboard, the pieces don’t fall out, even when the page is held upside down. This series of four books provides great opportunity for adults looking to spend time with a child sharing the best-loved stories and heroes of the Bible as they read and play together. While having fun, engaged in the story, kids will get to know famous Bible stories while improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor development. Kids’ Jesus Puzzle Bible Code: 185533 Kids’ Favourite Puzzle Bible Code: 185534 Kids’ First Puzzle Bible Code: 185535 Kids’ Heroes Puzzle Bible Code: 185536


Redemptorist Publications

ISBN: 9788772030029 ISBN: 9788772030012 ISBN: 9788772030005 ISBN: 9788772030036

Price: £9.99 Price: £9.99 Price: £9.99 Price: £9.99

Puzzles for Children

Includes 17 painted wooden figures in total

Noah’s Ark Playset

Noah’s Ark Mobile

Traditional wooden ark playset complete with animal figures and a detachable ramp. The ark doubles up as a carry case for all of the wooden pieces. Undo the elastic toggle and slide off the top section to reveal the parts inside. Included with the set are several pairs of animals including cows, horses, pigs, elephants, giraffes, lions and crocodiles. There is also a dove as well as Noah and his wife.

The story of Noah’s Ark as a decorative mobile for children. Designed to be fun as well as decorative, this beautifully painted wooden mobile shows the story of Noah and his ark. See a selection of animals and birds (lions, elephants, zebra, ducks, squirrels, giraffes, crocodiles and a dove), the ark, Noah and a lovely rainbow at the top. It will brighten up any bedroom, playroom or nursery.

Code: A1057 Price: £25.99

Code: A1073 Price: £14.35

Noah’s Ark Jigsaw Noah and his animals are depicted in this wonderful hand painted wooden jigsaw puzzle. The Alphabet Ark is lettered A to Z and Noah and his animals are numbered from 1 to 10. The combination of letters and numbers makes this wooden puzzle both educational and wonderfully challenging. This puzzle comes packaged in a beautiful presentation box with a drawstring cotton bag for storage after play. Age: 3 years + Code: A1138 Price: £35.00

Christmas Stable Jigsaw Discover the story of Christmas piece by piece! This entertaining floor puzzle is ideal for school or home. There are five character pieces to slot into the jigsaw as you put it together and reveal the miracle of Jesus’ birth. Suitable for 3-5 year olds. Code: 1040024 Price: £6.98

Nativity Jigsaw The hand painted wooden jigsaw pieces in this puzzle are numbered 1 to 12. Little hands need both dexterity and logic to assemble this jigsaw and children will simultaneously learn their numbers while building it. This puzzle comes in a beautiful presentation box with a drawstring cotton bag for storage after play. Age: 3 years + Code: A1139 Price: £21.95

Christmas Dominoes This domino game and story booklet helps children to learn the story of Jesus’ birth, whilst playing a fun game and developing communication, sharing, counting and matching skills. Includes 28 pieces, the rules for the game and a booklet of the Christmas story. Suitable for those aged 3-7. Code: 1040033 Price: £6.98     01420 88222


Posters and Banners The Advent Story Banners This beautifully illustrated set of six banners presents the Christmas story to children in a modern and effective manner. These banner format posters can be used for school assemblies, in the classroom, and in church settings. Each banner measures 1188mm x 420mm. Also available in A3 and A4 sizes. Set of 6 designs Banners Code: 1543 Price: £35.00 inclusive of VAT A3 posters Code: 1542 Price: £25.00 inclusive of VAT A4 posters Code: 1544 Price: £15.00 inclusive of VAT


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Joy to the World

Joy to the World Advent Wall Hanging Banner This striking banner for Christmas features a premium photo-quality, fade-resistant design printed onto polyester fabric, creating a beautiful, prominent presence in your sanctuary. The banner measures 150 x 50 cm. Includes wooden rods and end caps at top and bottom, and hanging cord. 150 x 50cm Code: 1778 Price: £80.00

Joy to the World Advent Roller Banner This design is also available as a roller banner, 80 x 200 cm. This banner has a self-winding cassette mechanism and extending support pole. It is supplied in a banner case with two twist-out feet and a free padded carry bag for storage. 200 x 80cm Code: 1779 Price: £89.00

Joy to the World Christmas Cards

Joy to the World Communique Pack

This pack of five stunning cards contain a Christmas prayer written by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and a seasonal message reading “Wishing you all the peace and love of a very Happy Christmas”.

This is A4 sized and sold in packs of 25 sheets. It is printed with a glorious seasonal design on the front, with the reverse side blank for you to print your parish notices and Christmas services.

Pack of 5 cards 120 x 120mm Code: 1780 Price: £2.50

Pack of 25 Communiques Code: 1781 Price: £1.95     01420 88222


Mix and Match

Mix & Match discounts for Pages 32-38

50-99 copies 10% 100-199 copies 15% 200+ copies 25%

Catholic Advent Calendar This simple Advent calendar provides a spiritual pathway through the season. Short messages based on the daily Advent readings each day leading to Christmas. Why not print the times of Advent and Christmas services on the reverse which has been left blank for this purpose? Code: 39083 Price: £0.50

Lighten Up for Advent Devotions For Teens & Young Adults David & Peter Mead

This fun, informative booklet is based around the four Advent candles and the messages each one shares. As the candles are lit each week, our rooms, our hearts and our thoughts become brighter and lighter in eager anticipation of the Saviour. Code: 39507 Price: £1.50

Mercy from the Manger Encouragement & Daily Prayers For Advent Pope Francis

Gain a greater understanding of God’s mercy for all of us with this powerfully engaging spiritual tool that will guide you to a joyful celebration of Advent and the birth of our Lord. Code: 39404 Price: £1.50


Redemptorist Publications

Lighten Up for Advent Teen Calendar This Advent calendar provides brief, spiritual reflections for each day. Through Bible verses and simple calls to action, this informative (and often funny) calendar helps teens welcome God’s Word in practical ways. Coordinates with the devotional booklet. Ages 13-20. Code: 39510 Price: £0.50

Our Journey Toward Joy Daily Reflections, Practices and Prayers S James Meyer

Open your heart to the wonder, awe, and “pie-eyed amazement” of Advent as you journey the season with S James Meyer’s uplifting stories and reflections. Code: 43301 ISBN: 9781627854948 Price: £0.99

Advent Mixfor and Children Match

Let the Heavens Be Glad Advent Devotions Henri J M Nouwen

Excerpts of Nouwen’s writings, as well as scripture passages, original reflections and prayers, inspire and encourage readers to live a life of rejoicing in the precious gift of the Saviour. Code: 39502 Price: £1.50

Waiting In The Light Daily Prayers for Advent Steve Givens

Givens provides an inspiring prayer, accompanied by scripture, for each day of the season. Being attentive to prayer and God’s word allows us to see the light shining through the darkness. Through prayer and reflection, we see Jesus, the Light of the World, this Christmas. Code: 39509 Price: £1.50

The Guiding Power of Hope Daily Reflections, Practices and Prayers Do you need some hope right now? Let Sr Janet guide you to listen for the “whispers of hope” in the seemingly ordinary moments of your day. Code: 43302 ISBN: 978162785424 Price: £0.99

Advent with the Saints Wisdom from the Church’s Holy Ones Spend your Advent with the saints and learn how they continue to light the way for us, allowing us to come closer to the Lord through their prayers and wisdom. Code: 39475 Price: £1.50

Living Faith Advent Daily Catholic Devotions In these weeks leading up to Christmas, the Church asks us to reflect and repent as we wait in joyful hope for our Saviour to arrive. Featuring Advent-themed devotions Living Faith Advent serves as a daily aid, an oasis from the commercialism and busyness of the season. Code: 39508 Price: £1.50

Joyfully We Wait An Advent Examination of Conscience With a unique focus on the Advent readings, this all-new examination of conscience is a wonderful opportunity for Catholics to reflect upon their daily choices and actions. A must-have for the Advent season! Code: 43308 ISBN: 9781627854658 Price: £1.50     01420 88222


Advent Mix andfor Match Children

Heading to the Manager Advent Meditations For Catholics From Great Writers Of The Past

Christopher Klofft

Listen to the voices of such Christian luminaries as Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, Thomas a Kempis, John Calvin and others as they reflect on the spectacle of Christmas toward which we are swiftly moving.

Allow yourself to be transformed this Advent as you are encouraged to read and live out God’s word. This booklet guides you through the Church’s Advent readings and prompts you to journal thoughts each day of the season.

Code: 39505 Price: £1.50

Code: 39504 Price: £1.50

Waiting in Wonder and Love Daily Reflections, Prayers and Actions Connie Clark

There’s so much to get done by Christmas. But when families think of themselves as Advent treasure seekers, they can find deeper meaning — and holiness — in their Christmas preparations. Code: 43303 ISBN: 9781627854900 Price: £0.99

Moving Toward the Manger Reflections on the Writings of Frederick Buechner Martin E Marty

Each day of Advent, thoughtprovoking quotes from Frederick Buechner’s beloved works are paired with insightful reflections by religious commentator and biblical scholar Martin E Marty, accompanied by Bible readings and prayers. Code: 39441 Price: £1.25


Living God’s Words Scripture and Reflection for each Day of Advent

Redemptorist Publications

According to Your Word Daily Catholic Prayers for Advent

Chris Koellhoffer IHM With the Advent wreath lighting our way, we prepare for the coming of our Saviour. Following the light, every day of Advent, will help the faithful to see their newborn Saviour and welcome him into the world. Code: 39481 Price: £1.50

Dear Brothers and Sisters Group Readings, Reflections, and Songs for Advent and Christmas David Haas

This helpful booklet by wellknown writer and composer David Haas is filled with reflections, songs, and prayers to help us remember the real “reason for the season”. Perfect for parish groups of all sizes! Code: 43309 ISBN: 9781627854702 Price: £2.50

Advent Mixfor and Children Match

Peace Hope Light Reflections On The Writings Of C.S. Lewis Dr Joel Heck

Deepen your Advent experience this season with insights from C.S. Lewis, one of the most prolific and popular Christian apologists of the twentieth century, followed by reflections from C.S. Lewis scholar Dr Joel Heck. Code: 39506 Price: £1.50

Wonders of His Love Family Devotions and Activities for Advent Amy Welborn

Advent gives us a natural opportunity to think about the many ways that God shows us the wonder of his love. Celebrate these wonders, as a family with reflections, prayers and activities. Code: 39503 Price: £1.50

God Bless Us, Every One! Encountering Christ in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Michael Hoy

Reflect on passages from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in a way that ties the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge to our journey of faith. Code: 39498 Price: £1.50

God Bless Us, Every One! Sticker Book This year, teach children all the ways that God blesses us through the sending of his Son Jesus, the True Spirit of Christmas! A great way to help the true meaning of Christmas really stick! Ages 3-8. Code: 39500 Price: £1.50

Hope of Christmas, Past, Present & Yet to Come

My Very Own Christmas Carol Storybook

This booklet of daily Advent prayers focuses on the longago promise of the coming Christ, the present coming of Christ into our daily lives and the hope of Christ’s glorious return and our eternal home.

Introduce children to the characters in Charles Dickens’ beloved story, A Christmas Carol. Included is an accompanying activity sheet used to create A Christmas Carol playset. Ages 5-12.

Stephenie Hovland

Code: 39499 Price: £1.50

David Mead

Code: 39501 Price: £2.95     01420 88222


Advent Mix andfor Match Children

Here Comes the Saviour! Christmas Stories, Songs & Activities

Advent Adventure! Bible Stories & Activities for Children

There is a lot to look forward to when December arrives. Through rhymes, songs and simple games, the story of God’s promise is brought to life for primary-aged children. Ages 3-8.

This colourful booklet is filled with rhyming stories, pictures to colour and games to play, all focused on the excitement surrounding Zechariah, Mary and Joseph as they prepared for

David Mead

David Mead

the Lord’s arrival.

Code: 39518 Price: £1.50

Welcome, Jesus! Daily Thoughts, Activities and Prayers Kathy Hendricks

These engaging activities help children learn and practice Christian virtues as a way to prepare for Jesus’ coming. Code: 43304 ISBN: 9781627854894 Price: £0.99


Redemptorist Publications

Code: 39447: Price: £1.25

Come to Bethlehem and See David Mead

Help the children travel to Bethlehem this Advent season and share the excitement as they read these rhyming daily devotions and add stickers each day to the Bethlehem centrepiece. Code: 39258 Price: £1.75

Advent Mixfor and Children Match

His Name Is Jesus! By David & Arden Mead

His Name is Jesus! Advent Chain How many names for Jesus do you know? Each day of Advent, this colourful chain grows longer and reveals a new biblical name for our promised Saviour. Ages 4-10.

Children will enjoy learning a new name for Jesus each day of Advent as they read the daily devotions in this booklet. When Christmas arrives, they can sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, the one whose name is greater than all other names. Ages 4-10. Code: 39515 Price: £1.50

Code: 39516 Price: £0.95

12 Days of Christmas Pop Up Calendar

On the Road to Bethlehem Pop Up Calendar

When Christmas day arrives, the celebration is just beginning! Start a new window calendar tradition this year, one that keeps the Christmas joy going and glowing all the way to Epiphany. Lift up a numbered flap each day from December 25 until January 5, the twelve days of Christmas, and watch what appears.

Discover the path to the Bethlehem manger as you mark the days of Advent with this unique pop-up window calendar. When Advent begins, lay the calendar on a table or mantelpiece. Each day of December, lift up a numbered window. What will pop up?

David Mead

David Mead

Code: 39405 Price: £1.96

What do I see in Advent? 12 Pack Introduce the young children in church to the sights, sounds and symbols of the season with this engaging Advent wreath poster and sticker sheet combo.

Code: 39514 Price: £1.96

Mix & Match discounts for Pages 32-38

50-99 copies 10% 100-199 copies 15% 200+ copies 25%

Code: 39511 Price: £11.95     01420 88222


Nativity Scenes Sedona Spirit Nativities from Around the World These Nativities have been made by communities in Kenya, Mexico, and the Holy Land with locally sourced materials, making these nativities both Fair Trade and low carbon emission products. Also, the purchasing of these nativities will contribute to local charities and create opportunities within the communities that made them. Why not replace your traditional nativity with one that represents the work of the wonderful individuals implementing God’s word in areas of great need at Christmas time.

Kenya Eight nativity pieces handcrafted from banana bark and corn husks, nicely packaged for gift giving. Nativity box measures 9 x 61/2 x 23/8 inches. Code: 200072 Price: £24.95

Holy Land Eleven hand carved olive wood nativity pieces, made in Bethlehem. Nicely packaged for gift giving. Nativity box measures 9 x 61/2 x 23/8 inches. Code: 200070 Price: £24.95

Mexico Twelve ceramic pieces that are completely handmade and nicely packaged for gift giving. Nativity box measures 9 x 61/2 x 23/8 inches. Code: 200071 Price: £24.95


Redemptorist Publications

Candles Cher Dieu Candles

Classic Candle Kit 14oz

Everyday Candle Kit 3oz

Cher Dieu candles are a result of many years of research into the spiritual significance of essential oils and a true love of candle making. These luxury candles produce an aromatic odour which allows us to create a space where we can make time for our emotional well-being. Each comes with its own bottle of oils, allowing you to strengthen or lessen the smell as you please.

14 ounce Prayer Candle Height: 41/8" Diameter: 33/4"

3 ounce Prayer Candle Height: 21/2" Diameter: 2"

15 ml Bottle Dropper with Biblical Essential Oils

2ml Bottle Dropper with Biblical Essential Oils

Prayer Card with Biblical Oil Therapeutic Descriptions and Kit Directions

Prayer Card with Biblical Oil Therapeutic Descriptions and Kit Directions

A Time to Love Perfectly balanced biblical oils infused with our Cher Dieu candle and prayer are blended to uplift and elevate the spirit (Frankincense), bring balance, joy and harmony to the environment (Galbanum), heal and help open the heart to receive and give love (Rose), protect the home (Hyssop), and purify the life within the environment (Spikenard). Perfect housewarming or hostess gift! Wonderful idea for weddings, showers, anniversaries, special occasions or bless your home every day of the week with this loving experience! Classic Candle Kit 14oz Code: 200055 Price: £29.95 Everyday Candle Kit 3oz Code: 200060 Price: £12.95

A Time to Be Born Perfectly balanced Biblical Oils infused with our Cher Dieu Candle and Prayer are blended to promote happiness and joy (Sandalwood), lift energy and protect the home (Hyssop), and enhance positive emotions of happiness and renewal (Orange). Wonderful gift idea for baby showers or welcoming baby to the world! Classic Candle Kit 14oz Code: 200056 Price: £29.95 Everyday Candle Kit 3oz Code: 200061 Price: £12.95

A Time to Heal

A Time to Mourn

Perfectly balanced biblical oils infused with our Cher Dieu candle and prayer are blended to speed healing (Galbanum), console feelings of despair and depression (Frankincense), relieve physical, emotional and spiritual pain (Myrrh), lower stress and anxiety and strengthen the immune system (Clove Bud).

Perfectly balanced biblical oils infused with our Cher Dieu candle and prayer are blended to ease feelings of loss; help calm emotional trauma and despair (Frankincense), uplift the spirit to soothe emotional and spiritual pain (Myrrh), bring balance to the spirit; speed recovery from shock, trauma and depression (Galbanum), and help quiet feelings of anger (Myrtle).

A meaningful and caring gift for times requiring physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Classic Candle Kit 14oz Code: 200057 Price: £29.95 Everyday Candle Kit 3oz Code: 200062 Price: £12.95

A meaningful and caring gift during times of loss. Classic Candle Kit 14oz Code: 200058 Price: £29.95 Everyday Candle Kit 3oz Code: 200063 Price: £12.95     01420 88222


Gift and Ideas

A Prayer a Day Perpectual Calendar For Hope & Encouragement Spend the next 366 days and beyond, focusing on one truth from scripture and praying it back to God. Use these prayers as a guideline and feel free to add your own words as you lift your heart to the Lord. As you spend a short time in God’s word and in his presence daily, perhaps you will discover deeper and more fulfilling levels in your relationship with him. May you find his grace, peace, and joy at every turn! Code: A1168 Price: £7.99

3D Christmas Angels These easy-to-assemble angels are a delight for children to make. They can be used as a joyful table decoration or with the addition of a piece of thread, put on the Christmas tree. Perfect as name place settings for a special meal over the Christmas season or, if you buy several packets, why not make your own Advent countdown calendar? Write a prayer on the inside and hang them as a beautiful and festive display. The pieces on the sheet are pre-cut and easy to put together. Each angel stands at 7.5cm and come in packs of eight.

RP Cross Lapel Badge A stunning metal lapel badge with red enamel insert. The pin badge measures 25mm x 20mm and is supplied with a butterfly clutch pin fitting. The proceeds from the sale of these badges will help us to continue our charitable work.

Set of 8 Code: 1702 Price: £2.50

Holy Socks


Code: A1157 Price: £2.50

Holy Socks are made in the UK in 75% cotton, 23% nylon, 2% elastane/lycra.

The Sporting Cross



“But many who are first will be last and the last first.” Mark 10: 31. Lovely dark green socks with a cross design that includes the chequered flags related to motor sport, however they could apply to any sport.

These pilgrim’s socks are illustrated with a view from St Ninian’s Cave near Whithorn. They’re black in colour and have elasticated tops.

Our donkey walks on straw on one sock and on palm leaves on the other. What kind of ground do you feel you’re walking on? Which stories are donkeys involved in in the Bible?

DARK GREEN Code: A1143 Size 6-11. Price: £6.50

BLACK Code: A1065 Size 6-11. Price: £6.50

DENIM BLUE Code: A1059 Size 6-11. Price: £6.50

Redemptorist Publications

Board Game The Gospel Journey Board Game How Far Away is Paradise? The Gospel Journey is an exciting and engaging board game that challenges the players’ knowledge of the New and Old Testament. It takes the form of a pilgrimage to Paradise and is aimed at ages 14 upwards. It can be enjoyed by 2-4 players or teams. Code: 1761 EAN: 0705632049051 Price: £29.95

Ideal for social and fundraising events in your parish

“It is a great way to learn about the Gospels.” Ms Greene

“We played it with family members aged 8-88 and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“A thoroughly enjoyable game which can be used to reinforce learning in an easy and accessible manner.”

“It has the potential to be a much needed tool in Christian education.”

Miss Stephenson

Mrs Singh

Ms Macmillan     01420 88222


Water Bottles Reusable Water bottles Redemptorist Publications are proud to present our new collection of water bottles. With some favourite scriptural quotes, these stainless steel water bottles are a sleek and fashionable source of spiritual inspiration. Whether you are running errands, in the office or at school, we hope that these water bottles will act as daily reminder of God’s presence in your day to day life.

Will Not Fear

Code: A1165 Price: £19.95

Code:A1166 Price: £19.95

Code: A1163 Price: £19.95

Redemptorist Publications


Stainless steel, plastic lid

Stylish alternative to single use plastic

Be spiritually uplifted whilst keeping hydrated

Simple way to evangelise

You Were Created

Restores my Soul 38

Never Give Up

Code: A1164 Price: £19.95

You Are Set Free Code: A1162 Price: £19.95

Meaningful Chocolate

Real Advent Calendar A great way to share the Christmas Story. The Real Advent Calendar is the UK’s only Fairtrade Advent calendar which comes with a free 24 page Christmas story-activity book. Code: A1158 Price: £4.00

Meaningful Christmas Crackers These fabulous Fairtrade crackers are the perfect way to get into the festive spirit around the Christmas meal. These are the UK’s first Fairtrade certificated crackers and will look magnificent on the table. Each cracker contains: fun ‘do you know’ Christmas story quiz and pun, full-colour print crown, bag of high quality Swiss Fairtrade milk chocolate chunky buttons (25g), eco-friendly dynamite free “snap”. Code: A1160 Price: £10.00

Host of Angels – Activity Tree Decorations These Meaningful Chocolate tree decorations are a great way to share the Christmas story. Each box contains six solid chocolate angel decorations, a Christmas story colour-in activity poster and a sticker set. A fun way for parents, grandparents and godparents to share the Christmas story. Code: A1159 Price: £4.00

Joy to the World – Sharing Box The Joy to the World Sharing Box is ideal for Advent and Christmas events such as Christingles, Messy Church, Crib services and any event where adults and children gather together to look forward to Christmas. Each box contains 30 handmade milk chocolate angels and 30 Christmas story-activity posters with the story of Christmas on one side and some fun challenges on the other such as a word search and quizzes. Code: A1161 Price: £30.00

Visit for a full list of ingredients. Suitable for Vegetarians Visit for Allergy Advice: For allergens include Milk and Soya. May also contain nuts, gluten and egg.     01420 88222


Christmas Cards Traditional Scenes 48 Christmas Box Cards Send Christmas blessings to all with our ‘Traditional Scenes’ Christmas assorted boxed card set from DaySpring. This value boxed card assortment of inspirational Christmas greeting cards includes eight cards each of six designs. PACK OF 48 CARDS 160 x 110mm Code: A1178 Price £7.99

Joy, Peace, Hope, Love

Oh, Holy Night

This village-themed ‘Joy, Peace, Hope, Love’ KJV Christmas boxed card set will bless all those on your Christmas list with a simple “Christmas blessings from above” sentiment and Scripture from the King James Bible.

Share blessings and the love of Jesus with family and friends as you send these inspiring and lovely designed Christmas cards from DaySpring.

PACK OF 18 CARDS 160 x 110mm Code: A1177 Price £5.99


Redemptorist Publications

PACK OF 18 CARDS 175 x 125mm Code: A1169 Price £7.99

Joy to the World Christmas Cards This pack of five stunning cards contain a Christmas prayer written by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and a seasonal message reading “Wishing you all the peace and love of a very Happy Christmas”. PACK OF 5 CARDS 120 x 120mm Code: 1780 Price: £2.50

Christmas Cards

Charity Christmas cards Each pack contains six individual charity cards, depicting a beautiful scene for Christmas. Fr Denis McBride has composed an individual prayer for each card. The greeting message reads, “Wishing you and all those you love every blessing for Christmas and the New Year”. Redemptorist Publications is a registered charity; all proceeds from the sale of these cards go towards supporting RP and our charitable projects. PACK OF 6 CARDS 178 x 120mm Code: 1559 Sale Price: £1.00

The Animals’ Christmas Cards This pack of six beautiful cards contain a seasonal message “Wishing you all the peace and love of a very Happy Christmas”. PACK OF 6 CARDS 178 x 120mm Code: 1835 Price £3.75

Gold Text These cards comes in 2 beautiful designs, one over a solid blue background with golden ‘Silent Night’ text and another featuring a red background with accompanying golden ‘Joy to the World’ text. In packs of 10, sustainably sourced. PACK OF 10 CARDS Code: 111554 Price £3.99

Festive Scene Looking for a special card to give to your loved ones this Christmas? These cards are crafted with you in mind. Simple, special, personal and plainspoken – with their beautiful designs, these cards do all the talking. In packs of 10, sustainably sourced. PACK OF 10 CARDS Code: 111553 Price £3.99     01420 88222


Crosses Hand carved Mexican Crosses Hand carved avocado wooden crosses by Ramon Mendiola.

Carved Heart Cross 16” Code: A1170 Price: £35.00 24” Code: A1171 Price: £65.00

Flower Carved Cross 16” Code: A1172 Price: £ 35.00

Michoacan Cross 21” Code: A1173 Price: £59.95

Reigning Mercy Crosses Beautiful poly-resin wall cross with a beautiful finish and hanging hook. Individually packed and ready for any time gift giving. Hand poured and finished by expert artisans with many years of experience. Black Onyx Wall Cross 9” small Code: 20065 Price: £12.95 17” large Code: 200066 Price: £24.95

Extra-large Carved Cross 32” Code: A1174 Price: £79.95


Redemptorist Publications

Red Mahogany Wall Cross 9” small Code: 200067 Price: £12.95 17” large Code: 200068 Price: £24.95

Crosses Lucky Dip Magnetic Ceramic Crosses Classic Crosses Beautiful colourful classic ceramic crosses from Mexico that measure just over 3” in height. They are fitted with a magnet on the reverse. You will be sent a colour at random unless you state a preference where we will do our utmost to meet your wish, subject to stock availability. Colours: Red, grey, black, pink, blue, ochre, purple and cyan. Code: A1175 Price: £3.95

Traditional Crosses Beautiful colourful traditional ceramic crosses from Mexico that measure just over 3” in height. They are fitted with a magnet on the reverse. You will be sent a colour at random unless you state a preference where we will do our utmost to meet your wish, subject to stock availability. Colours: Red, yellow, black, pink, light blue, dark. Code: A1176 Price: £3.95     01420 88222


Keyrings and Music Tiny Saints Keyrings These Tiny Saints charms are the perfect addition to your keyring, school bags and anywhere else you can clip a charm. On the reverse of each packet is a description of the saint and what they are patron of. Price: £3.95 each

St Padre Pio Keyring Code: A1082 St Nicholas Keyring Code: A1083 St Maximilian Kolbe Keyring Code: A1084 St Joseph Keyring Code: A1085 St John Paul II Keyring Code: A1086 St John the Baptist Keyring Code: A1087 St George Keyring Code: A1088 St Francis of Assisi Keyring Code: A1089 St Christopher Keyring Code: A1090 St Catherine of Siena Keyring Code: A1091 St Bernadette Keyring Code: A1092 St Benedict Keyring Code: A1093 St Anthony Keyring Code: A1094 St Andrew Keyring Code: A1095 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Keyring Code: A1096 Our Lady of Lourdes Keyring Code: A1097 Our Lady of Fatima Keyring Code: A1098 Mary, Blessed Mother Keyring Code: A1099 Pope Francis Keyring Code: A1100 St Thérѐse of Lisieux Keyring Code: A1101

Music CD Over 50 Favourite Christmas Carols

With over 100 to choose from, why not look online to see the full range.

3 CD Set

Marilla Ness

Beautiful Carols performed by prestigious cathedral choirs and soloists. Code: 107961 Price: £19.99

CD Great Christmas Classics Joyous and uplifting Christmas music by the four great baroque composers. A musical telling of the Christmas story from Handel’s Messiah, Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, Schütz’s Magnificat and Scarlatti’s Christmas Pastoral. Code: 184570 Price: £10.46

CD The Colours of Christmas

CD Sweet Sounds of Christmas Christmas is a time of peace and love. What better way to celebrate Our Saviour’s birth than to enjoy the sound of Marilla singing everyone’s favourite Christmas carols and songs. Code: 50007 Price: £9.97

John Rutter

A collection of the greatest Christmas carols by the composer/conductor whose music has, for many, been so associated with Christmas. Featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and The Bach Choir, with guest artists Over the Bridge and conducted by Rutter himself. Code: 184572 Price: £9.60

CD Keep Calm It’s Christmas Keep Calm it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The perfect CD to keep calm and celebrate the festive season. Code: 107889 Price: £7.99


Redemptorist Publications

CD Love Must Be the Reason It’s easy to see why this album is one of Marilla’s best-sellers. Timeless classics sung in Marilla’s own definitive style, make this recording a joy to experience. Code: 50006 Price: £9.97

Diaries and Calendars

Bible Diary 2020 The Bible Diary can be your most treasured companion as you go through next year. Each day features the scripture readings and an inspirational reflection that can set the tone for your own personal conversations with God. With space to record appointments and notes, this diary will help bring the Gospel to the heart of your life. Features: •

daily prayers and family prayers;

a simple guide to lectio divina;

the feasts days of the saints;

introduction to the seasons of the liturgical year by Fr Anscar J Chupungco OSB;

daily biblical texts and commentary written by Robert Ellsberg, Fr Cielito R Almazan OFM and Emmanuel Bautista;

a guide for the new English translation of the Roman Missal;

message from Gabriele Giordano Caccia, Apostolic Nunciature to the Philippines. Code: 184026 ISBN: 9781840260000 Price: £10.96

Icon and Word 2020 Icon & Word 2020 has space for notes on the front and a beautiful postcard size icon. This year’s calendar features both ancient and contemporary iconography and has a scripture selection on the reverse side of each icon. Code: 129026 Price: £4.50

The Rhythm of the Seasons 2020 Vinyl-covered liturgical diary that starts with the First Sunday of Advent. Includes introductory sections to each of the liturgical seasons plus the Rite of the Communion to the Sick. Code: 129025 Price: £3.50

The Catholic Diary, Mass & Prayer Book 2020 An A6 pocket Catholic Diary for 2020 incorporating the Order of Mass and Prayer Book. Colours: red, blue, black, green (unfortunately specific colours cannot be selected). Code: 116027 Price: £2.75     01420 88222


Bibles Illustrating Bible Introducing a new design of the extremely popular Illustrating Bible! A Bible that has been specifically designed for the Bible Journaler. Featuring thicker paper and margins twice the size of traditional journaling Bibles, this amazing Bible is spiral bound, lies flat, and the square format makes it great for social media sharing! Features: •

33/4” wide margins with blank space for journaling and creativity;

Bible Size: 91/4” x 91/4” x 2”;

Presentation Box Size: 113/4” x 133/4”;

version: CSB - Christian Standard Bible;

faux leather cover;

foil stamp detailing;

faux suede liner on inside covers;

metallic spiral binding;

936 pages. Code: A1167 ISBN: 1644543265 Price: £89.95

Christian Community Bible •

An accurate translation of the Bible in refreshingly simple language;

a rich abundance of information and explanation accompanies the word of God;

ideal for both personal and communal reflection.

The Christian Community Bible is a very accurate translation from the Hebrew and Greek biblical texts to the real language used by ordinary people. This Bible makes an ideal confirmation gift or school leaver’s gift or prize. It has been designed with pastoral needs at the forefront and features commentaries that enlighten and help the reader to comprehend the meaning of the biblical texts. It includes introductions to and commentaries on the text following the great tradition of biblical scholarship, as a tool to help the reader to understand the text better and to relate it to their life and faith. There are many translations of the Bible in modern languages, however, many of them are difficult to understand because they use a language that most people cannot identify with. This bible features commentaries that enlighten and help the reader to comprehend the meaning of the biblical texts. PINK Code: 185310 ISBN: 9789719476641 Price: £16.95 With imitation leather binding, magnetic flap and gold edged pages NAVY LEATHER Code: 185504 ISBN: 9789719549703 Price: £29.95


Redemptorist Publications


Special Edition

Your Sunday Missal

Your Sunday Missal Special Edition

Designed to help anyone prepare for Sunday Mass and take an active part in its celebration, this Missal contains a short introduction to the special character of each Sunday, and the Mass text is laid out in a straightforward way. This Missal has a leatherette cover, gold-embossed lettering, colourful ribbons and high-quality Bible paper which means that it should become a treasured companion for a lifetime.

With a gold cover and gilt edges to the pages, the special edition of Your Sunday Missal will make a beautiful gift to treasure. Hardback Code: 1773 ISBN: 9780852315088 Price: £25.00

Hardback Code: 1522 ISBN: 9780852313978 Price: £19.95

The CTS New Sunday Missal 2020

St Paul Sunday Missal 2020

A beautiful Sunday missal and ideal companion for the liturgical year, with major feasts and seasons introduced with the words of Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

This missal contains the New Order of Mass, with all the prayers and scripture readings for every Sunday of the year in calendar sequence, together with the complete Easter liturgy and a treasury of prayers.

Code: 135305 ISBN: 9781784695675 Price: £5.95

Code: 185243 ISBN: 9781910365472 Price: £5.95

St Paul Liturgical Calendar 2020 Pocket diary format calendar containing details of liturgical celebrations for the next liturgical year. Code: 185242 Price: £1.99     01420 88222


Do you enjoy reading? Why not sign up to our Friends of RP Bookclub? For only £8.00 (paid bi-monthly) you will receive six new books over the year. As well as receiving a new title, you will also be kept up-to-date with new products, preview snippets, exclusive member discounts, invitations to events, updates on our work as a charity and much more! Join our Bookclub before 31st December 2019 and receive a FREE book by Fr Denis McBride! Choose from The Parables of Jesus, Impressions of Jesus, and Borrowing the Eyes of Others. Can’t decide? Buy one or more of the other titles and we’ll give you 25% OFF. These would also make a great gift! Why not treat a friend or loved one. At Redemptorist Publications we pride ourselves on providing books and resources which communicate the Gospel in simple, inclusive, everyday language. For further details, or to join our Friends of RP Bookclub, please call our customer care team on 01420 88222 or email Vikki on

Redemptorist Publications – the charity behind the books Not many people know this, but Redemptorist Publications is a charity.

To be able to continue to support our charitable causes we rely not only on the sales of our products, but on the generosity of you, the public, making donations. With your help we are able to reach out and offer the care, love and support that many children and adults so desperately need.

If you would like to make a donation visit our website, or please contact Vikki on 01420 592977 or via email at

01420 88222


Redemptorist Publications


We have a very clear mission for our charity and where we are going. Our mission is humble: to proclaim the Good News and communicate the Gospel in simple, everyday language. In doing so, we continue to support our charitable work, both here in the UK and in Zimbabwe. Why not find out more information about our charitable work over the last 60 years by going to

Church Supplies Catalogue

Out Now

We are delighted to launch our new range of Church Supplies. We pride ourselves on supplying highquality resources – whether books, Sunday bulletins or magazines – that offer good value for money and help people on their faith journey. As we launch this new range of products we hold firm to these principles. We sought the approval of parish priests and administrators when selecting the products to make available to our customers; we are confident that you’ll be impressed with the quality and pleased with the price. Call us for your free catalogue or visit our website



Altar Breads


Parish Bulletins

Church Supplies Catalogue Out Now

We are able to supply a complete range of products for your church. Give our friendly sales team a call and see how much you can save.

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Denis McBride

and prayers

STATIONS o f t h e Infancy


Denis McBride Celebrating Gen Verde practise what they preach through music and dance.

Making the right choice when God calls isn’t always easy.

A YEAR OF THE WORD 2020 “The Word brings God’s breath into the world: it infuses the heart with the warmth of the Lord.”

Pope Francis

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Advent & Christmas Catalogue 2019  

Redemptorist Publications new Advent & Christmas Catalogue is here. Hundres of products to walk with you in your journey. Or the perfect gif...

Advent & Christmas Catalogue 2019  

Redemptorist Publications new Advent & Christmas Catalogue is here. Hundres of products to walk with you in your journey. Or the perfect gif...